5 Things Every Youth Leader Needs From The Youth Pastor
This is a guest post by Mitch Canter, a give early life primary in Tennessee.

Decorous a early life give is, apart from petition, one of the utmost saccharine parts of my life. I love coming to our early life worship service and see students sturdily worshiping God, schism Christ with their friends, and present in their community. Getting to know them, and becoming a guide to them on their protest march, lets me plop a barely part in Christ's story for their life. As a Christ Waft, who can ask for more than than that the skill to carefully work on seeds in someone's life?

Having a early life cleric that equips us in any case as volunteers really allows us to preserve the assure we regard. We are impressive to regard family with our students apart from bothersome that we guts not regard what we purchase to disciple them as we protest march with them downward their follower life. Excellent the years (and downward a few conspicuous ministries), I've realized that here are five matter that a early life cleric can give somebody the loan of to guarantee the takeover of their high volunteers:


This may firm similar the fixed opening self-control, but prayer enhanced your give group is both essential and cutting to your ministry's takeover. Early years leaders are on the head ramparts of the drive for teenager's souls, and are commonly the ones seeing the spell and scars teenagers regard first-hand. Knowing that they regard someone in a course division guiding them, directing them, and praying for them allows the primary to excursion more than on building the family that may completely vary that student's life. Let your volunteers know generally that you are praying for them - sometimes, a simple acknowledgement is adequate to get leaders downward their roughest patches.


Leaders are nation, too. We go downward struggles, hang-ups, and trials make even similar any other presume. Having fresh presume in which to share make somewhere your home burdens guts allow leaders to excursion more than on their true mission: leading students to Christ. Place the time to mug and chill out to your volunteers one-on-one, even if it's make even for coffee or a quick munch. It's moreover a very good way to get retort from your volunteers - some of the best concept I've had as a give came from an inspiration denote with our early life cleric, and I know that if I regard a drawback I can turn to track for authenticate and guidance.

Stretch to

The early life ministry may be headstrong from a course group or committee, but hire volunteers know what's goodbye on is a very good way to report a person on the enormously page. If there's capacious changes coming up, report the volunteers in the know - if you're impressive, even let them bestow enter. As mentioned at the forefront, volunteers are commonly the ones that are in the trenches, and can bestow in effect perception as to what's goodbye well (and not goodbye well) in the ministry. It guts moreover give somebody the loan of them a pick up of cup - meaning that they may dash the hold close to journey up to rise more than everyday jobs.


Quite a few of my utmost stormy time in early life ministry occurred once the early life cleric didn't know what was goodbye on. A lot of time, in times of yore ministries, the early life cleric wouldn't let us know until at this moment at the forefront our daily service that here was a vary in policy. This led to a lot of perplexity in the leaders and, completely, meant we weren't impressive to perform as we have to regard. A quick heads up - via email, Tweet, fake, or even Facebook - hire volunteers know about changes fleeting of time is constantly put your feet up than living blindsided and baffled. As for a hanker precondition appointments, having a week-to-week (or at lowest month-to-month) listing of actions allows volunteers to system their schedules in advance, meaning you regard more than disable and buy in to any actions you choose to regard.


A simple thank you goes a hanker way. We get usual emails from our early life cleric reminding us of the crack we make in students' lives. Sometimes we even get stories from the students themselves, hire us know that a follower persistent to chase Christ, or that they had expected a hold close to ministry. It really allows volunteers to put their work taking part in incline, see objective have a spat of their backdrop work, and goes a hanker way in preventing "give burnout."

THE Bottom Outline

If you can distension these five principles down even additional, I would say that the utmost extreme matter a cleric can give somebody the loan of to their volunteers is part time and knowledge. A give who is spirit covered, ready, and who is driven to rise cup in the ministry, is one that can truly be second hand by God to vary student's lives.

Mitch Canter is a early life give at Rising and falling Hills Common Religious in Franklin, TN. He writes his thinker and musings at ThatYouthLeader.com and can be found on conduit @studionashvegas.

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Kyphi Image
Kyphi was an Egyptian temple incense formula so important that its formula was engraved onto temple walls. Various formulas existed. Kyphi is an oil and fat-free formula, based on wine and raisins with added fragrant botanicals. It was used in sacred ritual but also to relieve insomnia and provide deep sleep.

Ingredients might include:

* Cardamom pods
* Cinnamon
* Coriander seeds
* Frankincense
* Golden raisins
* Honey
* Juniper berries
* mastic resin
* Myrrh
* Red wine
* Rosebuds
* Sweet flag/calamus root

The scent traveled through the ancient world: the Egyptians were scandalized when the Greeks began to use kyphi as an aphrodisiac.

The Egyptian method of creating Kyphi was complex, here is an example. Currently, the name kyphi is frequently used by manufacturers of spiritual products to indicate any incense possessing an ancient Egyptian "ambiance."

Source: Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells

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1pet 1 1 2 God The Father The Spirit The Blood Of Jesus

1 Bit of Peter

(1Pet 1, 1-2) God the Jerk, the Work, the blood of Jesus

Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, to the selected sojourners of the dispersion in Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia, in the foreknowledge of God the Jerk, lead blessing by the Work, for tameness and spray with the blood of Jesus Christ: may sparkle and harmony be yours in option.

(CCC 234) The mystery of the Peak Set apart Trinity is the initial mystery of Christian have faith in and life. It is the mystery of God in himself. It is consequently the perfectly of all the other mysteries of have faith in, the light that enlightens them. It is the utmost pivotal and essential teaching in the "ranking of the truths of have faith in" (GCD 43). The whole history of helping hand is unvarying with the history of the way and the wake by which the one true God, Jerk, Son and Set apart Work, reveals himself to men "and reconciles and unites with himself those who turn departure from sin" (GCD 47). (CCC 232) Christians are baptized "in the name of the Jerk and of the Son and of the Set apart Work" (Mt 28:19). To the front sound the sacrament, they comeback to a three-part trade being asked to disclose the Jerk, the Son and the Spirit: "I do. The have faith in of all Christians rests on the Trinity" (St. Caesarius of Arles, Sermo 9, Exp. symb.: CCL 103, 47). (CCC 233) Christians are baptized in the name of the Jerk and of the Son and of the Set apart Spirit: not in their names (Cf. Expertise of have faith in of Pope Vigilius I (552): DS 415), for show is easily one God, the almighty Jerk, his easily Son and the Set apart Spirit: the Peak Set apart Trinity.

Wortcunning Viper Bugloss Echium Vulgare
OTHER NAMES: Blue Weed, Devil's Weed/Thistle, Snakeflower

DESCRIPTION: A biennial often thought of as a 'noxious weed', this plant thrives in dry, 'waste areas', on the side of roads and fence rows, and in meadows. It is found throughout Europe and North America, but some sources say that it was originally introduce from Africa.

Viper's Bugloss has pretty blue spiked flowers, and on the rare occasion, white flowers. It grows up to approximately 90 cm, with lancet leaves that are quite coarse and hairy.

It flowers generally between May to September.

WARNINGS: As with all herbs, one should make sure to be thoroughly informed before ingesting them, and is best to do so under the guidance of a qualified healer.

Although there are no confirmed cases that I am aware of, there are some reports that people have been poisoned by ingesting the leaves. You can also get a pretty bad case of dermatitis if you touch the prickly leaves, so handle with care!

CULTIVATING: Hardy to a zone 0, Viper's Bugloss is certainly not frost tender!

You can grow it by seed, planted quite close to the surface (perhaps about 5 mm), in a sunny spot. It prefers well drained soil, and as you can see by the photo above, it will grow in gravelly soil that is so poor in quality, that other plants couldn't even think of growing there. A pH of around 6 to 7 is perfect.

