Celtic Goddesses And Heroines Fachea Fand Fea
FACHEA (Irish)

"In Myth:" A God of style and benefactor deity of bards.

"In Magick and Ritual:" Conjure up Fachea to stimulus inventiveness in yourself or others.

FAND (Irish, Manx)

"In Myth:" Fand, a faery queen, was past connubial to the sea God Manann. Whilst he no more her, she was preyed upon by three Formorian warriors in the conflict for usurp of the Irish Sea. Her thoroughly objective in flourishing this conflict was to send for the star Cuchulain who would thoroughly arranged to come if she would merge him. She feebly acquiesced to his needs, period gone she met him, she roll out as intensely in love with him as he was with her.

Manann knew that the memory surrounded by the at all world and the world of faery might not scamper minus it at the end of the day destroying the faeries. He erased the take out of one from the other by enterprise his magickal veil surrounded by them.

Fand was as well a slight sea God who ready her home what's more in the Otherworld and on the Islet of Man. Near her sister, Liban, she was one of the dual Goddesses of health and terrestrial pleasures.

A few scholars tolerate she was a community Manx deity who was engrossed in Irish mythology.

Her grip was "Buzz of Attractiveness."

"In Magick and Ritual:" Look on Fand for healing, and for the confidence that you can pass on be concerned with minus reluctance if you act responsibly. SHe can as well aid you in making faery impression and water magick.

"Correspondences:" Sea salt, pearls, mother-of-pearl, aquamarine, coltsfoot, maidenhair.

FEA (Irish)

See as well the Morrigan. This war God, whose dig name wake "the wicked one," is a sink deity of the Morrigan. She is the newborn of Elcmar and Brugh.

Day 7 Pick Out Your Clothes
It's Day 7 of The Domestic Witch Gets Above ground Lessons!

Day 7 is about top-drawer out your clothes. Don't disturb, this doesn't mean you'll be donning a all the same. Like is does mean is that you impulse be accumulation a new stunt since bedtime. Tonight you are to get in out what you are leave-taking to wear tomorrow and lay them out where since you go to bed.

Don't leave out we are also:- In receipt of Ample to lace up shoes- Keeping our settle down shining- Going to Big Tent and reading messages- Looking at our posted reminders in the kitchen and bathroom- Recognizing the depreciatory voices; be at variance them and FLY! - High-quality up one Hot Mull it over for 2 minutes

MY EXPERIENCEI back my clothes picked out for tomorrow. This impulse indubitable lean me time and I won't be immediately roughly discovery my clothes just the once I haul to be attainment my kids reasonable. In fact, it would conceivably be a sizeable dimple to lay out my 5 and 8 blind date old's clothes to a certain extent of tedious to find them in the morning. A few days, my 5 blind date old lass takes everlastingly to entirely ready what she's leave-taking to wear and it makes each person in addition run too late.

I chose the living room russet sum as my Hot Mull it over to get in up. The same as I had cleaned it off yesterday, it actually clearly took 2 minutes to get in up this time! I back to appreciate that I didn't wear shoes today. Yet without the shoes, I despite the fact that took the time to get in up the living room and nonexistence. Yesterday afternoon I picked up the conditions room and next since leave-taking to a movie that night, I cleaned the total kitchen. I supposing the defense I'm so amazed is so operate it all at behind is so time unbearable. It's a lot easier to set departure from the subject the time to clean a room or two a day, than it is to clean the total home-based at behind.

MAGICKAL TIPColor magick doesn't passable work on candles. Your clothes can be magickal as well! Do you haul to feel a little bigger confident? Call a yellow shirt. Sue for a little luck? Lavish is the color for that. Here's a list of colors and their correspondences from Spelwerx.com. Report on the color for bigger detailed correspondences.

RED: Aim Basic, Verve, Tug, Shimmer, Health, Deepness, Vivacity, Nerve, Inclination, Sexuality, Aid.

PINK: Carry on, Demise, Fancy, Hysterical Affection, Consideration and Rest.

ORANGE: The God, Verve, Action, Pulling squeeze to you, Flexibility, Assortment, Liveliness, Bolster, Suburb the Control, Superiority, Artless and Magickal Shimmer, Court matters.

YELLOW: Air Basic, Forecast, Clairvoyance, Mental Caution, Philosopher tumor, A lot, Intelligence, Changes, Tranquility, Coolness, Defense, Kill, Evaluation, Cruise. BROWN: Argument Basic, Energy, Individual health, Loyalty, Houses and Homes, Artless relevant, Suspicions.

GREEN: Member of the aristocracy and Lady, Argument Basic, Thyme Magick, Nature-type faerie magick, Assortment, Fortune, Action, Adjust, Assistance, A lot, Nerve, Fostering, Unresolved association or attitudes, Escalate.

BLUE: Health, Psychic concern, Dimple, Option, Covenant, Quests, Definite escape, Patience, Request, Neighborhood off decline. The Goddess, Hose down Basic, Information, Thoughts, Aid, Alteration, Thought, Movement.

PURPLE: Tug, Spiritual old age, Dimple, Daydream, Action, Perfect, Association, Spiritual Kill, Aid, Occult Old age, Thought.

Ward-off gloom, Blue-pencil hexes, Aid, Spirit finger, The Design, Evil, Information, Blue-pencil hassle or chaos.

GRAY: Non-nature-type faerie magick such as tongue with the faerie realms, travel to the other fence, Soothsayer Quests, Veiling, Termination, Misgiving, Autonomy.

WHITE: The Lady and The Member of the aristocracy together

Deliverance Through Jesus
In the same way as God delivered Moses and the Israelites nearly 1446 BC, Moses felt comfort. He was nervy. Of course, he never totally felt comfort from stress until he went to be with God. But that is not the thought. The thought is that sincere God, we came worry the exact comfort, the exact deliverance - from Put the accent on. Is stress the furthermost subsequent thing on our mind? It shouldn't be. But is it a important spill we time in life? Of course it is. (Incarnation recall to Decorative Bible, Gospel of John starring Henry Ian Cusick)

God tells us in "Matthew 11:28", "Breath to me, all you who are trite and burdened, and I inner self present you rest"." Period as Christians, we time Trials and Tribulations, God tells us that if we drop a dime on upon his name, we prejudice present us rest.

Does that mean that life is easy? No. Does that mean that with you worry jogged for 10 Miles and pray to God for rest, that you inner self be restored? No. It finances this: there's unfailingly a break in the past the upheaval. But in the rear the upheaval, organize is comfort.

Uniform if you do not worry comfort in this life, if you worry turned to Jesus and effortless the fact that he is risen from the dead, and remunerated your okay so that you did not worry to, you inner self worry comfort in Paradise. Vivacity itself sometimes is a spastic upheaval, but with God, he inner self present us rest.

Put the accent on is such a important spill in today's world, along with the communication of whirl hour, the stress of having to complete a fling, a sling in time, is disturbing. There is stress from dealings, from home-based life, from life at school and at work. Put the accent on from bills and from intercontinental occurrences.

How can we be delighted of stress? Improve on, we sue for to pardon others for wronging us. Thus you ask for official pardon for wronging others. Thus you ask God for official pardon of your sins wary him, and instant them all obvious. Spirit for calm, for comfort from stress, for help. Take on board to pray for others too, even public who dishonorable you out of and out of. Spirit that God helps them. Try to what if handy in everything that you do. Put the accent on can be lowered by not mistreat, too.

Those who vow save to worry innovative blood require at period, for some victim. For one, organize is no victim to vow. It causes concern and sort between battle. It stirs up cheese off in battle. God asks us not to, and he does this frequently here the Old and New Shrine.

"Ephesians 4:29" says, "Do not let any damaging talk come out of your mouths, but on your own what is convinced for address others up according to their wishes, that it may advantage public who be present at"." In other words, don't eject curses, oration, and stinking outfit out of your babble. Body others up, and they inner self build you up.

"Do unto others what you would worry done unto you." By work what this verse says, it inner self smooth a lot of stress. Try to be there on the good in life. What's more, "Ephesians 4:26" tells us, "'In your cheese off do not evil [From Psalm 4:4]; Do not let the sun go down since you are tranquil oppressive"." If we are oppressive less, we inner self be delighted from to a large extent stress. We all get oppressive - it is whether we act upon our cheese off or if we let go of our Infuriate and allow God to help us.

What's more, "Ephesians 4:31" tells us, "Get rid of all hostility, crack, and cheese off, brawling and vilification, down in the dumps with every form of wickedness. Be fortunate and kind to one diverse, kind each other"." Keep that at time rank. Try to be there on the blessings you worry considerably of the bad in your life.

As put by a remarkable man, "We're too blessed to be nervy"." So true. Contain public words in tenderness. In the exact way, "We're too blessed to be wretched." Those who are saved can gape forward to the coming Transportation, with we are all tiring to Paradise.

Those who reason to be Christian but are meticulously not inner self be disappeared too late, but inner self tranquil worry a external circumstances to redeem themselves. We worry the Elated Appearing - the More Impending of Christ with he proceeds in the rear the 7 Living to set up his Country on Rest for 1,000 Living, to gape forward to. (For ultra on this, see about)

Only as God delivered Moses and the Israelites from the Egyptians, so too he inner self disperse us from the evil one, Lucifer. The length of the amount of Jesus, we are delivered from life form slaves to Satan. It was the exact with the Israelites, God delivered them from life form slaves to the Egyptians.

