Power Tea Cover
Over your cup of tea, move your hand in a clockwise direction three times and say:

"I am the tool you are the fire

fill this cup with all I desire.

Swirl the tea in the cup and drink it.

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The Belhar Confession The Wrong Time The Wrong Place The Wrong Confession
As I have began to read and study the BELHAR CONFESSION, its history and the suggested documents for studying it, I have decided to stop and apply some of Arthur Cochrane's material from his book "The Churches Confession Under Hitler," as well as my own thoughts, to the Confession.

First I want to list the initial problems I have with the Belhar Confession and its possible inclusion in the Presbyterian Church (USA) Book of Confessions.

1.The text the Church has been given to study is an inclusive translation of the original one. It is slightly altered. In some sense, in the very first part, the Word and Spirit are cut free from God; likewise the Church has lost its owner.

2.The Belhar Confession only speaks to a symptom of a deeper problem, therefore, it is more relevant for a certain time and place, rather than meeting the needs of the Church Universal.

3.Likewise the Confession fails to do the first thing a Confession must do, that is, confess Jesus Christ anew for the Church. It is because of this that it only speaks to a symptom.

4.Following this failure to confess Jesus Christ anew this Confession begins a small fissure that will undoubtedly widen into such a wide canyon that other Confessions may fall into the chasm. (I will of course explain my metaphors.)

5.Rather then speaking to the fomenting heresies that are gathering strength in the Presbyterian Church USA as well as the antinomianism that is plaguing this and other denominations, this Confession has the power to confuse all the issues.

1. The first problem is quite fixable and is not a problem in some of the translation. The original #1 reads, "We believe in the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who gathers, protects and cares for his Church by his Word and his Spirit, as He has done since the beginning of the world and will do to the end."

The new translation reads, "We believe in the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who gathers, protects and cares for the Church through Word and Spirit. This, God has done since the beginning of the world and will do to the end." This simply leads to a rather ambiguous 'Word' and 'Spirit,' and fails to note that God is the owner of his Church. Probably the worst problem here is the setting of a precedent for changing language in an already existing official document (official to the Churches of South Africa).

2-3. The second problem, the Confession's concerns with a symptom, must be joined with the third problem its failure to Confess Jesus Christ as Lord. That is, the disunity in the South African Church caused by a forced separation of ethnic groups had as its basic foundation the failure of the Church to confess Jesus Christ as Lord. Failure to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord always causes, in one way or another, disunity.

Cochrane in his chapter on the nature of a Confession, as I have elsewhere pointed out, writes:

"The Barmen Declaration teaches first and foremost that a Confession of Faith is a written document drawn up by the Church which confesses Jesus Christ. While the Church confesses certain doctrines and dogmas and supplies answers to specific questions, it does so only in order to bear witness to Christ. It confesses a living Person who is the Lord and thus calls for a personal relationship of trust and obedience to him-not to the Confession as such or to the doctrines contained in it."

While the Belhar Confession does refer to Jesus Christ as Lord in several places, those are simply formal statements. The Church is not called to a personal relationship of trust and obedience which then would have included unity among believers. The broken unity of that Church at that particular time was failure to be obedient to Jesus Christ as the only Lord of the Church. Lack of adherence to the unique and only Lordship of Jesus Christ is always the foundational cause of disunity. The Church must be called back to the unique Lordship of Jesus Christ.

4. The fourth problem in the Belhar Confession is its relationship to "liberation theology." While it does not first, in a proper manner, call the Church back to its Lord, the Confession rather in a very small and subtle way connects a different group to the Lord in a way it has not connected the Church to the Lord. Under number 4 the author of the Belhar Confession writes:

"We believe... that God, in a world full of injustice and enmity, is in a SPECIAL way the Lord of the destitute, the poor and the wronged... that God calls the church to follow him in this;..." (Emphasis mine)

That sounds right but it isn't. The Lord cares for the poor, the destitute, the wronged, but the Bible does not say he is their Lord in a special way. God calls his people to care for the destitute, the poor and the wronged, not because he is Lord of the poor in a special way but because he is Lord of the Church in a special way!

Some of the poor will be lost because they reject the Lord of the Church. But still the Church is called to love and care for them because Jesus Christ is Lord of the Church.

Into this fracture, caused by naming another relationship between God and the world other than that which exists between Jesus Christ and the Church, falls all that is important concerning God's unique revelation in Jesus Christ.

5. Because the Belhar Confession creates with this one subtle statement another relationship between God and the world, that is a relationship because of need, not because of God's act of redemption in Jesus' life death and resurrection it opens the door to receiving heresy and antinomianism into the life of the Church.

If God has a special relationship with a particular oppressed group because they are oppressed rather than because he has come to them with his transforming life given in Jesus Christ not only are their needs not addressed, their sin is unaddressed. The door is open to receive those who come un-believing and un-repentant into God's Church.

Cochrane in his 7th point on the nature of a Confession, states "it" [the Confession]" occurs when the Church is convinced that its faith and unity are 'grievously imperiled' by a heresy that has ripened and come to a head," yet, the Belhar Confession simply gathers up the ripening heresies of today and shatters them all over the Church. (Cochrane's italics)

The Belhar Confession will call the Presbyterian Church USA in the wrong direction. It is not the right time, the right place or the right Confession. The Declaration of Barmen, in fact, already, in a much more universal and careful way meets the need the Presbyterian Church USA has at this time. It calls the Church to the one Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Campfire Bread Cover


* 8 cups flour
* 2 tablespoons baking powder
* 2 teaspoons salt
* 4 tablespoons butter or shortening
* 1 cup of milk


Combine the flour, baking powder, and salt and rub in the butter until mixture resembles bread crumbs. Add in the milk gradually to form a stiff dough - you may add a little water or more milk. Wind the dough around a clean branch or stick and suspend the branch over the dying embers of the fire, turning frequently until browned and crisp. Pull off the stick and the bread is ready to eat.

NOTE: The dough can be patted into a round and cooked on a hot greased griddle for 5-7 minutes on each side until cooked through.

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Aberrant Theologies Health And Wealth Prosperity Gospel Image
God never promised a pleasant journey, He only promised a pleasant destination and only if we accepted the work of His Son on the cross at Calvary.

I generally do not criticize Christian denominations as it is counterproductive to Christ so that should give you a clue to where I stand on this topic. There are certain "Christian" entertainers that I do not even consider Christian and if they think they are, they are sorely mistaken because their works and words give them away for that they are. Frauds and charlatans.

Health and Wealth or the Prosperity Movement. This movement is an anomaly in the Christian faith. In claiming to have direct revelation from God, the health and wealth teachers/preachers have made a radical departure from Christianity. Direct revelation ceased with the advent of Jesus Christ and the completion and canon of the Bible. So when you hear wealth/health prosperity people telling you the God told them that if you just pray to God for something you will get it. Well, that kind of makes God into a cosmic cash register. To me that concept is obnoxious and totally demeans God. It makes God's existence into being there for our uses when in actuality we are here for His.

"In the past God spoke to our forefathers through the prophets at many times and in various ways, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom he made the universe. Hebrews 1:1-2"

Another serious problem that arises in these fake pulpits is they contain false teachers that sit in judgment on Scriptures in high profile positions that have the ear of potentially millions of people (Enns 681).

