Doll Distance Healing Spell Cover
Because once upon a time Chinese women wouldn't undress before a doctor (even today a visit to a traditional Chinese physician rarely involves undressing), beautiful, anatomically correct naked dolls were carved from ivory. These dolls served as a communications device between doctor and patient; pain, illness, affliction, and methods of healing could be demonstrated on the doll with minimum embarrassment. These dolls are still sometimes found in antique shops; reproductions are also available.

Use this type of doll or find a less realistic one to perform magical distance healing. Poppets can also be created and used for this purpose.

Here's how:

* Hold the doll in your hands to charge it with your intentions and healing energy.
* Murmur healing incantations, affirmations, and blessings over the doll.
* Massage the doll with blended castor and olive oils, scented with essential oil of lavender.
* Place the doll within a ring of burning healing candles.

* Repeat as needed until the healing is complete.

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Magical Hoodoo Roots And Herbs Cover
Herbal preparations are nature's gift to all of us and embody, in concentrated form, the wonders of the Spirit world in which we live. Hersb, roots, and living plants are employed in a number of ways by hoodoo rootworkers and their use is a fundamental part of conjure practice.

Plant species often gain their reputation for magically influencing situations through the Doctrine of Signatures, which holds that the appearance of an natural curio points the way toward its use in magic. A great example of this is the use of violet leaves in love work. Why do we use them? Well, it certainly is partly because they are heart shaped and when we do love work we want to influence someone's heart!

Famous hoodoo formulas like Love Me, Crown of Success, and Van Van are based in specific leaves, roots, and flowers and the magical properties attributed to them through experience and tradition. Herbs that are grown or wildcrafted by spiritual workers may be harvested at specific times and prayed over both prior to and after harvesting has taken place.

The leaves, roots, stems, seeds, and flowers of magical plants are usually dried after harvesting, and in that form they may be used in the crafting of spiritual baths and floor washes, mojo bags and jack balls, condition oils, for compounding incense, they may be placed in a bowl to attract or dispel spirits, to dress candles, or to treat certain conditions both internally and externally. Often whole roots and nuts will be prepared for use as talismanic curios by being anointed with oil and blessed.

Herbal infusions, decoctions, teas, and poultices may also be used for spiritual and medicinal purposes, as well as in conditions which have both physical and spiritual components. Herbs are also used by some root doctors and candle ministers in the preparation of candle spells.

Many people who perform cleansings with an egg like to offer the egg to a large or powerful tree at the conclusion of the rite; likewise, petitions and prayers are often hidden in the crotches of old trees.

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Healing By Material Means Cover
Yesterday at table we spoke of curative treatment and spiritual healing, which consists in treating maladies through the spiritual powers.

Now let us speak of material healing. The science of medicine is still in a condition of infancy; it has not reached maturity. But when it has reached this point, cures will be performed by things which are not repulsive to the smell and taste of man--that is to say, by aliments, fruits and vegetables which are agreeable to the taste and have an agreeable smell. For the provoking cause of disease-- that is to say, the cause of the entrance of disease into the human body--is either a physical one or is the effect of excitement of the nerves.

But the principal causes of disease are physical, for the human body is composed of numerous elements, but in the measure of an especial equilibrium. As long as this equilibrium is maintained, man is preserved from disease; but if this essential balance, which is the pivot of the constitution, is disturbed, the constitution is disordered, and disease will supervene.

For instance, there is a decrease in one of the constituent ingredients of the body of man, and in another there is an increase; so the proportion of the equilibrium is disturbed, and disease occurs. For example, one ingredient must be one thousand grams in weight, and another five grams, in order that the equilibrium be maintained. The part which is one thousand grams diminishes to seven hundred grams, and that which is five grams augments until the measure of the equilibrium is disturbed; then disease occurs. When by remedies and treatments the equilibrium is reestablished, the disease is banished. So if the sugar constituent increases, the health is impaired; and when the doctor forbids sweet and starchy foods, the sugar constituent diminishes, the equilibrium is reestablished, and the disease is driven off. Now the readjustment of these constituents of the human body is obtained by two means--either by medicines or by aliments; and when the constitution has recovered its equilibrium, disease is banished. All the elements that are combined in man exist also in vegetables; therefore, if one of the constituents which compose the body of man diminishes, and he partakes of foods in which there is much of that diminished constituent, then the equilibrium will be established, and a cure will be obtained. So long as the aim is the readjustment of the constituents of the body, it can be effected either by medicine or by food.

The majority of the diseases which overtake man also overtake the animal, but the animal is not cured by drugs. In the mountains, as in the wilderness, the animal's physician is the power of taste and smell. The sick animal smells the plants that grow in the wilderness; he eats those that are sweet and fragrant to his smell and taste, and is cured. The cause of his healing is this. When the sugar ingredient has become diminished in his constitution, he begins to long for sweet things; therefore, he eats an herb with a sweet taste, for nature urges and guides him; its smell and taste please him, and he eats it. The sugar ingredient in his nature will be increased, and health will be restored.

It is, therefore, evident that it is possible to cure by foods, aliments and fruits; but as today the science of medicine is imperfect, this fact is not yet fully grasped. When the science of medicine reaches perfection, treatment will be given by foods, aliments, fragrant fruits and vegetables, and by various waters, hot and cold in temperature.

