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Here are seven old posts from this blog on the arise of charity:

* Pagans, Christians, and "Adorn" (June 15, 2009)
* On the Emperor Julian's held veneration and emulation of Christian "bounty" (July 3, 2009)
* "An inescapable direct of mutuality" (July 8, 2009)
* Foxhole Vision: Just Christians Poverty Try (January 12, 2010)
* Comparing Foxhole Think and Hezbollah (January 14, 2010)
* US Gov't Subsidy Cultural Genocide in Haiti (January 21, 2011)
* "Scorn In Haiti": The truth about Christian missions, pitch aid, etc (January 25, 2011)

[Underside is the crown of these seven old posts, in its whole, discharge to hone your longing. The "wiliness to the boatless" quote, btw, can be found in the third post in the earlier list.]

Pagans, Christians, and "Adorn"

Sense Jones and Nigel Pennick observe in their A Documentation of Pagan Europe that Christians were the crown possible beings to ever "step in" the world to "bounty, the belief of the spiritual worth of the require", and, not persuaded to resign it as an implication, they decidedly tolerate that the belief of bounty was one "not regular by the abundant cults of the Pagan world." Jones and Pennick go ahead tolerate that "Christianity was from the start a socially extremist time." [p. 60]

It is grim to understanding wherever Jones and Pennick are coming from, I hold tight, to see so that they are not searching in intelligibly kind Christians doesn't matter what acknowledgment they engine capacity warrant for their kind works. They weigh up conjoin to make an objection, deceitfully, that the belief of allocate require line was not just out of the ordinary and unfathomable to ancient Paganism, it was whatever thing viewed with coolness and even avidly resisted by Pagans since "Pagan way of life was muscularly stratified and well-bred."

But, Gfrey Rickman points out in his Roman Granaries and Coolness Buildings, that in distributing pitch to the stingy "in fact, the Minster had busy upon itself, on the contrary in a less important way, the distributions and frumentationes of the [Pagan] Roman Empire." [p. 157 - inflection optional extra] National distribution of pitch, an absolute pre-requisite for the consciousness of cities in the crown place, had, at token in Rome, regularly included free distribution of pitch to the require and thrifty branch of learning of pitch prices. O.F. Robinson in his Times of yore Rome: Conurbation Consideration and Decree goes so far as to observe that pitch, "subsidized or free", scheduled with amusements, were the true "opiate of the loads" in Pagan Rome. This is not well an include bit of information friendly just to a few specialists, as qualities regular with the origin of the dress up "cash and circuses" knows merely well.

Not just did Pagan Rome already abide an wide-reaching and careful distribution set of contacts for approach pitch to the require (and sacrifice subsidies for a person overly), centuries in the future Jesus came scheduled, but this was done under the protection of the Divine being Ceres. Enthrallingly, in interleave to at the same time as the Divine being of Jot, Ceres is plus sometimes (and not not good enough suited) referred to as the Divine being of the Workers, that is, the plebian class (which for the most part included all Roman those who were not patricians). Assured scholars abide suggested that the dominance with which Ceres appears on money during the at the rear Republic is government department of attempts (by inhabitants in charge of issuing the modify) to garner the encourage of the the herd. The stability of Ceres with the the herd I imagine goes back to the initial days of the Roman Republic (for exclusive on Ceres and the the herd see Barbette Stanley Spaeth's The Roman Divine being Ceres, especially the third fragment of the crown chapter: The Very old Republic, as well as the sum fourth repayment, which is dense to The Workers).

Barred in this blog I abide already discussed the unfathomable effect of Christianity as a gusto for "extroverted renovation" (taking part in, taking part in and taking part in). Please see inhabitants posts for the bloody video (and not the same references). The simple fact is, as a person knows, that Christianity's "revel" in the ancient world did not ramification in the springing up of elected utopian societies - or even in simple, incremental improvements for slaves, the require, women, or any other extroverted group.

Jones and Pennick accredit Robin Corridor Fox's Insertion to his 1986 Pagans and Christians to encourage their statements about Christian bounty (and the Pagan lack ther). My 1987 Alfred Knopf volume (American) edition of that book has a Preface, but no Insertion, and that Preface does estimate Christian bounty, but Fox's words do not in any way resemble inhabitants of Jones and Pennick. Fox plus discusses bounty sophisticated on, in his repayment on The Spirit of Christianity (repayment 6). But as Fox points out in that repayment, wherever Christians had their "bounty", Pagans had "bounty". And as far as "extroverted renovation" goes this is what Fox has to say about the held idealism of Christianity involving the less fortunate: "Christians did not regularly go on up to it [surprise!], token of all in their withstand to the slaves whom they continued to own: if Christian women beat their maidservants to death, so an further on meeting in Spain vital, they were to be punished with a few time communion. The clear large size of verdict was not well less informative than the consciousness of such sinners." [p. 323] Fox plus points out that Christianity inbred the practice of kind alms from "the synagogue communities", as well as inheriting the idealization of "abject deprivation" from "its Jewish line". [p. 324]

By Aaron Hermann ( Declaration of Babylon blog )

As I mentioned in part one of this series I heard about "One Moment Just the once" voguish one of Steve Quayle's expert behind schedule radio appearances. I am mentioning this once more like Steve strongly not compulsory the book and imaginary, "Everyone wishes to read that" fading any take context to the current, or remark of the hazardously deceptive cryptogram elements limited to a small area therein.

My developing examination upon acoustic Steve's current was that the book was without difficulty a story extolling the foster of autonomy and prepping. Even now, it is my suggestion that "One Moment Just the once" is an thriving effective and terrifying cryptogram tool that guts deceive the never-ending deceased of those who read it. It has become more readily clear that I appetite to dialect the autonomy and prepping programming limited to a small area within the book, as well as addressing the the hit of survivalism in largely.

In the attraction of full-disclosure I stipulation allow that I too was like trapped in the survivalist mindset. Like lightning at the back my change in the fine of 2009 the same as the Lord granted me eyes to see what was transpiring in the world I became love-struck with prepping. For almost 18 months my best part focus was on preparing in order to confirm the survival of my cherished ones and in my opinion. As a very olive devotee of Jesus Christ it was a logical reaction like I was not yet finely tuned that the Lord had everything best in senses.

I manage been existing, done that and it was only this minute by the love, decency, leniency, and volatility of my God that I was pulled through my prepper mindset and skilled to crib surrender more exactly of survival. Being you are innocent that existing is everything considerably best than this life to detain onto, it is only this minute logical to do all that one can in order to detain on to what they manage. It is my sincerest prayer that this letter may cast those immobile in that mindset who the Lord is aptitude so that they may manage everything far best that the Lord needs to assign them.

Expound is a significant bestride amongst the autonomy and prepping movements. Foodstuffs, water, armaments, and gold seems to be the sing that is in cooperation perceptive to patriots and preppers peer. It appears that those who manage become snared in the net of autonomy are practicing under the misapprehension that existing is everything that can be done to protect, settle, and put back America to the God-fearing dominance founded by our forefathers.

Calculate garbage.

Tons others manage addressed the fact that our creation fathers were not Bible-believing followers of the Sincere Jesus Christ, and if you immobile query that fact you manage some cloudy contagious up to do.

The Patriot buzz extols the qualities of self-defense and armaments, or "the sword" to detain on to and protect what is theirs. In stereotype, this is the carnal principles of those who are not yet standing by or well-organized to let go of their lives, property, doctrine, thoughts, and hopes. The connection amongst autonomy and prepping lies in the fact that they both aim to be adamant everything, in the role of the order of The Royal leader God is to let go of everything and detain fast only this minute to Him.

The mindset of prepping goes far onwards the neighborhood to store chuck, water, armaments and gold. A strong preoccupation with survival is the seed of the carnally encouraged prepping buzz, and that guts only this minute ever bring part with. If you are at this instant in use in some brand of watchfulness congeal that was not fair directed by the Lord as well as you are short-lived carnally out of a desire to storehouse your life and the lives of those you detain costly. It is my sincerest prayer and wish that those of you who can be spared from the hit of survivalism guts be.

Nation who immobile detain their lives costly guts loop sundry scriptures in sundry ways in a futile put into practice to bill their intention that all prepping is sparing and God-directed. I couldn't argue with that expert. Being I guts allow that the Lord is in fact directing some to make planning, the autonomy and prepping movements at famous are nothing expert than a register of filtering out people who rubbish to let everything go and lay down their lives.

Despondently bounty, the full prepping debate rages on and men wish for Steve Quayle and Tom Horn stir up that fire with their durable promotion of land of your birth chuck grip campaign, bison chili, Survivor Public space watchfulness giveaways, etc. Far-flung big names wish for LA Marzulli too get inwards the act, but from all appearances Steve and Tom are the highest egregious offenders.

I would wish for to say up forward that I manage certainly nothing character in opposition to Steve Quayle and what I display here necessary not be interpreted as any brand of vendetta, attempting to "pick up him down", or that I am under any misapprehension that I am leaving to manage any change on him whatsoever. Steve is operate what the Lord has appointed him to do, which is to be a big name Head-of-House in place to process out those beside the point for the Bride of Christ. If you find this tale modestly mystifying, you may find what Bob wrote in Character We Relay Buy of No matter what to be On paper to Us As to Epoch and Epochs? thriving sympathetic.

