Wonders In The Sky And Nonsense In The Book
David J. Hufford, Professor Emeritus of Humanities and Psychiatry, Penn State College of Medicine and Adjunct Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania provides the forward to Jacques Vallee's and Chris Aubeck's book (pictured above).

Professor Hufford is erudite and insightful.

Here are some examples from his Foreward:

I [Hufford] was pursuing the heretical idea that folk belief traditions might actually incorporate accurate observations...

[Vallee in his books, Anatomy of a Phenomenon and Passport to Magonia] recognized the difference between the core phenomenology of [UFO] reports and the local language and interpretations that clothed that core in traditional accounts.

Criticizing conventional UFO investigators for "confusing appearance and reality" [Vallee] said that "The phenomenon has stable, invariant features....But we have also had to note carefully the chameleonlike character of the secondary attributes of the sightings.

The willingness of [Vallee and Aubeck] to cast a very wide net, andn ot to allow the particular cultural interpretations of events to limit their view, offers us a remarkable opportunity to seek patterns that may lead to new understandings.

Those with a view of these matters narrowly focused on a particular interpretation, especially the extraterrestrial idea, may be annoyed by the mixing of the aerial and the religious, the political and the mystical and more.

The problem with "spaceship" is not that it is anomalous; it is that it is an interpetation rather than an observation.

But Vallee and Aubeck undercut these judicious remarks by Professor Hufford by making these comments in their Introduction:

We will show that unidentified flying objects have had a MAJOR [sic] impact not only on popular culture but on our history, on our religion...

...the fact would remain that an unexplained phenomenon has played and continues to play a fantastically important role in shaping our belief systems, the way we view our history and the role of science.

...their [UFOs] impact has shaped human civilization in important ways.

Vallee's and Aubeck's hubris astounds.

UFOs have never had a "major" impact on humanity or civilization or history or religion.

The phenomenon has always been a remote and peripheral aspect of societal life, of human existence.

UFOs, today, are as inconsequential to humanity and society as a whole as they have always been, despite Vallee's insistence that UFOs have been and are integral to life on Earth.

Vallee's view is egocentric, megalomanic almost.

His view typifies that of those, generally, who are absorbed by the pheonomenon.

Irritated by Stephen Hawking's postion vis a vis UFOs - "I am discounting reports of UFOs. Why would they appear only to cranks and weirdos?" - Vallee and Aubeck don't get it:

The persons seeing UFOs are not cranks and weirdos. Hawking is wrong. The people who study UFOs are the cranks and weirdos - Vallee and Aubeck among them.


Source: witchnest.blogspot.com

Pulp Fantasy Library Quest Of The Starstone
While C.L. Moore created numerous characters over the course of her decades-long writing career, her two most popular creations are the medieval French warrior Jirel of Joiry and the futuristic ne'er-do-well Northwest Smith. I've written about both of them before in this space and with good reason. I consider both Jirel and N.W. to be among the most memorable characters of pulp fantasy, right up there with John Carter and Conan. These characters are not only interesting in their own rights, but very influential to boot, becoming prototypes for later fantasy and science fiction characters (It's pretty clear, for example, that Northwest Smith served as a significant inspiration for George Lucas's Han Solo).

Given their popularity with "Weird Tales" readers, where both Jirel and Smith first appeared, it's little surprise that the two characters would eventually appear side by side in a single story. "Quest of the Starstone" was that story, published in the November 1937 issue of The Unique Magazine. This story was not written solely by Moore, but was a collaboration with Henry Kuttner, whom Moore would marry in 1940. Consequently, the story isn't, in my opinion, as good as the others about these characters, nor as good as later collaborations between Moore and Kuttner. That might be because the pair hadn't quite worked out the best way to combine their distinct talents, which gives "Quest for the Starstone" a "choppy," uneven feel. Moore's stories are usually brooding and introspective and, "Quest for the Starstone" is more of a straightforward romp and evinces a lot more humor than is typical in Moore's singular works.

What makes the story interesting, though, is its story, which I think nicely demonstrates how much our conceptions of "fantasy" and "science fiction" have changed over the last three-quarters of a century. As the story begins, Jirel is pursuing the warlock Franga in medieval France. Among his many magical artifacts is reputed to be the Starstone, which grants its possessor uncanny luck. Jirel succeeds in wresting it from Franga in a memorable exchange:

"Ha, behold it!" she screamed to the unanswering stone. "Son of a fiend, behold it! The luck of the Starstone is mine, now a better man has wrested it from you! Confess Joiry your master, you devil-deluder! Dare you show your face? Dare you?" Over that empty corner the shadow swept again, awesomely from nowhere. Out of the sudden darkness creaked a door's hinges, and the wizard's voice called in a choke of fury, "Bel's curse on you, Joiry! Never think you've triumphed over me! I'll have it back if I-if I- If you-what? D'ye think I fear you, you hell-spawned warlock? If you-what? Me you may not fear, Joiry," the wizard's voice quavered with fury, "but by Set and Bubastis, I'll find one who'll tame you if I must go to the ends of space to find him-to the ends of time itself! And then-beware!"Since I've already revealed that this short story details the meeting of Jirel and Northwest Smith, one need not guess whom Franga will choose as his champion. Using his sorcery, the warlock travels to the future and finds Smith and his Venusian sidekick Yarol in a seedy tavern on Mars. It's in this section that Moore's melancholy writing comes to the fore, as she describes Smith's dissatisfaction with his life as an interplanetary smuggler. She also has him sing a few stanzas of the song "The Green Hills of Earth," a song whose title Robert Heinlein would borrow a decade later. Just then, Franga appears and makes Smith an intriguing offer:

"Are your services for hire, stranger?" quavered a cracked voice speaking in a tongue that despite himself sent Smith's pulses quickening in recognition. French, Earth's French, archaic and scarcely intelligible, but unquestionably a voice from home. "For a price," he admitted, his fingers closing definitely on his gun. "Who are you and why do you ask? And how in the name of- It will reward you to ask no questions," said the cracked quaver. "I seek a fighting-man of a temper strong enough for my purpose, and I think you are he. Look, does this tempt you?" A claw-like hand extended itself out of the shadow, dangling a double rope of such blue-white pearls as Smith had never dreamed of. "Worth a king's ransom," croaked the voice. "And all for the taking. Will you come with me? Come where? To the planet Earth-to the land of France-to the year of 1500." So far as I know, this is the only time that the date of Jirel's time is ever explicitly mentioned in any of Moore's writings, which seem to make it canonical, but I must admit that the date doesn't sit well with me, mostly because Jirel's adventures "seem "to occur in earlier time. Regardless, Smith agrees to Franga's offer, mostly out of boredom, and he's instructed by the magician to steal the Starstone back from Jirel if he wants his reward and his way back to the future. The remainder of the story deals with what happens once Smith meets Jirel of Joiry and discovers that the situation into which he's been thrust is not quite as simple as he'd been led to believe.

As I said above, "Quest of the Starstone" isn't a great work, even by the standards of pulp fantasy. I like it nonetheless, since it reveals the much higher degree of permeability between literary genres in the past. Perhaps more precisely it reveals that, once upon a time, "fantasy" was a very broad genre, one that encompassed much more than wizards and dragons and included Martians and spaceships, too. Out of that broader conception of fantasy did games like "Dungeons & Dragons "grow, with its many references to Barsoom and robots alongside its reference to Conan and Balrogs. I won't say that I think nothing has been gained by stricter conceptions of genre, but I will say that I think some things have been "lost".

My Own Psychic Drama In Life
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37 Mantles Foreshadowed

2 Kings 2:9 (KJV)

9 And it came to pass, when they were gone over, that Elijah said unto Elisha, Ask what I shall do for thee, before I be taken away from thee. And Elisha said, I pray thee, let a double portion of thy spirit be upon me.