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Glossary The Guide To Aromatherapy Cover
ABORTIFACIENT: Induces childbirth or premature labour.
AEROPHAGY: An excess of air *in the alimentary canal that is relieved through burping or flatulence.
ALTERATIVE: Gradually improves the nutritional state of the body.
ANALGESIC: Relieves or reduces pain.
ANAPHRODISIAC: Reduces sexual desire.
ANESTHETIC: Numbs the nerves and causes a loss of sensation.
ANTHELMINTIC: Expels or kills intestinal worms.
ANTIBACTERIAL: Kills bacteria.
ANTIDEPRESSANT: Reduces or prevents depression.
ANTIDIARRHOEIC: Relieves diarrhea.
ANTIDOTE: Counteracts a poison.
ANTIEMETIC: Counteracts nausea and stops vomiting.
ANTIFUNGAL: Kills ftmgal infections.
ANTIGALACTAGOGUE: Reduces the production of milk secretion of nursing mothers.
ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Reduces inflammation.
ANTILITHIC: Prevents formation of stones or calculus.
ANTINEURALGIC: Stops nerve pain.
ANTIPHLOGISTIC: Counteracts, reduces, or prevents inflammation.
ANTIPRURITIC: Relieves or prevents itching.
ANTIPUTRID: Stops putrefaction.
ANTISCLEROTIC: Removes deposits from circulatory vessels.
ANTISCORBUTIC: Preventative for scurvy.
ANTISEPTIC: Inhibits the growth of and kills bacteria.
ANTISPASMODIC: Relieves or prevents spasms, cramps, and convulsions.
ANTISUDORIFIC: Reduces perspiration.
ANTITOXIC: Counteracts poisons.
ANTITUSSIVE: Relieves coughs.
ANTIVIRAL: Weakens or kills viruses.
APERIENT: A gentle purgative of the bowels.
APERITIF: Appitite stimuland.
APHRODISIAC: Arouses sexual desires.
BALSAMIC: Softens phlegm.
BRONCHODILATOR: Expands the spastic bronchial tube.
CALMATIVE: Mild sedative or tranquilizer.
CARDIAC: Stimulates or affects the heart.
CARDIOTONIC: Tones the heart muscle.
CARMINATIVE: Expels gas from the intestines.
CEPHALIC: Problems relating to the head.
CHOLAGOGUE: Increases the flow of bile.
CHOLERETIC: Stimulates the production of bile.
CICATRIZANT: Helps the formation of scar tissue; heal Mig.
COAGULANT: Clots the blood.
CYTOPHYLACTIC: Protects the cells of the organism.
DECONGESTANT: Relieves congestion.
DEMULCENT: Soothes irritated tissue, particularly mucous membranes.
DEPURATIVE: Cleanses and purifies the blood and internal organs.
DETERSIVE: Detergent. Cleanses wounds and sores, and promotes the formation of scar tissue.
DIAPHORETIC: Causes perspiration.
DISINFECTANT: Kills infections and disease producing microorganisms.
DIURETIC: Increases the secretion and elinu*nation of urine.
EMETIC: Induces vomiting.
EMMENAGOGUE: Promotes and regulates menstruation.
EMOLLIENT: Softens the skin, and soothes inflamed and irritated tissues.
ESTROGENIC: Similar to estrogen.
EUPHORIANT: Brings on an exaggerated sense of physical and emotional well-being.
EXPECTORANT: Promotes the discharge of mucous from the lungs and bronchial tubes.
FEBRIFUGE: Reduces or prevents fevers.
FIXATIVE: Holds the scent of a fragrance.
GALACTAGOGUE: Promotes or increases the secretion of milk in nursing mothers.
GERMICIDE: Kills germs.
HALLUCINOGEN: Induces hallucinations-an imagined or false sense of perception.
HEMOSTATIC: Stops hemorrhaging.
HEPATIC: That which acts on the liver.
HYPERTENSOR: Raises the blood pressure.
HYPNOTIC: Induces sleep.
HYPOTENSOR: Lowers the blood pressure.
INSECTICIDE: Kills insects.
LARVICIDE: Kills the larvae of insects.
LAXATIVE: Promotes the elimination from the bowels; a mild purgative.
NERVINE: Calming and soothing to the nervous system.
PARASITICIDE: Kills parasites.
PECTORAL: Affecting the respiratory system.
PURGATIVE: Promotes vigorous elimination from the bowels.
REGENERATOR: Promotes new growth or repair of structures or tissues.
REJUVENATOR: Assists in promoting a youthful appearance.
RELAXANT: Lessens or reduces tension, and produces relaxation.
RESOLVENT: Reduces swellings.
RESTORATIVE: Restores consciousness and/or normal physiological activity.
RUBEFACIENT: A local irritant that reddens the skin.
SEDATIVE: Calms anxiety and promotes drowsiness.
STIMULANT: Excites or quickens an activity in the body.
STOMACHIC: Strengthens, stimulates, and tones the stomach.
SUDORIFIC: Promotes or increases perspiration.
TONIC: Strengthens and revitalizes the body or specific organs.
TRANQUILIZER: Calms the nerves.
VASOCONSTRICTOR: Constricts the blood vessels.
VASODILATOR: Dilates the blood vessels.
VERMIFUGE: Expels intestinal worms.
VULNERARY. Assists healing of wounds and sores by external application.

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The Circulation Of The Body Of Light Cover
The energy used in the Circulation of the Body of Light is very powerful and best used for self-healing.

Start by doing the Relaxation Ritual, the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, and the Middle Pillar Ritual, but do not visualize the Middle Pillar vanishing.

STEP ONE: While keeping the visualization of the Middle Pillar, refocus your attention on the white brilliance just above your head. Visualize this brilliance in a state of extreme strength, needing to radiate out even more energy. Visualize it sending a current of energy down into the head and to the left shoulder. Let this energy pass down the left side of your body to your left foot. Feel it move to your right foot, up the right side of your body, to your head, and bach up into the brilliance.

