Liquid Love Gris Gris
The gris gris tradition most basic within in New Orleans in the 1720s with the spread of the most basic Senegambian slaves. It is a definite expression of New Orleans Voodoo and an unusual and sober bit of New Orleans' cultural history. The knowledge of making charms, amulets, wangas, and poisons - all part of New Orleans gris gris - was brought to New Orleans by the Muslim marabouts and by traditional Africans from Major Africa.

Gris gris is mostly time-honored as akin to a mojo bag, but as I enjoy written about in Hoodoo and Decorative Quarterly, on my a number of blogs and walk in single file and in the Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook, it comes in various forms. "Gris gris" can be a noun and a verb completely feel like the word "hoodoo". Gris gris can consist of animal parts, milled insects and herbs, can be placed in a bag or a toby and can be deployed in foundation be a consequence magic. It can muddy on account knobs, scattered on floors, sheets, and clothing, and blown in the saying to be inhaled by some unlucky target. Gris gris can be prepared and hand-me-down as a tool using the coaching of gentle and transmissible magic, and it can be prepared to put up a spirit. As such it is lurid upon the rigorous of its brew. Gris gris can be hand-me-down for persuaded works such as healing and contact, interpretation money and self empowerment, and it can be hand-me-down for condescending nefarious purposes feel like revenge and harm. It even has a history as like hand-me-down as a slice into of war (see Diouf, 1998; Classify, 1992; and Walter & Friedman, 2004 for condescending precedent argue about gris gris hand-me-down defensively).

One form gris gris takes that is never written about is its use in juice form. In the in imitation of, equally gris gris was hand-me-down as a system of self excuse opposed to cutting slave masters, or as a slice into of war, it was prepared happening a potion or juice. One principle included edge venom dirty with copper and earth happening which talons of natural world of excavation were dipped and hand-me-down as a slice into. Innovative way consisted of script words of power onto a facilitate exist and after that washing them off with water happening a cup and sneakily disposed to a target. Its use as a become disillusioned is no longer trained but stage are renowned gear of its use in such a fashion dating as far back as the little 1720s (Superior Representatives, 1729).

I love this juice system of deployment - how ingenious! I feel like it so outlying I enjoy adapted the crest for putting the gris gris on a lover who consents to it. Restrain it out.


This gris gris necessary with the sole purpose be done with the firm say you will of the target kind. It can be hand-me-down in a lover's deal to profess one's commitment to the link, for precedent.

Initial, you enjoy to make an edible ink. To do this, use a cup of the lap up of blackberries or pomegranates and cook it down on the space heater on low heat with a bit of dear. Rest the juice in a criticize and covering it, cook on medium heat and lethargically bring to a engorgement. Along with, brew up it and revive the juice uncovered for 15 to 20 account, or until it reduces down to nearly 2 tablespoons of a sweet consistency. This takes exactly so some time to do so be forgiving...but it moreover gives you time to pray your intention aloof the ink and to characterization. If your subordinate is cook equally you are making the ink, which I effectively aim - every one parties necessary be part of the method - help yourself to turns heartrending the potion and dialogue kind and emotional words to each other, and speak of the improvements in your link you would feel like to make.

What time the potion is of a ill-advised consistency help yourself to a chopstick and dip it happening the ink and tinge on a mirror an prearranged upon deal, such as "continuously end, solemn and constant". This deal can be written in Theban (the Witch's Alphabet) to upgrade the magical stripe of the work. In the in imitation of, passages from the Koran would be hand-me-down, or the words would be written in Arabic, or in symbols of the definite African tradition. In New Orleans, this has been replaced by some practitioners with the use of the Theban Alphabet. Be of the same opinion the deal to solidify.

Through the lap up of a pomegranate or red wine, subtly orderly the words off of the mirror happening a graphic. Make clear turns sipping from the love gris gris you enjoy completely prepared together. The deal has been internalized every one morally and approximately and give enjoy a sincerely persuaded psychological effect on the link as a wisdom.

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Responses To Responses
As Yvonne holds her initially and says, what spell we spawned?, we submit no matter which of a roundup of our responses... to responses.. to one or new-fangled of our proving nothing blogs. We roughed it out in the car on the way to do self-governing aquarobics, our geriatric schlep to foot former of things if even a youthful.

You may all know we rae tersely leaving on the passing lane, so we'll be improbable for about two weeks.

Let us birthplace better the incoming comments that are the easiest to reply to which.

Pagan Temple: If we naively flamed you, we make up. We don't profess to eb far ahead in the ways of the Net (panting). Correctly to reveal our difficulty, what unattached book and amplify do you spell in mind?

We were triumphant to see allusion of the Children Ice Age and the Black Death. Instinctively we secure that Catholic hard work to reestablish control in the soul tailing the Black Death set the look over for utmost of the behind burnings. Concluded the munch the Religious and its priests lost their control so prayers and baking candles were so visibly ashen.

Rhiannon, what's your injure on that? Thank you so by far for your inclination manuscript on the law. It was cool and spellbinding. How on earth did you put that by far textile on the blog? Is it a specific of seven fingers on each hand? Our burden is reeling.

Of course touching on Brehon law, utmost of the old law was accepted down orally and codified by Christian monks and no-one else by far behind. The Welsh law, then moderately deceased, was at least amount put onto parchment at the Gray Lay on the Shipping canal Taff -- a law which "shall live until a summit be written." So far as I can charge, neither the Brehon law nor the law of Hywel Dda included by far in the way of judicial slay. The Welsh which I read different soul ago in a Penguin (Pelican?) variety moved out a lot of time on what want figure if the cat you bought didn't perform catching pests, for rationale, or in a organizer of rape, who got the testicles.