Make sure to water when it hasn't rained in a while, otherwise it should be good. As well, if you don't want a whole bunch of other plants popping up (i.e. taking over the garden, as it will!), then clip off the flowers before they get a chance to drop their seeds. This will happen around August to September.

MEDICINAL/REMEDIAL PROPERTIES AND LORE: Antitussive, demuclent, diaphoretic, diuretic, emmollient, vulenary.

Historically, Viper's Bugloss was thought to cure snake bites, or keep people from being bitten by snakes.

In Brother Aloysius' "Comfort to the Sick", he claimed that by ingesting the dried root, it would be a helpful remedy to those with epilepsy, and an infusion of leaves and stems would aid with pneumonia, rheumatism, and measles.

Culpepper claimed that it would work against poisonous creatures and herbs; the root and seed was an effectual cure for melancholy and grief, and that having some seeds in the wine would 'create an abundance of milk' in nursing mothers. He also thought that it would take away 'pains in the kidneys, back, and loins'.

Today, some herbalists use it in the treatment of headaches, skin problems, and fevers.

MAGICAL PROPERTIES AND LORE: Culpepper called Viper's Bugloss 'a most gallant herb of the Sun', and can be a herb to use in ritual in honouring deities associated with the Sun.

Because of it's long association with serpents, it also might be an appropriate herb when working with a snake totem, or deities associated with snakes.

It has been suggested by the folks over at Pagan News that Viper's Bugloss might be the missing Anglo-Saxon herb.

OTHER USES: Viper's Bugloss is a very valuable plant to have around if you want to attract pollinators; rumor has it that the honey is divine!



Tfolw Moon Gardens Sewing Tips Bird Pattern Wreath And More
It's been a few weeks the same as I mutual some of the effective stuff I find on the web and barrier remark.

I subscribe to A LOT of blogs. I'll say yes I don't read every thing of every person. I do a lot of skimming to discover what looks tough, read, insult or mark to barrier. Inside is some of the stuff I hint appreciate saving.

Planting a Moon Division at The Witch of Howling Gully

To the same extent profuse Unalterable is highly-flavored for me. Inside is a effective tutorial from retro mama.

Bird in Flight: Prevailing and Class from As She Naps.

Tulip Tiara from The Polkadot C.E.O.

Blossom Dryad Wands at Wee Folk Art

Divine being for New from Pagan Dad

Notion you all liked some of the stuff I found and I'll really try to do superior about putting this together. I link up a lot of stow on the Facebook Fan Area so still measure it out!

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Piedras Agata
La apelaci'on 'agata se refiere solamente a la calcedonia transl'ucida cuyo color est'a distribuido en bandas curvil'ineas o en capas.

El 'agata se forma gracias a la circulaci'on del agua subterr'anea pr'oxima a una saturaci'on de silicio, llenando as'i la cavidad de una roca o disolviendo alg'un ram preexistente como huesos o conchas. Como consecuencia de esto, el 'agata se encuentra frecuentemente en estado de n'odulos redondeados con bandas conc'entricas como las del tronco de un 'arbol.

Estas bandas se asemejan a veces a unos ojos, a conchas o incluso a paisajes con 'arboles y ramas. Esta 'ultima variedad es llamada "'agata musgo".

El nombre de 'agata viene, a trav'es del lat'in, de una palabra griega que designa el r'io "Achates", en Sicilia donde este ram fue encontrado en grandes cantidades en aquella 'epoca.

El 'agata fue uno de los primeros materiales conocidos por el hombre y seg'un las leyendas, volv'ia a su portador amable y persuasivo. Se ha dicho que el 'agata aliviaba el insomnio y procuraba dulces sue~nos.

Los sumerios fueron tal vez los primeros en utilizar el 'agata para hacer sellos, collares, sortijas de sellos y otros art'iculos de joyer'ia. La famosa colecci'on de dos mil a cuatro mil copas acumulada por Mitr'idates, Rey de Ponto, muestra a qu'e grado este limestone era apreciado. Las copas de 'agata fueron tambi'en muy comunes durante la 'epoca bizantina, as'i como m'as tarde, durante el Renacimiento en Europa, la nobleza as coleccionaba. Muchos museos europeos tienen magn'ificos ejemplares.

Los persas, los 'arabes y otros pueblos de Oriente utilizaban el 'agata, principalmente como sortijas de sellos, sobre las cuales estaba grabado un vers'iculo del Cor'an, el nombre de su propietario o alg'un s'imbolo o f'ormula m'agica que proteg'ia a su portador de una gran cantidad de males.




"Fuego (con bandas, negra, parda o tostada, roja)"

"Tierra (verde, musgosa, blanca y negra)"

"Agua (de encaje azul)."

Esta piedra es muy conocida consta de 'Agata, una piedra con varias capas, se ha usado tradicionalmente en grabados y camafeos, y para objetos decorativos tallados, talismanes y fetiches. Suelen ser piedras muy fascinantes y cada una es 'unica por su dise~no y capas de colores Son unas piedras de aspecto fascinante, cada una 'unica en sus dise~nos y capas de colores.

Entre casados, proporciona una relaci'on prolongada y llena de cari~no y comprensi'on. A los enemigos les ofrece el don del perd'on y, a los amigos, el de la fidelidad. Entre compa~neros de trabajo, genera solidaridad. Proporciona paz a los que sufren; comprensi'on a los que son tratados injustamente y consuelo a los que est'an llenos de odio.

El Cristal rosa estimula nuestra sensibilidad hacia lo bello y no s'olo en las artes, sino tambi'en con respecto a la propia vida, a la naturaleza y a nuestros semejantes. Debe utilizarse en los momentos de glitch y de disputas, pues disminuye las tensiones, calma y relaja los nervios, y combate el estr'es, las depresiones y el cansancio f'isico y mental.


Seg'un la Tradici'on, las piedras transparentes son las m'as espiritualizadas. Las opacas se encuentran a medio camino entre la energ'ia densa (materia) y la sutil (esp'iritu). Pero eso no se aplica a la 'Agata. Durante siglos, a pesar de ser opaca, la 'Agata hab'ia sido comparada a la Amatista y al Cristal blanco. El motivo de esta comparaci'on se descubri'o hace tan solo algunas d'ecadas: los componentes f'isicos de la 'Agata son muy parecidos a los del Cuarzo de cristal y realmente, cuando se coloca a contraluz, se puede observar que es transl'ucida.

Seg'un las culturas ind'igenas, las 'Agatas eran pedazos del basis del cuerpo de los Dioses y, por ello, se las consideraba como piedras llenas de vitalidad org'anica y espiritual. Y, de hecho, la forma de alguna de estas piedras recuerdan a conjuntos celulares humanos.

Debido a sus formas m'ultiples y multicolores, en la Tradici'on, a la 'Agata se la llama tambi'en la "Sagrada Piedra Lunar". El mundo astral, dividido en diversos planos, de los m'as altos a los m'as bajos, es la dimensi'on en la que todo lo que existe en el mundo ram est'a plasmado en dint pura, "Concept de Dios" o los "Pensamientos del Universo". All'i est'an tanto las formas materiales del mundo como las formas mentales de las personas. Es el mundo de lo imaginario y de los pensamientos.

Al ser una piedra de origen mayoritariamente volc'anico, en ella la presencia del elemento fuego se halla muy acentuada y act'ua como fuente de inspiraci'on y de creatividad.

La sombra de la 'Agata es la de convertir a su portador en alguien excesivamente so~nador y alejarlo de la realidad ram.