This motion should be synchronized with your breath. When you exhale, feel the energy go down your left side. When you inhale, feel the energy go up your right side. You should have the sensation of a circle of energy swirling around you. Move the energy, with your breath, in six to ten cycles. Feel free to extend the energy out further to the sides (the most common is about three feet away from your body).

STEP TWO: This is similar to the first method, but instead of directing the energy down one side and up the other, here you should direct the energy down the front of your body and up the back. be sure to synchronize your breathing so that as you exhale the energy goes down the front of your body and as you inhale, it goes up the back, up to your head and into the brilliance. Do this six to ten times.

STEP THREE: Re-visualize the entire Middle Pillar. This time, focus your attention on the brilliance at your feet. From the upper right side of this power center visualize the energy curling up in a tight spiral to the front of the left leg. from here it continues around the back and continues moving upward in a counter-clockwise spiral. It is as if you are being wrapped like an Egyptian mummy, from the feet to the head. Instead of cloth, however, you are being wrapped in energy.

You should feel a whirling of spiritual power as the pure spiritual light and energy rises up in spirals to the brilliance above your head. When it reaches this brilliance, you should visualize the energy exploding out like a water fountain in all directions. This energy lands at your feet and begins to rise in the spiral again. As you inhale, feel the energy rise towards the top, as you exhale, feel it explode out towards your feet. Do this for six to ten cycles. Then, take a very deep breath, and as you exhale, see the energy disappear visually, but know that it is still there invisibly.

STEP FOUR: Finish by doing the Tarot Contemplation Ritual.

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Hiccups Old Gypsy Cures Cover

* To cure hiccups repeat in one breath the words:

There was an old woman who lived all alone,

And she was made of skin and bone.

One day to church she went to pray,

And on the ground a man there lay,

And from his head unto his feet

The worms crawled in, the worms crawled out.

The woman to the parson said:

Shall I be so when I am dead?

The parson he said yes


* In a droning, deep, ghostly tone say the following:

There was an old man an' an old woman,

And they lived in a bottle and eat BONES

* Munch a spoonful of sugar

* Scare the one troubled with hiccoughs by some startling announcement or accusation, as", you've torn your dress! or" did you break my vase? etc

* Steadily point a finger at the hiccougher, or to make him hold up his arm and shake it

* Slowly take nine sips of water

* Put the thumb up against the lower lip, with the fingers under the chin, and say, "hiccup, hiccup, over my thumb," nine times

* Try for a long time to make the edges of the thumb-nails meet at the end

* Think of the one you love best, to cure hiccoughs

. * Put a butter knife in a glass of water with the handle up. Keeping the knife in the water, hold the handle of the knife to your left temple while at the same time drinking the entire glass of water.

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Elderberry Influenza Cure Cover
Take half an ounce of elderflowers and one ounce of peppermint herbs. Pour over them one pint of boiling water. Simmer for 15 to 20 minutes, then strain into a jug and sweeten with sugar or treacle. Drink this mixture hot on going to bed.

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Elderberry Bread Cover
Elderberries are the size of cultivated currants but very strongly flavored, crunchy, and not as sweet. Raw, they have a slightly rank flavor and give some people indigestion, so always cook them. You may also dehydrate and reconstitute them before you use them.

Here is a recipe that demonstrates how good elderberries taste if you use them sparingly, with other ingredients, and sweeten the recipe. This bread contains all kinds of things crunchy: sunflower seeds, coconut, granola, and, of course, elderberries.


* 3 3/4 cups rye flour and 1 1/3 cups barley flour, "1 1/3 any whole-grain flour
* 5 tablespoons freshly ground flaxeeds
* 1 teaspoon baking soda
* 1/2 teaspoon salt
* 3 1/4 cups apple juice or other unsweetened fruit juice
* 2 tablespoons corn oil
* 1 teaspoon coconut extract (optional)
* 1 teaspoon amaretto extract (optional)
* 2 cups elderberries
* 1 cup granola

* 1 cup shelled raw sunflower seeds

* 1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
* 2 tablespoons lecithin granules
* 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon


* Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

* Mix the flour, ground glaxseeds, baking soda, and salt in a large bowl. 3. In a medium-size bowl, mix together the apple juice, liquid stevia, if you are using it, lemon juice, corn oil, and extracts. Mix the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients, being careful not to overmix. Stir in the elderberries, granola, sunflower seeds, coconut, and lecithin.

* Press the dough into 2 oiled 8 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 2 1/2- inch bread pans. Sprinkle the cinnamon on top. Set a pan of hot water on the bottom of the oven to keep the crust soft. Bake the loaves until a toothpick inserved in the center emerges clean, about 1 hour.

* Remove the loaves from the oven and let them cool on a wire rack before slicing. Makes 2 loaves.

Adapted from The Wild Vegetarian Cookbook,

by 'Wildman' Steve Brill

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Diet Ice Cover
Use this method to empower water to remove excess weight from your body.

* 1 ice tray
* Water, to fill the ice tray
* Yellow food coloring
* Lemon wedges

Tint the water a pretty yellow and pour it into the ice tray. Drink water with a lemon wedge over this ice as part of your diet.

Each time you add ice, affirm, "As the ice melts away, so too does my excess weight. So mote it be!"

From: Elemental Witch

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Indigestion Cover
Indigestion may be the most prevalent complaint people have, outside of the common cold.

