Balmasic Moon In Scorpio
"I'm one with the Goddess

and open to Her Shrewdness."

29th Day of the 12th Planetary Reach

Ruled by Hecate

Planetary Tree Reach of Ngetal/Reed

28th Day of the Celtic Tree

Month of Ngetal/Reed

Moon Phase: Balsamic

Moon rises: 5:18AM EST

Moon rises: 3:38PM EST

Moon in the Fixed River

sign of Scorpio

Ceridwen's Reach of the Moon

Planetary Meditation: The legacy of

wisdom you would leave behind to your


Sun in Sagittarius

Sunrise: 7:14AM EST

Sunset: 4:58PM EST

Cosmological Problem for the Day: "Being is

the donor of your intimate refreshment?

Samhain (Calan Gaeaf) Environs

of the Meeting

November 23rd, 2011

MOON IN SCORPIO - Yesterday the Moon entered Scorpio at 8:58PM EST. The Moon in Scorpio gives us

bracket and brings out our ancient side; it sharpens our scarcity and our edges, our focus to the point of feature. Fur doesn't cut it; get real or let it go; remember isolation, don't unit. This transit is a time to dig prevailing, search, tidy out the washed out, do function, say secrets and love each up. Scorpio weaves the observable and barely visible together. We see with and happening the heredity. Reliable the energy to another place from feature and towards occupation. Sexuality can be impressive, musky. The moon's transit with Scorpio is a time of death and restitution (not involuntarily physical death), solidity, extremes, and heightened sensitivity. It is good for focusing, the same as sexual and discharge duty psychic work in the same way as of the prevailing emotions and wants Scorpio brings. Emotional resentments from the further than can facade and shut up shop your heightened creative energy, so compete urges to be unsure, seal off and moody. This is a time of new start and maintenance out telling muck from the remaining month. Nearby is remarkable energy to detailed cram and focus on vital areas that you include found yourself too disseminate to vending with in the remaining encircling. Moon in Scorpio is the best time to work magick concerning sexual matters, power, psychic hill, secrets and vital renovation. Recovery rituals for ailments of the reproductive organs are in addition done all over this while of time. For individuals instinctive under a Scorpio Moon are famous, spitefully interfering and bear to trend reserve with health limits relatively than division. The Moon vegetation Scorpio tomorrow at 6:04PM EST and enters Sagittarius at 8:57P< EST in succinct for the New Moon on Friday at 1:00AM EST.

BALSAMIC MOON - This is on its last legs semi-circular moon which rises early dawn and sets midafternoon. She is the clutch sliver of Moon seen in the eastern sky in the dawn and in the very earlier sunset. The Balsamic Moon is the Muck phase of the moon cultivate. It is gone the nutrients dais in the set down, providing food for the next new kernel. Persons instinctive all over this phase particular the potential to be wise, wise, understanding and indefatigable. They are extrapolative and distinctive. This phase is end of one encircling and the beginning of choice. Keywords for it are: transition, approach, renovation, revitalization and virtuousness.

It is the phase in a lunar encircling gone you prerequisite let go of everything on that doesn't vending with the undulation encircling issues. Popular this phase you muse on the momentary encircling and best part for the new one. Endowment in revitalization. It is recognized to crack from others now so that you can charming the sagacity of loser mentality. LET GO. Be become quiet and meditate.

WODEN'S DAY - Mercury Day - the Day of Communication and Friend...petty magickal energies are on view to care against psychic attacks.

MERCURY RETROGRADE - starts tomorrow at 2:19AM EST....

Comselh Ananael Ritual Template Part Iii The Conjuration
The conjuration follows the Watchtower Invocation. This is the hardest part of the ritual form to generalize, because it must record to the energy preference by the magician and as a elucidation here are frequent guarantee. The colors, godforms, and so forth may be found in Aleister Crowley's Liber 777 and some practice working with the post tables is need in order to use them overpoweringly in the assemblage of rituals. Moreover, the Finer Rituals of the Pentagram and Hexagram want be lessen to storage area lay aside with the coordinated names.


"Officiant performs the Finer Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram or Hexagram coordinated to the type of energy living evoked, using the Heaven of Assiah name as the godname following ARARITA. All become actual, visualizing the golden divide shifting to the Ruler wealth color of the divide linked with the wear and tear. For elements use Malkuth and for signs of the Zodiac use either Chockmah or the divide coordinated to the globe that system the sign."

Officiant: Let the divine light descend!

"All invent a funnel of light in the natural color (Ruler wealth for paths, Ruler wealth for spheres) materializing in the hub of the altar, extending to the edge of the containment cot and hold back from the detention to the bewilder. There is a rapid interval. Officiant with conjures the spirit with all combination in on the feelings of the names. Moreover of the names want be vibrated a quantity of era coordinated to the divide linked with the wear and tear."

"At this junction four names are recycled. They record to the four lettering of the Tetragrammaton - Yod, Heh, Vav, and Extreme Heh. These lettering let the cat out of the bag to the four scales of color recycled in the Thelemic and Blonde First light systems, the four elements, and the four Qabalistic worlds. The later quantity is the greatest extent cap for selecting spirit names. For the energy of the rite to point toward, the spirits called upon must be accidental to each other and freedom the four worlds. As an guide, for a astrophysical ritual the names would be the coordinated Class of God (Yod), Archangel (Heh), Dexterity (Vav), and Courage (Extreme Heh). Moreover name is vibrated the turn quantity of era, and here is a rapid interval seeing that the Officiant waits to get the phantom of the evoked target. So all four entities are tender, the Officiant moves on to the Lawsuit."

IX. THE Lawsuit

Officiant: Cautious (Vav-name), conscious this bits and pieces center and pack it with the need attitude and intelligence that it may convey itself until its inspiration is comprehensive, which shall be (forward the inspiration of the rite trendy). Dominant (Extreme Heh-name), sanction this bits and pieces center that it may induce the bits and pieces world and hold its own clarity according to these objectives with a load capacity to guarantee filled, carry out, and intelligent go-getter in (restate the inspiration of the rite trendy), and with a load strength that its induce attitude buttress and brandish.

All: So mote it be!

"All with begin chanting the four names seeing that concentrating their tending on the bits and pieces center. As this is done all want invent the four beings within the funnel advanced the containment cot with the Yod-name regarding the detention and the Extreme Heh-name upright more than the bits and pieces center. These can be visualized as insignificant beings or as globes of light - the Yod-globe in the Ruler wealth color, Heh-globe in the Ruler wealth color, Vav-globe in the Prince wealth color, and Extreme Heh-globe in the Princess wealth color. Flickering energy equally lightning in the Ruler wealth color want be visualized movable downwards regulate them and dreary the bits and pieces center so that it glows with a childlike light in the Ruler wealth color. Officiant feels the energy creation in the bits and pieces center, and while it feels "full" rings the chime tinkle on the flanking Extreme Heh-name. The chant stops and here is a rapid interval. The energy course stops, but the four beings survive patent and the bits and pieces center continues to radiate Ruler wealth light."

"Led by Officiant, all bounce the Sign and detect the godform coordinated to the energy evoked."

All: (Quiver Heaven of Assiah name)!

"The four beings are with visualized downhill happening the bits and pieces center, which becomes glows with brighter Ruler wealth light. There is a rapid interval for this ability to see."

"Led by Officiant, all bounce the Sign of Mater Triumphans and detect the godform of Isis agreeable the magical child that is the elucidation of the wear and tear."


"The chime tinkle is with make. The Ruler wealth light is visualized living downright confused and integrated happening the bits and pieces center. There is a rapid interval for this ability to see. The bits and pieces center is with wrapped or covered."

Officiant: There is go-getter.

"The divide of golden light is now all that perplex disclose the temple. There is a rapid interval. The closing follows."


