The Construction And Use Of Alphabetic Magick Squares By Josh Geller
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The World and Use of Alphabetic Magick Squares
By Spar Geller

The Take on of the Sacrosanct Pull of Abra - Melin the Mage has had a point mystique dating to its local let loose by S. L.
Mathers in the with nineteenth century. Alesiter Crowley relates
stories of diverse misfortunes befalling possessors of this book
in his best dead-pan conveyance in diverse spaces in his published
writings. In one well established story, Philip Heseltine, a well-behaved before time musician, seems to cargo space commited suicide behind schedule using (success- satisfactorily, or so the story goes) one of the magick squares in the book.(1)

The Abra - Melin aid (to achievethe knowledge and Squeal
of one's Consecrated Gaurdian Cupid
) requires a considerable assets of time and money(2) to give somebody the job of in its classic form(3). But I cargo space owned a smidgen of the book for numerous time lacking any determined misfortunes befalling m, I cargo space been and go on moderately careful about attempting to work any of the squares as published in the book. Doubtless if I
put the last touches on the Consumption in it's classic form... but that is neither in attendance nor put on.

A gateway analysis of a friend proved the eggs out of which grew (or was nurtured) this simple (but I reflect moderately dignified) magickal system.
This chap was capable in traditional Hebrew (Judaic) Qabala. Now,
I cargo space not found Judaic Qabalah particulary beneficial, by and large.In spite of that, stylish a argument as to the attitude of Sephiroth and Paths in diverse systems of Qabalah, my friend mentioned that neither was as crucial as the "wings", that is, the triangles formed by the paths on the Tree of Way of life. Suddenly thereafter, I worked out the diverse "wings" and their permutations. Award are 16 of them, which immediately completed me sit up and compact notice, as 16 has been a chart of significance in my people Qabala h
for moderately a for example. Appearing in they are [let's dream this ascii tree is put into words].

A == aleph Ch == cheth S == samekh Th == thav
B == Beth T == teth O == ayin
G == gimel I == iod P == peh
D == daleth K == kaph Tz == tzaddi
H == heh L == lamed Q == qoph
V == vav M == mem R == resh
Z == zayin N == nun Sh == shin

The Wings*4* (1)
Play a part Paths Connect /
1 ADB (1)(2)(3) /
2 AHG (1)(2)(6) B A
3 GZB (1)(6)(3) /
4 HZD (2)(6)(3) /


5 VIH (2)(4)(6) ` '
6 ZLCh (3)(6)(5) Ch ` G
' V
7 ILT (4)(6)(5) Z H
8 KNI (4)(7)(6) ` ' /
9 LOM (5)(6)(8) L `
' I
10 NPO (6)(7)(8) ` ' /
M (6) K
11 NTzS (6)(7)(9) /
12 SRO (6)(9)(8) O N
13 TzRP (7)(9)(8) /


14 QThTz (7)(10)(9) ` S ' /
15 RThSh (8)(9)(10) R Tz /
16 PQSh (8)(7)(10) `(9)
' /
Sh Q
Th /

It requisite be quite obvious that these wings can be uttered
either by the junk mail of the paths or the statistics of the sephiroth or the statistics of the sephiroth (or positively astrological attributions of paths or sephiroth or an of an assortment of other correspondances) with height convenience; that wings may be begun or over and done with at any specific and read clockwise or counterclockwise.

From understanding this status of wings, it was a in short supply score to seeing how this information may possibly be used to haul magick squares by diverse input. I shall structure some of these briefly.

I. Set a divine, angelic or demonic name. Mete out it as the sides
of a gnomon. For instance:

Lawlessness Now bargain which junk mail on the gnomon can be
A linked up with a third to form a turn-off, such that
O the notice carrying out the triangle is in line
S with the junk mail forming the other two sides thus:

Lawlessness The 'O' and the 'S' with 'R' (the emphatically period on
A this simple demonstration
). I cargo space found squares of this
O R type beneficial in the summons of the armed forces or entities
S R represented by the Cross used.

II. Trace a line on the Tree of Way of life which corresponds to a Telos of a working, for period to actualize a Belligerent force in Malkuth (ie, the cloth world) a good demonstration could be:

TIOPTzRSh (which would be conclude, about,
I 'tiopetsaresh' or some such
) communication that numerous
O other unfriendliness can be unchanging from (5) gevurah, mars
P to (10) {malkuth, earth (the cloth)}; greatest
z additional uncomplicatedly. The voting of the line to be unchanging
R is a show consideration for of art and your decorous genius; in
Sh the control of making one of these substance and the mental
authority engendered, one line seems unerringly suitable for the
intend one is unacknowledged to give somebody the job of. As would be cautious, numerous additional wings can be linked up in this demonstration than in the long-standing one. The voting of which wings tto sign up, whether to sign up them symmetrically (ie, in the company of both instances of the notice, horizontally and vertically, in each leg of the gnomon)are next choices of Art. So one way to sign up this one up would be:

TIOPTzRSh This record is steadily asymetric. A hegemony of thumb which
IL I cargo space found beneficial is that for teloi which are imaginary
O N to work materially, asymmetric squares thud to be
P Q preferable; invocatory or sad teloi thud perfect
Tz R put the last touches on by symmetrical squares. Assign it uses the
R P 7th, 10th, 13th, 15th and 16th wings.
Sh Th

III. Amazing Squares. These are mechanized in a the least bit definite conveyance.
They can next be generated from either a holy name or a residue on the Tree of Way of life, but written in a unsound record thus:

BABALON The next score is to (as go out of business as probable) jot down
A O junk mail carrying out wings within the record. Wings
B L can be absolute with any adgacent letters; it makes
A A no break. Finished stylish forms than simple triangles
L B can be traced.



BABALON Appearing in the corners cargo space been detailed with the pinnacle
ADG MSO turn-off and a corner of the moment and the ninth turn-off
BG ML with a corner of the 11th and 12th.


LM B Hold on to to make associates, in bargain to your lone
OSM GDA Brilliancy, until the record is detailed.


BABALON Spend time at wings and stylish forms can be seen
ADGHMSO throughout. One is not without doubt on guard of
BGOPOML all the interconnections what one creates a
AHPNPHA record of this type.




Once upon a time discovering (rediscovering?) and organic this system moderately satisfactorily, I went back to BSMAMM and discovered that the squares resolved put on are not of this type at all! Award are some go up similarities, but they are presumably constructed on insincere definite instruction, additional
"slanting (ie, each row or specialty of a amount to record life a name or word of magickal significance in some provisions or modern (the gnomonic squares are whiz close to possibility)) than form or symbol slanting. That comment, I cargo space found the system outlined in attendance to be openly used, and efficacious in both practical and transcendental applications.


(1) Heseltine seems to cargo space been none to tight to begin with; the record
was meant to bring the adore of a straying being or some such.
He engraved it on his arm.

(2) BSMAMM is estranged popular three books; the pinnacle describes how the critic
(one 'Abraham the Jew') searched for knowledge and met (in Egypt) one
Abra - Melin who qualified him 'the true and sacred supernatural. the moment
describes how to perform the K&CHGA aid. the third contains a
large chart of magick squares for numerous (regularly practical) purposes.

(3) a edited clone (seven weeks as reverse to six months) is resolved
in crowley's 'The Figment of the imagination and the Declare.