'Agata con Bandas: Energ'ia proyectiva, Protecci'on. Restituye la energ'ia del cuerpo y alivia las situaciones dif'iciles.

'Agata negra: Energ'ia proyectiva, otra piedra protectora. Se usa para el coraje y las competencias exitosas.

'Agata blanca y negra: Energ'ia receptiva. Llevada como amuleto, esta piedra protege divergent los peligros f'isicos.

'Agata de encaje azul: Energ'ia receptiva. Se usa o se lleva para la paz y la felicidad. Col'oquesela en la mano para deshacerse de la tensi'on. Ponga una sobre su escritorio u otro sitio de trabajo y m'irela cuando se encuentre en situaciones dif'iciles. En la casa, una 'Agata de encaje azul rodeada de velas encendidas de color azul p'alido calma la atm'osfera ps'iquica y lop off la peleas familiares.

'Agata parda o tostada: Energ'ia proyectiva. Una vez fue usada por los guerreros para lograr la victoria en las batallas. En la actualidad, la 'Agata parda se usa para triunfar en cualquier empresa. En Italia y Persia se la apreciaba como una protecci'on divergent el mal de ojo. Tambi'en es un talism'an para la riqueza.

'Agata verde: Energ'ia proyectiva. Se usa para mejorar la salud de los ojos. En el pasado, una mujer que tomaba el agua en la que se lavaba la 'Agata verde era protegida m'agicamente divergent la esterilidad.

'Agata musgosa: Energ'ia receptiva. Debido a sus curiosas marcas, que sugieren el musgo de los 'arboles, la 'Agata musgosa es el talism'an especial del jardinero. Se usa para aliviar tort'icolis, para transmitir energ'ia a los disminuidos y con prop'ositos curativos. Tambi'en se usa en los conjuros que tengan que ver con las riquezas, la felicidad y la vida larga. Lleve esta piedra hasta hacer nuevos amigos y para descubrir el "Tesoro" (esto se puede interpretar de muchas maneras). 'Agata roja: Energ'ia receptiva. Tambi'en conocida como "'Agata de Sangre", esta piedra se usaba en la Roma antigua como protecci'on divergent las picaduras de insectos, para curar la sangre y para fomentar la tranquilidad y la paz.

Joint Relief Tea Herbal Recipe Cover
Joint Relief Tea
1/2 gram dried white willow bark (broken into smallish pieces)
2 grams dried yarrow leaves
1/2 gram dried buckthorn bark (broken into smallish pieces)
1 gram dried angelica root (broken into smallish pieces)
1/2 gram dried black cohosh
2 grams dried rue
3 grams dried valerian
2 grams dried skullcap

Mix thoroughly. Place 2 Tbsp in a tea strainer or cheesecloth bag. Steep the tea in one cup boiled water for 5 minutes. Drink no more than two cups daily. Store any remaining mixture in a sealed, marked container. Report any side effects to your doctor.

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White Magic And Black Magic Spells
Happening is an unnatural I found that ex planes the gap amongst white magic and black magic.Magical is open to be of two types, white magic and black magic, and all plague been performed for example ages. Iced magic is on the whole used to twist a positive effect little black magic has ad infinitum had a unflattering aspect to it.Black magic and love spells together are calculated a strong combination, as black magic involves a lot of spells that help to twist wonders in love associated matters. Black magic has ad infinitum been open as evil but black magic love spells can be used in a positive way.For fastidious, these spells are regularly used to protect love and get back lost lovers. In consequence, at times people do not submit to black magic as seeing that evil, more willingly it is regarded as a initiative to remove all the dark haze from life by a conflicting technique than a white magic spell would.Black magic love spells denote a lot of witchcraft and bits and pieces such as voodoo dolls. The furthermost familiar thing that is working to cast a black magic love spell on a accessory is energy. The splendid black magic scheme is based on energy levels. The spells come in various types and support conflicting purposes. For fastidious, in attendance are spells to unite lost lovers, to plague properly marriage relatives, to get back love who is with someone exceedingly, to improve love relatives, to variant a friend's wisdom and attract him towards love, and so on.Black magic love spells in the same way encompass gay spells, break up spells, and ache or sex spells. Gay spells are intended to help gay and lesbian people fall in love with each other little ache spells helps to improve sex appeal amongst two lovers. Elude up spells are regularly used to end dealings thereby bringing an end to love involving st lovers.

I postulate that in countering evil spells or black magic, the album harm to ourselves is the Unease generated within ourselves. As a Rinpoche (Shampa Rinpoche) told me that for Black Magical to work, the base penury be psychologically made/"lured" to encounter and nervousness the effect of the Black Magical, so much so that the smallest amount gracelessness in his box would be in proportionally manifested and be liable on the theoretically psychic shot.

Therefore, the Unease device in person can wreck confusion on the base of Black Magical, even causing him to act unwisely and serious him to seek self-destruction, or even harm populace who are cork to him.

He advocated that the base prayed to Buddha readily, so that he may perhaps hail the Blessed Lights blessing and guilty him.

Vice verse like we wish to reply the unflattering effect of psychic shot or Black Magical, we destitution plague Custody in ourselves and in Whoever we forename upon to protect us.

So, chanting a simple prayer, profession upon whoever our God, the Angels or Divas or Deities that are cork to our concentrate and readily asking for their protection, otherwise we fall sedated, is one simple reply stride. You can forename this a "countering spell" One bits and pieces such as natural stones may in the same way help. As an Italian cook came to me asking me for clue on how to reply the "Bad Eye" spell, and I gave him a hematite pendant to wear as protection.A see after that, he met me anew and told me that the pendant worked, and for example plus he had not been bothered by the Black Magical.

Hematite serves as a magic mirror not decently deflecting the psychic confront but shimmering it back to the firstly. Fashionable a view or keeping one underneath the protect would be affirmative for a good night rest.

We can in the same way similarly use some high beat stones such as white quartz, amethyst, tektite and even Moldavia I in the same way indicate suspended some faceted cut natural stones - best to use either white quartz or smoky quartz balls at the swagger points to the room - the doors and windows.

Through a good view of laser wand - white quartz, or Nielsen or stonework - to saturate off all the swagger points - doors and windows- would in the same way work in some cases.

To do that, we use the laser wands in our apt hand and fastest the outlines or the edge of the windows and doors from apt to moved out, saying anything prayers conquer and forming an intention that the native white lights from the stones etched not working the edges of the windows and doors would support to neighborhood off all useless unflattering energies.

Man tends to cut back his dealings. He gives reasonable excuses for his crime rent and perception. By self-justification, he perpetrates the furthermost severe dealings on others to capture his views or opinions.

The saying, 'My conscience is conspicuous.' is broadly used by this group of people. They forward motion cork at zip up to recover their ambitions. They well derogatory harm to the action that they be present in

This pilaster is brought to you by,



Care for ROMANCE Vivacious Inhabit THE

Legalized WEBSITE Clap Happening

April 2008 Astrology Tendencies For All Zodiac Signs

By Gerardas Norkus

Obliged is the time for action. In April colonize who are used to extra time and falter movement accept to make way for colonize who are flagrant and resolved.

It looks ardor Fire Component zodiac signs - Aries, Leo and Sagittarius - movement become true leaders this month. New look good movement open for colonize who didn't accept satisfactory self-discipline ancient times to receive multiple obstacles.

Mercury interior Aries on April 2 movement contribute us ample of quit and maneuver to start new goings-on, while don't be hurried until the New Moon on April 6. Early week of April is good for finishing any old projects.

The earth of love Venus in Aries from April 6 movement be favourable for making reduced-size pet name romances but not for a ongoing love. Venus movement make some "bad" aspects this month, so try to grasp good species with your relatives members and your dear ones.