2 Kings 2:13-14 (KJV)

13 HE TOOK UP ALSO THE MANTLE OF ELIJAH that fell from him, and went back, and stood by the bank of Jordan;

14 And he TOOK THE MANTLE OF ELIJAH THAT FELL FROM HIM, AND SMOTE THE WATERS, AND SAID, WHERE IS THE LORD GOD OF ELIJAH? and when he also had smitten the waters, they parted hither and thither: and Elisha went over.


The outer garment in Bible times, was a large robe which served the purpose of an overcoat. It is made of sheepskin with the wool still on it, of goat's hair, or of cotton. It was dark brown, different shades and having whitish stripes.

The robe or loose mantle was thrown over the other parts of the dress. It served as shelter from wind and rain, and as a cover at night. It was common sight to see a man walking even on a hot day with his heavy mantle. For the mantle that kept out the cold of winter, kept out the heat of summer.

This mantle with which Elijah smote and parted the waters of Jordan became the property of Elisha (2Kings 2:8-13). The three young men who were cast into the fiery furnace were clad in their mantles as well as their tunics and other garb (Dan. 3:21).

The act of Elijah, conveying a double portion upon Elisha, by throwing his mantle upon him, has made the subject of 'mantles' to be of spiritual discussion for centuries since. Even the popes of the Roman Catholic church have borrowed the ceremony in the ordaining of archbishops, seeking to invest them with church authority, by sending him what is called by them, a pallium, pall, or cloak.

This pallium was not much like the mantle, actually, for in Zechariah 13:4, and 2 Kings 1:8, we see that the original mantles were rough or hairy garments. The pallium or pall was made of white wool. The nuns of St. Agnes, annually, present two white lambs on the altar of their church. The lambs are later to the pope's sub-deacons, who send those lambs to pasture till shearing time. They are then shorn, and the pallium is made using their wool. The pallium is then placed on the high altar on the supposed bodies of Peter and of Paul. This becomes to them, like the mantle of Elijah, only to them this having been upon what is supposed to be the body of Peter, is supposed to pass the power they afforded Peter, and feel it is invested into the successors.

No, that is not the teaching of the 'gift' of the mantle. There is a mantle that God can share with us, and we can gain blessing from its bestowment.


Did Jesus wear a literal mantle? Famous artists have painted pictures of Jesus, and have not always given an letter-perfect view. Upon His head He must have worn the turban. It was probably white, and fastened under the chin by a cord, and came down to the shoulders over his tunic.

His tunic, His underneath apparel, was of one piece without seam. It was of value, This tunic had probably been given to Him by one of those women who "ministered to Him of their substance."

Over this He wore the mantle which was unsecured and flowing. This mantle was not white, for it became white during the transfiguration. It was not red, for that was only the military color, It may have been blue, if it were of the cotton type, or it may have been white with brown stripes if it were sheepskin.

John 13:4 (KJV)

4 He riseth from supper, and laid aside his garments; and took a towel, and girded himself.

Jesus laid aside his garments, i.e. His outer garment. (Matthew 5:40) This was his mantle, which is also said to have been without seam. It was customary to lay this aside when they worked. So, this mantle was even worn by our Lord. The significance of the mantle, and of its typical meaning should be discovered, so as to understand what this gift of the Spirit is.



Christians have a promise of a 'double portion'. Elijah and Elisha took a long walk. Elijah was preaching his last set of sermons, to some 'schools of prophets' in various communities. The lessons taught teach us yet today. There was a double portion blessing that Elisha wanted to have, and he needed a teaching to illustrate to him how one gets a double portion of God's power.

When they walked through Gilgal (II Kings 2:2) Elijah told Elisha, 'tarry here, I pray thee, for the Lord hath sent me to Bethel.' But Elisha told Elijah 'I would not leave thee.'

When they walked through Bethel, a bit more advanced group of prophetic students, Elijah also told Elisha to remain there (II Kings 2:3-4). Elisha would not, but continued on with Elijah, for Elijah had prophesied that he would be taken up, and Elisha wanted to be there when that happened.

When they came to Jericho, (II Kings 2:4), Elisha would not stay there either, though requested to do so. The ones there were a bit more spiritual, and also knew that Elijah was to be raptured. A group of 50 of them followed a bit far off, just wanting to see what happened. When Elijah parted the Jordan, they were a bit far off to cross over with them, so they had to wait there, and did not see the rapture of Elijah.

Elijah then had the one prophetic student of the groups, that was the hungriest, most desirous of more. So, Elijah asked:

'Ask what I shall do for thee... I pray thee a double portion of thy spirit be upon me...'

So, Elisha asked for a double portion, and had already proven, he was not satisfied with what others had, but he wanted more.

The last day revival is a time when a double portion will be available for all, but some will not want it desperately enough. Many have not learned the key to receiving a double portion. The key is the 'mantle'.

How many Elisha's are there out there in this day? How many are like the 'sons of the prophets' that are apathetic, or at best curious enough to just stay close enough to see what is happening?

Elijah told Elisha, that if he were near when Elijah would be raptured, and caught his mantle, he would have as he desired. That would take some courage, for as the chariots of fire came near, and a whirlwind caught up Elijah, the normal human tendency would be to run and be safe. But, Elisha was courageous, and stood there, probably hoping he would get taken up too.

Some are like the prophets at Gilgal and Bethel, who did not even know about the rapture of Elijah that was to happen. Some like those in Jericho, knew, but only were interested enough to follow afar off. But Elisha wanted to be empowered, and the mantle represented that empowering.

The mantle was a blanket like garment. It was often shared by two as they would walk together, for it could be cold, and the two that were in fellowship together, would share the mantle for warmth, and be able to fellowship easily. The mantle therefore represents 'fellowship with God'. And God let Elijah pass on that 'fellowship' to Elisha. It became a double portion blessing to him.

It was not till Elisha had refused to stay at Gilgal, Bethel, Jericho and at Jordan's edge, that the offer was made. There are some today, in Christianity, around the world, that are pushing past the snares of the devil, the false doctrines of demonic doctrines, the lures of false prophets, the concerns of the cares of life, the lust for things and carnal mammon. These ones are being offered a garment of clothing beyond the normal blessings of all saints. This mantle experience, this double portion, is a closer fellowship with God. It is a walking daily in fellowship with the Lord.

Elisha was the only one who ventured to stay with Elijah. Some want to press on, and seek in the Word, study with the Spirit, pressing on through all the distractions, and come to a place where God is offering a mantle experience for the last days. We can see great examples of the faith, in the present, and in the past, and we can desire to have more. The key is a 'mantle' walk with the Lord.

Elisha knew of the great ministry of Elijah, and wanted more. Others were satisfied, complacent, apathetic, or at best, curious. Yet, Elisha was hungry, anxious, and requested this mantle experience. Some give up in trials, some 'stay put' when told to, some refuse to get so desirous of blessing and power, that they do not press on. This is still a request, when we ask for the mantle. But it is a request that shows by action that it is wanted desperately.

God wants us to be 'thoroughly furnished'... 'that the man of God may be perfect.' (II Timothy 3:15-17) The mantle experience is not just for an elite few, but for an anxious many. God would like if it all would desire it. God would have loved for all 50 on the other side of Jordan had had the same desire as Elisha. God would have loved the others in other towns to have followed, and requested the double portion. It was not God's will they were excluded, it was their lack of earnestness that lost their possible blessing.

Are you willing to be dishonored, despised, de-valued, hated, shunned, by others? Are you willing be the 'off-scouring of all things' (I Cor. 4:3) to others? If you have no ambition for self, no reputation to try to build, and are willing to just want to do more for God, to be more useful for Him, then you are able to ask and receive the mantle clothing.

David was a man 'after God's own heart.' This means that David wanted to know God's thoughts. Elisha wanted a double portion experience. What do you want?