It's little wonder that almost everyone suffers from indigestion and related problems at one time or another. The stomach does some amazing things to its contents requiring it to grind like a grist mill and release an acid so powerful it could burn the skin.

Then what is the answer to indigestion? Well, if you suffer form indigestion regularly, its time to see a doctor since indigestion can be a symptom of some other problem.

But, for those with occasional and simple indigestion, there are several natural remedies, some known for hundreds of years.

It may sound unlikely that bran can heal an upset stomach or indigestion, but an article in the British Medical Journal indicated that bran might work to soothe the stomach as well as the colon.

A total of 70 patients with diverticular disease of the colon were given bran to help their colon problem. Of the 70, 11 of them had complained of nausea and stomach upset. After taking an average of two tablespoons of bran daily for several weeks, seven of the 11 said their nausea had disappeared and two others said their symptoms were relieved. Many cases of heartburn were also relieved by the bran.

Several natural foods and herbs have been shown to reduce stomach distress.
Following are some of them:

PAPAYA: This natural digestive aid helps in digesting protein. If papaya is out of season, you can purchase papaya supplements at health food stores. Papaya may relieve gas as well as stomach upsets and indigestion.

FENNEL: In the famed natural herb book "Back to Eden" Jethro Kloss says fennel is a remedy for "gas, acid stomach, cramps, colic and spasms". Many herbalists say a tea made from fennel seeds is a good treatment for indigestion.

CATNIP: Tea made from catnip leaves is a traditional remedy for stomach ailments, particularly among children. Kloss called it "very useful in pain of any kind" and said it was excellent in eliminating gas and stomach acid.

ANISE: Sometimes an over-acid stomach comes from too many sweets. Herbalists recommend anise seeds in that case. In his book "Nature's Healing Agents," Dr.
R. Swinburne Clymer notes that parents used to give their children cakes covered with anise seeds during the holiday season to soothe their acid stomachs which came from eating too many sweets.

MINT: Both peppermint and spearmint leaves are excellent for making a tea for nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and colon problems. A tablespoon of crushed leaves steeped in a cup of water for five minutes can help eliminate all sorts of digestive problems.

SAGE: The slightly bitter tea made from sage leaves is said to be an excellent tonic for intestinal inflammations, including stomach inflammations.

YOGURT: Milk which has been fermented by one of the yogurt bacteria has been found to be soothing to the entire digestive tract. In the book "Encyclopedia of Common Diseases" by the editors of Prevention magazine, eating yogurt can soothe everything from an enflames esophagus to colitis. The book quotes a doctor of osteopathy as saying "If someone comes into my office with a digestive complaint, I ask them to eat a cup of yogurt a day and come back in a week. Only if their problem exists – and it often doesn't – do I investigate further."

by Dave Peyton

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Whole Wheat Herb And Onion Bread Cover


* 12 cups wholewheat or graham flour
* 1 tsp salt
* 1 1/2 cakes compressed yeast
* 1/2 tsp brown sugar
* 4 3/4 cups warm water
* 1 finely chopped small onion
* 1 tsp lovage seeds
* 3 cups chopped fresh green herbs, which could include parsley, chervil, lovage, caraway, thyme, marjoram, chives, etc
* 2 tbsp butter


Put the flour and salt to warm for a few minutes in a warm oven. Crumble the yeast into a bowl, add the sugar and a few spoonfuls of the warm water and mix well. Leave in a warm place until frothy.

Add the yeast mixture and the remaining water to the warmed flour and mix well with a wooden spoon. Mix in the onion, lovage seeds, and herbs.

Take the dough from the bowl and knead for 5 minutes on a floured wooden board, pressing and turning the dough to distribute the herbs and yeast evenly.

Grease 3 bread pans with the butter. Divide the dough into 3 balls and press into the pans. Cover the pans with a cloth and leave them in a warm place for about 45 minutes while the dough rises. It will not rise as dramatically as dough made with white flour.

Bake for 15 minutes in a hot oven (425'F) then reduce the heat to moderate (350') and bake further for 30 to 45 minutes. Tip the loaves from their pans and return to the oven for a few minutes to crisp the crust.

This is a basic wholewheat recipe and walnuts, hazelnuts, or chopped celery can be substituted for the onion and lovage seeds.

From: The Complete Book of Herbs and Spices

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Reading The Leaves Cover
Now the seer receives the cup from the sitter and proceeds to tell his or her fortune, unless of course one is to tell one's own fortune. The seer should concentrate upon the cup and upon the consultant. The seer will observe that the tea leaves are scattered over the cup in apparent confusion but it will be noted after concentration that they form lines, circles, dots, small groups and figures.

Note carefully the shapes and figures assumed by the leaves. Turn the cup and view from different angles until the symbols become clear. Be patient and search carefully for symbols and not their position. The more you search the clearer they become. Note the resemblance to various objects, and their relation to each other. Sometimes bad omens will be offset by good ones; good ones may be strengthened or weakened by others, good or evil, and so on.

"The tea cup reveals good fortune (1,4,5) for you. I see a lover (3) and much success. I see the letter "L"- perhaps his name begins with "L" but you have not met him yet because he seems to be in the future - not far distant perhaps but not in the present. I see success is about to crown some venture you have undertaken or are about to undertake. But there seems to be difficulties closing in upon (2) you in the near future".

"Fear not in this tea cup good fortune more than outweighs the bad. I see a marriage, possibly you own (4) or a friend's. It seems certain that this good fortune that is coming will be most unexpected".