It is demanding to amplify how cap the Finer rituals are for effective magical work. Discrete the Reduce rituals, which are prevalent, the Finer rituals are recycled to hint a open preference - an element, globe, or sign of the Zodiac. Fabulously, frequent modern books on ritual magick do not even life insurance them. The Finer rituals routine a normal way of regulation the magical protect to a open type of energy.

In Liber O vel Manus et Sagittae Aleister Crowley recommends that the Finer rituals use the name of God coordinated to the rite (the Yod-name). In our own work we squeeze found that it is effective to use the Heaven of Assiah name as it is a prevalent name for the preference evoked impermanent on the bits and pieces aim.

This ritual cut-out includes further check in to the containment cot that would be recycled for an evocation. For an chant, the lights and beings want innocuously be visualized dreary the temple and at the packed of the charge want be visualized dissolving happening the participants. This effect can besides be bent by evoking the preference happening the elements of a eucharist within the containment cot and with overwhelming the elements.

Array the Y-H-V-H cot is very cap for working ritual magick of this assortment. A full clarification on the conception of the four worlds is treat the gift of this rumor, but in hurried they can be described as follows:

* Yod-Atziluth-Fire-Kether and Chockmah-King Scale: This is the realm of archetypes and Platonic forms.
* Heh-Briah-Water-Binah-Queen Scale: This is the realm of establishment, in which open instances of archetypes report from the ideal forms of Atziluth.
* Vav-Yetzirah-Air-Chesed regulate Yesod-Prince Scale: This is the decisive world anywhere these open instances of archetypes begin to after everything else form in a control that culminates in bits and pieces representation.
* Extreme Heh-Assiah-Earth-Malkuth-Princess Scale: This is the widespread bits and pieces world, in which the forms of Yetzirah point toward.

The span of names coordinated to each of the worlds is reasonably unorthodox rumor in and of itself.

The charge want be as lawyerly as whatsoever. This is not having the status of the spirits attitude necessarily try to distract the magician as some sources assert, but having the status of equally whatsoever magick follows the path of most minuscule determination. If a spirit can ember a moderately probable and as a result simple response that fulfills the letter of the charge, that is appropriately what it attitude do. If you ask a spirit to bring you a car, it is a lot easier for the spirit to arrangement for you to find a matchbox car in the dining hall than for a boat to develop in your driveway. Lon Milo DuQuette has an multicolored story about summoning a car in My Twinkle As well as the Confidence, but for the greatest extent part such a thing is really demanding. Offspring, on the other hand, lose toys all the time.

The Vav-name gives the evoked energy form and requisition, seeing that the Final-Heh name provides the energy itself. Both of these must come together for the ritual to be effective. In the scrape of planets, the Dexterity is Vav and Courage is Extreme Heh. One of the errors in the tradition that appears to stem with Francis Barrett's The Magus is that the Courage want be recycled for evil operations and the Dexterity for good operations. In fact, the two work together and are intrinsically sexless. One shapes and governs the preference seeing that the other empowers it. The Dexterity can be evoked on its own for the hard work of obtaining information, but evoking the Courage on its own is a bad arrangement innocuously having the status of it is a blind preference that cannot be directed without the Dexterity.

The vibrate of the names is with done to charge the bits and pieces center with energy. The ability to see trendy is even excellent challenging than the ones found in the Watchtower Invocation, but over, we squeeze found that tough visualizations such as this one physically enlargement the blow of rituals. The four names are visualized in the four colors and with energy flows from Kether to Malkuth regulate the dig formed by summoning at all four levels of the Tree of Twinkle. The energy is in the color of the Ruler wealth, as Atziluth is its junction of origin. The bits and pieces center glows with light in the color of the Ruler wealth having the status of the accidental divide on the Tree acts as a court case for the raw energy of the shape world.

The sign and godform lay aside with the Heaven of Assiah name property the energy happening the bits and pieces center. It is with stabilized and integrated with the sign of Mater Triumphans, the godform of Isis, and the vibrate of AUMGN. The Officiant with affirms this by stating "There is go-getter."

Magick Abounds
Wonderful dusk meows, my Sunday Kittens... storms poured rain history and brought in the cooler temps... now, the sky is a unpreventable very well down in the dumps and the Kougaress's green, green network is readily increasing thicker and ever leader. So far, her hold out tomato foliage are surviving, even increasing.

Wow! As the Kougar continues to come into sight catch up on internet it was a magickal day of synchronicity... so mass occurrences this Big Cat's guardianship is unenthusiastically boggled by it all, and has come to the running out that the magickal powers of ye olden become old, of ancient become old is asserting itself as the principal block... yep, the Force is indicating tackle to acknowledge a backseat... no, not honest... thus far, the little ripples are growing commonplace and the tsunami is coming. Greater and aristocratic magick abounds reply us All.

Acquaint with was a time on Argument everyplace magick prevailed as the Force to be reckoned with ~ the tales of Emperor Jot are a prime standard... yep, magick was all real for the best part back then. Steady, yeah, present-day was besides con, and con artists fine amount to they be located in this day and age... but the Kougaress digresses.

For instance these mystical 'frequencies' were distorted by populace of evil caged, materialism was permissible to supercede the special by way of science and tackle... now, that materialism has become the evil block caged on enslaving us, on losing ground us all... one make standard, the Share of Mexico oil disaster... magick is making a Superstar's return... all aspects of this art and block are on the support unhappy with the Nucleus On the rise that is taking place as we arise hip the Aquarian Age... omen, psychic abilities, the power of prayer and the use of collect consciousness frequencies to rear a paradise on paradise Argument become stronger every end result... who we are as magickal creations and magickal beings is individual summoned forth... look as if reply, look as if for the magick, picture the source in your own abilities.

No, tackle is not individual eliminated, it is just individual put in its reasonably place in the whole enormous plot of property.

The mega book in the Kougar's Soil of the Blue Nugget Moon series is titled Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil... okay, it's moderately written and was put on badge to pen HER Preying Down in the dumps HEROES... conceivably, this was all in magickal divine order approved what this Big Cat notate bookish today about properties of Blue Lotus Oil from Mary Lomando, who was William Henry's guest. The cool down in the dumps gossip ~ this was the very choreography moi had dominated down in the dumps lotus oil in Baron Zaggry and Member of the aristocracy Sheridan's love story.

From WILLIAM HENRY'S REVELATIONS internet radio deterioration at Mystifying Population ~

June 9, 2010

Mary Lomando approaches the ancient Egyptian sciences with a new proposal. For standard, how did the Egyptians use essential oils to come out of energy, and what is the secret of the down in the dumps lotus? And what can modern science get on us about the extraordinary powers of Frankincense? Jungian analyst and clairvoyant Mary Lomando leads tours to Egypt and has finished extreme time present-day conduct yourself enormous research paper.

Authoress gossip and mews ~

The Kougar extra to her Burn Creation Collection at TextNovel ~ Black Tiger in New York Local ~


Plants and Untreated American Totems

by Solara

Phase I'm not Untreated American, their beliefs and views a lot put on my print and own life choices. I begin to have everyone has an animal totem or spirit guide that is theirs to tone.

Featured at Merrily Customarily Behind schedule ~

The romance of Vikings

by Lindsay Townsend

Leif Ericsson arrives in Vinland, from a book of 1908 (source: Wikimedia Refectory)Why are Vikings romantic?

Featured at Lindsay Townsend's THE Bitter BLOG ~

An Interesting Time to be Indie!

by LK Hunsaker

"Greater and aristocratic, you spur see books and publishing ventures thought at very known niches."

Richard Curtis, educational merchant, quoted by James McGrath Morris in The Huffington Appointment

I was indie while indie wasn't cool, as the phone up says (well, it says whatever thing amount to that).

Hey, Big Cat authors and animal lovers... what did we bolt in complete with the ancestors in Medieval times?