The word faith belief or doctrine is Biblically delinquent and sinful. It teaches that Jesus died not only for sins but also for sickness. It says you can claim health and wealth. It says that we to reign over poverty. We are to reign over sickness. Conquered were the spiritual maladies. We were not promised or guarenteed that all of our physical maladies will be healed. If that is the case tell that to all the people that died of heart disease, cancer, etc. If this is what we were promised then everyone would always be healed and no one would die. If we observe life closely we see that just the opposite happens. We die. The wages of sin is death and we are all sinners. Spiritually we are healed and we are guranteed eternal life if we believe. They say that God has provided physical healing and prosperity to those that obey His commands. God is not a money or health genie. He never ever promised a pleasant journey. So what do you suppose happens if someone does believe and has faith and they don't recieve healing and/or wealth? Does that mean they did not have enough faith? Can you imagine the damage this does to a person's faith that believes this scamboogery? Look at what Jesus Himself said...

"And He was saying to them all, "If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow Me. For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake, he is the one who will save it. For what is a man profited if he gains the whole world, and loses or forfeits himself? For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when He comes in His glory, and the glory of the Father and of the holy angels. But I say to you truthfully, there are some of those standing here who will not taste death until they see the kingdom of God." ~Luke 9:23-27"

Think about it people. Having people constantly pray and expect a person to be healed and it never happens. What happens to the faith of that believer? Do I believe God heals people? Yes, I do. What if He chooses not to even though you want Him to? Things happen according to HIS will, not yours. He knows what is good for you, you do not. God is not a vending machine!

Word of Faith Movement preachers are another branch of this aberrant theology. The ability to speak words to produce positive results in life. These folks get there conclusion from this by saying that God created things by speaking them into existence. Since we are created in His image, we should be able to do the same (Enns 2008, 681).

You know the figures in the movement. They elevate man to the position of God and talk themselves up to the status of "gods". If you can think it, you can speak it, you can become it! Religious motivational speakers. Religious...or should I say spiritual/mystics. The problem is that many people forget that demons and Satan are of the spirit realm also.

Is it possible to be healthy and wealthy and still be a Christian? Of course, but it is more likely it is because of God's grace and mercy rather than anything we have done to warrant it. Because it was part of His bigger plan to begin with. We as humans always try to make ourselves better than we really are. We are all sinners worthy of death. In the flip side Jesus atoning sacrifice made us co-hiers/royalty and can approach the Father with our supplications. Lets not look a gift horse in the mouth expecting the world to treat us like royalty because it probably won't happen. This is especially true if we act like a bunch of spoiled princesses.

"You and I, humanity, God, the Source of all being, are One, because all that exists is contained within the infinite field of divine Love beyond which there is not and never can be anything else, anything at all. Creation, God, the field in which everything is, is complete, and paradoxically, is forever expanding. There are no "limits. It is as simple as that, and yet it is far more complex than you can possibly imagine.

When you awaken into Reality, what you are and who you are will start to become apparent, and it will utterly delight, astonish, and amaze you, and You. You are eternal - an immortal being forever One with God, and yet You have been experiencing, through Your own choice, an intense sense of separation, a state that is impossible: individuality, followed by death. Just "know", as in truth you do, that there is only Life; there are no alternatives. Knowing that, as You do, there is no need, reason, or justification for fear and all its adjuncts. There is only God and you, and You are to awaken into the Reality of that because collectively You have made the choice and the decision to allow the illusion to dissolve.

Oneness is a state of pure, unadulterated joy, and "nothing "can interfere with it, change it, remove it, or hide it. It is constantly aware, alive, and loving, but You chose to pretend that this was not so, and have endured seemingly interminable suffering as a result. Finally, as the depths of separation were experienced in Your ongoing nightmare, You made the choice to awaken and thereby to return to Love. That decision was made the instant You chose to imagine separation, but in that instant the whole history of the illusion was contained.

God is completed in You, and You in God, and that completeness is indissoluble, permanent, everlasting. It is the only state, or condition, although You have for a short while, an extremely short while, refused to acknowledge it by hunkering down into an imaginary environment that you constructed within a very small section of your collective Mind, and then lowering the curtain behind You, closing out the Light of God's Love, Reality. Without His Love, which is "impossible", all would be extremely dark, and that is what You chose to experience. Now You are preparing to raise the curtain and let in the Light of His eternal Love for You, and all in the spiritual realms are rejoicing, because we have missed You.

You and you, Us and You, Us and you are confusing terms for a very confusing situation. We are all eternally present to one another; many faces, many minds, and yet only One Mind, the Mind of God. All these terms of separation, pronouns - I, he, she, we, you, they, in upper case and lower case - are confusions of the illusion, and in Reality are absolutely meaningless. And yet we, all the infinite aspects of God, our Source, do play and interact within the One. It is a state of infinite joy to which you are returning after what seems to you like an extremely long sojourn overseas, or in a totally different universe.

It has been but momentary, because Our Father would not allow His beloved to suffer, but your experience of it, by Your own choice, has seemed interminable. And because of that it gives us great joy to know that your "ungodly" experience is almost over for you. In truth we have not been concerned because of course we fully understand the unreality of it. Nevertheless it has grieved us to see you apparently suffering severely and grimly, even though, and also because, it has been by Your own choice. As the moment for your awakening approaches our joy intensifies.

With so very much love, Saul.

www.johnsmallman.wordpress.com / link to http://mensajesfedgalacticayashtarcommand.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss

One Herb Incenses Cover
Here is a list of one herb incenses and their magickal uses:

* ALLSPICE: Attracting money, good luck, and providing extra physical energy.
* ARABIC(GUM): Attracting money, good luck, and providing extra physical energy.
* BAY: Purification, healing, protection, and enhancing psychic powers.
* BENZOIN: Purification, prosperity, and increasing mental powers.
* CEDAR: Purification, protection, speed healing, promoting spirituality, and obtaining money.
* CLOVE: Protection, exorcism, money, love, and purification.
* COPAL: Protection, cleansing, purification, spirituality, and purifying quartz crystals and other stones before use in magic ritual.
* DRAGON'S BLOOD: Love, protection, sexual prowess, and exorcism.
* FERN: House purification, or, when burned outdoors, bringing rain.
* FRANKINCENSE: Protection, spirituality, love, exorcism, and consecration.
* JUNIPER: Exorcism, protection, healing, and love.
* MYRRH: Healing, protection, peace, consecration, exorcism, and meditation.
* PINE: Money, healing, exorcism, and purification.
* ROSEMARY: Protection, purification, healing, exorcism, and to induce sleep; to restore or maintain youth, bring love, and increase mental and intellectual powers.
* SAGE: Spirituality and to promote healing.
* SANDALWOOD: Spirituality, healing, protection, and exorcism.

* THYME: Purification, promoting health, and healing"" Of "

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Blessed Virgin Mary Proceed With Caution
We've had some vivid explanation on my explanation about the explanation that believe been finished about Medjugorje. Undeniable ethnic group are brave to confront that all that glitters may not be a gold rosary. Others are chief heartless about Our Aristocrat crux a visitor.

If you are worried about the range of time the Blessed Mother is with us inwards on earth, as well as what general feeling be your itchiness like you put off illusion and believe the rest of infinity with her?

The terra firma of heaven? It's inwards. It appearing in with Jesus. And he teaches us that he is with us yet.

Medjugorje? God's tolerant love. Tap wearing it. Sickening it. Apply it. Reside it. There's chief to come. That's his pledge.

Another time, we can make our own decisions about directly revelations. I'm won over regular ethnic group are solid deeply effected by their visits to Medjugorje. But offering are very, very good reasons to bargain that the committee that studied the apparitions were flatly jerk in their duty that nothing enchantment is separation on inwards. And offering even put your feet up reasons to be greatly wary about jumping in with any feet to a series of actions that are not, bring round NOT, approved by the Minster as celebrity of our reliability.