Such objects as cats, trees, flowers, letters, numbers, etc., will be discerned by the exercise of the "seer's" observation and imagination. Possibly these may be unconsciously strengthened by a keen intuition. Each symbol possesses some significance. They may be large or small and their size may determine their relative importance. For instance: if the likeness of a "Septre" should be observed it would mean that the sitter should expect some honor bestowed upon him or her. If the symbol were small, the honor received would be small and if the symbol were large, the honor might be great.

Then again: a few tea leaves may form a group that might in turn form a letter such as "M". If this letter "M" should be close to a symbol resembling a "serpent" which is bad luck, it might mean that the "sitter" should guard against an enemy whose name begins with "M". If on the other hand the letter "M" should appear near a symbol of a bird flying towards the handle of the cup (the "residence") it might mean that the sitter would receive a letter from, or news of, a person whose name begins with "M". If on the other hand the letter "M" should appear near a symbol of a bird flying towards the handle of the cup (the "residence") it might mean that the sitter would receive a letter from, or news of, a person whose name begins with "M". Again: If the bird were flying away from the "residence", the sitter would be sending a letter to the person "M".

The small tealeaves frequently form lines. A line means a journey, a long line a long journey, etc. The direction of the journey may be determined by the direction of the line. If a line should approach and reach the handle and the sitter should be away from home it would mean that he or she would return. If the line should end before it reaches the handle it would mean that the "sitter" would move to another residence. A wavy or broken line means delayed journeys and straight-line quick journeys. If a number such as "6" should be observed it would mean a journey of six days or six weeks; or possibly a journey to be taken in six weeks, etc., etc.

Dots surrounding a symbol indicate money in some form depending on the symbol. Should a leaf cling to the edge or rim of the cup some event foretold by the symbols in the cup is imminent. Someone may be thinking of the "sitter" at the very moment. Look for a letter to find a clue to the identity of this person.

Observe the complete picture as a whole as well as individual symbols for often-bad omens may outweigh good omens or vice versa. One large distinct good omen may outweigh several smaller hazy bad omens. Good and bad should be balanced against each other in determining the forecast.

If mysteries should be revealed to you, question them if you will, but cherish and keep the Gypsy's secret.

~Princess Romana

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Herbal Prosperity Powder Cover
Herbal powders have long been used to improve the quality of a person's life. Here is one herbal potion that will make you prosperous. Take equal amounts of ground cloves, cinnamon, mustard seed, and ginger and grind in a mortar and pestle to a fine powder. Visualize the mixture drawing wealth to you as you work.

Sprinkle some of the powder around your home. Toss it in corners. Add some to the change in your wallet and any other place you stash money. Make some up into sachets and tuck into drawers or add to baskets where you keep your mail and bills. Be creative in how you use the powder, and money will find you in creative ways.

~Laurel Reufner

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Moon Vow For Weight Loss Cover
When the moon shows cold and slender
Stand beneath her starved light
Wearing only white and silver
Say, to whet her appetite
I make my vow to fast
Until this crescent moon shines round and full
While she waxes, let me want
I must lose, that she may gain
While she grows, take silver wine
Silver wine, silver milk
And bread like snow or linen fine
And fish as clear as ice or silk
But only these and less of all
Than you would wish to feed her well.

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Dry Herbs Cover
Herbs act in almost magical and astonishing ways: spasms may relax, pains vainsh, constipation overcome, nervousness recede, headaches disappear, colds be banished, allergies counteracted, fevers controlled, blood flow arrested... the magic is endless.

The varieties of dry herbs, seeds & roots are charted below:

* Ashwagandha
* Amla
* Anise Seed
* Arjun Bark
* Ashoka Bark
* Brahmi
* Bhringraj
* Fennel Seed
* Fenugreek
* Multani Mitti
* Rose Petal’s
* Shikakai
* Sanai / Senna Leaf

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Catnip Insect Repellent Cover
* Take sensible precautions in using any mosquito repellent. Many experienced outdoor people suggest putting insect repellent on clothing. The repellent lasts longer and is not washed away by sweat. Test the repellent on a small area of clothing to be sure it does not stain. If you do use it on skin, test a small area such as inside an elbow to see if your skin has an allergic reaction. Always apply sparingly, especially on young children.

* Grow catnip plants in your garden or indoor planter. Take off a leafy stalk, crush the leaves and rub them on skin or clothing. Wear catnip leaves crushed in a handkerchief or bandanna around your neck. If you are not sensitive to catnip, try rubbing a fresh catnip leaf on pulse spots such as behind ears, inside elbows and wrists, behind knees and at ankles.

* Chop a handful of fresh catnip leaves and stems in a food processor. Put the chopped catnip in a pot. Pour 2 cups boiling water over the catnip and let it steep like tea. Strain the leaves out and refrigerate the liquid. Pour it into a spray bottle. Spray on clothing just before going outdoors.

* Use catnip oil to make a spray. Mix about a half-teaspoon of essential oil of catnip with 1 cup isopropyl alcohol and 1 cup water. Shake well and spray lightly on clothing, arms and legs. Do not use on children, pets or people sensitive to catnip.

* Brew a catnip and vinegar spritz. Crush 2 cups catnip leaves and add to 3 cups white or rice vinegar in a quart jar. Seal and store in dark cupboard. Shake every day for 2 weeks. Strain mixture into clean jar and refrigerate. Use as a light spritz on clothes, arms or legs. Some say the vinegar keeps the mosquitoes away, other say the catnip does the work.