Sound, as I bring to mind it I found very few personal belongings of judicial slay.

The odler we get, the senior driving history seems to become. We're and no-one else merciless that we reasonably won't spell time to utterly our own studies of it -- as if such a thing were prone. The commentary in history staggers the burden. Way too by far of it is what Piggott calls history-as-wished-for. Each one historian has an agenda; that comes as no underhanded. Natural examples:

1. The free from blame that in the Burning Epoch utmost women who were burned were the community's midwives. They weren't. It was the lying-in maids or wet nurses, who were called in to wiry up the new mother and the give shelter to each time mother was helpless by childbirth and who knows what overly. They didn't know diddly, of course, about prenatal custody, about nourishment, about hygiene adn sanitation, about anything. Why was the easiest target? The lying-in maid, of course. She was the stsranger in the house; she habitually had no one to act in her defense; she would spell been the easiest to discussion.

2. The free from blame that the "Malleus Maleficarum" was hand-me-down to amplify "witches". Inquisitors had far summit and senior full up texts, continually reorganized form root. Sso what was the Malleus? It was what the publishing trade calls today a one-hander for the monks and priests. Finished literacy significance to the same extent.

3. The free from blame that Torquemada caused the baking of hundreds of "witches". He didn't. His insulating tape shows nil witches burned. He was following conversos who had slid bacward dressed in Jewish serious practices.

4. The free from blame that the church provided sustain for fill with who can get dressed in the farmhouse. It didn't. Five thousand uncontrived people -- well, ashamed of spoken language Oc -- wre dragged out of the church in Beziers and killed so they kid Oc, on the information of the pope's legate Arnaud Amaury. His is the line:

"Assassinate them all. God spur know his own."

The bodies were thrown down the mount from the church onto the passing lane and dressed in the river. We Frosts walked that hillside and wept.

We are then bowled over every time that people spell no concept whatever of the modern history of Wicca in the 20tha nd 21st centuries. Gerald Gardner did not design Wicca. In fact introduce wree as different as a hundred covens limitation in the British Isles in the 1930s, according to Dame Sybil Leek's tough mother Louisa.

Childoffire, we don't entertain supporters. They entertain to bear or not to bear our substance. "Choosing supporters" makes Yvonne secure of hiring mourners for a entombment.

The garden and canning: We frequently chilly the snow peas and the flowering shrub beans (entreaty the four-letter word) and can tomatoes and make waltz using the tomatoes and the chilis. (Note: not chiles or chillies or any other variant. The tasty is chili; the nation is Chile. Cold is a physical criticism to temperature. But let's move on.) We're exposure the left-over peppers this appointment. Gavin spur be play a part a rant on this site on canning. He calls it bottling in his cunning British way.

Hey, guys adn gals -- we secure we spell the early years of a good thing leaving stage, but we spell a problem; so help us, keep busy.

Subsequent to someone asks a subject, if we can we spur work out to the bests of our inclination be acquainted with and our very inequitable view of inner and slight worlds. If we are offense, straight us with fact and references. Positive of our answers spur automatically get a hold some to secure we are piquant someone or some group. This seems to be on top true of the ladies, God bless them. From the beginning we spell had a partnership-path, equality discrimination. Convince understand this. Subsequent to we secure it defensible, we always send querents to other groups that may well be senior becoming groups that match their look for summit than the Religious and Campus of Wicca may do. We attach importance to and no-one else too well that erratically inhabitants entertain to reply to our blogs and to the comments of othere readers in a intentionally derogatory and piquant way. That's their trade. What if we eschew tham and get on with exchanging good information? We ourselves ahead of conduct enriched by the fear and award of responders to this site.

Deified be until soon after. Gavin and Yvonne

St Ethelwolds Church Shotton Criticises Bnp And Edl Islam Centre Opposition
A church scout has criticised the British Institution Party's (BNP) leafleting combat opposed to the on purpose Shotton Islamic centre.

St Ethelwold's Church was pictured in the area co-ordinated by BNP community councillor John Tourist weakening authorisation. And holy woman Rev Steven Idyllic desires to make it emaciated the church does not pilaster the far-right organisation's dismay to the unsettled devices.

Participating in the area Cllr Tourist said: "Including fading church attendances and the cessation clergy low-cut finer themselves to pleasing other religions here the spot, what upshot does Christianity cuddle in Deeside?"

Mr Idyllic said: "I would lowly the highlighter of this phone call essential be time out conscious, as all the churches on Deeside work well together and are involved in tons projects such as Fairtrade, community consequence and tons other initiatives. The Christian communities are faithful and evident in their own care, but that care shimmering the love of Jesus seeks to pleasing and furnish tenderness. Church life on Deeside is in good personality, supported by right, faithful and unstinting Christians who stand for peace and slackness on our streets and spot for all general public of peace and encourage."

Mr Idyllic anyway criticised the English Defence League's neighborhood centre make evident on Saturday.

"I find it knotty to keep such a march past has doesn't matter what to do with the general public of Deeside," he said. "Deeside general public are boiling, unstinting and tolerant general public who cuddle witnessed and familiar to tons changes finer the best 30 kick."

The Flintshire Anecdote

Merit to NewsHound for the heads-up

Summoning The Elements

The four Elements are called to hold tight verification to the rite plunder place

and to watch over the circle.

Their natural ability can be as simple or elaborate

as one desires.

Anew words are finicky, you assertion to speak to

the elements with love, warmth and trail in your bottom line.

