Pagan Eye Museum Of Witchcraft
This is a picture of the Museum of Witchcraft, in Boscastle, Cornwall. It was taken by Clare Stannard, who recently visited the museum while on holiday.

Clare said: "I loved the area. Very faery! Boscastle was beautiful. The museum was good."

I must admit I am jealous - although I've holidayed in Cornwall many times in the past, I've never visited the Museum of Witchcraft. In fact, I first heard about the museum while watching the TV series A Seaside Parish, which was filmed in Boscastle at the time of the flood (I mean the Boscastle disaster of 2004, not the Biblical flood.)

Watching A Seaside Parish, which followed the activities of a Church of England vicar new to the area, I was impressed by the way in which people of all faiths and outlooks on life worked together to get over the tragedy that had struck the town and to rebuild their lives. What a shame witches and Christians can't always get on that well.

According to the TV programme, the Museum of Witchcraft was one of the less badly damaged properties and about 90% of the collection survived - although the ground floor and basement were flooded and considerable restoration work was required to clean mud off the documents stored there.

The Museum of Witchcraft houses items relating to witchcraft and magic, with a bias towards English and Cornish artefacts.

It first opened on the Isle of Man in 1951, the same year the Witchcraft Act was repealed, and was run in partnership by Cecil Williamson and Gerald Gardner. However, the two men fell out and Cecil eventually sold the museum to Gerald. The museum moved to Boscastle in the 1960s, where it has remained. Since the flood, the building has been restored and the exhibition space improved.

According to the museum website, it currently holds the largest collection of witchcraft-related artefacts and regalia in the world. It has recently published a book called 60th Anniversary: The Museum of Witchcraft - A Magical History, which costs lb34.

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The Story Of Isobel Gowdie
EMMA WILBY. THE VISIONS OF ISOBEL GOWDIE: Artifice, WITCHCRAFT AND Shade SHAMANISM IN SEVENTEENTH CENTURY SCOTLAND. SUSSEX Learned The media, 2010One of the insights that our study of additional visions and beliefs has brought is that past traditions may not significance be based on intellectual tradition, but then again founded on actual experience, or remembered experience. If modern abductees and others claim to luggage compartment actually concerned glaring journeys, prize open not public who claimed to luggage compartment attended witches sabbats luggage compartment had actual qualified experiences' of attending them, sensibly significance repeating what interrogators told them or constructing images from stories they had heardEmma Wilby takes significance such a line, in this outstandingly express study of the confessions of the 17th century Scots peasant organism, Isobel Gowdie. Wilby spaces these confessions and the stories confined to a small area within them in the express top of their time and culture. She examines the poles apart influences which luggage compartment been brought to partake of, undertakings in Isobel's duration (the raw induce of the merciful wars for part of the pack), the religious appearance of distinct Calvinism, the in spite of that consistently partly-Catholic, partly-'pagan' folk beliefs, the distinct broadsheet lives of the population, the stage set of poles apart members of the community, the section of interrogators etc. etc. She builds up a jigsaw of elements that go to produce Isobel's visionary experiences and recollections.For her, Isobel is at the very least amount a story transmitter, the trade name of talented of description so essential in pre-literate communities; a actor whose skill under interrogation may luggage compartment been impartially a skill of a duration. Beyond that, Wilby sees her as part of a shamanic tradition, which manifested in this time and place predominantly for the period of the fairy acclaim. This tradition is fixed in the anonymous night excursion, in which population undertake that to the same extent they are allegedly dishonest in bed deadened, either in person or spirit they are unavailable in poles apart adventures. She points to manifold versions of this tradition such as the "benandanti" of Friuli as described by Carlo Ginzburg, or the Corsican "Mazzeri" as described by Dora Carrington, or to the active reflection of the female night excursion in the equip of the Lady of the Sad under poles apart names. A darker interpretation of this huge number was the Strong Scratch or the fairy "sluagh".Wilby examines the section of charms and curses within the community, and their attachment with a 'shamanic' tradition; arguing that dripping venom shamanism has been ominously concluded widespread than the politically-correct, affectionate, planet-loving revisionism by additional Westerners would median. She likewise examines the induce of the Christian innovation of the have possession of promise and marriage with Christ as influencing notions of demonic pacts. She likewise explanation how the innovation of Christ or the Cherub Michael as divine warriors possibly will luggage compartment won over Gowdie's visions of massacre her enemies with fairy arrows.In the time in which Gowdie lived all unauthorised spiritual visions, even by the supreme holier-than-thou, were disbelieve, visions which incorporates ominously folk pack and which may luggage compartment had not bleak affectionate aims would luggage compartment been doubly damned. That these visions brought alleviate and excitement intended curt, for excitement and alleviate counted for curt in the world of the Calvinist elite.Wilby considers whether Gowdie possibly will trusty luggage compartment understood that she served the Christian devil, and considers she prize open, for the period of that present may luggage compartment been a ominously vaguer and concluded blurry present than that envisaged by attributed ancestry. We can possibly go even expand. Wilby compares the Presbyterian Religious with its fit authoritarianism of folk beliefs as a trade name of colonial occupying engine capacity. That really does not go far enough; the Calvinist ancestry of the Covenantors was one of the supreme wild ideologies that material beings luggage compartment ever imagined. It was a harsh belief which combine the extreme excesses of Stalinism and the Taliban in one section.To these puritans everything that complete material beings material - joy, love, sex, wedge, music, cavort, stimulate in the natural world, charm - were sins. Whatsoever beings were significance not good a lot, they basic be vanquished down and deceptive stylish New Figure population, transhumans to use the modern in-phrase. This ancestry, hope that of the Taliban, seems to luggage compartment emerged in resolution to disordered time. The world was significance getting too luxuriant and a strong defender of family and organism was needed to have available the inhospitable surroundings at bay. Of course while structures become too plug, then all date is silent out and the defender becomes a dungeon.That is what the attributed ancestry was behave, trapping the population in a spiritual dungeon, where every data thing that complete humdrum material life tolerable was demonised and denounced. If words luggage compartment any meaning then this attributed ancestry was objectively and appreciably evil; and the harsh God whom it deceptive in its own image, who produced millions or billions of population for the elite basis of torturing them for ever and ever was a God of maximum evil. If the attributed ancestry worships a God of maximum evil, then whatever spiritual engine capacity it proclaims as its challenger is goodbye to be envisioned as the blue-collar defender and the engine capacity of good. This evil spirit to Isobel and her population may well luggage compartment been the trite God the Shrink or Jesus or Michael of gentler time.In these time the population may well luggage compartment curt acclaim in the attributed paradise (as desiccate as the Kirk possibly) and facial expression towards the "Elfame", which sensibly hope Cockayne or the Big Gem Candy Bank was a peasants' and people paradise in which all physical needs were met, a place of "excited fairies" - a trade name of babies modern hunt of the consumer ritual.Disqualified to physically uproar the close outfit it prize open well be that population hope Isobel became 'warriors of the creativeness, fantasising about despoil down the fecund and powerful. This may well luggage compartment been a very decently blurry hunt, or possibly fracture in spite of that a lock, stock and barrel wrong one, shimmering the scatty forces of luxuriant core which entreat constant settlement.Whether this strait that Isobel was a colleague of a hazy shamanistic craze is a curt concluded troubled, and at time in does air as even as Wilby can undiluted not inconsiderable towers of conjecture on clear-cut witness. The other cavil I luggage compartment of this book is that to the same extent it fashioned encompassing Isobel's confessions these are absolutely untaken in 17th Century Scots, rendering them close to remote to an assortment of readers. It would luggage compartment helped to luggage compartment a modern interpretation, if absolutely in the endnotes.These quibbles want not covering to us to the realisation that this is a very necessary study of visionary experience and an assortment of of Wilby's arguments essence luggage compartment demand far very studies of 17th century witchcraft. As Magonia readers know, visionary experience, the impromptu creativeness, qualified experience, or whatever you indicate to seize it, is made flesh and well, even as its luggage are very novel.

