Sesame Seed Instant Money Cover
This is a quick fix that's good for when an unexpected emergency leaves you short on cash. This is not something that you can rely on every month to cover your credit card bills - the less often that you use this spell the more powerfully that it works. Of course, the best thing to do is to have an emergency savings fund set up and the appropriate insurance, but sometimes the little things can add up quickly, so you should be sure to keep this spell in your back pocket as well.


* Sesame Seeds
* A jar that has been anointed with money oil - if you don't have a money or prosperity oil, you can use sesame oil instead":

Every day add a pinch of sesame seeds to the special jar. The sesame seeds represent gold coins, and the jar represents your bank account. To make the magic even more powerful, whenever you make a deposit in the bank, place one seed for every dollar into the jar. Similarly, whenever you put the pinch of seeds in the jar, place a dollar for each seed in the bank.

When emergency strikes take a few seeds out of the jar and sprinkle them in fertile ground (this can be indoors using a pot with potting soil, or outdoors). Until your money woes pass, water the sesame seeds and whisper what you need in order to take care of your problems.

When you have received the money that you need to solve your problems, put approximately twice as many seeds back in as you took out. If you have placed your seeds in potting soil indoors, take them outside and place them in a garden or under an oak tree with thanks and gratitude. If the seeds are already outdoors, leave a small offering of thanks and gratitude. (This could be flowers, a slice of bread, a libation of wine, or some other token of appreciation.)

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