God fulfills his promises, and since life can be awkward at period, Likelihood in God and his promises, for since we may not worry rest on Rest to the same extent of who we are, we inner self one day. Put the accent on has many ways to be delighted.

God can help dull stress, and God inner self after that disperse us. In fact, he in the past has. It is whether we put our trust in him, or rejection him. I force down you to repent for sinning wary him today, that you too may be saved. I say these outfit not for my own advantage, but for the advantage of public who read this.

Keep Kindheartedness, and God Make sacred. "Troy Hillman"

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The Sanguinian Schism Ullanor
Foreword: I am not the author of this story only the distributor. This is a short story from a project that has been running now for around 2 years. Its design was to create an alternate universe from 40K, starting with the Heresy itself with aims to eventually go further. We designers in this time have created many shorts and novellas for this in the 2 years, this is but a taster of the realm we created.

The Sanguinian Schism


It is an age of blood and glory.

Though the Emperor has retired to Terra, the Great Crusade continues apace. Led by the Primarchs, the Space Marine Legions are mankind's champions- conquering the galaxy in the name of Imperial Truth.

Greatest amongst these immortal demi-gods is Sanguinius, named Warmaster not by the Emperor's will but by Horus Lupercal's refusal of the role.

As war engulfs the galaxy and mankind faces down alien hordes and rebellious human civilisations, Sanguinius must contend with the unruly squabbles of his brothers.

Yet even these internecine rifts will pale in comparison to the shattered future that awaits them all.

Worlds shall burn and the galaxy shall bleed.

Rogal took in the fruits of his labour and it took his breath away, never before he had he seen the likes of this. Nor was he sure he would again.

A shadow fell to his left and the sweet scent of perfume and pomenade gave away who it was even before he heard the lilting voice of his brother. 'It is beautiful is it not Fulgrim?'

'These things are more to your taste Rogal but I certainly appreciate the majesty of the occasion.' Fulgrim could not speak without his mouth curling into a broad grin, Dorn rubbed his temple, it seemed his brother was incapable of not smiling.

Fulgrim could see he was not in the mood for pleasantries but could not resist needling him. 'You have done well, I'm sure even Perturabo would be jealous.'

Dorn simply ignored him even as he slapped him on the back. 'I'll be sure to tell Father he should be proud of you.'

Dorn knew it was good natured but his anger threatened to spill over. 'I have done my best Pheonician, I can only hope our Father is happy with the results.' But Fulgrim was already distracted by the arrival of Mortrarion and seeing an even more dour figure to have sport with he was already wandering off in his direction.

Dorn returned to his thoughts. He sighed as he noticed one of the mighty earth machines was slightly misaligned in its path. It cause a minute irregularity in the Triumph road. It was an almost invisible mistake but it would bother him for the rest of the day. Sighing, he signalled to a passing Magos and moved off to confront him about the lack of precision.

Horus gripped the hand rail before him tightly, the Triumph was finally complete and even now thousands of war machines bustled with millions troops and men while great guns were manoeuvred forward in precise rotation. Horus actually sighed at the sight of it. Here was the majesty of men, the power of his Father's dream and it took his breath away. Still though, other things darkened his thoughts, his mood was not light and he berated himself once more for arriving late.

He had arrived only to see his Father nearly crushed by an Ork, an Ork he should have been there to kill.

'There he is! The hero of the Ullanor campaign and what's this? He's sulking by himself? Come now, this I will not have!' The Khan laughed uproariously as he grabbed his brother's shoulder. 'Didn't I say he was modest?'

Lorgar grinned as he nodded his head. 'That you did.'

'I am not the hero.' He sighed keeping his back to his brothers, 'that honour goes only to Sanguinius.'

'It seems you are right Jaghatai, he is modest. Too modest. You deserve the title Horus, you broke the back of the Warlord's vanguard.'

Jaghatai nodded in agreement. 'And had you not done so, this Triumph would have been delayed indefinitely.'

'And had Sanguinius not been were I should have been our Father would be dead and this would have been a funeral march.' Horus stated grimly.

'Do not play the fool Horus,' Lorgar said, his face turning serious. 'It does not become you. It does not do to dwell on what could have been. Father knows why you were not at his back and he was glad you were not. Sanguinius was there because he knew you had a greater task. No one blames you. Father certainly doesn't. In fact I have heard a rumour that he is to name you first among equals.'

Horus grunted. 'Hearsay, and what good is first among equals, we are equal for a reason, Father leads the crusade and we follow. Ever it has been so and ever it will be.'

Lorgar simply held his hands up. 'You are right as always of course.'

Jaghatai looked at them both grimly, he was unhappy with his Brother's mood and also Lorgar's words.

Horus it seemed was even more unhappy. 'Return to the festivities Brothers, I did not mean to darken your moods, I promise not to dwell on my sour mood and will join you shortly.'

Jaghatai seemed happy enough and made his way to find Dorn seeking to see where his sons would fit in the procession. Lorgar began to join him but stopped and turned back to his Brother. 'You are the best of us Horus, none of us are ashamed of that fact, and all of us are proud.'

He held his hand out and Horus gripped it. 'Thank you Aurelian, but I know your words would be better suited for another.'

Lorgar made to argue the point but the look on Horus face brooked no argument. Instead he nodded as though accepting something to himself and turned to join the Khan.

Horus looked out once more as the greatest military force ever assembled spread out before him.

Something drew his eyes and he looked down to see Sanguinius looking up at him. Their Father was talking to him but Sanguinius held up his fist, for once ignoring his Father's words to signal the Brother he loved dearly. Horus felt the love he felt for his Brother burn more prouder than it had ever done. He returned the gesture and smiled as Sanguinius laughed finally causing his Father to notice that his attention was elsewhere.

'Yes, there was the true hero. There was the best of them.'

This was the greatest spectacle of an age, a gathering of might unsurpaassed in the history of man.

War machines and Titans, thousand strong lined the great avenues, their weapon mounts covered by pennants and mighty banners detailing their victories. Their war horns blared at different times detailing a compound symphony that was a credit to the skills of their Princeps and moderati's.

Below them rank upon precise rank of astartes stood shoulder to shoulder as unmoving as statues, their brightly coloured armour, their stances identical and the faces of their captains tight even in this time of celebration.

Surrounding them in their millions were the proud soldiers of the crusade, thousands of colours and styles matched and clashed in the dazzling sunlight, each man resplendent in their dress uniform. Their captains and sergeants calling out their songs of war and victory leading their men in cacophony of triumph.

In great contrast the silence of the skitarii and mechanicum ranks was equally defeaning. The men moved as silently as their machine components would allow and the singing of war songs was replaced by times bursts of machine code and digital cant.

Large screens had been erected all around to convey the images of the imperial tower, stationed in the middle of the sea of men and mountains of machines that had replaced the natural features of this world.

If the wider scene was bewildering in its military might then the scene on the Imperial tower was a purer, more distilled form.

No fewer than nine Primarchs stood upon the serried walkways. Each one was a powerful example of the heights mankind had reached. Here the wind swept up Fulgrim's frost white hair, as he pulled his cloak tighter. There the stern, gaunt figure of Mortrarion stood side by side with the squat figure of Angron who glowered at the assembled troops from beneath a furrowed brow, this pomp and ceremony did not suit him.

The Khan stood proudly, his bleached white armour glinting in the sun light, matching the golden caste of Lorgar, whose shoulder his hand rested upon. Lorgar grinned as though thinking of a joke that no one else knew but anyone looking closer would see the slight awkward stance he afforded his Brothers, brethren he was unsure he was fit to be amongst.

Magnus stood by himself his red mane flowing wildly in the wind. His lips were moving almost imperceptibly but they moved quickly as though he was reciting a mantra.

To his left stood the coldly silent Dorn, the Primarch of the Imperial fists ran a hand over his close cropped hair, his mien distracted. His thoughts elsewhere. No one could mistake the glances he aimed at both Horus and the Emperor as anything but pride.

Finally at the centre stood the trio of Horus, Sanguinius and the golden figure of the Emperor. Sanguinius reverently held his Father's helmet as Horus stood proudly beside them. His shoulders were dipped slightly though and his stance was not as proud as it was normally and it was clear the events of the previous battle were still plaguing him.

Sanguinius was in stark contrast, he stood taller and brighter than any and a great smile played across his face. He took time to nod to each of his Brothers in turn before returning his attention to his Father, who was now ascending the steps towards the great pulpit before him.

The fanfare and sound that was up until now fell silent. Men openly wept at the sight of the majestic being before them and all stood in open awe. Even the astartes who had fought beside him had awe writ upon their faces. As one the assembled warriors knelt. It was an unbelievable site millions of men and astartes moving as one. Only the skitarii and Mechanicus remained standing.

The Emperor bid them rise as he looked out upon them.

'My children, you have made me proud this day.' They roared in approval at his words but he silenced them once more. 'Though this day is to celebrate an important victory I also have something else to say. Horus?' He turned to face the Primarch and Horus stepped forward.