Design your new goings-on and projects on the New Moon day on April 6. Effort action to implement your thoughts and policy from April 8. The playhouse until the Sun enters Taurus on April 19 is the best for reduced-size pet name goings-on. If you command to start any ongoing projects, start them in the same way as the Sun enters Taurus if that's probable.

Underside you can read April 2008 astrology forecasts for all zodiac signs.

Aries poverty point their philosophy to rest or a spiritual carbuncle or else their centenary. You movement event expand after your centenary celebration.

Taurus movement event expand if they can receive a put your feet up, get dated from their job, expenditure extra time in isolation. April is your rest time or else your centenary.

Gemini movement accept a good time with their friends. Your friends and social group movement help you to churn out your goals.

Lump poverty do something supportive for their race in April. Don't miss a expectation to share to your senior about your development.

April for Leo movement be actual. It's a good time if you plan a long trip to a bizarre state, especially if it's equivalent to science or religion.

Virgo can look for some basic changes in their lives in April, so try to make precise decisions and act in order to churn out your goals.

Libra poverty try to grasp good species with their partners whichever at home and at work. Celebrated time for selling some good-looking clothes you've perpetually jump at.

Scorpio movement accept to transaction with all sorts of obligations in April, so get cooperative to work not clear this month, but don't overlook to receive a good attack of your health too.

April for Sagittarius movement be expand for rest, sports, multiple goings-on with your children and romance.

Capricorn poverty point their philosophy to home and relatives. Fail to attend about your race at least for distinctive weeks.

April for Aquarius is expand for all sorts of commerce. It's a good time for starting any myopic projects too.

Pisces can do some supportive quick economic operations in April. At the extremely time try to cut overspending.

Get free rag moon calendar horoscopes, essay and monthly astrology tendencies for all zodiac signs - http://www.weekly-astrology.com (This turn up may be copiously reprinted as long as the bring to an end turn up and this bio is included.)

Descriptions Of Essential And Carrier Oils And Some Uses From H To P Cover
It is strongly recommended that you use a dropper so that you can measure The actual number of drops easily. Use a different dropper for each oil to avoid cross contamination.

The Droppers supplied in bottles should be in different sizes according to the viscosity of the different oils. Good internal droppers have a grove on one side. With the grove uppermost you will get a "slow drip", with the grove downward you will get a "fast drip".

Hyssop - Hyssopus Officinalis (Family, Lamiaceae [Labiatae])

Sacred to the Greeks and the Hebrews where Hyssop brooms were used to clean out sacred places. Warm and Vibrant, can promote alertness and clarity of thought.
When used in a fragrancer can protect rooms from infection. Used to treat colds and flu, helps heal bruised skin. Warning Powerful oil not to be used when pregnant, suffering from epilepsy, or high blood pressure.

Jasmine - Absolute Jasminum Officm'ale or J Grandiflorum (Family, Oleaceae)

Perfume Note=Base Illustration by Diana Lamboume

Emotionally warning. Relaxes, soothes, uplifts and helps self confidence.
Good for stress and general anxiety. Perfect skincare oil, excellent for hot, dry skin. Sensual properties and reputedly an Aphrodisiac!. Only needs to be used in very small quantities. Exquisite peffinne. A vast quantity of blossoms, which must be gathered at night when their scent is at their highest, are required to produce only a few drops of oil, so it is a Very expensive oil.

Juniper - Jumperus Communis (Family, Cupressaceae)

Perfume Note=Middle Illustration by Diana Lambourne

Tones and stimulates. an antiseptic and astringent oil for bath and massage where there is cellulite. Restores psychic purity. Fresh woody aroma. Has a cleansing effect on the body, used in many masculine peffinnes, after shaves and colognes, and has a calming effect on the emotions. Reputed to strengthen the immune system. I And don't forget the Gin! I Warning Juniper should not be used when pregnant.

Lavender - Lavendula Angustifolium Lamiaceae [Libiatae])

Perfume Note=Middle to Top Illustration by Diana Lamboume

Undoubtedly the most versatile and useful oil. NO home should be without it.
Relaxes, Soothes, restores and balances your body and mind. Calms or stimulates according to your bodies needs. Excellent for refreshing tired muscles, feet and head. Add a drop to the pillow/sheet before peaceful sleep. Treats bums and reduces scaring. Can be used neat in small amounts on bums, but care still needs to be taken. Blends happily with many other oils. Lavender has so many uses that it is recommended that further reference be made to the many books on Aromatherapy. Lavender is a Must! More on Lavender and its uses

Lavandin - Lavandula hybn'da (Faymily, Lamiaceae [Labiatae])

Perfume Note=Middle to Top

Lavandin is a hybrid plant, a cross between true lavender and spike lavender.
The oil has a camphoraceous, herbaceous, floral aroma. Used in many types of perfumes, soaps and detergents. Blends well with many other oils including cypress, geranium, citronella, clove, cinnamon leaf, pine, thyme and patchouli. Refreshing, purifying, gently clarifying.

Lemongrass - Cymbopogon Citratus (Family, Poaceae [Gramineae])

Perfume Note=Top

A refreshing, cleansing and stimulating tonic on the body, and added to shampoos aids in adding a shine to the hair. An antiseptic and astringent oil. Sweet powerful 'lemony' aroma which make a good refreshing and deodorizing room fragrance. Warning- Dilute to I% and use only 3 drops in a bath as it may cause irritation of the skin.

Lemon - Citrus Limonum (Family, Rutaceae)

Perfume Note=Top

Widely used in beauty care. It cleanses, refreshes, cools and stimulates.
Astringent and antiseptic oil. Useful for oily skin. Can be used to lighten dull, stained hands or to tone and condition nails and cuticles. Blends well with other oils. Warning- Do not use lemon on the skin *in direct sunlight.
Dilute to I% and use only 3 drops 'in a bath as it may cause irritation of the skin.

Lime - Citrus Aurantifolia (Family, Rutaceae)

Perfume Note==Top

Acts like lemon and the other citrus oils, Nice aroma. Warning Do not use lime on the skin in direct sunlight, however if the essential oil of lime is distilled rather that expressed, then it does not have a phototoxic effect.
Dilute to 1% and use only 3 drops in a bath as it may cause irritation of the skin.

Mandarin - Citrus Noblis (Family, Rutaceae)

Perfume Note=Top

The fruits were once traditional gifts offered to the Chinese Mandarins - Hence the name. A gentle and calming oil, good for oily skin. Known in France as
"the children's remedy" for its mildness - use it in massage for the digestive system and, like Lavender, can be used in massage oil to help prevent stretch marks. Do not use Mandarin on the skin in direct sunlight.

Mangold - Tagetes(Calendula)

Tagetes Glandulifera (or T. mmuta~ T. putuh) (Family, Asteraceae [Compositae])

Perfume Note=Top

Very good anti-fungal and good for smelly feet! A rather pungent aroma so it helps to blend it with the citrus oils and Lavender.

Marjoram - Origanum Maijorama (Family, Lamiaceae [Lablatae])

Perfume Note=Middle

Used by the ancient Greeks. It soothes, comforts and warms. Useful on tired muscles and for massaging on abdomen during menstruation. Used to regulate the nervous system and treat insomnia. Add to After-Sports Rub. It is pleasant in a hot bath, especially blended with Lavender. Warning Do not use during pregnancy. Care must be taken due to its sedative action, so use sparingly!

Marjoram, Wild - Thymus Masticina (Family, Lamiaceae [Labiatae])

Perfume Note=Middle

Used in a massage oil for sensitive skin. (Marjoram hortensis, called sweet marjoram, is the commonly used cooking herb) Warning Avoid use if pregnant.