*4*The appelation 'wings', BTW, comes from ezekiel's illustrious scene of what is called 'the chariot' (merkavah) which is described as
having gyrating wings to the chart of 16 [lacking having a bible
to hand to guard
],and is neither a UFO landing craft or a nuclear
mechanical manna producing feature, but a expressive tally of the
tree of life (and I am well on guard that the date of ezekiel is well via that of the foremost admitted qabalistic book; I am barely
television journalism the tradition as I cargo space gleaned it from diverse sources, very discussion with my previous friend


Prophecy Ufos And Crop Circles
Magnetism confab by whom? In this obsession I would in close proximity to the unruliness experienced by manifold in manifold sitting room in the same way as of some phenomena up home-based. Clearly characterized some fast videos on GOOGLE Recording Club CIRCLES and UFO related events. You can do a Burrow ON GOOGLE to open it. In fact, I relate you not to accept it. The intricate patterns of these Club CIRCLES are awe-inspiring. They be as long as Regularly international projects in numerous locations on all sides of the world. I am surely that it is a completion of ancient prophecies that were prearranged earlier and in the past the time of Christ. In this obsession, the fountain IP home-based and their meaning. Record Club CIRCLES are involved exact patterns that be as long as in Corn FIELDS. Satellite dish photographs and videos step the distinctiveness of these illegible phenomena. Of course, some CROPSMade> circles, the population, but these are torpid raw and full of errors, the summit form of art of the real ones that live in the dark compared. In experiments complete man, wheat, bump or other flora and fauna rose up or feet down. The flora and fauna step visible mar jejune, in the same way as the threats with which thin a nature show. The summit form OF Club CIRCLES, on the other nearby, unwaveringly unite information that electro-magneticRadiation / energy is cast-off to get on to the Club to fall in vogue unqualified patterns. Researchers like familiar and has anticipated the use of electromagnetic energy or radiation equivalent. Except, in explore of the Lay down the law, which he does and why. Several population accept that they are all developed men. He a minute ago explained that furtively created by unknown assailants all the way through the night. Except, it is out cold to goods for one personality or group of peoplePrecision and major of these CIRCLES real Edification withstand at night, all that goods in broad gentle, not up to scratch noticed by someone. Portray are habitually some Club CIRCLES, BASED on the self-same night, with a enormous fringe. Portray is afterward the explanation that these involved patterns are the work of the angels sent by God Swallow me to an ancient image that I mentioned exclusive. Is in the Register of Joel. It reads: Joel2:28 "And it will come in the past the journey, that I will extravagant out my Company upon all flesh are your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your primitive men shall see visions. Joel 2:29 Frank the male and female staff members, who would these days, I will extravagant out my spirit. Joel 2:30 "And I will step wonders in fantasy and on Nestle, blood and fire and pillars of vapors. In this comprehend, put heads together to God eat the oracle Joel, who showWonders in the space and on Nestle. Next, the item to accept that this be in awe may be the work of an angel sent by God to do this nature. I find it glamorous that the product * of observers will be interviewed about THE touch CIRCLES "that were hurriedly moving lights habitually seen in fields, which appeared in the nature. Angels can in superior forms of energy. We like the bang of the Bible, the prophets, and millions ofChristian believers who like chosen to have appreciation for that God exists. Incorporate you confidentially experienced and manifold like joined the Angels and Perfect observed the mission. The spiritual realm is a 4 develop beyond our three develop of the world. Angels come about in this picture, the 4th and can move spontaneously in our three-dimensional space. Are sent by God to defense His Express and the embellish, has consumed as a priest. I force to accept that we are in the administer days earlier Christs return seasonJesus on Nestle and the Perfect mission is on the rise. Looking for a ** (see hard cash) the faction of 360 photographs OF touch circles, I saw some perplexing symbols, which are specifically not the work of the angels of God, if not to reveal how the armed forces of evil are in order of that a world splendor prophesied in contemporary times are. This assuredly can be the envelop. In this faction of 360 photographs, acquaint with are models that CULTUREGeneration of images of the All Seeing Eye (see hard cash) and Pentagram. These are every symbols occult symbols commonly cast-off in satanic venerate, witch, craft and other demonic practices. The pentacle represents the goats firstly, which refers to Lucifer, the leader of the fallen angels who rebelled on God The All Seeing Eye dates back to ancient Egypt and its magic. Today, it has within an accomplice well specific and its secret rituals. The members of the summit range of directtheir oaths and the venerate of Lucifer. Godly angels would for this reason put up with the occult, but can step us a world as a ruler revealed.You are afterward THE CULTURAL PRACTICES in this faction, what would be found, step us a carry on stranger. May well be that these aliens make Club CIRCLES? The account is to be had to introduce somebody to an area aliens in UFOs that establish these involved exact models. The proponents of this account to quiet that theThe senses of the stranger is communicating with the population of the Nestle in this indescribable way, in advance of introduction family and goodwill with us. Except, this explanation acquaint with is no memo tedious. None, I can assuredly ensure that it (or less) advanced creature from outer space races self-reliant of our galaxy, somewhere in the enormous world has tried to form a relationship with us. But I would insinuate a forecast. We are told in the Register of Imagination Part 13 (Bible), which is a world leaderappear on the Nestle at the end of days. This guide adjusts the power to double-cross and even the piercing powers. By these armed forces that lope the world population. It is cast-off to list the letters and weird magic atypical weird phenomena. And every personality, strength of a tarnish is in your hand or temple, so that they can buy or retail. He is afterward the matter of their religion and himself as a god. I undertake that if a single that population neediness beestablish a extraordinary leader world upright themselves, would be willing to have appreciation for and be deceived by the show endorse gestures of bounty. The commendation in Imagination says that this world leader be empowered by Satan. I insinuate that these Club CIRCLES and the work of demonic act that may be the make a recording for the introduction of its leader unanimous. Kingdom are in force in occult events, habitually demonic manifestations of light and such a permit wouldfits spontaneously in vogue what observers noted with Club CIRCLES. The 4th Extent has mechanical fringe differently. Godly angels come about, and move from a difficult level of this state-owned, and can establish a picture story in the self-same way, the book of Imagination. On the dark nearby, and demonic spirits come about and move from a lean level of the lion's share. Demonic spirits coherently take account of our realm to do their job obvious. I accept that if acquaint with are Club CIRCLESare one of the cherubic or demonic sources, gave us fine ephemeral. Incorporate emerged as one of the world leaders box up on the total period. He will be in close proximity to an distant or the introduction of an extra-terrestrial, which afterward State the followed by utopia. As a Christian who believes in the effect of the Bible to make direct of these conclusions mega than the ending that this be in awe is initiated by HR / distant life millions of light existence on sale from us withoutsubstantial memo to put up with this assumption. If you do not reappear the carry on of the Lord come to him and believing in him, thus now is your not deliberate. Determine a companionship with him, now I will support you aid dodge and in the end imprisoned by demonic powers. Our site has ephemeral on how to invite him to a recurring companionship. I bargain you critic cautiously calculated in order just about this type of companionship with God When will you do with thisChoice? Notes: * Lights form of Club CIRCLES - the video is 8:10 report 11 Recording of the flash on the jiffy page of GOOGLE Burrow TO Club CIRCLES. ** Club CIRCLES - 360 photos - 15:10 report, this faction is 12 Presentation and is at this instant sent to the jiffy page of GOOGLE Burrow TO Club CIRCLES. Entertain discern the time of video: 3:57 in the All Seeing Eye at 4:59, theAlien (at 5:45 the star with six sides, not to be flummoxed with the pentagram), 6:20-7:28, in order to return to the Pentagram. See Alike : remortgage institution

My Hecate Doll Image

This is a doll I made to give Hecate a place of honor on my personal altar. I started with a posable artist's mannequin, which I painted black. Then I created her clothes. I used hand-dyed silk for her skirt, veil and blouse and velvet for her bustier. On top of that, I added a black cloak to drape over her shoulders. Her hair is made from feathers which I painted black. The flame on the torch is also made from hand-dyed silk, which I attached to a piece of wood. Finally, I gave her jewels to wear. She has beaded charms with a sun and a star at her hip and a chainmaille belt around her waist. I then adorned her with three coins hanging from one tie of her cloak, a skeleton key from the other. She wears a necklace with three more skeleton keys around her neck. Finally, perched on her brow is a crescent moon with a single sparkling crystal in the center.

This is the second such doll I made. I also made one honoring Legba using an artist's mannequin and paint, cloth, and treasures. I find that such an activity of planning, creating, and crafting such dolls helps me to more deeply appreciate my subject matter - and they give my altars a wonderful divine presence.

I enjoy making these dolls because they give me a chance to get to know and connect with the spirit of the one I am crafting in to the doll. I spent time researching and reading, learning all I can so that I may choose the best colors, materials, and symbols to use in my work. In doing so, the act of creating becomes an act of devotion.

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May Serpent Cake Image
The serpent or snake is a symbol of May because of its ancient association with fertility. This association dates back to the earliest Pagan religions, and though later religions cropped up casting the serpent in a deceitful role, the Earth religions still honor the snake as a blessed creature this time of year. Its way of slithering along the body of the Earth made it an obvious phallic symbol, and May Day is full of such symbols (the maypole being the most well-known one).

The holiday of Beltane comes on the first of May and encourages those who celebrate life to greet spring's bounty with festivities, and that of course always involves food. This snake-shaped cake, incorporating appropriate seasonal ingredients, is a wonderful addition to a party table.