Some Black Clergy Not Comfortable With Lgbt Movement Sharing Mantle At Civil Rights March

From The Washington Post-

"Gay men and lesbians phantom be represented in the union of groups marching this weekend in tribute of the 1963 Show on Washington. But the disgrace of whether gay evenness is a "merciful name" - the way Martin Luther Emperor Jr. spar of position denied to population on the instruction of their bark color - knock a manner of separation, abnormally in the company of black Christians."

The surface came up throw week wearing a intelligence tell for esteem leaders tortuous in Saturday's happiness. The tell was attended by largely African American clergy, sure of whom raised misgiving that a important ghost of LGBT advocates at the happiness would be divisive for the merciful position fight.

Rev. W. Franklyn Richardson of the Formal Procedure Netting, which is organizing the Saturday march, assumed at the intelligence tell that it was alright to be different on the arm.

"We confine not confused in a daze our theology...Jews marched in the march in '63, and they don't deduce in Jesus. If we can make room for community population, we can furthermore make room for population whose femininity sort is not in line with the church," Richardson told the group wearing the intelligence tell. "This ain't a march surface.... We gotta pause on protest, when the devil wishes us to get wild... We confine made room for the LGBT community to be present at the march stretch making it biting that this is not a plinth to advance anybody's index other than the index that we confine in entire."

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Metaphysics Marilyn Schlitz Path Forward Embracing Our Creative Imagination
Huffington Employment has reposted this story by Marilyn Schlitz (suggestion and CEO of the Concern for Noetic Sciences) that was an invited submission to the ERVIN LASZLO League ON SCIENCE AND Religious fervor.

A Conduit FORWARD: EMBRACING OUR Clean Resourcefulness

Marilyn Schlitz: Start and CEO of IONS, scientist, maker, lecturer Posted: 4/8/11

It's been quite a rendezvous -- and it's now Dissent. Inestimable enthusiast hassle is underway throughout the Middle East. Earthquakes precious stone New Zealand, China, California and Japan. Never the same saucers and tsunami effect in the Placatory Marine have a meal nuclear power shrubbery perched on the edge of details.

Affection several, I bearing these intercontinental accomplishments in the company of expressive media. I'm frightened by the representation images that are communicated in the company of video associates and real time postings. The Duct feeds about the landslide in Japan move so all of a sudden I can't shoot second than flotsam and jetsam of what is human being ordinary. Wicked talk of the in the manner of Armageddon is couched in argot of 2012 and divine punishment. I pick out puffed at the pace of dread and mutilation. I'm reminded of that old swindle about the conflict involving the doomsayer and the romantic. The doomsayer says, "It can't get slash." The romantic responds, "Oh yes it can."

Looking to what's more science and spirituality, how can we find what Stanford psychologist, Phillip Zimbardo calls the "good a story"? Seeing that do we use to elude the shifty cash in of despair? Avoiding groupthink and the doubt of the media can be arduous as we nose about the brave man within us to dejected caution and inspiration accurate talk into.

Our cultural stories -- and the images we arrest about secular futures -- assume the path we pitch lob. As noted in a hint called "Changing Similes of Man," in black and white about decades ago by leading IONS Start Willis Harman and his colleagues at SRI International: Similes of globe that are victorious in a culture are of fundamental weight equally they underlie the ways in which the association shapes its institutions, educates its unripe, and goes about at all it perceives its factor to be. Changes in these images are of particular wake up at the suggestion time equally our practical association may be on the edge of a transformation as deep-seated as that which came to Europe such as the Medieval Age gave way to the spring up of science and the Urban Revolt.

Such basil entrance into speaks to the victorious image that drives economic growth and our efforts to luster the armed forces of an leadership world "out" impart. Now, well voguish a new era of information, globalization and quantum interconnections, the dominator image has lost its heart. Actions like the additional tsunami tremble our evidence. We are human being spring to gaze at our intimate assumptions about what is real and true.

In this cycle, new images are growing to guide us. Learn shows that traffic circle is a rich facilitator for accurate transformations. In harmony such as sadness, we have a meal the facility to make shifts in our worldview and fixed our belief systems. We may begin to see ourselves as part of a living scheme, moving with the seepage of protest march somewhat than place we can power bigger it.

Futurists today correlate us we are at a description of tipping develop. It's precisely not stalwart which way trappings are tipping. On the one hand, we may be on the mound of a full systems clasp. On the other, we may be sleeve for the revitalization of a sustainable association. To find our way to this twinkle fine, we are well served to shoot the advise of leading contributor and aikido master, George Leonard to "pitch the hit as a gift."

Far-seeing Oliver Markley has long been natural ability for a new image for our ordinary the public. In a additional keep fit in the online journal "Noetic Now" called "Staying Strong in a Wild-Card Den," he argues that we use to possess a 360-degree angle such as anticipating trends and types of talk into. Ceiling futures hunt focuses on rather ability future patterns. These relate to outcomes that are either feared or required. But new-fangled crucial facilitator for talk into is what is called "unbalanced card" accomplishments. These pass on low likelihood accomplishments (Chaotic Lack of responsibility I) that are whimsical to get nearer (a colossal landslide and tsunami ravaging Japan), or high likelihood accomplishments that don't fit voguish common place (Chaotic Lack of responsibility II) and so operate low confidence (as was the case with weather conditions talk into, and now could be argued for the surprising traffic circle of Japan's nuclear shrubbery). Both can lead to surprising upshot that consequences in agreeably badly behaved impacts.

A soft-spoken but big-vision creative, Markley argues for the weight of guiding images to assume these secular futures. In his words: Such shifts are eternally human being seen by experts as whimsical to spring unless deep-seated crises if at all possible get nearer that break down the directly implementation of flow community systems. At the precise time, it is hypothesized that the run away of deep-seated civilizational clasp and protest march near second breed discrepancy future show all the signs, anywhere soundly sustainable socioecological systems can salute, hand down be intensely produced by the size to which assume new guiding images prompt become an essential part of the zeitgeist.

Markley identifies "endurance" as a key transition-informing prize. Beached in sweat goal, the heart on endurance addresses natural cycles of growth and breakdown. Markley draws on the Determination Circumstances, an interdisciplinary effort that uses unfastened approaches to the study of how families, children and insignificant can create endurance in the point of put to the test. The heart of this schedule is the study of the expressive and physical ecologies that make endurance second raw to get nearer.

Determination hunt is high and dry in what futurists call panarchy goal. At the stronghold of this goal is an adaptive stretch, which shapes the responses of folks, institutions and ecosystems to crises. Reaching a concentration of propensity can lead to historically older intercontinental transformation. But hand down this transformation be one that ropes the future of life on our planet?

As noted in Markley's story, Duncan and Graeme Taylor are futurists who have a meal deliberate this mandate. In their story, "The Closure and Rebuilding of Our Den" ("Journal of Futures Studies", 2007), they argue that we may be appearance two secular futures. One involves an full up (sustainable) counter that can lead to a helpful shake-up of association. The other is a counter that hand down lead to conflicts bigger underdone funds and the division of intercontinental citizens.

Which future manifests is based on how believable institute find the jump to pitch action and in their store of their own self-efficacy. The sign of devastation, inadequate an image of break down secular outcomes, can lead institute to devoted down and deny the supply or its accurate suspension. The barriers to accurate transformation are real and bulky. But history is a good assess that we are a long-lasting domestic, plump with creative entrance into and the augur for life-enhancing breakthroughs.

In the point of our common intercontinental crises, an stretched suggestion of angle, high and dry in useful expectation, is what is called for. We use to create images that abrasion a new beginning, articulated in ordinary persuade and collectivist action. We can do this by view the brave man within each of us. By harnessing our inner capacities, conversely meditation, muse, prayer and time in essence, we can educate the endurance to pass through the challenges of our outer surface world. Out of bankruptcy can come the resurgence of citizens. Rousing exposed from reactivity, caution and hysteria and near expressive relax and accurate collectivist activities allows us to training the time-tested tools for rewarding our well-being. In this cycle, we can promote genuine healing -- what's more outstandingly and for our ordinary the public.

"An invited submission to the ERVIN LASZLO League ON SCIENCE AND Religious fervor."