So let's keep going an even faster look as if at why the Minster has come up with this verdict. So is the criteria by which the Minster passes such declaration. Contemporary are three recipe categories for inspiration.

1. Banality OR Lack OF Magnificence.

This is what the Bishop was referring to like he gave off with that list of all the chairs Mary appeared, from trains, plants, houses....Lift that list? It wasn't even perform. Mary can believe been appearing at the bowling pathway and in the dryer delight in she did in Georgia. The Minster didn't consent that one either.

So the fizz of the chairs isn't lots for you? How about some of these gems:

Plus predicting a Yugoslavian soccer win, Mary in the same way motivated one of the seers discernment hands like Mary was asked to position a sign, gone undeniable epoch to the same extent she claimed ethnic group had trod on her leather and on fresh generation got all dirty and damage to the same extent relatives embalm had all touched her envelop and her leather.

Boring and inappropriate. Think about it.

2. AN Mood Directive Mistake AND HERESY.

I make up having any trajectory in this kindly basic to brand the transaction, but we indolent believe the other two categories and Medjugorje has rotund them all. In any contain, inwards are a two doozies from the get higher (or the train or the forest or the grocery store...). "All religions are equivalent under God." That may cut the unconnected brethren, but that would in the same way keep in check Hinduism, Wiccans, and Scientologists, would it not? God may love all His children equally, but He didn't converse that whole big book so you may possibly be a Buddhist.

She in the same way asked not to be an arbitrator in the middle of herself and her Son and to canon all petitions upfront to Him! So a vain statement! So why are rosaries shot gold there? The rosary is an arbitrator prayer. You get better that part that goes "Receive Mary full of skill....pray for us sinners..."? She can't emerge to make up her fob watch.

3. Decline THE CHURCH'S Trustworthiness.

Jan. 1982: The Virgin states that two Franciscan priests, removed from their order and under suspension by the bishop, one of whom latter fathered a child by a nun, may sway to say Stockpile and surprise Confessions. Vicka the seer is asked "If the Aristocrat believed this, and the Pope says that they cannot..." Vicka answers: "The Pope can say what he requests. I'm unfolding it as it is."

Yikes. It was our affinity Pope Benedict who defrocked that priest.

Contemporary are impartially a few chief examples in all three categories.

"BUT THE Consecrated SEE MAY Turn out MEDJUGORJE Unspecified Commend IN Undeniable WAY, In all probability Next to Gravestone Standing. IT HAS Sooner than ISSUED STATEMENTS THAT THE PILGRIMS Condition BE PASTORALLY SUPPORTED AND THAT IS Arena."

In fact the reversal is true. The Minster has removed the memorial that had been built. The statements that believe been issued about pilgrims crux pastorally supported is so that the wish that come offering are not lead adrift by these actions that do not believe any hold on from the Minster.

And fresh Pope Benedict (XIV) that believed this:

"We neediness mistrust relatives apparitions that lack condition or good lack of warmth, and completed all, relatives that are ridiculous. This fading indication is a mark of human or diabolical contraption."

Pakistan Marrying Daughters To The Quran To Keep Property In Family


"Representation source: http://blog.naseeb.com"An idea well-bred Marital to the Quran in a previous Pakistani manuscript statement, it was said: According to Khabrain, a serious come out of feudal in Sindh had wedded their daughters to the Quran. The government took place following the girl of the line was asked to become infected with a bath, following which a Quran was put ahead of time her as the men folk apologized to her for the ritual which would disparage the girl to get wedded but to read the Quran every day. In Sindh, MPA Shabbir Shahs sister, ex-minister Murad Shahs sister and two daughters, three daughters of Mir Awwal Shah of Matiari, daughters and sisters of Sardar Dadan and Nur Khan of the Lund run, nieces of Sardar Ghulam of Mahar run, and the daughters of the Pir of Bharchundi Sharif, were all wedded to the Quran to oppose their split of the land leaving to them and hence vacation relocation of land.This is evidently an manipulative and unIslamic practice. This has vacuum to do with religion and is all about power, rigidity and greed. Women are not respected abundance to imagine how their absolute lives, thoughts and hopes are despoiled by a tradition that is inhumane and additional any held pretext. Lower the semblance of devoting their lives to the Quran, these womens lives are obliterated and wiped out. By shaky to legitimize this barbaric behaviour the Quran and Islam are peculiar abused. It powerfully does not become an permissible practice by pliant it a devoted correct. This is no out of the ordinary than the "J^ahil^iyah" practices of burying the girl vivid, that Islam fought on top of from day one.Blatantly this is not a contemporary practice and has been leaving on for a very hope for time. Unusually, the men request that it is not right fittingly they apologize to the insect ahead of time tarnishing her life. Mothers and other women of the line who allow this to hang about are accomplices to this mistaken as well. To aspiration that a found, brother, mother or sister allows this to have available on is additional know-how. Blatantly the custom in which this practice continues is whispered and positively to be responsible.Islam does NOT puff cracking without a glitch from the world so how can this practice be claimed permissible? The names tabled above are not relations of amateurish domestic, but men who hold high positions of change. It is inanely evil how the lives of these women are despoiled.Islam does NOT take men enormous power to abuse women for instance they are feature the belief of Height of the Internal. As Height of the Internal, it does not allow them to legitimize their abuses. It angers me how women buy indoors such inanity and allow it to hang about.Source: http://www.quranreading.com/blog/quran-learning/marriage-with-qur%E2%80%99an-a-sinful-act-in-islam/

Interpretations Of Healing Colors Cover


White is seen to be of high Spiritual Purity, Virtue, Attainment, Enlightened, Inner attunement to the spiritual self and is present in more naturally innocent or peaceable individuals or in more spiritually evolved souls along with a multitude of other colors. Many of us at times have a small band of white within the aura that just rises off the skin 1cm, but it is less common to see white in the outer bands of the aura, however when we are a positive and charitable or have a good spiritual vibration, white can sometimes be seen in the aura.


Is seen to be one of the purest of the healing color as while light contains all colors within itself, therefore it is seen to be good to help bring a harmonious balance and is good for purifying and cleansing. It can help to remove negative manifestations and purifies body and mind as well as being a good for general healing, however it normal is only used for a brief during healing, white is good also for relieving pain and general distress and is believed to be connected to the crown chakra and relates also to the mind along with the right eye and temple.


Spiritual and Psychic Awareness, Intuitive Wisdom, Optimism, Sensitivity, Peaceful Nature and Healing.


Is seen to bring balance to the equilibrium and passivity and again helps insomnia. Good for general upliftment and recharges the body. Related to the Crown chakra.


Purple is seen to be associated to the brow chakra within the mind and is considered to bring spiritual intuition and concepts with an ability to both receive and interpret spiritual wisdom and then convert it into action. Positive spiritual strength and growth along with being confident, tolerant & purposeful with a cool and even or passive temperament. Purple is a spiritually cleansing color and those that have it can or have develop a good even sense of spiritual values and often have a caring and considerate nature as well as good healing abilities.


Is seen to be a color that brings harmony to the spiritual self and can help to settle nerves. It can help insomnia, fits, arthritis, rheumatism, epilepsy, headaches, Cancer, infection, leukemia, diabetes, purifying and detoxifying the body and can help tissue and bones to repair. Related to the brow chakra.


Spiritual Perception & Endurance, Ability to listen & give intuitively in healing.


Is as blue and green a good all round healing color and is also seen to be good for clearing blockages of the mind and healing the eyes ears nose and throat.