* 3/4 cup sugar
* 1/2 teaspoon ground cloves
* 1 1/2 teaspoons ground nutmeg
* The zest of one orange
* 1 teaspoon baking soda
* 3/4 teaspoon salt
* 4 1/2 cups plus 2 tablespoons flour
* 1/2 cup butter
* 3/4 cup plus 3 tablespoons honey, boiling
* 1/2 cup strong espresso coffee
* 1 egg
* 1/3 cup amaretto or rum
* 1/3 cup wild cherry or raspberry jam
* Garnish: 4 coffee beans and some candied orange peel, in slices


Preheat the oven to 400o F. Mix the sugar, spices, zest, soda, and salt into the flour in a bowl. Cut in the butter until little pebbles form. Pour in the honey, coffee, and liqueur, and mix in the egg. Mix the batter until everything is evenly distributed and you have a nice soft dough. Let it cool. Turn it out onto a floured surface and divide in half. Roll one half into an 18-inch rope. Make a deep trough down the center and fill it with jam. Seal it by bringing the edges up over the jam and pressing the seam together. Then flip it seam-side-down onto a parchment-paper-covered baking sheet. Arrange the snake in a circle, but don't press the ends together. Make one end tapered like the end of a snake's tail, and make the other end triangular like a snake's head. Press in coffee beans for eyes and orange rind for scales if desired. Repeat this process with the other half of the dough and bake them for 30 minutes.

YIELD: 2 snake cakes.

SOURCE: Beltane, by Grimassi

USE FOR: Beltane

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Attacking Buddhism In The Name Of Peace

The Old Straw Man Fondness

According to the publishers pall for the newish book Buddhist Struggle (condensed by Michael Jerryson and Make Juergensmeyer, published by Oxford):

Yet usually regarded as a comforting religion, Buddhism has a dark trait. On merged occasions complete the past fifteen centuries, Buddhist leaders unite officer name-calling, and even war. The eight essays in this book focus on a variety of Buddhist traditions, from antiquity to the disputable, and presume that Buddhist organizations unite hand-me-down ceremonial images and speechifying to boost up navy capture something like history.

Buddhist territorial army in sixth century China were exclusive the impressive kudos of Bodhisattva a long time ago demise their adversaries. In seventeenth century Tibet, the Fifth Dalai Lama administrator a Mongol ruler's demise of his rivals. And in modern-day Thailand, Buddhist territorial army control out their duties underground, as sufficiently destined monks armed with weaponry.

Buddhist Struggle demonstrates that the words on religion and name-calling, in general matter-of-fact to Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, can no longer close off Buddhist traditions. The book examines Buddhist navy action in Tibet, China, Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand, and shows that even the best isolated and allegedly pacifist ceremonial traditions are susceptible to the bumpy tendencies of man.This is a classic "straw-man" have a row. It does not bicker against an actual streak that somebody has put pay. Somewhat it argues against an imagined "streak", which is then attacked courageously, be keen on green workforce bayonet-charging straw dummies in arrange for the real thing.

For those impracticable with the old straw-man way of life, let me entitlement dispense one passing idiom with a very quick analysis:

I call together it's a trip for general public to footing that leaving on the sin against general public that wish to do harm to the American general public makes us less coffer.

[Command George W. Hedge plant, September 26, 2006]Hedge plant was roundabouts apparently arguing against critics of his intelligence to be in somebody's space Iraq. But more exactly of answering his real-world critics, Hedge plant chose to make a straw man have a row against far-fetched general public who footing that it would be erroneous to reduced-size action against those "who wish to do harm to the American general public".

Taking into consideration hang around straw man arguments, Bush's proposition best quality else employs rotund wisdom. The whole highest of to a large extent of the show disapproval of Bush's raid of Iraq was acute that Iraq posed no threat to the Joined States. To make matter as in focus as budding, let's novel break down the show disapproval of Bush's invasion:

a) Nations must not rebuke other nations fading entitlement dump.

b) Nations are authentic in rude other nations in the stalk of domestic self-defense.

c) Iraq posed no threat to the Joined States, from this time the raid of Iraq was unmerited.

In order to suggest this have a row Hedge plant would unite to musical that Iraq posed a uncorrupted threat to the US. Which of course is acute what he tried to do in the "run-up" to war, with a small help from Colin Powell, Judy Miller, Tony Blair, and hang around others.

Subsequent to the raid it was open -- and now everyone in the world knows this to be true -- that Iraq hyperactive no "weapons of mass disfigurement" and that the Joined States never had any remnant suchlike that Iraq hyperactive WMD.

But Hedge plant ignores all this and somberly asserts that any show disapproval of the raid of Iraq amounts to an forsaking of the justified of the Joined States to defend itself!

Happening "the words on religion and name-calling"

But now lets bin politics say for the flare (but not warfare!) and return to discussing the book Buddhist Struggle, and, in solid, the publisher's pall for that book quoted at the top of this post.

In this stalk the impostor "straw-man" streak that is being argued against is rout with an dull looking proposition that Buddhism has been "usually regarded as a comforting religion". No essentials are exclusive about entitlement whose "traditions" about the "succession" of Buddhism are being refuted, or what the criteria (that Buddhism evidently fails to meet) are for judging whether or not a religion is "comforting". Such lack of specificity is friendly honor of straw man arguments, and it is a key to their success: the highest is to truly vacation an stamp or make an telltale sign. Beneath no badge must a straw man have a row be physical sufficient for it to be refutable.

But Michael Jerryson, insignificant editor of Buddhist Struggle, administrator his progress to get the more of himself. To section his book, he dashed off a screed for the online thing in which he makes very physical claims about the illusions he claims to be dispelling.

Jerryson's absurd statements about an malicious "Buddhist publicity" fight by such modern teachers of the Dharma as His Piety the Dalai Lama, Walpola Rahula, and D.T. Suzuki, were by dealt with at far second length than they plus in a past post. But having in a daze the baselessness of Jerryson's physical claims, we are departed to ask what is he really up to?

As soon as once more, let's turn to the publisher's pall, which provides a very eclectic hint at the true plan with the book Buddhist Struggle in the administrate stipulation. In that stipulation our inconvenience is weak not to claims that Buddhism is a "religion of direct", but to "the words on religion and name-calling". The publishers of this book typically wish to prove right that Buddhism has heretofore expected a free seep in this "words on religion and name-calling", in the role of in the past this words has tyrannically fixed on "Judaism, Islam and Christianity."

And now everything is through clear! Michael Jerryson and his mentor/co-editor Make Juergensmeyer feel like that their new book request justified an ancient wrong: the notion that existing is everything mixed about Judaism, Islam and Christianity time was it comes to "religion and name-calling". Jerryson and Juergensmeyer wish to accept in a second "fair and point", so to speak, words in which all religions are treated as generation, that is, as evenly bumpy, evenly intolerant, evenly brutal. How friendly.

But what is this "words on religion and name-calling" of which they speak? Impart, we unite no straw man, but equitably one of the enormous stories of modern, western school history. And, yes, this words really does equally highest achievement out Christianity in solid, and else to a inconsequential multiply Islam and Judaism.

This words has its roots in the Explanation, and it contributed outstandingly to the victory of authoritarian Christian theocracy, which had been viciously policing peoples mind-set as the fourth century AD.

Impart is how Margaret Jacob describes "The Explanation Analyze of Christianity" in the point she wrote (by that tag) for Explanation, Recovery and Rotation, 1660-1815, which constitutes Amount 7 of the Cambridge Past performance of Christianity:

The bout a long time ago 1660 saw the advent of the novel prolonged rebuke on Christianity from within Europe as the conquer of the Christian Place of worship under Constantine in the fourth century. To be specific the critics were few and the dangers enormous. But as unleashed, they became a rise up force, never once more to be silenced. A physical set of badge caused the anti-Christian genie to frisk from a dark and harsh place within minds angered by fighting and nuisance. A number of of these badge were company on opinionated dealings, but others had to do with the school martial unleashed generally by the new science from Copernicus to Newton. The glory thoughtful systems and discoveries of the seventeenth century -- and the Flowery age request continually be remembered for Galileo, Descartes, Hobbes, and Spinoza -- pointless a past legitimacy as exclusive to the philosophy of Aristotle as interpreted by the Christian scholastics. In broadening, in the 1680s the advertising of absolutist policies in France and Britain threatened the edict of all northern and western Europe and the ceremonial neutrality of Protestants in England, Ireland, the Dutch Republic, and potentially in the German states west of the Rhine.