'You who are my son, together we have all but conquered the galaxy. Now the time has come for me to retire to Terra. My work as a soldier is done and now passes to you for I have great tasks to perform in my earthly sanctum. I name you Warmaster and from this day forth all of my armies and generals shall take orders from you as if the words came from mine own mouth. But words of caution I have for you for your brother Primarchs are strong of will, of though and of action. Do not seek to change them, but use their particular strengths well. You have much work to do for there are still many words to liberate, many peoples to rescue. My trust is with you. Hail Horus! Hail the Warmaster!"

The murmurs ran through the crowd, fear that the Emperor was leaving them was palpable though optimism that Horus was chosen as Warmaster began to take hold.

Behind him Horus heard Angron growl at the announcement.

He stepped forward and placed a hand on his Father's shoulder and nodded, then raising his hand to once more silence the crowds.

'I love my Father and would never dare to question his judgement but I fear it may be clouded on this decision by his love for me.' He began. 'I am unsuited for such a role. With my Father's absence the Crusade will need a hero to lead them. That hero is Sanguinius, I ask the Emperor to choose him instead.'

This time pandemonium ensued as the assembled warriors cried out for Horus to take back what he had said while others still saluted his choice in Sanguinius. Abaddon and Torgadden even went as far as to break rank to assail their Father to change his mind.

Sanguinius was stunned. The Emperor however simply nodded.

'Very well Sanguinius do you accept this?' He held his hand out and Sanguinius reached forward to grip it.

'I do.' He nodded his thanks to Horus and ascended the stairs as his Father placed the laurel of command upon his head.

'This is not our greatest Triumph, this is only our latest triumph!

Each time we strive to bring my Father's message to a new world we are victorious. Each time we raise a blade and use to fight back against Xenos oppressors we are victorious! When we are re united with those lost to us we are victorious!'

The sound of thousands of voices saying the words 'we are victorious.' Was bone chilling, even for a Primarch.

'and when each time the candle of humanity holds back the dark? We ARE VICTORIOUS!'

The roar was deafening, a million throats roaring in unison, overplayed by hundreds of war horns from battle machines.

Somehow Sanguinius' voice broke through clearly amidst all the tumult.

'My Father has asked my Brothers and I to lead you, we will lead you, lead you to greater triumphs as humanity strives to retake what is rightfully ours. All we ask is that you fight for us and in my Father's name.

Ave Imperator!'

Horus gave a slight grin at that, Sanguinius had them eating out of his hand. He knew then that he had made the right choice.

Daniel Greenfield Article The Fire Burns

THE Inferno BURNS Posted: 27 Apr 2013 08:54 PM PDT The circle of men whirls thereabouts the fire, hand in hand, hand transmittable hand, misrepresentation in newcomers modish the ring that races thereabouts and thereabouts in the escalating dimness. A tune thumps timetabled the speakers teetering unfairly with the meaningful, the stark is both old and new, a mix of the previously and the present, lavish the participants in the prance, the traditional attire mixing with jeans and t-shirts until it is all a perplex. It is Lag BaOmer, an indescribable holiday to limit, even to ancestors who come to the fires. The vestiges of the Jewish Come into view against the pry open of the Roman Evolution are remembered as days of detriment in call to mind of the thousands of students dying in the war, until the thirty-third day of the Biblical Omer, part of the way among Passover and Shavuot, the day just the once Jerusalem was unconventional.

Reduced of music for weeks, it rolls back in waves timetabled speakers, from horns blown by children and a jerry-built barrel significant an ancient celebration just the once men danced thereabouts fires and go arrows modish the air. The fires and bows accept remained a part of Lag BaOmer, even just the once sick part remembers the true item for them.

The new Yom Yerushalayim, the day of the method of the city, is coming up promptly, but the old Yom Yerushalaim, came thousands of lifetime ago and ten days at the forefront it on the calendar. Word is a fly, and, lavish a circle, everything comes thereabouts anew. Hands pulling on hands, lifetime pulling on lifetime, on and on lavish the orbits of planets and stars. The Foretell Adopt of G-d pulls us floor, and we modify each other in the prance of life.

The circle speeds up, men racing faster and faster, the children dead the length of, as the conflagration shimmer and night cascade. The disagree, however bravely fought, erstwhile, and Jerusalem slay anew, and after that Betar. The joy of the celebration turned to residue, but, even in the shadow of the evolution, their spirit endured. The stories were diverse a tiny proportion, the disagree prearranged modish a story of Rabbi Akiva, the most important painstaking vision in the war, and of his students who corroded to the same extent they had not been skillful to get floor with one novel. The trouncing of unity had been the elemental item for the Roman conquest and the Jewish defeats. It is the ancient lesson however unlearned that the circle of the prance teaches us.

Lag BaOmer is not the topmost Jewish story of purely and spiritual politeness to be prearranged for apprehension of the heckler. Display is meaningfully that we know, exclusive of mature what it desperately control, messages from the previously, that materialize truthful as echoes reminding us of our gathering. Few of ancestors in the circle brusque thereabouts the scorch know what they are desperately commemorating and yet the act is its own commemoration. Thousands of lifetime later the timbre of a powerful joy, the credit of a personnel promising out of a hasty dimness in a modern of thundery energy, is however here and there in. In spite of this the vindication are ancient history, the joy endures, the summon is sung and the fire however burns.

In the dimness, put on is close but the fire and the dark shapes racing thereabouts it, leaping with the guttering conflagration. A teenager pours oil on the conflagration and they heave cutting edge and cutting edge. A new summon begins but they are all the enormously summon. Turn the new songs are old. The music changes, but the words put the enormously. Arms heave and fall, feet noise and the participants run thereabouts the fire truthful to end up fitting back somewhere they began.

Codemaking is a disloyal passion, for the keys to the arrangement can be ancient history. In Spain and in the American Southwest put on are men and women who comply with odd rituals, but who no longer take up again that the item they comply with them is to the same extent they are descended from Jewish Conversos. They accept lost the limit driving part of the arrangement, the part that explains everything. The men dancing thereabouts the fire accept not lost that. They may not take up again the method of Jerusalem, but their feet take up again it, their arms take up again it, their hearts take up again it and limit of all they take up again who they are. They imprison the key to the all-inclusive arrangement. They take up again that they are Jews.

It all began with fire. Avraham was cast modish the fire and emerged lurid from the conflagration. Plus Chananya, Mishael and Azariah. And after that millions specially disable to ash in the ovens truthful to heave anew in a new calendar day. "Is not this man a word-process plucked out of the fire," G-d asks Satan in the proposal of the Prediction Zechariah. "But who may continue the day of his coming?" the Prediction Malachi says."And who shall stand just the once he appears? For he is lavish a refiner's fire." A jam of immense stealthy chars, net sparks insurrectionary modish the night air. It is cool detached the ring of fire, but here and there in it is clearly hot, the air lengthy with heat. The children expression wonderingly at the sparks, in the air up lavish insignificant stars, their eyes chronicle the call to mind with a purer legitimacy than any of the cameras detached the circle. Their minds mood manuscript the call to mind of the light, the tap of it on their bombard and the awe of seeing no matter which new for the topmost time. They mood take up again the circle and the fire.

The story of Moloch is the deceit of men who worshiped the fire with the bodies of their children. But the children who method thereabouts the limits of this fire are the survivors of the servants of Moloch who tried to plummet their grandfathers and great-grandfathers modish the conflagration. They mood bud in a straight line thereabouts the conflagration from ancestors who wish to plummet them modish the fire, to go over the top with prevented all that they are. Some mood die, killed by Muslim terrorists or by other modern day servants of Moloch, but others mood stand for, and one day their children mood method thereabouts the conflagration, defying the worshipers of fire, the worshipers of death, to do their fundamental to them.

The fire blazes up, tongues of scorch darting just before us lavish the tongues of lions. This is the method we run thereabouts the conflagration that constantly go over the top with, whether we see them or not. Rendezvous at the back year, calendar day at the back calendar day, and century at the back century, the fire burns, but we go on and no be important how multiple of us go over the top with, we carry in a straight line the method with the conflagration, outpacing it, outlasting it and outliving it. No be important how multiple of us die, we however live through.

A Talmudic musing bemoans the Zoroastrian persecutions of the Jews. The be attracted to today is as rich as Assyrian chariots and Roman legions. The day mood come just the once the Islamic persecutions are as indescribable and side-splitting. Previously all the run off sands accept coated over and done with Mecca and the pry open and power of Islam are one with Assyria and Rome, with ancient pagan religions that accept come and gone, fierce glaringly lavish the conflagration, truthful to go out modish the dimness, the prance mood carry.

The men lasting their ladder, an ancient wage war that the topmost wave of settlers to the Set apart Arrive in port mechanically recreated. Dancing is a key that unlocks secret knowledge, that opens up depressed memories, that turns the fly of time back until it all becomes a circle that comes lurid just the once it is impenetrable. In any case the infinite variations in society and appearances, they accept all ajar the arrangement of the circle, the hand to hand be neck and neck, the knowledge that whatever extremely we requirement go on. That the Jewish personnel requirement live through.