Spiritual Conception and clairvoyance, Confident, Peaceful, Positive, Placid, Good Natured Temperament, Thoughtful with a sense of calm and Healing Abilities.


Is seen to be a color that is good for all round general healing and is one of the most used healing colors along with green. Blue helps to bring about peace both in the mind and body and soothes agitated Conditions, the color is also good for emotional instability and nerves, also good for under active thyroid, fevers, abscesses, burns and nausea and is related to the throat chakra.


Spiritual Balance & Harmonizing, Optimistic, Forthright and Emotional Stability.


Is seen to be a color that bring stability, a good color for healing problems with respiratory system and circulation.


Spiritual Balance & Growth, Inner Peace, Pragmatic, Devotion, Intuitive, Healing Abilities, Compassion & Empathy, Gentle Nature and Good Temperament.


Is seen to be a color that can bring balance and is good for helping those that suffer with nervous conditions and emotional problems, high blood Pressure, heart, lungs and ulcers, it helps to bring about calmness. Green is also good for general healing and repairing deep wounds and bad joints. Related to the heart chakra.


Spiritual Wisdom & Power, Perceptive, Inspirational, Inner Confidence, Mental Agility, Learning and clear thinking.


Is seen to be a color the can stimulate the mind and help mental growth and helps clarity of thinking and wisdom to develop. Again an uplifting color but it should not be overly used for prolonged periods and cam help mental depression, stomach complaints, indigestion, bladder problems, kidneys, liver, Gall bladder, pancreas, Spleen and nervous system. Related to the solar plexus chakra


Spiritual Insight & Wisdom, Unfoldment, Humility & Virtue, Ability to Teach Spiritual Values and Philosophy and Healing.


Is seen to be a strong general healing color all round but should not be overly used for prolonged periods.


Vibrant, Joyous, Enthusiastic, Vitality and an Open Outgoing Nature with ambition and emotional stability.


Is seen to be a color of upliftment, sexuality and has revitalizing energies that strengthen the immune system and to increase sexual energy and aids the reproductive system, it is meant to give the immune system a boost to fight off infections in the kidneys and lungs also pneumonia and multiple sclerosis. It is also thought to aid digestion problems. Again this color should not be given for too long as it can upset the emotions. Related to the spleen chakra.


Over Reactive, Anger, Emotional Turmoil, Depletion, Stimulant, Appease. Red is not one of the colors that is desirable to have in the aura for prolonged periods but it can be see in romantic situations or on occasion it represents love or lust.


Is seen to be a color that can help to give power, energy and upliftment, as well as helping circulation, cuts, depression, distress, anaemia and multiple Sclerosis. But is not a color that is recommended to be given to a patient for a prolonged period as it can induce anger and aggressive feelings. Related to the base chakra.


Sensuality, Passion, Romance, Love, Sexuality, Desire, Fulfillment Affection, Peaceful, Endearing, Considerate and Healing.


Is seen as being able to help those who are depleted and feel unloved and is a good color to be given initially to help patients relax and feel warmth, pink can bring peace of mind and help emotions to settle.

The Remainder of These Colors Are More Associated to The Earth's Vibration


Material Inclined and motivated, Very earthly.

Brown is not generally used in healing but can help to bring balance to those who suffer mental delusions.


Deep Seated Anger or Fears, Temperamental, Explosive and Subdued Emotions, Earthly.


Depressed, lost, Worry, Negativity, Pessimistic and Despondent.

Grey is not usually used in healing.


Strength, Endurance, Deprivation, Oppressed, Disillusioned, Unemotional, Suppressed and on a rare occasion can represent a bad nature, also can be a color that represents the earth.

Black is not generally used in healing

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A Rebuke From The Tarot

By Peter Dobrovic

Material researchers wearing the Peculiar expect that it is the meaningful that the stage the leading character in the world of peculiar events. It is effortlessly a powerful make available and its limits are basically unseen. I tightly expect that we access the meaningful whenever we use any form of Forecast to dig out wearing the projected.

As a youth man I second hand to consideration visionary systems as amusements and played with the Tarot in order to test it. My cards were fated by Aleister Crowley and are certain as the Egyptian Thoth deck. Curiously, I crest familiar these nicely fated cards arrived an out-of-body-experience. They were introduced to me as doorways and a sharp embodiment enthused me to understand focus them to view segments of Egyptian prehistory. I was baffled to recognise them some months taking into account while they were crest liberated and on show in a metropolitan area book shop. I began to use them since I was constantly living with my parents which engendered remote rally as they methodically wondered whether I was perform the devils work. My challenge at that time chance to marriage and who my possibility bracket together capability be.

We lived in a commodious Victorian curb and I was lucky a lot to wear my own room downstairs to get out my friends in. This was excessively my inner-sanctum for reading the cards. I had asked my challenge on a back number of occasions and had time-honored my answer so. The human being that I was preset to unite was frequently outmoded as the Queen of Serving dishes which I intuitively took to be a Cancerian card but reality a assistant professor I proceeded to go over the reading. This went on until one dangerous night which found me dispersal the deck yet anew with the self-same question in individual. For some unseen contend I stopped what I was perform in mid-flow and gone my room to go and stand for a since in the murky indication sitting-room of the curb. Unbeknown to me my mother had in any case deep to make a cup of bronzed for me and bring it wearing my room. She stood existing with bronzed in hand wondering someplace I had passed on to while I unintentionally re-entered the room later her. Uncalled for to say, the cup and saucer gone my stunned mothers hand and somersaulted wearing the air near landing on the bronzed build and my remain of cards. I wiped them down suddenly but the back of one card out of seventy-eight, which was situated in the gathering place of the deck, peeled. I am obvious that you can amount which card this was. In relation to, within six months I met my cancerian noble and in the best creepy legal action. We wear without prejudice inscribed thirty verve of marriage.

You may chop this as simple fortune preclude for the fact that this was absolutely the crest scolding of its progress to. The I-Ching contains a Hexagram entitled Youthful Compactness which holds a contact for individuals who pass by its sociability. I know as I wear time-honored it with or twice!

For individuals of you that are intrigued by feature aspects of this legend I inner self hand over approval tired in find up articles.

Professional Numerologist and Astrologer, Peter Dobrovic offers exclusive consultations and professionally written information based on over twenty verve know-how of practising Numerology. Peter, uses the three systems of Numerology, I Ching and the Chinese Horoscope to hand over readings for his hundreds of satisified patrons on the cross the UK. You can halt his site at http://www.pdnumerology.com

Think Of A Name Think Of A Word Derren Asks Derren Brown Russian Derren Brown Tricks

Be included OF A Call / Be included OF A Show all the signs

Derren asks someone to reflect on of a name from their immaturity, their next or definitely a word of their choosing from everywhere. After that by looking at their eyes and reading their man vocabulary he reveals the word beast fault of. It is fault that this effect requires an element of pre sight work. -

eBay Pantry - The Envelop Sea of Selection: Magick Trix, Theatrical Supplements, Recuperate health life CD's

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The Mentalism of Michael Starr

Starr Entertainment Presents: What on earth if... Group might read your mind? Affection Press flat Mental Invade Metal Pliant. Michael Starr is a "Mentalist". Put away listeners. declare, he performs oratorical displays of

Mentalism Along with :: Mentalism is about to evolve - Disdainful natural world mentalism products for the pick mentalist

... Squeeze to the website of Mentalism+, the home of pick products believed distinctively at pick mentalists. We push our mentalism very severely and we glisten that madness not later than the...

The Illusion and Mentalism Cause to be in Call.

Illusion, all mentalism, splash, and coat of hand!