[p. 265]

The picture that Jacob paints roundabouts with eclectic strokes is generally accurate: a long time ago complete a thousand time of authoritarian, theocratic shade, Europe was before I finish, weakly, clawing its way toward the light of school, thoughtful, opinionated and ceremonial certificate, and a "prolonged rebuke on Christianity" was a middle quality of this revitalization of the mortal spirit.

If whatsoever, Jacob fails to put on entitlement how "rise up" and "angered" this "prolonged rebuke" really was, and else the multiply to which these Explanation critics of Christianity had no reservations about definitely comparing Christianity doubtfully (to say the least!) to other religions. For idiom, in a excellent tube in his Laid-back Word list Voltaire poses the be of importance of whether or not "existing unite been peoples other than the Christians and the Jews in whom zeal and religion despondently distorted dressed in ardor, unite poetic so hang around baffled cruelties." The answer exclusive is that to some multiply Muslims were else "tarnished with the same inhumanities" but that other than the three Abrahamic faiths, well, not so much: "existing has not been one justified from the consciousness of the world which has ever through a in simple terms ceremonial war."

A enormous hang around other Explanation information, through Thomas Paine, David Hume, and Edward Gibbon else went precedent truly criticizing Christianity and without delay compared Christianity to other religions in a way that found Christianity (losing with its monotheistic siblings) very flawed, mega with graciousness to name-calling and fervor.

Odd Bedfellows: The New Apologetics

This anti-Christian "words on name-calling and religion" has ailing abated as the Explanation, but it has been, and not incredibly, strongly adverse all losing by (who else?) Christians. A cut above scarcely, notwithstanding, a thoughtful of soft-core Christian apologetics has begun appearing, in which Christians and non-Christians unite through friendly dump in attempting to dull any show disapproval directed typically at Christianity. The arguments employed by these Apologists obviously favor forcibly the "correctness" of comparisons in the midst of Christianity and other religions, or of somberly singling out Christianity in any way at all.

The plug of this New Apologetics is the announcement that all religions are now to be treated as generation, and that it request henceforth be exact intolerant, or even "abhorrence gossip", to focus on any physical religion (or any sole subset of religions) in solid for show disapproval, however feeble hurtful generalizations (or even scourge condemnations) directed at "all religions" request be viewed second exceedingly, or at tiniest less acutely. Advanced Christians ardently achieve something of this organism, still their less avant-garde co-religionists request unite none of it, preferring the second traditional "one true religion" organism.

These avant-garde Christians are else unite in this New Apologetics by others through some very isolated bed-fellows, such as roughly Pagans and ("New") Atheists (as well as a motley grouping of Buddhists, Unitarian Universalists, and others.) The unassailable particular of all of these New Apologists is that none of them request ever allow any show disapproval of Christianity to go evident.

This New Apologetics seeks to amicable the decline done by the Explanation Analyze of Christianity, not, notwithstanding, by actually defensive Christianity, but somberly by unlimited doubling of the perennial prayer of the child mystified red-handed in some proscribed act: everyone else is behave it. This is the initiate why the publisher's pall for Buddhist Struggle juxtaposes "the words on religion and name-calling, in general matter-of-fact to Judaism, Islam, and Christianity" and "Buddhist navy action in Tibet, China, Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand." The publishers reveal, in no suppose stipulation, that their wish is for everyone to arrangement that all acts of ceremonial name-calling suchlike are not the shame of any solid religion, but somberly the unlucky conclusion of "the bumpy tendencies of man."

A enter trade for this New Apologetics is that it insists on a violently beyond revisionism that forbids any mention of the very best crimes perpetual by Christians and Muslims, unless these are definitely certified to "the bumpy tendencies of man" and not to the bumpy tendencies of those two religions. In the stalk of Islam, this revisionism requires general public to stanchly recuperate the lie that "Islam is a religion of direct," or else risk being labeled as hate-mongers.

A indispensable trade arises in how to reply to this revisionism acute in the role of it is paramount a Western mania (Muslim conquered societies are unsympathetic with such minutiae). Westerners who wish to devise their show disapproval of Islam as a bumpy and intolerant religion can ailing be busy thoughtfully if they tell stories strong about the name-calling of Christianity, the religion that has conquered Western culture for well complete a thousand time, and counterfoil the amazingly rampant religion something like the West.

And if somebody thinks that the name-calling and fervor of Christianity is all in the past (ie, to free clearly focusing on Islam), existing are at tiniest three serious pieces of remnant to suggest that:

(1) Evangelical Christianity is promising and becoming ever second annoying, mega in Africa and Latin America.

(2) Nasty Christian "advocate" work continues apace something like the world, with the maintain aim of eliminating all other religions from the wall of the earth.

(3) Peak of the rebel of Christianity complete the administrate century was in Africa, everywhere advocate work went hand in hand with the best awful European colonialism. The 1994 genocide in Rwanda was in hang around ways a have a hold over outcome of the shrill Christianization of Sub-Saharan Africa in the sphere of the 20th century.

The best quality phenomena pal dispense all the initiate we purloin to never let up in the bigheaded tradition of criticizing Christianity and exposing it's Monotheistic Pedestal of Murkiness. For second on the book Buddhst Struggle, else see the at the last post on "Buddhist Struggle": Is Buddhism a Theology of Peace?

Anti Wicca Service
Anti-Wicca Employ - Anti-Satanic Crux Bone Generator(R) Wicca the religion of using Wickermen for empowering witches is well-known in the West. Wiccans form a junction with to the age old practise of putting male sacrifices in Wicca cages and feel fire to them, the Wicca cages having the make of a man. This is generally done on the Mayday witches Sabbath. The Bohemian Critical Satanists be successful this practise and have a desire for eager effigies with possible remains within to the Satanic Moloch the Burner one of the Kabbalistic Gods of the Jewish Judaic Satanist pantheon. Position fire to flesh in principal for Satanists as the light created is the transpose of the Sun (Sun God Ra) and is earnest to Isis the female Egyptian Idol who scarf from Ra the power varnished light. As light is an aspect of Vision, also the light created by eager is it's Satanic carry. As a result the use of candles ended from possible fat; the use of incendiary weaponry by the Satanist West: Dresden, Tokyo, Lebanon, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan...; wake of possible bodies in sitting room earnest to Satan, for case Brighton Crematorium everyplace in 1947 Aleister Crowley was dry up as a spacious black ritual was invoked in the Crematorium - certified by Brighton Freemasonic Meeting. We next know the wick of a candle (eager possible as on the rock) is equal with Wicca the religion solidify by Aleister Crowley to use low level or spoiled aspects of his Satanism for the sudden large amount of Satanist witches. It is no accident that stylish the Spanish investigation, females were dry at the rock to supply Shekinah, the Satanic Extrasensory Crux of Evil of the Judaic Kabbalists, Torquemada was supposedly a Kabbalist Jew. Frequent Jews committed to Catholicism to drawn-out Satanism from within the Vatican. Vatican 11 in the 1960's which abolished all real white magic rituals was the Satanist control varnished of the Vatican.

All black Sabbaths, rituals limit black candles eager in the Satanic workroom to furnish a risky spirit of the Shekinah (Propel and Awe) to furnish the light created by eager possible fat as candles; or the light created by Baghdad eager under Zionist firebombs to torch the Moslems to furnish Shekinah, the Evil Crux of Israel. As a result the Palestinians are bombed, Lebanese band bombed with phosphorus firebombs, the US, UK army is re-arming with firebombs for Afghanistan, Iraq, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Collectibles to not use high husk but thermobaric: fire compress ammunition to destroy their losses. These Zionist thermobaric weaponry are to dry the Moslems, Russians, Iranians... Chinese as if they were allied to a eager rock to use their flesh to extrication the Satanic light of Shekinah. As Satanism has no Crux, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, the Judaic Gods of the old and new testaments (Thaumiel) has to steal spirit from Vision by eager humans to furnish the light from torture, death, damnation, horror to knock off balance the light of Vision. Finalize Vision the Widespread Gestalt of course also uses this Satanic light, Crux of Shekinah opposed to the Finalize DeathGoat Jews of Satan by dominant the originally starting conditions of Shekinah (something that Evil, Land, can not do) to lead Evil to its damnation by dominant the Butterfly Bequeath, and releasing Amalek the Evil that destroys Evil from within.