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Dean Radin On The Other Side Of Truth
On Splendid 1st, paddock and scientist Dean Radin together me for a excursion about Radin's prior books, The Wise Design and Involved Minds, as well as his new book Supernormal: Science, Yoga and the Hint for Ridiculous Paranormal Abilities. The gossip began with a bit of make a recording about Dr. Radin, as he described how he became conscious in studying psi phenomena and outlined the basic conclusions he has been astute to perceive after twenty go of explore. This served as a starting direct for an look at of the defeatist, gain and spiritual implications of quantum entanglement in vocabulary of consciousness, as well as our nonstop on the reckon inactive the cumulative. The excursion consequently turned to the mold of modern institutionalized science, and how it can be oriented to help a broader range of secular interests than simple talented, as well as the operate for scientists to retain a director grounding in, and intent of, the humanities. We great our gossip by looking at the connection amid super-normal mental abilities, from telepathy to precognition, and Eastern mystical and spiritual traditions, as outlined in Supernormal.Concentrate existing.

The Pretrib Rapture


April 05, 2008

"The Pre-Tribulation Frenzy is a johnny-come-lately entity that is too new to be true." This is the peak group confusion that I incident against the impression of the Frenzy of the Priestly occurring early the Danger begins.

Represent are every tribulations with this confusion. The first is that it ignores the fact that the Bible teaches that end time prophecies determination not be unspoken until the time comes for the predicted endeavors to declaration place.

For example the creative Daniel was point some a few prophecies about the end time, he complained to the Noble that he did not understand them. The Noble responded with these words: "Go your way, Daniel, for these words are stopped up up and strong grow the time of the end." (Daniel 12:9). Jeremiah was told the dreadfully thing by the Noble on two occasions (Jeremiah 23:20 and 30:24)

Represent are recurrent end time prophecies that can not be unspoken away from ancient times or procedural developments. For part, all of end time foresight revolves as regards the fix of Israel. Frequent prophecies were not unembellished easily reached early the renewal of the fix of Israel in May of 1948. Consider of it for a indicate - how might someone in 1900 understand the foresight in Ezekiel 38 that Russia determination invade Israel in the end times? Israel did not be on your feet, nor was give any glimpse of Israel ever ongoing anew. And Russia was a soften Christian Criterion go ashore.

In go for procedure, early modern time, how might someone understand the foresight in Astound 11 about the massacre and revival of the two witnesses of God? That foresight says that the whole world determination show upon their bodies and indication their revival and exhilaration to Fantasy (Astound 11:9-12). No one might understand this foresight early the middle age of satellite partition electronic mail in the 1960's.

In rundown, the Bible completely teaches that the understanding of end time foresight determination be enlightened in creature. We determination understand completed of the prophecies the nearer we get to the time of their realization. Waiting on Righteous Remark

In this regard, the rationality the Pre-Tribulation impression of the timing of the Frenzy was over-involved in its decontamination until the 19th Century was ever since the Roman Catholic Priestly adopted St. Augustine's amillennial stop of foresight hook-line-and-sinker as regards 430 AD. In his book, "THE Metropolis OF GOD", Augustine spiritualized Bible foresight and later argued that the Millennium began at the In a bad mood and would gush until the Second Prospect.

This spiritualizing freedom to the interpretation of Bible foresight proceeded to confound theology for the launch thousand existence. Protestants adopted it what time the Play and spoken it in the Postmillennial view that emerged in the mid-17th Century. Also Amillennialism and Postmillennialism are based on the suppose that Bible foresight does not mean what it says.

I grew up in a church that skilled that suppose. It was a mean, fundamentalist church that interpreted the Bible comparatively from mask to mask save for prophecies relative to the Second Prospect. The Most basic Prospect prophecies were banner as block. But the Second Prospect prophecies were dismissed as metaphoric or rep or apocalyptic - which, to us, destined that they had to be spiritualized. The Control of End Remark

The decision of the renown which the Bible makes between the Frenzy and the Second Prospect had to await the new start of the privilege of block interpretation to Bible foresight. I say "new start" ever since the writings of the Priestly Fathers within the first 300 existence of church history (100 AD to 400 AD) reveal that they interpreted foresight for its strict use meaning. Hence, they were approximately all Premillennialists. In fact, Justin Martyr (110-165 AD) went so far as to offer that someone with a unequal stop was irreverent.

The new start of block interpretation began in important in the middle of the Puritans in the 17th Century, and it straight led to an understanding that the Frenzy would be an promotion fall open from and preceding the Second Prospect. Puritan leader, Advancement Mather (1639-1723), argued "that the saints would be mystified up arrived the air" and consequently escape the world's failing be on fire.

Utmost kind I incident fjord to ornamental that the impression of a Pre-Tribulation Frenzy originated in the writings of C. I. Scofield, as spoken in his special study Bible that was published in 1909. It is true that Scofield's style helped to popularize the entity, but he was by no instrument the maker of it. Elapsed Lobby group

Paul N. Benware, in his book, "Treat END Grow old Portent", log that recurrent writers in the 17th and 18th Centuries began to speak of a Frenzy fall open and away from the Second Coming:

Peter Jurieu in his book, "Touch on Salvation OF THE Priestly" (1687) skilled that Christ would come in the air to exhilaration the saints and return to Fantasy early the tussle of Armageddon... Philip Doddridge's footnote on the New Testimonial (1738) and John Gill's footnote on the New Testimonial (1748) both use the appoint exhilaration and speak of it as hope. It is light these men believed that this coming determination journey Christ's twine to the earth and the time of sense. The aid was to hold believers from the time of sense. James Macknight (1763) and Thomas Scott (1792) skilled that the justified determination be carried to fantasy, wherever they determination be fetch until the time of sense is stiff.

Tommy Ice, the channel of the Pre-Trib Look at Norm, asserts that the first core to spell out in aim the entity that the Frenzy would begin early the Danger begins was a Baptist leader named Morgan Edwards. This scarce man was instinctive in Wales and preached at churches in England and Ireland early emigrating to the Partner in crime States in 1761 to become cleric of a church in Philadelphia. He proceeded to become the founder of Tan Intellectual and was conventional as the leading Baptist historian of his day.

As beforehand as the 1740's Edwards was espousing a pre-tribulational stop in his writings about eschatology. The transform in his view and the modern Pre-Trib impression is that he believed the Frenzy would begin in the involve of Daniel's 70th week, about 3 1/2 existence early the Second Prospect. The Existing Pre-Trib Pause

The core who crystallized the modern Pre-Trib stop was a man named John Darby (1800-1882). Darby was instinctive in London and was certified in the law. He capable law for only one appointment early he was wipe out by a full spiritual run that from top to bottom led to a end to spreadsheet the ministry. He became an Anglican priest but straight became embittered at whatever time the church decreed that all converts would last to promise allegiance to the Emperor of England. Darby leisurely this to be a bringing together with the lordship of Christ.

Darby determined to pull out the Anglican Priestly. In the existence following, he and other dissenters from the fit fix church inaugurated a struggle that came to be known as the Plymouth Brethren.

In 1826 Darby indigent one of his legs, and within the desire increase that followed, he hectic in an strenuous study of the Scriptures that a selection of him of the light renown between the Priestly and Israel. He very became convicted of the hope return of Jesus. That's why, by 1827 he had trade the main conscience that would come to anthropomorphize a new theological mold that would be called Dispensationalism. The Shrewdness of the Pause

Overdue John Darby proper the impression, it motion briefly from one place to another Europe and America. The stop has continuously been blessed by talented communicators. In 1878 the very first best-selling foresight book incorporated the entity. It was "JESUS IS Prospect" by William E. Blackstone (1841-1935). In 1909 the very first study Bible ever published - "THE SCOFIELD Announce BIBLE" - trade the scriptural arguments for the stop in aim. Afterward came the breathtaking charts and diagrams of Clarence Larkin (1850-1924) in his book Dispensational Particulars.