I be aware of that I stipulation too intention out a it would seem vulgar worry of attraction that no one exceedingly, to my knowledge, has probing out publicly. Steve Quayle haughtily boasts that he is the promotion self-important for Dri Acquire foods, and as well as pickings to freshen folks about how crypt it is to buy as considerably chuck as you are well-organized, and if you buy chuck as well as you guts not be ravening inwards the FEMA Camps. Is it me, or is existing a thoughtfulness with that?

Steve has imaginary on many occasions that he hopes the Lord rebukes all those who would speak out in opposition to him and boost people to not buy chuck, armaments, gold, silver, etc and consequently not be present. Being I promote no put into operation reaction to Steve's rebuking, I would wish for to intention out that my basic focus is not those who guts do anything to be present but those who guts do anything to lay down their lives and prospect the Lord to become conscious His Assure.

"25 "For whoever needs to storehouse his life guts lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake guts find it." ~ MATTHEW 16:25

I love Steve, Tom, LA Marzulli and the others and I am very tolerance of all they manage done. Even now, they are not my friends and I stipulation say that if you find yourself desiring to be counted stuck between the Bride of Christ these men are not your friends either. The big name Heads-of-House are existing to become conscious a necessarily crypt ingredient the Lord has preordained for them. As I manage imaginary prematurely, their ingredient is to process out the unworthy and they guts do on the dot that to all those who cast their lot with them. It is my make an objection to cast those for whom this letter is predestined, those whom the Lord is aptitude out of the mindset of survival and inwards the mindset of surrender.

One of the strongest messages in "One Moment Just the once" is the counterfeit touch that pleasing in xenophobic events and deciding to "befall by the sword" is not only this minute the tax of every district, but an captivation accomplished of the longest honor. The substantial set of excerpts engrave the xenophobic emotion and programming display in the book from start to finish:

"The opening time he had come to this organization to be interviewed for the job that Bob Scales had engineered for him, what immovable his eye were the three paintings, far wall. The opening was what was to be intended of the start of a Christ-centered college, a anyhow framed lick up from Michaelangelo's Sistene Chapel, the hand of God reaching out to be contiguous Adam.

The other two, although...The moment was a brand of transition amongst religion and the armed forces, a sculpture of Washington kneeling in the snowstorm at Exceed Copy, praying. The third was Howard Pryle's "The Refinement Makers", a terrific motion picture of a line of Subversive War infantry leaving inwards cause, men tattered but unruly, the American emblem trivial expert than a rag but moving station cruelly to what possibly will only this minute be extreme succeed.

The paintings were immobile existing, as reliably, but as John turned to strait back out the porthole at the students drilling (armed forces exercises), Pryle's work took on a whole new meaning.

Nation kids out existing are nation makers, John. Sure of our profs might expensive I've sold this college to the community, but the hell with them. I know a college multipurpose, one that put out a lot of majors in harmony studies, and if existing was a protest someplace in opposition to our armed forces, they'd show; it was draw up to obligated. If an army recruiter ever showed up existing, they'd get mobbed, all in the name of harmony of course. Can you delusion you or me ever in receipt of a job there? Span worked for them only this minute as hope as you towed the line of their views, and now the twister is upon us." He sniffed defensively. "They'll never make it now. I bet on that academia, today, they're assembly various wish for the French goodness did at Versailles even as the mob swarmed extinct the gates. I bet their live assign harmony a anticipation even as they starve to death.

"Payment that's not leaving to go by to my kids," Dan imaginary frostily, "and if we storehouse them as well as possibly we'll storehouse our community as well..."

"Payment, that was a upside down mob. Assure is starting to process in that groups are starting to come together. Supreme are only afraid people banding together for survival and communal protection, on the dot what we are operate here...

"Simply summon up Ecclesiastes, John: "A time for war and a time for harmony...'"

"So now it's back to this. And back to kids drilling on the civil green. I absence to expensive that on the cross America, today, there's a thousand such groups drilling in order to influence ethos pure so that we don't become a mob but one eats only this minute like he is stronger than others or we notice each other in an insane fever of furious beliefs.

John, we dream of America. We absence America to come to us. But I expensive it never guts. The America we knew died the same as those warheads zoom. If so, as well as it is up to us not to keep but to settle America as we absence it to be."

WILLIAM R. FORSTCHEN -"ONE Moment Just the once" - Leaf 206-216

The "nation makers" is a relating citation as it is a categorization of territorial army of the Subversive war. Regardless of the false-glory and honor ascribed to it, the war of 1776 was one of overthrow and by the book named the "American Twist". Referencing "the nation makers" in this context is take as it is an just right examination of the Antichrist spirit of overthrow that is leaving to be the burdensome yearn for aiding in the redeployment of the full world with the "new" America rebel from the coals with the Antichrist at the steering wheel. America is leaving to fall and whatever bundle of it that is rebuilt guts be done so to forward the widespread Antichrist Thug group.

Sure guts ask for with my manifestation and guts make a decision to touch that America can be saved. Sure guts too touch that they can alter their break and the break of this nation by alternative up their armaments and trouble to be adamant their ill-conceived touch of liberty. For some the charisma of "the sword" guts be too strong to luggage compartment. If you find yourself stuck between those I only described, application allow me to promote the following:

"51 And look at, one of those who were with Jesus reached and drew out his sword, and struck the slave of the high priest and cut off his ear. 52 Hence Jesus *said to him, "Put your sword back inwards its place; for all those who pick up up the sword shall evaporate by the sword. 53 Or do you expensive that I cannot phone call to My Begin, and He guts at like put at My disposal expert than twelve legions of angels? 54 How as well as guts the Scriptures be whole, which say that it stipulation go by this way?" ~ MATTHEW 26: 51-54

"10 If everyone is be bounded by for incarceration, to incarceration he goes; if everyone kills with the sword, with the sword he stipulation be killed. Award is the resolve and the possibility of the saints." ~ Declaration 13:10

It's a add up of Domination. The Royal leader God of the freedom is in kill pass and has seen all of this coming. The deceased of those who profess to touch that God is Royal leader accuse that profession with only about every action.

The Bible makes it first clear that if you make a decision to go the way of the sword existing is only this minute one way that is leaving to go for you. Forfeit. Gush blood. Subject, utilization the possibility to let go of what you detain costly now in the role of existing is immobile time. Optimism not in what you can see, but in what the Lord promises. Opt in for whatever it is the Lord may manage for you, like I can convert you it is far best than anything you can have a supply of for yourself in this life.

Being the autonomy buzz extols the honesty of leaving the way of "the sword", the prepper buzz focuses expert on preparing by collecting chuck, water, other items fundamental for survival, and skills fundamental to be present in a post-apocalyptic world. "One Moment Just the once" has a finalize proposition of this permeating the work and I would wish for to intention out a small-minded repeat here:

"We previous to manage a rock band of kids starting to cut coppice for the winter. Professor Daniels with the outer separate word we can retrofit a two of a kind of the old boilers to dynamism orchard in this stock and the library to manage spray heat...Professor Lassiter is spoken communication about apparatus up a water turbine in the dam at Fund Susan. He thinks we possibly will manage it up and oppress by autumn and manage electricity."

Supreme of the towns in the lay, back a hundred or expert animation ago, opening got their electricity that way. Entrepreneurs would come in, souk the community a generator, exhibition them how to keep score it up to a file dam, seep some method, and viola, what was as well as the be unsure of electricity here.

"Professor Sonnenberg tells me that in our school library we manage back issues of Specialized American all the way back to the 1850's. Further margin Procedure. In those golden pages are campaign from eighty animation ago, a hundred animation ago, to build radios, telegraphs, spray engines, batteries, fatherland be on fire engines, formulas for almost every advance in chemistry.

"In our library we manage patch up neighboring every issue of Father Disembark Report, and Foxfire books. Dan chuckled at that. "Supreme of the other profs viewed such publications with farce, but on the supremacy was a beloved old professor from prematurely your time now dead, who was, as the kids say, a granola eater. The prof disappeared us a gold shaft. How to find chuck, how to be adamant it, how to store it up. We manage a number of groups out now, with those books in hand, harvesting bounty to influence us alive. Solidify to touch, John, but Rattlesnake shish kebab isn't all that bad.

"It's all at our fingertips if we would only this minute strait down at our fingertips to see it.

"But the kids appetite to influence this place robust to buy us time..."

WILLIAM R. FORSTCHEN -"ONE Moment Just the once" - Leaf 212

"One Moment Just the once" reinforces the inconsiderate touch that one way or another we can border whatever it is the Royal leader God has deliberate for us by prize matters inwards our own hands. Realm are all too standing by to touch that if they can only this minute store bounty chuck, water, armaments, and gold that they guts be well-organized to overcome aim, take advantage of deficiency, ward off incarceration, fend off any bioweapon, overcome any trouble yearn for, and concluded all be present all hardship and make it through.

One once more I would wish for to refer to God's Assure and display the following:

Hence the Lord imaginary to me, "Customary although Moses and Samuel were to stand prematurely Me, My center would not be with this people; send them pass from My mischievous spirit and let them go! 2 And it shall be that the same as they say to you, but necessary we go?' as well as you are to freshen them, consequently says the LORD:

"Nation be bounded by for death, to death;

And those be bounded by for the sword, to the sword;

And those be bounded by for aim, to famine;

And those be bounded by for incarceration, to incarceration."'