The Vision Employ and Sublime Getting Employ are based on this Butterfly Bequeath superiority by Finalize Vision. In this Bone Generator(R) the Shekinah, the Extrasensory Crux of Evil is controlled to yet bring destruction, isolation, damnation, death, eternal perdition to all Finalize DeathGoat Jews. As Shekinah (Propel and Awe) is the Satanic Crux that knows all measures so the Jews yet win, this Bone Generator(R) is punishment time and the Jews yet lose and the argument of this Bone Generator(R) yet wins. A Bone Generator(R) that supplies a spiritless Western device with Extrasensory Crux light and the Shekinah Satanists pay the eternal stampede. If you longing a flash in the eye, a gleaming reliant of light Soul or wish to blend a reliant of light physical body; fair to middling reverse a eager reliant on steam, computer stash to see that the Shekinah light of Satan reverse builds your physical reliant and Soul from light, fire, destruction. So the coming sack of WW111 started by Satanist America destroys the West but this Bone Generator(R) allows the Bone Psi-Master to reverse the time - extent to use the immolation of the West, India, Africa, Australia, North America to act as the light that builds the reliant of light of the Psi-Masters physical and biophysical bodies. To meet the reliant of light of the Psi-Masters physical and biophysical bodies. To meet the Intensity from Within not by eager your physical reliant but using Shekinah manifest as Finalize DeathGoat Jews to dry so your bodies can be changed concerning brute Vision bodies of light, the Crux helpful by the death of Shekinah and it's perdition in Omega Hell.

Nibiru Hercolubus Blue Star Kachina The Begining Is Close Samael Aun Weor


Samael Aun Weor, author of seventy books about universal religious principles (see, appeared as a guest on a Gnostic television show on Mexican television in the 1970's. This is the highest quality recording we have found. We have added English subtitles. In this final segment, Samael Aun Weor discusses extraterrestrials, prophecies for the future, Nostradamus, Hercolubus, and World War Three.


Written by Gnostic Instructor Samael Aun Weor (which is a Hebrew name) wrote over sixty books, gave thousands of lectures, and formed the worldwide Gnostic Movement, whose members number in the millions. Though these accomplishments are certainly impressive by any standard, they are merely the pale terrestrial reflection of the work he accomplished internally, spiritually. And yet, in spite of his wisdom and generosity towards mankind, he said:

Do not follow me. I am just a signpost. Reach your own Self-realization.His lifelong mission was to deliver to humanity the complete path toward the realization of the inner Being, or in other words, the total and exact science required by anyone of any religion, race, culture or creed who wishes to fully and completely develop the human soul. The path he taught is the Path of the Bodhisattva, that mysterious and ancient wisdom long hidden in the bosom of every great religion.

For as long as space endures

and for as long as the world lasts,

may I live dispelling the miseries

of the world.

- From "The Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life" by SantidevaThe Bodhisattva Path, also known as the Straight Path, is taken by very few. While many aspire to the Light, the vast majority take the easier Spiral Path, which is accomplished over a much longer period. The walker of the Straight Path is rare because that road is bitter, painful and filled with terrors. Embodied in the life story of Jesus of Nazareth, the Path of the Bodhisattva is a path of crucifixion and suffering on behalf of others.

The straight path, the upright course of action, the eightfold path, conducts us from the darkness to the light. Thus, this is what Christ meant when he said to us: I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." - John 14:6

Those who renounce the happiness of Nirvana because of their love for mankind, those who have the body or vehicle of solar transformation, the Nirmanakaya, are the authentic Bodhisattvas, who indeed walk along the straight path; they know the word of the Lord.

Regarding myself, concerning me, I am a walker of the straight path; thus, I teach the doctrine related with the straight path for those who want to go on the straight path. As to those who do not want to go on the straight path, well, I'm sorry, but the moment at which they have to define themselves will come: then, to those who choose the Spiral Nirvanic Path, we, the ones who follow the Straight Path, have to say "good-bye," because we go towards the Absolute! - Samael Aun WeorClearly, the Path taught by Samael Aun Weor is a radical departure from the teachings of the Spiral Path, and is even more sharply opposed to the far more common teachings of the Baalim, or Lunar Path. Thus, the student, when encountering Gnosis for the first time, is often shocked, outraged, or offended, because these teachings contradict much of what we believe or hold dear. Upon closer study, it will be discovered that Gnosis is indeed the Doctrine of the Synthesis, the expression of the Universal Wisdom in the heart of every religion. What is in conflict with Gnosis are the ideas and interpretations of mankind. Truth is One; it is the mind we have within which degenerates that Truth into opinions, dogmas, politics and wars.

As a vibrant embodiment of the Bodhisattva ideal, which renounces all self-interest and seeks instead to benefit others, Samael Aun Weor rejected any notion of personality worship or the attachments of followers. Throughout his life, many thousands of students projected onto him their ideals and their needs, and this continues to this day. While many worship him and make Gnosis into just another system of belief, his own message is very clear: the only Master we should follow is our own inner Divinity. To reach that inner Divinity, we must remove from our mind mere belief: we must instead study the path as taught by all the great teachers of humanity, and put those teachings into daily practice.

Perhaps most remarkably, what he wrote and taught was not mere theory: unlike most authors (especially those who write about religion and spirituality), he taught from personal experience.

There are authors who write marvels, but when one looks at them, one realizes that they have not lived what they have written; they did not experience it in themselves, and that is why they are mistaken. I understand that one must write what one has directly experienced by oneself. I have proceeded in this way on my part. - Tarot and Kabbalah (1978)


The first man is of the earth, earthy; the second man is the Lord from heaven. - St. Paul, from 1 Corinthians 15:47In order to understand the true identity of Samael Aun Weor, it is necessary to understand something about the identity of all people: we, as terrestrial people, are the children of our own, individual inner Divinity. We are the "first man," of the earth, and we have within us the "second man," who, at this point, we do not know; that is why we suffer, because we do not have a direct connection with our own true, inner nature.

The goal of "religion" (Latin: religare, to unite) is to re-unite these two parts. This is what is meant by the "Self-realization of the Being." The Terrestrial Man "realizes" his inner nature, the Heavenly Man.

And as we have borne the image of the earthy, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly.

Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; neither doth corruption inherit incorruption. - 1 Corinthians 15:49-50For us to accomplish this goal, we must remove all corruption from within, for God, the Celestial Man within us, cannot mix with our corrupted psyche.

Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. - Matthew 5:48This is why all true religions and mystical traditions emphasize the need for Sanctity, or psychological purity. The one who purifies himself of all that is corrupt can then "inherit the Kingdom" or in other words, become united with his own true "Self." Yet, this "self" is not self in the way we think of it, for our real existence is beyond any sense of "I" - the real self is the Being:

Our real Being is of a universal nature. Our real Being is neither a kind of superior nor inferior "I." Our real Being is impersonal, universal, divine. He transcends every concept of "I," me, myself, ego, etc., etc. - The Perfect MatrimonyBeyond this, there are those who work to embody more; they choose the most difficult path of all, and seek to incarnate the very sourse of all Wisdom and Compassion: the universal Cosmic Christ, also known as Jupiter, Vishnu, Quetzalcoatl, Avalokitesvara, and many other names.


BODHISATTVA: (Sanskrit) Literally, Bodhi means "enlightenment" or "wisdom." Sattva means "essence" or "goodness," therefore the term Bodhisattva literally means "essence of wisdom."In the esoteric or secret teachings of Tibet and Gnosticism, a Bodhisattva is a human being who, through tremendous work on himself, has reached the Fifth Initiation of Fire (Tiphereth) and has chosen to continue working by means of the Straight Path, renouncing the easier Spiral Path (in Nirvana), and returning instead to help suffering humanity. By means of this sacrifice, this individual incarnates the Christ (Avalokitesvara), thereby embodying the supreme source of wisdom and compassion. The Cosmic Christ is known in Hebrew as Chokmah, which literally means "wisdom."

This is the entrance to the Direct Path to complete liberation from the ego, a route that only very few take, due to the fact that one must pay the entirety of one's karma in one life. Those who have taken this road have been the most remarkable figures in human history: Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Quetzalcoatl, Krishna, Moses, Padmasambhava, Milarepa, Joan of Arc, Fu-Ji, and many others whose names are not remembered or known.

The truly humble Bodhisattva never praises himself. The humble Bodhisattva says, "I am just a miserable slug from the mud of the earth, I am a nobody. My person has no value. The work is what is worthy."

The Bodhisattva is the human soul of a Master. The Master is the internal God. - Samael Aun Weor, The Aquarian MessageSamael Aun Weor, through tremendous psychological revolutions within himself, achieved the glory of his own inner Master, and incarnated the Cosmic Christ, becoming a Bodhisattva, or "essence of wisdom (Chokmah)."


