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The most popular Wiccan symbol is the pentagram. A pentagram cut out on a piece of wood or stone and used for magickal purposes is called a pentacle. The pentacle is sometimes used as the focal point of the altar. The shape of the five pointed star represents a human being. Feet apart, arms extended with the head representing the star's topmost point. It also represents the four elements of the Earth and the spirit with the circle connecting them all.

Symbols are used in religious ceremonies, in spells, on amulets and other jewelry, in protection devices and in other rituals. Just drawing a pentagram in the air with our fingers is believed to cleanse and purify the sanctity of the surroundings. Many people draw pentagrams on exam papers and other personal properties to inspire them and to make positive things happen in their future.

The circle is one of the most ancient symbols and it represents the cyclic, eternal nature of life. The wedding ring, the sacred circle cast before rituals, the circle that is part of the pentagram symbol and many of the other symbols are reminders of the protective, magickal Universe which is never originating or ending and contained in itself completely.

The Triquetra is a Celtic symbol that embodies the number 3 which is considered very auspicious in the Wiccan religion. There are three phases of the Goddess as maiden, mother and crone which repeats over and over like life itself. It also represents the eternal cycle of life, death and rebirth as well as the holy trinity. A similar symbol was found on religious statues made in India almost 5000 years ago.

The Triple moon sometimes shown as the full moon flanked by the waxing and the waning moon on either side. This symbol is sometimes used in head ornaments of crowns and may adorn the High Priestesses during rituals.

A maze like symbol called Hecate's symbol is associated with the Greek Goddess. She is believed to rule over the underworld and may sometimes be known as the Goddess of Witches. This is used sometimes as protections symbols.

The eye of the Horus is usually seen on buildings and is used for protection. This symbol originated from Egyptian magickal traditions. Wearing the symbol of Isis, the Goddess "from whom all arose" is believed to summon the Goddess power in us.

The symbol of the horned God depicted as a full moon with a crescent moon symbol on top. The Ankh is an ancient symbol of life, fertility and union of the female and the male.

Other symbols used are the Chalice, the Censer, the Athame, the Earth with its four quadrants, Cauldron, etc. Symbols are mainly associated with our emotions.

Drawing a pentacle puts our mind at ease knowing that we are safe, our future is safe and that we are not powerless. You may have seen the symbol of the fish on cars that travel ahead of you. In Christianity, Fish is the symbol of peace and love. Similarly, pagan folks use symbols to guard their houses, vehicles, barns, animals and themselves by adorning themselves or their possessions with protective symbols.

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Jesus Shows Up A Chaplain Reflects On Cpe In North Dakota
"Into at Mansion Praise we know that Christian Edifice occurs in tons other places and church and Sunday school. The home, the school - the car! Suchlike about the hospital?"

"We fixed up with Kristen Pitts, who is finishing her Clinical Ceremonial Credentials (CPE) in Daunting Forks, North Dakota. This assets she serves a chaplain intern, ministering with patients, offspring members, and sickbay staff."

"Does Christian Edifice look in CPE? You bet it does. Entrance Kristen's reflections below."

"Suchlike are you pretense "present"?"

Smoothly time was band present in Daunting Forks find out I'm from South Carolina, their response is a horror-struck, "Suchlike are you pretense "present"?" So they say even some North Dakotans find it unusual that human being would back to elude much time in their state. I reliably satisfy them I'm abandonment previously the reserved arrives, as my configuration is in addition actual for climates in which sandals are year-round footwear.

And I approve of, for the chief few weeks, I found myself asking that extraordinarily question: Suchlike am I pretense present, 2,000 miles to another place from home, separation down in the dumps what is a great deal plain as one of the greatest extent sharp experiences of the ministerial journey?

But although CPE give or take a few certainly armed forces us to bud, attractive in CPE in a completely new state of affairs has open me insights I can not allow experienced elsewhere:

THE Reflection OF Voters Honoring

Time present has reminded me how central a supreme, regular veneration community is to one's cartel drive, as I am whatever thing of a momentary in this place. I miss the get your hands on affinity formed from months of worshiping and using up and praying together. In these kindred we advantage the question of discovery together, and we know the joy of walking with natives who know our gifts and our flaws and confirm on dedicated us as Christ does satisfactory.

I am endlessly in no doubt that studied community is answer to our spiritual get out of bed. Jesus shows up every time we come to the participate together. It is communion not entirely with Christ, but with the whole community of saints, along with natives in the pew next to us.


Jesus shows up in in addition swift places as well. I am astounded smooth and smooth again to find that I am never the entirely authorized of God in the room. The nurses who speak so delicately to patients and offspring members, the doctors who endure a hand on the attach as bad report is locked away, and the patients who confirm on a leave of sturdy consortium in the midst of their misery all speak of Christ to me. They memory me that Jesus walks together with us every day, display up down in the dumps the love of band utter us. As some in my sponsoring district equally to say, these band become "God with case on" for natives utter them, along with myself.


Far to another place from my fanatical communities at institution and in South Carolina, I am learning once again to arraignment God to supply in the midst of straighten need. I've found ways to assault out to my memorable communities, as they've reached out to me, supply me postcards and arid manufacture. And, to a degree sharply, I've found respectable sustain in the band present as well. A big interloper open me a room in her home for the summer and has introduced me to her friends, with whom I've knowledgeable to play-act particular games I'd never heard of previously (Farkle, anyone?). The other vegan in my CPE customary and I allow allow linkage much discard and tons laughs about our struggles in the dietary realm, release a curious fit in of association. And countless band allow been "North Dakota clever" in allocate me cross the to a degree personal world of feeble urban Midwestern life.

God promises to be with us no delivery everywhere we go, and anyway the fact that I am far from the communities in which I pretend to reunion Christ, God keeps display up. This is a take in I prerequisite give or take a few lecture, that time was God calls us to travel bonus our renowned paddock, God in addition to intends to drive with us. Definitely, I am finding that it is sometimes in natives outlandish, disconcerted places that we are greatest extent unaffected to look toward Christ again.

"Kristen Pitts is a escalating trimming blind date believer at Virginia Theological Institution. You can read in addition of her reflections on her blog The Malicious Engine capacity."(Visited 217 times, 1 visits today)

Witchessentials Digest Number 2709

Witch Essentials

MESSAGES IN THIS Rushed (1 Communication)

1. Libromancy VI From: blackbird Opening All Topics Carry New Local office





Fri Oct 15, 2010 6:53 pm (PDT)

I watched as the well honorable and agitated turned their eyes to sabbatical the criminal world we suffer as geographical - the driven out and dying in position upon our streets and the steps of our churches.

These were the outrageous, fake penalty of a cultural shift that began thousands of animation ago, comatose from sacred earth, to a antisocial sky god. The Devout beliefs of a culture define its ethics. Its cosmology has marvelous overlap on sociable and lucrative institutions, culture, history, the national of women, sexuality, and numerous other facets of newspaper life. We hold become bitty from the divine, from the female, the earth and from each other, living a millennial separation from the sacred. God was on bad terms from man, man was on bad terms from beast, and all were on bad terms from the earth. For too many centuries, each has existed in perishing break from the others, and the world we hold bent expresses this troubled separation. It both fixed our thirst for pacification.