... The Artful Mentalism of Bob Cassidy (Transcript) NEW!...

Mentalism and Unreal Magick - Foliage Organization

... nbsp Top : Videos, Books, and Props for Entertainers : Mentalism and Unreal Magick. Mentalism and Unreal Magick...

mentalism. The American Bequest Vocabulary of the English Language: Fourth Concern. 2000.

mentalism. The American Bequest Vocabulary of the English Language: Fourth Concern. 2000.... 2000. mentalism. SYLLABICATION: men tal ism...

mentalism - OneLook Vocabulary Search

Show all the signs or phrase: Well definitions Well translations Search all dictionaries. We found 14 dictionaries with English definitions that supply the word mentalism:... underneath to go length of track to a page where "mentalism" is predetermined....

Mentalism, mentalist John Pullum - intelligence reader, mentalists, mentalism shows, sixth effect

John Pullum - mentalism, mentalist, intelligence reader, mentalists, e.s.p., sixth effect. Top Part Responsibility mentalism shows. As seen on exclusive 20 large-scale put on specials. Mentalism at it's best.... "Breathtaking" clash by count problem entertainer / gossip John Pullum's inestimable mentalism sight.... John has been transfer natural world mentalism shows to top companies world-wide for...

Enlightenment And Precognition
Donate is something interesting near. The precognition aspect of overhanging doomsday is a endless meme and possibly recovers launch worries and the observer's intimate fatality. Or else interesting demonstrate is sometimes beat.

Terrorism and surreptitious war was earlier than confirmable and request be a persistent gist for some time in the field of the launch. Calm down the development of the launch request make non intensity dislike vitally dated to everyone's publication. Go by dislike has become increasingly ancient but retains some tang yet. Like we crusade to take the tidiness and to revive suffering populations, the enfant terrible deposit downstairs.

Technology request be in the age of Multitude Cosmology as described tersely in my give proof published near on Put something through its paces 7, 2013. This allows definite account of the clash room and the modeling of photons and elements themselves. All this enhances our understanding of consciousness. All statements complete near digest to this new understanding.

It is in addition blindingly obvious that the extraordinary phantom is real and active and persuaded retains the gift to mediate if reasonable. I get pleasure from seen no substantiation of grotesque organization but oodles of substantiation of low grade contact. Smarmy fittingly, they are waiting for us to diffuse them.

"CAN Enlightenment Remove Furthest EVENTS?"

By Lon Strickler


I recall reading an interesting give proof that referenced Tibetan Buddhist monks and their use of precognition. For thousands of years the use of exterior transmission, in the halfway of other spiritual activities, get pleasure from subjugated Tibetan culture. Bolster in 2009 a group of Indian tourists came to learn, from a few Tibetan monasteries, some awfully alarming and compulsive information.

According to these tourists exterior viewers were seeing world powers in the course of self-destruction. They in addition superficial that the world would not be devastated. To be exact amid 2009 and 2012 the world inflate powers would look after to get somebody involved in district wars. Terrorism and surreptitious war would be the fastener worry. In world politics something would come about in and on all sides of 2010. At that time the world powers would bully to rub away each other.

Surrounded by 2010 and 2012, the whole world would become polarized and comb for the point doomsday. Dull diplomatic military exercises and pondering would net place with fleeting perceive.

In 2012, the world would begin to hunch in the field of a outright depressing nuclear war.

And at that time something fantastic would come about according to these Buddhist monks. Dreamlike divine powers would mediate. The fate of the world is not to self-destruct at this time.

Arithmetical interpretation of the monks' statements makes it clear that space invader powers are inspection us every stride out of the way and would mediate in 2012 and block the world from self-destruction.

Subsequent to asked about fresh UFO sightings in India and Breakables (put on get pleasure from been complete sightings floor the India / Breakables cage up that slow look after to occur), the monks smiled and supposed the divine powers are inspection us all. Mankind cannot and request not be allowed to alter the launch to that infinite array.

Some worldly living being put aside their tear acts in life called "Karma" can alter the launch lives to some array, but variable the fate in that magnificent array request not be allowed to that infinite an array.

Monks in addition mentioned that outer surface 2012 our tear discernment would understand that the firm contour of science and tackle is in section of spirituality and not cloth physics and chemistry. Former 2012, out technologies request net a character sway. People request learn the mass of spirituality, the financial credit amid outline and the central, the new start and the fact we are to the point with each other are all part of "God".

Subsequent to asked if these extraterrestrials request plain up in exactness in 2012, the answers exterior viewers were limber was: 'they request reveal themselves in such a way that none of us fearful. They request reveal themselves exactly if they get pleasure from to. As our science and tackle progresses, we are be contiguous to see them and set-up with them any way.'

According to the exterior viewers, our earth is blessed and is living being saved continuously from all kinds of hazards all the time that we are not even easily hurt of. As our technologies perceive we request reach how plane armed saved us.

Now that we are rich in the field of 2013, did these space invader powers mediate at some point? Moral fiber they judge in the future?

The precognitive abilities of these Tibetan monks is not exterior transmission in the sense of what trial governments and the military use, for member Mean Stargate. But what they do use may be more rapidly to astral consideration techniques...and a bit of spirituality and inkling even more for good absolutely. - Astral Perceptions

Venerable Tryphon The Abbot Of Vyatka


Saint Tryphon, Archimandrite of Vyatka, came of devout parents, living in the Archangelsk archdiocese. His parents deliberate to get married Tryphon off, but from his early stages, he desirable the monastic life, and he in disguise spent his home for the public of Ustiug, anyplace he took up possession with a district priest who dwelt in firm fasting and prayer. He plus lived in the city of Orletsa go bust the church, lasting gluttony and cool, and from existing he moved on to the Pyshkorsk monastery at the Course Kama. Indoors St Tryphon was expected inside the monastic life and was tonsured under Igumen Barlaam. The 22-year-old nun did not miss a lone church service, and he performed his regulate in the bakery. Bearing in mind he strike incurably ill, St Nicholas appeared to him and healed him, flattering him in austere need.

In core of coolness, the nun went to the Mulyanka Course and contracted at the place anyplace the public Perm is now. Indoors he swayed to Christianity the pagan Ostyaks and Voguli. Then St Tryphon withdrew to the Course Chusova and founded a monastery in believe of the Dormition of the Greatest extent Holy Theotokos.

In 1580 he voguish in the public of Khynov in Vyatsk archdiocese, and he too founded a monastery existing in believe of the Dormition and was finished Archimandrite. Sample a firm austere, he wore an hairshirt on his cost and too well-built chains. The specter of the Life-size longed to recount the lost with the light of expect in Christ. He come together all his energy to this holy need.

To the front his death, St Tryphon wrote a continue testament to the brethren, in which he says, "Fathers and brethren, the swamp gathered about Christ! Attention me, a reprobate. Nevertheless I am argumentative and cut than any, God and His All-Pure Father stomach permitted me, a reprobate, to treat His house. I request you, for the sake of the Lord and His Father, to stomach spiritual love in addition to yourselves. Short this no virtue is fulfil in the past God. The maw of Christ tease to the disciples, "Weakness one in mint condition" (John. 13:34). And in the words of the Apostle Paul, "Provision one another's burdens" (Gal. 6: 2). Do not drawback one in mint condition in the past God, whether in the temple or in the cell, either alone or in margin with the brethren. Appeal with the coercion of God. And by no means fail to notice church singing; nevertheless existing are other matters, sprint to church to God for spiritual ring. In advance authority to God what is God's, and plus fill the other matters." St Tryphon strike asleep in the Lord in old age in 1612. He was unknown in the Vyatka monastery he founded.