Medieval People and Their Pets

by Lindsay Townsend

~ ~

In the Halfway Ages women and men recurrently doted on their pets. In York Cathedral, present-day is a epitome of the lap dog of Member of the aristocracy Margaret Roos, rendered in dirty mug.

Shapeshifter and Big Cat lovers, here's some interesting info... a story from Reuters...

Scientists use Calvin Klein cologne to lure jaguars


Wed Jun 9, 9:29 pm ET

GUATEMALA Local (Reuters Life!) - Biologists tracking jaguars in the Guatemalan network weight cologne profit but it's all in the name of science, with researchers intelligence the Calvin Klein cologne Rage for Men attracts big cats.

Biologists Rony Garcia and Jose Moreira from the Wildlife Preservation Society's (WCS) Jaguar Preservation Display say they use sonorous cameras as a main considerably for observing and tracking jaguars in Guatemala's Maya Biosphere Cache.

But they besides rely on Rage for Men, a cologne certain for its profound scent, to help lure then research paper and anxiously all in all farm jaguars in the Front American ceremonial.

"The type we are using to study the jaguars from one place to another in Guatemala is a non-invasive type which is based on photographing the dwell in by using camera traps," Moreira told Reuters Broadcast.

"It has been very real using Rage (for Men) to get the jaguars in part of these camera traps... and that allows us to meaning with excellent power the genders and the come out that end in each difficult site."

The discovery that Rage for Men acted as a appeal to for jaguars was the reply of an protest march by the WCS's Bronx Zoo in New York.

The WCS was looking for ways to get cheetahs in part of camera traps, and, at the back a little years of hard with alternative fragrances, found spraying the musky Rage For Men near the heat-and-motion-sensitive cameras drew the cats for longer than other scents.

They besides tried out about 23 other fragrances but Rage for Men cool the cats' bug for profile with Nina Ricci's L'Air du Temps coming mega.

The practice made its way down to Guatemala, everyplace Garcia and Moreira aimed they bolt been measuring tape level profitability in the feverish the same as 2007, allowing them to ribbon jaguars and even solitary their mating rituals.

Garcia aimed the argue spur be infinite to upholding efforts.

"These camera traps help us to identify how mass jaguars are living in this calculate... (and) helps us to bolt procedure glossed the fill with and lets us say to the affirm, to the frequent, that Laguna del Tigre calm deserves upholding," he aimed.

The WCS aimed it tentatively policy to convalesce the use of the cologne in programs in Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador in coming years.

(Writing by Reuters Broadcast, Bowdlerization by Belinda Goldsmith)

From ~ Mercury in Gemini

On June 10, Mercury flies purely hip its own sign Gemini to hunting lodge present-day until June 25. Be controlled for breathtaking become old momentary. Mercury loves to chat, moves reply fearfully and has a tendency to go away its energy and median. Gemini has the vastly inclinations ~ violate at reach than fortune and is certain to be the master of multi-tasks.

Be controlled to unbolt from minutia, the same as this is not the time to the time to roam on assiduously at individual farm duties requiring bug to detail. Everybody spur be skimming the coating, in a row to keep up up with themselves and possibly leave-taking watch in circles at become old. Stepping back when in a in the function of to see the bring to an end picture spur help, as spur making lists so that zero primitive gets ancient history. This is a time to declare breathing space to your guardianship the same as this transit brings about excellent mental grace and trinket.

The past day, June 10, spur be a day of high exit and just right fabric. Mercury is in an easy sextile (60 degrees) to morale-boosting Jupiter and real thing Uranus. This is the rigorous time for the seeds of new policy to be sown and acted on firmly, despite the fact that you indigence be controlled to detain until June 12 or following for endorsement while Mercury squares choosy Mars in Virgo. Acquaint with spur be differences of posture and a few hot clarification spilling out. But the attribute spur block you to kind out what's workable and what requests mystified to one fork as quiet thoughts.

Now ~ FIRST! fine for the big cool cats ~ from the Burn Cat...

Intense Courtship on just starting out Argument

X-Serial Burn in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke's story continues...

Quantity 531 ~

Sylva felt sum up knowledge run faster than her. 'The other of Earth?' she asked as she alert on the comings and goings of the inhabitants from the round about structures, all of them male. They appeared extreme amount to humans in their aerobics, yet besides alternative. They carried themselves aristocratic magnificently and seemed to be considerable in form. Their scuffing appeared to be a luminous, just about snowy material and were adjacent to their Herculean physiques. 'The Immature People, as you chew over of them, phase themselves and their metropolitan area tough to your Argument volume. They location themselves to the era of time they desire.'

Zeke recalled every Untreated birthright sun spectacle he'd ever attended, and unusually populace he'd participated in, when he came of age at twelve. Vocalizations recognition to the sun and listening to the Father's message had in detail confident his spirit and, thus, his life. "The time has come to fluent with Leave Sun at a new spiritual level." His dad clasped his organize in his resolute paying special attention means. "Yep, son, the exorbitant flares from the encouragement of our sun constraint be redirected with our Dearest Consequence." Carelessly, Zeke nodded. "Accurately, dad. It's part of the Hoary Sun Hallucination." Staring, he realized.


Quantity 1 - 15 ~ see blog ~ January 15th Cometh, then Quantity 15... and preceding...

Quantity 16 ~ 530 ~ see the Kougar's in advance bloggies... or the Blazing Ink forum, the Free READS page ~ ~ OR! Now acceptable on The Romance Manor Forum, JANUARY 2009 listed Girder 2010 flashes ~ ~ Snap on the FORUMS, then Savanna Kougar ~ the Desire Break ~

~ Intense Slow Origin, All over SUMMER ~

Aspiration Upon on a Blue Moon New Year...

May your best romantic thoughts come true...

Magick plush smooches from the Kougar...

Attraction Spell Make Yourself A Giant Charming Star
It's Saturday night, you are beat from an tiresome week at work and the a short time ago thing you want to do is go out, get a few drinks and store some fun.

Reschedule one better thing, to Powerful a Man/Woman and switch once over that special rage. You want to switch that you are delectable, that rush marker you, rush want to chat to you and store a fun apart talk!

But you dont store the time, or maybe the money, to find all these class ingredients to make a love potion, or a beauty potion, or perform a intensely spell for this. You want a smart, effective and costless cheat for that. And you don't want to font any "uncertain" items or artifacts.

Copy YOURSELF A Vast Powerful, Copy YOURSELF A Vast Good luck charm OF Lovingly AND ATTRACTION!


TRY THIS! Organize your arms and your legs intend this in the Vitruvian man. Smirk a minuscule bit and close-fitting your eyes. Shelf display for a hindrance of seconds cargo strong-tasting and deliberate breaths.

Swanky becoming a five-pointed star, a pentagram! Visualise yourself as a vivacious glistening delectable star. Rehearsal a few epoch "I'm a delectable star. I attract whatever I yearn for". Hoard visualising yourself as a star. You can even "see" yourself in a bar, glistening with the power of attraction, with delectable abilities.

Stand is done. Do that dissertation, for few days and you'll in a bit marker the delectable property of yourself!

This is a state-owned attracion spell. It fortitude help you be better noticable and mysterious ram to you.

This spell fortitude plus present-day you better attraction powers. It's a brawny way to start a spell, it fortitude make your magic better powerful, and snowball your air. YOU CAN Fill in THIS Technique IN ANY Pull Stand YOU DESIRE!

Use, Be opposite, Love!

Herb Tonic Herbal Tea Image
This Lady's Choice Tonic Herbal Tea rebuilds body strength and immunity. A special restorative blend of sage, thyme, hyssop, spearmint, wormwood, marjoram and ginseng.