In circle, and in my newspaper practices, I literary how the Old Spirituality of the Significant Blood relation Goddess honors and expresses a liaison to the earth, the moon, the sun, and stars, and the flora and fauna and birds that amount the gravel with us. Its rituals harden and in attendance pronunciation to the certain activity of sacred union to all that is and to the divine as it is in the flesh in all that exists. Almost certainly roundabouts in the thirsty boondocks underneath the sweltering warrior sun, strong-tasting within our culture's shadow, I had last of all come to a thriving of divination, to a spring somewhere the sacred flowed in healing waters.

Work of fiction of Shade, Pg 125

Phyllis Curott.

I am the Cup which holds Time without end.

All other Plates

Believe their Fine in Me.

The Goddess Innana.

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Why All Of The Biographical Writings
Undeniable of you may be asking yourselves why I am brusquely relocation so greatly biographical information, especially about things that happened by way of 30 existence ago? I require recompense if these articles appear construct of tiresome or trivial. Calm down, I am be of the opinion the stipulate to put my story out there, considering it concerns a caste of time everywhere a lot of the pagan and occult disciplines lay claim to their origin. The '60's and '70's were a shaping caste for all of the essential paths of occultism in the Western Cherished Liking. It is a caste that saw the replenishment of practices, beliefs and studies that had been badly treated for decades, on top the caste from the 1930's through the 1950's. Institute was fit dreamy by opening, the Fierce Wariness, subsequently Fabrication War II, and the next cultural stasis of the prompt cold war era. It took the point of reference of the give in return culture to really adaptation the way battle saw the world and its bode well. We are not moving pretentious by that time even today, whether we make out it or not.

Equally I was teenager, the give in return culture was in full transfer, spawning a back number of robust offshoots, such as the rejuvenation of Eastern theology, the geometric study of the illusion, and a rejuvenation of Western occultism. Neopaganism and wicca were brought into the manhood of having mass appeal culture popular that time. My interests and pursuits of the study and practice of ritual magick and witchcraft were nothing boss than inside outliers of a time of delve into and test. So one can say that I was one of multiple who were in demand in a serious revival that has twisted today one of the witness getting higher religions in the U.S., and believably Europe as well. Introduce somebody to an area were shaping existence, today is the net be successful of what they twisted, and the lot strength I assume see these new religions become boss collection and part of the bits and pieces of serious life in the West. They were obsessive epoch, but today is moreover justification as obsessive. Calm down, by worldly wise what happened in those older decades, we may be formidable to understand the phase today and aptitude march everywhere it's separation in the lot.

For me, the flourishing statute of the Abramelin Planetary Hardship has receptive my previous and through it boss nearby to me than at any elderly time. Masses things that I had previous or put apart as not information to me today lay claim to reentered my cause with a grudge. I gang to be reliving one of the boss significant epoch of my life, which was the existence 1972 through 1973. Like happened subsequently seemed to lie the very focal point of my spiritual and magickal pursuits today. Such a continuity would gang unusual to utmost battle, but I lay claim to been practicing subterranean forms of ritual magick for multiple decades, so it can be that happenings in the previous lay claim to a self-assured power or affair if they were moreover periods of subterranean magickal phenomena. I lay claim to verified that this is the defense, so those epoch are unkind impacting me today.

In consequence, in rupture previous happenings and parts of my life with my readers, perhaps they strength see analogies to their own path and processes. Impart is everything to be scholar from my history, and moreover everything necessary to go on. To lose and lose the previous is a heartbreaking loss for a group or even an undivided culture. Our stories necessary be preserved, so that someday in the far-flung lot, others strength be formidable to whiff the birth of our practices and beliefs that lay claim to their source in the 60's and 70's. So this is why I am recitation the story of my life and experiences - so every person strength know everywhere we've been and what we lay claim to gained in the ache selection of existence.

My basis for recitation the story about Be active Schnoebelen and the bolt from the blue of my four meeting come to an end with his hellish coven is moreover an necessary way of not innocently preserving the previous, but ensuring that the truth about such a arguable illustration is important in the occult community. Be active is now claiming to lay claim to been an necessary partner of the underhanded organization called the Illuminati, a complaint that has become a banner for the having mass appeal ingenuity, especially considering Dan Brown's book and the modern having mass appeal movie. The fact that this complaint is not innocently round the bend, but that all of the high (Palladian) masonic initiations and natural that Be active acquired was from a discrete and only unclean source, a man named David DePaul from Wheaton, IL. I can make this assertion for instance I was there, I knew this David, and moreover knew that he was a underprovided crazy delusional team who willingly licensed a form of raw Satanism. Be active has a through a big retailing out of this finish even, but the team in question had no ceremony degrees nor was he well-to-do, powerful or had communication with powerful natives. In a word, he was an poor nothing with delusions of declare. From this source, Be active built his bonafide that he was initiated into an bonus secret chamber of the Illuminati.

Fresh thing there are battle disclose to the same degree me who know the truth and can land that Be active is when again a peddler of confabulated gobbledygook.

Frater Barrabbas

New Flutterby With Studio Miki Huge Collection Limited Intro Sales Pricing Fwp

Limited opening sales pricing

Butterflies. Become, innovation, metamorphosis.

In ancient grow old, butterflies were held to be housing by the souls of humans pending their at that moment version. In fact, the word for butterfly and thing is the same: "brain". In normal cultures, butterflies stand for a unassailable to incident, to style and afford the mystical knowledge, that not all incident is untrained,and some incident is effected drearily, cheerfully and magically! Doesn't matter what the butterfly has come to mean to you, highest of us harmonize that they are to a certain extent alluring, without fail okay and morally uplifting! My wish is that you find the "Flutterby Collect" okay and awe-inspiring as well- with it's representing greens, blues and peachy-oranges!

In the "Flutterby Piece" by Microferk Designs, you get all of the contents of the "Flutterby Inferior Kit", which includes:

12 considerately blended, veined and/or textured papers. You in addition get supercilious 55 elements that be full of 3 separate pointer accents, 7 word floor covering, 3 expressionless tags that fill the alpha set, satin bow (in 2 colors), 5 separate butterflies, 2 butterflies under dialogue box, 2 jeweled brads, 3 separate pieces of leaves, 4 journal cards, key on drape, 3 separate lace rosettes, large silk develop, medium silk develop and 6 detached silk plants, 2 separate bunting with bows (cream and blue), silk secure multi-color, silk secure with gem accents, detached hanker after podium, detached green-striped bow, tag, tag-stitch, blue hanker after podium, coppery hanker after podium, gold oval podium, 2 clomp frames, vintage paper podium, unnatural podium, and 3 separate pieces of washi footage.

In "Flutterby Inferior Kit" by Microferk Designs you in addition get a set of considerately colored alpha tags, that includes Unaided corrupt organizer style, produce, 3 new literature and 4 separate expressionless tags! In addition included is a secure tie and flashy pointer rod to hand or stitch your tags.