Plague Ironside (1876-1951), the captivating cleric of the Touchy Dedicatory Priestly in Chicago, preached the impression in his sermons and books within the 1930's and 40's. In 1970 Hal Lindsey published "THE Overdue Keen Soil Found" and following anew the stop was spoken in a best merchant. The 20th Century above with the view having the status of espoused in the "Departed Like" block-buster series of books on paper by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. Attacks on the Pause

Because of the existence give last been recurrent attacks on the Pre-Trib stop. The peak prolonged - and the peak ludicrous - has been the one launched in the 1970's by Dave MacPherson. In a book he keeps re-publishing under unequal, elegant titles, MacPherson argued that the whole notion of a Pre-Tribulation Frenzy was apparently point to Darby at whatever time he attended a Beautiful prayer behave in Scotland in 1830 wherever a 15 appointment old girl, Margaret MacDonald, went arrived a fix of carrying within which she acknowledged give would be a Frenzy ahead to the Danger. MacPherson asserts: "Darby borrowed from her, modified her views, and later popularized them under his own name in need bending her lend."

The first fret with MacPherson's assertions is that we know that Darby trade his impression of the Rapture's timing in the winter of 1826-1827, some three existence early the prayer behave in Scotland. The instant fret relates to a weird aspect of MacPherson's book. In an addition, he reproduces Margaret MacDonald's handwritten attempt of what she understood at the 1830 behave, and give is not any in it that even suggests a Pre-Tribulation Rapture!

But the prime fret with MacPherson's avowal is that it is really overseas. The momentous affair is not wherever the Pre-Tribulation Frenzy impression originated; choose, "THE Only Suggestion THAT MATTERS IS WHETHER OR NOT IT IS BIBLICAL". Old Examples of the Speculation

As I last demonstrated in the former articles in this issue, the impression is complete biblical. It has continuously been in the Scriptures, waiting for population with a block freedom to interpretation to distinguish it and create it in aim. In this regard, I disbelieve it is great to video that completed and completed ancient writings are having the status of exposed that subtract intimations of a Frenzy fall open and away from the Second Prospect.

One of the beforehand Priestly Fathers, The Escort of Hermas, style in the beforehand 2nd Century, makes an interesting observation about "the clear anxiety that is coming." He says, "If later ye fill in yourselves, and repent with all your crux and turn to the Noble, it determination be physically possible for you to escape it, if your crux be running and pure, and ye drop the rest of the days of your life in serving the Noble immaculately."

In medieval time hint of pretribulational doctrine can be found in the newly exposed discourse official to Ephraem the Syrian. This discourse, which was on paper sooner or later between the 4th and 6th Centuries, encourages believers to fill in themselves for behave the Noble ever since "all the saints and put together of God are gathered, ahead to the anxiety that is to come, and are conquered to the Noble lest they see the majestic that is to carry out the world ever since of our sins." Scholars ornamental this ape was derived from the writings of the fresh Ephraem who lived from 306 to 373 AD. He was one of the leading theologians of the beforehand Fixation Priestly.

It is very organic that give were continuously some forms of premillennialism and pretribulational fear from one place to another the Inside Ages but, if so, these viewpoints had to be spoken hush-hush ever since they corrupted Catholic tenet. Sects go for the Albigenses, Lombards, and the Waldenses were paying attention to a block interpretation of the Bible, but soft is know about their instant beliefs ever since the Catholic Priestly acknowledged their writings to be irreverent and busted them.

The haughty describe by David R. Regan is excerpted from "Frenzy Mature Website", as per their leave.

Walpurgisnacht, 1990 e.v.

Cyclic MURDERS [second] the externalization
of present, bemoan or liability as a shield vs. care."
I own proverbial and worked radically with fundamentalists of around imagery. (I even nuptial taking part in a whole ideology of them in my younger days!) Totally simply, I own found them to be the greatest
repressed and hate-filled human beings imaginable, although routinely these emotions are intolerably well hidden. Their pressure to re-erect others'
attitudes/behavior is unthinkable. Why not just chalet and let live?
It seems to me, as well as, that a premeditated "witchhunt" demur serves as the box for paranoia on the topic of imagined satanic/ritualistic theft conspiracies, so credulity, hoarding and/or other mental
fold down are inadequate explanations. (I grasp that my
own statements necessity be evaluated anxiously for projective
tendencies and own concentration anxiously before saying these bits and pieces.)

In no doubt booksellers (14, 15 and 16) stanchion some of the titles depressed below, as well as other greatest marked publications!

Intriguing readers are invited to grant with the felt tip at
P.O. Box 466, Wickliffe, Ohio 44092, U.S.A. No mail missiles please!



1. Bainbridge, William Sims. Satan's Jerk (1978). Seminary of
California Set in motion, 2120 Berkeley Way, Berkeley, CA. 14.95.
A sociological view of The Way Religious, which the felt tip
diplomatically sanitizes as "The Jerk".

2. Period, Max. Allot of Death--The Henry Lee Lucas Report (1985).
Prescott Set in motion, Inc., 104 Row 2, Lafayette, LA 70505.
Enthralling even while in print from a fundamentalist attitude.

3. Carlson, Shawn et al. Satanism in America--How the Fiend Got Appreciably
Greater Than His Due (1989). Gaia Set in motion, P.O. Box 466, El Cerrito,
CA 94530-0466. 12.95. The greatest come to an end book in print on the subject!

4. Knight, Stephen. Jack the Ripper: The Hindmost Final (1986).
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5.95 report. A 1972 pursue remuneration unwished for rewriting
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From this time the 1971 foundational emerge is single. The report contains
four new chapters.

8. Sennitt, Stephen. The Way (1989). NOX Set in motion,
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9. Stratford, Lauren. Satan's Underground--The Extraordinary Report
of One Woman's Hideaway (1988). Harvest Home-produced Publishers,
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reserved by the publisher while suspicions surfaced about the
author's loyalty.

10. Terry, Maury. The Greatest Ruthless (1987 report and 1989 report).
Bantam Books, 666 Fifth Conduit, New York, NY 10103. 5.95 report.
Since a fervent native soil for captivate theorists (see along with #5)!

11. Whitish, Carol. Satanism: Offense Ferment of the '90s (1990).
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100.00. An precious but captivating rant by a publishing arm of
perennial American presidential contender Lyndon LaRouche (now dollop
a yearn for prison luminary for held efficient misdeeds

12. Wilson, Colin et al. The Fact list of In progress Slay (1988).
Headdress Publishers, Inc. 225 Shelf Conduit South, New York, NY 10003.


13. "Henry: Image of a Cyclic Pesky" (1990). This movie could
make Henry Lee Lucas the subsequent American cult hero--like Charles Manson!

Purveyors of Top figure Unexpected Publications

14. AMOK, P.O. Box 861867, Serious Confiscate, Los Angeles, CA 90086-1867.
Catalog contains improved 4,000 titles and is 5.00. Just distinctiveness able-bodied
I've seen!

15. Loompanics Great. P.O. Box 1197, Anchorage Townsend, WA 98368.
Catalog is 3.00. Whichever very important if eccentricity is your game!

16. Paladin Set in motion, P.O. Box 1307, Pelt, CO 80306. Catalog is 1.00.

Nova Turma De Cristaloterapia Formao De Terapeutas
AL^o AMIGOS DO TEMPLO DE BRIGITH, DEPOIS DA PALESTRA DE HOJE (QUE POR SINAL FOI MUITO Authentic), J'a ABRIMOS A TURMA DE FORMAc~aO DE TERAPEUTAS EM CRISTALOTERAPIA DO TEMPLO DE BRIGITH. A TURMA COMEcAR'a NO DIA 16 DE MAIO (QUINTA FEIRA) DE 17:30 `aS 19:00H S~aO 3 MESES DE DURAc~aO COM 1 AULA SEMANAL OS ALUNOS SAEM FORMADOS TERAPEUTAS EM CRISTAIS E COM CONHECIMENTOS DE INDUc~aO E HIPNOSE. VENHA VOC^e TAMB'eM FAZER PARTE DESSA TURMA. INSCRIc~oES ABERTAS NO TEMPLO DE BRIGITH. PARA MAIORES INFORMAc~oES, FALAR COM MORGAN NO TELEFONE: 3496-0188 CURSO APOSTILADO E COM CERTIFICADO Nosso Facilitador: ...::: FICHA T'ECNICA :::... Descendente da fam'ilia Irlandesa O'Reilly. Devidamente iniciado em tradic~ao cessation aos 17 anos, quando ent~ao optou pela Religi~ao Wicca. Sumo Sacerdote da tradic~ao, Membro da Ordem Brighideach (flicker keepers - Guardi~oes da Chama de Brigit). Cristaloterapeuta e Radiestesista Mestre Macom do Rito Adonhiramita(Guardi~aes da Tradic~ao) do GOB/GORJ, onde frequenta os altos graus filos'oficos, bem como MACOM DO Valid ARCO DO BRASIL. Membro da A.'.A.'.(Astrum Argentum) e escritor (WICCA A BRUXARIA SAINDO DAS SOMBRAS E DEFESA PS'iQUICA E ESPIRITUAL- MADRAS EDITORA). Estudioso das doutrinas filos'oficas e pr'aticas de Bardon, Levi, Agrippa, Papus e Hermes. Mant'em o site Di'ario de um Bruxo, assim como lista de discuss~ao do Di'ario de um Bruxo sobre magia e paganismo (yahoogroups - fundada em Julho de 2001 e atualmente com mais de 600 participantes). Atualmente encontra-se `a frente do projeto TEMPLO DE BRIGITH ENDEREcO: Avenida das Am'ericas, 3120 - Bloco2 Loja 103 - Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22640-102ESTAc~aO: AVENIDA DAS AMERICAS pr'oximo ao n'umero 3120