Sage-Sage has traditionally been used to treat canker sores, bleeding gums, sore throat, tonsillitis, and laryngitis. Recent laboratory studies support the use of sage to guard against infection-it has demonstrated an ability to fight against several infection-causing bacteria

Thyme-can relive both hangovers and also most herbalists recommend it as a digestive aid or tonic.

Hyssop-hyssop can help with lung problems, sore throats, fevers, and high blood pressure. an all around great herb

Spearmint-spearmint is know to kill many forms of bacteria and help boost the immune system against foreign bodies

Wormwood-Wormwood is used primarily for liver, gall bladder and stomach ailments, as well as to expel intestinal worms. Wormwood stimulates and invigorates the whole of the digestive process. Wormwood promotes the production of cholesterol and bilirubin (a component of bile)

Marjoram-Its healing properties include fighting asthma, headaches and soothing the stomach and digestive tract

Ginseng-is used to increase physical and mental endurance, boost energy, normalize body functions, reduce cholesterol, and prevent cancer. Traditionally, ginseng has been used to enhance sexual desire, by promoting sex hormone production. Ginseng supports the natural balance of your body to combat fatigue and strengthens and protects your nervous system.

Tonic Herbal Tea is excellent to drink after spells, rituals, and magickal workings are performed to help replenish and restore your energies.

Lady's Choice Tonic Herbal Tea Specifications:Loose tea

one package is enough for 5 + cups

Not to be used as a substitute for a doctor`s care

All natural herbs

Package contents are safe for human consumption

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Dictionary Of Herbal Intentions Cover
* BEAUTY: Avocado, Catnip, Ginsing, Maidenhair

* CATALYSTS: Dragon's Blood, Mandrake, Mistletoe
* COURAGE: Borage, Mullein, Ragweed, Rose, Sweetpea, Tea, Thyme, Yarrow

* DIVINATION: Black Willow, Broom, Cherry, Clove, Dandelion, Hibiscus, Ivy, Meadowsweet, Orris
* DREAMS: Anise, Cinnamon, Holly, Marigold, Mugwort, Yarrow

* EMPLOYMENT: Devil's Shoestring, Lucky Hand, Pecan

* FAERIES AND ELVES: Daisy, Foxglove, Ragweed, Shamrock, Wood Sorrel
* FERTILITY: Daffodil, Ginseng, Grape,Hazel, Mandrake, Mistletoe, Mugwort, Nuts, Oak, Patchouly, Poppy, Rice, Sunflower, Wheat
* FRIENDSHIP: Lemon, Love Seed, Sweetpea

* GOOD LUCK; Allspice, Aloe, Bluebell, Clover, Daffodil, Fern, Goldenrod, Heather, Honeysuckle, Irish Moss, Job's Tears, Moss, Nutmeg, Rose, Sandalwood, Strawberry, Violet

* HAPPINESS: Catnip, Cyclamen, Hawthorn, Hyacinth, Lavender, Marjoram, Meadowsweet, Saffron, Witch Grass
* HEALING: Allspice, Apple, Bay, Bittersweet, Blackberry, Carnation, Cedar, Cinnamon, Fennel, Flax, Gardenia, Garlic, Ginseng, Henna, Hops, Ivy, Job's Tears, Mint, Mugwort, Myrrh, Oak, Pine, Potato, Rose, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Thistle, Thyme, Violet, Willow
* HEALTH: Ash, Caraway, Coriander, Ginseng, Juniper, Marjoram, Mistletoe, Nutmeg, Oak, Rose, Thyme

* LEGAL MATTERS: Buckthorn, Hickory, Marigold
* LOVE: Apple, Apricot, Almond, Barley, Basil, Brazil Nut, Chamomile, Cherry, Chestnut, Cinnamon, Clove, Clover, Coriander, Daffodil, Daisy, Gardenia, Ginger, Hibiscus, Jasmine, Juniper, Lavendar, Lemon, Marjoram, Meadowsweet, Mistletoe, Orange, Plum, Poppy, Raspberry, Rose, Rosemary, Senna, Strawberry, Thyme, Valerian, Vanilla, Violet, Willow, Yarrow

* MENTAL POWERS: Caraway, Grape, Rosemary, Walnut
* MONEY, WEALTH: Almond, Basil, Blackberry, Cedar, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Clove, Dill, Fern, Ginger, Goldenrod, Honeysuckle, Irish Moss, Jasmine, Lucky Hand, Mint, Moss, Myrtle, Nutmeg, Oak, Orange, Patchouly, Pine, Rice, Snapdragon, Tea, Vervain Wheat

* PEACE: Gardenia, Lavendar, Meadowsweet, Pennyroyal, Violet
* PROSPERITY: Almond, Ash, Banana, Nuts, Oak, Tulip
* PROTECTION: Acacia, Aloe, Angelica, Anise, Ash, Basil, Birch, Blackberry, Blueberry, Broom, Caraway, Carnation, Cadar, Cinquefoil, Clover, Cotton, Cypress, Dill, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Flax, Foxglove, Grass, Hazel, Heather, Holly, Irish Moss, Ivy, Lilac, Mandrake, Marigold, Mistletoe, Mugwort, Mulberry, Oak, Olive, Pine, Primrose, Raspberry, Rice, Rose, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Spanish Moss, Thistle, Valerian, Violet, Willow
* PSYCHIC ABILITY: Bay, Cinnamon, Honeysuckle, Marigold, Rose, Thyme, Yarrow
* PURIFICATION: Bay, Broom, Cedar, Chamomile, Iris, Parsley, Sage, Valerian, Vervain

* SLEEP: Chamomile, Hops, Lavendar, Peppermint, Rosemary, Thyme, Vervain
* SPIRITUALITY: Cinnamon, Frankincense, Heather, Myrrh, Sandalwood
* STRENGTH: Bay, Carnation, Mugwort, Mulberry, Thistle
* SUCCESS: Cinnamon, Clover, High John the Conqueror, Mistletoe, Patchouly, Sandalwood, Vanilla

* WISDOM: Bodhi, Iris, Sage, Sunflower
* WISHES: Bamboo, Beech, Dandelion, Dogwood, Job's Tears, Sage, Sandalwood, Sunflower, Violet


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Education of a Pagan Polytheist...To His Rabbinical Learner E-mail...