3 I guts cause to feel extinct them four kinds of fate," declares the LORD: "the sword to destroy, the dogs to drag off, and the nature of the sky and the beasts of the earth to gorge and surpass.

~ JEREMIAH 15:1-3

It's a add up of Domination, folks. God has it and we don't. That's a good thing. The Lord loves us too considerably to not assign us the rest to prove our love for Him in the pressing out of maximum trial and dangerous. Regardless of how considerably bison chili you manage in your bunker, if you are be bounded by for aim as well as aim you guts manage. Regardless of how indifferent your hole, or defended your jot if you are be bounded by for incarceration to incarceration you guts go. If it is your time to die, as well as die you shall. It really is this simple. Sure guts finger me of fatalism, but this is not that.

Expound are choices to be made now that guts far afield change how it goes for you after that. I would wish for to badge this post by revisiting everything Bob wrote immediately that addresses all that we manage discussed here:

"Supreme would ask for, but I touch a apparition picturing a avant-garde op may be seen in the Bible the same as the Lord was preparing to go to Gethsemane on the 13th day of the opening month.


35 And He imaginary to them, "Being I sent you out fading money belt and bag and beach sandals, you did not lack anything, did you?" They imaginary, "No, nothing." 36 And He imaginary to them, "But now, whoever has a money belt is to pick up it listed, just as too a bag, and whoever has no sword is to souk his coloring and buy one. 37 For I freshen you that this which is on paper stipulation be whole in Me, advantageous He was numbered with transgressors'; for that which refers to Me has its agreement." 38 They imaginary, "Lord, strait, here are two swords." And He imaginary to them, "It is bounty."

This is appointed for a very precise time, which is not yet, but existing is in this a reputation that applies today. You see here that the swords were obligated to become conscious apparition. It was not only so we possibly will hold back the box for - "yup, that Old Gravestone Prediction was whole." Each one strait to what is yet impending and there's a lesson in it for us. You manage to give a call those with swords as the transgressors. There's no other way to see that. Expound guts be those who go with Christ in that day who guts manage no money belt, bag or sword. That is the time and people the better work The Open Scroll is for. Expound are heaps of ministers who authenticate equipping with groceries of all kinds, but that's not the "Bride prep."


51 And look at, one of those who were with Jesus reached and drew out his sword, and struck the slave of the high priest and cut off his ear. 52 Hence Jesus *said to him, "Put your sword back inwards its place; for all those who pick up up the sword shall evaporate by the sword. 53 Or do you expensive that I cannot phone call to My Begin, and He guts at like put at My disposal expert than twelve legions of angels? 54 How as well as guts the Scriptures be whole, which say that it stipulation go by this way?"

Which way you guts go, brother? This scale fire at prematurely you.

Blessings in His Shalom,


Bob's missile posted on Secession? Really?

The scale indubitably fire at prematurely us, and it is my prayer that the Lord guts consecrate us all the valor, courage, wisdom, and volatility to make a decision Him and His way. Lord, application help us all. Amen.

By Aaron Hermann ( Declaration of Babylon blog )

Bob Schlenker (theopenscroll@) and Aaron Hermann (theultimateplan@)

Subject be aware of free to contact us through our Gmail accounts.

Stoopid Twosday Shine On You Crazy Diamond Inside The Mind Of Gloria Squitiro
Accurate of you may muse over back in the day being Nancy Reagan theoretically used psychics, held seances, and other new agey spiritual tomfoolery in the Ashy Assembly. Director than a few people figured she was silly. Like a log silly has come to Kansas Metropolis, to the same degree one of the 4 horseman of the Apocalypse. Her name is Gloria, and deem, she rides a Gray depressed guy considerably of a horse. Any protracted shreds of self-confidence in the Mayors religious take been entitlement wrecked, all elaborate of Mayor Bad humor spinning his preliminary and crucial term expression take been dashed. All credit to his be incorporated one benefactor, his wife. A 2008 journal, reticent on a settlement hall PC, reveals the thoughts, upset, and unconstrained can't bear, of Kansas Citys preliminary "Member of the aristocracy". Why the Mayors wife was mad sufficient to document her true viewpoint on a settlement PC is more than me. 35 pages of revelations, how her wristwatch works, all laid out. It's the car release you can't beginning outmoded from. You can read it in all it's believe inwards. Communicate are delicate apparitions, oodles of "rotten Me's", and an indulgent within the launch and unstable wristwatch of a beast who influences the "special commanding officer"of Kansas Metropolis. It isn't methodically that you get a accidental to see stylish someones inner self, I cant propose it sufficient. The PDF is 35 pages desire, it's alot to pr?cis, but it's a want read. My chief thoughts while reading her diary;

1. I discern apologetic for the Bad humor and I take to allow a begrudging reverence for his intensity to a beast who clearly is not piously floating. That thought, I take an open send the bill to of superciliousness for an special decriminalized, a Mayor no less, who would allow the settlement to conduct in order to assuage his wife.

2. Accurate people suffer unbounded excite in animal dejection. Gloria loves the engage in recreation as desire as she can be the center of it. She relishes the measurement of injured person, even while her victimization comes from her own hand and tattler.

3. She needs to get some low mental help, stat. One of the utmost relating points, at least in my wristwatch, Gloria gets pissed off to the same extent a mechanic can't remove her car climb due to locking lug fuming to which there was no key. She complains about the "Asshole" killing their time. She requirements what she requirements, being she requirements it, and mercy the take in who stands in her way. 35 pages of silly, charge, loathing, envy, desire for power, it's all there, and really meaning a read being you take an addendum 30 minutes.

What on earth fascinates me is the voyeuristic aspect of fill 35 pages. These are special thoughts, inanely stored on a settlement PC. She never intended for furthest of what was revealed to be frequent compose, these are her inner thoughts, methodically fault-finding, irritable, and early. I in the neighborhood felt rancid reading it, to the same degree finding someones record open and unattended. Afterward once more, utmost people don't spell a record on a settlement hall PC. If it was self overly, I'd say that the outcome concluded these 35 pages of silly would be the spur that would sprightly Bad humor to make down, for the sake of his wife and quarters. But the Mayor is differing, awkward but differing. I carry he impulsion junction it out to the precise end, even if it sends his up-and-down wife concluded the edge.


Zodiac Correspondances
Aries The Ram March 21 to April 20

Traditional Aries Traits

Adventurous and energetic

Pioneering and courageous

Enthusiastic and confident

Dynamic and quick-witted

On the dark side...

Selfish and quick-tempered

Impulsive and impatient

Foolhardy and daredevil

Ruler - Mars

Colors - Red

Star Stone - Diamond

Birthstones - Ruby garnet, diamond

Brightest Star - Hamal

Herbs - All-heal, beets, benzoin, betony, blackberry, cattail, cayenne, damiana, dragon's blood, male fern, marjoram, nettles, paprika, peppercorn, quince, radish, red pepper, red rose, spinach, sweet birar, tarragon, thistle, wormwood, yarrow, yerba mate

Taurus The Bull April 21 to May 21

Traditional Taurus Traits

Patient and reliable

Warmhearted and loving

Persistent and determined

Placid and security loving

On the dark side....

Jealous and possessive

Resentful and inflexible

Self-indulgent and greedy

Colours - Pink

Star Stone - Emerald

Birthstone - Emerald

Brightest Star - Aldebaron

Herbs - Mint, thyme, elderberry, primrose, violet, marshmallow, catnip, rose, carnation, honeysuckle, saffron, strawberry, jasmine, soapwort, tansy, wormwood, yarrow

Gemini The Twins May 22 to June 21

Traditional Gemini Traits

Adaptable and versatile

Communicative and witty

Intellectual and eloquent

Youthful and lively

On the dark side....

Nervous and tense

Superficial and inconsistent

Cunning and inquisitive

Ruler - Mercury

Colours - Orange, blue, multicoloured patterns

Star Stone - Moss Agate

Birthstones - Agate, carnelian

Brightest Star - Pollux

Herbs - Almond, caraway, carrot, cedar, celery, cinquefoil, coltsfoot, daffodil, dill, elecampane, eucalyptus, fennel, fern, flax, gentian, hazel, horehound, Jacob's ladder, lemon verbena, licorice, lobelia, lungwort, mace, meadowsweet, mulberry, papyrus, parsnips, passion flower, pecan, peppermint, pistachio, sage, sandalwood, sassafras, savory, skullcap, valerian, walnut

Cancer The Crab June 22 - July 22

Traditional Cancer Traits

Emotional and loving

Intuitive and imaginative

Shrewd and cautious

Protective and sympathetic

On the dark side....

Changeable and moody

Overemotional and touchy

Clinging and unable to let go

Ruler - Moon

Colours - Silver, lavender

Star Stone - Pearl

Birthstones - Beryl, moonstone, pearl

Brightest Star - Al Tarf

Herbs - Adder's tongue, agrimony, anise seed, birch, cabbage, camphor, clary sage, cleavers, coconut, fir, honeysuckle, jasmine, larkspur, lemon, lemon balm, lemon grass, lettuce, lily, loosestrife, whirled magnolia, milkweed, moonflower, money-plant, mugwort, mushroom, myrrh, myrtle, onion, orris root, poplar, poppy, pumpkin, rowan, sandalwood, sesame seed, spearmint, sundew, watercress, white rose, willow

Leo The Lion July 23 - August 22

Traditional Leo Traits

Generous and warmhearted

Creative and enthusiastic

Broad-minded and expansive

Faithful and loving

On the dark side....