* Gather 2 cups catnip and 1 cup rosemary leaves. Crush the leaves by using a rolling pin or scrunching them with your hands. Put the leaves in a clean jar and cover with 2 cups unscented body care oil or vegetable glycerin. Store in a cool dark cupboard for 2 weeks. Shake the jar lightly every day. After 2 weeks, strain out the leaves and pour the oil into a clean jar. Refrigerate and use the catnip body oil as needed.

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Color Healing Meditation Cover
Healing with color requires a basic understanding of the specific function of a particular color. Of course, the list below is quite simple, revealing mostly primary colors, but it's a great starting point.

WHITE: Purification, stabilizing, the all purpose color. Use this color when you are not sure which color to use. It is beneficial to all systems in the body.

BLACK: Grounding, protection. Black gets a bad rap. Black is actually a protective color. Avoid using too much of this color as it could bring on depression. This color is never used alone, but with a combination of colors.

GREEN: General healing, growth. Green helps to restore balance and equilibrium. Used for circulatory system, emotional conditions, and conditions related to the heart chakra. Do not use this color for cancerous or tumor-like conditions since green is a color of growth.

RED: Stimulating, strengthening, warming. Used for circulatory system, sexuality, anemia, stimulating the over all energy of the metabolism, and for most blood conditions. Do not use red in cases of hypertension or if bleeding is a problem.

BLUE: Blue acts as an antiseptic and cooling agent, and enhances the natural flow of energy. Excellent for inflammations including those of internal organs, also good for cuts and burns. Cooling, calming, cleansing, restructuring. Used for respiratory, eyes, ears, nose, asthma, high blood pressure.

YELLOW: Awakening, mental stimulation, used for most conditions related to the solar plex chakra, especially the digestive system, stomach, intestines, adrenal function, and bladder. Yellow enriches, stimulates, lightens and activates many of the systems of the body. It tends to encourage orderliness and clarity. It can act as a mild sedative to relieve many fears and give a mental uplift. Gradual and consistent exposure to yellow light decreases blood pressure and heart rate and increases energy and endurance.

ORANGE: Activating, constructing. Orange creates balance. In times of stress, or after a shock or a surprise, orange can help the body to return to a state of balance. Used for spleen, pancreas, stomach, food assimilation, eliminative system, and most conditions related to the naval chakra.

INDIGO: Purification. Used for endocrine system, lymph system, immune system, blood purifier, conditions of the ears, nose, throat. In a depressed state, indigo is to be avoided as it can easily deepen the mood. Indigo is a slight narcotic removing fears and reassures those afraid of the dark. Good for emotional problems, deafness, and especially good for the eyes, even cataracts.

VIOLET: Violet is the door to the unseen. Exposure to violet light is good for emotional problems, rheumatism, epilepsy, reducing pain, deep tissue work, and bones. Purification, cleansing. Used for skeletal system, nervous system, balancing of physical and spiritual energies.

PINK: Soothing, nurturing. Used for the immune system, thymus gland, skin conditions, inflammation, and helping to soothe emotional disturbances.

GOLD: Restructuring, strengthening. Used for cardiac system, the entire immune system.


Choose the color you feel is most appropriate for your needs.

For this meditation either sit in a chair or stand. Imagine an egg shaped bubble around you.Breathe in deeply from your nose imagining that color entering your feet and filling your entire body. When you exhale image the color exiting your body into your visualized egg shaped bubble. Continue to do this until the egg shaped bubble is filled with the color.

When you are complete take a few moments to come back into the room.


* If you can find a light bulb in your color of choice, you can bathe yourself and the room with color. If no light bulb is available, consider putting colored cellaphane over the window. Use your imagination and creativity.

* Find a piece of cloth, paper, or other object in the required color. Spend time before the meditation staring at it, taking in the color.

* Wear clothing, or cover yourself with a blanket or sheet that is the color you've chosen. Alternatively, you could wrap ribbon or yarn around your wrists.

* Drink water that has been charged with the color: Fill a glass bottle with water, wrap it with colored tissue paper or cellaphane and set it in the sun for several hours.

* After the meditation, eat some food of the same color. For example: Green beans, Red cherries, Purple plums, Blue berries...


For best results, the meditation should be repeated twice a day until the symptoms begin to subside. After that, you can gradually taper off - paying attention to your body's response.

If you feel that you have taken in too much of one color, you can easily balance yourself with a meditation on green, and/or black and white.

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Hoodoo Incense Cover
Spiritual incense has a long tradition of use in hoodoo. Incense can be burned during altar work and prayer as well as while spell casting. It can be burned on its own to spiritually cleanse of clear a room of negative energy or bad spirits.

The most common types of incense that root doctors prescribe for their clients are natural tree resin and dried herb incenses to be burned on charcoal and compounded self-lighting incense powders that contain spiritually powerful herbs, roots, and essential oils in a wood-powder base. Additionally, hoodoo practitioners may also work with and prescribe Indian stick incense, Asian coil incense, or Native American herbal smudge incense, according to their own inclinations.

Loose powder incense -- also known as condition incense because each formula is named for the condition which it is intended to address -- is composed of five elements. These are the base, which is finely ground wood powder; a colouring agent or dye; the scent, which comes from essential oils; s selected blend of magical herbs, roots, and minerals; and a chemical agent that helps the wood powder to smoulder without bursting into flame. In a well-made powder incense, every one of the the five elements -- and most especially the colour, scent, and natural herbal component -- is selected with knowledge of hoodoo herb and root magic.

