Gemstone Therapy Cover
As a jeweler and healer I work with gemstones all the time and I have come to see a certain resonace with a particular stone when I am stressed or feeling a bit down…..usually rose quartz or red coral!

When I wear these stones I tend to feel calmer and better and many of my customers have told me they do the same too! With much of their encouragement I thought why not share with you the power of gemstones that I often share with them when they come to me to consult a piece.

Gemstones are powerful not only for their aethetics but for their inherent earthy energy that they pass to you when you use them in everyday living.

My clients have asked me to help them create jewelry or charms that help them to face whatever current challeges are occuring in there lives.

Gemstone therapy is an alternative technique for strengthening the body and resolving issues and patterns. Gemstones are used as guides that focus on energies and help individuals to get in touch with the universal forces that surround them.

The gemstones are conduits of energies that are already present and are amplified and tuned for a person’s use, not misuse.

Gemstones carry vibrational rates and by placing these vibrational rates within the aura – your aura’s vibrational rates also change.

The simplest way to practice gemstone therapy is to wear gemstone beads around the neck. The intention of the person wearing the gemstones strengthens the process but is not necessary…..stay posted for Stone Medicine…an article featuring gemstones and there specific properties of healing... Bless

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Healing Meditation The Sword Of Light Cover
To be used for physical trauma, wounds, infection or the like; can be modified to fit individual circumstances.

Sit comfortably or lie down, as you prefer. [Do a grounding and centering exercise such as the "Tree of Life".]

Close your eyes and visualize yourself being surrounded by a gentle mist. This mist is warm and comforting, and has a golden hue to it. Feel the mist, the warmth and moistness of it. You notice the color gradually changing to become silvery. The light does not come from any single source; it is just all around you. The light is gradually becoming brighter and brighter.

As the mist dissipates, you find that you are in your special sacred spot. Maybe this is a sacred grove deep in the primordial forest, or a stone circle under the full moon, or a crystal cave deep within Mother Earth. Wherever you are, you know it is a place that is completely safe, And where you can relax totally. Feel the joy of being in this special place, and the peace within you that it brings.

It is time now to allow your spirit body to step out of yourself. You can look down and see your body as it is lying or sitting in its sacred place.

Know that it is perfectly allright for you to do this; your body will Remain safe. Take a few moments, before the next stage of your healing journey, to look at yourself from the outside. Feel a sense of loving acceptance of yourself and all that you are, including whatever pains and shortcomings you may possess... Know that you are where you need to be right at this moment, and that all is as it should be.

Now your spirit body begins to shrink very fast. From your perspective, it Is as if your real body were growing to the size of a small mountain. You leap into the air and fly effortlessly towards your body. You are heading towards the side of your neck. You are now so small that it is easy for you to slip through one of the pores in your skin. In you go, until you encounter a large, glowing red tube which is one of your arteries. This is where you must go, and there is no difficulty in passing through the wall of the artery. You have entered a wondrous world of flowing life-energy. You can hear all Around you the pulsing beat of your heart, moving this precious fluid all through your body. [This would be a good time to have a drummer begin a heartbeat rhythm, if this is possible.] You may pause for a few moments at the inner wall of the artery, to accustom yourself to this new environment and to the rushing power flowing all around you. Now coming toward you is one of your red blood cells, and it is just the right size for you to sit upon. You step on to this friendly cell and settle comfortably on it, before it resumes its journey down your bloodstream. Though you are traveling very fast, there is no need to worry about falling off your seat; you are settled in it very snugly. Throughout this journey, you are constantly aware of the beauty and wonder of your body. Feel the essential health and balance that is there all around you.

But now you come to a place where all is not in balance, the place you have come to help heal. There is disruption and chaos all around, and the color of your surroundings is no longer vibrant, and healthy, but angry and dull.
You can see there are invaders in your body intent upon harm. You can sense the wrongness in these invaders their colors are varied but overall dark and constantly shifting. Watch for a few moments as your body's defenses struggle against them. Sparkling, brilliant white globes are engulfing and destroying some of the invaders. These are your white blood cells. Also in the battle are tiny strips of what looks like shiny tinfoil.

These are your antibodies, and they fly against the invaders and overwhelm them. [Drumming can intensify at this point.]

After watching this chaotic struggle for a few minutes, you feel that you must join. You are not sure of how you can help, but suddenly a Sword of Light appears in your hand. This is a very special sword, and it is glowing brightly.
It is so bright that if you were looking at it with your real eyes you would have to look away. You can feel the power in the sword, for it is actually part of you. The energy in the sword is your own life energy, and you can feel it humming. With a fierce protective urge you leap forward and join your body's defenders as they battle the wrongness. You are quickly surrounded by some of the invaders, and they are terrible. But there is no fear, and your Sword of Light dissolves them at the slightest touch. Whole-heartedly you join in the battle, helping your body to heal itself. You notice that some of the invaders are leaking an oily fluid into your body, fouling your precious bloodstream. You can reach out with your Sword of Light and the oil changes at once into the crystal-clear Water of Life, spreading healing energy through the damaged area.