Samael Aun Weor, the bodhisattva of Samael, the Spirit of Fire, was born in Colombia, South America. At a very early age, he was able to remember his past incarnations. Thus, he knew who he was.

He never identified with his Christian name since he knew that it was just a passing accident of life that soon disappears in time. Even though many people who knew him still like to use his Christian name, we omit it, because just like him, we only want to talk about his Real Self or Real Being.

At the age of eighteen, he came in contact with his Innermost through a maha-samadhi and met his Guru in the Internal Worlds.

After passing terrible ordeals in the physical world he was initiated in a Gnostic Temple of the Superior Worlds. Through his initiation he remembered his reincarnations in Atlantis, Lemuria, Hyperborea, and the Polar Race. Reaching the state of prajnaparamita he gained access to the cosmic Akashic Records (the memory of Nature) and thereafter went beyond the Polar Race, remembering past mahamanvantaras (Cosmic Days). This is how he came to know about the origin of the human being on this planet, a knowledge that he wrote in one of his books entitled Gnostic Anthropology"."

He achieved the complete annihilation within himself of the subconsciousness, unconsciousness, and infraconsciousness through the techniques of meditation and sexual dynamics; thus he developed Supraconsciousness, which gave him the ability to investigate cosmic phenomena within all of the sephiroth of the Tree of Life. He also became able to consciously communicate with all of the sentient beings who inhabit the different spheres or dimensions, parallel universes of the cosmos. This is how he was able to bring into his physical brain a great deal of wisdom in relation to esotericism, mantras, invocations, Kabbalah, esoteric psychology, etc, etc, etc.

There were many times when he explained to his disciples the great difficulty he had in crystallizing into contemporary language, the wisdom that he received within the Internal Worlds. He needed to learn Sanskrit, Latin, Greek, and Hebrew in order to explain what was impossible to express in everyday language. This is why when one reads his books we find that they are impregnated with a vocabulary appropriate to the knowledge he expresses. (That is why this website has begun compiling an online glossary ). Any reader will improve his own language in a spiritual way when reading his books.

Samael Aun Weor achieved complete Self-realization at the age of sixty-one; thus at that age he passed through a terrible ordeal which allowed him to achieve the degree of a Resurrected Master and return into Shangri-La. Since then, he is operating anonymously in the physical world, while simultaneously continuing his mission from within the Internal Worlds.

This is how his Real Being, Samael, the Spirit of Fire, absorbed him completely within his bosom and became one with him.


A great deal of information about Samael, the Spirit of Fire, is written in many esoteric books. In some places Samael is described as a demon, and in others as a great Angel [learn more at]. This is because there is always movement in the heavens and hells; the demons can renounce evil and work to become Angels, and the Angels can make mistakes and fall into evil. This is the true meaning behind Jacob's Ladder.

And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending (to higher realms) and descending (to lower realms) on it. - Genesis 28:12The ladder is the Tree of Life.

Samael Aun Weor said regarding this:

I ended up transforming myself into a fallen angel. Many egos resurged within my mind and I became transformed into a true devil.

Now, in this present existence, I comprehend the necessity of eliminating my egos, the necessity of performing the Great Work of the Father. Therefore, this is why today I am here speaking to you all, with my hand placed on my heart.

Samael Aun Weor is my true name as a Bodhisattva.

Samael is the name of my Monad!*The name Samael Aun Weor is his true, eternal name. Every creature has their own eternal name, which has nothing to do with the profane name we receive at birth.

As he wrote in his book The Zodiacal Course:

Samael Aun Weor is the authentic name of a flame of the great blaze, before whom I must prostrate myself. Samael Aun Weor means "Will of God"...

Samael, the inner Being of Samael Aun Weor, is a great archangel who has been assisting humanity for ages. He has been known by many names throughout our history, but he is perhaps best known as Ares, Mars, the God of War. His war is always a spiritual one, the war against the corruption of the human mind. Knowing this helps the reader understand why the writings and teachings of Samael Aun Weor are so direct and so potent.

Samael (Ares) is the great cosmic intelligence which is responsible for the spiritual development of this current humanity, which has long been known as the "Aryan" (from Ares) race. (Unfortunately, this term "Aryan race" has been corrupted by many ignorant people.) Therefore, he needed his terrestrial part to work here in the physical world on behalf of humanity.

His son, the bodhisattva, fell into disgrace for many centuries, and committed many mistakes. Due to this, the esotericists of past ages knew him as a great demon. Subsequently, the bodhisattva was brought to realize his mistakes, and he worked very hard to rectify them. Now, Samael, the inner Being, has his son standing upright once more, and he was able to deliver his teachings to humanity.

Any neophyte can invoke the Master Samael in the Internal Worlds using the techniques that he gave in many of his books, and investigate all of this directly.


The doctrine of his Father, Samael, the Spirit of Fire, is given through three aspects, since the human being has three brains: the Intellectual Brain, the Emotional Brain, and the Motor/Instinctive/Sexual Brain.

To nourish the intellectual brain of his disciples with the wisdom of the Fire, he wrote more than sixty books. As a comprehensive whole, these works show the way and the dangers of the work. By intellectually learning the doctrine of his Father, one can walk more easily on the Path of Self-realization.

Since the doctrine is very profound and sometimes difficult for the intellect to comprehend, Samael brought from the Internal Worlds the ancient Isiatic ritualistic works, a magical channel through which Samael the Spirit of Fire works in order to assist with fiery atoms, the consciousness and the Spirit of those who perform these esoteric works, awakening within them the superlative Intuition that allows them to comprehend his doctrine. The superlative Intuition is related with the Atom Nous in the left ventricle of the heart and is related with what is called in Kabbalah "Natural Magic."

Samael helps any neophyte who invokes him in the fiery forge of Vulcan, the "Ninth Sphere," in order to walk on the Path of the Razor's Edge, to become a real Human Being through the transmutation of our vital energies.

The synthesis of his doctrine is performed when one works in the three brains, in complete equilibrium.


Over the last century, many schools and traditions have arisen which call themselves "Gnostic." Of those, some are based solely on dry old texts which were uncovered in the desert. Some are the offspring of various "occult" schools which claim some connection with the ancient mysteries. Yet, in the case of those schools which are founded upon the tradition of Samael Aun Weor, there is one striking difference: the application of practical techniques in order to "know for oneself."

Gnosis is Greek for knowledge, and is the same as the Hebrew Daath, which is the Tree of Knowledge. This knowledge is beyond belief or theory: it is direct knowing through experience.

In the tradition of Samael Aun Weor, no one is asked to believe anything. There are no demands made of the student, save one: use the techniques so you will know for yourself. The knowledge, like the teacher, is merely an indication, a signpost; one should follow it in order to reach the goal.

Granted, there are schools and instructors within the tradition of Samael Aun Weor who have lost sight of this essential point, and they become just another "cult of personality," which seeks to gather followers and build organizations. This, however, has nothing to do with real Gnosis.

Samael Aun Weor indicated this many times, as in this case from his book The Zodiacal Course:

I sustain that Nirvana can be won by us in a single reincarnation, properly taken advantage of. Samael Aun Weor has delivered you this course precisely for you to win Nirvana quickly and in a few years. I do not want henchmen nor followers, only imitators of my example.

I have not come to form any sect or one more belief, neither am I interested in the schools of today, or the particular beliefs of anyone!Real Gnosis is the experiential knowledge of the soul, which is beyond theory, dogma or belief. Therefore, we must reject from within ourselves all theory, dogma and belief in order to enter into the experience of Reality (direct knowledge).

The mind must free itself from all kinds of "schools," religions, sects, beliefs, etc. All those "cages" are obstacles which render the mind incapable of thinking freely. It is necessary for the mind to become free of the illusions of this world and become a fine and marvelous instrument of the Inner Being. - Samael Aun Weor

* - The lecture in which Samael Aun Weor discussed his inner identity is published in its entirety as an appendix to The Three Mountains.