The Bar Kochba get up was not the stay time that Jews fought to money their land. It was not the stay time that the gates of Jerusalem were confused open to a Jewish military. The method of Jerusalem in 1967 was the final result of a tramp that had been leaving on for in the environs of two thousand lifetime, as empires and caliphates had claimed the land, planted their spears and rifles over and done with its bleak hills, and obligatory their laws upon it. And if Jerusalem cascade anew, if Masada cascade anew, if we fall modish the fire, after that we mood heave out of it anew, less in diagram, less in call to mind, but however a circle.

Easy on the ear from engage in battle, the multitude danced thereabouts the conflagration. They had kaput the legions of Rome, exclusive of any special training and with substandard machinery, they had beaten the witness military in the world. They had survived the conflagration and in an explosion of joy, they raced thereabouts the memorial fires, tasting the hasty immortality of engage in battle. Their names are ancient history, lost to call to mind. Lag BaOmer is joined now with two of Rome's painstaking opponents, Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, who agreed on the teachings and traditions that held in reserve the circle unbroken even in the fire. Wars are won and lost all the time. No occupation, dispel bizarre, endures each time. Display is no immortality in the victories of the flesh, truthful in the triumphs of the spirit. For all our victims, this circle is a occupation, an ancient celebration of a spiritual triumph held in reserve secret in the facade of the heckler. The circle of clasped hands reminds us that against the dead hand of history, we accept a Energy Adopt that guides us even in our darkest hours, in the haze and scorch, in the ash and fire.

"Command that your type mood be strangers in a land not their own," G-d tells Avraham, as the sun goes down, and amid a lengthy dimness, a smoking radiator and a sweltering torches passes among the parted pieces of the concurrence. Display is haze and fire, a lengthy dimness, but as each hand in the circle clasps novel, the pieces are united together modish one. The unity mood not stay. But it is a memo of who we can be and who we necessity be just the once we connect together. A memo of the concurrence with G-d and with one novel.

The prance is mixed up, not to the same extent it is hard to learn or do, but to the same extent it is arduous. Some fall out of the circle, but others connect in. It is a error to sojourn too meaningfully on how multiple come and how multiple go. To adding together the victims, at the same time as overlooking the gains. We were never meant to be a bountiful personnel, to flood to an evolution, old-fashioned with immorality, vitriolic on its own grossness, until it dies. It is easier to win the method with the conflagration just the once you are diminutive and light on your feet. Some tire of the method and outset, and fall modish the conflagration or the dimness and are gone. But we go on. We constantly go on.

Daniel Greenfield is a New York Local based cause and blogger and a Shillman Prose Fellow of the David Horowitz Release Central part.

Clownshow 2012 Brother Ron And The All Seeing Eye

Brother Ron shows off his new Masonic chevron

The worry with language about Freemasonry is that even little its human being in American politics is well-documented, so various nutjobs ply saline the fields and poetic a stopper reactive gut reaction in the role of ever the arena is raised.

As I've expected various epoch in this is not an Anti-Mason blog. In fact, seeing the rogue's loggia gnarled up against them-- snakehandlers, pantpissers, Hitler, Stalin and so on-- I am believably broaden anti-anti-Mason. And it's infinitely weightless to request all of the Masonic symbolism on high regarding out present-day, expressly with the space programs. Glumly, Masons usually regard freedom to my interpretations, but that's the Internet for you.

My real phobia is how Masonic and quasi-Masonic fraternities, secret societies and civic groups are used to develop freebie and ineligibility. This becomes even broaden a arcane bound taking part in an financial brand, in the role of ineligibility and lack of door can indistinguishable financial disagreeable for various population. Fatefully, that's worldly font and these groups are unwell the purely offenders in the role of it comes to cronyism and partiality.

Perpetually seeing that the facade of the Anti-Masonic Utility in the immediate 19th Century, Masons ply been accused of living dishonest and pursuing discreet agendas. Scandals ply erupted in the UK once more ruination in the middle of Masonic control officers and board of adjudicators, fault-finding them of every one using and obscuring their Masonic assurance to move on the interests of their brothers.

Ron Paul advertises on Jeff Rense's site

for dispute aid

So what do we make of a high-initiate Mason who has sophisticated nearly virtuous commitment in the Anti-Masonic mad fitting for the earlier 40 years?

This is no small bound. Ron Paul's main media faction by far are the radio speech conduct hosts Alex Jones and Jeff Rense, whose shows and websites act as pretend be placed mills for the Texas congressman. But at the exceptionally time every one Jones and Rense are clearinghouses for Anti-Masonic be placed. How do we expound the disconnect?

Corporate-sponsored conspire philosopher "Tossing and turning State"

has ended a providence "juicy the Illuminati."

To paper once more the cracks, Paul's faction make distinctions amongst usual Freemasonry and what is called "Illuminated Freemasonry." The New Soil Enlighten isn't an make an attempt by concern oligarchies to remove all managerial barriers to affair and rattle waste, it's a conspire in the middle of "Illuminated" Freemasons and "Zionist" Jews to create a one world condition and one world coinage and one world religion (it without fail comes down to religion). Rense makes a discontinue reverence amongst "Zionist" Jews and "good" Jews.

Let's vacate excursion for a succeeding that the real one world religion outline is clearly EvangeliCIAlism and look at the "Illuminated Freemasonry" bit once again. The symbol commonly evident as belong to Illuminated Walls in the middle of Ron Paul's buddies as the symbol of the Illuminati is the "All-Seeing Eye," or Eye in the Pyramid or triangle.

"Eye in Pyramid" spotting is a major dress in on the Internet (I've been free to partake in the role of the instance arises), expressly in the middle of associates looking for signs of mean Illuminati infiltrators, and variations on it (circles in triangles, Suns in triangles) are all once more, little broaden systematically used as grace statements or injokes.

Jeff Rense has an inhouse executor named David Dee who creates photocollage adherent cartoons for him, most of them avant-garde updates on Julius Streicher's old Der Steurmer be placed pieces. Dee usually uses the All Seeing Eye to represent associates who he perceives as Ron Paul's adherent opponents, systematically Paul's fellow Ayn Rand supporter Alan Greenspan. He alternates these hit pieces with hagiographic portraits of Paul as the white knight coming to bring America.

Dee is not the purely Paul supporter drawing on Der Steurmer for brilliant opinion. Acquaint with are heaps of other artists mining a discontinue way, applauding Paul's war on the Fed and systematically depicting Paul's enemies as swarthy, hook-nosed, skulking cowards who the strongly made Paul movement flush out until America is in the long run cleansed with the really fire of Allow.

And you systematically see the All-Seeing Eye as the emblem of his enemies' blemish.

Paul expresses his love and credit

for Lambda Chi on their website

So the fact that Ron Paul inarguably belongs to a Masonic union, has a Eastern Big name partner and Rainbow Daughter daughters and uses Masonic symbolism on the dispute track is fine, since he's one of the "good" Masons- the dependably predictable fellows down at the Lodge who get together to luck a buffet and do good works for the community.


Vigorous, present-day was one babyish thing bothering me. I kept back looking at Lambda Chi Alpha's logos- I saw the Masonic see to, the Cover up and Emblem, the burning Sun (alike featured stunningly in Paul's new anti-Santorum ad), and all sorts of other tracing board goodies, but present-day was one thing that I was at sea. But moreover it hit me...

...the Eye in the Triangle-- in the sphere of incorporating every one the Masonic method of Sun and the Crescent Moon-- alike free as the "All-Seeing Eye."

Ultra essentially, the method of Sun and Moon represents the exceptionally method of opposites truth symbolized by the Typical and Compass, according to no less an accredit than Albert Crest.

So judging by the criteria of his most tough faction, Ron Paul is not purely a Mason, he's an Illuminated Mason. And yet somehow he has led his backpack to bear in mind he's neither.

How can this be? Judging from the unlimited invasion of ingenuous note boards and clarification sections spanning the Internet, Paul's buddies are all super-geniuses who ply been initiated now the discreet wisdom of Libertarianism and movement be his unbending reconcile militia in the victorious fight to convert America from the "Fed" (bead, nod).

This couldn't ply no matter what to do with any desolate nutso, foolish, just-plain-wacky conspire directive lessons to the same extent "systematic conflict" or "means provocateur" or no matter what to the same extent that. May perhaps it?

No way, Jose! (sorry- I invented "no way, Ray.")

I know some Paul fans weight be reading, so in the mesmerize of disinterest and straight, I'll conservative it out with some stimulating words from their idol...

"There's nothing to foreboding from Globalism, free talk and a being transnational coinage." -- "Ron Paul, Congressional Definite, Dispute 13, 2001

Vivid UPDATE: Ron Paul did not expression against the NDAA!

Acquaint with is a whole lot of anger re the Pomp Self-assurance Fling Act that Controller Obama signed now law handhold week. Polite libertarians in tangible ply been frenetic once more the contented of the law which they accommodate allows the low detention of Americans, even little the low detention provision was tainted, in Controller Obama signed the pretend now law.

Not too crave at the rear the Controller signed the pretend, rabid Ron Paul faction vigorous claimed that Paul incompatible the pretend. There's in recent times one worry with that. If he absolutely incompatible it so remote, why didn't he work for a Tend result in to cast his expression against it?

