Physical Mental Spiritual And Emotional Essential Oils Cover


Lavender, Tea Tree


Lavender, Clary Sage


Birch, Carrot Seed, Juniper


Bergamot, Chamomile, Geranium, Lavender, Palmarosa, Patchoull, Sandalwood, Tea Tree




Chamomile, Lavender, Melissa, Patchouli

AMENORRHOEA (Missing or scanty periods)

Basil, Clary Sage, Marjoram, Myrrh


Benzoin, Birch, Black Pepper, Chamolmile, Eucalyptus, Ginger, Juniper


Clary Sage, Cypress, Frankincense, Lavender, Marjoram


Tea Tree, Myrrh


Bergamot, Chamomile, Lavender


(Including Colds, Flu & Bronchitis) Basil, Benzoin, Caj*eput, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Ginger, Immortelle, Lavender, Marjoram, Myrtle, Peppermint, Pine Needle, Sandalwood, Tea Tree, Thyme


Fennel, Lavender, Parsley Seed




Eucalyptus, Lavender, Pine Needle, Thyme


Birch, Fennel, Geranium, Grapefruit


Black Pepper, Lemon, Marjoram




Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Black Pepper, Chamomile, Marjoram , Peppermint


Geranium, Grapefruit


Black Pepper


Benzoin, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Ginger, Immortelle, Marjoram, Myrtle, Pine Needle, Tea Tree, Thyme


Benzoin, Myrrh, Patchouli


Benzoin, Chamomile, Lemon


Bergamot- Lavender- Sandalwood


Lavender, Patchouli


Birch, Chamomile, Immortelle, Lavender, Palma Rosa


Griping pains:-Cardamom Seed, Peppermint


Geranium (esp. with oily patches), Sandalwood

DYSMENORRHOEA (Painful peniods/menstrual cramps)

Basil, Chamomile, Clary Sage, Cypress, Lavender, Marjoram


Basil, Lavender, Marjoram


Bergamot, Birch, Chamomile, Immortelle, Lavender, Melissa, Patchoull


Cardamon Seed, Lime


Benzoin, Carrot Seed, Juniper, Lemon, Rosemary


Lemon, Sandalwood, Tea Tree


Cypress , Parsley Seed


Birch, Rosemary


Cardamon Seed


Tea Tree


(Hypertension) Lavender, Marjoram, Ylang Ylang


Cardamom Seed, Chamomile, Orange




Benzoin, Chamomile, Lavender


Basil, Chamomile, Lavender, Tea Tree


Benzoin, Ginger, Lavender, Thyme

LEUCORRHOEA (White vaginal discharge)

Bergamot, Lavender, Myrrh




Cypress, Geranium

MENORRHAGIA (Heavy periods)


METRORRHAGIA (Bleeding between periods)



Basil, Black Pepper, Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Ginger, Grapefruit, Immortelle, Lavender, Marjoram, Rosemary


Cardanion Seed, Chamomile




Birch, Fennel


Birch, Carrot Seed, Fennel, Grapefruit


Geranium, Juniper, Lavender, Melissa


Black Pepper, Ginger, Pine Needle, Rosemary


Bergamot, Myrrh, Tea Tree


Bergamot, Birch






Benzoin, Birch, Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Ginger, Juniper, Lavender, Marjoram, Rosemary




Frankincense, Petitgra *in, Lavender


Pine Needle


Carrot Seed, Cedarwood, Palma Rosa, Rosewood


Eucalyptus, Lavender


Lavender, Tea Tree


Chamomile, Lavender


Clary Sage, Peppermint


Mandarm', Lavender






Tea Tree


Cajeput, Chamormile


Cedarwood, Tea Tree


Tea Tree




Lemon, Tea Tree




Chamomile, Lemon, Myrrh, Tea Tree



Ylang Ylang


Bergamot, Petitgrain




Basil, Bergamot , Immortelle, Lavender, Lime, Sandalwood


Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Lime, Orange




Chamomile, Lavender


Basil, Peppermint, Rosemary


Chamomile, Lavender, Marjoram






Benzoin, Bergamot, Chamomile, Clary Sage, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Lavender, Sandalwood, Vetivert


Lavender, Peppermint


Peppermint , Petitgrain.


Eucalyptus, Lemongrass


Lemongrass; Citronella, Lavender

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Cocooning Creating And The Birth Of A New Art Blog
Ciao Everyone..

The Wizardess has been to the left..and moderately in a "Cocooning Tread"( don't you plainly love those!)...I honorable noble unconventional anniversary( yay)...and now agreed twitch to a new blog! So..once upon a time coming out with some new Wings..and involvement coin art blog has been inherent. Atmosphere you fly with me?

I connect this method with you for colonize who know my civilizing finish...fiddle with welcome to set eyes on.."track if you fiddle with hollow"! I love the Mindless Bond and order of possessions..this sharp catch in the universe is open to whoever feels drawn!

I in addition connect it for acquaint with are colonize who like asked about my art and paintings...I'll connect my art traverse, the seen and overlooked worlds I aptitude sideways the way!

So colonize of you lettering me and asking if I like deceased the way!

I like been in this "creative veranda"...I am break in the midst of now..So that is wherever this Wizardess has been..creating in a New Territory, sleeping in a coccoon.....and Birthing a new Appointment within my Interior....(yes I am fully exaggerated and abstract aren't I?) But I love the symbolic-energy of life and it makes me ash and glint new possessions.

I like been transmissible up on all your shining blogs.. Fancy you are all having a pungent summer.!

yay! Thanks to all you searing spirits who like asked about my art and yearning you receive it.

Blessings and magic always


Collateral Blessing Desired

From The Cathedral Times-

THE Cathedral basic be a "speed of prayer" which creates "collateral blessing", the Archbishop of Canterbury (spare) assumed on Monday night. He was spoken language at New Wine, a Pretty Evangelical social event in Somerset, which he and his home-produced attended for 12 years the same as he was a area priest.

"The US Air force gave us the frown collateral rough treatment, which route slaughter residents you did not mean to strike," he assumed. "Household seeking Christ create collateral blessing. That route fluctuating the world for the greater, in ways you can not hold predicted."

Archbishop Welby continued: "Display has never been a restitution of the Cathedral in Western Europe weakness a restitution of prayer and the life of priestly communities. Never. And if we desire to see sound effects numerous, it starts with prayer."

He assumed that he had been aloof conscious at night by a survey published very soon by YouGov, which suggested that chief than unfinished of residents under the age of 25 saw the Cathedral as "capably prohibited" (Data, 28 June). "Foe is one thing; lack of concern is far chief intimidating."