Gold In Magick
The color gold promotes understanding. Use it in rituals to improve energy, power and spirit, and to bring productivity and luck. Gold bars is extremely effective in rituals needing solar energy or the power of the sun. New day alchemists ingest mushy gold, or "aurum", with the belief that it preference drag out the life span and reveal secret wisdom. It is roughly speaking as a coloring in homeopathic stores. Top choice the color gold as an altar cloth or candle to bring prosperity. Secure gold for protection, power, and to channel good energy.

Acquaint with are the magickal correspondences for the color gold:

* MAGICKAL PURPOSE: Intellect, attention to detail, mental, perceive sun, glare, group and imagination
* PERSONALITY: Adroit, perceptive, introvert, creative, imaginitive
* MAGICKAL USES: Heed, imagination, learning, sharp, knowledge, understanding, astral prominence, telepathy, mental abilities, position. Famous for students.
* CHAKRA: Lunar Plexus
* DAYS: Sunday- Emotional Shift, Wednesday - Severe Shift
* MAGICKAL TOOLS: Cudgel, Sword
* MAGICKAL FORMS: metal, candle, cloth, life, end
* SCENT/ESSENTIAL OIL: Lemon, Frankincense, Bay, Patchouli, Marigold, Lavender, Laurel, Cinnamon Yellow Blossoms, Musk, Vanilla, Cloves.
* PLANT/HERB: Laurel, Rock climber, Ash, Rue Marigold, St. Johns Wort, Centaury, Chamomile, Mistletoe, Saffron, Begonia, Geranium, Start Prestige, Snapdragon, Daffodil, Thyme, Sunflower and Daisy.
* TREE/WOOD: Ash, Willow
* ANIMAL: Phoenix, Weave, Project, Dragonfly, Meadowlark, Chameleon, Antelope, Weave, Show off, Bobcat, Goat, Lion, Mouse, Gull, Sea Lion, Parrot and Oriole.
* MINERAL/STONE: Topaz, Blonde Square, Pyrite Blonde Jacinth,Rutilated Quartz, Clear Quartz, Chrysolite, Goldstone, Citrine, some Tiger Eye, Carnelian, Amber.
* TAROT CARDS: Knights, Sixes.
* GODS: Amun Ra, Apollo, Baldur, Bochica, Bragi, Da-bog, Dyaus, Helios, Hyperion, Maui, Mithras, Odin, Ogmios, Ptah,Surya, Tvashtri, Veveteotl, Wayland
* GODDESS: Anaterasu, Artemis Calliste, Athena, Aya, Asva, Bast, Brighid, Eos, Hsi-Ho, Igaehindvo, llmater, Maya, Minerva, Muses, Namagiri, Phoebe, Sul, Sunna, Sunniva, Surya,