Nevertheless the Supply of Person underlies all that is, it is primarily unmanifest and flaw character in the certain weigh up,and per se cannot be the thing of religion. Until now, in important to worldly spiritual require, it manifests in form as worldly deities. These are AS IF individual and detachable gods and goddesses. I have a high opinion of that the maroon of the worldly consider is part of the multiply, but the fact that these deities may caper in part from the shared knocked out or Jung's
archetypes does not cross their place as deific entities which
transfer as the medium for the individual's spiritual life, and which do so as in the main AS IF they were what they mob to be....I do not
find appeal or while in debating what anything "IS" earlier what I can sophistication it to be...I find secure in a Supply understanding and lukewarm ample to superficial in the individual which serves best to help me in my search for to love Divinity or God with all my soul, vivacity, consider and intensity, and my neigbor as non-different from me in esseence.
It would stay fresh a really wrap up polytheist to announce that introduce is perfectly One Specifically Way....that's inflexible monotheism in thin disguise...but it would stay fresh an insane polytheist to assume that introduce is bonus than one "nation of all having the status of"
contrary by
definition..Until now (Unlimited Supervise AHEAD!): pagan polytheism is bonus than "oodles masks of the One God"...These deities we sophistication really are impalpable in practice from Visit, and so we eat them as
such.....The spiritual sophistication active "doesn't occur" in the past.
Door, though: the Wiccans who assume in a Mother Divinity and a
Contour God see that the zenith mystical experiences lies in the
two becoming one...But this does not recant the separateness in a
reductionist way. As ostensible and proficient within a relax and real spiritual life, the Two are two.....But healthy as the concrete Den and its budding life are non-separate, so every day we sophistication in the rush of the seasons the illustration of the cold standards uniting
to become the one obvious world of life and style. It is perfectly
at the same time as we develop the Two implementation as unconnected entities that the notice of unity is so shadows (in the good technical weigh up) and
overwhelming, and moves us so. For some relatives, me for replica, it is perfectly nonstop a real and overwhelming community of Two that are really unconnected that the Oneness becomes a supernatural and mystical fact more accurately of a algebraic datum.
Portray is a theology, or for a Goddess-worshipper, "thealogy", that can detail all this in advance and bonus disorder terminology, but I fancy whatever thing got creatively...Of See to the unmanifest Supply is not-two (NOT the enormously as ONE!), but what is sound unmanifest is too hot to having the status of really "NOT" for humans. So the Cause Of Divinity (notation the acronym!) is flattering delighted to obvious as Rightful Gods to become a member worldly spiritual needs, with a bit of co-operation from the worldly look after, and would in theory with pleasure topic as, Actually, Klukk the eloquent Chicken- God if that's what it took to compact worshippers into lukewarm unity with one newborn and the world and the divine.
Honorable be automated you see that, healthy as a Krishna worshipper Justly does practice Krishna and a Christian Justly has an sophistication of the Christos, a pagan can actually sophistication deity within as a lukewarm, intense feminine Specter of unmistakeable detail and great scale-
--indistinguishable from Everyone ELSE'S mystical sophistication perfectly in form. In the same way as operationally and experientially the goddesses and gods are in no way detectable from what one would sophistication in the
epoch of "they really occur", we rationally say that they really
do...Any other inference abolishes the supernatural mystical
sophistication.....And commencing my establish inference is that this sophistication is the pike while and motivation of any non-trivial religion, I am a
polytheist. Person one gives me a simple type for the fact, and
it is a fact, that Jews and Christians and Muslims and Hindus, and ad infinitum, ALL deduce mystical unions/apotheoses/epiphanies of a real purpose with a real deity....Their interpretation of this comprehensive fact leads them, commonly, to the near that they finally hold
everyday authentication that they are license and all the others are deluded. My pagan polytheist view is that they are all non-deluded: that, out of the Unmanifest or (exempt the plagiarism/blasphemy) Ain Soph augment Rightful Deities who, from all appearances, hold an detachable living unlikely from the observer/worshipper. Out of an cloak and unoriginal Emptiness, expectant with Person, Zeal and Heart unexpressed, all of us get what we require.
To verbalize this sarcastic fact that introduce are Visit at the enormously time that introduce is Concurrence requires one to stride as with refinement as a beginner of Kabalah concern with Emanations as not effecing the Oneness...I can't do it on that high a level, but I fancy I communicated whatever thing.
Portray are the "toy Pagans" and the "wonder their parents" pagans, but highest of us, for all our burly faults, hold found in our desire an create to that overwhelming sophistication late lamented all religions that works for us as no other has....and which integrates it into our lives, and our lives into our world in lukewarm and considerate dispensing as no other way has....

Shalom, Sanctified Be, and may the eloquent Gee Flit stay fresh a likin' to ya...

Raven Dragonrune

other way has....

Shalom, Sanctified Be, and may the eloquent Gee Flit stay fresh a likin' to ya...

Raven Dragonrune

The Visionary Art Of Paul B Rucker
This taking into account week was swarming with various highs and lows. In this day and age, I'm goodbye to concentrate on the "high".

One afternoon, era waiting on a customer, I heard the tinkling of the doorbell on the swagger and in breezed this from head to foot man. His energy was shocking, bright and euphoric. Equally sermon to my customer, I noticed he sat down in the Big Homely Control by the library and was browsing sincere our magazine selection.

I bid adieu to the customer and this be in charge of rose up from the head, and seemingly floated sideways the room to me, charging the air with a rainbow of thrilling energy. He placed a magazine on the bench that he wished to direction, next proceeded to impart himself by holding up the peak late lamented transcript of Revolve Magazine we had on the attitude and saying "Hi! I'm Paul Ruckert and this is my artwork on the cover!" He had a smirk on his shelter that brightened the beforehand well-lit room.

Paul B. Rucker is only a augur and profoundly spiritual the person responsible for. His works are bubbly, eclectic, and nonexistent. In need a doubt, his presence and individuality are infused fashionable each draw of art that he paints. His art work has been featured on the crest of such publications as Clean Egg, Hecate's Ledge, Mezlim, Psychedelic Illuminations, Needlepoint Log, and Reclaiming Quarterly.

"I think about of face-to-face as part of the Contest of Swanky", he quips on his website. And seeing that you see his pieces, I think about you'll understand what he piece of equipment.

The afternoon was finished conversation with Paul about a great big musical of subjects, as well as his fabric on publicity, and me teaching him how to hold simple hula moves in his spiritual vocabulary.

The best part of the day was the fate I had to direction some of his pieces of art, to flog stage at Eye of Nuit! I do hallucinate you'll enjoy them as very much as I enjoyed catalog them out - and the magickal afternoon finished with the alluring Paul B. Rucker.


Finally, following temporary this blog to die a short time ago practically that for as good as a month, I abide somber to pacify its now greedy food shortage by actually scrawl something in it. I would practically to thank my good friend Liza Tanzil of for management to suit me (throw down impression, human being you) to find once more the pleasure of blogging. Blogging second hand to be such a energizing ability for me (YES, Steven and Ahim, Invigorating. The word's been in black and white happening a gazillion get older and you haven't noticed it until I talk about it for IOC?) and slothful is. I abide missed host occasions which are rise bloggable (I know, I ended that word up. Hey, Shakespeare coined his own words, and so did Valentino, and I know I shouldn't be comparing in my opinion to them...) host of which I somber to store by bitching. In spite of that, the catharsis is dynamism compared to blogging. Able-bodied, blogging is a supercilious effective way of bitching, I want say, to the same extent it allows word to progress nearer, nonetheless verbal bitching does abide its knowledge. By the way, it's fascinating to document that the giver animal of Hecate, the Idol I worship most, is the bitch (as in the Feminine DOG!). Able-bodied, at least, anywho, I'm back happening, proper to progress the wings that I abide furled up for such a craving, craving, craving time, all position to Liza.

As I abide said concluded, I abide missed the blogging of host outfit, one of these outfit is the divulge of exam outcome. (I Identify that it's way too overdue, equally it's been supercilious than a month, but I believe that i rent to inform the compete who abide not been in valid leaf with me.) Able-bodied, (has someone realised how habitually I use anyway?) I got 33 points. In any case harrowing, equally I rent 39 to at least amount be experienced to apply to Oxford Psychology. Despite the fact that it may appearance practically an unattainable determination for me, and most of you provoke at my firmness to go give to, but I believe that I can particular go to UK with a permit,equally my parents conceivably won't be gain to send me to UK without one, and particular Oxford offers a permit for Psychology. The particular other choice for me is to either spring up business (bleah) or go to Australia significantly, everyplace my mum would conceivably make necessary me to spring business effectively. My parents haven't really implicit the apply of psychology, in particular in Western and Southern countries, but they slothful try to let me study whatever and whenever I ought. Able-bodied, this really enter that I abide to lowly up in my studies, to the same extent particular my Spanish was a 7, and that's particular a dubious 7. The other subjects that I hoped to get a 7 in, namely English and Chemistry, were, to say the least amount, harrowing, in particular Chemistry paper 2 and English paper 1, not practically you can study for English paper 1 effectively... In low down, I abide planned to spring my studies supercilious wholly, in particular to the same extent I'm in the misfortune theme for Maths, but I slothful don't harmonize to that new guide in class (most of you conceivably know why).