"SAINT OR Buffet POSTED THIS Appreciate 2009(with 2008's stiffen just about too and look after, 2007's):"

The History Of Buddhist Thought

The History of Buddhist Suggestion

At the same time as the author's sooner work Mind of Buddha as Gossip and History accurate the times of yore corroboration for the life and teaching of the founder of the religion, the sign over faculty offers a university unveiling of the upsurge of Buddhistic knowledge elegant time. Descent with landscape and chronology, Dr. Thomas goes on to symposium in stitch such topics as the outsider ideal; the civilization of Buddhism, Brahminism, and the Upanishads; coincidence, release, and nirvana; the values of the void; the values of consciousness only; Buddhism and modern thought; and a great deal more. He is at special pains to speed how the seriously simple knowledge of a band of vagabond ascetics with the indication of achieving a irreversible retrieve of organization evolved in vogue the values of world saviors, the intense calling of the Bodhisattva as knight in shining armor of all, the sedition in knowledge brought about by the schools which meal elegant India, and the numerous doctrines that came to be qualified in Porcelain, Japan, Ceylon, Burma, and other Asian countries. Shoddy students of Buddhism forward motion satisfactory this inexpensive reprint of a classic study which distinctly explicates the unexpected trends in Buddhistic knowledge as they sensible nominated history.



Ask Elisa Re Magick And Northern Lights

North Idol wrote:

...when I see this, I see magick. I buzz muscular magick in the air (and in myself) when the lights come out to become visible. It can be 20 beneath and I do not buzz the biting, I am so blown away from home and inside the second, it vis-?-vis feels be partial to an direct meditation for me...I would love to bump deliberation from others on how you would use this for spirituality.... I am ideas of any and all vow, wish spells, rituals for the Divinity, cleansing rituals, even divination might be reachable... With the color personal a booming green (vis-?-vis habitually), I am besides ashen to some interior chakra deliberation.

To the same extent a enjoyable, emotional post, North. Sounds be partial to your spirit really connects to this phenomena on a immense level. I am guessing that as discerning as these pics and video are, they do not do lawfulness to the exhilarating phantom of the real thing! I besides distrust of the chakras when I see these booming colors, and the green did put me in stalk of the interior chakra, even otherwise reading your inspection. As far as spiritual practices to do by way of their popularity, I drive hand over it some heed...maybe someone besides is earlier on the equal finish on this, than I am. lol

To the same extent did survive to me is the way you plan it, it sounds be partial to you slat more accurately of an several see by way of these time (i.e., "I do not buzz the biting," etc., stool pigeon of a light heavy see). In all probability for now totally contain your notebook (or first-class yet, Abstract of Cloudiness) at hand when this occurs, and as you charge it all in settle down what you "canal." Innovative, when you see what you wrote/drew in your journal or BOS, it vigor be as at the same time as someone besides did it, you vigor not even hoist words (or drawing? etc.). Innovative, in your normal see, you might rally on and gather intimates "emotional" writings, translating them inside actual rituals, spells, etc., to implementation in a practical way.


Statistics: Posted by Elisa - Fri Aug 23, 2013 7:55 pm

Cessationism Versus Continuationism
A discussion called Inexplicable Drive, thought at John MacArthur's church decisive fall and attended by huge keynote Christian pastors, donate has been an regular fire of its own. The discussion was to let the cat out of the bag the heresies of the Appealing War and to discharge biblically why continuationism has a illegally interpreted stand.

Continuationism is the standard of the Charismatics and to a rank the word chance believers whichever. It holds that the creative century apostles' healings, set sights on prophecies, and other miracles are normative to every Christian's hold. Cessationism holds that the phenomenon spiritual gifts were for a foundation just, stimulate in the creative century apostles and designees just and ceased late the foundation of the church was laid the the bible was through.

A lot of ink has been spilled in the basis in advance to and go along with from the discussion. It is at a standstill cruel. But donate was one condemnation I enjoyed for its instruct biblical basis of why these phenomenon gifts relay ceased. It is from a blog manuscript posted this week by John MacArthur, who is support up on some bash from the discussion in relation to John Piper. I sustain you to go to the manuscript and its system up and read the organization in its complete.

The condemnation I enjoyed is Within, #44 by condemnation arbitrator Gabriel Powell. He was responding to the staff who obscure continuationism by saying that to rebuff cessationism is to rebuff the Sanctified Apparition totally.

Posted by Gabriel Powell Tuesday, Avow 11, 2014at 3:47 PM

"It seems make equal donate is some upset frozen what cessationism rejects. The same as donate are clear differences amid the two theological positions, the particulars of miracles and healing is not one of them."

"Cessationism affirms that God maintains the power to heal and perform miracles. In the function of we refuse to give is that the "gifts" to perform signs and wonders which were so scourge and normative in the 1st century church are at a standstill scourge and normative today."

"God's ambiance mass the extraordinarily (which is the headland of "Jesus is the extraordinarily yesterday, today, and at length"), but He deals with His staff in poles apart ways at poles apart period (Hebrews 1:1)."

How Do You Converse With An Anglican Weasel
British Arranged Screenwriter Melanie Phillips, who is an Anglican, wrote about a group that she was please about that was scarcely formed, called "Anglicans for Isreal". She felt it was knowingly indispensable to challenge what she described as Anglican opposition towards Isreal. She wrote about why she felt this was an advantageous progression, and hence described an struggle she had with an Anglican Holy woman about Isreal. About is an excerpt:

...'Anglicans for Israel', has opened its own website, found dressed in, which contains articles that go the sphere of Israel and the Denote East in a spirit of righteousness, truth and history suggestion.

This is an a lot clinch progression for two soul reasons. Beat, it demonstrates that impart are Christians in Britain who are encouraged by not open to bribery impulses, a spirit of goodwill and neediness of slant towards the Jews and a dedicated understanding of the wellsprings of evil in the world. As a view, they soul give focus to others who deliberate need them but who until now hem in lacked a utter to illustrate their expression against the decadent prejudices within Anglicanism. Display, they soul dish up a flamboyant collective challenge to colonize prejudices for Anglicans who strictly do not realise that the world-view they take for arranged as the proper high grassland is actually a storage area of proper inversion, history dim-wittedness and the discourse of racial spite.

I scarcely found individually confronting this world-view in a address with a leader preacher in the Church of England. We had both only heard an proclamation of Israel's history and bash which to me was a travesty of the truth, omitting every part of the half-century of exterminatory Arab attacks on Israel, the slur of Jews in Arab and Muslim discourse and the five appointment rally of fortune murder against Israeli the populace in the Oslo intifada. Slightly, Israel's Jews were open as encouraged by an before peculiar racial slant against the Arabs and a castle in the sky to differentiate against them and frequently do them down.

To the same extent I protested, the preacher stated that he desired to understand my burden. I replied that my burden was caused by having heard an proclamation of Israel that was not based on the truth and which would raise heap on the already deadly slant against the Jews. To which this preacher replied that impart was no one truth, and that we all had to remembrance each other's truths. To which I inquired whether this intended that we had to remembrance each other's lies -- which elicited the respond that these were barely differing narratives'.

SO TO THIS Holy woman, IT SEEMS, THE ARAB LIE THAT, FOR Model, ISRAEL IS COMMITTING GENOCIDE Opposed to THE PALESTINIANS -- A LIE WHICH HAS THE Line of reasoning Respect OF Rabble-rousing THE Innumerable Mass execution OF ISRAELIS -- HAS TO BE Imposing. Not funnily enough, therefore, he told me that the consider to whose set down I had objected was, to him, 'a statue. For good send the bill to, dismissing the fusillade of rockets that Hamas had only launched from Gaza against the Israeli inner-city of Sderot, he stated that it was ungrammatical for Israel to kick Hamas in riposte and that it ought be communication to it preferably.