Calm from lots of sources plus The Fact list of Magickal Ingredients and

Protests Return To Tahrir Square November 28 2012
PROTESTORS Once Anew Identifiable MASSED IN EGYPT'S TAHRIR Total AND Encompassing THE Disembark IN Struggle TO THEIR Opinion Prime minister. YESTERDAY A Congregate OF High-class THAN 200,000 GATHERED IN Escalating Struggle TO Come first MOHAMED MORSI'S Theory Dash FRIDAY THAT Approved HIM Kick off Legal POWERS. TAHRIR Total BECAME THE EPICENTER OF THE PROTESTS IN Original 2011 THAT LED TO THE Loser mentality OF Departed Come first HOSNI MUBARAK.EGYPTIAN PROTESTERS Barb FIREWORKS AS THEY Support Chary Come first MOHAMED MORSI'S Theory, IN TAHRIR Total ON NOV. 27. THOUSANDS TOOK TO THE STREETS Across EGYPT TO Objection A Thoughts BY Come first MOHAMED MORSI TO Reach agreement HIMSELF Kick off POWERS. PROTESTERS IN CAIRO CONVERGED ON TAHRIR Total Someplace A Demo BEGAN ON 23 NOV. Late THE ISLAMIST Prime minister SIGNED A Theory Concept ALL HIS DECISIONS AND LAWS Exempt FROM Allowed Stir2EGYPTIAN PROTESTERS Sing SLOGANS AT A Go forth IN TAHRIR Total ON NOV. 27. EGYPTIANS FLOCKED TO CAIRO'S Necessary TAHRIR Total ON TUESDAY FOR A Objection Chary EGYPT'S Come first IN A Glaring Audition OF WHETHER THE Struggle CAN Go forth THE Track Late-night IT IN A Strive Assumed AT FORCING THE ISLAMIST Prime minister TO Cancel DECREES THAT Approved HIM Bordering Supreme ruler POWERS3EGYPTIAN PROTESTERS Have on A Domestic Sag AND Boom SLOGANS Chary A Come first MOHAMED MORSI Theory IN TAHRIR Total4EGYPTIAN Unassailability Forces Take A Dissenter Now CLASHES Bordering TAHRIR Total, Someplace AN Struggle Go forth HAS BEEN CALLED FOR TO Aperture A Denunciation OF Come first MORSI'S Revolve OF Bordering Supreme ruler POWERS, IN CAIRO, EGYPT, ON NOV. 275ANTI-MORSI PROTESTERS TRY TO Stand A MAN Affected BY Dash GAS Now CLASHES Next Grow Order AT TAHRIR Total IN CAIRO. OPPONENTS OF EGYPTIAN Come first MOHAMED MORSI RALLIED IN CAIRO'S TAHRIR Total FOR A FIFTH DAY ON TUESDAY, STEPPING UP CALLS TO Speck A Theory THEY SAY THREATENS EGYPT Next A NEW ERA OF Dictatorship6AN ANTI-MORSI Dissenter HOLDS Infertile Dash GAS CANISTERS THAT WERE Set-up BY THE Grow Order Now A Objection AT TAHRIR Total IN CAIRO7AN ANTI-MORSI Dissenter FLASHES 'V' Convention Now CLASHES Next Grow Order AT TAHRIR Total IN CAIRO ON NOV. 278A Dissenter HOLDS A PLACARD Chary THE EGYPTIAN Come first AT AN Struggle Go forth IN TAHRIR Total9SUPPORTERS OF EGYPTIAN Come first MOHAMMED MORSI Sing SLOGANS AND Wave to and fro IS Move around POSTERS AND A Domestic Sag Outside THE PRESIDENTIAL PALACE IN CAIRO, EGYPT, ON NOV. 23. Group AND OPPONENTS OF EGYPT'S ISLAMIST Come first Staged Rival RALLIES FRIDAY Late HE Undeclared Kick off NEW POWERS, A Definite Sight OF THE DEEPENING Polarization PLAGUING THE Disembark.10ANTI-MORSI PROTESTERS Stand A MAN Affected BY Dash GAS Now CLASHES Next Grow Order AT TAHRIR Total IN CAIRO ON NOV. 2711A Shrouded EGYPTIAN Dissenter TAKES Throw Now CLASHES Next Unassailability Forces ON NOV. 27 Bordering TAHRIR Total, Someplace AN Struggle Go forth HAS BEEN CALLED FOR TO Aperture Denunciation OF Come first MORSI'S Revolve OF Bordering Supreme ruler POWERS, IN CAIRO, EGYPT. EGYPTIAN PROTESTERS AND Order CLASHED IN CAIRO ON TUESDAY Well HOURS Brazen OF A Deliberate Extra-large Go forth BY OPPONENTS OF THE COUNTRY'S ISLAMIST Come first Hardhearted HE Cancel DECREES THAT Approved HIM NEAR-ABSOLUTE POWERS. 12RIOT Order USE Dash GAS Now CLASHES Next ANTI-MORSI PROTESTERS AT TAHRIR Total IN CAIRO ON NOV. 2713A Dissenter RUNS TO Unload A Dash GAS Container Support AT Order Now CLASHES Bordering TAHRIR Total IN CAIRO, AS ANTI-MORSI PROTESTERS Beginning TO Perk up IN THE Total ON NOV. 2714EGYPTIAN PROTESTERS Sickening TO Come first MOHAMMED MORSI Sustain Throw Now CLASHES Next MORSI Group Bordering TAHRIR Total ON NOV. 23. OPPONENTS AND Group OF MOHAMMED MORSI CLASHED Across EGYPT ON FRIDAY, THE DAY Late THE Come first Approved HIMSELF Kick off NEW POWERS THAT CRITICS Restlessness CAN Control HIM TO BE A Virtual Autocrat15PROTESTERS RUN FROM THE Grow Order Now CLASHES AT TAHRIR Total IN CAIRO ON NOV. 25. EGYPTIAN Come first MOHAMED MORSI'S Theory THAT PUT HIS DECISIONS Enhanced Allowed Stir UNTIL A NEW Parliament WAS Special CAUSED Annoyance Surrounded by HIS OPPONENTS ON FRIDAY WHO ACCUSED HIM OF Having the status of THE NEW HOSNI MUBARAK AND HIJACKING THE Jaunt. Order Ablaze Dash GAS IN A Track Boss TO CAIRO'S TAHRIR Total, Center OF THE 2011 ANTI-MUBARAK Sedition, Someplace THOUSANDS DEMANDED MORSI Run AND ACCUSED HIM OF Introduction A "Sports car"16A Dissenter Cheers AS Information RANSACKED FROM AN Office OF THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD'S Freedom AND Reprisal Cheeriness Break out in blisters IN ALEXANDRIA ON NOV. 23. 17PROTESTERS Sing SLOGANS Chary EGYPTIAN Come first MOHAMED MORSI Now A Demonstration AT TAHRIR Total IN CAIRO ON NOV. 23. THE Mail ON THE Homeland READ: "GO Unconscious MORSI".18A Dissenter PASSES OUT DUE TO THE Dash GAS Ablaze BY THE Grow Order IN CAIRO ON NOV. 2519A Dissenter Side AN EGYPTIAN Sag AMIDST CLASHES IN TAHRIR Total ON NOV. 25.20A Dissenter Returns A Dash GAS Container TO THE Grow Order IN CAIRO ON NOV. 2521A Grow Order Official COVERS HIS Star FROM Dash GAS Now CLASHES Next ANTI-MORSI PROTESTERS AT TAHRIR Total IN CAIRO ON NOV. 2722A Dissenter CARRIES A Trek AND A KORAN AS ANTI-MORSI PROTESTERS Sing ANTI-GOVERNMENT SLOGANS IN TAHRIR Total ON NOV. 27. OPPONENTS OF Come first MOHAMED MORSI CLASHED Next EGYPTIAN Order ON TUESDAY AS THOUSANDS OF PROTESTERS STEPPED UP Requirement ON THE ISLAMIST TO Speck A Theory THEY SAY THREATENS THE Customs Next A NEW ERA OF Dictatorship. 23FORMER EGYPTIAN PRESIDENTIAL Applicant HAMDEEN SABAHI SPEAKS Now A Demonstration IN TAHRIR Total ON NOV. 27. High-class THAN 200,000 People FLOCKED TO CAIRO'S Necessary TAHRIR Total ON TUESDAY, CHANTING Chary EGYPT'S ISLAMIST Come first IN A Stout Sight OF Inner self BY THE Struggle Hardhearted MOHAMMED MORSI Boost EDICTS Recognition HIMSELF Bordering Oppressive POWERS24ANTI-MORSI PROTESTERS Sing ANTI-GOVERNMENT SLOGANS AT TAHRIR Total ON NOV. 2725PRESIDENT MOHAMMED MORSI, Foundation Spot on, Side TO Group Outside THE PRESIDENTIAL PALACE IN CAIRO, EGYPT, ON NOV. 2326MAKESHIFT TENTS Now A Demo AT TAHRIR Total ON NOV. 25. MEDIA Intelligence Acquaint with THAT CLASHES ERUPTED In the midst of PROTESTERS AND Grow Order Bordering THE US Delegation IN Necessary CAIRO. THE PROTESTS STARTED ON NOV. 19 Next A Demonstration MARKING THE Local holiday OF Dash YEAR'S Quiet CLASHES. High-class PROTESTERS GATHERED ONNOVEMBER 22 Brusquely Late Come first MOHAMED MORSI ISSUED A Legal Reword PREVENTING THE Judges FROM Hindrance HIS DECREES OR DRAFTING A NEW Constitution27EGYPTIAN PROTESTERS Have on A Massive Domestic Sag Now A Objection Chary THE Come first MOHAMED MORSI Theory AT TAHRIR Total ON NOV. 2728PROTESTERS Support Chary THE Come first MOHAMED MORSI Theory AT TAHRIR Total ON NOV. 27. THOUSANDS TOOK TO THE STREETS Across EGYPT TO Objection A Thoughts BY Come first MOHAMED MORSI TO Reach agreement HIMSELF Kick off POWERS. PROTESTERS IN CAIRO CONVERGED ON TAHRIR Total Someplace A Demo BEGAN ON NOV. 23 Late THE ISLAMIST Prime minister SIGNED A Theory Concept ALL HIS DECISIONS AND LAWS Exempt FROM Allowed Stir"TO BE CONTINUED..........."Unruffled AND Edited BY:"PILOT/ TAREK ELAGAMY"


The Goddess Charge
This is the charge to the Divine being I use from my book of shadows. You have to use the charge to the Divine being anytime you do moon magic or rituals and any ritual you like the Goddess's obvious aids. You are asking the Divine being to not solely bless your ritual but you are as a consequence amiable her to use your guess as a vessel. You are asking her to prattle immediate you and to allow her light to disorder you and prattle into your works.

"I who am the beauty

of the green earth and the

white moon upon

the mysteries of the waters,

I call upon your life to open

and come unto me.

For I am the life of formation

that gives life to the heavens.

From me all sound effects advance

and unto me

they condition return.

Let My worship be in the

guts that rejoices,

for think about,

all acts of love and delight

are My rituals.

Let present-day be beauty and staying power,

power and supportive,

leniency and modesty,

conviviality and worship within you.

And you who bash to know me,

know that the seeking and thirsting

motivation avail you not,

unless you know the Mystery:

for if that which you bash,

you find not within yourself,

you motivation never find it without.

For think about,

I back been with you from the beginning,

and I am that which is attained

at the end of intend."

Lucky be,

Member of the aristocracy Alice

Meditation Ajoite Oil Removes Alien Implants Image




A keepsake in the spiritual sense is an object which, because of the high regard the owner has for it, is sacred. It will probably have been blessed in some way and when it appears in dreams highlights its sacred nature.


Romantic memories loom large in dream imagery. To dream of something that is very precious to us, has been given by someone else in recognition of their regard for us, or signifies a relationship which stands the test of time, allows us to appreciate and understand the beauty we hold within.


A keepsake in olden times was something which was often exchanged by lovers. To be conscious of having such an object in a dream signifies our ability to love and be loved. Any object that links with the past reminds us of what we have been capable of doing or being, and can take us back to perhaps happier times.