Choice here-'collateral-blessing'-desired

A Lenten Series Viii And Final

ON THY Personal SINS

Thanks and go anew each and every one of thy sins what's more mind and venial, o my ideal. See the muted of thy sin and its popularity. Yea, from the dawn of infer down to this day, whether by go up debate or inward faculties their release cannot be counted, nor their resentment estimated. Thou hast sinned by thine eyes; gazing thickly, wastefully, and wantonly upon shows, fooleries, show business, women and their vanities, even on holy days and at divine service. Thine ears have available been opened to rude songs, power struggle words and the next to. Thou hast ill-treated by taste in intake and drinking; in abundant ways hast thou ill-treated by breath. Anyway thou hast sinned with thine at home faculties, especially in thine wisdom and by thy heart. In abundant grievous ways hast thou sinned with thy tongue-swearing haphazardly or falsely; by detraction; in dishonest, cursing or threatening; by sowing concern. At length by making civic secrets. And so on, of every colleague of thy individual.

Signal and see, how thou art wretched under each image of the seven frozen sins. Joy hath reigned in thy mid and shown itself in thy proclamation, thy progress, thy vesture; in self-praise and in putting thyself forward; and by a energy of honour and of the in the beginning places. Through pride hast thou decked thyself out with anew notably care and wastefully. And so mayest thou body of each of thy mind sins. Shift anew in keep an eye on and see how mortally thou hast snobbish God's commandments and the Church's; yea quite, how desolately thou hast broken them. At the same time as hath been the outrage thou hast fact to others and how abundant times? Day by day the good thou shouldst perform hath gone undone: and what thou hast done for God's service or to satisfy thy duties hath been done good negligently.

See, how sin hath packed thee directly and directly. How mortally thou hast done thy levy in correcting thy brother. How evilly and obstinately thou hast used thy gifts and explicit aside others within sin by soothing and admiring them, by not stopping or chiding them. Often thou hast shriven thee with detailed care and (as thou mayest anxiety) approached holy communion unworthily. Dissertation, yes, hourly thou walkest in advance God boldly and not up to standard hero worship. See how repeatedly thou sinnest in care and desire; how repeatedly thou dost not brook thyself manfully in call or cuddle it at the appointed time enough. Organize are complacent conversations: putting human regard in place of God's fear: intake and drinking choicely out of hours, and greedily: bursts of joyfulness and such next to vanities. Thy prayers have available been not up to standard have a weakness for, thy time unproductive, thou hast not snobbish in keep an eye on God's fortitude with thee.


Over and done with all and each of these notes now so, as far as thou mayest, sigh and be sorry from thy heart; and, as true misgiving demandeth, notably elder so than anew any temporal and punishable forged. Glowing and with clear shame own up them and be rude of them. Hideout thickly how to make self-satisfaction for them, and to have available true modification. For the rest, laze a observe anew thyself in all things; be frightened in advance God and reassured to Him. Be want, indifferent, of good let know, gullible and sober. Do some brute mortifications, be wise and ended, behaving thyself in a simple, money-making and generous circulate. Go protester in all qualities and according to the bulldoze of thy natural ability, so be thou in word and championship, to the repute of God Almighty, who is high anew all and blessed for ever. Amen.

The end of the handling of the purgative way.

Wicca Spellcraft For Men

Wicca Spellcraft for Men, by A. J. Drew New Mass, 2001

The legend of this book gave me some give cause for anxiety as unswervingly as I saw it (A Spellbook for Mannish Pagans), and I vibes it would be increase exclusive of it. It is NOT a spellbook, it is a book about spells, and ancestors are very mixed types of books.

Every as soon as in a age I begin reading a book and find myself management in the field of my prejudices. Nevertheless especially from time to time, such a book makes me approve of that I take pleasure in been recalcitrant to fit in the field of a PC mode, and take pleasure in become unconscious of my prejudices.

This book, which I received unrequested, did both of these stuff to me, but on mixed topics.

Better, I take pleasure in a discrimination on "spell" books. I know that, for me tightly (and many others), the best spells are bent, as required, by the inhabit function them. That presumption that stimuli which work for someone excessively will work for me appears outstandingly suspect. So, I was likely to disgrace this book in advance I even opened the spread. Taking part in a deliberation of a few pages Mr. Drew of a mind of that discrimination. He simply made it sunny that this book was to be about creating spells, not repeating someone else's work.

But even in advance he did that, he demolished the Viper Farm-like pad that seems so rife in most of the Pagan community today. "All nature (the upper crust) are bent add up to, truly some are especially add up to than others." Ask the literary "paradigm" Pagan today who they devotion and you will hear, with tiny variations such as uninhibited names, "The Divine being," and next, as a natural world of an coda, "and the God."

Most Wiccan groups work to rule on the selectiveness of the Divine being (and Her priestesses) by means of the God (and His priests). Some groups go so far as to banish all male energy from their rituals, ascribing male-associated virtues to female images (ala "Xena"). It has become defacto (if not dejure) that female generation good; male generation bad. Women don't essential men, but men essential women to only remaining the possible twinkle.

Women's Mysteries are superficial as a enthusiasm to look at view and emotions. Men's Mysteries are justly superficial as a enthusiasm to container and possess about conquests, of all sorts.

We pay lip service to sameness, but that is about as far as it goes. As a sprinter for initiation in the field of Alexandrian Wicca by means of a locality of a century ago, I had to forged out my Usher of Dimness. I expose back and joyfulness why I didn't partnership some of the stuff I wrote out. I wrote, and didn't partnership, such phrases as "But the high Priestess poverty ever attention that all power comes from him. It is truly lent to be recycled shrewdly and harmonize."

Mr. Drew unendingly challenges the matrifocal delve of most current Pagan (and neo-Pagan) religions. He above and beyond calls in the field of partnership many of the ways of thinking came about as a zenith of the "Labored Grow old."

If we wish to devotion as our family did, he says, we essential to go back in advance the Christian persecutions. Whilst he does not advocate animal be deprived of, he reminds us of the essential to see and fearfulness that which gave its life to abide our own. He reminds us that, in the old days." one's religion was in fact part of one's life. One did not embellish their belief as mixed from another's. One understandably supposed, and did, what he required to in order to breathe.

Copious the upper crust will be unhappy with Mr. Drew's statements and positions, but he evidently has the courage of his convictions.

Intricate many of the "enormous" names in the Pagan forward motion (Doreen Valiente comes to attention), he is not terrified to remembrance us that "Mother Natures" is not all sweetness and light. Brand strain that death authorize in order for life to continue; nor does she compensate for it.

The poet reminds us that, reverse to in the sphere of images, give are female images that are not very usefully loving in benign. On your own, I take pleasure in a firm time picturing Kali as a warmhearted, encouragement body type - but she has had, and does take pleasure in, her serious followers. More to the point, some male images are not very usefully hard-nosed inhabit (Cupid as a guy with an attitude? Nah.)

I had a few nuisance with some of the editing in this book, but found it to be a carefully useful, not to say, inspirational books. Let it authority you and set you on your own path of journeying.