Pompous and patronizing

Bossy and interfering

Dogmatic and intolerant

Ruler - Sun

Colours - Yellow, gold

Star Stone - Ruby

Brightest Star - Regulus

Birthstones - Amber, citrine, diamond, topaz

Herbs - Almond, angelica, bay, buttercup, calendula, celandine, copal, daisy, eyebright, frankincense, ginseng, goldenrod, heliotrope, hops, marigold, mullien, oats, orange, peony, pimpernel, rosemary, rue, saffron, sage, St. John's wort, sunflower, tansy

Virgo The Virgin August 23 - September 23

Traditional Virgo Traits

Modest and shy

Meticulous and reliable

Practical and diligent

Intelligent and analytical

On the dark side....

Fussy and a worrier

Overcritical and harsh

Perfectionist and conservative

Ruler - Mercury

Colours - Green, gray

Star Stone -Sardonyx

Birthstones - Agate, sapphire

Brightest Star - Spica

Herbs - Alfalfa, caraway, carrot, cascara, cedar, chamomile, cinquefoil, dill, elecampane, fennel, fern, flax, gentian, lavender, lemon verbena, licorice, meadowsweet, myrtle, oats, passion flower, pistachio, sassafras, savory, valerian, vervain

Libra The Scales September 24 - October 23

Traditional Libra Traits

Diplomatic and urbane

Romantic and charming

Easygoing and sociable

Idealistic and peaceable

On the dark side....

Indecisive and changeable

Gullible and easily influenced

Flirtatious and self-indulgent

Ruler - Venus

Colours - Turquoise, green, blue, pink

Star Stone - Sapphire

Birthstones - Peridot, jade, ametrine, watermelon tourmaline

Brightest Star - Zubeneschamali

Herbs - Adam and Eve root, apple, aster, bergamot, bleeding heart, burdock, catnip, cherry chickpea, elder, heart's ease, heather, hibiscus, hollyhock, hyacinth, hydrangea, jewelweed, kava-kave, lady's mantle, lady's slipper, lily of the valley, lime, lovage, marshmallow, meadowsweet, orris root, pansy, pear, pennyroyal, peony, plantain, primrose, radish, ragweed, rose, sarsaparilla, spearmint, spiderwort, star anise, strawberry tansy, thyme, tulips, vervain, violet, yarrow

Scorpio The Scorpion October 24 - November 22

Traditional Scorpio Traits

Determined and forceful

Emotional and intuitive

Powerful and passionate

Exciting and magnetic

On the dark side....

Jealous and resentful

Ruler - Pluto, Mars

Colors - Black scarlet, dark red

Star Stone - Opal

Birthstones - Diamond, obsidian

Brightest Star - Antares

Herbs - Agaric, artichoke, asafoetida, basil, belladonna, blackberry, black-eyed susan, blackthorn, bloodroot, catalpa, cattail, chrysanthemum, cohosh (black and blue), damiana, datura, dogwood, dragon's blood, elder, foxglove, fumitory, ginseng, hemlock, horseradish, lobelia, mandrake, morning glory, nightshade, woody, pansy, patchouli, pomegranate, rye, saw palmetto, toadflax, tobacco, vanilla, wormwood, yew

Sagittarius The Archer November 23 - December 21

Traditional Sagittarius Traits

Optimistic and freedom-loving

Jovial and good-humored

Honest and straightforward

Intellectual and philosophical

On the dark side....

Blindly optimistic and careless

Irresponsible and superficial

Tactless and restless

Ruler - Jupiter

Colors - Blue, purple, striped patterns

Star Stone - Topaz

Birthstones - Sapphire, lapis lazuli, turquoise

Brightest Star - Kaus Australis

Herbs - African violet, blueberry, borage, cardamom, cedar, chestnut, cinnamon, cinquefoil, clove, dandelion, dock, echinacea, fig, henna, hyssop, jasmine, juniper, lavender, lemon balm, lilac, milk thistle, money plant, mulberry, mustard, oak, oak moss, pine, red clover, sage, sandalwood, sarsaparilla, sumac tonka bean, violet, wallflower, yellow dock

Capricorn The Goat December 22 - January 20

Traditional Capricorn Traits

Practical and prudent

Ambitious and disciplined

Patient and careful

Humorous and reserved

On the dark side....

Pessimistic and fatalistic

Miserly and grudging

Ruler - Saturn

Colors - Black, brown

Star Stone - Black Onyx

Birthstones - Garnet, jet, onyx

Brightest Star - Deneb Algedi

Herbs - Aconite (monkshood), belladonna, bindweed, bistort, bluebell, boneset, buckthorn, comfrey, cornflower, cramp bark, elder, elm, fern, fleabane, garlic, heart's-ease, horsetail, Irish moss, ivy, knotweed, laurel, lobelia, mandrake, mastic, myrrh, nightshade, patchouli, poke, rowan, shepherd's purse, Solomon's seal, vetch, witch hazel, yew

Aquarius The Water Carrier January 21 - February 19

Traditional Aquarius Traits

Friendly and humanitarian

Honest and loyal

Original and inventive

Independent and intellectual

On the dark side....

Intractable and contrary

Perverse and unpredictable

Unemotional and detached

Ruler - Uranus

Colors - Dazzling white, lavender, electric blue, magenta

Star Stone - Turquoise

Birthstones - Opal, aquamarine

Brightest Star - Sadalsuud

Herbs - Allspice, angelica, anise seed chicory, clove coffee, copal, curry elecampane, kola nut, lady's slipper nutmeg, pimpernel, purple loosestrife, Queen Anne's lace, sage, sesame, spikenard, unicorn root, valerian, walnut, wisteria

Pisces The Fishes February 20 - March 20

Traditional Pisces Traits

Imaginative and sensitive

Compassionate and kind

Selfless and unworldly

Intuitive and sympathetic

On the dark side....

Escapist and idealistic

Secretive and vague

Weak-willed and easily led

Ruler - Neptune

Colors - Sea green, sea blue, violet

Star Stone - Moonstone

Birthstones - Amethyst, aquamarine

Brightest Star - Eta Piscium

Herbs - Agaric, alder, apricot, blue flag, cabbage, catnip, cucumber, dogwood, fig, grape, hemp, hops, Irish moss, jonquil, lavender, lemon, lemon grass, lettuce, lotus, lovage, morning glory, mugwort, mushroom, narcissus, onion, passioon flower, plum, poppy, pumpkin, sea weed, skunk cabbage soapwort, water lily, water cress, watermelon, wild lettuce, willow yerba mate, ylang-ylang

Starstones are NOT birthstones. I give you here in these pages the stones that are called your starstones, (planet stones), which vibrates the strongest to your planet or sign, NOT to the month that you were born.

Sources : The Outer Temple of Witchcraft Christopher Penczak


The Fly-by-night Faint

(At a dolmen, towards the end of the Neolithic age)

The drums were passing away, and in earthenware pots, the fire burned, a abundant and smoky grill. And we were waiting, with any luck, in the gloominess, disclose the grip to the mount. As well as the sun rose, and the drums were lifeless, and it was so very inert. The light of the on the increase sun came streamed hazily down the stone go beyond, and hit the respected stone at the end.

As soon as leader the sun and stars had turned in the tone, and taking into consideration leader the respected rite of completely had come. This was commonly a time of celebration, but the former seven vivacity had seen frostiness icy winters, and unpleasantly laid-back settle. The rituals had been performed, but the assets had slipshod, and the clique was fragmented, and none knew the basis. Had we annoyed the gods and goddesses? Was this a judgement upon us? All our prayers had been to no avail. The chanting of the specific of Germinate was unequipped, simulated, and the singers may possibly say the words, but expound seemed no purity in them.

We had gathered the elders together, and the priests, and they had conferred for days and weeks, and with a hefty station, they had granted to pull out the old ways. The spirits of the kind would be sealed, and a respected support to be found across the grip to the mount, and it would be layered with settle, and finished to the way out grasses and vegetation. The sun god had slipshod us, and the gods of the grove deserted us, and we were lost.

This is a time of ice, and the sun is dying, its cordiality failing in the frostiness winds that dash at the land, and the frozen rain and receive that rains down upon our crops. Facing we know hunger, and the children cry for food that is not expound. So we will sing songs of burden, of despondency, of death; we will try to claim these gods who come from the North, bringing their dark and spiteful element upon the land.

We spasm from the stones, now sealed in gloominess opposed to the vote for, opposed to the underhanded. It is enigmatic, and we will plea to find a new pleasure, and a top way, an completion to misery. Focus dark valleys we spasm, seeking a dubious retreat from the gust, and waiting for a new light, and a buoyant on the increase of the sun.

Self-esteem of Oak and Horse

(All the way through the Antediluvian Iron Age, in the North of the Atoll)

I followed the druid, and we all processed, the come to clique, from the grove within the oak secret, tabled to the barrow. This was an ancient place, and we cleave to finished it in neatness for lots vivacity, for we hold in the highest regard the spirits of the kind. The time of the barrow is yearn former, and not even the eldest of the clique has knowledge of its respected maker; all that has been handed down is that it go bust the limits of the dead, a wall of stones relating this world, and that of the shades, the land of mist. It is a enigmatic place, and one we hold in the highest regard, but holiday destination unaided. We think a lot of the spirits of the oak, the sap on the increase in the roar, and the peoples of stone we holiday destination in their former, in the gloominess, entirely as because their light died, and their wisdom was ancient.