[pause for some length of time before continuing]

You have helped your body in its healing, and now it is time to allow it to do its work. Your Sword of Light vanishes before your gaze, and you once again climb aboard your red blood cell, and resume your travels through the bloodstream. Now your coach pulls you to the side of the artery, and you dismount. Be sure to thank your red blood cell for carrying you as it vanishes into the pulsing stream. Leave the artery now, and go back out the way you came,
[end drumming] out through your neck, and now you are growing again, growing, growing until you are your normal size again. Your spirit body must now return into your real body. You are again safe in your sacred space. Know that you can return here any time you need to, and that your Sword of Light is always available to help in your healing.

Again you are surrounded by mist, first bright silver, then gradually darkening to a golden shade. When you are ready, you may open your eyes.

[Note: some may be uncomfortable with the "battle" paradigm used in this meditation, and might wish to change the scenario accordingly. Personally, I find this kind of "battle" cathartic.]

May be freely distributed. May it benefit all beings.

Created and written down by Richard Darsie (

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Vervain Verbena Officinalis Cover
Vervain Verbena officinalis Vervain is an all-around excellent herb for herbal healers. It is used as an aphrodisiac, for bronchitis, for the common cold, for cramps, to relieve fluid retention, to cure eye diseases, to reduce fever, for hemorrhoid relief, to cure insomnia, to relieve itchy skin, for getting rid of kidney stones, to destroy parasitic infections, to relieve red blood cell deficiency, for rheumatism relief, to reduce swelling, to cause sweating, to expel mucus from the lungs, to induce vomiting, for pain relief, to cure ulcers, and to aid the body against uterine disorders. Side effects There are no known side effects, though large doses have been linked to cause seizures and paralyze the central nervous system. Drug interactions Do not take Vervain when taking blood thinners, as it may counteract these drugs. General warnings You should always consult a doctor before using herbal medicines when pregnant or nursing. Do not take vervain if you have asthma or any seizure disorder or if taking blood thinners.

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Reading Tea Leaves Cover
In the old days, a Romany woman would read a housewife's tea leaves in exchange for a refreshing cuppa and a few old clothes. Sometimes a Gypsy Queen, dresssed in her finest and laden with all her jewellry, would preside over a special tea-drinking party for a few favoured clients. The best bone china and lace tablecloth would be brought out to impress upon the Rawnies (ladies) the importance of the occasion - and how privileged they were to be invited. No doubt the fee for the teacup-reading was suitably increased to fit the occasion.

It is not only tea leaves that can be used for this type of reading: coffee and cocoa grounds, or anything that leaves a sediment in the cup, can be used in the same way. If you prefer teabags, you can of course break open the bag before making the tea in the usual way. This should ensure that a good pattern is left in the cup, but if you do take the trouble to make a good old-fashioned pot of loose-leafed tea, you will also have the extra bonus of a truly satisfying taste.

One drawback with reading the teacups is that is is all too easy to fall into the habit of reading the cups at every tea break, which tends to belittle this method and turn it into a parlour game. But as long as it is used with respect it will give excellent results.

Most authorities state that the cup should be plain white and shallow, but I have never found that the shape of the cup was important, nor that a patterned cup adversely affected the reading. Indeed, Romanies have always dislkied plain white china, preferring it to be richly decorated.

source" Magic by Patrinella "

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For A Life Filled With Sunshine Cover
St. John's Wort, a golden flower that smells like turpentine, is regarded as an emblem of the sun.

Light an orange candle and place a bunch of St. John's Wort beside it. Make a wish, then hang the bundle of flowers over an entrance door to your home. Leave the candle to extinguish itself. It will bring you your wish and ward off evil too.

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The Four Leaf Clover The Lucky Clover Image
How my older sister could find them so easily has always been a mystery to me. All she would have to do is walk past a group of clovers in a park and then reach down and grab a four leaf clover out of the millions of choices available.

Some people have the gift with this one, whereas for me finding one is almost impossible.

"The Four Leaf Clover" is sometimes referred to as "The Lucky Clover" or "The Lucky Leaf"

To many the symbology of the Four Leaf Clover means a lot, good luck, a national icon or a spiritual blessing. Whatever the symbology you use we all can agree that if one does find them there really is a mystery to it when it happens often. With that being said my sisters luck in other means is not the best, however she has her good health and well being, whether or not the luck passes on with others that spot them that is another question up to debate as well.

As a estimated fact is that it is believed that there is approximately 10,000 three leaf clovers out there in clover patches for every one four leaf clover in a clover patch. This suggests that the FOUR LEAF CLOVER is an rare mutation or variation of the common, three leaved clover.


According to traditional stories, the four leaf clover is said to help bring good luck to their finders like my sister, especially if found easily, quickly or spontaneously. The legend is that each leaf represents something different -

* Faith
* Hope
* Love
* Luck


The four leaf clover can be used in many ways and is used today in many ways. It can be seen and used in necklaces, pendants, photo frames, tattoos, earrings and many more. Each said to help bestow the four properties above upon the wearer and holder of the item.

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