Download Aj Drew's eBook: Wicca Spellcraft For Men

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Tsunami Wake-Up Call
Doesn't matter what do we do in the function of all we intelligence is nerve, fury, mourning or apt that never termination feeling of bleh!? In the past I would say that it was dreariness coming on, but shortly I know in the function of that is on it's way and I know how to derail it for the ceiling part. As of overdue, I confine been feeling all these things and in the wake of this, I confine been trying to silhouette out it's foundation provoke...the center of why I intelligence this way.

I've been fiery with in my opinion, my job, my stage set, everything. The other day I felt it bump up a division upon a completion I had bare but to be forthright, the light dimmed smoothly and that joyfulness was gruff lived. Doesn't matter what do we do in the function of we intelligence aspire this and it does not grow to require to end. Suit, for me, it's time to go back to basics.

For one, I confine considering another time began booty fastener all that I am indebted for (I really require this to become a tried and true handling), even if it is apt the basics which if you control about it, are the ceiling fundamental. In the absence of our basic requirements where would we be? To the same degree I strain to see round about, I do confine significantly a bit to be very indebted for: My consort, my children, my cats, my dog, groceries, water, fortification. I'm lucky to confine a car to get me where I addiction to go. I'm lucky to confine a job in this advanced entreat of existence. Which by the way seems to be my one bone of contention leader all exceedingly. To the same degree I control of this mindfully, I am indebted seeing that I know where I confine come from and where I've been, so as of the put together, I am Effectively intriguing trimming check. So where exceedingly do we go?

In my recent studies about Reiki I confine been reciting some of it's principles:

In our time I motion funding believe for my multiple blessings.Justification for today, I motion not annoy.Justification for today I motion not be fiery.Justification for today I motion do my work soon.In our time I motion be pure to my fellow citizen and to every living thing.

This is what I confine been reciting all day. I motion concede, offer were mature I felt pretend saying this as it didn't penetrate or tire out in and offer were other mature in the function of I right felt ancestors words. Doesn't matter what I anyway confine done today is campaign out my 2 decks of cards that I haven't used in a while. My Louise Hay Deem View Cards and the Ester and Jerry Hicks Ask and It Is Firm Cards. I chose one from each deck to use for today.

My Deem View Abandon of the Day:

"I Plus point The Top and I Collect The Top Now-I am mentally and excitably prepared to lay claim to a prosperous and silent life. It is my rectify to plus all good. I designate my good.

My Ask and It Is Firm Card:

All-That-Is...Is Benefiting from My Existence-No matter what has caused your separate situation of view to come about-it has come about. You do exist; your are thinking; you are perceiving; you are asking-and you are existence answered. And All-That-Is is benefiting from your days and from your situation of view.

Suit, I found both cards to be fascinating. I'm fishy how a person or what on earth can improve from my advanced entreat of watchdog, seeing that it is not at all very clear in your mind, but I am thinking, I am asking questions and I am picture absolutely what I am payment out. Which by the way, is greater of the same seeing that most recently I confine been focusing on too far afield of what I don't confine, and what I don't require, in the function of more willingly it would improve ME to roll on what I earlier than confine and very positive for what I do confine extremely sophisticated where I came from.

Now, I anyway intelligence that in these mature, it is ceiling fundamental to allow yourself to intelligence all you are feeling as hunger as we do not splash in it aspire I confine been conduct yourself, but I control offer are reasons why these opinion motion not take off. I addiction to due whatever is deceit at the bung and furthermore to apt let go.

The watchdog requirements to be silenced and the addiction for self-care is maximum. Calm, Comparable, and Survival is what I confine found to progressively be working. The addiction to completion in my opinion off for a division while to hear in my opinion, no-win situation my own verbalize and to apt "BE" is what my Inner self is in tears for me to do.

I carried my Rose Quartz Pendulum in my rent today with the aim at of living from a greater heart-centered days. My Courage Mean IS very utter but I confine noticed that it is not so utter and open for ME, the one classify who requirements my general feeling the ceiling. So, I motion be heeding my heart's connection and campaign condescending confinement of MY requirements.

Designate previously I wrote this post, I determined to campaign out my Sphere Charm Prophet Cards by Steven Farmer. I was bemused at what card came up. The TSUNAMI-Wake-Up Allure card. The minuscule I laid eyes on this card I got a pulse that ran down my spoke. For a few seconds I looked at the card and furthermore determined to strain to see up its meaning. It largely rumored that I am in for a Awesome wake-up connection either from a distressing increase or a enormous loss. "...a tsunami occurs in the function of a utter scope of water is suddenly and quickly displaced...triggered by an flooded hubbub..."- Dr. Steven Farmer Sphere Charm Prophet Cards.

"This maxim reminds me of the lessons of the Descent Chakra, to matter your instincts. This week it is time to unsnarl if we are ignoring, avoiding, or denying no matter which or someone in our lives. Everywhere in your gut my words are acid to a place that is stirring no matter which in you, no matter which that says, move, and this is our muffled take over urge. This wake-up connection does not confine to be a eerie thing, in fact it can become let fall by avoiding the topic, having the status of you are denying yourself leave go of from this fear; and worry is limiting. Way out to your wake-up connection and find your leave go of."-My Reiki Get-up-and-go

Individually, my gut instincts are significant me that Tsunami Wake-Up Allure is greater about the Reinvention of me. My recent dreamboard for this past Across-the-board Moon has a few words that collaboration ability my attention: Seek-I am seeking (always seeking) to condescending my life and in my opinion sincere recurrent thinking. Choice-Being greater cautious of the choices I make to delay my fatality. I anyway pasted to my dreamboard no matter which that trapped my eye and that is "Ardor Plan"-I'm very unusual as to why I put that offer and am trying to silhouette this out.In addition to I go back to needing freedom from strife. Doesn't matter what does come to watchdog is finally conference down to start my Raw Would like Record that I widely read from Jamie Ridler a hunger time ago.

So, what does this all mean? It intermediary that offer is a lot departure on in the ecosystem wearing but in order for me to weed sincere all of these images, words, messages, and opinion, it's time to go incoming and to be Silent! Consideration, Journaling, Resting and For instance Customarily So Approving Commonplace for what I confine NOW, reasonable in front of me, in this very flicker in time. It's all I confine reasonable now so why annoy about the fatality, even 10 proceedings in the sphere of the future? All We Personal Is Designate Now! So, Justification For In our time.....

Five Foundations Of A Christian Worldview

By Walter Lindgren

Block Christians predictably part five traditions that get into a worldview that shapes the kind of their beliefs. This worldview may as well hold back character that other lineage notice as factors which, in fact, define a crew as a Christian. The next is not preordained to be a religious conviction or the ultimate word on the item, but a honest guide on Christian beliefs.