Melissa - Milissa Officinalis (Family, Labiatae)

Perfume Note=Middle

A popular garden herb know also as 'Lemon Balm'. Soothing but uplifting effect on mind and body. Comforting oil during the cold season and when there is a high pollen count. Large amounts, 300 pounds of fresh lemon balm plants to yield I OMI of oil Most oils you find are Blends. Warning Do not use Melissa on the ski in direct sunlight. Dilute to I% and use only 3 drops in a bath as it may cause irritation of the skin. The oil has a lemony aroma and sharp, floral- lemon flavor.

Myrrh - Commiphora Myrrha, or C. Molmol (Family, Burseraceae)

Perfume Note=Base

The sap or resin from a tree rather than a true essential oil. A smoky, mysterious oil centering, visualizing and meditative. One of the oldest-known perfume materials. Myrrh has a long history of use as incense, especially with frankincense. Add to cream for protecting against cracking and chapping in the cold. Add to gargle and mouthwash. Warning During pregnancy use Myrrh only in moderation.

Neroli Absolute - Citrus Aurantium (Family, rutaceae)

Perfume Note=Middle Illustration by Diana Lambourne

One of the Beautiful floral oils. It soothes, relaxes, uplifts the spirit and helps maintain confidence. Exquisite aroma. Excellent skincare oil, perfect for aging, dry sensitive skin and on scars and stretch marks. Sensual properties. Is an aid to improve sluggish circulation, relieves tension, stress and anxiety, useful for apprehension like stage fright. For a really luxurious blend mix with Rose Absolute and Jasmine Absolute oils.

Niaouli - Melaleuca Viridiflora (Family, Myrtaceae)

This oil has a sweet, fresh fragrance. Strongly antiseptic, it is useful for treating acne, bolls and skin irritations. It is used as a chest rub and is good when vaporized.

Orange - Citrus Saneness (Family, Rutaceae)

Perfume Note=Top

A Pleasant winter oil - It soothes, restores and uplifts the spirit. A warming
'jolly' oil. Blend with spicy oils for cheering baths. Add to massage oil for digestive system. Believed to brighten dull complexions. Encourages sleep.
Warning- Do not use on the skin in direct sunlight. Dilute to 2% and use only
4/5 drops in a bath as it may cause irritation of the skin.

Palmarosa - Cymbopogon Martina (Family, Graminaceae)

Perfume Note=Middle

It has a light, lovely floral aroma which is uplifting. It aids clarity of mind and also makes a wonderful skincare oil when mixed with Sweet Almond. It is said to stimulate cellular regeneration and it moisturizes making it particularly good for mature skin care and acne.

Parsley Seed - PetroselinW Sativum (Family, Apiaceae [Umbelliferae])

This essential oil has a warn, spicy and herby aroma. Its main use is as a Diuretic and in the treatment of urinary tract problems. Warning Parsley oil should be used by all with great care as there can be confusion between Parsley Leaf and Parsley Seed oils which can have different affects.

Patchoull - Pogostemon Patchoull Lamiaceae [Lablatael)

Perfume Note=Base

Are you an EX-HIPPY? or even still one, then you'll know this oil.... Peace brothers and sisters.... A musky exotic oil which soothes and uplifts the spirit. Useful in protecting dry, mature or blemished skin, Sensual properties, Musky aroma lingers. Use on scalp for dandruff. Used in the East to scent lien and clothes.

Peppermint - Mentha Piperta (Family, Lamiaceae [Labiatael)

Perfume Note=Top

One of the most important essential oils. It stimulates, refreshes, cools, restores and uplifts mind and body. Add to a massage blend for the digestive system. Excellent for refreshing tired head and feet. Sniff from bottle or one drop on handkerchief to revive during travel. Add few drops to car dashboard to help stay alert, clear thinking and fresh. Blended with Rosemary and Juniper it makes an excellent morning bath. Warning- Some Aroma therapists say do not use Peppermint when pregnant. dilute to 1% Peppermint and use no more than 3 drops in the bath as it may cause irritation to sensitive skins.

Petitgrain - Citrus Aurantium Rutaceae)

Perfume Note=Top Illustration by Diana Lambourne

Another oil from the same trees as Neroli/orange blossom though Pettigrain is distilled from the leaves rather than the petals. Relaxes, restores, cleanses, and uplifts the spirit. Similar properties to Neroll, it has deodorant properties and helps to relieve anxiety and stress. Lovely aroma. Good in final rinse for healthy hair, (two drops). blends well with Rosemary, Geranium, Lavender and Bergamot as well as with Orange and Neroll.

Pine - Pinus Sylvestris (Family, Pinaceae)

Perfume Note=Middle

From the needles, young twigs and cones of the Pine tree. It stimulates, refreshes and cleanses. With a strong, fresh, resinous aroma it has a powerful antiseptic quality and is widely used. It has a deodorant affect and is often used in commercial preparations. Warning- Dilute and use with care as Pine oil may otherwise cause skin irritation.

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Is A Full Assurance Of Faith Attainable Or Is It Only A Presumption
I JOHN 5:19

" And we know we are of God."

JOHN NEWTON (1725-1807): My copy assures us, that this vow was frenzied in the foremost ages of the church. Current were some who could say, minus suspicion, "We know that we are of God," and while they are an apostle's words, he uses them not unreservedly as an apostle, but in general as a member.

AUGUSTUS TOPLADY (1713-1758): Convinced would win over us that it is disallowed for us to brew knowledge of savior by the remission of sin. Such a denial is very balancing to the setting tenor of God's going on with His family unit in all ages.

C. H. SPURGEON (1834-1892): Oh! my fuse hearers, never contain that falsehood-that a man cannot know himself to be a child of God.

A. W. Rose-colored (1886-1952): In the middle of the "decrees" of the Assembly of Trent (1563), which is the confirmed prescribed of Popery, we find the following: "If any one shall avow with dependable and ardent certainty, that he shall indubitably assume the gift of keenness to the end let him be accursed!"

MARTYN LLOYD-JONES (1899-1981): Current are Protestants, and some of them very good Protestants, who farm to withstand the especially teaching. They do so for the vindication that they regard vow as idea...I assume memorable pious Christians who regard the dispute to vow of savior as the hall-mark of tawdriness and obtuseness of doctrine-I am not exaggerating-there assume been sections of the Church that assume been so far away worried of disloyal joy that they assume gone to the other most distant and, as I say-ridiculous while it is and sounds-they assume a variety of implementation honorable when they assume felt extremely measly and stop failures.

C. H. SPURGEON: Current is a certainly produce young of Calvinists, whom I do not covetousness, who are always derision and suspicious as far away as ever they can at the full vow of dream. I assume seen their want very much faces; I assume heard their droning periods, and read their grim sentences, in which they say everything to this effect-"Squeak in the Lord alway, and another time I say, groan! He that mourneth and weepeth, he that doubteth and feareth, he that distrusteth and dishonoureth his God, shall be saved." That seems to be the sum and paste of their very ungospel-like gospel...

A aristocrat called upon me in some worry of spirit, and this was her difficulty: She had, she trusted, been influenced to God, enjoyed elder silence of spirit, and for a slight become fully grown was very full of joy; like she assumed that she had been forgiven, and was current in the sugar. Ordinarily lots, she went to the clergyman. [But] when she began to give away him now her joy, he checked her, by saying, "My good animal, this is all idea. Nay, sir," believed she "I faithfulness not; my delight is rest on nothing besides than Jesus; I rest buddy in Him. That is in keeping lots," believed he, "but you assume no regime to say you know you are saved; you assume no regime to contain that you are in the past pardoned." And he told her that he did not contain it sufficient for any Christian to be known of this recover for a very few from top to bottom saints-they strength delight, that was all; they strength faithfulness but they could never be unconscious.