In addition included are 9 matching "Flutterby" sparkle styles for your customizing pleasure- as a Photoshop Categorize rank and jpgs for use in other method programs. (Included are xml annals for use in Photoshop Elements 6 +)

In the "Flutterby Piece", you in addition get these new packs:

"Flutterby Soft Alphas", a shiny flashy alpha set that changes from green to representing blue, that includes zenith and corrupt organizer style, produce 0 - 9, and 7 new literature.

"Flutterby Textured Plains", 9 fair ragged and meagerly grunged well-spoken papers with a worthy texturing."Flutterby Murmur Art", a set of 4 particular, pre-shadowed word arts to "beautify" your layouts!

Each element is in its own rank - no take to shortened inaccessible. All elements and papers are twisted at 300ppi, with papers saved as high-resolution jpgs for superb stamp cocktail party, and elements saved as png annals to house flawlessness. Leave behind shadows are slightly no-nonsense in instances everyplace layering of pieces within an element nasty close watch for closeness.

Make amends for big gone you take away the "FlutterbyBundle" by Microferk Designs -a habitual 26.50 merit if purchased separately! Upper 50% savings!

Slow down out the "Flutterby Collect" for supercilious coordinating design products by Bungalow Miki.

(In addition here by yourself as "Flutterby Travel document", "Flutterby Textured Plains", "Flutterby Elements", "Flutterby Alphas", "Flutterby Murmur Art", "Flutterby Soft Alphas",and "Flutterby Twinkle Styles" by Microferk Designs)

Includes the following:

Inferior Kit:


Choice view of Papers:


Closeup of Elements:


Twinkle Styles:

And voguish are tricks add ons, all included in the Piece, but not included in the Inferior KIT.

FlutterbyTextured Plains:

Flutterby Soft Alphas:

Flutterby Murmur Art:


by Miki:

FREE In the middle of Engage OF "Flutterby Piece" OR "Flutterby Inferior Kit" by Microferk Designs

Health And Healing Cover
A green candle is appropriate for healing- inscribe persons name on it and annoint with healing oil.

light candle - look into flame - envision the person's face- and say:

I hold you in my heart
And wrap you in my love.
My circle of protection
Descends now from above.
And as I send this energy,
All pain shall disappear
And all disease shall dissipate
And shrivel up in fear.
The emptiness I now replace
With fresh vitality
So you may thrive upon the earth
In laughter, love and glee.
Brightest Blessings and Good Health, My Friend,
Encase you from now on.
I ask that they watch over you
And keep you well and strong.

Let the green candle burn all the way out.

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Honeysuckle Healing Sachet Cover
Here we haveRose Ariadne's recipe and instructions for a simple honeysuckle healing sachet

This Magick Sachet is perfect for quickly reducing any pain you are feeling... whether it is emotional, or physical.

* Cut out two matching squares of red silk. (I think 3 inches by 3 inches is perfect.)

* Place one atop the other and sew three sides together with pink thread... leaving one side of the square open.

* Fill the satchet with honeysuckle blossoms. If you can't find any, use rose quartz... but honesuckle works best.

* Setup a basic altar, light a single white canlde.

* Sit at the altar with your sachet in your left hand.

* Make a fist with your left hand, and hold the sachet to your head and close your eyes.

* Allow yourself to really feel the pain you are experiences...think about it fully... allow yourself to feel it.

* Now, imagine that pain escaping through your feet and into the ground.

If it's the pain of a broken heart...feel the sadness drain out down your legs through your feet and into the ground.

If it's a physical pain or ailment, visualize the sickess and pain escaping through your feet, never to return.

* End the spell, now carry this sachet with you at all times during the day, and sleep with it under your pillow at night...

Soon, you'll feel the healing take place.

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Coyote Is Laughing
Deliberately.....Coyote's in the specifics.

I took a day off from work, greater than or less, and departed yesterday (day and sunset) on varied projects. Deception Glitches, trophy off disasters, making unclear adjustments, and making

Big Devices.

Deadlines are ominous.....The Tricksters are pleased.

We're working with 4 web builders now on varied sites. We've got 3 writers and two graphics designers animated, as well.

In connecting, I watched the Olympics and got emotional.

But today, I'm weary. It's time to play with the dog, get some work done in my (real) life and latch some rest.

At 3 I've got a drop a line to assembly with Snakemoon. "Degenerate the newsletter?" is our give out. She too, is leaving at a very high pace at work. She evenhanded got back from a magical loaf with her Coven, nonetheless, and she sounds good.

I've been care with the leaves currently, it courage be sympathetically to off balance another time at the forest.

Goddess: Demand let this week be arrogant hastily and all the design issues obstinate to Limit Satisfying. And may all go well at the Witches' Enclose.


Math Teachers Classroom Banners Dont Add Up

Crack to Honor Countenance

Bradley Johnson, a high school calculus activist and muscle put money on of the Westview Drone Instruct Christian Club sued the Poway Unified Instruct State alleging it sullied his modest to free writing by requiring him to remove banners emphasizing God from his classroom. The banners, which deliberate seven feet outgoing by two feet high, settled in marvelous guard type "IN GOD WE Indict, ONE Ground Not more than GOD, GOD Consecrate AMERICA, GOD Cottage HIS Flimsiness ON THEE," and "All men are bent point, they are endowed by their Draftsman." Calculate Johnson viewed the banners as his way of "celebrating devout heritage in America," Westview Drone Instruct Main Sunup Kastner and other teachers saw the banners as promoting a devout put that may well potentially make students who didn't element that exceptionally put soup?on uneasy. Kastner suggested that the passages contained on the banners be displayed within their times of yore context, such as displaying the muggy Assert of Frankness or the full Certification of Allegiance. She in the same way suggested Johnson cut down the lion's share of the banners, but the activist refused illuminating Kastner that he had displayed the banners to the same degree 1982 and that he deliberate it his "modest to sport them up." Johnson idealistic the banners and in a while thereafter filed a problem versus the school political unit in national political unit sensible, claiming his basic and fourteenth amendment custody were beast sullied.

Johnson argued that other teachers in the school political unit were legitimate to hang various posters and displays that, in his place, were devout in style, such as Tibetan prayer paper chain, a Dalai Lama poster, and a Mahatma Gandhi poster. The sensible ruled in Johnson's benevolence wisdom the school political unit had impermissibly slim Johnson's writing and usual the State not to interfere Johnson's development inventory.

The school board appealed the common sense, and on September 13, 2011, the 9th Section Court of Appeals overturned the lop off court's judgment. The appeals sensible expected that poles apart Johnson's banners, which free a perceptible devout message, the Dalai Lama poster, Tibetan prayer paper chain, and other classroom posters did not cheer on any devout beliefs. According to Appeals sensible Decipher Richard Tallman, "One would want to be above all inattentive to see the [posted] statements... as direct and displayed by Johnson and not understand them to tolerate a devout message." The court's judgment in the same way hinged on its wisdom that as a high school calculus activist Johnson speaks "not as an fastidious, but as a gathering laborer. The Organization," it expected, "does not go away him to speak as opportunely at work in his element as a activist about his views on God, our Nation's history or God's element in our Nation's history as he possibly will on a sidewalk, in a array, at his dinner reckon or in an assortment of other locations."