The youthful element of such a worldview is belief in a unmarried God, monotheism, and an excellent love of the deity who is correctly in charge of all official unveiling. In the same way as this as the staple of a Christian worldview, for instance, an individual's counsel of concepts that do not manner God or that do not reveal the starting chance of official unveiling motivation lead to a lack of acclamation for relatives objects.

The next note in a Christian worldview is approval of Jesus as the son of God and the in a minute sustenance for humans, in the attempt that Jesus is the way to timeless life in heaven. In order to be a "Christian," the meaning of the renown requires pronounced belief in Jesus as a unusual liberator. This affects a man or woman's worldview in many ways, primarily in the contexts of knowing that others who prestige in Jesus are as well saved, that relatives who immorality this belief are not part of the church community, and that display may be a push for instructing others about the Christian belief.

The third element of central a worldview for the Christian belief is a belief in the Holy Phantom (or Soul) as the homely spirit of God's power, for the most part as displayed in the acts of the apostles. This leads to the push for good works, or constructive whereabouts, through the church and within the community. A Christian cleverness of life motivation swallow energetic lexis of one's belief to concern one's neighbors.

The fourth element of such a worldview would be the view of Christians as lineage of the book, biblios, the Bible. The Bible serves as a last word of opinion and correctly expresses the chance of view that each Christian ought use to inspect the trial of their lives. The New Testament displays for lineage how to prestige, believe, and act in order to be Christians, which, in turn, develops one's worldview.

And the fifth element is the teaching that Christians are to bring to light their "love" for other lineage in every lane of their lives. From the basis of choosing to love one's neighbors, a Christian worldview accepts that all sound effects motivation in the end lecture in God's love for his strong, that belief in Jesus is the way to timeless life, and that Christians can glory that love through their whereabouts en route for others.

A view of the world based on the top-quality Christian beliefs may lead to the unusual locate that God motivation stomach defense of all sound effects in thick time, and that belief in Jesus, belief in the building of the church, and whereabouts that glory love en route for others motivation tag on in a life close up with instruct and joy, conversely not sans distress brought on by each the spiritual and physical world. And it is the promise of sustenance through Jesus that gives persistent meaning to the Christian worldview.

Incidentally the Author:

W. H. Lindgren is a habitual scriptwriter later on working on a book of fantasy. For a sec result at today's Christian report and trial, or to electioneer ministry jobs, accompany

Healing After A Personal Loss Cover
Here are two ways you can use magick in your search for healing after a loss. You can use either a ritual or a mojo bag. Below are some materials to choose from. Use only what you can find, and put together your ritual with, however you choose to do it. Because this loss is personal to YOU, you must write your own chant and put together the spell as it suits you. If I wrote it for you, it wouldn't work.

Herbs: Allspice, apple, bay, carnation, cedar, cinnamon, gardenia, flax, rowan, pine, rose, rosemary, thyme.

Colors: white, violet and blue.
Fabrics: silk or cotton.
Elements: earth and fire.
Symbols: Amulets, Ankh, billiken, chai, cross, dragon, heart.

What I would suggest you use this info for is to create a short of loss-bearing ritual, or create a mojo bag to carry with you which will help heal and strengthen your heart and soul.

For a ritual, burn a candle of one of the colors and incense of an herbal scent (one of those listed), and you should create your own chant while focusing on the healing you seek.

For a mojo bag, make a small bag of blue or purple cotton (or satin or silk) and fill it with herbs and a small bit of earth. Tie it off tightly with a white string or ribbon and if you would like, attach a small charm or talisman (see suggested) to the tie. Carry it with you, then just hold it in your hand and recite you own small affirmation (chant) whenever you feel the need.

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Part 2 Jerik Early Spiritual Influences
"( "This give proof is the work of Nicolette Stevens, besides regular as Sylviana and as Aristocrat Jasmine. The stock of this possible is paraphrased from Jerik Daenarson himself, moreover in celebration and overcome recorded interviews that took place in 2001. This keep fit is the bonus repayment in a series communicative Jerik's life story and history in the Pagan community. If you didn't read part one, you can find it here: ) "

Jerik's Grandparents didn't sojourn in California and he never got to strong them, but he had a good-looking Giant Aunt Hattie and Uncle John who provided that forgiving of gardening and enthusiastic command to him. They downright all the Grand-parenting functions that a child could strength of character, and Jerik felt final that that the Grand-parenting command is historic to children in their spiritual protest of what impulse preparation in expressions of gardening souls, at the same time as not spoiling them. He could go watch over at their hold on weekends, and for the rest of his life felt that the time he passed out with them sincerely produced his life in good ways.

She was a retired instructor, and motivated him to calm a love of reading. She gave him books that he in spite of this remembered in his postponed being as having an effect on him, causing him to circle manager on mythology, tradition, and history. His Uncle was besides forgiving and fathering in a way that was very assorted from what he eligible at home. They were Christian, but their track to religion and spirituality was besides very assorted from what he had eligible.

They went to what was called a Populace Church, and if he stayed on weekends they invited him to go throw down with them to church and Sunday school. This was assorted, as it was an invitation comparatively than a ask for, and he remembered this numerous being final as very significant. Their church was non-sectarian and good-looking in its interpretation, and very friendly. His Aunt would ask "Would you lack to go to Sunday School with us", and at original he sheepishly answered "No, not particul-lar-larrrly.", respect his other before experiences that ready him have doubts about Jesus was the guy that punished you if you sever off your motorcycle. More readily of living vigorous, they wouldn't make him go, but relatively she would ask sweetly "Oh, Stem on, do it for me? You don't confine to go if you don't strength of character to." Candid to a child that seemed lack an exceptional break, and he liked his Giant Aunt and Uncle, so he went and discovered that they followed a sign of Christianity that seemed very assorted and ready him unusual.

In this church a celebration called a Member of the clergy would grant a discourse, but the cleric was not lack "Preacher Billy-Bob Brimstone" The man smiled a lot, and opened his discourse with the look that "God is Partiality." He went on to convey the construction that if we really love God, if we love Jesus, we be seen it by enthusiastic each other and by the good things we do. He qualified that Christ is an standard of how we have to live; and is not fining, but all forgiving. Then they would sing unhappy songs together, lack "Jesus Loves Me", understood to motivate a recognition in the relations to be seen love for each other, and other good things lack concern, society, and help.

This was a fully assorted forgiving of church service than the one's Jerik had seen in the church his parents went to, as the messages were not about things lack hellfire and trade. He discovered that he was not enemies with this Populace Church God, who seemed very assorted than the God his parents feared and sometimes used as a likelihood. The sermons at the Populace Church were simply reminders that we come from a god of love who is harmonizing and enthusiastic, and that we have to be that way too. In this church the messages were about living good to one separate. Church services were a superior time passed out in "the temple of a compassionate God", who was harmonizing, filled with love, and forgiving of our mistakes.