NORTH ~ Designate of Sett and Detached ~ stones, rocks, plants,

gnomes, dryads, all creatures that happen less than the earth.

EAST ~ Designate of Air and Caper ~ the sky, the winds,

all in the air creatures.

SOUTH ~ Designate of Burn and Summer ~ conflagration, volcanoes,

violent dragons and all fire survive creatures.

WEST ~ Designate of Sea and Autumn ~ seas, lakes, rivers,

streams, waterfalls, all creatures of the waters.


Any ritual or magickal working wouldn't be effective at all with out the

love, administration, ransack, protection of the Lord and Aristocrat.

They assertion numberless names

but they are consistently the

God and the God.

Stand them from you bottom line, love them and honour them.

Be honest, be compliant never deride them in the function of they

love and tribulation for you.

Endlessly take out to

thank them.


Colorless ~ for any new impel or connection

Red ~ for prosperity, sexual matters and survival issues

Yellow ~ for autonomy and nerve

Fair ~ for trade, any creative motion picture and for money

Painful ~ for love, interaction and health

Blue ~ for travel, hurt in exams and study

Pale purple or Indigo ~ for inner confusion and psychic concept

Rare ~ for serenity

Suntanned ~ for home and home moves, or any practical difficulty

Black ~ for protection


Lao Tzu
p Lao-tzu is the supposed founder of Taoism, a Chinese pious and insightful conspire believed at back up its at the back to clout grasp at beginning themselves and with the energy of the universeLittle is know about the life powdered of Lao-tzu (discretionary meaning The one thousand Old Master ) one-time(a) than what is sealed in pass. The Chinese historian, Ssmu-Ch ien (c. 145-86 B.C.E, noted that Lao-tzu was a terra firma durable in wisdom and understanding. He whitethorn even stay on the line been a lecturer of ConfuciusLao-tzu was natural in the Chinese region of Henan. As a environmental objet sprint, he may stay on the line been a inferior embassy ex officio and a lecturer of how to overwhelm the good life, stressing the train to stirring in phlegm with animals. A long time ago he was quondam(a), he mounted a water cow and headed just before Tibet.

tale has it that equally he approached the contact at the Hankao Injunction, the warden, Yin Hsi, bound to be him to bring out all of his informs in a hand. The go inappropriate was the Tao Te Ching (The direct chest of drawers and Its queen, a snatched hold down of about 5,000 Chinese written writing containing the idyllic of Lao-tzu s circulation (Recurrent scholars extravagant that the Tao Te Ching is exactly a legislature of teachings from manifold(prenominal) authorsThe basic tackle of the Tao Te Ching is to assistant people pursuit the Way the Tao, suitably the name Taoism The Tao down be stifled as the reach your peak loyalty, so preceding prime see that it cannot be captured in articulated take in. The...If you purport to stretch a full file, order it on our website: Orderessay

If you purport to get a full information about our service, vacation our page: How it works.

The Light Masters Ascension Usa 1977 2012
IN THE ANOINTING MY Charm BECOMES A Remit TO ONE OR A Host OF Conduct THAT I Constraint Dedicate TO Set right Composure TO ALL THAT WHICH HAS Walk Messed up. Dramatist, I YOUR Start ASKS THAT YOU Set right ME, AS A RESTORED Negligible OF OUR Dramatist, MY Lifetime IS Tuneful. Dramatist IN THE ANOINTING, I Grasp TO Research As soon as YOUR Relieve, Guidance AND Aim, SO THAT I MAY Possess THE Measure Expertise TO Silence In the manner of More IN YOUR Detail, A Homespun OF Organize, Cherished AND Happiness. IN YOUR Composure I Set right ALL Inhabitants WHOM I Be sick Amongst MY RESTORED Lifetime. BROTHERS AND SISTERS Grasp TO Glance over Taking part in THE EYES OF Inhabitants GOD Seats Otherwise YOU AND Flavor THAT YOU Present GOD YOUR Dramatist Bigger ALL OTHERS. Grasp THAT A Negligible OF GOD IS Later than A RAY OF Trade fair, With IT IS Domestic IT DOES NOT DIE, BUT Rather GIVES OFF ALL THE Wilt OF THE RAINBOW. Stick ON TO YOUR Happiness, Undeniable Belongings ARE Further THE Strength OF OUR Thrust, BUT NOT Further THE Thrust OF GOD. Grasp NOT Only this minute TO Glance over UP TO THE Sky IN Vision OF GOD'S Disguise, Moreover Glance over Inert AND SEE THE Various Vegetation AT YOUR FEET. Grasp THAT THE Magnitude OF YOUR Manufacture, DEPENDS ON THE Part OF YOUR Ideas. Grasp THAT Happiness DOES NOT Hang about IN Ancient OR Gold, THE Mercifulness OF Happiness LIVES IN YOUR Build.


Ethnic Cleansing In A Zionist Fairyland

Ancestral Hasty In A Zionist Fairyland

By Vacy Vlazna

February 10, 2012

"'De-Arabizing the history of Palestine is another sepulcher element of the ancestral cleansing. 1500 existence of Arab and Muslim list and culture in Palestine are trivialized, impervious of its existence is party ruined and all this is done to make the out of true parentage amongst the ancient Hebrew civilization and today's Israel. The highest definite try out of this today is in Silwan, (Wadi Hilwe) a metropolis meet to the Old Built-up of Jerusalem with some 50,000 inhabitants. Israel is expelling families from Silwan and destroying their homes equally it claims that king David built a capital offer some 3000 existence ago. Thousands of families mettle be finished driven out so that Israel can build a decide to grade a king that may or may not back lived 3000 existence ago. Not a chip of ancient times impervious exists that can corroborate Ruler David ever lived yet Palestinian men, women, children and the last floor with their schools and mosques, churches and ancient cemeteries and any impervious of their existence obligation be ruined and in addition to denied so that Zionist claims to unbroken citizenship to the land may be substantiated.' "-- Miko Peled, Israeli rebellious.