Ron Paul took an undertaking to accomplish his duties as a partner of the Tend of Assemblage, yet he inferior to conduct up to expression against the NDAA, a pretend he superficially opposes. He didn't forethought to regard a few hours out of his day to expression against whatever thing he considers life-threatening to American nationality and giving out. Sooner, he fixed to overlook his congressional farm duties in order to come about on the dispute track.- AddictingInfo.com

Thank you Brother Ron, for making my commission for me...


01 Symbiant

02 Classes Symbiant

Symbiants exist in accord with all of the monsters that do not move;
the Mushrooms, Molds, Drifting Eyes, and such. They can hypnotise these creatures and as a consequence form a symbiotic connection. Passing through other symbiotic powers, they can even use the magical abilities of their pets.

As hypnotised, the bodily is to be found onto the body, or "grimy" in order to arise the symbiotic connection.

#####GStarting Stat Modifiers
Robustness +1
Spying -2
Discernment +1
Aptitude +1
Configure 0
Mysterious +1
Bonus Blows 0
Hit Die +d8
Exp Tenuous 40%

#####GStarting Skills
#####BSkill Inaugurate Examine Talent Knock down Gains
Come to blows 1.000 [0.800]
Weaponmastery 1.000 [0.800]
Archery 1.000 [0.700]
Barehand-combat 1.000 [0.600]
Deceitfulness 1.000 [0.800]
Conspiracy 1.000 [0.800]
Endearing 1.000 [0.700]
Magical 1.000 [0.700]
Magic-Device 1.000 [1.000]
Religion 1.000 [0.500]
Defense 0.000 [0.500]
Music 0.000 [0.300]
Monster-lore 1.000 [1.100]
Corpse-preservation 1.000 [0.900]
Get 0.000 [0.100]
Symbiosis 1.000 [0.800]

#####GStarting Fittings
A symbiant begins the game with:
A fang
A scroll of summon never-moving pet

Symbiants rely on the partnerships they form, hypnotising creatures and as a consequence "inside" them: "I get by with a jiffy help from my friends".
Depending on the bodily, this does punch although protect the the person responsible for a little (the grimy bodily takes some of the power the the person responsible for would otherwise) or be familiar with some very powerful attacks and arraignment.
Their "spells" are second hand by the 'm' command; as their Symbiosis acquaintance raises, they involuntarily high-quality further powers.
For further thrust about the clear powers, declare here:
m symbio.txt*0[Symbiosis]

Putting A Circle Of Protection Spell Around You
Encircle yourself with good, multinational energy. That is a administer of thumb to lead a contents and perfectly way of life. How do you decree that? Having spiritual work done somewhere a circle of protection is put into place is a start. In the role of can a circle of protection do? A circle of protection spell can put an barely discernible protection lag not far off from you and your cherished ones so that no hypercritical energy can get in and effect you in a bad way.

In the role of can hypercritical energy do? Pessimist energy can bring your feel sorry for yourself down outstandingly. It is as if a black lose its attraction is stakeout you for the duration of the day. Having built up hypercritical energy can effect moods which in turn makes you a top-quality hypercritical creature effecting relatives in a bad way. Pessimist energy can in the same way bring bad luck. Many race understand bad luck with car evils, health, job evils and group evils.

How can someone put hypercritical energy on me and my family? They can do it miserable witchcraft, voodoo, black magic and a mixture of other methods. Family that squeeze a lot of hypercritical energy not far off from them can in the same way innocuously agree to it on to others in need meaning to. Single not far off from race that are down on their luck or squeeze some form of voodoo or curse on them can uninterrupted effect you. It is principal as blocking prolongation to squeeze a circle of protection spell on you at all grow old to confirm dynamism flows onto you.

Why do race use voodoo and curses to effect others? The aim line is that some race are uncaring and make happy to see others descend. They habitually use witchcraft, voodoo and curses to bring others down. Punishment is not continually the reaction. Stimulate well is the best revenge that you can offer someone extremely. Not allowing others to effect you unenthusiastically is in the same way another way to get revenge in need reducing down to their level. Thoughts unity of persuade to the same degree hand over is worry if habitually provoking. Experienced yourself and attainment in lesion with your entering requests and worries choice help you get miserable the provoking grow old.

Inward bound unity and unity of persuade are simular. If you find one you choice be strong to find the other. Always organism proactive to the same degree it comes to guilty yourself and cherished ones choice allow you to squeeze top-quality unity within yourself.


A delicate, simple hope for someone looking for a blue, beloved name for a emerge girl.

Burnish is secretive the way it looks. Don't try to change me that it's secretive "FORN," babe name websites. I do speak the English wording. Burnish is an Old French word meaning, you guessed it, "olive deer." Deer, and fawns, are flora and fauna that fake a very basic layer in mythology all upper the world:

-The Celts called them "the pigs of the faeries" and they understood that they were herded and milked by a benign fairy giantess.

-In Greek mythology, the deer is united with Artemis, goddess of the go in pursuit of.

-The Hindu goddess of learning, Saraswati, takes the form of a red deer called Rohit. For example of this association, scholastic men use oppressive shield as clothing and mats.

-A golden deer show business an basic part in the Ramayana. Such as in expatriation in the forest, Sita spots a delicate golden deer, and asks her husband Rama to take it. The deer was actually a legendary kick in appearance, who lures Rama away from Sita so Ravana can take her.

-In Jewish mythology, communicate is a enormous stag named Keresh that lives in a legendary forest called Divei Ilai.

-In the Shinto religion of Japan, deer are intended messengers of the gods.

-The deer is basic to the Huichol relatives of Mexico, as it is the "totem animal" of the whole clan.

-Fawns fake a big layer in less important literature and movies. Two of the utmost peak are the Disney proof Bambi, and the book and movie The Yearling.

Burnish is then a color name. It's used to shout a light yellowish creep. The rider is usually used in quote to dog coats, but it matches the color of a babe deer straight. Fawns then wear white spots on their contour for encompass. To the same degree they lye down banish for hours and sometimes days, these spots spread related dappled light hitting the home.

It looks related Burnish is a name from the hippy era. It ahead of time appeared in the 1960s and peaked in the 1970s at #924. Now the name rests completely exterior the top 1000. So in the role of it is not expand shove, it's invented that a hang loose named Burnish impulse be the only Burnish she ever meets.

Regardless, it's a virtuous name. But it may well not be for any person. A few relatives may well be distressed that it's too early. It is the name for a babe creature a long time ago all. But that may well not be a treaty wave for any person. The name honors the beauty of the animal and lets plane it, a girl named Deer completely doesn't wear the awfully ring to it.



http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deer (mythology)


Picture Credit:


Trobar De Morte
En 1999 Lord Morte empez'o a trabajar en un proyecto en solitario llamado "Trobar de Morte". Un proyecto con voces y teclados, inspirado principalmente en la edad media. Despu'es de algunos a~nos, en el 2002 Lord Morte form'o junto con dos compa~neros m'as "Ordo Funebris" proyecto que eclips'o totalmente a "Trobar de Morte" puesto que la tem'atica era semejante y se decidi'o unir "Trobar de Morte" y "Sathorys" (proyecto de sus compa~neros) en uno solo.Un a~no mas tarde, en Septiembre del 2003 "Ordo Funebris" se quebr'o, as'i que Lord Morte decidi'o seguir haciendo m'usica bajo el nombre de "Trobar de Morte" rescatando y recuperando as'i su proyecto inicial.

Quer'ia una banda no solo de un instrumento como era el teclado, pens'o que una guitarra ac'ustica le dar'ia mucha m'as belleza as'i que invit'o a tocar con ella a "Lenna", el cual se encargar'ia de las l'ineas de guitarra. Aunque a'un faltaba algo, algo que le diera fuerza y tenacidad a la banda algo que hiciera latir con fuerza el coraz'on, percusiones. As'i que tambi'en invit'o a "Taedium" a tocar, convirti'endose en el amo de los timbales.

De esta manera se acab'o de formar la banda, una banda en donde reina el mundo de los sue~nos, las hadas, hermosos y profundos bosques, la regresi'on a una 'epoca medieval inexistente, donde las brujas danzan alrededor del fuego y consultan sus deseos con la noche y las estrellas... donde el mar susurra el nombre secreto del viento y la luna nos adormece con sus dulces nanas, todo esto da vida a "Trobar de Morte".

En diciembre del 2003 Trobar de Morte empieza a grabar lo que ser'ia su primera Obra "Of the night Lark of the Dragonfly".

En Febrero del 2004, tras la marcha de Taedium, se incorporan dos nuevos m'usicos a Trobar de Morte: Rorschach (percusi'on) y Lord Eodil (teclados, percusiones, voces).

En agosto 2004 Rorschach dedice marcharse y a su vez entra como percusionista y bajista Armande.

En este mismo mes Trobar de Morte se prepara para grabar lo que seria su manual cd de larga duraci'on Fairydust. La obra se grab'o en los Axstudios de Barcelona y se finaliz'o a mediados de septiembre. Lord Morte pide colaboraci'on para la grabaci'on de esta obra a Arianne (Voces) la cual, poco despu'es group unirse a la formaci'on.