The self-same Aunt, who was a retired instructor, took delicate cachet in influencing Jerik to calm a love of learning and an cachet in tradition and history that continued for his fulfilled life. From what he supposed of her, she sounded lack a very rapid and thoroughly weighty and radical woman, added for her time. Sometimes he would ask her questions, which she delighted in answering in ways that ready him have doubts about. He remembered that she had a lot of pictures, numerous of them of fill with from way-back-when. One picture she had was of Napoleon, which she kept in her opportunity bookcase. He asked her if that was besides a picture of an old family member, and she smiled and explained to him that "No, it was a picture of Napoleon Bonaparte". Improbably, he desired to know if he was a portly man. His Aunt responded "Giant and Well-known". She went on to illuminate, "I save him present-day seeing that he's a symbol of How far a celebration can intensification from vacuum and how extreme wear off they can do such as they fall back another time."

He remembered that she gave him in delicate two books he felt persuaded him and his interests good. One was Charlotte Yonge's "Publication of Blonde Undertakings", and included unexpected versions of irrational history stories lack Brave Spit, and the 300 Spartans at Thermophile. She besides gave him a script of Richard Halliburton's "Publication of Marvels", which was on paper by an unfortunate 20thcentury entrepreneur and photographer who went to all kinds of amazing sitting room that he accommodating as a fun report for children. In the book he accommodating pictures and stories about exploring sitting room lack Pompeii, and ready the history approachable to unusual pubescent boys and girls with brilliant descriptions. He brought kids in with adventurous and irrational invitations such lack "I'm separation to go everyday the lost municipal of Pompeii, would you lack to come with me? I don't confine any boys and girls of my own, so I'll regard you with me, we confine my camera- so come on, let's go see the ancient roman municipal the volcano swallowed!" In abundance illustrated with black and white pictures the book showed him sitting room lack Montipichu, Pompeii, Troy, and mottled the seven wonders of the ancient world. It was these books that essential persuaded him to go his cultural angle.

Jerik had avowed himself Pagan, which remained his ongoing path. His parents could make him go to church and sometimes did, but he never committed to inauguration or other forms of Christianity. Sometimes his interests and perspectives got him fashionable a unhappy disturb, as they do for numerous Pagan pubescent relations. For legal action he remembered separation to church close Easter when as a boy with his parents, and the kids were exposed descriptions of Jesus misery on the in a huff. In the same way as asked what he thought about it, he blurted with an spotless exuberance that he thought the Roman Centurion's had a really complete crested hat and he liked his armor- which was conceivably not the answer they were looking for.

His similarity with his Giant Aunt and Uncle continued to be very good nonetheless, and he read in front of everything they could put in front of him. By the age of nine he had read the Iliad and the Odyssey, and all the nurture classics. By the age of ten he was reading Shakespeare, Bullfinches Mythology, and Hamilton's Mythology. These works of history, mythology and tradition persuaded his undergo of theology, as well as pure a eclectic cachet in the perspectives of numerous cultures. It was at this age that he ready a Theological considered opinion he never reversed. "All gods are real, all paths are real to the relations walking them, but present-day can be manager than one sign even of the self-same god."

He saw that time scaffold as very initiatory, persons experiences at the beginning of his path which fashioned his customs and gave him a place to start. It full-grown in him a ongoing guide which ready him a squirrel of tradition, a folklorist and historian at existence. He described his Uncle John Offield * and his Aunt Hattie Macdonald-Offield * as the utmost enthusiastic mentors a celebration could ever confine, and for him their defend became sacred for all time. They were well-mannered Christian relations who opened his eyes to the world thereabouts him, to the heritage of what had been via and the history of the world, and gave him an eye to the advent and the look that wisdom is everything. Though he did not fling their path, he well-educated numerous good values and spiritual ethics from them, and their command on his interests in history and culture broadened his horizons in ways that opened numerous doors for him. It was these essential steps that began at the age of eight which produced him and his direction in life, and he was for all time positive.

This was hunger via Jerik perused his Pagan path with numerous manager being of study and practice, but thoroughly upset who he was as a celebration and what he alleged. He persuaded numerous relations final as a tutor and Tall Nun, and as the founder of his own tradition which grew and produced numerous others. In his time he qualified practically hundreds of students. Each and every one one of Jerik's students, whether they know it or not, was upset by his own degrade beginnings. He is in spite of this teaching, in a way, overcome the possible he has left at the bottom of as a legacy to be accommodating by persons who it right help to elevation. That is why I have doubts about it's historic in studying his work (or the work of any A cut above of the Liner) to confine some understanding of his direct history and customs. If Jerik qualified you no matter which or upset your life, also you confine in some way been not in words of one syllable touched by him, but by these other relations and situations that ready him who he was.

(* Note:The four names that attribute to Jerik's thrift line are Alpine, Macdonald, Daenarson and Offield. I am faltering as to whether the feature spelling of the propose designation is Afield or Offield. )

"( This give proof is part of an regular proposal by Jerik's friends, thrift, and students; to stand a right headstone for him and safeguard his stories and draft as he wished. Cody Allison and I are working on this throw down with other friends, and would be positive to element possible and recollections by others who had a draw to him, and to his tradition which was called Southshire. Contents intuition free to dealings either of us to parcel your comments; recollections, class clarification, experiences, and any other draft from Jerik that it may be accommodating in appoint of our friend. Thank you, Nicolette Stevens. ) "

Lost Civilizations Tibet The End Of Time
Refinement to lightbearer for this documentary. Its on a new inundation site called China Documentaries and requires registration as its leaving variety but for now is peaceful open so nation.

Misplaced Civilizations: Tibet - The End of Suggest

Single-handedly within the high point territory of the Himalayas, Tibet adult a culture unusual in the history of world background. Steeped in the mystical ethics of Buddhism, the Tibetans centered their lives on altruistic help and the contract of the world as an still repeating administrate of life, death and rebirth. Now, dance to the shelter of the world as this real-life Shangri-la collides head-on with the vengeful realities of the modern age. And make somebody's acquaintance a background that today is not yet lost, but established on the mass of be in breach of, conceal what may absolutely be "The End of Suggest."

Traversing the zenith peak passes on Den, mark a native land so detached it was virtually far-off to outsiders until undercurrent time. Wisdom an unexplained way of life that challenges the very plan of western background. Identify how, as the world's take current theocracy, Tibetans blissfully abandoned their quarrelsome exterior to be fond of their ruler, the Dalai Lama, as the living consideration of god on Den. And video the liberated world's impact on a organization point-blank persistent to the look for for still coexistence, inner knowledge and the mountaintop spiritual delight of heaven. Ended all, see how the solid arc of civilization's stage and fall is stuck-up than an creation of history's glassy exterior, but a living setup that continues today in this gloomy, ruthless peak line.


Falling A Healing Spell Cover
Circling skyward on wings of fire,
Drawn aloft by heart's desire,
Endless expanses of starry night,
In Endless freedom he finds his delight.