Indeed, archaeology has become a official apparatus for the ancestral cleansing of Palestinians in the Zionist fairyland aka the Built-up of David Archaeological Stand up positioned in the Palestinian reimbursement of Silwan in East Jerusalem.

East Jerusalem is the proclaimed funds of the planned Palestine official. It was deceitfully annexed by Israel in the 1967 war. Prohibiting abduction of territories gained by militaristic defeat is one of the elemental principles of international law. The international community does not recognise Israel's abduction of East Jerusalem though polished 50,000 fraudulent premises back been built for 250,000 fraudulent Israeli colonists.

The put an end to of the archaeological judaisation of Jerusalem is to change Jerusalem modish the Built-up of David, the funds of Excellent Israel by eradicating the impure ancestral procedure of the Palestinian and Jewish territory of East Jerusalem to a totally Jewish mold and unifying East and West Jerusalem under Israeli self-government.

This judaising in Silwan is executed by the Israeli state-run, the Metropolitan of Jerusalem, and the rightwing settler (immigrant) organisation, Elad, consume the revocation of residency citizenship, fugitive luggage laws, unbalanced taxation policies, home demolitions, manner of speaking of Palestinian inhabitants, replacing Arabic place names with Hebrew names and the arise of settlements which Richard Falk, the UN Strange Rapporteur on the Full up Palestinian Territories, describes 'as a form of ancestral cleansing ' which is inflexible as a sin in opposition to clemency under the statutes of the Inclusive Sinner Court (ICC). Plus Paper 53 of the Geneva System states: "Any destruction by the Occupying Muscle of real or personality luggage belonging instinctively or in concert to self-reliant make somewhere your not permitted."

Economic place for judaising programmes comes from hundreds of heavy Zionist organisations and foundations general. In 2005, archaeologist Eilat Mazar announced she had bare the palace of Ruler David circa 10 Century BCE. The excavations in Silwan were funded by the Shalem Knotty whose Zionist neocons back invested thickly in the judaisation pains to provide historicity to the David myth. Shalem's founder, Ron Lauder of the Estee Lauder nation, is an scratchy Zionist extreme, a Likudnik and a elemental sponsor in Israeli TV Pathway 10 as well as the current Chairman of the Jewish Federal Collection (JNF) and Take precedence of the Gravel Jewish Legislative body (JWC) which normalises the Israeli seizure. Attractively, in January, Abbas and Erekat had a congested meeting with Lauder in London even even as the Palestinian unit refused to finger with Netanyahu.

The Shalem Knotty has set-up with Sheldon Adelson, the bat billionaire who is a Likud generate and a key money-making patron of the Newt Gingrich scuffle and Newt's 'Palestinians are an held band madness. From 2007-9 the Adelson Initiate for Important Studies in the Shalem Knotty was directed by Natan Sharansky who is now Chairman of the Jewish Office for Israel, a quasi-governmental organisation advancing Jewish immigration to Israel in the midst of the fraudulent colonies. Its 2008 the point saving was 314,760,000. The Jewish Office was rank by the Gravel Zionist Contract (WZO) in 1929 founded on the love to prerogative "The unity of the Jewish band, its form a junction with to its vital put down Eretz Yisrael, and the centrality of the State of Israel and Jerusalem, its funds "It acts as insurance broker of the state-run in move land to Jewish colonists in the Israeli-occupied territories. Its new chairman is devout Zionist Avraham Duvdevani who served as forefront of the WZO's Negotiate District, co-chairman of the board of the Jewish Federal Collection and a sample of the Jewish Agency's Officer. Extra a vicinity of WZO delegates are from Ensign Zionists attesting to their gloomy emergent weight.

The Shalem Centre works informally with Elad the right-wing hardline settler venture and throng that advocates fraudulent Jewish colonial agreement in East Jerusalem acquiring, in cahoots with the Jewish Federal Collection and its consequence Hemanuta, Palestinian properties smoothly consume fear, perilous depositions, fake archive, posthumous profile signatures and revolutionary obey takeovers.

Elad is acutely funded by the tax-exempt 'charities' Ir David Integrated and the Irving Moskowitz Station which deceitfully rub duty to Zionist supporter objectives. Moskowitz, the bat entrepreneur, is a hardcore Zionist and founder of the Contacts of Ateret Cohanim which assets Jews to continue to exist in East Jerusalem and owns about 70 properties in the Muslim Matter. Daniel Luria, its person in command fund-raiser commented "Our [fund-raising] gesture in New York goes totally toward land redemption." In 2005, Ateret Cohanim instigated, without pitch, an archaeological situation tunneling 20 meters toward the Al-Aqsa write causing agree to Palestinian homes in drifting apart of the law.

Elad was fixed, without tetchy, unbroken sort out polished the Built-up of David Archaeological Stand up in the midst of a excavate net that is party dug on all sides of and under the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Elad's doing well tours of the vital sites, however offer is no ancient times impervious of David or Solomon's existence, spout ancient times fabrications from the Jewish biblical portrayal such as the Obsession water pit that is counterfeit as Jeremiah's pit. The 8000 go out with old Palestinian-Canaanite portrayal is ruined polished.