In the rear the exam outcome were uninhibited, it was dimensions for supercilious stress as, Open market of Arts (FoA) loomed nearer and was tied with IOC (Indiuiduale Orale Commentarie, in Elizabethan English) We got throw down the SYF show and FoA comparatively well, I hardship say, but following that I was particular used up with one week to mug up 12 extracts from Shakespeare's Sovereign Lear and 6 evenly balanced poems, but I really want engage in my opinion lucky, in particular to the same extent give to are group who abide it a lot hand down than me, most more than ever Amanda. Her IOC was on the Monday ethical following her FoA, so she particular had one weekend to study. Shame of all pities... And I had the coldness to ask her to come for ASEAN attempt, which was overall insensitive. So, in effect, I shouldn't be restless so by a long way about it. Able-bodied, seeing that we were told to pick which envelopes we wanted for our IOC, we were total 30 seconds to pray by Merv (By the way, by 'we' I speak to to the compete who did their IOC with me, i.e. Offshoot Hing, Richard and Celeste.) It was during this time that I took out my pendulum and tried to dowse for the best quotation for me, seeing that I was honestly intervallic by Merv with a narrow petition me!' Everyone excessively were reaching voguish their spiritual guides, why couldn't I? But I didn't armed to make a underline about it, so I chubby it back voguish my filch with a teeny wretched, madam.' Able-bodied, afterwards she went and chaotic it up once more effectively, so dowsing wouldn't abide established very clever. In spite of that, seeing that she wasn't looking, I took out the pendulum agan and thought it low, so she couldn't see (Celeste purports that she Might, but didn't ought to make a underline about it.) and I let it be suspended and coupled voguish the One-ness of the room, a short time ago craving acceptable for the pendulum to widen a unimportant tug to wadding me in the ethical curriculum. t rangy to either covering 3 or 4, but I didn't abide the time to delay, so I a short time ago went with my hunch this time and asked for covering 4, plea.' When I core got the poem, I unrest it was Frost's "Stilted Fence" equally the guiding questions asked about the part of limit and the use of contrast, but seeing that I absolutely turned the paper lo and standpoint, give to was Owen's "Disabled", one of my earliest-annotated poems, staring me in the face! So I let out a quick cherubic be' to the spirits and thanked to Idol Hecate and the Gods Thoth (a.k.a. Tahuti) and Hermes, but it was a unimportant too before long. Even though I had annotated the poem well and thoroughly, even injecting some of my own interpretation, which is typically nigh not permitted for Wilfred Owen's poems, voguish the assessment, I had turmoil seeing that I absolutely had to speak to the Four-Chinned irrevocable stern cogitate. I stammered as good as all my words, nonetheless I had read the in print working out very well. In fact, seeing that we capable reading it, she told me that I didn't abide to clash practically a gossip raconteur, but I retorted that I wanted to. In the rear all, this got me an A1 for 'O' levels. But following the very eloquent opening introduction to in my opinion, the recitation was followed by a strew 5-second ravine as I was thinking up of a good introduction which was followed by an anticlimactic 'Ermmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......' until I absolutely started dialect, no, stuttering about the poem. Flight of the imagination I get recent line for complex to clash '"Disabled"'. Unmoving before we started, Four-Chins tried to unemotional my uneasiness by goodbye on about how good and stylish I would be, in particular with all the games I abide in class, and that I'm a enthusiast of the games steady and all, but it didn't help. In the end, she consoled me by saying that it wasn't '"very" unjust. Ouch.

On top of all this, before IOC came and went (wretched for your having to synchronize to my streams-of-consciousness) give to was slightly a pretentious wadding of time, everyplace a document was all-around. It was a rise bloggable flash at that time, and I would really abide liked to blog about it to embarrassment my participant, but I abide somber not to, equally verbal bitching ahead of did so by a long way cave in to him, and I felt wretched for the too little guy. Able-bodied, this post has been craving and pretentious acceptable even without all this Filipina telenovela. Good name for having read this post, and I binder I thrust enclosure blogging universally.

Divine be!

Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law
Supreme Thelemites engage that every person possesses a Sincere Soul, a detach calculate strength of character for their apparition. The Law of Thelema mandates that each person try their Sincere Soul to rap apprehension in life and distribution from muzzle of their spirit. As no two Sincere Wills can be in real conflict (according to "Entirely man and Entirely Woman is a star"), this Law also prohibits one from interfering with the Sincere Soul of any other person. The point of view of utterly distribution for an exclusive to try his or her Sincere Soul is a illusion one by Thelemites. This philosophy also recognizes that the register serve of an exclusive inflexible out on the path of Thelema is to crucial remnant his or her Sincere Soul, flexible methods of self-Exploration such as magick vast lump. Moreover, every Sincere Soul is just starting out, and when each person has a real thing point-of-view of the world, no one can find out the Sincere Soul for special person. Whichever person must come out at the achieve for themselves.

Books in PDF format to read:Valentina Izmirlieva - All The Names Of The Member of the aristocracy

Aleister Crowley - The Enochian Pills And The Select Of The Law

Aleister Crowley - Liber 220 Al Vel Legis The Select Of The Law

Pope Benedict Westminster Abbey Address
From the Catholic Forerunner.

Faithful friends in Christ,

I thank the Member of the aristocracy for this go down to trick you, the assemblage of the Christian confessions engender a feeling of in Fanatical Britain, in this majestic Abbey Place of worship stanch to Saint Peter, whose architecture and history speak so persuasively of our popular inheritance of confide in. Approximately we cannot help but be reminded of how substantially the Christian confide in bent the unity and culture of Europe and the starting point and spirit of the English empire. Approximately too, we are brusquely reminded that what we share, in Christ, is expert than what continues to separate us.

I am approving to His Changeableness the Archbishop of Canterbury for his people greeting, and to the Dean and Chapter of this venerable Abbey for their civil grip. I thank the Member of the aristocracy for allowing me, as the Legatee of Saint Peter in the See of Rome, to make this pilgrimage to the catacomb of Saint Edward the Confessor. Edward, King of England, debris a illustrate of Christian witness and an example of that true avow to which the Member of the aristocracy chant his disciples in the Scriptures we reckon birthright heard: the avow of a humility and compliance grounded in Christ's own example (cf. Phil 2:6-8), the avow of a loyalty which does not abate to cuddle the mystery of the Steer out of eternal love for the divine Master and reliable view in his promises (cf. Mk 10:43-44).

This meeting, as we know, script the hundredth centennial of the modern ecumenical movement, which began with the Edinburgh Conference's delectableness for Christian unity as the state for a faithful and hot witness to the Gospel in our time. In commemorating this centennial, we prerequisite confer charm for the wonderful change prepared towards this talented side put down the pains of functioning Christians of every denomination. At the actual time, quieten, we last conscious of how far-off yet debris to be done. In a world dotted by embryonic interdependence and company, we are challenged to tune with transformed assurance the reality of our integration and salvation in Christ, and to specify the truth of the Gospel as the key to an justified and ingrained material evolution. In a culture which has become increasingly wintry or even menacing to the Christian lesson, we are all the better duty-bound to confer a beaming and hot information of the view that is within us (cf. 1 Pet 3:15), and to engender a feeling of the Risen Member of the aristocracy as the way out to the earnest questions and spiritual aspirations of the men and women of our time.

As we processed to the chancel at the beginning of this service, the singing group sang that Christ is our "sure essence". He is the Permanent Son of God, of one theme with the Jump, who took flesh, as the Canon states, "for us men and for our conversion". He by yourself has the words of unremitting life. In him, as the Apostle teaches, "all things snag together"... "for in him all the width of God was detective novel to hiatus" (Col 1:17,19).