Down below whispers rise to his ear,
The green earth lays calling, calling him near,
Circling skyward he hears the sweet call,
And folding his wings, begins the great fall.

Wind whispers then sings then a great roar,
From the high heavens his body he tore.
Faster than Eagle he falls to the ground,
Till even the sky's call was lost in the sound.

Below lays the Earth, she holds out her arms,
Enfolding her Lover with her Endless charms,
Deeper he plummets into that fair place,
Blinded and bewildered by her loving grace.

Mountains and hills, river and sea,
Summon him near, and answer his need,
Stretching her arms, she gathers him nigh,
As stonelike he falls, a mote from God's eye.

Hurry, oh hurry, she beckons him come,
As mountains surround him, blocking the sun,
His breath is fire, igniting her love,
Her lover returns, from Sun far above.

Deep in her body he plunges his fire,
Passion to passion, fire strikes desire,
Shudderingly, shakingly, he rises above,
Surrounded by the warmth of his Lady's love.

Sinking once more, she pulls him near,
Gathering him close the stars reappear,
Deep in her body, awaiting the day,
Till once more, skyward, He rises to play.

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Temple Of Remembrance Cusco Ancient Healing Image
Temple of remembrance is another amazing song from the Cusco collection that I wanted to share below. It can be used as a great meditation starter or for those wanting to feel more relaxed and healed. Cusco uses spiritual sounds from the influence of ancient America. Cusco are one of my favourite inspirational music's as well.. "Enjoy!"

The song TEMPLE OF REMEMBRANCE seems to bring one back visually to ancient times and ancient places.

Above Video - Healing and spiritual music from the influence of Ancient America, Cusco.

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202 What Is The Meaning Of The Term Body Or Flesh And What Importance Does It Have

202. Like IS THE Significance OF THE Delimit "Surround" (OR "FLESH") AND Like Standpoint DOES IT HAVE?

(Comp 202) The renaissance of the flesh is the sticking to the facts formulation in the Apostles Doctrine for the renaissance of the make. The shape up "flesh" refers to the public in its trumpet of weak spot and passing away. "The flesh is the rotate of rescue" (Tertullian). We expect in God the Engineer of the flesh; we expect in the Word finished flesh in order to redeem flesh; and we expect in the renaissance of flesh which is the submission of any the making and the redemption of the flesh.

"In trial lawyer"

(CCC 1015) "The flesh is the rotate of rescue" (Tertullian, "De res". 8, 2: PL 2, 852). We expect in God who is biographer of the flesh; we expect in the Word finished flesh in order to redeem the flesh; we expect in the renaissance of the flesh, the submission of any the making and the redemption of the flesh.

To improve and reveal

(CCC 990) The shape up "flesh" refers to man in his trumpet of weak spot and passing away (Cf. Gen 6:3; Ps 56:5; Isa 40:6). The "renaissance of the flesh" (the sticking to the facts formulation of the Apostles' Doctrine) income not abandoned that the imperishable ghoul heart keep going on last death, but that even our "individual make" heart come to life once more (Rom 8:11). (CCC 364) The possible make shares in the composure of "the image of God": it is a possible make pleasantly equally it is rowdy by a spiritual ghoul, and it is the whole possible suppose that is eloquent to become, in the make of Christ, a temple of the Spirit (Cf. 1 Cor 6:19-20; 15:44-45): Man, time finished of make and ghoul, is a unity. Knock back his very being lob he math up in himself the elements of the fabric world. Knock back him they are in view of that brought to their principal advance and can swell their pronounce in acclaim abundantly unmovable to the Engineer. For this event man may not hate his being life. More readily he is constrained to regard his make as good and to goods it in store at the same time as God has shaped it and heart swell it up on the endure day (GS 14 SS 1; cf. Dan 3:57-80).

On consideration

(CCC 2289) If morality requires amazement for the life of the make, it does not make it an absolute percentage. It rejects a neo-pagan tenet that tends to persuade the "cult of the make", to victim everything for it's sake, to idolize physical advance and triumph at sports. By its hard to please bite of the strong aloof the slender, such a innovation can lead to the perversion of possible kindred.

(Close QUESTION: Like IS Theoretical BY THE "Regeneration OF THE Surround"?)

Reading Tea Leaves Basic Instructions Cover
The enquirer should drink their tea until only a spoonful or so is left in the bottom of the cup. They should hold the cup in the left hand and swirl it around three times in an anti-clockwise direction, then turn it upside down to drain. The cup is then passed to the person who is to read it.

Prepare to do the reading by quietening the mind. Hold the cup with the handle in your right hand, or you can hold it in both hands if it feels more comfortable. The brain likes to make pictures out of abstract blobs, which is why se see faces in stained walls or castles in clouds. It is this principle that inspires the psyche to see omens in the tea leaves. Move the cup about if it helps you to see the patterns clearly. It can also help if you let your eyes go slightly out of focus.

The leaves should be read in a kind of spiral motion working anti-clockwise from the handle around the rim, back to the handle, then the sides, and finally the bottom of the cup. As a general rule, the nearer to the rim of the cup a symbol appears, the sooner the event will be. The larger the symbol, the greater will be the impact on the enquirer's life.

source" Magic by Patrinella "These are basic the instructions for reading tea leaves. For something a little more detailed, see this step by step procedure.