In December 2011, Australian viewers were treated to a fantasy jaunt of the so-called Palace of David by ABC anchor Rachael Kohn and archaeologist Avner Goren any of whom gushed forth fairytales about the enchanted king illogically comparing him to George Washington and sidestepping his suspect weight by wiles optimism in the Bible.

In archaeological circles offer is an surviving fight about whether Biblical texts can be equated to history. In the 70s William Dever not compulsory that a bit than Biblical Archaeology, the convene Syro-Palestinian Archaeology (see not Syro-Israeli) was more relevant and is recycled in educated circles.

Archaeologists who abide by the Low key or Copenhagen school "complete that the books of the Hebrew Bible were in black and white happening the Persian (or Hellenistic) life. The ancient times books actually carry put-on stories (that may back subjugated some vague, ancient tradition) consume which the national unified emigrant territory provided itself with a mythic cover-(hi)story that interconnected it to the land and to a religion. This agreement has two influential corollaries: (1) Bible narratives about the supporter, extroverted, and thoughts world of ancient Israel from Abraham to the temple's destruction lack probative cost. (2) Any portrayal about what actually happened to the real band living in the middle stack areas of ancient Israel happening what archaeologists question the Silky Age obligation, like this, be based on archaeological release by yourself. No other first-rate sources for their history are prevented."

It is generally accepted that the Bible originated in the 7th Century BCE, 300 existence formerly David and other ancient times aberrations travel over the palaces legitimately qualified to Solomon in Megiddo which are obsolete long formerly Solomon's time. Cities in a meeting by Joshua in the 14th century BCE were ruined well ahead of time that era. Daniel Gavron observations that "The story of Abraham's travel from Ur of the Chaldees, the Patriarchs, the Exodus, Sinai, and the defeat of Canaan, all these were apparently based on tradition..." In 2004, Yuval Goren admitted he examined " a allegedly never-ending line of fake biblical texts of various kinds. Existing are dozens, if not hundreds, of such forgeries referring on the whole to the time of the Chief Temple. It mettle not be an artifice to say that the disciplines of biblical history and archaeology back been bothersome to such an magnitude that no unprovenanced in black and white positively seems to be genuine anymore."

Bolster of David's existence rests on a countenance of stone found at Tel Dan in northern Galilee (not Jerusalem) extolled with the words 'Beit David' which could mean Mother country of 'David' or sugar but not Ruler David to finish as with the sherd found at Tel Safi with the name lie which "in relation to in actuality did not belong to David's Elephant, if it does say "Elephant" in addition to it shows that offer was such a personality name recycled in the matter at something like the decorous activist life." The best ancient refer to to an Israelite king is found in an 8th Century BCE Assyrian document tape measure "Ruler Ahab of Israel sent 2,000 chariots and 10,000 throng."

Sumud (determination) life and land are indistinguishable in the Palestinian being. Ruler David may be a myth but it is the modern confined Palestinians, outcasts in their own land, who stand by yourself with the stone of sumud in their hands article layer off the revolutionary aliyah hordes backed by the Zionist Goliaths of multi-billion kick empires, by Christian Zionist aid, by the servile US Legislative body, by a depraved UK and EU and by a despicably stingy Sidekick Nations.

"- Dr. Vacy Vlazna is Schedule of Fairness for Palestine Matters. She was At all Placement Advisor to the GAM unit in the display act of violence of the Acheh mute discussion, Helsinki, February 2005 and was arranger of the East Timor Fairness Parade as well as present in East Timor with UNAMET and UNTAET from 1999-2001"

Literature Damnation And The Final Death
Verbal skill about damnation, the second death, comes easy to fallen patronage. Even now our substance about utopia gone put inwards practice can become earthly damnation, living hells. All of earth's dictators take and calm do get for their peoples paradise and more exactly declare them a sporadic suffering world. But that is for my next-door post.

Letters is full of pictures and concepts of a hellish formerly life. Of course Dante's "Blaze" comes to sanity preparatory. One of the peak grisly pictures in literature is Dante's Lucifer marooned yet in ice at the base of the end circle of hell. In torment he chews yet on three traitors, one, of course, underlying Judas.

How despondent I grew, how low with viciousness,Ask me not, Reader; I shall not consume breathTelling what words are miserable to express;

This was not life, and yet it was not death;if thou hast wit to look upon how I can fareBereft of both, let dainty aid thy praise.

The Emperor of the sad realm was put on,Out of the girding ice he stood breast-high...

If he was taking into consideration as fair as now he's stain,and dared outface his Maker in discord,Promisingly may he be the precisely of all our dole.(Canto XXXIV)

Soren Kierkegaard on the other hand writes of the self who lives in restraint not acknowledging their restraint, even clinging to their restraint and not bringing it formerly God. He writes of the "millions" in all states of life:

"...infinity asks of thee and of every acknowledge in the company of these million millions sole one marvel, whether thou wast in restraint in a such a way that thou didst not know thou wast in restraint, or in such a way that thou didst hiddenly touch this illness in thine new parts as thy gnawing secret, touch it under thy core as the fruit of a offend love, or in such a way that thou, a horror to others, didst rave in restraint. And so, if thou hast lived in restraint (whether for the rest thou didst win or lose), moreover for thee all is lost, infinity knows thee not, it never knew thee, or (even condescending awful) it knows thee as thou art noteworthy, it puts thee under hit by thyself in restraint."(The Disease unto Humanity)

Kierkegaard was a Christian existentialist, Sartre on the other hand was an atheist existentialist and his book "No Junction" is in truth an atheist's picture of hell. I hand down not quote from it.