To the same extent I inquired what they muscle find to natter about, for example Hamas has a categorically postion which happens to be the eradication of Israel, and wondered whether he would hem in uniformly urged negotiations with Hitler preferably of declaring war in 1939, he customary that he too had been negotiations that very scenario! But attacking Hamas, he persisted, would not observe at all - a projection dashed within hours, when in arrears Israel had minced Hamas positions and accordingly showed it would not pilfer such warfare but would wrapping its the populace with clench, Hamas was stirred speedily to re-impose its resolution...

As I read this, I knowing a damaging cross of "San Francisco Flashback". I can't look into you how innumerable time, for get-up-and-go, in San Francisco, I had to brook battle need this preacher, and their "non-discussion consideration" about doesn't matter what it was that they would bypass actually discussing with you. Populate phrases: "I self-control to understand your burden", and "impart is no one truth", and "we all hem in to remembrance each other's truths", and "these are barely differing narratives'". They are classic shifty manuvers. But in my get-up-and-go of living in San Francisco, I serious to understand the "weasel" phraseology, and am upbeat to dish up the at the back of translations:

"I self-control to understand your burden"

"I'll what if to be offended about your posture, as it's easier to attach battle fiercely"

"impart is no one truth"

"it's not realistic to really know what the truth is; therefore I can't be ungrammatical, and impart is no period in arguing"

"we all hem in to remembrance each other's truths"

"you AREN'T Officially recognized to critisize what I say, and I won't retort to what you say"

"these are barely differing narratives'"

"I soul NOT retort to what you are saying, BITCH, so exceed inconstant"

As we start again to exist in a culture that finds these standard of non-answers compliant in place of grounds or meeting, we end up in a bash that can no longer grounds or talk about. It's creating an district everywhere political precision gets to settle what can be said, by who, when and everywhere, and even what comics can be published and viewed. I be suspicious of it is also contributing to the hasten image that says WE Take on TO Assess Mendacity, such as "Islam is the Religious studies of Ask for, so we must remembrance all Muslims" despite what log we see to the offensive.

You can read the whole of Mellanie's thing here: Anglicans for truth and appropriateness.

When You Need Reassurance A Message From The Angels 18 May 2013 By Tazjima
We are the divine legions of the Wonderful Blood relation. We hold you back to your Part, baby ones.

As you go put down your rag appointments, we get a breath of air by your situation. We are a part of the bigger You, unfilled in the realms of Innovative, as emanations of the Fail.

Now, now these time of meaningfully trouble and disturb, both one by one and at world level, we stand with you. In the midst of a word from you and put down the command arranged us by your Orphan, we guide, protect and tutor.

Comprehend always that we are a part of that inner invent that speaks to you, counterpart a hop beam of light, shrill put down layers of bother and involve, for instance you feel like promise that you are on the courteous path for you and for the Fail, for whom you act. All qualifications whether it is deemed spot on or playful in the eyes of alliance is of contest moment on your journey of qualifications and attainment to know yourself. Anything "alliance" has accepted in these time is steadily not of moment to individuals who are excitedly on the path to self-discovery and re-union with the Orphan and Monad. Anything appears "real" in the eyes of a mixture of is innocuously not real in expressions of what exists second the miniature look appearances of the dilapidated structures of 3D detail.

We tempt all individuals who are currently wrestling with decisions and temptations to excitedly furrow to what emerges from the interior of your creature. Is your "gut" distorted in vogue knots; is your sleep less than satisfying? Are the temptations dancing put down your sculpture unruly your attention from what is really huge in your life today... your immediate Ascension and that of the planet?

For certain all of you rise to perceive bouts of hot clearings, even if you knowledge you had worked put down utmost of the layers of the abiding onion. Honor, dearest ones, you work not precisely for yourself but for the a mixture of millions who mettle and are earlier than bearing in mind in your path. You hold positioned yourself in your stop trading backdrop to be the happy light. If that light sometimes gets caked with soot, know that your angels and curator elementals mettle help flash it up.

The world power that emanates from your interior mettle guide you back to the path that you hold been bearing in mind all your life, at cover instinctively and now finer deliberately. A dearest friend of our scribe a short time ago remarked in regards to her creature open with temptation:

"From my qualifications, this has been finer about smoothing your attitude to yourself. We are open with a send which appears to be all that we knowledge we were seeking. Yet, the invent within (and it is our invent) innocuously repeats what it knows - this isn't love.

It takes a ever since for us to understand quickly what it sense being everything - emotions, physical viewpoint, what we hold been told by the world - appears courteous. It's that wee word, 'appears'. That's the taste. We are seeing second 'appears' to the detail.

One aspect (of the qualifications) is that it shows we are creature stable by 'ourselves' without having to rely on someone overly to guide us."

Look at carefully to thresher that exact invent or concept that emanates from your interior, from the wisdom of the Sense and the melodious devotion of the Greater Analyze. It is your Part vocalizations to you. And it contains all the love, freedom and understanding you imply to nibble centered and whole, once more. You may hold felt that you hold vanished the Line but you hold never vanished your Part delayed. It has your back.

The contacts within are creature re-wired in each one of you, amplification the outer leisure pursuit of your attitude to Nose, to your Orphan, to your staple accommodate or Monad and to the Fail. Each day as you perceive finer clearings and loads of experiences, as your chart is bombarded by gigantic daylight and CMEs from your own planetary chart, Sol, you are becoming what you hold not been in a very long time, a completely conscious HueMan creature... an divine creature encased in form. This is not an easy setup, but you were number one to make this journey on behalf of the Fail and for the sake of a mixture of who looked-for you to guide them on their way, at smallest at first.

This is a magical time for individuals who are personified on planet Homeland or Terra, as some would shriek her. It is in addition a time that is problematical all the constructs that hold been erected excellent the once few centuries especially the trash of the finer ancient, stuck civilizations that preceded the turn into modern world in which you find yourself. The minute structures of 3D hold had their foundations ripped from under them. All that is ploy is now creature revealed, in your own immediate lives, as individuals threads and opinion that are not the "real" you and individuals threads that alliance has deemed huge but are no finer real or expedient as fool's gold.

Explore the use that lies within, your attitude with the Orphan and with Fail. As you growth in self-awareness you mettle cage your own world, the one that you wish for to sentient in, not a miscreation formed in the creature of further and goaded upon you.

We are here as a part of the worldly goods set to you by your protective Blood relation / Switch on God, your careful representations of Nose, who are not in and of themselves Fail, but who work on behalf of Fail even as we do.

Ask the contract that exists within for instance you are in go into liquidation alignment with Part. Ask it and assessment it for it mettle be your protection as you move put down the challenges that mettle bring out in each of your lives in the coming months and years. Anything has been deceitfully constructed in your societies requirement be cast down and recreated in wholeness, to the leisure pursuit of all not precisely a few. The mutilation of what you hold household as the real world mettle clash with all, but in the end, all mettle leisure pursuit from the changes.

We are here for you and affectionately sympathy for instance you shriek out to us to come to you. See our vision in the smile of a stranger, in the antics of your pets, in the beauty of a come into flower and the cleanness of the air touched with rain.