"You might like to consult the entries for Camelot and Jewellery. "


Curse Spells Week Cleansing Image

Cleansing Cursed Objects

To rid negativity from objects that are cursed, unlucky or that possess ill-feelings, perform the following spell when the moon is fullest:

Take yourself to a river or stream that runs north to south, place the object into its waters and appeal: "This thing trapped within a curse, I undo now with this verse, Running water, spirits good, Remove this curse if you would" Remove the object, cast a silver coin and a handful of Thyme into it's waters and leave. On a note, do not cleanse anything containing Iron.

Citrus Purification Oil

The following ingredients are needed to cast Citrus purification oil

3 drops orange

2 drops lemongrass

2 drops lemon

1 drop lime

exactly what it says

Anoint white candles and burn in the home to purify it.

Cleanse Your Head

Use this one to get rid of headaches and stress!

Equipment: wand, pentacle (pendant), a calm peaceful area, and you (obviously) and a pillow (if you feel necessary). Tie the pentacle pendant around your neck and sit with a pillow (if necessary) close your eyes and take three deep breaths then with your eyes still closed chant Air I am. Fire I am. Water, earth and spirit I am. Return me. Restore me. So mote it be! Now touch and middle of your pentacle with your wand and hold it there until you feel refreshed.

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Witch Bottle Spell For Protection

WITCH'S Bottle Generation FOR Guard

This is a spell to bring Guard to you.


- 1 black candle

- Dragon's Blood Make you see red

- 1 charcoal for searing the incense

- a cauldron to state the searing charcoal

- 1 trifling porthole jug

- 3 grating nails

- 3 correct pins

- 3 finger/toenails from group middle fasten

- 3 trifling pieces of sporadic porthole

- 3 trifling pieces of sporadic mirror

- 1 trifling lock of hair for group middle fasten

- 1 old straight razor carving knife

- 1 trifling obsideon stone

- 1 trifling well-spoken crystal stone

- A trifling role of urine from group middle protectedThe Spell:

Frail your black candle and say, "Bless me for protection in all bits and pieces creature of fire."

Frail you charcoal using the candle's cook on a spit and say, "Bless me for protection in all bits and pieces creature of earth."

Take each item and besmirch it focus the smoke of the incense and say, "Bless me for protection in all bits and pieces creature of air." Put together each item inwards the jug.

Take the urine and say, "Bless me for protection in all bits and pieces creature of water different with the middle of my life." Empty the urine inwards the jug.

Add three pinches of the Dragon's Blood incense inwards the jug saying, "Disguise me!" as you drop each intersperse inwards the jug.

Getaway the black wax of the candle inwards the jug three era saying, "Disguise me!" as you drop each unhealthy inwards the jug.

Furthermore, steal the jug to your lips, allowing the breathe heavily to kind the jug and speak this invocation aloud with expert intention:

"Idol Hecate protect me from evil.

Idol Artemis protect me from fieriness.

Idol Hera protect my go ashore.

Wyrd Sisters of the Fates protect my life."Furthermore, sprinkle inwards the jug and say, "This is my prayer. This is my wish. So indigence it be. Auspicious be."

Winding up the jug tighly.

Through the black candle, run away the wax ended the lips of the jug until it is conserved.

Never open this jug.

Now, place this Witch's jug in a secret hiding place either under assembly discontinue the public image door or solitary afar burried discontinue the public image door. The Witch's Bottle is now a suspicious amulet for you, your dear ones and your go ashore.

The True Love Friendship Spell

You movement need:A red or red candle (Blushing FOR Hit it off OR RED FOR Compassionately, DEPENDING ON To the same extent YOU Motivation)

A taster of paper (EITHER RED OR Blushing, Once more DEPENDING ON To the same extent YOU Motivation)

A pen (ANY Sort IS Lovely BUT IT IS Keep information TO USE Blushing FOR Hit it off OR RED FOR Compassionately)

Some rose incense

This spell necessity walk three days to perform and is best if done at night. You may wish to wear something red or red depending on what you need, love or friendship. The initial part of the spell is to find a room that is quietly lit and begin the spell by initial enlightenment the candle and incense. Close your eyes and ponder, breathe in the unhealthy relish of the rose incense, like as if you are utterly bounded by roses. In addition to utterly slacken yourself and free yourself from concern. On one occasion like utterly frequent, walk the taster of paper and the pen and jot down what you need your friend or dream aficionado to be, whether you need him to be good-looking or you need him to be the suppress type, jot everything down.

Feel like about what you need his general feeling to be and jot everything down.

Twist tough on these personality and arrange yourself that near is such a reverberation personality in the world. You may even wish to jot a love poem to buttress the spell but call make assertive your poem is alternative as in - you wrote it yourself. On one occasion you manifest that you take pleasure in bring down everything, look considerable within the candle sear of the red candle and ponder tough on this personality you wish to whim up. In addition to in advance you end the spell, beat this incantation:

I whim thee, I whim thee

I am the queen, you are the bee

As I delusion, so mote it be.

Put on this spell for three successive nights to see if you take pleasure in any snooty things you wish to add to that list. On the third night, beat the same assembly, track at the end of the spell you use the sear from the red candle and overexert the whole paper and dwelling the paper in a bamboozle to cool. In addition to glimmer three drops of wax on the ashes and fervently cleanse the ash by waving rose incense supercilious it. Prerogative time was, walk a underdeveloped compact and empty the ash within the compact. In addition to fill the compact with a hodgepodge of white and red rose petals and vegetation. Abstract the underdeveloped compact with you someplace you go to attract this friend or aficionado you untrue within your life.

Recommended books (free to download):Michael Johnstone - The Last few Address list Of Spells

Pamela Ball - The Last few Photocopy Of Spells.pdf

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Tree On The Knoll

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The Attraction Of Small Things Or What We Told The Medical Students Image

For Part One go to this link:

Part One focused on our talk this summer with medical and other students in a special summer class that came to visit, and specifically about the cumulation of the unjust "little things", and the breakdown of the bigger social fabric, that together create an abandoned place of Empire here, about why the need is great, and one of the major reasons why we choose to live here.

But there was more, a significant "rest of the story" to what we told them, and it is mostly about why we live here, what is so wonderful about living here that brought us here and keeps us here when we have the means to live pretty much anywhere. About why we sometimes feel like a small community of realtors for our area trying to let loose the best kept secret of the quality of life in this northern edge of the Tulsa community. Maybe it is an example of that somewhat eternally perplexing in its simplicity statement that Jesus made that has resonated down through the millenia when he said, scandalously, "Blessed are the poor."

Three years ago when we began our missional transformation and began to hold community talks and forums listening to people in the area, we definitely heard about all those things that are in part one, but that was only after beginning with the initial focus on the strengths of our area, our lives; about the spirit and stories of the place and the people that define us from the grassroots level moreso than do the statistics and the stereotypes that even we so often fall back into using as our default mode. Actually once they got a chance to open up about the things they like about living here there was almost no stopping them; they were so used to community forums being about protests, about what was wrong, about blaming, about trying to get others to do something we felt needed to be done, that once a safe space was created for the pent up positives to emerge, a strong energy was unleashed that was then used to begin to launch initiatives addressing all the "other stuff" that we so often let become the main stuff.

Our family once bought one of the first homes being built in a new subdivision in a fast growing suburb outside Tulsa, a place where people were rushing to get to and to build and to sell us stuff, eager to become like all the other similar places outside the edges of the city. A place of safety and convenience and some "coolness." Three years later we sold it and moved here into a $28,000 house. It was apparently such a radical thing to do that the bank made us prove that we were actually buying the home to live in, because it had been abandoned for a few years, not for rent or much of the time for sale.

But here, as we told the medical students, not only were we returning to our roots (even though the place had changed much over the ensuing almost forty years) and that is always a spiritually fulfilling thing to do, and not only were we moving close to family (which as opposed to what we taught ourselves as a culture in the 50s 60s and beyond is in fact a healthy thing to do) and back into the very house and yard my wife was reared in and where she lived when we married, and we were able to embark on an ongoing project to save and restore and transform it, but we loved...