Elisha was bent on getting that double portion, he was not indifferent. He had faith and labored toward that goal. He refused to be told 'no' by Elijah. He was patiend, bold, and determined.

God's blessing upon the person of Elisha was great, but add to that the mantle experience he was given, and it became an awesome wardrobe to wear. What are you wearing in this battle? We have the armor, we have the sword, and now, we can receive the the double portion mantle, and watch God work. Yet, few have the spiritual ambition that Elisha had.

Isaiah 64:7

"There is none... that stirreth up himself to take hold of Thee...'

Too often this is still the case. God calls us all to a double portion, and few step up to claim His gift. We can walk closer to the Lord, than we ever imagined. We can see God work miracles for us, and through us, if we are determined to keep closer fellowship with the Lord. He offers this mantle of fellowship, and that mantle allows the double portion blessings.

The day of Pentecost came as people had 'tarried until'. If you had to 'tarry until' the mantle experience would come, would you? Some cannot ask God twice for the same thing. They ask once, and if the answer is not there immediately, they cease trusting God, and look to do what they can for themselves. God wants us to seek, request, and keep on wanting great things from Him. He commanded that we 'ask largely'.

It is a lonely walk in walking past all the others who are not so inclined, as it was for Elisha. He passed by many other prophets who did not have the desire he had. God will not give the mantle to ones like those. But He stands ready to give out mantles to all who will push toward that goal, and claim the offered mantles.

Elijah cast his mantle upon him. The 'mantle' was used to be in fellowship with another walking along the same path. We are in fellowship with God, when He casts the 'mantle' experience upon us. Elijah and Elisha walked in fellowship as they walked toward the Jordan River. As we walk this pathway with Jesus, carrying our cross, we will be able to have this 'mantle-fellowship' with Him.



2 Kings 2:13-15 (KJV)

13 He took up also the mantle of Elijah that fell from him, and went back, and stood by the bank of Jordan;

14 And he took the mantle of Elijah that fell from him, and smote the waters, and said, Where is the LORD God of Elijah? and when he also had smitten the waters, they parted hither and thither: and Elisha went over.

15 And when the sons of the prophets which were to view at Jericho saw him, they said, The spirit of Elijah doth rest on Elisha.

The fellowship with the Lord, that the mantle represented, was obvious to others. He walked with God, had double the recorded miracles of Elijah. The fellowship he had with God provided many bestowments of power.




Hebrews 11:37-40 (KJV)

37 They were stoned, they were sawn asunder, were tempted, were slain with the sword: THEY WANDERED ABOUT IN SHEEPSKINS AND GOATSKINS; being destitute, afflicted, tormented;

38 (Of whom the world was not worthy they wandered in deserts, and in mountains, and in dens and caves of the earth.

39 And these all, having obtained a good report through faith, received not the promise:

40 God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect.

"They wandered about in sheepskins" What this refers to are the sheepskins dressed with the wool still on. This was like the mantle that Elijah wore, and which was afterwards used by Elisha. In the Septuagint, in 2 Kings 2:8-13, it says: "and Elijah took his SHEEPSKIN (mantle.) And he (Elisha) took the SHEEPSKIN of Elijah which had fallen from off him."

Many of the false prophets imitated this, in order that they might gain the greater credit.

Zechariah 13:4 (KJV)

4 And it shall come to pass in that day, that the prophets shall be ashamed every one of his vision, when he hath prophesied; neither shall they WEAR A ROUGH GARMENT TO DECEIVE:

The mantle of Elijah and of Elisha represented the walk of fellowship that we can and should have. In that time, some wore a hairy mantle to be perceived as a prophet. Today, many claim a fellowship walk with the Lord, but they do so to imitate the real. Some claim to be told things from God that are not from God, do not harmonize with the written Word of God. They tell people what to give to them, promise blessings that God never spoke for them, and pretend to be a real prophet of God. This is the same kind of pretense that many claimed in those past days, by wearing a mantle.



Exodus 22:26-27 (KJV)

26 If thou at all take thy neighbour's raiment to pledge, thou shalt deliver it unto him by that the sun goeth down:

27 For that is his covering only, it is his raiment for his skin: wherein shall he sleep? and it shall come to pass, when he crieth unto me, that I will hear; for I am gracious.

If ever one would take another's neighbor's garment in pledge, or if one ever enjoys the presence of the Lord felt via another who has a mantle fellowship with the Lord, they will find that the mantle experience is not to be gained by taking another's. The experience must be from God, must be a personal walk with the Lord. Another's walk can be shared for a short time, but when one leaves that person, the feeling they had of God's presence is gone. One must obtain the mantle fellowship from the Lord Himself to make it be a permanent possession.

Going to bed was an uncomplicated issue for the people of that day. Mats were used to lie upon, but the innkeeper did not provide any covering. Each person provided his own covering, i.e. his mantle. It was warm for even the coldest of nights. If he were sleeping outdoors, this covering was waterproof, and therefore far superior to our blankets of today. It was this outer garment, the mantle, that was a person's covering that the law did not allow anyone to keep this pledge or surety, for this would deprive him of his means of keeping warm while sleeping. Such a garment if taken, for a surety, had to be returned by sunset.

In the same way, the circumstances of life require that we keep our fellowship with the Lord, stay close to Him to warm us from life's cold, to shelter us from life's storms. We need the mantle fellowship. This mantle relationship with the Lord is something we should all desire. We need to walk closely with Him, fellowship with Him, stay close for His power, and His comfort, to be available as we need it in our ministries.


Chakra Scents
Merry Meet :))))) We've done quite a bit of work with our chakras. For those of you who may not be familiar, your chakras are energy centers in our body through which energy flows. When we keep our chakras cleared and balanced it can go a long way to how smoothly our life runs and how well we feel. Aromatherapy is one very powerful method of activating our chakras. Each chakra has various scents associated with it, that when we expose our noses to those scents it will help to open the chakra we are targeting and help it to allow the flow of energy throughout ourselves.

If you are aware of a particular chakra being blocked or causing you issues, you may wish to target that specific chakra. As a general maintenance you can expose each of your chakras to the corresponding scent to help keep them maintained. Being that there are seven main chakras, one excellent way to do this is to choose one scent each day, beginning with your root chakra and working your way up.

You can work with these scents in a variety of ways. One of my personal favorites is incense. I actually have a set of incense targeted specifically for the chakras. It's put out by HEM and is called Seven Chakra Incense. If you are interested you can pick up a box on Amazon for 3.99. This includes one incense pack for each chakra with 5 sticks of each in it. (35 sticks) Here's the link: Seven Chakras Incense. They also have a larger pack for 18.41 that consists of 12 sets of the full chakra set. (420 incense sticks) Seven Chakras Bulk

There are other methods you can use such as burning essential oils, misting sprays with the scents, candles, perfumes, roll-ons, etc. Below is a list of each of the chakras with some of their corresponding scents. You can mix and match as you please. :))) You will notice that some scents work for one or more chakras. You can use this to your advantage if you have more than one chakra you wish to work with. Make a custom blend of essential oils to work with those you wish to improve on. Always follow your intuition and use what works best for you.

Root Chakra (our basic needs, grounding, vital energy, security) - vetiver, patchouli, geranium, peppermint, cedar, clove

Sacral Chakra (reproduction, creativity, taking action) - peppermint, orange, jasmine, sandalwood, gardenia, rosemary

Solar Plexus (joy, personal power, self-confidence, clarity) - lemon, bergamot, chamomile, eucalyptus

Heart Chakra (love, true self, bridge between lower three and upper chakras) - lavender, rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, yarrow, marjoram

Throat Chakra (communication, expression) - eucalyptus, tea trea, chamomile, sage

Third Eye Chakra (intuition, knowing, dreaming) - frankincense, juniper, rosemary, mint, mugwart

Crown Chakra (higher intuition, connection to the divine) - sandalwood, frankincense, lavender, rose, spruce, lotus

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

"Put A Little Magick in Your Day!"Premium edition includes daily magickal correspondences, quotes, affirmations, tarot card, spell, and an article teaching you more about your path. :))) "


A Modern Angelic Grimoire By Fr Rufus Opus
This wanting depression web book (28 PAGES) is exactly a modern grimoire of rise known motto to accost the Archangels who manage complete the energies of the classic seven planets. It is a book innate out of frustration, according to its playwright, from not equally crushing to find this information all in one place.