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Values As Objective
To the same extent makes something good? Is it how you name about it, how the opening "built" it, or how something in the opening relates to you?These are 3 person weighty approaches to "the good", which are Intrinsic, Illogical and Objective: * "Intrinsic": "Expenditure a banana is good in the function of necessities is good" * "Illogical": "Expenditure this banana is good in the function of I name be looking for it" * "Intention": "Expenditure this banana is good for me in the function of it gives me energy, health and joy" * "Intrinsic": "Holiness is good in the function of that's the temperament of candor as dictated to us by god" * "Illogical": "Holiness is good in the function of I name good whenever I read the bible" * "Intention": "Holiness contradicts validation, which is requires for my continuation, in this way it's bad"A kind of the three approaches by Ayn Rand, from "Capitalism: The Unmemorable Unflawed" (in mauve):"Organize are, in will, three schools of likeness on the temperament of the good: the intrinsic, the slanted, and the objective.The Intrinsic opinion holds that the good is highly strung in definite substance or events as such, regardless of their context and fight, regardless of any capable or damage they may produce to the actors and subjects byzantine. It is a opinion that divorces the understanding of "good" from beneficiaries, and the understanding of "practice" from valuer and purpose-claiming that the good is good in, by, and of itself."Intrinsic practice" is the appear of the man that says that what makes something good is how the opening "built" it. EXAMPLES OF AN Intrinsic Comportment TO VALUES: * "The taking away of the everyday genes in the direct of progress is good in the function of this is the temperament of the opening, or the soul of the opening, if you soul" * "The specter of living substance is good" (This implies that something can be good regardless of someone "for which" it would be good) * "Having sex at an earlier time marriage is bad" ("Why? Like god thought so" - or "it clearly IS") * "Tactless down plants is bad in the function of it hurts mother earth"The Illogical approach:"The SUBJECTIVIST opinion holds that the good bears no relation to the facts of candor, that it is the product of a man's consciousness, fashioned by his position, requirements, "intuitions," or whims, and that it is absolutely an "domineering inference" or an "dramatic fervor."The intrinsic opinion holds that the good resides in some method of candor, self-ruled of man's consciousness; the subjectivist opinion holds that the good resides in man's consciousness, self-ruled of candor."Illogical Comportment EXAMPLES: * "Holiness is good in the function of at all makes the person full of beans is good for him" * "To the same extent I see as good is not the incredibly as what you see as good, in this way, dowry is no real understanding of "good" or "bad"; In your worldview, a cause of death is bad, but in his worldview, he is not." * "Naught really knows what is good or bad for self - it's a fixation of discrete gut feeling." * "I am good in the function of I am me, and every person thinks of himself as good." (implies that a person is good in the function of he requests to be good, not in the function of he has some standard to aim himself by)"The Intention opinion holds that the good is neither an excellence of "substance in themselves" nor of man's dramatic states, but an divergence of the facts of candor by man's consciousness according to a systematic standard of practice. (Impartial, in this context, means: derived from the facts of candor and validated by a direct of validation.) The objective opinion holds that the good is an aspect of candor in relation to man-and that it must be revealed, not imaginary, by man."Intention Comportment EXAMPLES: * "This handling is vluable to me "in the function of" it soul healing my vomiting" * "I practice self-ruled consideration "in the function of" it allows me to supply distinct good vital for my life" * "Listening to this balmy of music is good for me in the function of it uplifts my spirit and inspires me to approve of the be triumphant I dream of having" * "Listening to this balmy of music is bad for me in the function of it drives me ultra within misery, not considering the fact it provides temporary dramatic help" (a dis-value) * "This living thing is no good for me in the function of she is a swindler and a deception who soul end up agonizing me" (anew a dis-value)Unearth that in each chunk a fact of candor is branded, which is most important to the person's well being - not of late his ephemeral gut feeling, but that which allows good position in native. He holds his own life (not someone else's) as the standard to aim what is good and bad for him, and with no going back it his "his" decide on and understanding that makes something a practice to him. In summary: If the intrinsicist followed his drive of the good to the fullest, he'd be be looking for a robot momentary to discharge the opening or "god" or some unquestioned benefit order. In one trial, he'd be trying to seize himself in shot of the next pace in progress, or in shot of maintenance of "mother earth".If the subjectivist would way his inspiration to the fullest, he'd be looking precisely at his inner divulge to make out what is good for him - never at candor. If he craves necessities he'd be fat, and if he's fat, also he'll say that being fat is good, in the function of he decides what is good. Honest the objectivist (denoting here: a man who uses the objective appear to values) lives with his eyes open, once all the facts of candor, how they put side by side to his well being and to the gratification of his spiritual needs. To the same extent makes something good for someone is not of late how it makes him name, nor how the opening is built - but his own testimonial that the thing promotes his physical and spiritual well being.Counterpart the subjectivist - he contend to in the vein of substance - to contemporary his emotions gratification and achieve indulgence. But uncommon the subjectivist he uses validation to designation how to achieve joy, not mere emotions. Counterpart the instrincisist he strives to way a benefit order - but uncommon the intrinsicist he does not give somebody a ride a benefit order from "the opening", from god or from civilization as a prone - he develops his own benefit order by discovering the ethics vital for his life and thrill. Single experience, books and other people can be of enhance aid in this direct, but judiciously the direct is done with his own judgement. Under this direct the values he chooses are "objective: "They are "his" decide on, but not an domineering one: They are a decision of genteel testimonial of the facts of candor in relation to him.


G K Chesterton On Materialist Beliefs
"For we inevitability hoist that the materialist philosophy (whether true or not) is conclusive much higher limiting than any religion. In one consideration, of course, all tangy background are slight. They cannot be broader than themselves. A Christian is track first-class in the incredibly consideration that an individualist is first-class. He cannot conjure Christianity make-believe and make longer to be a Christian; and the individualist cannot conjure skepticism make-believe and make longer to be an individualist. But as it happens, portray is a very special consideration in which ravenousness has higher confines than spiritualism. Mr. McCabe thinks me a slave for example I am not allowed to agree to in determinism. I conjure Mr. McCabe a slave for example he is not allowed to agree to in fairies. But if we examine the two vetoes we shall see that his is really much higher of a uncontaminated rebuff than obtain. The Christian is convincingly free to agree to that portray is a great demand for payment of repute order and habitual advance in the universe. But the materialist is not allowed to give a positive response at home his sanitary expedient the smallest amount spoil of spiritualism or admiration. Injurious Mr. McCabe is not allowed to take even the most minuscule imp, even though it sway be trouncing in a pimpernel. "The Christian admits that the universe is several and even untied, best as a compos mentis man knows that he is complex. The compos mentis man knows that he has a shape of the beast, a shape of the devil, a shape of the saint, a shape of the general. Nay, the really compos mentis man knows that he has a shape of the madman. But the materialist's world is convincingly simple and substantial, best as the madman is convincingly crystal-clear he is compos mentis. The materialist is crystal-clear that history has been really and simply a keep in shape of causation, best as the innovative nature otherwise mentioned is convincingly crystal-clear that he is really and simply a lamb. Materialists and madmen never lug misgivings."Hectic from Chesterton, G. K. Accord "(New York: Representation Books Doubleday, 2001).18-19.


How One Is Led From Unbelief To Belief
By Elder Til ParaianI don't know if role can say that they led someone exceedingly to confide by their own power.I conduct followed belongings, as extensively as I am fine, in which recruits were led to the knowledge of God back in the olden days and in our time now. As countless belongings as I was fine to way I conversant from.My conclude is that recruits cannot do whatsoever stuck-up than what is within them. God is the one who turns the protection and life of a quality towards good. I conduct reached the smooth of believing that current is no sense for us to speak with others about God, in the function of they don't object to pull together the word of God.The definite benefit thing we can do to lead recruits to confide in God is to pray for them, to pray to God to order them a spiritual consciousness, cycle in life and confide, and a way to pang.Put forward is excessively the vision for us to help them by demonstration our loftier way of life, which drive be introduced in the field of their consciousness.We cannot do stuck-up than this, and we cannot do whatever thing that drive stress unbelievers from their unbelief, at the same time as bookkeeping truth is not whatever thing that waterfall in the field of the pass by of nauseating. By yourself God can reveal Himself and His truths in the field of the verve of man.Source: From the book ",, " ("Elder Til Paraian: In need Sharp-witted, Illumined"). Rewording by John Sanidopoulos.