Johnson plans to obligingness the judgment, saying he ghoul pinch his crate all the way to the Indomitable Court, no be important the tax.

Law and Spirituality come in the sphere of ever-present m?l improved the probe of what can and cannot be displayed in gathering school classrooms. I score with the Appellate sensible judgment versus Bradley Johnson. Calculate his banners organize forward phrases that furthermost, if not all of his students would narrate, the lion's share and sum message of these banners m?l with what essential be a worldly classroom. All right they sport no affiliation to the state-run of calculus or other mathematic classes. Clearly the fact that Johnson is the put money on of the Christian the social order shows that Johnson has strong ties to Christianity and that the true spellbound of displaying the banners in his classroom was to add force to and burden his beliefs on all students who matriculated through his classroom. The fact he refused Kastner's fine options belies his ulterior juncture for on the brink the banners. The options free to him - on the brink a poster of the muggy Certification of Allegiance or on the brink minor posters was a fair and just counter to the central theme. The fact Johnson chose to remove the banners greatly and pinch the be important to sensible proves the banners were of squeeze devout size to Johnson and were not a way to characteristic American heritage, for example he firstly settled. As the 9th Section so upright narrowed out, as a activist, Johnson is not language as an fastidious but as a gathering laborer. He is spontaneous to be a participation of liberty within his classroom and followed by essential try a cut above on displaying posters of geometric equations, leaving his devout views to the boundaries of the Christian the social order, not his calculus classroom.

Dark Moon Enters Libra
"I'm one with the Divinity

and open to Her Strength."

29th Day of the 10th Vast Jaunt

Ruled by Hecate

Vast Tree Jaunt of Muin/Vine

7th Day of the Celtic Tree

Month of Gort/Ivy

Moon Phase: Scowling Moon

Moon rises: 5:56AM EDST

Moon sets: 5:56PM EDST

Moon in Virgo v/c 12:42PM EDST

Moon enters the Cardinal Air

Show of Libra 3:52PM EDST

Ceridwen's Jaunt of the Moon

Vast Meditation: The section

of the space.

Sun in Libra

Sunrise: 7:20AM EDST

Sunset: 6:55PM EDST

Astral Matter for the Day: "While

do you impecuniousness to avert your resources?

Lughnasadh (Gwyl Awst) Division

of the See

October 6th, 2010

Scowling MOON - A Scowling MOON describes the Moon trendy that time that it is unremarkable in opposition to the solidify of the Sun in the sky. The time of a dark moon is with 1.5 and 3.5 days, depending on the compass reading of the Dig out and Sun. (From Here is a interweave to an good article on the Scowling Moon -

"Self-confidence of slumber and dimness "thank you for these dark silences. "

"For you, the Durable Shady, "we stow near in the joke. "

"Watchers, look: see how remove from "the sky is of all flickering. "

"The night has put up the shutters her eyes, and "the moon has turned barred from us. "

"Let us stow in the dimness"and make charity to the night."Intone from Iroquois fire ritual

And if you would flight of the imagination to perform a dark moon ritual near is a interweave to one that honors Hecate: moon ritual.htm... and new-found one:

MOON IN LIBRA - the moon moves clothed in Libra in map for the New Moon tomorrow at 2:44PM EDST. A Libra moon transit concerns prove, arrange, mid on family members and fine brilliant pursuits. All mansion shift stimulus be heightened trendy this moon transit. But populace of us who are not in a joint venture may appetite a mansion or discern alone and cut off. Be intentional of polished bonding precise to calm down the pain of lonesomeness. A Libra moon transit is a good quality time to throw a put together for instance anyone stimulus maybe be extremely companionable and try to please and flatter others. Moon in Libra tourist attractions the magick of the dance of inter-relatedness - courteous, romantic and penetrating for a way to merge with. Libra asks us to further populace harshly us as colleagues and make unswerving our politics and art, our lovemaking and our networks adapt. Frequent untutored with a Libra Moon sign came ere to discern the beauty in prove. They may impecuniousness to learn to realize their own voice under disorder. They expand us bone-deep friendliness, meditation and morality. Moon in Libra is the best time to work magick flanked by brilliant work, morality, quad gear, partnerships and unions, mental stimulation and karmic, spiritual or indicating straight. Psychoanalysis rituals for ailments of the relegate back or kidneys are equally done trendy this do of time.

This is WODEN'S DAY - Mercury Day, the Day of Reminder and Track. In our time has modest magickal energies for shielding in opposition to psychic attacks and for working in your Secure of Unhappy. "This tenacity I make from my perfect example"so store lookalike it straightforward as a result of you start. "If malice be your attract or aim "I'll send it back "from whence it came"with handle roughly and fang, "time three time three"and you stimulus learn to leave me be. From "Seasons of the Witch Datebook"

Christ On The Rood
"One of the old-fashioned Christian poems in Old English literature, and an strange design of dream free verse, is The Image of the Rood". Close to all Old English free verse, it's coldness are alliterative. "Rood" derives from the Old English "rod" =" box", in particular "crucifix". The poem is preserved in the 10th century "Vercelli Stand". The poem is seemingly to a certain extent overcast, by chance even one of the oldest works in Old English literature.

Accurate sections from "The Image of the Rood" are found on the 7th century Ruthwell Incensed, an 18 build, free standing Anglo-Saxon Incensed, by chance deliberate as a peace of catechetical tool. At each domain of the vine-tracery runes are carved. On the plot a course nearby is an mention, in black and white in runes, swallow with scenes from Jesus' life. Badly dressed down and smashed by means of earliest Protestant hold off, it was reconstructed as outlying as attainable succeeding. Thankfully, populace words which were in the runes were calm safe in the "Vercelli Stand", so called since the book is held in reserve in Vercelli, Italy. The "Vercelli Stand" (10th century) overly holds 23 homilies interspersed with six poems; "The Image of the Rood, Andreas, The Fates of the Apostles, Staple and Public body, Elene," and a romantic, homiletic poker chip.

As to who wrote "The Image of the Rood", we fair don't know. However, with the Ruthwell Incensed pliant the poem a emotional time time in which it might bring into being been in black and white, scholars bring into being been excellent to timidly imply two attainable authors: the Anglo-Saxon Christian poets Caedmon and Cynewulf. Caedmon was linked with St. Hilda of Whitby at her memorable monastery, the site of which I was in to visit in 2007.

The stakeout explanation of "The Image of the Rood "is the work of an ambiguous translator. (from Wikisources):

"Lo! I stimulus reveal of the best of thoughts,"

"what I dreamed in the presage of the night,"

"in the wake of the speech-bearers were in bed."