The book begins with a breif history of grimoires. From here it follows the basic format found in other books of its type. The magick unfilled is Renaissance Magical intricate that unfilled in "THE MAGUS" by Francis Barrett and is from at the forefront the Fair-haired Shock leaning of affirm magick came happening equally. As a result it is extensively simpler to perform.

The book presents the "SPREADSHEET OF LAW", which is placed on the alter, and a crystal is placed in the core. Extreme implements hand-me-down are a wand, incense, and the imbue of the Archangel equally summoned. In vogue the imbue, the Conjuration is performed, and the Archangel is summoned happening the crystal on the Spreadsheet of Law. It is during that expression with the Archangel can comprise place. The conjurations are besotted from "THE ART OF DRAWING CONFIDENCE HAPPENING CRYSTALS" by Johannes Trithemius and are very simple and straightforward. There are no out of the ordinary words or unknown symbols oppressed about in the air with this. For live in who foothold a circumstances with Christianity, the conjurations may be a turn off so here is references to Jesus Christ and the Blessed Trinity. I use this is a product of the time in which this was in print, and live in who don't intricate it essential be crushing to unorthodox what they wish.

Dear any grimoire, the book has the list of each Archangel with its imbue and attributes. A In mint condition Angelic Grimoire is honorable a starting perception for Frater RO, as he has above and beyond in print a book called "THE NEO-PLATONIC BASICS: A WORKING OF THE EXPERIENCES AND REVELATIONS OF THE CONFIDENCE RECEIVED BY FRATER R.O." In this book, he takes the start he formed in A In mint condition Angelic Grimoire and forms a paper that goes deeper happening working with exorbitant influences, the Important Kings and Princes, Daemons, and the HGA.

I foothold found that time this leaning of magick is very tantalizing to for my part, in practice its a bit astonishing for me. I grip my circumstances derives from equally use to the G.D. way of work substance for so yearning, that my tending has a circumstances with the entity of honorable putting on a Saturate and saying a few words to summon a spirit happening a crystal. I foothold tried it a few era, and it never really felt factual. The have a disagreement were, shall we say, nonexistence to relax home about. I do not use this is a circumstances with the trade, but quite a circumstances with for my part and how I understand the way substance are done. For example, I foothold besotted the basic ritual and particularly the Supreme Invoking Training of the Hexagram put down with all the other G.D. "EQUIPMENT" and now it feels factual, and now the ritual works. Over, I use this is not a circumstances with the basic trade.

Fill with responsive in this book can find it at RO's site: http://www.rufusopus.com/products and services.htm

Anyway you may be responsive in RO's blog here: http://headforred.blogspot.com/

Harry Potter Opponent Works To Have Pagan Links Books Removed From Libraries
Badger Potter Adversary Workings to Possess Books Airy-fairy from LibrariesConviction.Net - Atlanta, Oct. 3-A beast who maintains that the Badger Potter books are an exercise to hammer children arrived witchcraft is meaningful her case for the flash time to hug them on sale from school libraries. Laura Mallory, a mother of four from the Laptop lab goes supersizeNewark Star-Ledger - Della, a tether of 512 Dell processors that has seemingly about 300 period the power of a exemplary desktop depot, Hillegas said. The SGI company's Altix system, dubbed Hecate for the Greek goddess take credit with the underworld, night and witchcraft OUR OPINION: Thumbs up, thumbs downValdosta Thesis Times - Mallory asserts that the books mass witchcraft. J.K. Rowling s Badger Potter, nonetheless, espouses the precise intrinsic worth that children would learn from reading Christian author C.S. Lewis Records of Narnia or J.R.R. Tolkien s Peer of the realm of the Upright fiberPublication Times - It is a pagan holiday. That personality said I don't see anything illicit with the kids wangle or treating, but I don't let my kids note any movies or read any books take credit with witchcraft or the occult in any way. These are real and destitution not be in demand Be Strictly Horrendous Superbreak s Yield of the Spookiest Post for WebWire - The expound transports audiences to a lavish land of wizardry, witchcraft, sorcery and spells, with Grammy victorious music, Tony victorious sets and costumes, and unusual special possessions. Family dispatch indictment from 397 per relations of four

D Is For
"[source: Wikipedia]"

* Dactyl (Greek) - Little people and smith and healing spirits


"D" by Wiccked on RedBubble

* Daemon (Greek) - Incorporeal spirit
* Dahu (France, Switzerland and the north of Italy) - like a deer or ibex with legs on one side of its body are shorter than on the other side
* Daidarabotchi (Japanese) - Giant responsible for creating many geographical features in Japan
* Daitengu (Japanese) - The most powerful class of tengu, each of whom lives on a separate mountain
* Daitya (Hindu) - Giant
* Danava (Hindu) - Water demon
* Daphnaie (Greek) - Laurel tree nymph
* Datsue-ba (Japanese) - Old woman who steals clothes from the souls of the dead
* Dead Sea Apes (Islamic) - Human tribe turned into apes for ignoring Moses' message
* Deer Woman (Native American) - Human-deer hybrid
* Deity (Global) - Preternatural or supernatural possibly immortal being
* Demon (Global) - From the Greek da'imon", chthonic entities of Hell mostly seen as evil minions of Satan who are bent on mankind's destruction; the counterparts of Angels.
* Demigod (Global) - Half human, half god.
* Dhampir (Balkans) - Human/vampire hybrid
* Diao Si Gui (Chinese) - Hanged ghost
* Djinn (Islam) - Genii
* Dilong (Chinese) - Earth dragon
* Dip (Catalan) - Demonic and vampiric dog
* Di Penates (Roman) - House spirit
* Dipsa (Medieval Bestiaries) - Extremely poisonous snake
* Dirawong (Australian Aboriginal) - Goanna spirit
* Di sma undar jordi (Gotland) - Little people and nature spirits
* Diwata (Philippine) - Tree spirit
* Dobhar-chu (Irish) - Dog-fish hybrid
* Do-gakw-ho-wad (Abenaki) - Little people
* Dokkaebi (Korean) - Grotesque, horned humanoids
* D"okk'alfar (Norse) - Male ancestral spirits; the Dark Elves
* Dola (Slavic) - Tutelary and fate spirit
* Domovoi (Slavic) - House spirit
* Doppelg"anger (German) - Ghostly double
* Drac (Catalan) - Lion or bull-faced dragon
* Drac (French) - Winged sea serpent
* Drakon (Greek) A snakelike creature with bat wings acidic breath and a paralyzing stare.
* Drakaina (Greek) - Dragons depicted with female characteristics
* Dragon (Many cultures worldwide) - Fire-breathing and winged (normally)
* Dragon turtle (Chinese) - Giant turtle with dragon-like head
* Draugr (Norse) - Undead
* Drekavac (Slavic) - Restless ghost of an unbaptised child
* Drop Bear (Australian) Large carnivorous koala that hunts by dropping on its prey from trees
* Drow (Scottish) - Cavern spirit
* Drude (German) - Possessing demon
* Druk (Bhutanese) - Dragon
* Dryad (Greek) - Tree nymph
* Duende (Spanish and Portuguese) - Little people and forest spirits
* Duergar (English) - Malevolent little people
* Dullahan (Irish) - Headless death spirit
* Duwende (Philippine) - Little people, some are house spirits, others nature spirits
* Dvergr (Norse) - Subterranean little people smiths
* Dvorovoi (Slavic) - Courtyard spirit
* Dwarf (Germanic) - Little people nature spirits
* Dybbuk (Jewish) - A spirit (sometimes the soul of a wicked deceased) that possesses the living
* Dzee-dzee-bon-da (Abenaki) - Hideous monster
* Dzunukwa (Kwakwaka'wakw) - Child-eating hag

Dzunukwa by Biffno on deviantART

Elements And The Tarot



The Elements or Transformative Processes that modify the animal signs repeat every five ears. They add qualities that reinforce or alter the year-animal's characteristics:


The element of metal makes things solid and clear. It gives form. Metal will make something more dependable, or, conversely, exaggerate its fixed or conservative qualities.