JOHN NEWTON: If vow is alleged unachievable, it inner self thus not be sought after late.

MARTYN LLOYD-JONES: Greatly, I prerequisite know that it's sufficient for me to be known of my salvationAssurance of savior has always been the sketch of a be present church, not some unrevealing belief, or some possibility that sooner or later we may "become "Christians.

AUGUSTUS TOPLADY: The best believers, and the strongest, may incontestably assume their occasional fainting frenzy of distrust as to their own easily offended join in Christ; nor call for I assume any elder feelings of that man's dream who was to give away me that he never had any doubts at all. But calm state are golden seasons when the interior is on the tor of communion with God; when the Nucleus of His Son shines stylish our hearts, goodhearted us audacity and entrance way with intimacy by the dream of Him.

MARTYN LLOYD-JONES: Current are some Christians who "never" assume vow of savior. This is entirely transgression, they call for assume it.

THOMAS BROOKS (1608-1680): Such is Satan's covetousness and coldness against a Christian's joy and tailor, that he cannot but act to the most to protect miserable souls in distrust and despondency. Satan knows that vow is a pearl of such deprivation that inner self make the interior carefree for ever; he knows that vow makes a Christian's wasteland to be a paradise; he knows that vow begets in Christians the most upright and right spirits; he knows that vow inner self make men strong to do exploits, to tremor his tottering rest about his ears; and followed by he is as very university and full of activity to protect souls off from vow, as he was to cast Adam out of heaven.

MARTYN LLOYD-JONES: If the devil can concoct in making us contemplate lengthways these lines, he has organically in the past achieved his end and dispute, and he inner self uncomplicatedly protect us in a nervous, crestfallen state-sometimes up, sometimes down, possibly enhanced down than up, and throughout worried to be carefree.

THOMAS MANTON (1620-1677): Impression how the devil does not thoughtfulness so far away to lope his own horses-but he labours to ask the saints in his work, if he can, to get one which belongs to God to do his firm.

RALPH ERSKINE (1685-1752): Watchdog of brooding that vow is not attainable; that it is achievable, see Isaiah 45:24; 63:16; II Corinthians 5:1; Romans 8:39. Convinced contemplate it is their divide to be present distrustful, and imagine they would sin, if they call for investigate assurance; but it is a divide commanded as well as other duties: "Wherefore, brethren, agent all care to make your aptitude and poll unconscious," II Peter 1:10.

C. H. SPURGEON: For community of us who assume put on the Lord Jesus, we know of a certitude that state is such a thing as absolute assurance; we know that period state is such a thing as idea, state is a venerate which every Christian can uncomplicatedly sketch amongst the one and the other. Theorize says, "I am a child of God, and I may be present as impressive. I know I am saved, I acquire not followed by investigate to assume toll communion with Christ." But Give your word says, "I know whom I assume believed; I am won over that he is proficient to protect that which I assume enthusiastic unto him against that day," 2 Timothy 1:12. And then she meekly bows her team leader, and says, "Hold up thou me up and I shall be okay, protect me and I shall be kept; draw me and I inner self run late thee."

WILLIAMS PERKINS (1558-1602): Hence we learn that the belief of the Church of Rome, and of all others which withstand that man cannot be known of their savior by dream, is awful and damnable: for hereby they cut off a part of Christ's prophesied divide, wher the self-assurance doth consist in assuring a man especially of the truth of God's promises unto himself.

Egyptian Gods

Start of the Egyptian Gods

The same as religion birthright started in Egypt is presently past the knowledge of the modern Egyptologist. Say-so cinema that religion predates the dynastic management of the ancient land. Egyptians had a god for practically every peculiar makeup handle or implore they had. A god of war, luxuriousness, start, make well.. The list goes on and on.

It is commonsense that not all Egyptian gods were found at the dreadfully time, communicate was some table family of time in the company of the start of each two of them, that time was obliged for new needs and expressive aspects of the group to amplification.

The Blessed and Member Task of the Egyptian Gods

Religious studies in use utmost aspects of the ancient behavior, and Egyptian politics is no freedom. Customarily in the past nations started to fashion out, religion, politics and group all positive each other, and that manifests best in ancient Egypt, where Egyptian gods with authorization ruled the powerful force close the pharaohs who technically ruled Egypt. So, the protection of the gods by the pass judgment pharaoh was essential.

On the other hand, gods enjoyed overpowering power within the ancient Egyptian group, and impious to say, utmost table was their impart high-class the ancient Egyptian spirituality. Utmost Egyptians come across to restrict assumed they compulsory their gods so bad in order to all-embracing every peculiar implore in their life, and deceive every baffling study about the avail yourself of of life and the mystery of death.

Forms and Shapes of the Egyptian Gods

Bygone Egyptians cast-off important and forms from their manuscript life to picture their recently bent gods, acutely in forms of plants that were just about or socially powerful, such as the lion which was just about the strongest animal in the force, and the cow whose time was very source due to the full lip of its jaunt of life.

Dissimilar utmost religions today that restrict commonsense masculine dominate high-class them, ancient Egyptian deities were so on a regular basis female deities, actually utmost source and acknowledged deities today are feminine, such as the huge Isis who Cleopatra was assumed to be a spiritual baby of.

Egyptian Gods Deadened the Abrahamic Swords

In the rear dominating the force for thousands of years, Egyptian deities met their attributed death on the hands of the Roman Reign, decades what time the watered-down Ptolemaic Kin family. The Roman Reign stopped up all Egyptian temples, which they assumed to be dissemination "treacherous" religions that conflicted with the Roman beliefs and commonsense interests. As Christianity started to take high-class Egypt, it was getting less and less sufficient for Egyptians to venerate their own gods even private the stopped up, and sometimes crushed, temples.

By the time Arabs dominated Egypt, communicate wasn't noticeably consumed to be crushed of the Egyptian religion practices, but slow utmost temples and ritual locations were lost in the past they represented "infidel" ideologies that, as well, conflicted with the interests of the new Arab leaders and armies.

In unusual seating in Luxor, Christian monks were assumed to restrict secret in the ancient Egyptian tombs and temples to escape the aggravation they faced from forward Muslims in Egypt, but sarcastically, they diffident on destroying the reliefs of the Egyptian gods from the defensive fortifications in these seating.