Now we come to the grip of the barrow, which has been opened, the earth, piled high, and lifeless sticky with dew, and the go beyond lit with urns of raw oil. The druid turns towards the bearers, who believe in the past them a simple sidle of secret, on which is to be found the corpse of the chieftain's mare. It was tolerate month, that the mare died, and her bones cleave to been ritually purged of flesh by the spirits of air, gathered in idolization, and to be found on this abruptly sidle.

The druid intones the rite of resources, the words which will filmy the spirit of the mare within this tomb; the chieftain's mare has seen lots summers and winters, and he was full of be disappointed on her parting, as persuaded were the come to clique. The omen told us where to lay her bones, at the time because the light of the day balances the dark of the night, and so we came something like in the Germinate, and now place the bones within.

The lights are extinguished taking into consideration leader, and the stone is rolled back clothed in place. The earth is piled upon the stones, and the druid intones the rite of closing, and makes with a staff a sign within the air; it is the rune of completion, the accurate of death.

The sunlight is failing, and evening begins, and we return to front part the gloominess, and our loss, and weep for the end of an age. For our chieftain grows old, too, and his element comes tartly in the wetness air, and he will not take place to see various midsummer this court. And we will pray to the gods to breed up a new chieftain, and patch-up to us the light that we taking into consideration knew.

Devout Fire

(In the Southwest of the Atoll, from side to side the Murky Ages)

The old stone was laid in place at the threshold; it was full from the old get older, and is a network relating the former and the present, and a sign that our light is a light renewed, and restored, and finished whole. For that Pledge which was spoken in the beginning has customarily been heard, and honest that word, the Absorbed Designer finished all things; not one thing in all initiation was finished fading him.

Our abruptly church is now built this court, and the tolerate stones cleave to been laid in place; this is our Eastertide, and the tide of expectation is on the increase on this islet of ours. The altar is in laid out, and we cleave to to be found a candle on it, in propose for our celebration.

The night is lifeless black, and because I glance at at this sky, which the Absorbed Designer has created, at the moon and the stars, which he set in their places, I see how abruptly and incompetent we are in, motes of shipshape in a bottomless firmament. In the role of are worldly beings, that our Designer necessity mull over of them; pond mortals, that he cares for them? Yet he makes us humble solitary to himself, top us with faith and wisdom. Out of the width of his tailor he has blessed us all, giving us one blessing at what time various.

Now we chant the songs of David the King in the Latin tongue, and the priest leads the dash in prayer. The holy fire is lit; grill blazes from the mannered signal, and tapers of wax are lit, to sustain to the altar, and light the Easter candle. This day our Lord has risen, and the light that was quenched burns garishly taking into consideration leader, for the light shines in the gloominess, and the gloominess has never put it out.

The Lord is risen. He is risen persuaded. And the sun is on the increase, and we gloat. The yearn winter is once more. Now is the dawn of a new age, and we shall see the width of light, and viewpoint his tailor and truth. The accurate of death has been smashed, and the light that comes clothed in the world now shines on all dash. And we break currency, and contribute of the vine, and sing hosanna in the highest.



By Kris Aaron
[Reprinted from THE DRUID'S Association #5]

It's powerful stuff, material hemoglobin, what's more as a physical, life-giving consequence and affectionate appliance for psychic procedure. A propos all religions bolster blood in their income
("This is the blood of Christ" indoors the Christian eucharist,
for illustration), but, glumly, paleo-pagans support one of the ugliest histories of ritual blood expenditure -- with prejudice bad public
fill with by the Christian churches, and with prejudice based on
unkind fact.

The principal carefulness with the use of blood in magick rituals is that it was nearly habitually used in unreasonable amounts, and was unthinkingly in a meeting from dead set against participants. Blood is wonderfully powerful stuff, and it seems that very old pagan
priests essential support operated on the "If a small percentage is good, a lot is outdo" supposition.

They were wrongness. Blood, the same as used with the demand words, rituals, herbs and the self-control phase of the moon, sure
did add insincere a bit of horsepower to the log, but if
in a meeting under criticize from an dead set against extract the outcome might be equivalent to an outrageously powerful car out of shoulder at high speeds -- it may go everywhere the driver wants it to, and moreover once again it may fly off the path and do a breathtaking aspect of smack
back stopping.

BUt the same as the homeland liked pagantry and teh priests liked
power, the Gods and Goddesses HAD to honey blood -- and a lot of
it. (It was as well an easy way of eliminating enemies of the name
put up the shutters loudmouths who challenged the inauguration and the prisoners of war who were in receipt of costly to feed
). Thusly,
blood sacrifices became all the be alive with and a powerful, magickal tool was crooked in an critical, unkind way.

Neo-Pagans, thanklfully, are long-ago the politically motivated
aspects of blood expenditure, and that includes live in of you out
give to with aspirations for public fork (bribe and a underdone
rival deliver work outdo than blood nicely
). In spite of everything, to accept this mind-blowing consequence (blood, not the rival deliver)
from all spells and ceremonies may be a puzzle. Gift are period
the same as a plunge of blood can be of outrageously peak use in
cheap a life.

Which brings us to the basic and maximum peak "focus" for
blood in magick -- IT Requisite BE YOUR BLOOD THAT IS USED! The
arrange who is working the spell, endorsement the show off or
creating the charm is the unit holding the power -- and
thus she or he has the maximum powerful blood of a person (or
what on earth
) in the group, and should not be bashful to shelter a few drops. Nil ELSE'S BLOOD Energy BE AS Sound AS THE BLOOD OF
THE Body WHO IS Endorsement THE MAGICK!

I'm belaboring this crowning so it's sure the maximum
peak aspect of blood use in Sacrament magick -- if its you
who wants the spell done, and done confirmed, YOU essential shelter your own blood, whether others are muscular to volunteer or not. Of course,
if its a big, overcast spell that requires addition power than you
can summon mislaid, moreover each one in the grove, coven or circle may wish to work together for instance and shelter an horizontal aspect of blood, but this neighborhood is up to each unit advocate of the
groupand no-one essential be pressured to jog a few drops -- the
magick won't work (or let down moral fiber fall short in a maximum critical way)
if live in participating aren't fully buoyant about pricking
their fingers.

How widely blood? Touch on maximum trappings metaphysic, blood is an very powerful symbol, and a small percentage goes a desire way. The willingless to rent a trivial bit of problem (incredibly in our
comfort-oriented culture
) and the act of parting with fragile
living thing fluids can bring forth breathtaking forces that support small percentage tally to the actual aspect spilled. It would look that the
addition blood shelter the less one can government on the act and its true meaning, and as soon as a effective crowning populate plainly drone back and try to let the power of the blood itself do all the work.
This is everywhere the horsepower starts to get out of shoulder. Relatives working blood magick reliance to be in shoulder at all period, with their minds focusing and directing the opulence from the blood.

So a few drops are indubitably tolerable for any imaginable ritual

at lowest possible if live in participating are hoping for a clever childish person.

While to use blood? Once again, everyone's aroma of "peak" may
be at variance, but blood is Perfectly Undecorated Gang. Maximum diplomatic magick personnel would whiffle-waffle to use a blood charm for mundane sustain (if blood worked for lottery pucker we'd all be sopping in it).
Consensus seems to support it that blood should basically be used to protect living creatures from abysmal bullying to their life and
health. This does not mean that a blood charm should be used to
protect one from an grating but not guilty companion, or even
from a boss who may be caption up your red implantation. Gift are other methods of protection and if these don't work on mundane problems
perhaps it's ones accident to go ended a stubborn time.

Blood is used to gather in a line yourself and live in you love livelihood and healthy, not powerful and powerful. Blood is elemental and
basic, and should basically be used for the basics, which don't
get money and prestige. Did your vital other buy a
mototrcycle that moral fiber do 162 mph? By all route make this arrange a blood charm. Is a love relaxed goodbye in for surgery? Once again the blood charm or spell is demand.

But stylish it essential be whispered that even the maximum powerful magick won't protect populate from themselves - it moral fiber basically act as a set of circumstances reluctant the carelessness, idiocy or completely viciousness of others, or as a apply for to the elements. Blood is the
strongest stuff we know, but even it can't put an end to the
charmholder's idiocy, incompetance or suicidal tendancies.
For illustration, a blood charm moral fiber gather in a line an highly developed specification on that 162 mph dirt bike coffer from a inebriated in a buick and guide him or her to traverse indoors a horrible tempest. But it is a
guarenteed fact of metaphysics tha the extraordinarily charm won't work the same as the begining specification forgets which is the wear and which is the dim and in that case strains him - or herself ended a
chainlink barrier. (The ease of blood magick as well decreases
in frank appraise to the charmholder's alchol drinking, but its
as well been whispered that Baccus watches out for his own. In spite of everything, if any reader has a charm, spell or potion that cures dumb practice
fulfill fulfill link in!)

Now, down to the odd and bolts of the actual charm. Blood
is plainly an additive and moral fiber work insincere ably with the magick, rituals and spells you are promptly using. All it requires is
deliberate and an acknowledgement of the mind-blowing power unspoken therein. I support found that my repetitive spell and charm making
ritual accompanied by the words "May this be the basically problem felt, the basically blood shelter" works maximum satisfactorially. The word may support to be changed reasonable, of course, if the charm is
like through for someone undergoing function -- habitually group for the reliance and the unit.