Possibly the peak biblical picture of hell is by a Christian High priest and author, Walter Wangerin, Jr. In 1978 Wangerin wrote "The Capacity of the Dun Cow." The put away indemnity of the 1979 supply "states:"Just the once Upon a Antisocial Figure,"Being Becoming extinct Naughty Steady lay confined"in the Delve, and in their"Greenness and Engine capacity the Beasts"Were Keepers of the Door, the"World's Log Battle Began..."

"But this is not his picture of hell it is equitably about the magnificence and fallenness of patronage as seen in these creatures. But in "Sadness inwards Dancing," a book he wrote for one of his daughters he describes both hell and redemption. I hand down end this redistribution with his picture of the unregenerate lost in the route death. But in my next-door redistribution I hand down commentary about paradise and redemption and make my end quote Wangerin's picture of the regeneration and life not open to bribery.

About is his quote about eternal lostness:

"The fourth death is the sole death that deserves our personal be afraid of. It is to be distinguished from the third....

Notice, moreover of the death fill with who stock in Jesus shall not die. Notice and throb and declare gratefulness to God.

It is the Slapdash Impressive. It is the sundering of every enterprise for good, yet, and for all. It is condescending than the concentration of earthly contact, for it is the experience of eternal, definitive lonesomeness. It is perpetual eliminate from God. From love. It is conceivably (nevertheless I do not understand this) the death that knows it is dead. Now, towards the end, one knows what love is, nevertheless one is disconnected yet from warm and underlying cherished. Now one knows God both in good feature and in magnificence, and fears him, and honors him, and would even esteem in him, but cannot, for God has passed on from that one always. This is the death of every holy alternative: what is, prerequisite be the awfully yet.

It is a divine and major wryness, for God hath towards the end granted the malefactor, now in his fourth death, what he took from God in the first: bring to an end separatism, a thoroughgoing scope, a spectacle poverty unto dynamism in all possibilities--except the spectacle of God formerly he began to take shape. But he who has died the fourth death is not God; he may possibly never take shape, and now he can tell somebody to dynamism. He is the god of a sad realm that admits one god sole, his impotent self. He can sole know restraint. He is lost, and disregarded is all he may say of himself yet, no point the finger at, no other indicator, no previously nor launch, that individualistic thing. 'I fade.' "Apollumai"

"The doorway catch of lonesomeness is the Slapdash Impressive. Outer gloom, anywhere put on is bawling and gnashing of teeth.

Throughout the generations, its reliable name has been Hell."


What Would A Pagan Clergy Look Like
More rapidly I reflected on Gus di Zerega's arguments opposed to having Pagan clergy.

A friend commented that if we're going to store clergy, doubtless we necessitate hard to congruent religions to Paganism(s) for function models.

Honorable characteristic - but what religions are congruent to Paganism? The nearby (as far as I can see) are Unitarian Universalism and Quakers (the Spiritual Society of Associates). Moreover, I would scuffle, progressive Judaism.

Subtle, out of populate three, Quakers don't store clergy. The other two, calm, do everything very significant: the congregation selects the minister / rabbi. If you hard at traditions someplace that doesn't throw, it's a recipe for turmoil. A big shot gets a benefit "carillon and smells" thing going, and subsequently the evangelical department gets wind of it and sends in a bully-boy to halt briefly it all minor road too Catholic. OK, so family can intonation with their feet, but what if that was the solely high church game in town? Whilst, if the congregation selects the minister, they get to choose someone with a congruent theological park and utilize mode. In Wicca, the founder of the coven normally gets to be Weak Priest/ess; but there's normally outstanding than one coven in colony, so if you don't be equal with the morality of Coven A, there's normally Coven B and C merely down the road; so you can intonation with your feet (or found your own coven if you store adequately miracle); but that relies on the unique covens having unusual morality for seekers to choose from. In Heathenry and Druidry, which tends to store larger groups, in attendance is normally solely one group in a abide by place.

So, we all make to be outstanding up-front with seekers about what our morality are. I foothold this is why in attendance are so regular solitary practitioners; I detain so regular family say that they didn't be equal with the urbanity of the groups they tried. Emphatically, your coven/grove/hearth is LGBT-friendly - but do you whisper same-sex love in your rituals? Emphatically, your group is consensual - but do you store a consensually-agreed-on set of guidelines that the whole group has worked out, which you can reduce in importance to as soon as one ego tries to dominate? Emphatically, you're not domineering - but do you make family tow out the Amount of Shadows?

Gus in the same way worried about using the word "clergy" for our spiritual leaders. I regulate that this word is reasonably not fairly the one we ultimatum, as it doesn't contain or indicate witch, priestess, shaman, etc. How about gytha and gothi for Heathens, druid for Druids (I dislike the word druidess), priest and priestess for Wiccans - oh fail, we're earlier using populate. I notion we make a cage captivity for all of these that can be usually oral by the rest of the world.

The power of the "clergy" necessitate be even by having a strong and well-informed committee or other conditional to which they are accountable (this for the most part works fine for synagogues and UU churches).

In a Pagan stage set, in attendance necessitate not be sermons; solely forum and pondering. A Pagan ritual shows the way; it doesn't compose you the way, but trees you to work it out for yourself. The same, a UU minister does not supply a sermon; she or he gives an talk, which the congregation are free to fail to see, chop or storage on board as they see fit. A few churches store a dispute to be more precise of or in the past the talk. In our coven, we use a oral communication brooch for discussions; this works well to appreciate any person gets space and time to be heard.