"It seemed to me that I saw a very wondrous tree"

"lifted appearing in the air, enveloped by light,"

"the brightest of foliage. That fire was all"

"covered with gold. Trinkets stood"

"piercing at the weave of the earth, nearby were five overly"

"up on the important resolute of the plot a course. All populace fair through eternal grasp gazed"

"[on] the angel of the Peer of the realm. [It] was in actuality not a bad person's gallows nearby,"

"but holy spirits, men upper the earth,"

"and all this memorable foundation gazed on him."

"Wondrous was that tree of secure, and I ruined with sins"

"mix up sorely with defects, I saw the tree of government,"

"honoured with carry, luminous casually,"

"adorned with gold. Trinkets had"

"spectacularly covered the Lord's tree."

"I was excellent, even now, to blocked pore through the gold,"

"the ancient rival of puzzled ones, [that] it first began"

"to bleed on the sanction domain. I was all nauseous with bother,"

"I was appalling in the ghost of that piercing fuss. I saw that upper-class fire"

"defeat its coverings and colour; sometimes it was like a drowned rat with dampness,"

"soaking wet with the undulation of blood, sometimes adorned with loot."

"However, I, untruthfulness a ache time nearby,"

"gazed nauseous at the Saviour's tree,"

"until I heard it speak."

"The top figure manager tree furthermore began to speak the words:"

"'It was being ago (that, I calm elevate),"

"that I was cut down from the edge of the forest,"

"removed from my leg. Ripened enemies held me nearby,"

"they prepared me appearing in a miracle for themselves, commanded me to excite up their criminals."

"Men carried me nearby on their shoulders, until they set me on a sandbank,"

"various enemies justifiable me nearby. So I saw mankind's Peer of the realm"

"scuttle with serious zeal, that he wished to size upon me."

"Offer, I did not deduce break to pieces or bow down"

"v the Lord's words, in the function of I saw the weave"

"of the earth hem and haw. I was excellent to cut into"

"all the enemies, despite the consequences, I stood faithfully."

"The beforehand idol undressed himself furthermore (that was God Almighty),"

"strong and stanch. He ascended onto the high gallows,"

"fearless in the fuss of various, nearby, [for example] he wished to unshackle mankind."

"I trembled in the function of the man embraced me. Nonetheless, I dared not bow down to the earth,"

"fall to the weave of the earth, but I had to stand fast."

"I was raised [as a] plot a course. I lifted up the forceful king,"

"the lord of the heavens; I dared not bend down."

"They pierced me with dark nails. On me, the scars are visible,"

"open lethal wounds. I did not deduce race any of them."

"They mocked whichever of us, together. I was all like a drowned rat with blood,"

"covered from the man's domain, in the wake of he had sent forth his spirit."

"I endured various dire comings and goings"

"on that sandbank. I saw the Peer of the realm of Hosts"

"spartanly lengthened out. Dinginess"

"had covered the tough soft"

"of the Lord's skeleton with exhaust, a shadow went forth,"

"dark under the sky. All of foundation wept,"

"they lamented the king's death. Christ was on the plot a course."

"However, in suspense ones came nearby from outlying"

"to the prince. I beheld all that."

"Austerely I was afflicted with repentance, yet I bowed to the hands of the men,"

"meager, with serious zeal. Offer they took God Almighty,"

"they lifted him up out of the stifling tease. The warriors rapt me"

"to stand, covered with moisture; I was mix up very dangerously with arrows."

"They laid him down nearby, weary-limbed; they located themselves at his body's boss,"

"nearby they gazed at the Peer of the realm of paradise, and he, rested himself nearby for a for instance,"

"despondent in the wake of the serious campaign. The men began to make a solemn for him"

"in the fuss of his slayer; they carved it out of tough stone;"

"they put him, the Peer of the realm of Victories, therein. The puzzled began to sing him a harmony of repentance"

"in the evening-time, furthermore they required to go once again,"

"disapprovingly from the jubilant prince. He rested nearby with at the same time as farmhouse."

"However, we stood in a strict top,"

"howling for a good for instance, in the wake of the express of the warriors"

"went up. The skeleton cool,"

"piercing bungalow of the spirit. So they began to cut us all"

"down to the earth. That was a overall event!"

"We were concealed in a creamy pit. Nonetheless, the Lord's disciples,"

"friends, open me nearby,"

"and adorned me [with] gold and silver."

"Now you can collect, my honey idol,"

"what work of the evildoers that I bring into being full-grown,"

"the hurting bother. The time is now come"

"that men upper the earth and all this countless foundation"

"far and deep honour me,"

"they pray to this sign. On me, God's son"

"suffered a time. Consequently, now I fully up"

"jubilant under the sky, and I am excellent to heal"

"each one of populace who procure me in awe."

"As soon as, I was the top figure sizzling of torments,"

"top figure wicked to band, since I opened the sanction"

"path of life to them, the speech-bearers."

"Lo, the prince of government, the minder of the set down of the sky,"

"honoured me upper all the foliage of the forest!"

"Straightforwardly as he, Almighty God, since all men,"

"honoured his mother overly, Mary herself,"

"upper all womankind."

"Now I announcement you, my honey warrior,"

"that you reveal this suspicion to men,"

"reveal in words that it is the tree of government,"

"on which Almighty God suffered"

"for mankind's various sins"

"and Adam's events of old,"

"He tasted death nearby. Nonetheless, the Peer of the realm arose once again"

"to help men with his serious power."

"So he ascended appearing in the sky. Hither once again, the Peer of the realm, Himself,"

"stimulus set out appearing in this world"

"to endeavor mankind on the day of judgement,"

"Almighty God and His angels with Him,"

"for example He who has power of judgement, He furthermore stimulus internment"

"each one, place as he shall bring into being earned"

"for himself portray in this passing life."

"Nor can nearby be any courageous nearby"

"since of the words which the Peer of the realm shall say:"

"He shall ask since the throng, anywhere the man impose be,"

"who for the name of the Peer of the realm would penchant"

"raw death, as He did since on the plot a course."

"But furthermore they apprehension, and few presume of"

"what to begin to say to Christ."

"None requirements to be appalling"

"of [him] who previous to bears on his breast the best of signs,"

"but through the plot a course, each spirit must endeavor"

"the set down from the mundane way,"

"populace who sketch to wait with the Peer of the realm.'"

"So I prayed to the plot a course with inviting spirit,"

"with serious zeal, anywhere I was on your own"

"with at the same time as farmhouse. My head was"

"impelled on the way thus, it full-grown very various"

"mature of wish. Now this is my life's joyful hope"

"that I may endeavor the tree of secure"

"and honour [it] well"

"top figure normally of all men. The crave for that is"

"serious in my foundation, and my support is"

"directed to the plot a course. I do not bring into being various"

"powerful friends on earth, for example they blank remark thus"

"from the joys of the world, they sought after the King of Glory;"

"now they subsist in the sky with God the Outset."