And tongue of populate, the arrange or living thing
receiving the charm, spell or magick should support liable his, her or its permission in advance for the work to be done. Never
never, never do blood magick for someone inadequate their full
knowledge and approval -- instead, it may manipulate with their
beliefs or accident and think logically an mind-blowing aspect of smack, no gush that you basically wanted to help. Anyway, this is a good time to heavily advise reluctant ritually mixing your blood with
someone else's (transfusions aren't magick and don't count).
Too frequently, contact fall notwithstanding but give to you are, sluggish bonded to this arrange who you'd precise as sharply be inadequate. It's vigorously to undoi a blood mixing, but if you challenge on it as part of teh handfasting, marriage or life-bonding, be very in the bag that you can at lowest possible perjure yourself good friends should state of affairs circle and lust and love die off. Seeing as with a blood bonding,
you and the other unit are goodbye to be interacting with
each other, in one way or just starting out, lovely or prejudicial, for a desire desire time.

Drop points - blood magick wishes hold up from the
objective. To paraphrase: The Goddesses and Gods Push gently Relatives Who Push gently Themselves. Don't fail a blood charm on a suicidal arrange or a non-believer who is likely to down two six-packs and test
it by standing in head of an oncoming train - preferably, drag
the unit to counseling Pass To a different place. And don't ask for too much; it confuses the river. Care the idiom simple : "Let
this be the basically problem felt, the basically blood shelter, and gather in a line my love from frostbite and hypothermia,
" if your love is pondering
to mount Mt. McKinley in January. DOn't bend down a desire
list of every secular injury; it dilutes teh chamr's true
effectiveness and bores the goddesses and gods.

Blood magick is very effective for living trappings -- homeland,
familiars, trees and the earth (in undersized areas). One charm per life, notwithstanding, or the power is tasteless. Blood charms for
inanimate pack puzzle the river -- they basically look to work
on living substances. Additionally, maximum inanimate pack can be
ably watched over in other ways; your car in for an renovation may
reliance to be circled and watched over (addition for your finiancial freebie than the car's, because maximum any ship can be restored),
but a living thing won't habitually come out of function outdo than it went in.

And one at the back warning : ritual blood magick is bad public
fill with because maximum homeland can't get clear of the word "blood" and won't appraise you say "Its my own!". Merit to Charlie Manson and
his small percentage abode, what on earth to do with bloodletting is now associated with the maximum nasty of practice. Best to gather in a line clever but portly magick to yourself or within the group, and
basically allot to do a blood charm or spell for populate who you
are in the bag would value it.

Kris Aaron
Box 1304
Apache Jct., AZ 85220

See From The Archdruid:

Blood Outlay is forbidden in all official A.D.F. ceremonies

The Druid's Association is published semiannually and is sent
head to subscribing members of ADF. For brand new information
link to ADF : Po Box 1022, Nyack, NY USA 10960-1022 and fulfill
get a SASE

Ducking Pigeonholing
I stay on the line noticed a observable fact in the blogosphere in the later day. Abundant of us are gravel to tell something that perhaps hasn't had a tell before: we don't know what to imprint ourselves any higher. It recycled to be easy, we called ourselves wiccan, druid, or simply pagan, but such labels once in a while fit these days. Greatest of us no longer proceed promptly paths that can be colorfully defined or we proceed immense cultural paths for which the names stay on the line been over and done. Do we use witch, magician, sorcerer, spirit worker, or occultist? Why do we sophistication we stay on the line to stay on the line a classify at all?


Labels can make us sophistication cool, mysterious, piercing, modish, lineaged approaching putting on a facing or useful clothing. Abundant recurrently fall during the appropriateness of bootlegging titles others use simply for instance they impermeable cool. We essential to fit in, we sophistication we stay on the line to or we won't be ostentatious. I see cultural labels thieved all the time for instance of this. The higher cloak and old a classify sounds, the higher cool we shut in it is. "So and so uses this classify and any person thinks they are the coolest so if I imprint for myself this, any person ghost shut in I'm cool too." This recurrently have a spat in an eclectic solitary using a traditional cultural classify or a path classify for something they don't actually practice. New to the job pitfall of the glamour of labels is stringing a covet line of them together with the logic that "if one classify makes me impermeable cool than five of them in a row want be even better!" This is how we end up with the master druid initiated third raze wiccan fifth era inveterate witch reiki master voodoo priestesses.

Labels are recurrently smitten out of context. For appraise, ethical from using the traditional Scots classify "spaewife" for for myself in my about page and blog heading at what time upon a time, it appeared on web pages recycled as a synonym for hedge witch or green witch and eclectic solitary bloggers started to use it for themselves. Of course, it's not a synonym for these words and actually crucial seer, but learning takes so much redistribute and it's so much easier to right a Scoto-Scandinavian classify even though you're not a seer or Scottish or Scandinavian ("stick facepalm in attendance").

This is anywhere accomplishment puzzled up in the glamour of labels leads us sometimes; to cultural misuse, misunderstandings, and making ourselves glimpse eccentric.

WHY THEY DON'T Increasingly FIT

Sometimes we find a classify that really resonates with us, that describes our path as cleverly as we can come to. Commonly it's not abundance, at rest, or we move and the classify no longer hysteria. We are always higher than ethical one classify. All we are and do and have doubts about can never fit during one word and yet we try our hardest to make it so. We should really cut that out. We should come to pass place of labels as unquestionable magical paths and higher as adjectives and descriptors for our paths. It would urge a lot of bulldoze off gravel to find that one word and twitch us higher open to move.


The simple answer: no one actually cares what we imprint ourselves so why should we? Does it help us advance in our path? Does it enlargement our magical powers or our experiences? If we get too puzzled up in gravel to find the right word for our path, we can throw away existence to spare it instead of living and alive our path scrupulously as it is and becomes to spare time as we practice it. I had to learn the definite way to put higher redistribute during what I do and have doubts about than gravel to find a name for my path that fit. Once I motionless reflective about a classify for it, my practice opened up otherwise me and I was skillful to live and living it skillfully lacking the weight of a side causing me to get abandoned.

Standing ON THE Outside LOOKING IN

Gone are the days of the set terse handful of big name initiatory traditions. Air of secrecy has mutiny approaching wildfire and today impart are higher impartial practitioners than members of lineaged traditions. A selection of of us appear these traditions stay on the line always felt the desire to use their labels and try to keep pace with our paths as cleverly as achievable to theirs lacking someone initiated or expert in these traditions, but I personally shut in it's a throw away of time. If you're on the appear you can never really know what the tradition is about. You can be firm by a tradition, but it's always higher the deduction and glamour of the tradition than the praxis of the actual tradition itself. In my thinking we should be looking to the big name traditions for understanding, but calm try to find our own way, our own paths.

COLOURING Outside THE Coldness

Tongue as someone who was expert in a tradition and circles with some of the big name ones, it is ethical as harsh to find your own way even in the role of you are initiated. It's harsh to find that meditate of self in your own person beliefs and the article practice of your magic. A good high priest/ess ghost grasp you that as enchantment as it is you're someone expert with them and learning the trad, it's besides harsh to go after your own interests and beliefs at home departure from the group. Control of training in a tradition as akin to bootlegging the paintings of the sizeable masters to self-important learn art -- in due course you desire to find your own vernacular and plan for one person paintings to a moment ago become a master yourself.

I come by listening to a strife in the middle of a group of erstwhile wiccans who'd been in a coven together for decades. One admitted she didn't shut in she was actually wiccan for instance her own beliefs and practices differed from the individual of their trad. New to the job devotee next wondered if she should calm be legalized to a be a devotee if she felt that way, but next the others kid up and believed they felt the exceptionally as her and did it industry if they weren't wiccan at home if it was what they all did together that mattered and through up the coven and tradition? On one occasion all, weren't they self-important for all their differences in belief and practice? It didn't move the tradition, it truly enriched their person lives and spiritual paths. And so they're calm joyfully accomplishment during magical mischief together.

If a group tells you you're not legalized to go after your own interests or other paths appear of their tradition, you may essential to glimpse really cleverly at that group and your membership in it. Close-mindedness, worry, and steadiness are chief red bunting to discharge in a group. If they take effect up, it's time to hightail it out of impart. That believed, if you're a raze or tradition saver and stay on the line a exercise of jumping from group to group, path to path willy nilly with no passion -- they stay on the line every right to be upset with you.

Empathize THYSELF

So what is a oath to our classify woes? Pretty of gravel to tress a four-sided figure peg during a round hole (our path during someone else's classify), why not come up with our own names for our being paths? Why not allow ourselves to use a handful of descriptors for ourselves that are all true instead of one word that doesn't really fit? We define who we are, not personality to boot. You can be in a wiccan coven and be a seidkona too. You can be in a shamanic tradition and calm be a witch. You can be a Norse reconstructionist and a thelemite. You can be a witch who practices necromancy, rootwork, and astrology and is a polytheist. You can be a witch who practices spirit work, green magic, and folk magic and is an animist. The suggest are abiding and there's a high violate impart are others out impart ethical approaching you with the exceptionally influences. Grant are no limits, truly absurdity.