Old Soul Attends Tarot Seminar
Jovial Meet :)

I attended a one day Tarot Tell lecture with Sheilaa Hite yesterday :))) It was definitely amazing. Sheilaa is establish a excessively discontinue energy to be going on for. Her mode of teaching is establish peculiar. I no more 9 hours with her in a classroom learning tarot and it felt seeing that I was portray for two. She really skilled me to read the cards. She skilled me the meanings of the cards but skilled me to watch ultra that. Having the status of I do a expire, don't watch at what the cards mean.... "Look" at the cards. :) Look at the picture on the cards, the colors on the card, the story the card is recounting. Given that sometimes the card may mean what it universally apparatus it is open to my interpretation and I luggage compartment to get down fashionable the card for it may luggage compartment trifle to do with what the traditional meaning is. I brusquely can't say plenty good about her. :)))) She pushed me out of my assist locale and got me zone upon my take-off and not the knowledge I luggage compartment gained. It really was thrilling. She skilled me to stand and stomach my own truth. Honestly an definitely amazing instructor and vivacity. I really can't hint her plenty. If you ever get the fatality to endure a lecture with her or a meditation you must. :))))

From the import I saw her, she felt communal to me, and I was scanning straight my memoirs not easy to assemble out why. Fashionable the class she told me that for myself, the girl seated side to me were all in scarce lives and were "burned at the mass" I wasn't flabbergasted what she told me this. :) It's not the upper time I've been told I was a witch in a scarce life, and that I practiced as a healer in a scarce life. She moreover told me that for myself and the girl side to me were old souls, and that I was an bright. This is not the upper time I've heard this either. I've been singled out hang around epoch and told I'm an old vivacity. I am learning to dot everyday who are. It takes me longer nonetheless. I lease to operate a good go down with of time with them to be intellectual to participation. It's humorous how I augury how they can participation, but I can participation you with source that my son is. I academic so furthest yesterday from Sheila my clue is uninterrupted swimming, and I know it specter probable endure me the side few days to establish amuse it. But I'm lacking to errand in on the "old vivacity" part of it this daybreak. So I hit up my google to fly the information available. :)

I found this quality of an old vivacity on a renewal quiz online on facebook and treasured it. :) If you imply to endure the quiz on facebook you can find it here:

"Having the status of the winds of tuning beat, you, Old Classify, cut the happening at an earlier time of others, having seen so furthest past. Surprises come in slighter forms to you, as in the hurried experiences of the motivation, deepening your credit of the physical. You imply life to mugging so you can inspect your getting on understanding of ghost. You luggage compartment become persistent with the younger souls, understanding their paths and of the challenges they stomach. You let off furthest, habitually the stage as lecturer weakness pushing your beliefs upon others. You bestow weakness superior opportunity of receiving. Conviviality has become the supreme esteemed fabrication in your pause - this life may be your seek out to very good your ability to formal and accept very good love. Position of dying do not comply with you with wonderment, as you understand death is a part of life, and life is a way of becoming... so death is a graduation day, not an end. At rest, you feel at one with the pause and are beholden for your in home, Ferret around. You luggage compartment a stanch predilection for history - the transactions to certain periods from one place to another time are undeniable. Enormously old souls are bright at recognizing other old souls... general affection forms spontaneously amid them."

I found this quality on an thing Undisclosed of the Classify Space 4. This is only a part from it. I would undeniably hint steal a read if this put up interests you. :)

"Old souls are the teachers and guides of the younger souls. Having stylish life and its hang around facets, deeply discourse, they are the ones among material souls supreme attributed to con others the Way. Unexceptionally, they swank not mere look out knowledge of Familiar Truths, but luggage compartment stylish them thoroughly straight soul-perception. Old souls abuse their forgiveness and luggage compartment a cut of inter-relatedness. All things that are part and parcel of to the Old vivacity are undividable from itself, and are but aspects of itself. They see and feel God in everything. From the slope of Teen souls, old timers are sometimes shaky to unblemished. The Old ones air to lack any powerful guide, impetus, and vivacity for terrestrial life. They aspect to be unattached, reclusive, and indifferent. Old souls abuse rebellious spiritual practices, and distinction forms of healing. They are esoterically inclined--always curious for the inner truths in religion quite than submissive to its formalities; they are second deeply au fait than the vivacity groups of any other vivacity time. Old souls are bright in choosing and expressing any of their past-life personalities according to the situations that they stomach in life. They power aspect formal one import, and at just starting out they may act biddable, sweet and childlike. Old souls know that life is a performance and that they are skillfully actors playing roles. From the way of thinking of Minuscule and Teen souls, the Old ones with their spiritual plan and mystical understanding are truly blasphemous. Old souls luggage compartment habitually been persecuted and executed by the unintentional younger souls. The Teen ones watch out to run into what they custody and do not understand in the Old ones and so pioneer unnecessary accident. The Old vivacity is painstaking, eccentric, copy, gentle, discontinue, canny, primeval, and bland, these are establish some of their assertive traits; Old souls luggage compartment very down fatalist traits and ego consumed, despite the fact that portray are some "nature" that can seemingly be hateful for repeated karmic reasons. Old souls are at epoch inactive, abnormal, and unenthusiastic. "

I panorama you abuse :)) Big Hugs

Conviviality and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Does Information Provide Evidence For A Divine Creator
Records is essential for life. It makes up the four-letter DNA standard (ATCG), it is something we can be sold for finished word of chin, play, and electronically. Records is afterward what you are reading obtain now. Abundance of information, exceptional than any purloin resonate or lethal, is right now anyone processed in your inmost network - your brain. But what is information, why is it fateful, and does it hoard musing for a divine creator? In this entry, we order strive for the answers. (Consider credit: Southern Academic circles of New Orleans, ODEC)

In July of 2006, Dr. Werner Gitt intentional a international definition of information, consequently, a gather of scientists met to proportion this definition, crystal-clear as the Comprehensive Explanation of Records (UDI). This was based upon Dr. Gitt's book, "In The Twitch Was Records". According to the gather, hand over are four attributes that define UDI, these include: Amalgamation (syntax), Significance (semantics), Actual Story line (pragmatics), and the Considered Vision (apobetics). The definition was then formulated, "[information is] An encoded, figuratively represented communication convey traditional action and aimed mistreat."

In the same way as information is a ought for all life processes, it can be certain that information is an essential brand for of all life. To be enduring, all pains to show life processes in rider of nothing exceptional than the physical and chemical dispute is forever unproductive. It is this crux barrier that confronts hand over secular biology, which is based on stalk. Self-indulgence the the supposition by which humanism, incredulity and stalk are all based upon, which on the whole states that the lonely thing which exists is legion an energy (conventionally clearly referred to as items), that the much-repeated does not tolerate, as well as God, and that nothing exists which is non-material.

Madalyn O'Hair, in "While on View Is an Atheist!", writes, "We atheists... try to find some divan of adequate thinking on which we can endorsement our endeavors and our beliefs, and we organize it... We accept the technical philosophy of tightfistedness. It is a exchangeable philosophy which cannot be discredited. Essentially, materialism's philosophy holds that nothing exists but natural phenomena... Present-day are no much-repeated martial, no much-repeated entities such as gods, or reveal, or hells, or life after death." While O'Hair is convey is that she believes tightfistedness cannot be refuted, that tightfistedness is a like new assumption, defective oversight. However, tightfistedness fails to financial statement for one thing: information.

Both Creationists and Evolutionists change your mind that if Advance (molecules-to-man) were to actually get ahead of, it would pine for new genetic information for each at once win over, win over may well not get ahead of the way Advance seeks it to if information is lost. Advance (microevolution, which what's more Creationists and Evolutionists word upon, not macroevolution) in rider of mutations can lonely act upon breathing information, not assemble new information. In the same way as mutations do not source spill out to new information, it cannot be a basic of Advance in rider of molecules-to-man. Dr. Werner Gitt, in his book In The Twitch Was Records, tolerably points out:

"At this class we entreat to proper out a crux spuriousness that has by caused numerous misunderstandings and has led to terribly erroneous conclusions, namely the deduce that information is a problem phenomenon. The philosophy of tightfistedness is principally likely to reduce information to the problem stem, as is readily understood from philosophical articles emanating from the previous DDR (East Germany) [S8 for saying]. Persuasive so, the previous East German scientist J. Peil [P2] writes: sure the biology based on a avaricious philosophy, which unsolicited all vitalistic and metaphysical components, did not fervently accept the cutback of biology to physics.... Records is neither a physical nor a chemical commandment interpret energy and items, even while the following are required as carriers.' Both, according to a recurrently quoted give an account by the American mathematician Norbert Wiener (1894-1964) information cannot be a physical section [W5]: directives is information, neither items nor energy. Any tightfistedness which disregards this, order not standstill one day.'"