The element of water akes things flow, dissolving fixities. It makes a stubborn sign adaptable, but may make an adaptable sign overly diffuse.


The element of Wood marks beginnings. Its makes things open, firm and able to carry a load. Wood will fix a mercurial quality but ma intensify the tendency to materialism.


The element of Fire makes things adventurous and charismatic. It displays essential qualities but bay exhaust resources and intensify impulsiveness.

The Element of Fire teaches us about the dynamic power and energy of the life-force - the spark of Divine fire that resides in each and every one of us. This force calls us daily towards the light, and awakens us from our slumber.

Fire purifies, burns and destroys the 'old' so that the 'new' may emerge.

Creative fire teaches us spiritual fortitude.

The Lightening flash, the ultimate fire, brings unprecendented spiritual growth and soul illumination.


Stabilizes and realizes things. Its gives a methodical, reliable, and compassionate quality but can become very dull and plodding.



Coming Out As A Witch
Hi, what's a good way to tell sceptical friends and family you are a witch? Especially if you were once a sceptic, but never told anyone of your spiritual experiences. I've never before really been convinced either way, till now. Also I change my mind a lot, how do I convince them I won't change my mind over this? I don't want them to laugh at me or think I'm silly or being manic (I'm bipolar). I want them to accept it at least. I'm also bi and my parents don't really believe me on that either. They make me feel uncomfortable about it. I don't want this for my religion. I guess I'm asking for how to come out and convince people that I believe what I believe. I'm still extremely new, I just feel a connection.

Anyways, please help me! I could go on forever, but Ill stop now.

Thanks and I think I say now "blessed be." (Please tell me if I'm wrong).

Credit: i-love-witchcraft.blogspot.com

Traumfnger Einmal Anders Kruter Die Weisse Mistel Und Krebs
Wenn im Herbst die Bl"atter fast komplett von den B"aumen gefallen sind.....

dann kommt wie von Zauberhand die MISTEL zum Vorschein.

Volkst"umliche Bezeichnungen der Mistel sind Donnerbesen, Druidenfuss, Hexenbesen, Hexenkraut, Wintergr"un, Bocksbutter, Albranken, Vogelkraut oder Kreuzholz.

Leider ist sie meist sehr hoch oben und man muss schon suchen und erfindungsreich sein um diese zu ergattern.

Aber mit ein bisschen gutem Willen sind hohe B"aume f"ur wahre Kr"auterhexen kein Hindernis.

Was ich fr"uher immer als Vogelnester ansah, habe ich schon seit einiger Zeit als die ber"uhmte Mistel, die bei uns durch Asterix bekannt wurde, weil sie im Zaubertrank des Druiden Miraculix nie fehlen durfte, erkannt.

Das K"ussen unter in Wohnungen aufgeh"angten Mistelzweigen geh"ort zu denWeihnachtsbr"auchen in den USA, und ist von dort nun auch zu uns gekommen.

Ebenso findet der Mistelzweig eine symbolische Bedeutung in der germanischen Mythologie.Der Gott Loki t"otet Balder, den Sohn Odins und Friggs, indem er dem blinden H"odr einen Mistelzweig auf den Bogen spannt und auf ihn zielen l"asst.Misteln sind Balders "Achillesferse", da alle anderen Elemente der Erde geschworen haben, dem sch"onen, jungen Gott nichts zu Leide zu tun.Misteln sind in allen Asterix-Comics ein Bestandteil des vom Druiden Miraculix gebrauten Zaubertranks.Erst die Misteln verleihen dem Trank und letztendlich den Galliern unglaubliche Kr"afte zur Verteidigung des letzten, von den R"omern noch nicht eingenommenen Dorfes.

WEISSE MISTELgeh"ort zur Familie Loranthacea - Viscum album

PLANETENHERRSCHER: Mond oder Uranus je nach Tradition in der Wicca

TEMPERAMENT: phlegmatisch


ORGANE: Magen, Herz und Blukreislauf, Lymphe

EIGENSCHAFTEN: kalt und feucht

FUNKTION: Ausstossung


g"unstigste Erntezeit: M"arz und April, aber auch November, Dezember


Die Weissbeerige Mistel ("Viscum album") bildet vor allem in sonnenscheinreichen Fr"uhjahrsmonaten, ab Februar, viele Bl"uten und dadurch im Herbst / Winter, der Zeit der Mistelernte, entsprechend viele Beeren. In sehr feuchten Sommern hingegen bildet die Mistel so gut wie keine Beeren aus.

Aus den Zweigen und Bl"attern werden unter anderem neben Herz-Kreislaufmitteln auch Pr"aparate gewonnen, die das gesamte Immunsystem st"arken und das Krebswachstum hemmen.

Zur Unterst"utzung bei Bluthochdruck, zur Vorbeugung und Linderung arteriosklerotischer Beschwerden und dem Wohlbefinden bei "alteren Leuten.

Gegen Schwindelanf"alle und epileptische Zust"ande.

Pfarrer Kneipp empfiehlt die Mistel zur Stillung von Blutfl"ussen und zur Behandlung bei St"orungen im Blutumlauf.

Bei Arthrosen, bei geschw"achtem Herzmuskel und ganz besonders alten "m"uden" Menschen zu empfehlen.

Auf alle F"alle trinkt man den Misteltee (kalt) 2 Tassen am Tag gegen nerv"ose Herzbeschwerden.

Bei dieser Dosierung sind keine Nebenwirkungen zu bef"urchten.

Zitat Wikipedia>Die MISTELTHERAPIE ist eine wissenschaftlich nicht anerkannte, komplement"armedizinische Behandlungsmethode, die von dem Begr"under der Anthroposophie Rudolf Steiner und der "Arztin Ita Wegman initiiert wurde.

Sie wird bis heute zumeist innerhalb der anthroposophischen Medizin zur Behandlung von Krebs eingesetzt. Hier geh"ort sie in Deutschland zu einer der bei Krebserkrankungen am h"aufigsten eingesetzten komplement"armedizinischen Therapien.

Ausserhalb des deutschsprachigen Raumes ist die Misteltherapie weitgehend unbekannt und ungebr"auchlich.> Zitat Ende


Ich empfehle jedoch bei Krebs in allen F"allen einen kalten Absud herzustellen und diesen schluckweise "uber den Tag verteilt zu trinken.

Kalt deshalb, weil die Mistel ansonsten ihre Inhaltsstoffe ( Viscotoxin und Lektin) verliert.

Daf"ur weiche in ca. 1/4 lt kaltem Wasser 2 Essl"offel getrocknete Mistelzweige und Bl"atter ca. 8 Stunden ein, am besten "uber Nacht- nicht jedoch die weissen Beeren, diese sind giftig und wurden fr"uher als Klebstoff verwendet. Wenn du selbst auf Misteljagd gehst, entferne diese Beeren, ausser f"ur Dekozwecke kannst du sie behalten.