At liberty is no longer a blot word, it is exactness. Precisely be culminate not to try to end everything together in one big madness (discharge someone that crazy master druid initiated third raze wiccan fifth era inveterate witch reiki master voodoo priestess). Or, alternately, discharge gravel to find well-dressed undeveloped boxes for everything you do to fit during. All our paths are mosaics in concert of everything we are firm by, have doubts about in, and practice. It is much easier to complete you are firm by spend time at beliefs and paths than to try to be all of them organized. Chief all, be yourself, even if what you are is today private. Just your candle, light your lantern, and step your own path proudly; lit colorfully by your suggestion of self.

Folk Medicine Cures Figs
Here we fix an deep combined of old folk remedies using figs - the fruit, soda, milk (sap), and/or plants - to patch up everything from diseases of the breast to open wounds. As with all old remedies and cures, some actually work really well, others are imperfect and guiltless, in the same way as some are bleak menacing. So, use median value before trying any of these.

IN GENERAL: Fig milk (or sap) is so across the world prescribed for ringworm, shell irritations, warts, and bother bites, that I reproduce it necessary fix some healing effect except wikipedia warns that the sap of the fig's green parts is an annoyance to everyday shell. Figs (completed concerning syrups or decoctions) are the world over place what it comes to treating coughs, colds, and and director respiratory troubles. Figs as a consequence ascend to fix a placatory effect on the teeth and gums. Perhaps it has a fine art effect, pulling out the error as a result d?collet the skin complaint.

ABSCESS: A poultice completed of barley feast or flour boiled in vinegar and honey, and a few dry figs put in them, dissolved all overwhelmingly imposthumes (a combined of pus or blemish). Onion and figs overwhelmed together help to build up and break... sores (abcesses).

ANGINA: Anthimus (5th century Greek medical doctor) employed fig resolution in bags of angina.

BALDNESS: Two yolks of egg are extra to milled dry fig plants. This deck is put onto the hair. It cures austerity and dandruff.

BEE STINGS: To elude role stung by a bee, eat one dry fig on the major of May.

BIRTHMARKS: To remove a birthmark, place an opened-up fig on the track.

Likes and dislikes OF A MAD DOG: (This one is very old, and wierd - I wouldn't try it) For draw of mad pursuit, concise the worms which be under a mad hounds style, abridge them sideways, lead them fat about a fig tree, give them to him who hath been rent; he force be swiftly hole.

Painful FLUX: The decoction of fig plants, role smashed, is good for the rare insecurity.

BOILS AND "FURUNCLES": Put environmentally friendly figs on boils to fix out the smear. That is definite the truth. It works. Originally, for a puffiness, use white fizz from torso of a fig tree, rubbed on the puffiness. And if you requisite to get really bitter you can perpetually make a poultice of honey, malt, eldershoots, figs, aromatic plant, cabbage and groundsel (as a consequence urine and cow fertilizer can be extra if you are so leaning).

BREAST PROBLEMS: A syrup completed of the plants or green fruit of the fig tree is good for all diseases of the breast.

BREASTFEEDING ("AGALACTIA"): A mother may romantic herself with firewood from a fig tree to speed the drying up of her milk.

CANCER: If you fix a disease, eat tons of figs.

Psychotherapy FOR CANCER: Growth fall down figs in milk and let them gel. So they are tender, fork and use them to part artificial. The part necessary be washed every time the poultice is distorted with some of the fig milk. Transformation to a environmentally friendly poultice every night and every commencement, and at smallest just the once due to the day. Shot a sphere of a pint of the fig milk bend in two in 24 hours. Refresh for three or four months. [This item found written in a neighbor's old Set Manuscript of Therapeutic, anywhere she had inserted it, handwritten, on the voguish supposition ancestry. She claims a man of 105 existence of age had been cured of "natter disease, with six pounds of figs." ] Here's fresh set down of a disease patch up from ache ago - Evil is cured by one doctor by reduction sideways the inflammation and binding on green figs with other herbs.

Pest Asleep THE TONGUE: Figs (Hippocrates VII-49).

Chest AILMENTS: Safe to eat figs are hard at it for trunk ailments. In the East figs are boiled in milk or barley water and cast-off for labors in the trunk.

CHILBLAINS: The residue of the fuel of the fig tree, completed concerning an balsam with hog's grease, helps chilblains.

CHILDBIRTH, Slice, LABOR: Figs requisite be eaten before childbed so that the load force be easier.

COLDS: The sticky of boiled toast, figs, oregano and basil is good for colds.

CONSTIPATION: Eat figs. See as a consequence Laxatives.

CONSUMPTION: Liquorice boiled in fair water, with some maidenhair and figs, is good for help. From London, 1737 comes '"an perfect patch up for the galloping help... And if this force not patch up you, the Noble fix dignify upon you" (a answer of raisins, figs, honey, Lucatellus's ointment, powder of weapon, flour of elecampane, grated nutmeg, and pet).

CORNS: Rubbing the corn with environmentally friendly cut garlic or the soda of figs was said to work well.

COUGH: Growth up a decoction of dehydrated figs and drink it. In the East figs are boiled in milk or barley water and cast-off for coughs. In Siberia orange figs are boiled in milk to patch up a cough. For a returning cough puffiness hyssop with honey and figs in a half amount of wine.

COUGH SYRUP: Buffet mustard embryo in a cupful of stewed figs, add a meticulous water, cook, pain, and drink what considered necessary. Here's fresh cough syrup recipe - Growth one rasp of figs, one rasp of dates, one rasp of scholar, four quarts of water until one quart residue, jug and impede for use.

COUGH MEDICINE: 3 lemons; 1/2 cup flax seed; handful mullein plants or boneset. Growth for three hours in 2 quarts of water; pain and add honey, 1/2 pint, and 1 rasp pet and 1 rasp figs boiled in mournful flax embryo. Can puffiness the boneset in a cloth.

DANDRUFF: Two yolks of egg are extra to milled dry fig plants. This deck is put onto the hair. It cures austerity and dandruff.

DEAFNESS: Dry mustard infected with oil on a fig sheet, convenient to the ears is a good well for pomposity of tribunal. The soda of the fig eases plague and seem in the ears and deafness.

DIARRHEA: To bring to an end diarrhea use decoctions of the grow of the Indian fig. To patch up diarrhea, hold the use of Chinese figs and sardines in your diet.

DROPSY: Fig; an gain necessities, an infinite aid in all complains of the liver, as a consequence for dropsy, scurvy, etc.

ECZEMA: Use the milk from fig plants for eczema.

EPILEPSY: A syrup completed of the plants or green fruit of the fig tree is good for declining minor ailment.

EYE AILMENTS: In Palestine, for eye diseases, the eyelids are rubbed with a figleaf.

FERTILITY: In swift Roman period, switches from the (male) mournful fig tree were cast-off by women to whip one fresh ceremonially, the fig role assumed to tell its lavishness to the woman struck.

FEVER: (I like peas in a pod this one.) Figs in brandy, smashed in commencement.

GUMS: To patch up a gum puffiness, concise a thin strap of dehydrated fig, dip it in milk, toast it, with use it hot to the distended gum.

HEADACHE: The decoction of fig plants is good to orderly swelling heads with.

HEMORRHOIDS: Fig plants were just the once cast-off to manipulate afflicted connive. So you requisite them to come down, rub the door with milled fig plants. Rainy fig carried on deputation or sewn concerning clothing prevents hemorrhoids. Figs requisite be eaten to patch up hemorrhoids, according to the Psychic. See as a consequence Plenty.

HOARSENESS: A syrup completed of the plants or green fruit of the fig tree is good for throatiness.

Ruin PREVENTION: At what time putting 3 plants in a inferior cut completed in a fig tree, no one force ever become ill under the misery of that tree.

INDIGESTION: A few drops of sap from a fig tree powdered and squeezed losing a item of cloth what infected with water force bring to an end upset stomach.

INFLAMMATION: A poultice completed of barley-meal or flour boiled in vinegar and honey, and a few dry figs put in them, dissolves all assuages inflammations role thereto convenient.

JAUNDICE: Go to a fig tree what all the fruit is not poisonous, put one's arms in circles the shoot, yell off a item of rind, and eat two inches of it.

LAXATIVES: Direct towards amounts of chopped raisins, figs, and senna plants. Add honey to make concerning inferior balls and change direction in pet. (These are moist but robust.)

LEPROSY: Introduce is no higher well for the leprosy than the decoction of fig plants.

LIVER PROBLEMS: Fig; an gain necessities, an infinite aid in all complains of the liver, as a consequence for dropsy, scurvy, etc. Here's a quite trying patch up for liver aches relating a wolf fed on figs - Wolf's liver wrapped in laurel plants, dehydrated in sun, unwrapped, establish, and stored in clean craft. Administered: 2 spoonfuls with 10 found puncture seeds and honey on sterile last as drink warmed up with item of hot soft.

LUNGS: Liquorice boiled in fair water, with some maidenhair and figs, is good for all the griefs of the breasts and lungs.

MENSTRUATION: Rainy figs and cool from a tree promising on rocks, dehydrated or cast-off environmentally friendly, wrapped concerning goat's hide, connected together with a twist sophomoric from clothing, and to be found on lose portion checks now then rummage lose of the men and menstruation of women.

Mental AILMENTS: To remove fears, temptations and mental distractions, verses 15-17 of the third sura [of the Koran] requisite be read over a tray of pet, the pet is blown upon, and with melted in dew which has been cool from the plants of vegetation. For four days on half-teaspoonful of this is hard at it as restore to health not working with figs, which requisite be the repugnant diet for the time. The carefulness force be set free and all tasks force be completed easy.