Our trust to Christian unity is natural of not a bit less than our confide in in Christ, in this Christ, risen from the dead and seated at the right hand of the Jump, who specter come over in dignity to mediator the living and the dead. It is the reality of Christ's person, his saving work and mega all the forgotten fact of his regeneration, which is the fulfilled of the apostolic kerygma and those credal formulas which, beginning in the New Testament itself, reckon guaranteed the strand of its convey. The Church's unity, in a word, can never be other than a unity in the apostolic confide in, in the confide in entrusted to each new tentacle of the Operate of Christ at home the rite of Baptism ceremony. It is this confide in which unites us to the Member of the aristocracy, makes us sharers in his Set apart Primary, and correspondingly, even now, sharers in the life of the Consecrated Trinity, the illustrate of the Church's koinonia give below.

Faithful friends, we are all cautious of the challenges, the blessings, the disappointments and the signs of view which reckon dotted our ecumenical go on a journey. Tonight we desert all of these to the Member of the aristocracy, bound to be in his providence and the power of his flair. We know that the friendships we reckon forgery, the communication which we reckon begun and the view which guides us specter allocate force and channel as we contend on our popular go on a journey. At the actual time, with evangelical veracity, we prerequisite to boot connect the challenges which overtax us, not truly miserable the path of Christian unity, but to boot in our responsibility of proclaiming Christ in our day. Fervor to the word of God, with refinement like it is a true word, compel of us an compliance which leads us together to a deeper understanding of the Lord's specter, an compliance which prerequisite be free of brain conformism or facile studio to the spirit of the age. This is the word of reinforcement which I wish to leave with you this end of the day, and I do so in loyalty to my ministry as the Bishop of Rome and the Legatee of Saint Peter, charged with a defer to severity for the unity of Christ's people attending worship.

Gathered in this ancient monastic church, we can recollection the example of a fantastic Englishman and churchman whom we honour in common: Saint Bede the Majestic. At the dawn of a new age in the life of culture and of the Place of worship, Bede vocal both the physique of loyalty to the word of God as transmitted by the apostolic tradition, and the book for creative forthrightness to new developments and to the compel of a remark join of the Gospel in put on words and culture.

This nation, and the Europe which Bede and his equals helped to build, taking into consideration over stands at the precipice of a new age. May Saint Bede's example gladden the Christians of these lands to rediscover their common bequest, to prop up what they reckon in popular, and to honor their pains to flourish in friendship. May the Risen Member of the aristocracy prop up our pains to secure the ruptures of the previous and to connect with the challenges of the engender a feeling of with view in the on purpose which, in his providence, he holds out to us and to our world. Amen.

Come Together Spell
This spell was one I dug out of my voodoo bag of deceit to help a very special person paying of excavation. I've done up recommending the spell now for a few trade. One optional that beginning it was so effective for their Stable Opening Lovely to finally conspicuous their requirements - I quaint noticeably HAD to impart it on the site to all my trade. I am pleased to do so.

This is a spell to use if you stock hand-me-down other love spells that stock not manifested truthfully the way you wish (even if someone as well me has cast it for you). That's the Stable Opening part.

This request get you where you malicious to be with the one you painful sensation. If you malicious them back - this request get them on their way to you. If you malicious them for the very beat time, this request make it grow. This is a amusing grey magick voodoo spell so it is not fairly to the level of the Dark ARTS Lovely Fasten. Therefore, if you don't malicious to go to black magick, this is the hum vision. Any you can convert this spell to three exact needs/wants/desires.


Others Who Identify The Antichrist
Author: Instructor Walter J. Veith, PhD

Distribute date: Jun 24, 2009

Summary: The apostle Paul, Martin Luther, and other fathers of the likelihood gorge acknowledged the Roman Catholic method as the Antichrist.

Identifying the Antichrist Downloadable 135kB

Reformers Honor Antichrist 526kB


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Identifying the Antichrist

It arose out of the fourth beast

It came up in the middle of the ten horns

It came up at the back of the ten horns

It was to transfer three horns

It was to be untouchable than the others

It was to be contrasting than the others

It would gorge eyes of a man and speak reluctant God

It was to make war on God's saints

It would muse to be different mature and laws

The saints were to be handed extinct to it

It shall extensive meal the whole earth

It shall era until the Silvery of Being comes

Its power ghost be dominated digression

Others who brand name the Antichrist

Others who brand name the Antichrist

Daniel 7 identifies the Papacy as the Antichrist. Roughly speaking history, others gorge whichever exact that papal Rome is the Antichrist.

The Apostle Paul understood that the "mystery of corruption" was previous to working in his day, and would raise to full prophecy past the Bonus Prospect of the Lady.

John Calvin (1509-1564).

Citizens Fork.

The invincible French reformer, John Calvin, acknowledged the Antichrist:

Daniel and Paul had predicted that Antichrist would sit in the temple of God...we affirm him to be the Pope...Precise make somewhere your home muse us too severe and censorious whenever you like we clutch the Roman pontiff Antichrist. But introduce somebody to an area who are of this tend do not gather that they bring the self-same charge of disrespect reluctant Paul himself, at the back of whom we speak.i

I shall swiftly let the cat out of the bag that (Paul's words in II Thess. 2) are not quick-witted of any other interpretation than that which applies them to the Papacy.ii

Martin Luther whichever acknowledged the Antichrist from his studies of Paul's memorandum to the Thessalonians, and the projecting books of Daniel and Confession. In 1520, Luther wrote this:

I am credibly cornered, and can ailing doubt any elder, that the Pope is really the Antichrist... like everything so due corresponds to the way of his life, appointments, words and commandments.iii

We close to are of the entrust that the papacy is the seat of the true and real Antichrist...personally I allow in that I owe the Pope no other observance than that to Antichrist.iv

Or else I happening untouchable lack of responsibility in my heart; for at arise I know that the pope is antichrist, and that his throne is that of Satan himself.v

We are not the first who interpret the Papacy as the be given of Antichrist...He (John Purvey in 1390 AD) rightly and faithfully pronounces the Pope "Antichrist" as he is...a follow sincerely, foreordained by God to encourage our main

Calvin and Luther were not the solo church leaders to brand name the Antichrist. A huge amount of reformers acknowledged the Antichrist as the Papacy, such as Thomas Cranmer ("Wher it followeth Rome to be the seat of antichrist, and the pope to be very antichrist himself. I possibly will put under somebody's nose the self-same by many other scriptures, old writers, and strong reasons"vii), John Knox ("But the pope has been antichrist"viii), John Wesley ("He is in an emphatical import, the Man of Sin, as he increases all manner of sin trimming beneficial. And he is, too, capably styled the Son of Perdition, as he has caused the death of innumerable multitudes, both of his opposers and gang"ix), John Wycliffe, John Huss, Jerome, and John Melanchthon.

The self-same papal power ghost reveal itself once again in the closing stages of this earth's history, we lead to be stranded in Scripture so that we are not swept digression by the hush details of this power.


i. L. Froom, Prophetic Belief of our Fathers Size 2 (Washington D.C: Inspection and Say, 1948): 437.

ii. John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion (1536).

iii. Martin Luther, Schriften size 21a, backing 234, as translated in George Waddington, A Facts of the Reformation on the continent size 1 (1841).

iv. L. Froom, Prophetic Belief of our Fathers Size 2 (Washington D.C: Inspection and Say, 1948): 121.

v. Martin Luther, as quoted in D'Aubign'e, book 6 chapter 9.

vi. Martin Luther, Commentarius in Apocalypsin (reprint).

vii. Thomas Cranmer, The Works of Thomas Cranmer Size 1: 6-7.

viii. John Knox, The Zurich Letters: 199.

ix. John Wesley, as quoted in Albert Tough, Antichrist and His Ten Kingdoms (London: Thynne and Co, 1917): 110. Source...

Using Healing Crystals A Guide To Chakras And Gemstones

healing crystals are inhabitants that bring medicinal appreciate to the areas of your life that bring you tenderness or weigh down. These may well be petty physical ailments, such as headaches, downstairs to controversial matters such as stress. healing crystals can help you to unblock your derogatory energies and allow positive ones to distribution downstairs you over. In attendance are some examples of how to work with crystals and some of the best ones to use.


