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Gather all your equipment and ingredients ( glass jar with lid, Obsidian stone, Kosher salt, 3 cloves of garlic, 9 bay leaves, 7 Tbsp. dried basil, 4 Tbsp. dill seeds, 1 Tbsp. sage, 1 Tbsp. star anise, 1 Tbsp. black pepper, 1 tbsp. fennel, 1 mixing bowl)

The spell and home protection recipe should be done outdoor during a sunny day. Place the Obsidian stone inside the jar. In a mixing bowl, put all the salt and recite, "Salt that protects, protect my home, and all within it." Add the rest of the herbs into the bowl, each time reciting "(name of herb) that protects, protect my home, and all within it," before you crumble and crush each of the herbs into the bowl. Mix them altogether with your hands making sure that you let the light shine through the herbs after each time you recite the chant.

Mix the herbs well with your hands making sure you put out positive vibrations while doing this procedure. Pour the contents of the bowl into the jar, and make sure that the Obsidian stone is well covered by the herb mixture.

Place the jar inside the house and put it in an area where the sun can shine upon directly at it. Recite, "Salt and herbs nine times nine. Guard this home of mine." Place it anywhere in the house. Remember to recharge the energy of the bottle every six months by placing the bottle in a sunny area anywhere inside the house.

This is a very simple and easy Wicca spell that you can do after reading this article. The potency of the Wiccan spell can only manifest if you truly believe that your house is protected by nature. The herbs come from nature. Therefore it is Mother Nature who will safeguard the house from all evils and accidents.

Yellow Dock Root Image
Widely believed to possess mystical and medicinal properties in folklore, Yellowdock root is frequently viewed as possessing the power to reap great benefits upon those who use it. In mystical tradition, it is often believed that Yellowdock Root can be of great use for businesses and personal finances, and is often employed in ritual use to draw money into your personal or business life, and attract customers to a business front. When employed this way, the root is often boiled and brewed like a tea before being used in a manner quite similar to a floor wash. Other traditions hold the root to be of great aid in love spells, where it can be used as part of a wash or woven into a doll used to help attract the affection of the one that you desire. In medicinal lore, Yellowdock has been held to be a blood purifier for some time. Within this belief, many herbalists use it in treating rheumatism, blood diseases, and chronic diseases of the skin such as psoriasis and eczema. Herbalists also frequently use it in preventing anemia or in regulating hormones. Some reports have been made as well of it being used in such extreme cases as the treatment of the bleeding of the lungs. Some study has also shown that the root can be used as a laxative, or even in eliminating intestinal parasites from the digestive system. This is a 2 oz packet of cut Yellowdock Root.

Yellow Dock Root Specifications:

2 Oz size

Comes in sealed plastic bag

Finely cut

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