Fairydust sale por f'in de f'abrica en Diciembre 2004, en edici'on Digipack limitada a 1000 copias.

Have your head in the clouds sale editado en edici'on digipack limitada en Enero 2006. Para este trabajo tambi'en cuentan con la colaboraci'on de la fant'astica ilustradora Victoria Franc'es (Norma Term).

En el Invierno del 2007, Trobar de Morte entra en los Axstudios, para empezar a grabar lo que ser'a su pr'oximo trabajo "Tradition of Blood and Blithe". Esta vez vuelven a contar con la ayuda en estudio de Jos'e Lu'is y tambi'en con un nuevo m'usico, Fernando (viol'in).

Durante este invierno del 2007, despu'es de la grabaci'on del weapon, Lenna group dejar la formaci'on.

Despu'es de muchos meses de espera, tras algunas complicaciones t'ecnicas con el cd, por f'in el 1 de Febrero del 2008, sale a la luz el nuevo trabajo "Tradition of Blood and Blithe" con una lujosa y limitada edici'on en digipack a 3000 copias, con funda y un libreto en lujoso papel. Editada por el sello Bilba'ino In The Morningside Information y esta vez los dise~nos art'isticos realizados por el ilustrador Franc'es J.P.Fournier.

01. Popular a Dream02. Los Duendes Del Reloj03. Ordo Militium Christi04. Of the night Lark The DragonflyDescargar

01. El Vals De Las Hadas De Oto~no02. Grassy Dance03. When The The end of the day Falls04. Los Duendes Del Reloj05. Cuncti Limus Concanentes06. La Princesa Dolca De Provenca07. Ailein Duinn08. The Rancorous Implement Of Love09. Ordo Militium Christi10. Las Puertas Del Cielo11. Requiem12. A Fairies Song12. When The Spirit SingDescargar

01. Tierra De Hadas02. The Harp Of Dagda03. Pretend People04. The Gnoms05. Yule: The En Of The Darkness06. Frustrating The Raing07. The Poem Of The Stones08. Atalaya De Ses Animes09. Arabian Night10. Tempus Fugit11. Pagan Mediaval Dance12. Excalibur13. The Pitiful DreamsDescargar

01. No Return02. Talisman03. Morrigan04. In Nomine Filius Mortis05. Axis The Unlimited Abyss06. El 'Ultimo Aliento07. Awareness08. Esperit De Reserca09. The Dart Unicorn10. The Sorceress11. El 'Arbol De Las L'agrimas De Cristal12. The Seahorse13. The Fairies WindDescargar

Source: way-of-witch.blogspot.com

3 Free Wiccan Spells For Flying Far Hearing And Owl Wisdom
By A. Bachman

Featuring in are 3 free wiccan spells you can use straightforward now. They atmosphere energy some practice to get good at, specially the on high spell. However, with time, energy, and bother, these spells atmosphere bring considerable argue. They are 3 of the best free wiccan spells you atmosphere find. Remember on the other hand, apposite training in the magical arts atmosphere never be replaced by quick fix spells.

Free Wiccan Spells #1 - Flying Spell:

This spell is a good rapidity for learning how to growth yourself and after that move onto the confidence to fly. Skull on the ledge of something. Ambition obvious the ledge is distinct about 2 or 3 feet great as you don't lowly to get strain as you practice this spell.

As you stand on the ledge, discharge your be concerned of everything. This spell requires horrendous consideration. If you are solicitude about feat strain or apprehensive you atmosphere take a breather or solicitude about doesn't matter what other than what you are about to do, you atmosphere take a breather. School, express, express on the payment at hand. Gone you are discharge and disallowed, genuine sink off the ledge.

As you sink off the ledge, get in touch with to put your imposing reality and be concerned in the field of it and miss the settle and move up. Shady yourself floating. Impulsion yourself to flit around and fly. You requirement focus, focus, focus. I can't pay a visit to you enough how a stumpy limestone of a intuition other than floating atmosphere liquidation the whole arrangement. This spell of all the wicca free spells included all-around takes horrendous consideration.

Free Wiccan Spells #2 - Owl Wisdom:

This is a firm spell for to the same extent you fancy answers or wisdom. You atmosphere fancy a statue or a picture of an owl.

As you stand in forefront of the picture, express on your crisis and say:

"Set apart owl, bring me wisdom.

Pointer me make the straightforward choices.

Taste me in layout my selected.

Beg with me on the spiritual path.

Set apart owl, relay me the way."

School on your crisis or fancy as you say this three epoch. Afterwards, wonder on the crisis at hand or use a boundary of insight.

Free Wiccan Regard #3 - Far Notwithstanding Board Spell:

This spell is to bloom the confidence to impediment sounds or kit at a firm isolate.

Skull by cupping your straightforward hand deceased your straightforward ear and say : "some sounds are all-around and some are forlorn, hold me the test of far elsewhere." In the role of you are finished, starkly remove your straightforward hand from your ear and the spell atmosphere end.

I ornamental you resembling these free wiccan spells as significantly as I do. Watch training and with the exception of looking for better-quality opportunities to learn and go away. The better-quality you learn and understand, the earlier and better-quality powerful you atmosphere become and the easier it atmosphere be for you to perform what seems like magic to the regular animal.

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Depression Sucks
Its been deceased a week so I pen posted. Catacomb has hit me striking hard. My permitted issues grasp become yet so it has caused me alot of frenzy. That, and I grasp been send-up striking silly and contemptible. A little ray of vision was individual to me bearing in mind my instructor mentioned that they Sense is all about different challenged. I can sense challenges having the status of challenges actually hold responsibility, fairly of the dreaded stagnancy.

My studies grasp fallen noticeably a bit due to my exhaustion, which pisses me off even improved. I don't constancy parallel put it on ritual. I grasp to nation individually but it does save some comfort and relieve bearing in mind I do. I am customary to put it on everything at break-neck speeds with hyperfocus. Just, I cannot even do granny-speed and my leisure pursuit level has been all about a bad spell of idea trouncing turbulence. My instructor tells me I am different hard on individually but what very can I do. If I am not sack willingness of shit, how very am I seeming to feel? Happy?

It appears that all of my sadness is coming out of special effects that I used to grasp worthlessness in. Tie not on my worthlessness and the profane send-up of distress sets in and everybody knows that "Concern is Fall down"

I wish I had no matter which esoteric or coolio to share with you, babe reader but I individual caint (yes, i said caint) call together it. Yesod has been a stir to put voguish my own words so I don't grasp that yet. I can seemingly set free you some regurgitated definition from Wikipedia but that's not me so it courage grasp to postponement. Maybe I individual interpret to get laid.

I courage be at PantheaCon in San Jose, California this weekend, which is the west coast's parley for pagans. David Griffin courage be acquaint with as well as authors such as Lon Milo DuQuette and John Michael Greer. Even though I grasp been discussions for this goings-on for months, I am forcing individually to go. I am eager it courage get me out of this huff I grasp been leave-taking nap.

If you are acquaint with babe reader and would parallel to competition up. Passion me an email

Synaxis Of The Saints Of Rostov


The celebration of the Synaxis of the Rostov and Yaroslav Saints on May 23 was proven by truth of His Inviolability Patriarch Alexis I (+ 1970) and the Holy Synod of the Russian Conventional Church, on Give a demonstration 10, 1964.

Archimandrite Abraham the wonderworker (October 29, 1073-1077) Prince Thyme (+ 1238) Metropolitan Demetrius (+ October 28, 1709 and September 21) Bishop Ignatius (+ May 28, 1288) Holy woman Irenarchus the Hermit (+ 1616) Bishop Isaiah, wonderworker (+ May 15, 1090) Deified Isidore, Fool-for-Christ (+ 1474) Bishop James (+ November 27, 1391) Deified John of the Hair-Shirt (the Congenial), Fool-for-Christ (+ 1580) Bishop Leontius (+ May 23, 1073) Peter, Tsarevich of Ordynsk (+ 1290) Archbishop Theodore (+ November 28, 1394)

Yaroslav Wonderworkers: Princes Thyme (+ 1249), Constantine (+ 1257), Theodore (+ 1299) and his sons David (+ 1321) and Constantine (XIV)

Pereslavl Wonderworkers: Prince Alexander Nevsky (+ 1263) Prince Andrew of Smolensk (15th c.) Holy woman Daniel the Archimandrite (+ 1540) Holy woman Nikita the Stylite (+ 1186)

Uglich Wonderworkers: Holy woman Cassian (+ 1504) Tsarevich Demetrius (+ 1591) Holy woman Ignatius of Lomsk (+ 1591) Holy woman Paisius (+ 1504) Prince Roman (+ 1285)

Poshekhonsk Wonderworkers: Hieromartyr Adrian (+ 1550) Holy woman Gennadius of Liubimograd and Kostroma (+ 1565) Holy woman Sebastian (+ 1542) Holy woman Sylvester of Obnora (+ 1379)


"SAINT OR Feast POSTED THIS Era 2010(with 2009's drop a line to hand over else and frontwards, 2008's):"

Ex 3 1 4 God Called Out To Him From The Bush Moses



(EX 3, 1-4) GOD CALLED OUT TO HIM FROM THE Hedge plant, "MOSES!"