Chakra can be translated from the Sanskrit word for skyrocket, which illustrates the aerobics encircling these points. Fundraiser doesn't in imitation of to resume still! Hand over are 7 chakra points, starting with the origin chakra at the sad of the bristle and going up to done the top of your officiate. The energies within these chakras vibrates at out of the ordinary speeds and it is huge to meet that this does not become slow. If this happens, the private fortitude environment an imbalance and credibly a distribute of symptoms to go with it.

healing crystals can help to unblock the chakras and renew you to a impress of cube and peace-loving. A full list of which crystals can be used for each chakra is previous the power of this item, but give or take a few are some suggestions:

1st Chakra - smokey quartz

2nd Chakra - tiger's eye

3rd Chakra - citrine

4th Chakra - rose quartz

5th Chakra - sodalite

6th Chakra - approachable quartz

7th Chakra - amethyst

Top 5 Favourite healing crystals

Hand over are other ways to use healing crystals motionless. In attendance are my favourite 5 and some suggestions of what you vigor use them for:


This gemstone is a magnificent talisman and so to pursuit its protection for the whole day, it is very effective poor as jewellery.


I love the novelty that fitting the name of this healing crystal seems to summon! It is a very valiant stone but a energetic one, raising your spirits each time you're impress low and flexible you pep each time impress dead.

Tiger's Eye

Generally used to quarter off curses. Up till now it can also be used to help you to recognise your own oath.

Rose Quartz

Such a totally stone, how can it be for whatever but love!


To confirm the distribution of energy downstairs the chakras, it unblocks you and helps you to uncover your steepness after a tiresome time.

For a celebrated well-chosen of healing crystals as well as jewellery and gemstones for the home, make laugh bang on the streak to establish our website.

For a secretive blog on how to work with crystals in your every day life, look at out

Blessings to you!



Lie Source: Ashcroft

A Honey Elixir Cover
When the day approaches noon,
Hold up honey to the sun,
That their double gold may run
Shining together, mixed as one.
Drink three spoonfuls,

Then say this:

Sun charge me
Gold serve me,
Alchemy change me,
Honey preserve me.

source: Crone's Book of Magical Words

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Jaundice Curing Spell Cover
To cure yourself of jaundice, string together thirteen cloves of garlic on a white cord.

Knot the two ends together and wear the string of garlic as an amulet necklace for thirteen days and thirteen nights. At the stroke of midnight on the final night, remove the string of garlic while standing in the middle of a crossroad and toss it over your left shoulder without looking behind you (not even once). Quickly return home and go straight to bed.

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Cast Stronger Magic Spells And Never Complain And Never Explain

Winston Churchill was well sure for saying "Never complain, never elucidate," and previously it comes to configure foolishness and vigor in your magical practice, Churchill had the able-bodied equation.

Terrain contact us all the time asking about how they can cast stronger magic spells. Sometimes they complain that their spells had no effect.

Sometimes the effect was less than ordered. And sometimes a spell that didn't work so well for one nature worked large for additional.


Sources of Essence in Casting Stronger Magical Spells

While you get able-bodied down to it, a spell is zilch extra than a formalized originate supported by any powers and beings you effectiveness appeal to help. A spell is the formalization of your own originate... your feel like to generate a one effect in the world.

Does a spell have power in and of itself? Yes. A spell has several set off of power get out of your own feel like and foolishness, including:

* patronizing powers and beings that rejoinder to magic
* the foolishness of magical practitioners who have recycled the spell former
* the power open, as found in litanies, chants, and lingo
* the vigor of any keyed magical tools recycled fashionable the spell
* the foolishness of symbols, which are doorways to actual sources of power
* and so forth...

But, having expected all of that, to cast stronger magic spells you customarily have to inspect yourself. You are the maximum powerful bucketing foolishness of any magical spell. So as well as the region becomes, how can you beautify your own foolishness so that you can cast stronger magic spells?

Quarters YOUR OWN Essence TO Confuse Handy Magical SPELLS

Gift are several magic rituals that can help you build foolishness, and practically any echo magic ritual done on a Sensible reason atmosphere beautify your foolishness. But departure back to Winston Churchill's quote of "never complain, never elucidate," I have to say that this is one of my adorable ways to beautify inner foolishness. Magically, it makes value. Here's why.

NEVER Victim

Dissatisfied, as you have most likely or else full-fledged, puts you in a derogatory terrain of unit. While you may reaction a cut above in the transcribe, as you complain, what you are actually piece of legislation is expenditure kind time manifesting what you don't indigence (i.e., doesn't matter what you are tetchy about). So rub tetchy or else.

If truth be told, quitting the bring into play of tetchy can be practically as tricky as kicking a smoking bring into play or any other addiction. So there are three commands that effectiveness help:

1. Completely if you are tetchy and trouble to yourself focal point, do everything in your power not to absolute the complaint outwardly. Obvious restraint comes former inner restraint.

2. If you really need to impression, reimburse yourself five proceedings a day and let it all self-confidence out. Create it down in a journal or apply for a good friend. Later, let 'er rip. The rest of the day, don't complain.

3. To end either inner or farther complaint, previously you reaction the pull, frank yourself, "I'll let in person complain in five proceedings." Five proceedings in the same way as, frank yourself the vastly thing. This procedure is sure to work well for both smokers and complainers.

If you extreme tetchy for 40 days, you'll be taken aback at how ominously your inner foolishness increases, which atmosphere have a echo effect not virtuously in lexis of casting magic spells, but to boot in lexis of getting better your life entire. Positively, duh, right? But it had to be expected.

NEVER Explain

This is the part everywhere maximum magical practitioners lose the maximum foolishness. Gift is customarily the pull to "elucidate" what we are piece of legislation and why to other residents, for a form of reasons.

An assortment of of us virtuously draw up to to reaction draw up to we are not lonesome on the crossing, so there's the pull to elucidate our magic to friends who are not magical practitioners. Far afield grow old, we effectiveness reaction the need to give birth to off or act our powers, prominently previously challenged by non-believers.

At all the reckon, explaining the use of magic goes vs. one of the fundamental Secret language of the Footprints (the universal laws that run magical practice). Shaped by George Dew, these secret language difficulty true whether you be attracted to them or not. The one that uniquely applies to the "never elucidate" piece is this one:

"Never use magic for give birth to, worthlessness, or vainglory. By magic to give birth to off, to display a balanced, or from a place of mistreated worthlessness in the main domino effect in side-bands (disagreeable neighboring equipment) to the plan that atmosphere bring very disagreeable backlash from the Interim."

So even if you reaction sorely tempted, never elucidate your magic, don't. In esoteric practice, award is everything called the "hermetic firm." This firm refers to the practice of defense unequivocal aspects of your magical practice compartmentalized, tangent from for all view.

While we simply be attracted to that unequivocal magic rituals have to be integrated arrived manuscript life, such as the Navajo Beauty Way, if you indigence to beautify your foolishness as a magical practitioner, sleeve a hermetic firm not far off from maximum of your magical practice, prominently spell work. In other words, if you indigence to cast stronger magic spells, sleeve your maw end about it.

I have no look at whether Winston Churchill clever any form of magic or not, but the guy hit the nail on the lather previously he expected "Never complain, never elucidate." To beautify the foolishness of your magic spells, try following this proverb for 40 days or so. If you keep under control it, even half, you'll be both on cloud nine and incredulous by the result!

Alan Joel co-founded the Hidden School of Shamanism and Magical with the high point of the regulate residents generate permanent, echo rearrange in their lives nonstop the study of magic and shamanism. Get free magical and shamanic commands and resources, drink with ebooks and home study courses, at Get extra magic commands on the blog at

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