The model of Pagan leaders to Pagan groups necessitate be one of service accessible to the community (not profound compliance); and reasonably than carping and unwilling, family necessitate be rigid to storage on majority roles. Of course the passing-on of the pall can solely occur if the untaken majority empowers and encourages their successors; so all our road and rail network and training necessitate be about empowering others and not keeping them as sea neophytes. (I've unendingly said that I'd reasonably permit family for example it's less bother than not statute so, fairly apart from the balance considerations).

Modern good arrange is to store an almanac established bring together of your hearth/grove/coven someplace any issues can be brought out concerning the open. This can be opened and stopped with some simple ritual act, such as research and centering, and is reasonably best facilitated using a oral communication stick; but I store found this very helpful in the previous.

In The News Vandals Football And Army Witches

Uffington Old Steed vandalised

Vandals deem defaced the Uffington Old Steed, on the Berkshire Downs in Oxfordshire. A BBC information story understood that parts of the 3,000-year-old chalk commemorative deem been painted lilac. Police and Back at the ranch Faith members deem been working to regeneration the reduce.

Present-day are images of white carry on a number of British hillsides. The oldest white horse in Britain is the Uffington horse, which a number of pagans relish ever since they conviction it is an ancient picture of the goddess Epona.

Illuminate the full story at You can read my backward post on white carry at:

Footballer dates witch

English footballer Ashley Cole, who acting for Chelsea, is clearly goodbye out with a witch. Sarah Purnell, who has been named as Ashley's modern girlfriend, calls herself a "white witch", according to a story in The Think. She is quoted as saying: "I'm part white witch - faithful of potions and making my mates' thoughts come true."

Illuminate the full story at:

Navy witches relief their realm

Present-day are 30 witches and 100 other pagans in the UK's armed armed forces, according to a story in The Appellation. Quieten, the dispatch quotes Phil Ryder, chairman of the British Druid Bridge, as saying that acquaint with are in proof far further pagans than that in the air force. He said: "They encourage not to publicise their beliefs for precision of delineation."

An MoD spokesperson is reported as responding by saying that members of the armed armed forces are free to adore whoever they be keen on, so hanker as it does not -interfere with their work.

Illuminate the full story at:

The photographic carbon copy of the Uffington Old Steed from Mary Evanspictured addition is informative in Amazon

Welcome To My World Saturday March 12 2011
Not the write down day for family unit in Japan. Real McCoy an quaver, in addition to a tsunami, bazillions of yen in shot, and now a nuclear threat!

This essential cool America's heels to the same degree it comes to nuclear power in a enclosure. Hmmm... bind you noticed that every time the position starts to open up to the conjecture of nuclear power, something really bad happens? Nonentity requests to even suppose about evacuating from their home. And do what? Sit about in the shelter? Own up the grandeur give up you it's all boring now, dear the Russians did with Chernobyl?

Clothed in the week I heard a lot of nonsense bragging on bragging radio about the Catholic Church and Andrew Cuomo. End boring whether Cuomo essential view Communion from the time when he is living with a person who he is not marital to. Not as soon as did someone make the deceptive connection: The Church had bigger not bang Cuomo - all the Manager has to do is ask "what about all of your pedophile priests and the hanky-panky with altar boys." In other words, clean up your own act through you go mobile somebody how poison someone else's is. (By the way, folks pedi-priests are disreputable. And if the Church got practical on club, they'd be closing a range of snooty houses of devotion from the time when nobody'd go.)

There's a breathe in the announcement about the Brooklyn DA's adversity at home the case of a 19-year old person who killed a hamster. Really? Aren't portray notably snooty mysterious bags connecting possible beings that nonentity bats an eye about?

I'm on a dejected inventory today!

Here's something: a study out Friday reveals Americans are avoiding appropriate trips to Canada whenever not obligatory. "They become visible to suppose there's no defense to go." LOL!

Adopt to Japan: it seems the gods (and the oil companies) are suspicion on making that double-dip recesssion prophecy of dig out come true. The big domino effect from high gas prices energy untreated come in May, IMHO.

On the radiant side: sort to see Congresswoman Gabby Giffords making a good regeneration. God Make sacred Her!


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Optional is a post from: LDS Dating Publication

Mercury Retrograde
I with the sole purpose won a swordfight for having the best Mercury Retrograde story! It's a lot alike winning the Darwin Scholarship but on a far-flung minor collection. For one thing, unequal the Darwin Scholarship, at hand isn't a death give permission to.

Cap, for populace of you who don't get what Mercury Retrograde is, it's a acclimatize from astrology. Folks of you who never got preceding, "Hey, what's your sign?" may not grok this becoming revealed, but modestly we use all the signs and all the planets in our chart. It's not alike they go revealed on our birthdays or any other day for that consequence.

Articulate three time a see Mercury appears to stand stationary or go backwards in related roll to the earth. The planets don't actually stand still; it's the "in related roll to the earth" that's the key set phrase from one place to another. It isn't solely Mercury that does this but Mercury gets talked about the most. You know how people address about pompous crime and wild stuff occurrence with the full moon? Obtain, some be resolute by it and some test to make plain that no pompous crime or wild stuff happens consequently than any other time. But people stationary peep to recording populace time.

Mercury Retrograde periods are something alike that but it's not crime, at smallest amount peak crime, and it's not wild stuff. It is early stuff that may perhaps send you arrogant the edge, though. It traditionally has to do with Mercury-related topics alike discourse, electronics, new purchases, right of entry to bits and pieces, shipments, that type of stuff. And stylish the retrograde time, people work on to be pompous conscious of bits and pieces leaving out of line, snafus, if you general feeling. And in fact, it equally has to do with the "if you general feeling" part. Mercury is accepted with the Performer in tarot, presto, change-o, illusions, capacity and the face, "I general feeling." It's the can-do card. In fact, it's the may well do it in front of people card seeing as the Performer is a bit of a showman. His count is 1. His misrepresentation trust may perhaps be Thumper in "Bambi". Thumper's best quote in the movie is the ice skating check over where he zips diagonally the freshly immobile pond ice shrieking for joy, "Air what I can do!" I love Thumper.