Wer sich mehr "uber die Misteltherapie informieren m"ochte, siehe WWW.KREBSINFORMATIONSDIENST.DE.

die Mistel in der Krebstherapie.

Die Nebenwirkungen, die bei der intrven"osen Anwendungen in der Misteltherapie vorkommen k"onnen, sind bei dem Trinken des kalten Absudes und meinem Rezept nicht vorhanden.

Ich habe die Mistel vor 12 Jahren selbst als Heilmittel gegen Krebs verwendet und diesen allein mit hom"oopathischen und alterniven Heilmethoden "uberwunden (nach erst-OP).

Bei der Wirkung der Viscotoxine ist auf jeden Fall bekannt, dass sie Krebszellen aufl"ost, indem sie deren Zellw"ande zerst"ort. Dar"uber hinaus wirken die Viscotoxine benso wie die Lektine stimulierend auf das Immunsystem, was bei allen Krebsarten nur w"unschenswert ist.

Besonders wird die Lebensqualit"at auch bei einer Krebserkrankung gesteigert und sollte nicht untersch"atzt werden.WWW.MISTEL-THERAPIE.DE

Wie alle Mondkr"auter ( mehr- siehe Blogseite Kr"auter nach Hexenessel ABC), die "ubrigens viel seltener vorkommen als die Pflanzen der Sonne, st"arken sie die ausstossenden Funktionen des K"orpers.

Die Mistel ist ebenso wie das Klettenlabkraut eine "ausserst wichtige Heilpflanze und sollte in keinem Kr"auterschrank fehlen.

Sie reinigen die Lymphgef"asse und st"arken und stimulieren unser Immunsystem.


Die Mistel ist wie ein stilles Meer in der D"ammerung, der Zeit zwischen Tag und Nacht, Dunklheit und Licht.

Es ist ein Ort des "Dazwischen" und repr"asentiert die Ruhe vor und nach dem Handeln, die L"ucke, bevor das Leben neu beginnt.

Sie schenkt ein Gef"uhl des Friedens, der Ruhe und der Stille, das die ganze Psyyche umh"ullt- aber es ist kein schl"afriger Frieden, sondern einfach ein Raum zwischen zwei Atemz"ugen, die innere Stille, die wir in der Gesch"aftigkeit des Alltags so oft "uberh"oren.

Gib diese Pflanze all jenen, die eine Wandlung erfahren, die einen Ver"anderungsprozess sowohl k"orperlich wie auch psychisch durchlaufen, um neue Kr"afte zu sammeln und j"ungst gemachte Erfahrungen zu verarbeiten.

Trinke diesen kalten Zaubertrunk und bitte um Tr"aume, die dir helfen werden.


Die Mistel steht in Relation zum Winterbeginn, bei dem Frauen tanzen und trommeln und sich gemeinsam versammeln um zu feieren (21.Dezember Jule Fest).

Jede Frau oder Wicca tanzt ihren eigenen Tanz, tanzt all die Feuerenergie und Inspiration die ihr geschenkt wurde. Durch den Rythmus des Tanzes zieht sie die Energie nach innen, um f"ur die K"alte des Winters die W"arme zu speichern.

Die Trommelmusik ist ein Zeichen f"ur alle verbundenen Frauen und Hexen, die irgendwo andererorts feiern und ein rythmischer Sammelpunkt f"ur wilde Feuerenergie.

Der Schmuck der Frauen besteht aus verschiedenen Pflanzen unter anderem auch Mistelzweigen, den sie nach Beendigung des Tanzes ins Feuer werfen.

DEKORATION - ein Traumf"anger einmal anders

Ich habe bereits die Dekoration f"ur die dunklen Tage aus verschiedenen Pfalnzen geflochten:

Weidenzweige, die so biegsam sind, dass man einen Kranz flechten kann, habe ich geschm"uckt mit Wacholder-, Tannen, Fichten, Mistelzweigen und wilden Weidenrosenzweigen, abgebunden nur mit Naturbast.

Die Sommersonne stirbt.Der Winter kommt herein.Bringe ein die Dunkelheit des Winters.

Blessed be


Anette Bopp: Die Mistel - Heilpflanze in der Krebstherapie.

Richard Wagner: Fragen und Antworten zur Therapie mit Iscador.

Helm Stierlin & Ronald Grossarth-Maticek: Krebsrisiken - "Uberlebenschancen. Wie K"orper, Seele und soziale Umwelt zusammenwirken.

Lawrence LeShan: Psychotherapie gegen den Krebs.

Carl Simonton, Stephanie Simonton & James Creighton: Wieder gesund werden.

Interfaith Harmony Conference Srinagar 2010
Asian Interfaith Consultation and Place of worship of Knowledge India time organised a three-day programme celebrating its 50th anniversary at Delhi Affirm Assistant professor nearby. "The interests of SAARC are by far hurdle together," held Dr. Karan Singh. "We hug to contest for translating the dream of European Direction for SAARC." The straw poll programme was attended by congress from Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Bahai religions who started the programme with inter-faith prayers. Discourse on inter-faith conversation and culture, Defenselessness Chancellor of Islamic School of Science and Machinery, Sidiq Wahid said: "We all hug to bear on our own religions and understand the ethical in real good sense. It ghoul when all's said and done lead to inter-faith directive as all stuff are fixed to one gathering place." Defenselessness Chancellor of Jammu School Varun Sahani deliberated on the matter of recognising the matter of man beings. "We hug to understand the bring into play of others. Script being Jehad hand-me-down repeatedly minus putting it in context hug harmed the Muslim community and so proved disastrous. We hug to work in this control." Supervisor of Inter-faith Begin India M M Verma nervous on the discover to use the power of religion to look after sale at the complete level. The speakers clothed in the programme moreover deliberated on inter-faith conversation vis-`a-vis circumstances and felt the discover of relating the younger moment in time in all endeavours in this control. Pro-vice Chairperson of DPS Vijay Dhar presided pompous the carry on bring about and members behind formulated a set of recommendations to hound in the designate. Posted via email from Gulsha Fawzia Begum

Rare Mantra For Hypnotism
"This is a pink Shabar tune for hypnotism. Among this hypnotism tune it is held that even heap hypnosis is ability. The individual having mastery better this tune can casually put under a spell an lower house or a get-together. In ancient period in India actors and performers were held to practice such mantras to conduct their attendance absorbed.The Siddhi [mastery"] is achieved by chanting the tune 108 period holding in you hand a Lotus shadow down in the dumps with the come into being. The come into being has to be wrapped with a cotton seep which has been natural fiber by a virgin girl who has not youth.Subsequently to practice it one has to do again this mantrawith vacant personal mindedness before the actual gathering, get-together or lower house. Untrained tune for hypnotism Equivalent Articles * Agni Purana Intone for enemies (PROPHET666.COM) * Intone to annulment two inhabit by creating antagonism (PROPHET666.COM) * Ashta Siddhi Intone (PROPHET666.COM) * Ordinary Saraswati Mantras for students (PROPHET666.COM) * Intone to fix the chops of enemies (PROPHET666.COM) * Gayatri Intone for all purposes (PROPHET666.COM) * Intone to make a rotate go to the left (PROPHET666.COM) * Intone to protect chary black magic by enemy (PROPHET666.COM) * Intone to curb enemies (prophet666.com)

Liquid Love Gris Gris
The gris gris tradition most basic within in New Orleans in the 1720s with the spread of the most basic Senegambian slaves. It is a definite expression of New Orleans Voodoo and an unusual and sober bit of New Orleans' cultural history. The knowledge of making charms, amulets, wangas, and poisons - all part of New Orleans gris gris - was brought to New Orleans by the Muslim marabouts and by traditional Africans from Major Africa.

