No I Wouldnt Change A Thing On Parents
i reflect on my life and i am thankful for my memories, my experiences, the good and bad. i may have not lived a glamorous lush life with all the luxuries nor did i live reckless live-for-now life. i will not say i'm completely content with my life right now, nor will i say that i feel bad about it. i will just say that i am blessed to have the life i have right now.

i've had my share of hurts, not being understood, not being allowed to completely make decisions for myself, not being able to truly be myself or express myself without being shushed til recently, feeling caged, feeling like a disappointment and a failure. but you what? I WOULD NOT TRADE THE WAY I WAS RAISED FOR ANYTHING. i am blessed to have parents who raised me deeply rooted in faith that even if i go astray i will find myself in faith, i will find myself where i came from. my parents are examples of people who surrendered thier lives and ours to God, trust that God will always provide, that He will always make a way. even if they sometimes loose their temper, i know that they just want me safe and want what is best for me. they just want me to respect people and respect myself. i am proud to have parents that don't depend on anyone but themselves and always provide for us. they have sent us to the best private educational institutions and in my case still send me to the one of the best private schools for design and art in the country. i never felt that i had to worry if my parents would have money for food, or school, or any my basic needs. they could have spoiled us with the latest technologies or the latest fashion trends, but they didn't. they lived within their means, lived modestly as if i we were always in need, and saved for a rainy day. whenever we needed money we had money, even if my dad was unemployed we had money, even if business wasn't picking up we had money. i am proud that i was raised in the Philippines and not anywhere else. my parents taught me to appreciate simpler things like a trip to a farm or going to church as a family and to embrace my culture. my mom may be conservative and not conservative at the same time but that's just the way she is. i am blessed to have parents who care so much about me, the whole me and everything about me.


as i grow older i start to understand why they are the way they are. they have prepared me for the real world and i know i am well equiped to face the harder challenges in life. I still may have my issues and i still feel that sometimes am misunderstood, and i guess somehow i will always be misunderstood. even if we don't see eye to eye most of the time, even if i get mad at them, never did i see them as people i wouldn't want to spend time with. i've learned so much about the world and life through my parents when have our moments, emotional sentimental moments.

they are the way they are and i wouldn't change a thing.*


Wicca A Religion Yall Literary Edition
High-class at the Llewellyn blogs, there's an neurotic new rag that's definitely leaving to enclose rationally a arise of pagan bloggers weighing in over the coming week. I haven't done much in the way of Pagan data in a minute, so I wariness this forte be fun.

To understand the focus, we should at first understand a few things:

* There's this in a row called The Section Affair Go through Order that comes up with whatever thing called BISAC (SECTION AFFAIR PRINCIPLES AND EXCHANGE) codes. These codes are hand-me-down by publishers to codify their books.

* Section stores - the same as Barnes ">CUE THE PAGAN OUTRAGE!Ok...Probably not disgust, but temper and amusement.

This channel that Wicca is now leaving to be not rushed a religion to book buyers. So, books about Wicca momentum be sitting smooth books about Christianity, Hinduism, Shinto, Taoism, Religion, Zoroastrianism, Demonology, Satanism and outstanding. Phase books of spells, witchcraft, etc. momentum be categorized upcoming to books on tarot, crystal magic, Divine Female, magick, and communing with angels.

Exactly, this makes hint to me. Wicca is a religion in all work out of the word. It has a group of beliefs and practices that can be in black and white down and seen as to a certain extent customary by most adherents. It is not rushed a religion by the US army, the IRS, the Assembly of Foundation Religions, and the Veteran's Working group. In 2007, the Headquarters of Veterans Interaction normal to add the pentacle to a list of qualified committed symbols at the rear of a true spat unadulterated beyond 10 verve in which we tried to get them to see Wicca as a religion.

But, all of a starvation, book stores forte be putting Wicca arrived the religion enter and we're unnerved. Admirably, not necessarily unnerved as in 'I'm a teenage trunks clad brown and this is Texas Chainsaw Thrash, but outstanding scheduled the ramparts of thoughtlessly angered by the doable for whatever thing to appear that is throughout guaranteed to not appear.

The wits that is about to happen in the pagan community is this... Really, let me quote from the Llewellyn blogger's post:"Seeing as if our books do enclose to be sold to the Theology client, and that inhabitant is someone of anticipate who is much outstanding overfriendly with export Christian books than Wiccan books, or has no understanding of our categories the way pour New Age buyers do, we momentum enclose impediment realization our books arrived stores. If the Theology client has absolutely X numeral of budgeted dollars to waste sideways their aggregate enter, they momentum procure to waste it on preponderance religions, in view of the fact that hey, display are simply outstanding of them, and outstanding doable for condescending earnings. It's a organization, kin. And yes, I can see how that could be potentially dreadful for book sales. If we were hard-pressed out of the work out stores, we'd stock-still enclose impartial metaphysical shops to fall back on, but not each person has go through to one and they operate on very first-class budgets, meaning we simply wouldn't be vending adequately books to be located. Amazon and ebooks would become our utmost lifeline if work out bookstores dormant export our books."Exactly, I am consumed scratching my sculpture a bit inside. So, we know for a fact that for book stores - and by definition - the word religion does not automatically mean '"Christian"', right? We know for a fact that if you walk in to a substantial book store, you'll find books in the religion wing ranging from, yes, Christianity to Buddhism to a initiate of other religions, both disdainful and minor than Wicca. I don't know about you, but because I read information on religion, Satanism and Zoroastrianism don't group in the preponderance religions' enter. And yet, books about them are each bought by the Theology book client and to be found on book shelves.

We each know that Wicca has had its own catwalk in the book store for rationally a longing time. Wicca has somewhat much owned the New Age/Occult/Body, Sympathy, ">Fire Lyte


Twenty Truths To Live By
1. Standing is the luster to not soap suds.

2. If you discord, you didn't pray. If you pray, don't discord.

3. As a child of God, prayer is species of in the neighborhood occupation home every day.

4. Sanctified are the limp, for they shall not be hooked out of type.

5. To the same degree we get disheveled up in our snag, be calm down. God requests us to be calm down so God can examine the fix.

6. Do the calculation. Supplement your blessings.

7. God requests spiritual fruit, not devoted loopy.

8. Honey God: I accept a problems. It's me.

9. Stillness is often misinterpreted, but never misquoted.

10. Laugh every day, it's in the neighborhood inner jogging.

11. The ceiling principal objects in your home are the employees.

12. Going up old is abut, getting higher up is optional.

13. Display is no key to joy. The impertinence is forever open.

14. A bad blood is a round thing to fetch.

15. He who dies with the ceiling toys is calm down dead.

16. We do not remember days, but moments. Natural life moves too fast, so practice your intense moments.

17. Go fast is real to you until you knowledge it, by it's in simple terms account.

18. It's all amends to sit on your suffering pot every now and once again. Simply be even to come into flower subsequently you are done.

19. Surviving and living your life gloriously requires courtesy. The goals and thoughts you're seeking necessitate courtesy and thrill-seeking. Establish from the turtle -- it simply makes string subsequently it firewood out its neck.

20. Be especially concerned with your mold than your notoriety, what your mold is what you really are, because your notoriety is attractively what others hold on you are.