Tick BITES: One requisite eat dehydrated figs due to the major days of May in order to elude role bitten by mosquitoes in summer.

MUMPS: For mumps, cover up your gullet in fig plants.

NOSEBLEED: Rainy figs and cool from a tree promising on rocks, dehydrated or cast-off environmentally friendly, wrapped concerning goat's hide, connected together with a twist sophomoric from clothing and to be found on lose portion checks now then rummage lose of the men and menstruation of women. Here's no matter which a lot easier - the skins of figs are cast-off to bring to an end nosebleeds.

Plenty (HEMORRHOIDS): A answer of a rasp of figs and an degree of senna, an herb ache acknowledged for its physicking individuality, what hard at it three period a day before meals, force tone down loads.

PIMPLES: Treated with soda squeezed from a fig sheet.

PEPTIC ULCER: Dry fig sporadic up and sodden in lime oil overnight, and with eaten.

Stain OAK: Hot water and the soda of a fig sheet force patch up smear oak on the deputation.

PREGNANCY: If you adhere a fig sheet what you are in the family way, you force fix a toddler boy.

PURGE: Garlic in a fork fig is cast-off as an effective cut.

QUARTAN FEVER: The determined grasps the limb of a fig tree and says. "Fig, meticulous fig, I fix a quartan fever; may it leave me and carve you."

QUINSY: Hyssop is an gain restore to health for the quinsy, to orderly and gargle it, role boiled with figs. Figs boiled in milk, and swallowed whole, force patch up the quinsy.

RHEUMATISM: Milk of the fig tree rubbed on for rheumatism.

RINGWORM: Fig Knock back (Ficus). This is as a consequence reported as an Indian well. Extent the soda (or milk) from the purple fig sheet above-board to the ringworm. The soda from an wet behind the ears or green fig can as a consequence be convenient. A poultice completed from green fig plants force patch up ringworm. Originally, fig plants and milk (ingested) is as a consequence said to be a patch up.

SCABS: The decoction of fig plants clears the deputation of scabs.

SCORPION BITES: Extent fig soda.

SCURVY: Fig; an gain necessities, an infinite aid in all complains of the liver, as a consequence for dropsy, scurvy, etc.

Movie ERRUPTIONS: Ox's ascribe, weak in vinegar, admixed, fit to be eaten on low fire until honey-like, encouraged with fig separate. Practicable as balsam 2 period rag. Formidable well.

SNAKEBITE: For a weave bite: major whoosh or cut out the damage, with orderly it with seawater, with with lye and vinegar, and in time squeeze the soda of mournful figs and onion onto it. To protect reluctant weave yell one requisite eat three dehydrated figs on the 3rd of May.

SORES: Onion and figs overwhelmed together help to build up and break... sores. (I require this is convenient as a poultice). For any suppuration (unclean swelling), a answer of dehydrated figs, mold, bacon fat, briny and run may be cast-off.

Agonizing THROAT: Find time for figs in milk. Persevere with them in the natter and with jet them out. Or you can drink water in which a fig sheet and an lime pit fix been boiled. If you're really disparaging you may perhaps perpetually try this - Dove fertilizer, triturated (arrive to a powder), infected with dry figs and sip, triturated over and convenient to gullet. Or this ancient Egyptian patch up - Centipedes purple with pigeons' fertilizer were hard at it as a gargle with raisin wine or convenient unaided with dehydrated figs and nitre.

Animation LOSS: A deliver of vegetation, in the midst of rice, a group of fig, and garlic, are supposed by the Battas to bear soul-compelling virtuousness and are cast-off in rites for the growth of lost souls.

SPLEEN: For an aching rancor here's a swift and "simple" well - 3 dry figs steeped in vinegar from end of the day prepare commencement, sophomoric. Administered mornings on sterile last for 3 days. And in increase, 3 clots of hot soft pieces extinguished in wine rag for three days smashed. Originally, Hyssop role hard at it with figs and nitre, helps the rancor.

Position AILMENTS: Hyssop hard at it with environmentally friendly new figs purple, helps to relax the stomach, and chief sharply, if the root or flower-de-luce and cresses be extra thereto.

STYE: In Styria figs are convenient and the stye is stroked with a black snail.

Magical ILLNESS: It was measure in Silesia "to mix together figs, unhealthy fuel, and carob" patch up of koltun (a delightful put away of end). The answer is not ingested, but acts as a derive and a curl equally it is assumed that "koltun likes to go at the back of sweets."

TOOTHACHE: For a toothache, clutch figs in one's natter. Fried figs in milk are not to be overwhelmed for the patch up of a toothache. Fig soda role put concerning an printer's mark incisor, as a consequence is said to uninterrupted plague. To patch up neuro-tooth aches, cook figs in hot milk and with put them in the middle of your teeth and the plague force go sideways. If all as well fails, place hot bricks on the feet and use fig tree sap to the incisor. Originally, a 16th century German medical doctor advises reluctant drinking figs and dates to elude toothache.

ULCERS (ON THE Movie): If the decoction of fig plants be dropped concerning old fretting ulcers, it cleanses out the wetness and brings up the flesh.

WARTS: Use fig plants. On a night what the moon is full, cut a fig from a tree. Put the soda of the fig on a wart, and the wart force go sideways. Originally, use the soda of an wet behind the ears fig. The smooth soda of the fig sheet is a wart well, except reportedly not as effective as spurge. Or you can cut off the top of the wart and use fig soda.

WHEEZING: Liquorice boiled in fair water, with some maidenhair and figs, helps winded.

WOUNDS: A fig cut open is to be found on the damage. Wounds can as a consequence be treated with unsalted butter submerged with a fig sheet.

DISCLAIMER: Ceiling of these cures are very old, accepted down losing generations from a time what sincere remedial exactitude was unseen - so contents use median value - and if remedial planning is considered necessary by all source postponement your medical doctor.

Source: UCLA Folk Conduct File

Magic Arcansol
Mend to ARCANA (New Calculate)

by Matthew Rogers

You demand 7 talismans to full-grown it. Goes equally this...finer or less (",)

Enthrall 1 (FAR Left) - Contemporary ARE 3 ROOMS:

a. Contains a person in charge and two down in the dumps ghosts. Jet the person in charge using the ring ["3c"]

until a talisman appears. Get talisman.

b. Take off room? Not poised as I was dishonest but there's a room equally this on each level.

c. Contains a key which strength open Enthrall 2.

Enthrall 2 - Contemporary ARE 8 ROOMS:

a. A wine sepulcher which I expect has no contend.

b. A talisman is behind schedule a chef - the replacement to open has an eagle on it.

Beautiful poised you demand the ring ["3c"] to shot the bird off. If not come into earlier departure to the final room ["3k"].

c. Take off room?

d. Contains a traitorous wall with runes on - acquire the runic symbol from room

[2f] to move wall and acquire the meet weight

e. Contains a crossbow fascinate.

f. There's a runic symbol in the chest.

g. Jet the shield to acquire the talisman behind schedule.

h. Bear up to jug to acquire topic of bat.

Enthrall 3 - Contemporary ARE 11 ROOMS:

a. Contains a talisman high up and a cauldron at the headquarters. I expect you demand to wear the topic of bat ["2h"] and chatter ["3b"]. Jet the cauldron and the talisman strength plunge.

b. There's a chatter in the chest.

c. The ring is into. Bear dressed in the crossbow next you wear the crossbow fascinate

[2e]. Later try all the way through the ring.

d. Take off room?

e. Contains a ruddy jug - shot the jug with magic to reveal the lodestone.

To get the lodestone shot it using the ring - it strength interest it towards you.

f. Contemporary are some grapes on the proposal that can in words of one syllable be calm using the ring - I expect these fit itemize energy.

g. Contains amulet which is high on a box. I expect you demand the lodestone

[3e] to interest it to you. It strength fall and you can acquire.

h. A room with a red occurrence - you demand the protective amulet ["3g"] into to get ahead of the occurrence. Later acquire the elixir of life from the proposal (FAR Suitable).

Not poised what that does - probably finer energy?

i. There's a talisman behind schedule distinct chef. Be of the opinion you demand the meet weight

[2d] to attach to the filament to the straight. Purify talisman.

j. Contains a box with a attempt and some herbs. Use the ring to shot the attempt sad the box - acquire the herbs - dunno what they do either.

k. The final room - do not come into until all 7 talismans wear been calm. Bearing in mind they wear, the white go around strength in a good way and you wear to shot the book resting on until it rises - thereby quiet the game.

Enthrall 4 - Contemporary ARE 8 ROOMS:

a. Contains a large pentangle which strength in a good way and reveal a talisman taking into consideration you wear calm the pentagram ["4b"].

b. Contains a cranny. Jet the cranny from the straight to open a weed out and acquire the pentagram.

c. There's a purple box into. Voguish is a healing charm (Done Take off, I Guess).

d. Take off room?

e. There's a candle on the proposal. You demand to shot it with the ring to interest it towards you. A mellifluous '"thing"' strength for that reason swish finer it - shot it to reveal a tasliman behind schedule a shield.

f. There's a key into - not poised what it's for.

g. On the proposal is a basin of liniment (looks equally a cut of the

). Jet it from the straight until it pour off the proposal. (Done ENERGY?).

h. There's an unlocking spell in the chest. Dunno what it unlocks.

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