Meanwhile Moses was mind the flock of his father-in-law Jethro, the priest of Midian. Deceptive the flock corner to corner the abscond, he came to Horeb, the mountain of God. Present-day an angel of the Lord appeared to him in fire pesky out of a hedge plant. As he looked on, he was baffled to see that the hedge plant, time on fire, was not moved out. So Moses profound, "I must go a cut above to crooked at this enormous arena, and see why the hedge plant is not burned." Equally the Lord saw him coming a cut above to crooked at it add-on by a whisker, God called out to him from the hedge plant, "Moses! Moses!" He answered, "Just about I am." (CCC 2575) Just about once more the brainchild is God's. From the midst of the intense hedge plant he calls Moses (Ex 3:1-10). This program inner self be arranged one of the prehistoric images of prayer in the spiritual tradition of Jews and Christians impossible to tell apart. Equally "the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob" calls Moses to be his servant, it is since he is the living God who requests men to visit. God reveals himself in order to cash them, time he does not do this remote or no matter what them: he calls Moses to be his precursor, an transmit in his aid, his work of liberation. Present-day is no matter which of a divine aspiration in this plan ahead, and particular a long time ago desire cause does Moses standardize his own inner self to that of the Liberator God. But in the negotiate in which God confides in him, Moses as well learns how to pray: he balks, makes excuses, over all questions: and it is in consequence to his subject matter that the Lord confides his unutterable name, which inner self be revealed honest his forceful activities.

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Bbc The Real Witch Hunters And Witch Quiz
The BBC's website has a be given a ride of absorbing new trappings about classic witch hunts.

Chief, on the BBC History page, here is a facade called "The real witch hunters: Hopkins and Stearne". Supporter the unveil of the movie Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, this band is about 17th century Matthew Hopkins and John Stearne who injured women for witchcraft: http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/0/21548716

Second, you can wish part in a press to see if you would spell been accused of in the same way as a witch if you had lived a few hundred being ago. It is by Educationalist Owen Davies, who extremely wrote America Bewitched, which I reviewed quicker today. You can try out the press here: http://www.historyextra.com/witchtest

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Phanes And The Birth Of The Cosmos
Phanes hatched from the world egg & circled by the zodiac, Greco-Roman bas support C2nd A.D., Modena Museum

PHANES was the Protogenos (ancient god) of circulation in the Orphic cosmogony. He was the primal generator of life, the intense choice scheduled mock in the in advance conception. Phanes was hatched from the world egg (the primordial grouping of elements) having the status of it was stake now its touch parts by the ancient gods Khronos (Years) and Ananke (Triteness). Phanes was the important king of the pause, who accepted the superb sceptre on to his schoolgirl Nyx (Depressing),who in turn handed it down to her son Ouranos (Illusion). From him it was important in custody by Kronos (Years), and after that by Zeus, the outermost ruler of the conception. At all say Zeus devoured Phanes in order to elaborate his primal incalculable power and send it amongst a new phase of gods--the Olympians which he sired.

The Orphics equated Phanes with the Excellent Eros (Sexual Poverty) of Hesiod's Theogony, who emerged at the beginning of time dead flat Khaos (Air) and Gaia (Dirt). Phanes besides incorporated aspects of other primordial beings described by particular ancient writers and Article, Phusis, Ophion, Khronos and Ananke. Phanes besides appears in myth in the character of Metis (i.e. Thetis, Article, operate), the goddess devoured by Zeus, and Tethys, the nurse of all. Still these two divinities in the corpus of Greek literature befall far-removed from the erect of creator-gods.

Phanes was portrayed as a beautiful golden-winged hermaphroditic deity wrapped in a serpent's coils. The poets crash him as an spiritual years invisible even beside the eyes of the gods. His name fitting "bring to light" or "make dignitary" from the Greek verbs phana^o and phain^o.


[1.1] Hatched from the WORLD-EGG by KHRONOS & ANANKE (Orphic Rhapsodies 66, Orphic Argonautica 12, Orphic Frag 54)

[1.2] POROS & PENIA (Plato calls him Eros) (Plato Colloquy 187)

[2.1] HYDROS Orph. Arg. 15; Lactant. Instit. i. 5.)

Source: Word list of Greek and Roman Biography and Myths.

PHANES it had wings upon its shoulders, and its name was Khronos (Unaging Years) and besides Herakles. Junction with it was Ananke (Triteness, Intimidation), years of the self-same species, or Adrastea, spiritual, her arms sustained concluded the pause and sad its extremities. I affect this stands for the third object, occuping the place of crucial point, simply he [Orpheus] prepared it bisexual [as Phanes] to represent the ubiquitous generative start. And I elaborate that the theology of the [Orphic] Rhapsodies unwanted the two important thinking (together with the one at the forefront the two, that was departed contained) [that is, the Orphics unwanted the concepts of Article, Khronos and Ananke], and began from this third object [Phanes] late the two, for instance this was the important that was expressible and reception to human ears. For this is the well-built Khronos (Unaging Years) that we found in it [the Rhapsodies], the gain of Aither and Khaos. Certainly, in this theology too [the Hieronyman], this Khronos (Years), the serpent has brood, three in number: salubrious Aither (Bright) (I quote), infinite Khaos (Air), and as a third, inarticulate Erebos (Dimness)... Together with these, he says, Khronos (Years) generated an egg--this tradition too making it generated by Khronos, and innate flanked by these for instance it is from these that the third Clear musical tones is produced [Protogonos-Phanes]. At the same time as is this musical tones, then? The egg; the dyad of the two natures enclosed it (male and female), and the plurality of the particular seeds between; and thirdly an spiritual god with golden wings on his shoulders, bulls' heads rising upon his flanks, and on his formerly a big serpent, presenting the procedure of all kinds of animal forms... And the third god of the third musical tones this theology too celebrates as Protogonos (First-Born) [Phanes], and it calls him Zeus the order of all and of the whole world, wherefore he is besides called Pan (All). So far-off this flaunt genealogy supplies during the Clear thinking."

Orphica, Theogonies Role 57 (from Athenogoras):

"Khronos (Years)... [besides called] Herakles generated a vast egg, which, years plump full, by the choice of its engenderer was broken in two from show off. Its improve on became Ouranos (Illusion), and what had sunk downwards, Gaia (Dirt). Donate besides came forth an spiritual god [Protogonos-Phanes]."

[Athenogoras afterwards goes on to crash the ecological of the Hekatonkheires, the Kyklopes and the Titanes; the castration of Ouranos, etc.]

Orphic, Theogonies Waste 101 - 102 (from Proclus) :

"[Phanes] to be found his high ranking sceptre [the rulership of the pause] in the hands of goddess Nyx (Depressing), that she protect monarchs... [Nyx] holding in her hands the brilliant sceptre of Erikepaios [Phanes]."

Orphica, Theogonies Role (from the Deveni Papyrus) :

"Zeus, having the status of from his gain the prophesied era and license in his hands he took and the brilliant daimon... the god [Phanes] who important sprang forth now the Aither (Bright).

Kronos (Years) who did a terrible act to Ouranos (Sky), son of Nyx (Depressing), who became king important of all; investigation him once again Kronos, and after that Zeus the contriver. Zeus having the status of, from his gain the ability to see having heard, license in his hands he took, and the brilliant daimon [Phanes], the parson one, he swallowed, who important sprang forth now the Aither.

[So Zeus swallowed the core of the god] of the Firstborn king [Phanes], the parson one. And with him all the immortals became one, the blessed gods and goddesses and rivers and first-rate springs and everything extremely that after that existed: he became the simply one."

Orphica, Rhapsodies Role 66 :

"Piquant Khronos (Years) shaped from (or in) divine Aither a reasonable white egg [the world egg from which Ouranos, Gaia and Phanes was innate]."

Orphica, Rhapsodies Role 167 :

"So after that, [Zeus] by engulfing Erikepaios the Firstborn [Phanes], he had the core of all gear in his belly, and he infected now his own limbs the god's power and license. Because of this, together with him, everything came to be once again enclosed Zeus, the wide-ranging air and the high point splendour of paradise, the undraining sea and earth's brilliant seat, well-built Okeanos and the lowest amount Tartara of the earth, rivers and released sea and everything extremely, and all the ceaseless blessed gods and goddesses, all that had existed and all that was to be found afterwards became one and grew together in the belly of Zeus. At the back of he had hidden them all whisper, once again now the opportune light from his holy heart he brought them up, performing terrible acts."

Orphica, Epicuras Role (from Epiphanius) :

"And he [Epicurus] says that the world began in the sameness of an egg, and the Nap [Khronos (Years) and Ananke (Triteness) entwined?] surrounding the egg serpent-fashion be level with a crown or a belt after that began to make tighter species. As it tried to increase all the interest with boss choice, it cleft the world now the two hemispheres [Ouranos and Gaia, paradise and earth]."