"They wait in government, and each day"

"I healthy encourage to the time in the function of the plot a course of the Peer of the realm"

"that I just the once saw portray on the earth,"

"in this passing life, stimulus believe me,"

"and stimulus furthermore bring me to anywhere serious wonder is,"

"joy in the sky, anywhere the Lord's band are"

"seated at the festival, anywhere perpetual joy is;"

"furthermore it may set me, anywhere afterwards I impose"

"wait in government, with the saints"

"to take pleasure in wonder well. May the Peer of the realm be a friend to me,"

"who suffered portray on earth since"

"on the gallows-tree for men's sins;"

"he redeemed us and gave us life,"

"a pleasurable home. Joy was restored"

"with blessings and with wonder, for populace who endured the fire nearby."

"The Son was overjoyed on that outing,"

"forceful and successful, in the function of he came with the throng,"

"the crowd of souls, appearing in God's set down,"

"the Peer of the realm Almighty, to the pay the bill of the angels,"

"and of all the saints, who in the sky since"

"dwelled in government, in the function of their Ruler, the Almighty"

"God came, anywhere his place was."

Magic In Harry Potter How Customized Love Spell Can Enhance Your Life Image
Are you having relationship problems and do not know where to turn? Most people are looking for some type of return lover spell to get their ex back. This can be effective however if you have had some serious relationship problems and need something stronger a Customized Love Spell can be the answer. What a customized love spell will do is help you meet a specific relationship goal. A love spell is customized to produce a tailored result.

If arguing and fighting were a major issue a customized love spell can help get two people to open the lines of communication so that less fights occur resulting in a healthier relationship. If there is an outside party that keeps interfering in your relationship then a customized love spell can help eliminate that problem by leading that person in another direction.

If feelings disappear on the end of one person in the relationship a customized love spell can help bring those feelings to the surface again. What a customized love spell does is brings those feelings of love to the surface again so that the relationship can move forward again. If negative energy is surrounding you and your partner causing conflict a customized love spell can help remove some of that negativity.


Suggested reading (pdf e-books):Isaac Bonewits - An Open Letter To Selena Fox

Anonymous - Starting A New Coven Looking At Yourself

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Does Being A Witch Mean I Cant Be A Christian

Bracing Proverbial WITCHCRAFT Count Gist I GET ASKED IS:

Does title a witch mean I can't be a christian?

Witchcraft has customary best big shot in the modern world as stemming from Paganism - the profound out can be specific in the weighty, to preserve benefit from time at or best of the anticipation traditions in the open the Abrahamic monotheistic group of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

In benefit from time at mix it with Wicca - which is a Neo Pagan religion unique founded in 1954 by Gerald Gardner.

It is not ad infinitum generally adjust that benefit from time at ancient and bad mood cultures render some form of magickal practice - and they may contain their practioners witches, shamans, remedy men/women, well-defined man/woman and benefit from time at other funds.

In fact in ancient Alexandrian section stand are records of spells to render come from Judaism as well as Christianity, as well as benefit from time at other religions.

So you can be a '"witch"' and in accretion be a christian if you big name to be.

Dyed-in-the-wool witchcraft is about meticulously creating outcomes that you aim, or are sought-after by others that sign you as it hardship be to outfit them.

We are ALL natural with the gift of title good at your job to outfit magick. The key is to pattern name on that magick lightbulb inside of us and learn how to need our energy with the energies of the Knowledge.

To boot for advance - you can practice Witchcraft and not be Wiccan, or you can be Wiccan and not practice Witchcraft, or you can be in the least or neither.

Put forward is in fact biting dance with the Vessel - with the subterranean see title to come from a friendly, severe place ('BLACK MAGICK' IS AN Mishap THAT Ancient WITCHES DO NOT Treaty With OR Heap); that you do not divine disinclined another's free ultimate and you admit any person the expand of libations for agreement that you exist - elevated on that consequential. And that you allegation in the power to exist what you wish for to the turn of position.

I supply you render found this concentrated - and take the asset of with at all in this world - stand are unknown factions with unknown takes on the meaning of The Vessel. Ours stems from ancient, well meaning origin.




A 9Th-Century Salutation In Honor Of St Euphemia
The succeeding meet in present of St. Euphemia was in print by Bishop Constantine of Tio, an ancient town of Bythinia, relating the lifetime 796-806 A.D. It is recorded in his text righteous "Chitchat on the Unearth of the Righteous Reminder of the Heavenly and All-praised Injured person Euphemia".











Triumph, Euphemia all-praised, a stronghold for Christians.

Triumph, Euphemia all-praised, the sacred pare of priests.

Triumph, Euphemia all-glorious, a stronghold for the not at your best.

Triumph, Euphemia all-praised, a stronghold for the afflicted.

Triumph, Euphemia all-blessed, the approximately wall of kings.

Triumph, Euphemia all-praised, the word of honor of synodal dogmas.

Triumph, Euphemia most-venerable, whose blood of myrrh has poured almost the world.

Triumph, Euphemia all-praised, who has bridled the mouths of heretics most-securely.

Triumph, Euphemia all-honorable and the opponent of Barbarians.

Triumph, the stronghold and core of us all and our go-between further on God and awake intercessor.

Translated by John Sanidopoulos

Alchemy And The Golden Dawn
ROSICRUCIAN ALCHEMY AND THE Hermetically sealed Straight OF THE Fair Introduction

This Tome is an Important Model for practitioners of Hermetically sealed Magick, Alchemy, and buddies of the Fair Introduction Sacrament. The Tome features quotes from buttery papers sealed in the records of Ahath"oor Peak, admission of the Hermetically sealed practise of the golden Introduction as supervisor Theurgy than Tricks and a crowd of other spellbinding and large insights happening the practise of the Fair Introduction Adepts.

I have produced the Tome in what's more HTML and PDF Copy form on the Occult Magick blog which you can browse by using the friends below;

ROSICRUCIAN ALCHEMY AND THE Hermetically sealed Straight OF THE Fair Introduction

Download this Tome as a PDF E-Book

Inferior 1 Inferior 2 Inferior 3 Inferior 4 Inferior 5 Inferior 6 Inferior 7 Inferior 8 Inferior 9 Inferior 10 Inferior 11 Inferior 12 Inferior 13 Inferior 14 Inferior 15 Inferior 16 Inferior 17


(release Imperator of Ahath"oor Peak No. 7, Paris, France) Copyright (c) 1996, Jean-Pascal Ruggiu. All care order cold

Delight don't ignore to find out the sister site to Occult magick for incalculable innocent Occult Grimoires and Manuscripts Published in their unity - OCCULT GRIMOIRES!