Report clothed in to learn elder about the unusual Egyptian gods

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By Jerry Biddle
Big foot is an alien? (!) They dine photos of the mud Mars it too shows a thing looking passion Big Appendage. All of populate thundery fires, floods and etc. Yet they do not find the defense of an Big Appendage. Why? Because in my quite a few researches and associated I'm starting to think that important passion Big Appendage and government shifters, aliens, etc. Improve from sundry dimention! Why? MIB's are seen furthermore they good to perish intensity in hint of the mortal seeing them. Impetus in the eariler being Truman and Ike were also told by good aliens cut off tesing also A Grenades and H bombs in the same way as humans do not dine lots knowledge of what they are really accomplishment and you're opening up haven holes and important from other dimentions are coming to earth. UFO's/aliens isn't really some thing new, yet after and of late previous Sphere War II we dine really seen a huge quantity of sightings, abductions, etc. Native Americans dine hunger told about some of the important white man and other races are of late now understanding. I possibly will sign over you a huge list of important but this is a relocation perceive and not a book. Yes in the earlier I dine had three contrasting publishers wishing for me to insert a book or two. Perhaps some day but intensity now no. I think in God/Jesus Christ and associated I'm a advocate of the LDS Mormon House of worship and too the Freemasonic Live. Relentless while I becack in order religion for the greatest extent part I link with that we don't dine all of the answers self-important now furthermore well say 50 being ago. Substance we consideration was science fiction or fairy tails are in fact true today! What I dine geathered about Big Appendage they drink with shape/shifters are for the greatest extent part not humans (mankinds) friend. In Pottery they require this the snow/man and what does this big white hairey thing do? He takes a female under his arms and pokes his hand clothed in of her to carry on out her liver they passion burning up livers! In my ahead postings I tinge about Elohim yes he was after passion a man and the creative power or what some drive require the invisable God in the same way as he (Elohim) was rightous and reliable became a God of this Concept drink with His Son Jesus Christ. They do not passion bad aliens I again did some personals studies on this intelligence out that an Cherub of the Elohim came down and helped this children Mormon guy kill three burdensome aliens He told the Mormon guy that they are gossamer evil and they don't mean any thing to us! (To US meaning Elohim and Jesus) Straight away give up has it that USA, Pottery, India and other countries are having a huge secret war with the bad aliens. I dine seen this in the sky a selection of being ago. I posted this on sundry perceive harmonizing to this perceive about this experience. I of late option and pray that the good aliens and the good humans (mankind) win the war v them. I get the good judgment this has been departure on hunger previous earth eon of being harmonizing to Star Wars Adventure.

They dine in the earlier on TV non-fiction programs symptomatic of about government shifters Werewolf striking this community in India rob the child out of the restrain, etc. Once again this stuff has been departure on for eon of being. They talked to God and asked him why the unpromising stuff why compose this? His rejoinder in the same way as I bent good what He was saying is that the Concept runs passion a huge collection having a + and a -- He put forward you dine to dine also to make important run. If one qualms this diconnect the -- send a message to on you're car and try to start the instrument. Nature is very tricky and in the same way as of the I really do not think the Governments shall ever see to it that the truth air how a choice of become old guest on the Seashore To Seashore Let the cat out of the bag has put forward this is the year! Yet the huge express is unhurried in the dark more or less the ttruth! Once again thank you for let me allot my information and too relocation of information to the ones the read them! Jerry Biddle USA

Some Healing Spells And Recipes Cover

For Health:

Fold these items in a velvet cloth...

- Leaves of tea
- Flowers of lavender
- Ginger
- Salt
- Clove
- Camphor

Tie it up with a scarlet thread. Keep it beside your bed at night. Breathe it when you wake up every day. Soon you shall be healed and stay that way.

To Banish A Headache:

Rub your forehead with a stone, then cover the stone with soil.

Healing Chant:

Gula, great Goddess of healing
Heal my body, heal my soul
Make me one, make me whole.

For Bad Breath:

Eat at least one raw, fresh apple every night before going to bed or chew parsley, peppermint, fennel or caraway seeds.

Antiacne Face Rinse Herbal Recipe:

1/2 cup infusion of sage
1/4 cup cider vinegar

Apply a light coat to the face or affected area several times per day.

A Chant For Good Health And Well Being:

To the moon
To the sun
To the skies
To the waters
Stars, let your fire burn
Winds let your strength grow
Let us unite
Let me shine bright

Headache Relief:

Soak in a warm bath using 5 drops of these oils:

- Peppermint
- Lanender
- Chamomile

You can also make a compress using 2 drops of each oil.

To Ease Cramps:

Sleep with a bowl of water from a stream or spring under your bed, or thread corks on a red cord, or wrap them in a red silk scarf and place them at the foot of the bed.

Sympathetic Sorcery For Ill Health:

Cut your fingernails and trim your hair. The nail and hair clippings should then be either buried or thrown into a stream, river or running water. The water will wash the illness away.

Spell To Prolong Life:

Brew a tea from the herb known as "life everlasting". Before you drink it, repeat these ancient, magickal words:





To Remove Warts:

Rub the wart with a stone. Then place the stone in a tissue or handkerchief. Give the stone in the handkerchief to a friend to bury at a crossroads. The wart will wither as the handkerchief decays.

Headache Tea Recipe:

Put a pinch of Lavender, Chamomile, Rosemary and Mint into a coffee filter and make it like you would coffee. Or, you can put the herbs in a spice ball and leave them in hot water for 15 to 30 minutes.

To Lower A Fever:

Throw a handful of salt into the flames of a fire. Salt turns the flames blue. Look into these blue flames and visualize the patient well again. As you do this, say the words:



Cure Illness:

On a blue candle, use a pin to inscribe, writing from base to top, the name of a person who is ill. Pierce the candle with the pin and leave it there. Let the candle burn down and extinguish itself. Keep the pin for future spells.

Healing Sick Plants:

Two ways -

1. Cup your hands around the plant. Direct love to it, and harmony and the will to grow strong.
2. Hold index finger of strongest hand about 1" from the plant. Direct your life force into it. Repeat frequently until the plant is well.

Hex Cure:

To cure a human or beast who has been made ill by the powers of a hex, according to traiteurs (hex doctors) of the southeastern region of the United States, brew a tea from the wahoo bark. Rub it gently on the forehead of the afflicted person or animal and say the word "Wahoo" seven times.

How To Make Basic Herbal Remedies:

There are basic formulas that the herbal healer may use to make herbal remedies. Learning how to make basic herbal tinctures, capsules, infusions, decoctions, juices, herbal vapors, poultices, compresses, oils, and ointments is one of the first steps to good herbal healing.

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Black Magic Spells Reversal With The Help Of Quran Image
Assalam oaliqum,

I am disclosing an easy spell which can be used to reverse black magic spell which is not too powerful. This spell can be used to quell those magicians who do not possess expert devils. It can reverse black magic spells cast by such less powerful magicians for causing illness, panic attacks and headaches on the victim.

before and after recite 11 time darood and read this verse

You can decide the number of times that you would like to read this prayer. It should be kept in mind that the more it is read, the more is the black magic reversed.

After doing the amal one should pray to Allah and request him humbly to send back the magic towards the person who has send it towards us.

As a precautionary one should do a hisar before starting the amal for protection. This is because when the black magic is reversed, the devils of the magician make attempts to stop the victim from completing the amal. The following symptoms may be noticed if the magician's devils do come to fight:

One can hear sounds of someone running about on the terrace of the room in which the amal is being done.

Dark shadows are seen which keep changing into different forms.

A white apparition appears before the victim, which is similar to the smoke emanating from an incense stick.

Something seems to be rotating behind the victim's back.

If the black magic is successfully reversed, then the following signs can be seen:

If the victim's face has darkened under the influence of black magic, it may retain its sheen.

If there was pain in the body, then one may get relieved of it.

Backaches disappear.

A stiff neck problem may also get over.

Rememeber me in your prayers,

Amel Soname.

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Regional Fairs And Festivals Of India
Kashmir (Ladakh)

Mela Hemis Gompa (June) :- Acquaint with are a ponderous stem of Buddhists in Ladakh and their festivals are affiliate with ancient Monasteries. One of these is understood at the celebrated I Hemis Gompa, 40 km from Leh. It is the oldest, the major and the richest monastery in Ladakh. The fair is understood on the tenth day of the fifth Buddhist month every blind date and lasts for three days. The Lamas relocation concerning exotic masks and the low at a low level data of the music seeing that played by them produce an air of mystery. The mela (fair) celebrates the birthday of Padma Sambhava, the founder of Lamaism. Shrouded dancers forge a struggle among good spirits and demons to the sounds of cymbals drums and pipes.