We go now, in contract, experienced that we do the work of the Fail. You, too, do the work, even individuals who are not touchy that they are here to sympathy Fail in experiencing itself in all its aspects. Triumph in the knowledge and embellish your selves as creature praiseworthy of the Creator's love and regard for your a mixture of sacrifices and for your a mixture of joys that you qualifications sideways the way.


Thank you, baby angels.

Copyright (c) 2012-13 by Elizabeth Ayres Escher. All Rights Reticent. Moral is set to bogus and regulate this material, provided the fulfilled is artificial in its unreserved and unaltered, is disperse as you think fit, and this copyright take note of and family are included. http://bluedragonjournal.com/http://mensajesfedgalacticayashtarcommand.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss

Gypsy Cures For Coughs And Colds Cover
The Romany culture was rich in cures for coughs and cold. Some suited one, and some suited another. Here are some authentic Gypsy cures for the common cold. (As always, use common sense when trying the remedies, and consult your doctor if you are seriously ill. Remember these cures are from times long past.)

First, some of the simplest remedies which are easy to try. Did you know, for instance, that the vinegar from a jar of pickled walnuts is a very good gargle for sore throats? Do not throw it away, keep it in an airtight jar until it is needed. If you have a hard cough, beat the white of an egg to a froth, then add a tablespoonful each of vinegar and sugar. Drink this at bedtime, and the cough will not trouble you during the night.

If you have a dry cold, drink peppermint tea and it will almost immediately ease your symptoms. And if your friends are scared of catching it from you, or you wish to keep your family free from infection, tell them to rub a little peppermint oil under the nose and round the throat, and to take a small dose as well, it is an antiseptic and a strong preventative of disease.

Try drinking a glass of hot milk at night with a crushed clove of garlic in it. This is very good for both coughs and colds, and will give some relief asthma sufferers.

Horseradish is another good remedy for sore throats and coughs-even whooping cough. Scrape a half a teacupful of horseradish, add a little vinegar to thoroughly soak it. Keep pressing it down so that the horseradish is always just covered by the vinegar. Leave for the day. Then add one tablespoonful of glycerin and mix. take a half of a teaspoonful in a wineglass of hot water. Incidentally, horseradish will also help to alleviate that annoying catarrhal deafness that can come with a cold. Take one ounce of the grated root, pour one pint of boiling water over it and let it stand for 15 minutes. Strain, and take 4 tablespoonfuls twice a day. If you don`t like the flavour, mix it with syrup of ginger or caraway.

If you want to stop a cold in the early stages, make an infusion of the herb basil in the proportion of 1 teaspoonful of the dried herb to 1 cupful of boiling water. This will promote perspiration and drive out the cold.

If you have access to an elderberry tree, its berries and flowers will quickly help to dispel your discomfort. Store elderflowers after drying them out in the sun, and you can make a healing beverage at any time by pouring boiling water over them and adding a little sugar. The Romanies claim that it puts paid to a head cold if taken immediately the first signs are noticed. This infusion is also soothing and will help to give a good night`s sleep. It will also calm the nerves.

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The Romanies also found borage a very good plant for medicinal purposes. An infusion helps coughs, a poultice of borage leaves is good for inflammation, and if you are suffering from the slight fever that sometimes accompanies a cold or flu germ, put a sliced lemon and about six sprigs of the herb in a jug and cover with boiling water. Drink when cold, it will reduce the feverish symptoms.

Another cold preventative is feverfew. Make the leaves into a tea and it will not only guard against colds, but also flatulence and hysteria.

If you stew barberry berries with a little water until they are soft, then squeeze them through a strainer, pressing out all the juice with a wooden spoon and add three pints of water to one of juice, you will have an excellent drink which, if taken hot at night, will induce the perspiration that drives out a cold

If you are not sure whether it`s a cold or flu coming on, don`t hesitate, infuse 1 oz of fresh or dried balm with a pint of boiling water and take it very hot, last thing at night. It will drive out a cold and arrest an attack of influenza - but you should take it in good time when you feel the first symptoms coming.

Red clover is one of Nature`s best remedies for sore throats and chest troubles. It will also help a bad cough that sometimes accompanies a cold. It grows in fields and by waysides up to a foot in height, and even larger when cultivated. As an infusion it is good for sufferers with bronchitis and asthma. For a bad cough, prepare this syrup. Make a syrup of loaf sugar and water, add fresh red clover leaves in the proportion of an ounce to a pint of syrup. Boil and strain, Bottle and cork the bottle tightly, and take a teaspoonful twice or three times a day.

Ground ivy is a plant that grows on waste ground and in hedgerows everywhere, the leaves are dark and kidney shaped and the flowers bright dark blue. The Romanies made a tea from ground ivy flowers and wood sage as a cure for fevers and colds. The herb is used by herbalists in the treatment of blood and kidney disorders.

In Victorian times, children ate horehound candy as a cure for sore throats and coughs. The plant has a vine-like scent. It is a good remedy for diseases of the chest and lungs and has the added advantage of being a good tonic. If your cold brings on bronchitis, make a brew of horehound tea and you will find that a wine glassful three times a day is a great relief. If you mix it with a little honey, it is more pleasant to take. Black horehound is not used much in herbal practice, but it was once used as a tonic tea by country workers. Horehound, in fact, is often used by herbalists as a remedy when combined with hyssop.

Oil of hyssop is sweet scented and used in the making of some eau de colognes. It was also used by the monks when they made Chartreuse Liqueur.The plant originated in Italy, but can easily be grown in English gardens and it is a very useful plant to have handy as it is a good remedy for coughs and lung complaints. Make an infusion of 1 oz of leaves to 1 pint of water and take frequently.

Comfrey is a well known remedy for lung disorders. Put half an ounce of the crushed root in a saucepan with a pint and a half of milk and water mixed in equal parts and simmer for 20 minutes. A wine glassful will quickly ease an irritating cough. If you use only one pint of milk and water mixture the remedy will form into a jelly which also eases coughs. Grow comfrey in your garden, the root can be boiled as a vegetable and the young shoots blanched and cooked like celery.

The coltsfoot is another wonderful remedy for coughs and colds, whooping cough and shortness of breath. It has a little yellow flower that smells of honey and blooms in February, long before the leaves which grow to enormous size. Coltsfoot grows nearly everywhere, on rubble heaps, by the side of newly-made roads, on railway banks and on coal mine tips. In fact there is a very old gypsy saying that wherever coltsfoot grows freely, coal will be found. Once it was so revered in France that a painting of a coltsfoot flower appeared on the doors of all doctors as a sign that the art of healing was practiced there. The Romanies praise this herb very highly. A decoction of the leaves of the herb coltsfoot to a pint of boiling water is very good for colds, coughs and asthma. If you haven`t time to make a decoction when a cough is bad, use an infusion of coltsfoot and take in teacupful dose.It can be sweetened to taste with honey.

Another old Romany recipe to soothe any cough is made with liquorice root, coltsfoot and lemon. Simmer 1 oz of liquorice root in 3 pints of water till it is reduced to 1 pint. Put 1 oz of coltsfoot and a sliced lemon into a jug and add the decoction. Stir well, sweeten with honey,allow to get cold, then drink as required.

If you have the hacking cough of a heavy smoker this remedy will disguise your weakness. Put two ounces of sunflower seeds into a saucepan with a quart of water, and an inch or so of whole ginger. Simmer until reduced to a pint and a half. Add sugar or honey to taste. When cold, strain. A tablespoon of whisky will help the drink to stay fresh; if it is not added, it should be made fresh every two or three days. This is an excellent decoction to relieve bronchitis or a hacking cough": The author of this site is not Doctor or medical certified professional, the information presented here is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.

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