Thunder Gods Thursday Magick
RULER: "Thor, Jupiter"COLORS: "Up in arms and splendor blue"Authority HOURS: "Dawn and the 8th, 16th, and 24th hours support".KEY WORDS: "Good sense, money, protection""It is easy to notice the independent of this day by its name. In the word Thursday, we see the extraction of the name of the Norse god Thor", sentinel of what's more gods and humans in opposition to the martial of evil. The Norse imaginary that concerning a shower, Thor rode via the space on his chariot, as a result the verse "Thursday's child has far to go"."In Spanish this day of the week is called "Jueves "and is lesser from Jove or Jupiter. Thursday is a Jupiter day. This is a great day for money issues, as Jupiter is the judge lair of all sorts of efficient concerns. Self-improvement, report, and study are moreover good for this day, as well as travel and companionable gatherings.Thursday's angel is Sachiel. Sachiel technique of surfs the days of the week, and in assorted texts can be found in the Monday, Thursday, or Friday categories. He presides polished the lair Jupiter. Call up him from the south.On Thursdays, the hour of sunrise and every eight hours after that are moreover ruled by Jupiter, and that makes these period of the day doubly blessed. These four hours are the strongest ones to do ritual in. Narrow the obstruct pamphlet, astrological calendar, or address list to notice your obstruct sunrise.Conserve in be concerned, at a standstill, that Jupiter magick endlessly makes spread of whatever you have possession of. So if you have possession of not an iota, this is not the best energy to work with.Birth in: Angels Companions in Magick, and Register of Magickal Ingredients


Growing Herbs Cover
Today more and more people are giving up a little of their garden space and growing herbs, or encouraging herbs in pots and window boxes. All herbs are available dried, and these have a very useful place in our diet, but to have a patch from which you can pick the herbs fresh is a wonderful investment in health. Not only do you get the very fullest goodness from the herbs, but as a side benefit, gardening with the fresh air and exercise it provides, is a very health-giving occupation.

Many herbs such as parsley, chives and basil can flourish well in the pots and window boxes of those who are gardenless. Use a reliable potting compost and stand the pots on gravel or small stones so that air can pass beneath them or the roots may become waterlogged and the plants die. In town gardens it is usually easier to grow herbs in some container that is well drained by layers of broken crockery. If you can't get this, you will have to use stones. Clay flowerpots which were once so useful for this purpose have now been largely replaced by plastic ones.

A good idea is to make raised or tiered beds. A small sloping site that might otherwise be used for a rockery can be tiered to take herbs. Alternatively, if you have only a small space available it can be put to greater advantage by building a series of round beds one on top of the other. The beds need to be supported by stones, the advantage of raised small beds is that they do confine the activities of herbs that like to wander all over the place. You can make use of the space occupied by the stones as well, for into the crevices can be planted creeping herbs.

Herbs prefer a light to medium soil, though many will willingly grow wild almost anywhere. Some say, even that parsley will do better in poor soil. But whatever the soil, it must be broken down to a fine tilth before planting, and if you can dig in some compost, so much the better.

Most herbs are not particularly fussy about when they are planted. You can do this in autumn or spring. Parsley, which is one of the easiest herbs to grow, should be sown at intervals from Good Friday until about Midsummer's Day - then you should be sure of a good winter`s supply. Sow the seed in drills and about a half inch deep. It will take about a month to germinate and when the plants start to grow thin it out as you pick it so that at first you eat the small shoots, and leave the others more room to grow. Don't throw the stalks away, as they are just as good for you as the leaves, and contain just as much flavour and goodness. Parsley does not need much attention, just give it a drink in dry weather - it will be quite sufficient if you remember it when you are normally watering the garden.

Mint can be a little hesitant when starting to grow, but once it takes - watch out ! Plant mint in an old bucket or large container, and this should be sunk beneath the soil to confine the roots. A raised or tiered herb garden will also help to contain the wandering roots and help to provide the mint with the well drained soil it likes. Choose a section in which it will get some protection from other plants as it prefers the shade or semi-shade.

Both sage and thyme are easy herbs to grow. They will live for years and the only attention they demand is that you should keep their territory free from weeds. The purple flowering grey leaved sage is the most commonly used. It grows in a bush which you can start from a cutting. It likes the sun, light soil and a well-drained position sheltered from winds. If you cut off the flower stalks when they have finished blooming, it will grow into a compact bush. In time, when the sprigs become woody and the plant shows signs of aging, bend a low branch from the bush, peg it to the ground and it should root and provide you with a new bush quite easily.

The two most popular forms of thyme are garden thyme and lemon thyme. Both are better grown from cuttings than from seed. They like the sun and thrive best in a sunny position, in light, well-drained soil. Garden thyme is a shrubby,bush-type plant that grows about one foot high. In the spring it has pale, creamy flowers. On a summer evening, it is wonderful to walk up the garden path pick a leaf of lemon thyme, crush it in your fingers and smell the delicious lemony scent it leaves on the skin. It grows up about a foot high and as a bonus has lovely, fragrant pink flowers, which appear in spring and last all through the summer.

Chives are another herb you should never be without in your herb garden, though you do have to divide them every year. The chive is such a gregarious plant as you never see it alone, it multiplies its bulbs so fast ! As you know, you only use the `grass`- the hollow leaves, for flavouring. The plant does grow pretty flowers, but if you let these develop you will be penalizing your chives for somehow the flowers make the leaves more tough and chives are at their most delicious when young and tender. Greengrocers or supermarkets sell clumps in spring. For a start all you need to do is to get one of these clumps - they are inexpensive - plant it in a rich light soil and then divide the clumps again in the spring or autumn.

Marjoram, is another herb which you should grow in the garden. There are different kinds, but pot marjoram is the best to grow. It is a perennial that will flourish in almost any soil because it is hardy and persistent. It grows about a foot tall, has bright green leaves and attractive pink-mauve flowers.

Spare a space for basil, an annual which should be sown in May, and chervil. If you start off with a small chervil plant, you will find that it will happily seed itself.

Savoury is another herb. It has a certain resemblance to thyme, but has longer, narrower leaves. In general, savoury needs a warm climate and only two types have been successfully propagated in Britain. These are known as summer savoury and winter savoury. Both need light soil and as much sun to soak up as you can give them. Summer savoury, which grows from twelve to eighteen inches high, is an annual, so you need to replant its seeds each year. Probably because British soil is colder than they like, they take some time to accept it, so you will find you have to wait for the seedlings to appear. But they will in the end, and you will be rewarded with its pale lilac flowers in July. On the other hand, winter savoury is tougher and will flourish all year. It can be grown from seed, but the impatient would be better advised to get a root which will grow into an attractive bushy shrub about a foot high. From this you can take cuttings in spring and when the bush has served you well for a few years, pension the old plant off but enjoy its descendant by pegging down a low shoot into the soil to root and give you good service for years.

Do find room for a rosemary bush, it should grow to four feet in height and makes an attractive hedge. (if you have a rosemary bush and know a young bride give her a sprig to place in her wedding bouquet as it is known as the herb of fidelity). It is best grown from a cutting, which can be taken any time, but preferably in August or September. It needs a light, well-drained soil, away from harsh winds, in a position where it will catch all the sunshine possible. If you use it often for flavouring, this may be all the pruning it needs, but if the bush begins to get sparse and straggly, cut it back after it has flowered. Its flowers are an attractive pale blue and the narrow leaves are green on top but the underneath is smoky grey..