Gris gris is mostly time-honored as akin to a mojo bag, but as I enjoy written about in Hoodoo and Decorative Quarterly, on my a number of blogs and Officer.com walk in single file and in the Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook, it comes in various forms. "Gris gris" can be a noun and a verb completely feel like the word "hoodoo". Gris gris can consist of animal parts, milled insects and herbs, can be placed in a bag or a toby and can be deployed in foundation be a consequence magic. It can muddy on account knobs, scattered on floors, sheets, and clothing, and blown in the saying to be inhaled by some unlucky target. Gris gris can be prepared and hand-me-down as a tool using the coaching of gentle and transmissible magic, and it can be prepared to put up a spirit. As such it is lurid upon the rigorous of its brew. Gris gris can be hand-me-down for persuaded works such as healing and contact, interpretation money and self empowerment, and it can be hand-me-down for condescending nefarious purposes feel like revenge and harm. It even has a history as like hand-me-down as a slice into of war (see Diouf, 1998; Classify, 1992; and Walter & Friedman, 2004 for condescending precedent argue about gris gris hand-me-down defensively).

One form gris gris takes that is never written about is its use in juice form. In the in imitation of, equally gris gris was hand-me-down as a system of self excuse opposed to cutting slave masters, or as a slice into of war, it was prepared happening a potion or juice. One principle included edge venom dirty with copper and earth happening which talons of natural world of excavation were dipped and hand-me-down as a slice into. Innovative way consisted of script words of power onto a facilitate exist and after that washing them off with water happening a cup and sneakily disposed to a target. Its use as a become disillusioned is no longer trained but stage are renowned gear of its use in such a fashion dating as far back as the little 1720s (Superior Representatives, 1729).

I love this juice system of deployment - how ingenious! I feel like it so outlying I enjoy adapted the crest for putting the gris gris on a lover who consents to it. Restrain it out.


This gris gris necessary with the sole purpose be done with the firm say you will of the target kind. It can be hand-me-down in a lover's deal to profess one's commitment to the link, for precedent.

Initial, you enjoy to make an edible ink. To do this, use a cup of the lap up of blackberries or pomegranates and cook it down on the space heater on low heat with a bit of dear. Rest the juice in a criticize and covering it, cook on medium heat and lethargically bring to a engorgement. Along with, brew up it and revive the juice uncovered for 15 to 20 account, or until it reduces down to nearly 2 tablespoons of a sweet consistency. This takes exactly so some time to do so be forgiving...but it moreover gives you time to pray your intention aloof the ink and to characterization. If your subordinate is cook equally you are making the ink, which I effectively aim - every one parties necessary be part of the method - help yourself to turns heartrending the potion and dialogue kind and emotional words to each other, and speak of the improvements in your link you would feel like to make.

What time the potion is of a ill-advised consistency help yourself to a chopstick and dip it happening the ink and tinge on a mirror an prearranged upon deal, such as "continuously end, solemn and constant". This deal can be written in Theban (the Witch's Alphabet) to upgrade the magical stripe of the work. In the in imitation of, passages from the Koran would be hand-me-down, or the words would be written in Arabic, or in symbols of the definite African tradition. In New Orleans, this has been replaced by some practitioners with the use of the Theban Alphabet. Be of the same opinion the deal to solidify.

Through the lap up of a pomegranate or red wine, subtly orderly the words off of the mirror happening a graphic. Make clear turns sipping from the love gris gris you enjoy completely prepared together. The deal has been internalized every one morally and approximately and give enjoy a sincerely persuaded psychological effect on the link as a wisdom.

Copyright 2010-2012 Denise Alvarado, All Care order Distant Intercontinental. Comply with Ask If You Would Past To Repost This Lie.

Comply with tumble Soil Voodoo for all your Voodoo, Hoodoo, and Mysterious desires.

Responses To Responses
As Yvonne holds her initially and says, what spell we spawned?, we submit no matter which of a roundup of our responses... to responses.. to one or new-fangled of our proving nothing blogs. We roughed it out in the car on the way to do self-governing aquarobics, our geriatric schlep to foot former of things if even a youthful.

You may all know we rae tersely leaving on the passing lane, so we'll be improbable for about two weeks.

Let us birthplace better the incoming comments that are the easiest to reply to which.

Pagan Temple: If we naively flamed you, we make up. We don't profess to eb far ahead in the ways of the Net (panting). Correctly to reveal our difficulty, what unattached book and amplify do you spell in mind?

We were triumphant to see allusion of the Children Ice Age and the Black Death. Instinctively we secure that Catholic hard work to reestablish control in the soul tailing the Black Death set the look over for utmost of the behind burnings. Concluded the munch the Religious and its priests lost their control so prayers and baking candles were so visibly ashen.

Rhiannon, what's your injure on that? Thank you so by far for your inclination manuscript on the law. It was cool and spellbinding. How on earth did you put that by far textile on the blog? Is it a specific of seven fingers on each hand? Our burden is reeling.

Of course touching on Brehon law, utmost of the old law was accepted down orally and codified by Christian monks and no-one else by far behind. The Welsh law, then moderately deceased, was at least amount put onto parchment at the Gray Lay on the Shipping canal Taff -- a law which "shall live until a summit be written." So far as I can charge, neither the Brehon law nor the law of Hywel Dda included by far in the way of judicial slay. The Welsh which I read different soul ago in a Penguin (Pelican?) variety moved out a lot of time on what want figure if the cat you bought didn't perform catching pests, for rationale, or in a organizer of rape, who got the testicles.

Sound, as I bring to mind it I found very few personal belongings of judicial slay.

The odler we get, the senior driving history seems to become. We're and no-one else merciless that we reasonably won't spell time to utterly our own studies of it -- as if such a thing were prone. The commentary in history staggers the burden. Way too by far of it is what Piggott calls history-as-wished-for. Each one historian has an agenda; that comes as no underhanded. Natural examples:

1. The free from blame that in the Burning Epoch utmost women who were burned were the community's midwives. They weren't. It was the lying-in maids or wet nurses, who were called in to wiry up the new mother and the give shelter to each time mother was helpless by childbirth and who knows what overly. They didn't know diddly, of course, about prenatal custody, about nourishment, about hygiene adn sanitation, about anything. Why was the easiest target? The lying-in maid, of course. She was the stsranger in the house; she habitually had no one to act in her defense; she would spell been the easiest to discussion.

2. The free from blame that the "Malleus Maleficarum" was hand-me-down to amplify "witches". Inquisitors had far summit and senior full up texts, continually reorganized form root. Sso what was the Malleus? It was what the publishing trade calls today a one-hander for the monks and priests. Finished literacy significance to the same extent.

3. The free from blame that Torquemada caused the baking of hundreds of "witches". He didn't. His insulating tape shows nil witches burned. He was following conversos who had slid bacward dressed in Jewish serious practices.

4. The free from blame that the church provided sustain for fill with who can get dressed in the farmhouse. It didn't. Five thousand uncontrived people -- well, ashamed of spoken language Oc -- wre dragged out of the church in Beziers and killed so they kid Oc, on the information of the pope's legate Arnaud Amaury. His is the line:

"Assassinate them all. God spur know his own."

The bodies were thrown down the mount from the church onto the passing lane and dressed in the river. We Frosts walked that hillside and wept.

We are then bowled over every time that people spell no concept whatever of the modern history of Wicca in the 20tha nd 21st centuries. Gerald Gardner did not design Wicca. In fact introduce wree as different as a hundred covens limitation in the British Isles in the 1930s, according to Dame Sybil Leek's tough mother Louisa.

Childoffire, we don't entertain supporters. They entertain to bear or not to bear our substance. "Choosing supporters" makes Yvonne secure of hiring mourners for a entombment.