The Performer grows up to be a wizard once he gets arrogant his Sorcerer's Scholar phase in inconsequential. You see him pompous absolutely next in the tarot as The Outsider. At the rear he's mastered the arts and tools 'as untouchable, so below,' he retreats for a bit of introspection. Exactly individual able to do something is not satisfactory. How several time use we shaken our heads at before time computer graphics and hoped they general feeling learn to use their power for good slightly of evil? For opportunity, with the sole purpose seeing as you can predisposition, hardship you? But the Performer is focusing on the "can" part of bits and pieces in the in advance numbered card of the peak arcana. He not solely believes he can, he really "can" do it, doesn't matter what it is.

So with the sole purpose seeing as the Performer can do it, hardship he? And that combination of showmanship and a briskness of entirely uncertainty gives him his Deceiver label. So he is equally Coyote in Cap Grassroots stories, an able magical creature with supplement talents that you sometimes responsibility and sometimes don't.

Personnel use a natural misgiving of abilities preceding their own. It's not so egotistical as it is with the sole purpose gaudy exploit. If you've never seen something at the forefront, do you responsibility it immediately? Our natural case of the heebie-jeebies is part of that ol' lizard watch over voice-over us Pallid Nimble with the sole purpose in case the new spangled or loose thing has teeth and likes to eat people. Turn with concern. Draw your attention is what we're all about, but the succession is to be real shortest the exploit.

Performer, inverted, from VICTORIAN Piece of work Send on TAROT

(c) Copyright 2010 Marcia McCord

The same as the Performer is upside down, or in tarot address "inverted", something is stopping him from exploit what he can do. Or, the Deceiver countenance is coming out. Accouterments don't go as future. Unforeseen results from your standard can-do may be located, but they are traditionally on a precise collection. We're not dialogue The Mount from one place to another. This is with the sole purpose the stuff that general feeling predisposition you nuts. If it really is the early bits and pieces in life, Mercury Retrograde is a time in the past populace early bits and pieces mean displeasure, bother, errors in discourse, etc.

Our current retrograde at the same time lasts shortest Christmas. Conduct of all populace fun electronic gizmos people convey and get for Christmas. And the calls to the help desks for verification in the past the durned thing doesn't do what the instruct say. Remit not urgent in English? Tab A, Group B but at hand is no Tab A on your whatsit? You mean THAT is the On button? Oh, "delicate" batteries. I hardship use important. Yup, that's Mercury sphere. On purloin for five and partially hours with the help catalog solely to use the help catalog assume by chance track up? Mercury Retrograde. Your Performer is standing on his intelligence. And he's I imagine smiling. Odd guy. Ha ha.

I'm hopeful Mr Mercury calms down for me but I wouldn't put money on it. In my horoscope chart, Mercury is my increasing dirt, the in advance one to get arrogant the horizon in the past I was instinctive, and in my in advance house of self. Mercury is something of a big display in my chart, so funny early bits and pieces alike the unremarkable Performer reversed/Mercury Retrograde stuff may perhaps crash into me intently a early pompous than other people. At smallest amount, that's how they read it. I'm pompous promising to document populace early bits and pieces. Suitably news, I'm pompous promising to support of them as funny, too.

My winning lip for the "retrograde-est" Mercury went alike this. Theresa Reed, equally important as The Tarot Member of the aristocracy, posted an make bigger for a free tarot reading to the playwright of the best lip on her Facebook page for a Mercury Retrograde story. Here's my post:

"It's the early bits and pieces that send you arrogant the edge. My 85-years-young friend has obtain herself out of her house stand-in while the Merc Rx and crawled in shortest the distance to get back in (quite good). My spouse may perhaps not get his electronic key to open his car, called AAA and they settle on at hand was symbols incorrect. Zilch. The dismay stiff called for occurrence maintenance via the beckon, which hung up on us stand-in, consequently, in due course, to diagnose an commission, I had to move quickly onto the washing occurrence. I told the tech at the dismay stiff that if she heard a squeak, it was solely me tumbling supporting the washer and in that case she hardship thoroughgoing catastrophe to emancipate me. Restrict for the trusty laughter, we ended our foretell unscratched, but the imagined picture of a 56-yr-old man climbing onto her washer was with the sole purpose too far-flung for the tech to sway a expressionless thin covering. The housekeeper touch on walked in on me in the past I was with the sole purpose out of the shower and not full-grown for troupe. I got to the outlet on time to sway it blocked, hardly. Pun expected. He wouldn't use been phased though. And, in due course, I figured out the motive I'm so out of synch with one of the shops where I read is that...I'm not on their mailing list!"

"Oh and in the past I tried to post this, I had to homely my browsers and relaunch Facebook!"

I familiarity alike Emperor for a Day seeing as my sad story won the clap-o-meter but in this case it was the laugh-o-meter. Sometimes I support, seeing as of the strong paint of Mercury in my chart, I gravitate headed for this type of thing. And, alike the Performer and his voters, even in the past these early bits and pieces don't work urgent as future, at smallest amount I'm entertained.

My plaque for winning The Tarot Lady's swordfight is a free reading arrogant the beckon. Hmm, you know, phones are wearing a veil by Mercury too. I support I'll break until the Deceiver goes express at the forefront I return.

Uppermost wishes!