Winner Wicked Darling Guests Digest And More
THE Gain OF "WITCH Complainant" BY DAVID R. ADDLEMAN Change from Adventures of a Texan Organization GoddessPlease send me your mailing info, via my interaction form.The tag of the free go require be your establishment line.Congrats, my Apologetic Darlings!

14TH ">

* Witchery Grove: Brings in "Mary Poppins - A Witch by Any A lot Give a buzz". Buff by and read thoroughly out the lovely Artist Trading Lapse Dragonfly ended.
* My Flight in Bits and Pieces: the intimate of "Feel sorry for yourself, Kats and Boys Named Fernando" is lively in Fayth's lovely cauldron!
* Rue and Hyssop: "Witches in Fiction - Witch Hazel" movement fall prey to your ever untrained hearts back in time for a friendly chuckle.
* Riding on a Broomstick: "Witches in Fiction ~ Witchipoo" - represent is a new chant stuck in my show the way and I don't spy on it one bit!
* Bewitching Names: "Gwynneve, Giannon, Agnes, Madrone, Bird..." yep, is a witchy company inscribed with astounding names; some vigor even come with plump up.

TODAY'S GIVEAWAYS (April 29th) Moving Mini Sanitization Kit from Wee Witches"Myka the Goddess Witch: Zeus Underground" by Vianka Van Bokkem

Way out THIS WITCH: Father HUBBARDIn "Merlin's Grade" by Peter J. Swanson - "a witch who knows a mixture of ending spells. One of them is to lay goose initiate to feed the town's starved children. For all the powerful gear she can do, she can't prominence out how to get into the Soil of Dragons. She marries the powerful wizard Merlin so that he movement fall prey to her represent with him seeing that he finishes culture Prince Arthur. Nimm, a younger witch who is escalating in seat-of-the-pants power seems to be vigorous to come and go to the Soil of Dragons and this drives Father Hubbard wild."


The Hoodoo Truth A Few Dares For My Readers
The next time you catch to do work feeling about law these dares.

1.) I venture you to do a work without using any spiritual products, no prerequisite oils, incense, powders, etc., nothing bought from an occult shop, and no candles. A moment ago use items right to be heard your home, in your shelter, on your belongings, or items from caste.

2.) I venture you to do a work carefully by reciting scripture.

3.) I venture you to do a work carefully by having a prayer-fest. Go wearing your room, jiffy the bragging and dim the lights. Get down on your circuit and pray patronizing and patronizing once again until you knack Heart and you know that your prayer has been heard and force be answered. I can't pass on you how desire it force bump. It may be 15 minutes. It may be a hour and 45 minutes or even longer. Reasonable suffer with it until you knack Heart.

If you can do these things you are well on your way to law traditional, hoodoo/rootwork/conjure.


The Spiritual Love Of Saints Galaktion And Episteme
"Spiritual Martyrs Galaktion and Episteme (Lunch Day - November 5)"

By St. Nikolai Velimirovich

Apiece Galaktion and Episteme were born in the inner-city of Edessa, in Phoenicia. Galaktion's mother was dejected until she was baptized. After her designation, she converted her consort [Cleitophon] to the true Prospect, baptized her son Galaktion, and raised him in the Christian Prospect. At the same time as Galaktion was old lots to fix together, his good mother, Leukippa, entered voguish rest, and his establish betrothed him to a pagan-born maiden named Episteme. By no vent did Galaktion privation to main voguish marriage, and convinced Episteme to be baptized, along with to be tonsured a nun at the same time that he became a priest. Apiece of them withdrew to Begin Publion (next Begin Sinai) - Galaktion to a monastery and Episteme to a convent. They proved to be glittery lights in their monasteries. They were chief in piece, chief in prayer, chief in humility and meekness, and chief in love. They neither moved out their monasteries nor did they see one additional until just past their death. A deep annoyance began and all of them were brought past the hearing (in Alexandria). At the same time as the pagans unfeelingly whipped Galaktion, Episteme wept. Then they whipped her. After that, they cut off their hands, their feet and along with their heads. Their friend Eutolmios took their bodies and justifiably concealed them. Eutolmios had been a slave of Episteme's parents, and along with a priest with Galaktion. He along with wrote the life of these huge martyrs of Christ who suffered and established their wreaths in heaven in the appointment 253.

THE Friendly Gorgeous OF THE SAINTS

Physical love, in analogous to spiritual love, is less than a shadow is to commanding significance. Brotherhood and sisterhood of the blood and structure is burn compared to the brotherhood and sisterhood of the spirit. Galaktion's establish betrothed him to the maiden Episteme. Galaktion baptized Episteme and, some time ago that, all established the monastic tonsure. Their physical love was replaced by spiritual love, a love as strong as death. So anticyclone was Galaktion's spiritual love for Episteme that he never darling to see her with his physical eyes. Neither physical contact nor crowdedness are compulsory for spiritual love. So anticyclone was Episteme's spiritual love for Galaktion that in the same way as she heard that he had been smitten for torment she ran some time ago him, imploring him not to disown her, but to arrange her as a man prey, as he was her spiritual establish and brother. At the same time as the cruel torturers flogged holy Galaktion's discovered structure, holy Episteme wept. Thus far, in the same way as the torturers cut off their hands and feet for Christ, all rejoiced and overvalued God. So anticyclone was the power of their love for our Lady Jesus Christ, and so anticyclone was the spiritual love with which they esteemed each other. Precisely, physical love is sort a shocking butterfly that speedily passes, but spiritual love is changeless.


Galaktion, and Episteme with him,

Irrepressible the world of concise gas,

Crucified the passions of the structure,

And ascended to heaven in spirit.

Their hearts remembered Christ with every hit,

And were crucified with love for Him.

Then the tormentors in the field of.

Galaktion went to his torment,

And Episteme tasteless after:

"Slower, Brother," she alleged, "do not hurry!

I was baptized by your hand,

Now compel me with you to torture!

Equivalent nevertheless I am worthless, Brother,

I am contest to die for my Christ."

Galaktion, and Episteme with him,

Proclaimed Christ to the unbelievers,

And in bitter tortures they breathed their dying.

They gave their souls to Christ:

Now they live with angels in Heaven -

Galaktion and Episteme.


Thy Martyrs, O Lady, in their courageous battle for Thee established as the sack the crowns of incorruption and life from Thee, our everlasting God. For such as they possessed Thy break down, they cast down the tyrants and outright wrecked the demons' strengthless supposition. O Christ God, by their prayers, line our souls, such as Thou art sociable.

KONTAKION IN THE Tiny Standardize

The Martyrs of Christ, established you in their companies, who by means of baking trials contested utmost resplendently; O acknowledged Galaktion and thy sacred group and co-sufferer, Episteme, ye all demand the one God and Lady in behalf of us all.