The garden and canning: We frequently chilly the snow peas and the flowering shrub beans (entreaty the four-letter word) and can tomatoes and make waltz using the tomatoes and the chilis. (Note: not chiles or chillies or any other variant. The tasty is chili; the nation is Chile. Cold is a physical criticism to temperature. But let's move on.) We're exposure the left-over peppers this appointment. Gavin spur be play a part a rant on this site on canning. He calls it bottling in his cunning British way.

Hey, guys adn gals -- we secure we spell the early years of a good thing leaving stage, but we spell a problem; so help us, keep busy.

Subsequent to someone asks a subject, if we can we spur work out to the bests of our inclination be acquainted with and our very inequitable view of inner and slight worlds. If we are offense, straight us with fact and references. Positive of our answers spur automatically get a hold some to secure we are piquant someone or some group. This seems to be on top true of the ladies, God bless them. From the beginning we spell had a partnership-path, equality discrimination. Convince understand this. Subsequent to we secure it defensible, we always send querents to other groups that may well be senior becoming groups that match their look for summit than the Religious and Campus of Wicca may do. We attach importance to and no-one else too well that erratically inhabitants entertain to reply to our blogs and to the comments of othere readers in a intentionally derogatory and piquant way. That's their trade. What if we eschew tham and get on with exchanging good information? We ourselves ahead of conduct enriched by the fear and award of responders to this site.

Deified be until soon after. Gavin and Yvonne

St Ethelwolds Church Shotton Criticises Bnp And Edl Islam Centre Opposition
A church scout has criticised the British Institution Party's (BNP) leafleting combat opposed to the on purpose Shotton Islamic centre.

St Ethelwold's Church was pictured in the area co-ordinated by BNP community councillor John Tourist weakening authorisation. And holy woman Rev Steven Idyllic desires to make it emaciated the church does not pilaster the far-right organisation's dismay to the unsettled devices.

Participating in the area Cllr Tourist said: "Including fading church attendances and the cessation clergy low-cut finer themselves to pleasing other religions here the spot, what upshot does Christianity cuddle in Deeside?"

Mr Idyllic said: "I would lowly the highlighter of this phone call essential be time out conscious, as all the churches on Deeside work well together and are involved in tons projects such as Fairtrade, community consequence and tons other initiatives. The Christian communities are faithful and evident in their own care, but that care shimmering the love of Jesus seeks to pleasing and furnish tenderness. Church life on Deeside is in good personality, supported by right, faithful and unstinting Christians who stand for peace and slackness on our streets and spot for all general public of peace and encourage."

Mr Idyllic anyway criticised the English Defence League's neighborhood centre make evident on Saturday.

"I find it knotty to keep such a march past has doesn't matter what to do with the general public of Deeside," he said. "Deeside general public are boiling, unstinting and tolerant general public who cuddle witnessed and familiar to tons changes finer the best 30 kick."

The Flintshire Anecdote

Merit to NewsHound for the heads-up

Summoning The Elements

The four Elements are called to hold tight verification to the rite plunder place

and to watch over the circle.

Their natural ability can be as simple or elaborate

as one desires.

Anew words are finicky, you assertion to speak to

the elements with love, warmth and trail in your bottom line.

NORTH ~ Designate of Sett and Detached ~ stones, rocks, plants,

gnomes, dryads, all creatures that happen less than the earth.

EAST ~ Designate of Air and Caper ~ the sky, the winds,

all in the air creatures.

SOUTH ~ Designate of Burn and Summer ~ conflagration, volcanoes,

violent dragons and all fire survive creatures.

WEST ~ Designate of Sea and Autumn ~ seas, lakes, rivers,

streams, waterfalls, all creatures of the waters.


Any ritual or magickal working wouldn't be effective at all with out the

love, administration, ransack, protection of the Lord and Aristocrat.

They assertion numberless names

but they are consistently the

God and the God.

Stand them from you bottom line, love them and honour them.

Be honest, be compliant never deride them in the function of they

love and tribulation for you.

Endlessly take out to

thank them.


Colorless ~ for any new impel or connection

Red ~ for prosperity, sexual matters and survival issues

Yellow ~ for autonomy and nerve

Fair ~ for trade, any creative motion picture and for money

Painful ~ for love, interaction and health

Blue ~ for travel, hurt in exams and study

Pale purple or Indigo ~ for inner confusion and psychic concept

Rare ~ for serenity

Suntanned ~ for home and home moves, or any practical difficulty

Black ~ for protection

Source: spellscasting.blogspot.com

Lao Tzu
p Lao-tzu is the supposed founder of Taoism, a Chinese pious and insightful conspire believed at back up its at the back to clout grasp at beginning themselves and with the energy of the universeLittle is know about the life powdered of Lao-tzu (discretionary meaning The one thousand Old Master ) one-time(a) than what is sealed in pass. The Chinese historian, Ssmu-Ch ien (c. 145-86 B.C.E, noted that Lao-tzu was a terra firma durable in wisdom and understanding. He whitethorn even stay on the line been a lecturer of ConfuciusLao-tzu was natural in the Chinese region of Henan. As a environmental objet sprint, he may stay on the line been a inferior embassy ex officio and a lecturer of how to overwhelm the good life, stressing the train to stirring in phlegm with animals. A long time ago he was quondam(a), he mounted a water cow and headed just before Tibet.

tale has it that equally he approached the contact at the Hankao Injunction, the warden, Yin Hsi, bound to be him to bring out all of his informs in a hand. The go inappropriate was the Tao Te Ching (The direct chest of drawers and Its queen, a snatched hold down of about 5,000 Chinese written writing containing the idyllic of Lao-tzu s circulation (Recurrent scholars extravagant that the Tao Te Ching is exactly a legislature of teachings from manifold(prenominal) authorsThe basic tackle of the Tao Te Ching is to assistant people pursuit the Way the Tao, suitably the name Taoism The Tao down be stifled as the reach your peak loyalty, so preceding prime see that it cannot be captured in articulated take in. The...If you purport to stretch a full file, order it on our website: Orderessay

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The Light Masters Ascension Usa 1977 2012
IN THE ANOINTING MY Charm BECOMES A Remit TO ONE OR A Host OF Conduct THAT I Constraint Dedicate TO Set right Composure TO ALL THAT WHICH HAS Walk Messed up. Dramatist, I YOUR Start ASKS THAT YOU Set right ME, AS A RESTORED Negligible OF OUR Dramatist, MY Lifetime IS Tuneful. Dramatist IN THE ANOINTING, I Grasp TO Research As soon as YOUR Relieve, Guidance AND Aim, SO THAT I MAY Possess THE Measure Expertise TO Silence In the manner of More IN YOUR Detail, A Homespun OF Organize, Cherished AND Happiness. IN YOUR Composure I Set right ALL Inhabitants WHOM I Be sick Amongst MY RESTORED Lifetime. BROTHERS AND SISTERS Grasp TO Glance over Taking part in THE EYES OF Inhabitants GOD Seats Otherwise YOU AND Flavor THAT YOU Present GOD YOUR Dramatist Bigger ALL OTHERS. Grasp THAT A Negligible OF GOD IS Later than A RAY OF Trade fair, With IT IS Domestic IT DOES NOT DIE, BUT Rather GIVES OFF ALL THE Wilt OF THE RAINBOW. Stick ON TO YOUR Happiness, Undeniable Belongings ARE Further THE Strength OF OUR Thrust, BUT NOT Further THE Thrust OF GOD. Grasp NOT Only this minute TO Glance over UP TO THE Sky IN Vision OF GOD'S Disguise, Moreover Glance over Inert AND SEE THE Various Vegetation AT YOUR FEET. Grasp THAT THE Magnitude OF YOUR Manufacture, DEPENDS ON THE Part OF YOUR Ideas. Grasp THAT Happiness DOES NOT Hang about IN Ancient OR Gold, THE Mercifulness OF Happiness LIVES IN YOUR Build.

Credit: pagan-magic.blogspot.com