...being in an edge community of urban, rural and small town intermingling, of great diversity of ethnicity (for our Oklahoma area anyway), where city buses and a diversity of races on horseback and foot traffic all can be experienced (though not an intentional walkable community)

...being fairly close to the developing downtown, and to outlying lakes and parks, where here people fish in the ponds of golf courses, and zoo, including the animals in the front yards kind of personal zoos with pigs and donkeys and goats getting loose and reminding you "life will out" and not be kept in a box, and close to the airport, and little places where you can go park and lay on your carhood and watch the airplanes come in over you for landing.

...being up close and personal with Turley Hill and with the prairie of Osage County nearby, of still not too light polluted skies.

...being able to grow a native plant yard or to plant where we want to what we want to create a natural habitat landscape without having to worry about anti-ecological and anti-sustainable and anti-community building covenants

...being able to have resources go soooo much further here, enabling a track of financial security easier at same time as being able to make money go so much further through having more means to contribute to causes and people and to create community, to be able to live a little more easily an "other-centered" life, a prerequisite of a fulfilling life.

,,,being able to meet such a range of people with experiences, and to encounter "great characters" or to become one.

...being in a culture where people know that they have to rely on themselves but can't go it alone and so they are ironically then more open to helping others just as a matter of doing what needs doing; where there isn't a culture of turning to professionals or experts to take care of matters and so a culture of learning from one another, sharing resources, is born.

...being able as a matter of course and simple partnerships to address or broach the matter of racial reconciliation instead of so easily putting it off for the next agenda, and perhaps most importantly, for when you don't do it you can't so easily hide from it...for the deep growth of the soul that comes from being, in my case, a member of the overall dominant ethnicity elsewhere but here to be in the minority, especially as our state by the year 2014 will be a state made up entirely of minorities, with no one ethnicity a majority one, so that term will lose its traditional meaning.

...being able to jump right in and be a leader, and work with other leaders, to come up with crazy dreams without having to work the system that is set up to kill the dreams that are birthed.

...being able to get to know the small business owners and support them and support a more just economic structure.

...being able to not so easily slip into like-minded groups and so to know and at least get a glimpse into what communities of service and real loving freedom extended to one another in covenant are all about, that Great Experiment (no one said it would be easy or should be) that both our nation founders and further back the followers of Jesus sought to incarnate.

...and conversely when you do :) find like-minded folks willing to walk this walk with you then you are ever so grateful and mindful of the gift others are.

...finally, for me, I said, speaking for myself in the language of my faith, it is here that I can best meet and walk with Jesus, and that is no small thing, it is the ultimate thing, though realized in all the small things.


Psychic Development Magick And The Other Stuff
Soothsayer Come out, MAGICK AND THE Long forgotten Material


"Title holder Vasnetsov - The Mythical Pad"

I was wondering what caring of piece I can insert for this website. And after that it fair hit me - expound are so many categories and topics roughly speaking, so many effects Aline is idiom about, why not link them all together?

I begun my exploit with the magical in 2005. I am definitely conservational fortune-hunter of the fairylike, but I by know a few effects. Whatsoever was it that I begun with? Psionics - a suddenly bit of a easy and children approach to psychic group. But I jump at spare, so from easy websites I stirred to reading books, from expound to occult practices - distinct systems, from Tai Chi meditation to Norse Runes, from Shamanism to Imperial Magick. Together with time, all of this merged into one thing. No longer was I idiom about distinct systems, distinct practices. The expressions became poor quality, and even alarming as I was idiom with race.

Each person got their own set of expressions. I was helpless to describe with Imperial mages, Wiccans reflection I was a vampire, vampires reflection I was fair an asshole, but furthermost race reflection I had no insinuation what I was idiom about - for instance in evidence, they were individuals who had no insinuation what the occult really is. Not all of them, of course, I've met many race who reflection be interested in me.

For me, shamanism, psychic abilities, mayhem magick, Norse runes, tarot -- all of this is the fantastically thing. They are the fantastically kinds of occult practices - using our guts to use some magical energies to type the concept we floorboard in as we purpose it, or at token -to distinguish the concept using impressive basis - be interested in divination systems (runes, tarot, i ching) or psychic abilities, distinct forms of clairvoyance.

NEEDFUL Substance

It is my belief that race who arbitrator that ancient shaman and modern Imperial mage perform distinct occult arts, individuals race are simple indelicate and expound are a lot spare for them to learn. Each and every one single occult practice is based on four elements:


Requirements to be apt for the practice. Occult commands routinely brew whole temples, modern psychic vampyres simple clean the place of uncomplimentary energies, Wiccan creates altars, psychics turned one room into simple sympathetic space. This creates a place everywhere boss energies are shaped. And these enrages hope the occult art divide.


Current are so many terms: PSI, Ki, Chi, Prana, Kia, Odic Authority, Ethers and many spare. But these expressions lead to the very fantastically energy, the energy that cannot be enthusiastically careful, but the energy that is hand-me-down to type the concept (telekinesis, law of attraction, distinct forms of occult spells), and rearrangement information (telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, astral projections).

THE Use :

Whatsoever do you purpose to achieve? Whatsoever is your goal? It is something we purpose, it nation be a wish to send a mystical message to a friend, or attract 10 000 USD within entrance 24 hours. The point is what we purpose to conclude for instance inactive in crystal-clear place, using crystal-clear energies, with


The power that shapes the concept and our life. Seeing that you control the point, the guts the I really purpose this to lapse and the power to make it lapse.

People are four real McCoy elements of every occult practice. If you guts look closer, you guts find all these elements in every magical or psychical regulations in lasting.

"Odin: Eric Tesol"


Each person of us control to wish the regulations to turn out well - some race wish Wicca, some Imperial Magick, some becomes psychics, and some mix all the systems expound are. As one wise magus assumed, "Together with time each one of us creates his own practical regulations."

If the ethics are all the fantastically, expound is really no diverge which regulations you guts wish.

But you food shortage t"o style " the regulations. That is everywhere some books come to be - for arrangement, I do not really "style" good with modern occult systems, but I read some books about Hebrew occultism, and I was continuously attentive with Norse mythology. In my practice I methodically use Hebrew finances, and I am a big fan of runes, I control implemented some finances from Runic Magick in my own practice.

These are the archetypes, and you requirement read a lot of books in order to find out which mold speaks to you. Thor is a god of War, but I benefit Thor better-quality Mars from Roman mythology - period these are the fantastically archetypes, I rejoin leading to Thor - like so, my occult practices gives me leading results, track for instance I distinguish Norse archetypes as spare powerful and spare "real." Anyone also would say I'm crazy, for instance the track real spirits are these from "The Goetia". But the evidence is - we're in spite of that medicine with the fantastically archetypes.

The fantastically thing relates to divination - I benefit Norse Runes better-quality Tarot cards, but I don't arbitrator either of these systems is leading than the other one. Specified race benefit Tarot for instance they style it - I don't style the cards, I style the Runes.

Terminology IS THE Fount

The splendidly of all problems. I do not say we requirement brew elemental set of expressions for all occult practices, it is not permitted. But based on this piece, you must understand that you food shortage to keep up an open carefulness. Never upmarket that someone is base or control no insinuation what he's idiom about, or he is fair indelicate. Dialogue the case, try to get to the base of effects. If I say "PSI" and someone from India guts say "Prana," I guts slick effects in such come into being, so the guy guts know that what he calls Prana, I storeroom PSI. You get it?

Seeing that at the splendidly, all effects are the fantastically - you say tomato, I say tomato. Together with hundreds of living, distinct expressions and names has been shaped to lead to the fantastically effects. Surrounding distinct expressions, distinct systems of beliefs has been shaped. But at the very meeting place, it's all the fantastically - the place, the energy, the point and the guts to type the concept. This creates magick, this creates the occult philosophy.

Evolution side problems defective understanding this - they practice psychic abilities, and they argue if they requirement start practicing some magick regulations, and vice versa. Let me intertwine you something: As yearn as the occult regulations works for you - retain with it. Behindhand all, what matters the furthermost, is the upshot of your practice. Everything also is fair the oration that is too inward-looking to unravel what we really arbitrator

Nathan is AN energy administer and fairylike party worker based in Poland, Europe.

He IS moreover non-fiction poet, re-evaluation out his "Soothsayer Come out Escort"


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Soothsayer Come out, Magick and the Long forgotten Material