Compounded self-lighting powder incenses may be custom blended by a rootworker for a client, but it is usually purchased from a reputable spiritual supply manufacturer and prescribed to the client. No matter what form of incense a conjure practitioner puts together or prescribe, the ingredients are selected with reference to the client's personal needs, whether for love-drawing, reconciliation, money-drawing, spiritual protection, court case and legal matters, or aggressive work against an enemy.

To burn self-lighting incense powders, you may use a small candle snuffer as a cone-shaper. Scoop out and pack the powder tightly into the snuffer, then invert it over a heatproof surface and light it. Another old-type method is to form a cone-shaper by cutting a small piece of paper into a half-circle shape, then rolling the paper into a cone, packing it with incense, and turning it upside down on a heatproof surface; the paper will unroll as you let it go, and you can easily pull it off the freshly-made cone of incense powder.

In addition to being burned to suffumigate, cense, or “smoke” a room, a person, a petition paper, or a mojo bag, loose powder incense is a traditional part of the stuffing that goes into many a doll baby, it can be scattered and swept up as a quick-fix floor sprinkle to cleanse a room;, and it may be dusted onto oiled candles to fix them for use.

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Gemstone Therapy Cover
As a jeweler and healer I work with gemstones all the time and I have come to see a certain resonace with a particular stone when I am stressed or feeling a bit down…..usually rose quartz or red coral!

When I wear these stones I tend to feel calmer and better and many of my customers have told me they do the same too! With much of their encouragement I thought why not share with you the power of gemstones that I often share with them when they come to me to consult a piece.

Gemstones are powerful not only for their aethetics but for their inherent earthy energy that they pass to you when you use them in everyday living.

My clients have asked me to help them create jewelry or charms that help them to face whatever current challeges are occuring in there lives.

Gemstone therapy is an alternative technique for strengthening the body and resolving issues and patterns. Gemstones are used as guides that focus on energies and help individuals to get in touch with the universal forces that surround them.

The gemstones are conduits of energies that are already present and are amplified and tuned for a person’s use, not misuse.

Gemstones carry vibrational rates and by placing these vibrational rates within the aura – your aura’s vibrational rates also change.

The simplest way to practice gemstone therapy is to wear gemstone beads around the neck. The intention of the person wearing the gemstones strengthens the process but is not necessary…..stay posted for Stone Medicine…an article featuring gemstones and there specific properties of healing... Bless

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Healing Meditation The Sword Of Light Cover
To be used for physical trauma, wounds, infection or the like; can be modified to fit individual circumstances.

Sit comfortably or lie down, as you prefer. [Do a grounding and centering exercise such as the "Tree of Life".]

Close your eyes and visualize yourself being surrounded by a gentle mist. This mist is warm and comforting, and has a golden hue to it. Feel the mist, the warmth and moistness of it. You notice the color gradually changing to become silvery. The light does not come from any single source; it is just all around you. The light is gradually becoming brighter and brighter.

As the mist dissipates, you find that you are in your special sacred spot. Maybe this is a sacred grove deep in the primordial forest, or a stone circle under the full moon, or a crystal cave deep within Mother Earth. Wherever you are, you know it is a place that is completely safe, And where you can relax totally. Feel the joy of being in this special place, and the peace within you that it brings.

It is time now to allow your spirit body to step out of yourself. You can look down and see your body as it is lying or sitting in its sacred place.

Know that it is perfectly allright for you to do this; your body will Remain safe. Take a few moments, before the next stage of your healing journey, to look at yourself from the outside. Feel a sense of loving acceptance of yourself and all that you are, including whatever pains and shortcomings you may possess... Know that you are where you need to be right at this moment, and that all is as it should be.

Now your spirit body begins to shrink very fast. From your perspective, it Is as if your real body were growing to the size of a small mountain. You leap into the air and fly effortlessly towards your body. You are heading towards the side of your neck. You are now so small that it is easy for you to slip through one of the pores in your skin. In you go, until you encounter a large, glowing red tube which is one of your arteries. This is where you must go, and there is no difficulty in passing through the wall of the artery. You have entered a wondrous world of flowing life-energy. You can hear all Around you the pulsing beat of your heart, moving this precious fluid all through your body. [This would be a good time to have a drummer begin a heartbeat rhythm, if this is possible.] You may pause for a few moments at the inner wall of the artery, to accustom yourself to this new environment and to the rushing power flowing all around you. Now coming toward you is one of your red blood cells, and it is just the right size for you to sit upon. You step on to this friendly cell and settle comfortably on it, before it resumes its journey down your bloodstream. Though you are traveling very fast, there is no need to worry about falling off your seat; you are settled in it very snugly. Throughout this journey, you are constantly aware of the beauty and wonder of your body. Feel the essential health and balance that is there all around you.

But now you come to a place where all is not in balance, the place you have come to help heal. There is disruption and chaos all around, and the color of your surroundings is no longer vibrant, and healthy, but angry and dull.
You can see there are invaders in your body intent upon harm. You can sense the wrongness in these invaders their colors are varied but overall dark and constantly shifting. Watch for a few moments as your body's defenses struggle against them. Sparkling, brilliant white globes are engulfing and destroying some of the invaders. These are your white blood cells. Also in the battle are tiny strips of what looks like shiny tinfoil.

These are your antibodies, and they fly against the invaders and overwhelm them. [Drumming can intensify at this point.]