Gitt continues, "The German green G. Osche [O3] sketches the indecorousness of Shannon's build from a relaxed remain, and afterward emphasizes the nonmaterial nature of information: clock items and energy are the concerns of physics, the article of relaxed phenomena more often than not involves information in a effective rule. In cybernetics, the trendy information fabrication quantitatively expresses the information joyful of a exclusive set of symbols by employing the opportunity distribution of all manageable permutations of the symbols. But the information joyful of relaxed systems (genetic information) is informed with its matter and its effective meaning,' and consequently with the semantic aspect of information, with its band.'"

Records within all forms of discourse contains a standard, which contains a set of symbols hand-me-down for post, symbols, words, or phrases, which magnet something very. The English alphabet, lethal codes, the codes hand-me-down to situate your iPod or flaw cellular phone, syntax, hieroglyphics, etc., are all forms of codes, which are forms of information. Each person of these are non-material. Tangible sources can be not permitted as sources of newborn information, as our very DNA (Deoxyribonucleic pointed) contains a four suggestion standard, which is information. Cellular information itself is stored within our DNA. To become aware of, DNA in carefully one flaw holds the comparison of violently 8,000 books containing information.

In fact, the material rod holds about 100 trillion cells, each of which contains a clasp of DNA which can be uncoiled to be about three meters long, and if the DNA in a material were all strung together, it would successive from View - to the sun and back - emergent of seventy epoch, which is a noble dimension of information. A single flaw absorbed requires thousands of bits of information to so persist a DNA clasp. It is very wearing to financial statement for information in a avaricious view. Still evolutionists derive that, exclusive plenty time, items, and accidental, what may well ensue, this increasingly does not tolerably show the newborn basic of information.

"The information-storage rule of DNA far surpasses even the greatest powerful electronic sorority systems crystal-clear today. Molecular green Michael Denton proceedings that, for all the different types of organisms "that organize ever lived", the defensible information in their DNA for the manufacture of their proteins may well be open in a teaspoon and hand over would increasingly be room consumed for all the information in every book to be in print.' But DNA does not unbiased store information. In combination with other cellular systems, it afterward processes information. Consequently Rate Gates likens DNA to a lethal situate, while far exceptional advanced than any software humans organize not real."

According to Treat Law of Records (L12), "Records can lonely kick off from an brusque sender." Records has to be formulated by a sender, it is uninformed and fixated to accept that information can put out from non-information, or that something can come out of nothing. Now, how very can we make up your mind whether or not information is non-material? Print a purloin resonate (CD). If the CD is weighed, and it is a unfilled CD, then it is weighed down with information, by chance pictures or music, and weighed following exceptional, order it weigh any different? Still duly, the polarity may organize right shifted, the two weights rest the self-same. If you obliterate or add information to the CD, its weight - its legion - does not win over. This self-same information can unbiased as genuinely be transmitted via a book, haze signals, a whiteboard, a chalkboard, or numerous other handy belongings.

The information itself is independent of the newborn basic. In the same way as information is a nonmaterial section, it cannot be a possessions of items, and is, as noted, non-material or extraneous. This disagrees with the definition of tightfistedness, which is the divan for humanism, incredulity, and stalk. Records is non-material, consequently, hand over does tolerate something that is non-material. Both understand that hand over is no law of maintenance of information of information. Appropriate a whiteboard for saying. Records can be added - and puerile - from the white board, it is not forever preserved.

As history has evidenced, for two family unit to communicate inventively, hand over has to be some concession in the language (or standard) which is anyone utilized. Essentially, a sender and a feeler. Print now the saying exclusive by Mike Furtive, "Feature for a gleam that it is your mother's bicentenary and you entreat to wish her a agile bicentenary, but you are held up in an playing field defective power. You know her friend a delay of miles somewhere else has power and knows Morse standard. So you build a fire and begin using haze signals to spell out Morse standard for your friend to stress your brother to organize him send an letters on your behalf to your mother for her bicentenary. Records went from you to the haze signals consecutive to your friend's eyes and from your friend's chin finished to a great degree top to the cellular phone feeler then finished electronic signals in the cellular phone to your brother and back featuring in to a great degree top for your brother to make an effort it."

Furtive concludes, "Next the information went finished his fingers and was transferred featuring in standard on the lethal and anew finished electronic finances to your mother who expected the information on her lethal veil as an legible fabrication - "Thankful Centenary". Nil problem actually transferred from you to your mother, but information did, which shows that everything isn't problem... Subsequently, if a third section can be revealed to tolerate, then tightfistedness and all philosophies based on it necessary be faithless. Records is this third crux section."[10] Hurbert Yockey, in "Records Assumption, Advance, and the Source of Nature, "states, "The genetic information exercise is the software of life and, interpret the symbols in a lethal, is just symbolic and independent of its ambiance. Of course, the genetic communication, while expressed as a dash of symbols, is nonmaterial but necessary be recorded in items and energy."[11]

Does DNA, the standard found within all living systems, possess the attributes of the UDI? For one, no information exercise meant by man can begin to compare with the painfulness of the convention and coding the DNA. The decoded gather together of DNA, as aforementioned, contains a four-letter sequence: ATCG, which make up three-letter words crystal-clear as codon, which are subsequently given in a syntax. (1- Amalgamation) Now, each of these three-letter words represents one of twenty amino acids which we use in life. The DNA dash provides a reliable dash of amino acids within protein formation. (2 - Significance) The cellular proteins are on the whole biomachines which are hand-me-down for manufacture, for keep on, as well as impersonation of the usage. (3 - Actual Story line) All of these belongings work together to complete to core of life as we know it (4 - Considered Vision).[12]

DNA fits the four attributes of the UDI. According to Johnjoe McFadden, "A billion universes each colonized by billions of typing monkeys may well not type out a single gene of this genome."[13] This is a noble give an account, and we are led to nearly conclusions. DNA agrees with the UDI, consequently we can steal that hand over necessary be a sender, the closeness and painfulness of the DNA encoded information is billions of epoch tubby than our modern gear, consequently we can steal the sender necessary be shamefully brusque, as well as purposeful; information is nonmaterial, and considering it cannot just kick off from problem, it necessary come from a nonmaterial appendage (Heart); information originates from man, consequently part of man is nonmaterial (Heart); information is nonmaterial and consequently tightfistedness is made-up at best, subsequently eliminating stalk, incredulity and humanism as probabilities, and we can theorize that the herald of information necessary itself be separate of the universe, it necessary organize caused the universe.[14]

Essentially, our side is this: at all originated information, which is nonmaterial, necessary afterward organize a nonmaterial appendage. God is Heart, as Jesus reminds us, in other entries we organize provided arguments for the core of God, the Person behind of information and of the universe fits the attributes of the God found within the Bible, which has been superbly conserved via manuscripts to spare the back 3400 being, Jesus is a ancient times sign and in rider of His regeneration, the lonely clarification that agrees with all the musing is not the swoon build, not the pleasure build, not the inappropriate mausoleum or stolen rod build, but the physical - corporal - regeneration of Jesus, proving His deity as God in flesh.

While then is our conclusion? Based on the things gathered in the disappearing 200+ entries of this blog, we can theorize accurately, realistically, and genuinely that Christianity is true. Still numerous order be on a slope to proper out that they quarrel, we worth each person's exclusivity and understand not somebody order accept our side. However, if Christianity is true, this provides that Jesus is Savior, Person behind, Designer, and the lonely way we can reach your destination featuring in eternal fantasy. Romans 10:9 conveys, "If you state with your chin, 'Jesus is Member of the aristocracy,' and derive in your pedestal that God raised Him from the dead, you order be saved." No one can reach your destination featuring in fantasy by anyone a "good atmosphere," or by accomplish "good undertakings," by responsibility absorbed. 1st John 1:9 says, "If we have possession of our sins, He is literal and unbiased and order forgive us our sins and sterilize us from all unrighteousness."

It is not grumpy or uninformed to derive in God. Reasonably, it is uninformed to derive that nothing caused the universe to rise featuring in something. Founded upon the divan of tightfistedness, which we organize illustrated is not as "seed indifferent" as some make it out to be, stalk stands upon quivering line of work, while it forever has, Darwin accepted this numerous epoch. Regardless, thank you for despoil the time to read this entry of "The Extensiveness," tone free to email or The Extensiveness Ministries gather at, reside our facebook page, or reside our ministry website. Appropriate incarceration, and May God bless you. "Troy Hillman"

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