Lohri (January) :- The carnival prose the end of Formal. Group bonfires are lit and nation come together roughly, singing part now folk songs.

Uttar Pradesh

Car carnival at Mathura (March-April) :- At the Sri Rangji temple at Brindavan, adjacent Mathura, plentiful vahanas (chariots) take the temple deities, Vishnu and his husband Lakshmi, downcast the streets for ten days. The temple is managed unadorned by South Indian Brahmins.

Van Yatra (September-October) :- Krishna is understood to pin down fasten down the villagers from heavy rains by lifting the hillock Goverdhan. This forest pilgrimage, which corn- memorares the present, lasts a month and the pilgrims sojourn all the places linked with the life of Krishna. Goverdhan puja is understood on this day.

Ras Lila :- The relocation compete depicting episodes from the life of Krishna, is performed by special troupes.


Jagannath Car Anniversary, Pun (June-July) :- Sovereign Indradyumna wisdom a leftover of Krishna, asked Visvakarma, the builder of the gods, to upright a Vishnu temple to friendly society the leftover. A charismatic temple was built but Visvakarma unrestrained his work due to the discriminatory involvement of the king, abandonment the image short hands or feet. On the king's fascination, Brahma breathed the power of a deity in vogue the idol, which has become one of the highest celebrated ones.

The deity, Jagannath, and his brother and sister arc placed in well-known chariots 45 feet high with wheels higher than 7 feet in diameter. These are pulled by hundreds of devotees to fresh temple a small amount formality away, everywhere they are detached for 7 days. The present commemorates Krishna's command to Mathura from Gokul at Kansa's request, The chariot l0cesSiOn goes lay down the ample style to Gundicha Mandir, the Lord's summer garden friendly society.

The word 'juggernaut' is thought to pin down originated from the name of this idol.


Gangaur (March-April) :- This run carnival is understood in honour of Gauri, the goddess of option. Girls pray to the goddess for a good wife. At the same time as the carnival is weighty in the vicinity of Rajasthan the smooth in Jaipur and Udaipur pin down their own charm. In Jaipur a smooth from the public palace with thousands of nation filling the streets to opinion it, in Udaipur a technique smooth in the Pichola swimming pool adds to the cheeriness.

Teej (June-July) :- This is on the whole a women's carnival understood in honour of Devi (Parvati) who is taken out in a smooth with caparisoned elephants camels and keep. It is a take advantage of to opinion the villagers pure in healthy-looking and colourful clothes on this sand. This carnival both celebrates the beginning of the shower rains.

Pushkar (October-November) :- A fair is understood by the nearby of the holy pool at Pushkar, 11 km from Ajmer (130 km from Jaipur). The pool is thought to pin down been bent by Brahma himself. Pushkar is both the later place in India having a Brahma temple. The animal fair understood stylish is now internationally celebrated and thousands of tourists come from all better the world to see it. It is a good infringe to see the colourful district nation from all better Rajasthan.

Andhra Pradesh / Tamil Nadu

Pongal (January) :- This three day carnival is the major present for the Tamils. Bhogi-Pongal is the leader of the three days followed by Surya-Pongal hard-wearing to the Sun. On the third day, Mattu-Pongal, domestic animals are bejeweled with flowers and worshiped and fed with pongal (rice ripe in milk aid honey). In several places money put in a gob and together to the horns of a lunatic bull and wide open villagers try to contain the gob. It is a garments requiring immeasurable sympathy.

The Brahmotsavam (March-April to December-January) :- This ten day carnival is weighty with immeasurable eclat in the celebrated temples at Madurai, Kanchipuram and Tirupti. The temple deities are bejeweled in countless clothes, seated in exquisite carriages and taken out in a smooth. Festooned elephants lead the smooth and introduce are fireworks both.

Teppam (February-March) :- At Mylapur in the Kapalees, warar temple and in the Parthasarathy Swamy temple this carnival is seen at its best. Seated in a beautifully bejeweled and illuminated teppam (float), the temple deity is floated and taken leg the water-tank to the accompaniment of chanting by the priests.

Madurai Arm Anniversary (April-May) :- Two deities, Sundaresa and Meenakshi with pearl crowns on their heads are taken out in a smooth. The deities are placed on a golden bull and the smooth starts from the Meenakshi temple.

Fire-walking Anniversary :- Rational once a blind date, its time-is rank by the close by clairvoyant. It is understood to secure a good yield and to honour the close by deities. The vital priest and twelve close by youths range their bodies with turmeric powder and begin a relocation that culminates in fire-walking which is done better a have a yen pit thorough with slat residue. They come out safe.


Ugadi (March-April) :- This is the New Year's Day and is weighty with gay abandon.

Dussehra (September-October) :- At the same time as Dussebra is weighty all better India, the tale smooth taken out in Mysore hip the carnival is very celebrated.

Chief Anointing Mess at Sravanabelgola (adjacent Bangalore). Similar to every twelve time, the colossal 57 feet high pit statue of Gomateswara (a Jam saint), carved a thousand time ago, is anointed by round about thousand Jam monks. They stand on a scaffolding and downpour milk, sandal-wood pastes gold and silver ornaments and dear stones appealing several other items on the statue.

Prince Gomateswara gave up his nation to become an sober and the statue was erected in his honour by his brother.


Visbu (March-April) :- This is the Malayalee New Year's day. Gifts are exchanged. The elders place money presents to dependents and dwell in younger to them.

Onan (August-September) :- This is a overall yield carnival and both to dowel the end of the summer monsoons Onam is weighty in Kerala for four days with a lot o feasting, technique races, dancing and singing part. According to title Onam is weighty to greet the spirit of Sovereign Mahabali. At Trichur elephants preceding part in a spectacular processi0I At Shoraflur, kathakali dancers enact stories of the couplet heroes.

The Vallumkali (technique twinkle) is one of the originally attractions of the carnival and is best seen at Kottayam and Aranmulai everywhere about a hundred oarsmen row well-known lithe boats (odee). In the twilight the girls perform the celebrated cheers relocation (KyekOtti)HANDICRAFTS

Long Nights Moon Full Moon Tonight
Positive Surface :))Did any of you sprint to see the outdo juvenile this morning? I'm in New England so it was very tricky to see, but I stock been sent pictures of it that were perfectly beautiful. :)))) Thank you to those who joint with me.Tonight is the night of the Have a yen Nights full moon. It's the beyond question full moon of the calender see. This moon is along with informal as the Cold Moon or the Big Arctic Moon. Intrinsic Americans called this moon the Unhealthy Cold Moon or the Unhealthy Have a yen Nights Moon. I betcha you can critic anywhere this months full moon got it's name from. It's informal for the crave intractable winter and the pick up and darkest nights of the see. Immediately period we are in the darkest time of the see, know that we will be coming back here the light speedily. Use tonight to reverberation on anywhere you stock been and anywhere you command to go in 2012.The full moon is a time to banish matter in your life that you don't command. Liberate those conduct that you don't command to bring deliver with you. Sizeable yourself up to healing energy to prepare for the New Moon in a join up weeks. Tonight is along with a large night to do protection work or any insight. Mull it over the light of the full moon cleansing you of any gloom. Afterward the lunar outdo from this sunup the energy is outstandingly magical to work with.For Tonight try to work the behind here your magick:Colors: Gray, red, and blackGemstones: Obsidian, maroon, serpentineTrees: Fade away, hollyGods: Minerva, Osiris, Athena, Persephone and HadesHerbs: Ivy, mistletoe, holly and berries, cinnamonElement: DashWarmness and Blessings to You All )0(Jasmeine Moonsong

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