After watching this chaotic struggle for a few minutes, you feel that you must join. You are not sure of how you can help, but suddenly a Sword of Light appears in your hand. This is a very special sword, and it is glowing brightly.
It is so bright that if you were looking at it with your real eyes you would have to look away. You can feel the power in the sword, for it is actually part of you. The energy in the sword is your own life energy, and you can feel it humming. With a fierce protective urge you leap forward and join your body's defenders as they battle the wrongness. You are quickly surrounded by some of the invaders, and they are terrible. But there is no fear, and your Sword of Light dissolves them at the slightest touch. Whole-heartedly you join in the battle, helping your body to heal itself. You notice that some of the invaders are leaking an oily fluid into your body, fouling your precious bloodstream. You can reach out with your Sword of Light and the oil changes at once into the crystal-clear Water of Life, spreading healing energy through the damaged area.

[pause for some length of time before continuing]

You have helped your body in its healing, and now it is time to allow it to do its work. Your Sword of Light vanishes before your gaze, and you once again climb aboard your red blood cell, and resume your travels through the bloodstream. Now your coach pulls you to the side of the artery, and you dismount. Be sure to thank your red blood cell for carrying you as it vanishes into the pulsing stream. Leave the artery now, and go back out the way you came,
[end drumming] out through your neck, and now you are growing again, growing, growing until you are your normal size again. Your spirit body must now return into your real body. You are again safe in your sacred space. Know that you can return here any time you need to, and that your Sword of Light is always available to help in your healing.

Again you are surrounded by mist, first bright silver, then gradually darkening to a golden shade. When you are ready, you may open your eyes.

[Note: some may be uncomfortable with the "battle" paradigm used in this meditation, and might wish to change the scenario accordingly. Personally, I find this kind of "battle" cathartic.]

May be freely distributed. May it benefit all beings.

Created and written down by Richard Darsie (

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Vervain Verbena Officinalis Cover
Vervain Verbena officinalis Vervain is an all-around excellent herb for herbal healers. It is used as an aphrodisiac, for bronchitis, for the common cold, for cramps, to relieve fluid retention, to cure eye diseases, to reduce fever, for hemorrhoid relief, to cure insomnia, to relieve itchy skin, for getting rid of kidney stones, to destroy parasitic infections, to relieve red blood cell deficiency, for rheumatism relief, to reduce swelling, to cause sweating, to expel mucus from the lungs, to induce vomiting, for pain relief, to cure ulcers, and to aid the body against uterine disorders. Side effects There are no known side effects, though large doses have been linked to cause seizures and paralyze the central nervous system. Drug interactions Do not take Vervain when taking blood thinners, as it may counteract these drugs. General warnings You should always consult a doctor before using herbal medicines when pregnant or nursing. Do not take vervain if you have asthma or any seizure disorder or if taking blood thinners.

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Reading Tea Leaves Cover
In the old days, a Romany woman would read a housewife's tea leaves in exchange for a refreshing cuppa and a few old clothes. Sometimes a Gypsy Queen, dresssed in her finest and laden with all her jewellry, would preside over a special tea-drinking party for a few favoured clients. The best bone china and lace tablecloth would be brought out to impress upon the Rawnies (ladies) the importance of the occasion - and how privileged they were to be invited. No doubt the fee for the teacup-reading was suitably increased to fit the occasion.

It is not only tea leaves that can be used for this type of reading: coffee and cocoa grounds, or anything that leaves a sediment in the cup, can be used in the same way. If you prefer teabags, you can of course break open the bag before making the tea in the usual way. This should ensure that a good pattern is left in the cup, but if you do take the trouble to make a good old-fashioned pot of loose-leafed tea, you will also have the extra bonus of a truly satisfying taste.

One drawback with reading the teacups is that is is all too easy to fall into the habit of reading the cups at every tea break, which tends to belittle this method and turn it into a parlour game. But as long as it is used with respect it will give excellent results.

Most authorities state that the cup should be plain white and shallow, but I have never found that the shape of the cup was important, nor that a patterned cup adversely affected the reading. Indeed, Romanies have always dislkied plain white china, preferring it to be richly decorated.

source" Magic by Patrinella "

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For A Life Filled With Sunshine Cover
St. John's Wort, a golden flower that smells like turpentine, is regarded as an emblem of the sun.

Light an orange candle and place a bunch of St. John's Wort beside it. Make a wish, then hang the bundle of flowers over an entrance door to your home. Leave the candle to extinguish itself. It will bring you your wish and ward off evil too.

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The Four Leaf Clover The Lucky Clover Image
How my older sister could find them so easily has always been a mystery to me. All she would have to do is walk past a group of clovers in a park and then reach down and grab a four leaf clover out of the millions of choices available.

Some people have the gift with this one, whereas for me finding one is almost impossible.

"The Four Leaf Clover" is sometimes referred to as "The Lucky Clover" or "The Lucky Leaf"

To many the symbology of the Four Leaf Clover means a lot, good luck, a national icon or a spiritual blessing. Whatever the symbology you use we all can agree that if one does find them there really is a mystery to it when it happens often. With that being said my sisters luck in other means is not the best, however she has her good health and well being, whether or not the luck passes on with others that spot them that is another question up to debate as well.

As a estimated fact is that it is believed that there is approximately 10,000 three leaf clovers out there in clover patches for every one four leaf clover in a clover patch. This suggests that the FOUR LEAF CLOVER is an rare mutation or variation of the common, three leaved clover.


According to traditional stories, the four leaf clover is said to help bring good luck to their finders like my sister, especially if found easily, quickly or spontaneously. The legend is that each leaf represents something different -

* Faith
* Hope
* Love
* Luck


The four leaf clover can be used in many ways and is used today in many ways. It can be seen and used in necklaces, pendants, photo frames, tattoos, earrings and many more. Each said to help bestow the four properties above upon the wearer and holder of the item.

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