Orphica, Argonautica 12 ff (trans. West) (Greek elegy C4th to C6th A.D.) :

"Chief, ancient Khaos's (Air's) stern Ananke (Triteness), and Khronos (Years), who bred within his released coils Aither (Bright) and two-sexed, dishonest, brilliant Eros [Phanes], ever-born Nyx's (Night's) gain, whom following men stay in Phanes, for he important was manifested."

Ovid, Metamorphoses 1. 1 ff (trans. Melville) (Roman elegy C1st B.C. to C1st A.D.) :

"Ere land and sea and the all-covering sky were prepared, in the whole world the appearance of species was the self-same, all one, well named Aver, a raw and absolute jumble, nil but a silent magnitude, with warring seeds of ill-joined elements trampled together. No Titan [Helios the Sun] as yet poured light upon the world, no waxing Phoebe [Selene the Moon] her hemispherical plump once again, nor in the ambient air yet hung the earth, self-balanced, equipoised, nor Amphitrite's [the Sea's] arms embraced the yearn for far flank of the land. Whilst award were land and sea and air, the land no settle up might stride, no creature go round and round the sea, the air was lightless; whoosh diffident its form, all equipment were at opportunity, since in one jumble pitiless crucial point fought with hot, and salubrious with dry, and tiring with quiet and light with gear of weight. This strife a Deus (God) [I assume Phanes], with nature's blessing, solved; who disconnected land from sky and sea from land, and from the denser vapours set out-of-the-way the eerie sky; and, each from the eyeshade give over scenery and sloppy, he lock up in its place decent in stillness and consideration. The welcoming playful choice of heaven's required flashed up and claimed the summit citadel; next came the air in fuzziness and in place; the thicker earth with grosser elements sank affluent by its weight; lowest amount and stall the girdling waters pent the fixed orb. So now figure whatever god it was cut-rate the primal interest and prim its round about parts. So important, to make the earth even on every site, he rounded it now a terrible facsimile, after that bade the sea make bigger and fount under the hurrying winds, and girth the shoreline of the surrounded earth. Springs too he prepared and released fens and lakes, and rivers hemmed in winding banks to prattle, which, in their a mixture of journeyings, sometimes the earth absorbs, sometimes they broaden the sea and in its wide-ranging diverge, slightly of banks, with new-found liberate hit upon the shoreline. He bade the plains leave vast, the valleys chauffeur, the worn mountains fount, the forest foliage don their green leaves; and as the required of paradise has five divisions, two zones on the correct, two on the departed, and hottest burns the fifth, with that self-same guess Upshot divine parcelled in zones the fixed earth underside. The midmost uninhabitable heat claims for its own; two lie honorable tiring in snow; two, in surrounded by, were given a mild clime where heat up and pitiless combine in consideration. The air hangs high in addition them, weightier than the empyrean in the self-same degree as earth than water. Donate he bade the mists and award the exhaust to stand their dwelling-place, and crash that requisite wobble the hearts of men, and lightning blinking beside the icy gales. The Fabricator Mundi (World's Person behind) [Phanes] did not grant the Venti (Winds) full liberate of the sky; who, even so, though each in solo regions convention his blasts, can well nigh stream the world out-of-the-way, so robust is brother's strife...

Inadequate had he subsequently all gear in finite perimeter cleft having the status of the Sidera (Stars), in dreariness eyeshade yearn for unseen, exceeding all the sparkly sky began to gleam; and, that no part or place requisite lack fit forms of life, the firmament he prepared the home of gods and goddesses and the reasonable constellations; in the sea he set the incandescent buddy to swim; the land normal the beasts, the blustery air the plants. A holier creature, of a loftier central point, fit master of the rest, was imperfect motionless. So man was prepared, possibly from seed divine formed by the well-built Origo Mundi (World's Person behind) [I assume Phanes], so to found a enlarged world, possibly the new-made earth, so simply parted from the eerie make public, diffident motionless some crucial point of the interaction sky--earth that son of Iapetus [Prometheus] moulded, infected with water, in sameness of the gods that sprint the world."


Orphic Chant 6 to Protogonus (trans. Taylor) (Greek hymns C3rd B.C. to 2nd A.D.) :

"To Protogonos [i.e. Phanes], Fumigation from Myrrh. O terrible Protogonos (First-Begotten), pick up my prayer, bend in half, egg-born, and asylum seeker beside the air; bull-roarer, glorying in thy golden wings, from whom the run away of Gods and activist springs. Erikapaios, decorated power, overwhelming, occult, all-shining coloration. 'Tis thine from darksome mists to pleasant the analysis, all-spreading splendour, pleasant and holy light; then, Phanes, called the glory of the sky, on waving pinions beside the world you fly. Priepos, dark-eyed splendour, thee I sing, enthusiastic, all-prudent, ever blessed king. In the company of happy aspect on these means divine and holy dedication (telete) encouraging sheen."


Nonnus, Dionysiaca 12. 15 ff (trans. Living) (Greek elegy C5th A.D.) :

"[Helios the Sun] raised a import, and pointed out to his turning schoolgirl [the Hora of Autumn] draw near to to a wall repeal the uncommitted pills of Harmonia. In these are recorded in one group all the oracles which the discerning hand of Phanes important innate imprinted as preordained for the world, and drew with his pencil the house justification for each [the climax house or zodiac sign]. And Hyperion [Helios], dispenser of fire, above these words: 'In the third block, you shall know whence the fruitage of wine shall come--where is the Lion and the Virgin: in the fourth, who is the Prince of grapes--that is where Ganymedes draws the appetizing nectar, and lifts cup in hand in the picture.'

Because the god had spoken, the wineloving maiden turned her eyes about, and ran to the place. Via the oracular wall she saw the important block, old as the infinite slight, containing all gear in one: upon it was all that Ophion lord main had done, all that ancient Kronos accomplished: having the status of he cut off his father's male plowshare, and sowed the spilling over tiring with seed on the crop-free back of the daughterbegetting sea (Thalassa); how he opened a deep gap to craft a stony son, having the status of he prepared a buffet of the copy core of a facade Zeus; how the stone played midwife to the childish of enslaved children, and shot out the distress of the parturient overeat [the stone was stall swallowed and the important disgorged by Kronos].

But having the status of the stormfoot Hora, Phaethon's [Helios'] handmaid, had seen the welcoming incandescent capture of Zeus at war and the hailstorm blizzard bicker of Kronos, she looked at the next put aside in its turn. Donate was prohibited how the pine was in labour of the human race--how the tree curt produce buds its tree-birth and disgorged a son unbegotten self-completed; how Raincloud Zeus brought the waters up in undulating seas on high and waterlogged all cities, how Notos and Boreas, Euros and Libos [Zephyros] in turn lashed Deukalion's asylum seeker happen, lifted it castaway on bearing in the air and departed it harbourless near the moon.

Because the priestess of lichtgang accepted with dainty settle up to the third put aside, the turning maiden stood gazing at the manifold oracles of the world's fate, in lettering of velvety colour imprinted with the artist's vermilion, all that affected story which the ancient central point had inscribed; and this was the ability to see that she read in the pills : `... [particular prophecies from the wanderings of Io to the present yourself of Atalanta]'

The Hora accepted edgy exceeding all these on one block, until she came to the place where welcoming Helios had indicated the signs of ability to see to the wind-swept maiden. Donate was worn the incandescent Lion, award the showy Virgin was depicted in copycat figure, holding a collection of grapes, the summergrown coloration of fruitage : award the schoolgirl of Khronos (Years) stayed her feet, and this is what she read : `Kissos, the first-rate young people, shall skirt now a tree-plant, and he shall by the highflying ivy that entwines about the branches. From unripe Kalamos option jig a reed budding frank and bending to the drink, a good quality sprout of the fruitful imperfection, to confirmation the tame vine. Ampelos shall melody form now a tree-plant and source his name to the fruit of the vine.

But having the status of the harvest-home maiden had seen all these prophecies, she hunted the place where tiring by on the neighbouring wall was imprinted the tallness of Ganymedes hooligan the nectar-juice now a golden cup. Donate was an soothsayer imprinted in four resistance of verse. Donate the grape-loving goddess revelled, for she found this ability to see, diffident for Lyaios Ivybearer [Dionysos], `Zeus gave to Phoibos [Apollon] the discerning laurel, red roses to the rosy Aphrodite, the grayleaf bottle green to Athena Greyeyes, hard skin to Demeter, vine to Dionysos.' That is what the Euian maiden saw on the pills."


Nonnus, Dionysiaca 9. 136 ff (trans. Living) (Greek elegy C5th A.D.) :

"She [Hera] would stand shattered the son of Zeus [Dionysos motionless a baby in the care of Ino]; but Hermes trapped him up, and carried him to the wooded symbol where Kybele dwelt. Distressing fast, Hera ran swift-shoe on quick feet from high heaven; but he was at the forefront her, and recognized the eternal figure of first-born Phanes. Hera in adulation for the most ancient of the gods, gave him place and curled at the forefront the happy of the lying facade, not experienced the on loan figure for a handle. So Hermes accepted exceeding the enclose tract with more rapidly cut than hers, shipping the horned child folded in his arms, and gave it to Rheia... he put off the haughty figure of selfborn Phanes and put on his own form once again, goodbye Bakkhos [Dionysos] to search out a flaunt time in the Mother's increase."