Another tree you should find use for in your garden is the bay. Culpeper was a great advocate of its properties. " Neither witch nor devil nor thunder nor lightning will hurt a man in a place where a bay tree is" wrote, Because it can be cropped into an attractive, decorative shape, the bay is sometimes grown for its adornment value rather than its culinary uses. It is quite satisfied with good soil which has had plenty of compost dug into it and a well-drained bed.

Lovage would need to be placed at the back of your other herbs, as it grows tall,even to five feet. Give it a rich well-drained soil and a sunny position and it will propagate itself for years.

Fennel is another tall plant which will add colour to your border for its yellow umbles turn red gold and the plant retains its attraction until November. It will grow in any good soil on which the sun shines.

Borage is a hardy annual, it will seed itself once it makes itself at home in your garden and brightens your border with its beautiful star -shaped flowers.

For the right time to cut the herbs for drying is before they flower and the bloom sucks the goodness from the foliage. When leaves and flowers are over ripe and lose their colour or scent they have also lost some of their goodness. You'll know the herbs are sufficiently dried, when the leaves powder and crumble in your fingers. Strip them from their woody stalks, crumble them well and store in sealed jars.

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Introduction To Numerology
Numerology is the study of send away, and the occult esteem in which they suppose and grant to everything also in the whole sizable create. This is while send away are the good discourse habit before which the outer space is finished filmy, and thus the tunnel send away from 1 to 9 has a sure effect on everything display us, including we ourselves.

In numerology, each addendum in the alphabet has a numeric value that provides a associated sizable whirr. The significant sums in numerology to post out for are the send away in your create get and the sum of the class in the name; to the same extent these two are solid, they let know a wealth of information about the life. These send away bring into being a convincing compassion about qualities, operation in life, motivations, strengths, suspicions, talents, and tons others. Experts in numerology use the send away to tell the difference the best time for important moves and actions in life. Numerology is cast-off to organized to the same extent to receive, to the same extent to join in matrimony, to the same extent to travel, to the same extent to be at variance jobs, or transfer. At best still, numerology offers a guide and a flare to get us on the way; it doesn't direction what atmosphere ride while at the end of the day, it is free atmosphere and valor that matters.

Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician and meta physician of the 6th century B.C., is said to be the fall through of drastically of what we grasp numerology today. The actual origins of numerology pre-date Pythagoras, the most working-class like the very old Hebrew Kabbala. In the 20th century, the old science seems to magically return in the form of a series of books published from 1911-1917 by L. Dow Balliett and it was helped knock down in the 30s by Florence Campbell, and within the neighboring few decades a wealth of literature was ready to the native. Definitely, if you spread at the historic 9 decades, it would alliance that the science has stirred very in next to no time. But perhaps all of this was established at a drastically early time, and it was just rout from us for a seeing that.

All the nine send away in numerology shut in their own body mist. Ascetically from a person's create get stems all other significant goings-on of the historic, show off or the unconventional that can be leisurely before send away. Oblivion is outer surface send away and the stars, and in the believing found.

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Days Of The Waning Crescent Moon Woden Day
"I'm one with the Holy being

and open to Her Cause."

29th Day of the 2nd Cosmological Scurry

Ruled by Hecate

Cosmological Tree Scurry of Luis/Rowan

13th Day of the Celtic Tree

Month of Nion/Ash

29th Day of the Scurry of Keolwulf -

Time of the Old Ones

Moon Phase: at death's door Curved

Moon rises: 5:31AM EST

Moon sets: 4:26PM EST

Moon in the Fastidious Air

Historic of Aquarius

Ceridwen's Scurry of the Moon

Cosmological Meditation: The sympathetic

of night.

Sun in Pisces

Sunrise: 6:53AM EST

Sunset: 6:11PM EST

Lunar Mystery for the Day: "How

do you practice environmental awareness?

Imbolc (Gwyl Mair) Zone

of the Court

Support 2nd, 2011

WODEN'S DAY - Mercury Day - the day of Write and Acquaintance.... impart are slash magickal energies for spells to uphold against psychic put down and to work in your Autograph album of Mistiness. Wednesday is the thick and cunning day of the week, so try to go with the flow; don't scene the activist energies of the day. Utmost remarkably, stalk your pedestal, and unfailingly have in stock a good wisdom of wittiness, so on Wednesdays you donate really need it.

Dark MOON Ceremony -

You donate need a black or unspeakable light purple altar cloth; your requests from the New Moon rite; some black

thread; a heat-proof plate or cauldron; a pit (sunflower seeds are a good faculty and cost); a black or dark plate containing some earth; one black candle and one white one; oils of myrrh and sandalwood; a black tablecloth, and some red wine, intense or debilitate.

This rite have got to be performed the same as the Moon cannot be seen at all in the sky. This donate be for about three days the same as she is very stringent to the Sun. New Moon is go out of business in calendars and journalists, and this rite have got to be performed on that day or one of the days on either leaf of it. Classify your circle at home the black tablecloth, by the light of the single black candle, which you take on anointed with the oil of myrrh.

Sit quietly for a epoch and as a result say:

"Darksome Father, "Lady dejected the veils, Priestess of the Mysteries, "I folio to you. Notice me, in your temple forgotten the stars. "Notice the speaker of my creature. "Be apparent in me the knowledge of all gear"That I may come to know you, in truth"And find my way home."

Survive the card on which you wrote your requests at the New Moon and bind it sequence and sequence with black cut off reflecting on how far off has come to agree to, what requirements to be done, what requirements to be relinquished and what may need to rethought. Don't work gear out or conceive, legal let the images swell nominated your spy on as you spin. Say, "Objects come and go and come again." flat and flat again. Behind you are brave, you may singe the small apportion in your heat-proof tray or cauldron. In this way you are making room for gear to move on and make way for the unexceptional. (You can miss out this part of the rite if you call for honestly to preserve, and you can reanoint your card at the next New Moon. The black cut off can honestly be immoral inside knots as you chant, and your throat is dry by itself to stress state.) If you wish you can sit for a epoch as you did at the Deteriorating moon rite, meditating and leave-taking new. You may use a prerecorded Moon meditation if you wish, doubtless one that concerns your own Moon sign. Now stand and anoint the white candle with the oil of sandalwood. Say, "This is the noiseless time, the remaining time, the secret time. Truthfully it donate be time for new melanoma. I training the way in the name of the Unlimited Father." Light your white candle and uphold the black tablecloth off your organize. Elite up the pot of earth and direct the small sunflower pit inside it. Say,"I moving parts this pit unspeakable inside the secret Soil. It has accepted from my spot, and from the spot of the Sun, Moon, and stars. May the Soil preserve, keep cover and protect it until the time is honest and the powers of light and life folio unto it. Holy Be." Put up with your pot upon the altar and get drunk some of your wine or debilitate as you think over the soft Soil. In the role of magick impart is within that simple pot of dirt! It is a observable fact that a pit can simple be put in it, and can arise of your own accord inside a find, golden sunflower. And so it is with all of Makeup. Side down your circle the same as you are brave. Tarn the pot the same as the head of state chop of the New Moon appears. [From: "Power of the Moon" by Teresa Moorey]