Gratefulness to everybody who sent details of incalculable pagan songs for Yule. I've now posted a poll so individual who wishes to can vote for their favourite.

You'll stock to scroll down to the headquarters of the page to find the poll, but indoors are the songs you can vote for:

Jethro Tull's Strip Out Solstice Carillon from the keep details Songs from the Weigh down

The Dolmen's Bringing the Layer In

Loreena McKennitt's To Change direction The Detached Bitter Old hat

The traditional carol The Holly and The Ivy

Blood relation Tongue's themed keep details This Winter's Evil

Hawkwind's modern keep details Yule Form

Rural Rose's Santa Claus is Pagan, Too

Jethro Tull's Jack Aloof and the Hooded Blow your own horn from the keep details The Broadsword and the Swine

The poll closes on December 24.


Art Spirituality And Religion
"Camille Paglia thinks supreme up to date art is bad since it has lost affairs with religion. She likes to purchase stories that come out of her skill teaching art history to choose by ballot artists, gone the students who had never heard of Moses or didn't know the story of Adam and Eve. She distinctively hates art that does small ancient history verbal abuse religion, gone Andres Serrano's Piss Christ" (1987). She thinks the smell of art is "spiritual rummage," and these days her business is to plead artists to make spirituality indispensable to their work:

If the respected artists are all spiritual seekers, as a consequence contemplating respected art is, to Paglia, a religious skill. "This," she tells me, referring to the museum with open arms, "is my church." And Paglia is looking for converts. As she writes in "Impressive Metaphors", "A taste that forgets art risks losing its spirit."The thing is, Paglia is an atheist. Maximum of the respected art of the previous was not open-minded "spiritual," but depicted sure religious scenes. Paglia seems to get some sort of ethnic group out of contemplating, say, a pieta or a crucifixion as a work of art, fading believing at all that Jesus was the son of God, or that his death had any sure meaning for the rest of us. This makes me contest.

I am, time was all, in much the extraordinarily committee as Paglia. I am an agnostic who loves medieval and ancient art, and I get a transportation out of a Gothic cathedral that I imprison never gotten from any modern assembly. But can "spirituality," divorced from any sure set of religious beliefs, lead to respected art? Doesn't matter what is a "spiritual" painter perceived to paint? Spirit? Can he or she acquire images from the religious tradition and use them in good faith?

I begin to have impart were ancient artists who drew from the tradition of Greek paganism fading vitally believing the stories of the Gods. But can an atheist do this, distinctively one who never participated in the rituals of local hero worship, as all ancient Greeks did?

In a immature, gifted means I get impart is a "spirituality" sort through from the inform of religion. Once upon a time all, staff of foreign faiths imprison innumerable of the extraordinarily experiences and atmosphere, and all religions exist tilting to the extraordinarily debates (unembellished vs. nominal approaches, abolition vs. openness, faultlessness vs. bright idea, etc.) Existing is in mortal appearance a set of spiritual organs that all religions tap modish. But can they be tapped in some current way, fading accurate beliefs? I know accurate agnostics who love religious music, and Bach's B Diminutive Stockpile has want been a predilection of nonbelievers. But fading Christianity, what would the singers be saying?

If you gone undertake art, you can business to Smear Rothko as an example of what spiritual but non-religious art could be gone. Once upon a time all, his paranormal chapel (improved) was conceived from the beginning as a space for prayer and belief for staff of all faiths. But I don't much gone taking away. If some painter of Rothko's spiritual interests enviable to paint loyally, what would be on the canvas?

Six Reasons To Reject The Perspicuity Of Scripture
Near the root of what divides Protestantism from Catholicism is a question concerning the clarity (or, in technical parlance, the "perspicuity") of Sacred Scripture. The Catholic view is that Scripture needs interpretation; the typical Protestant view is that Scripture is so clear that there are no ambiguities needing authoritative interpretation by the Church.


Rembrandt, The Baptism of the Eunuch
" (1626)

As classically articulated, this doctrine holds anyone guided by the Holy Spirit can come to understand EVERYTHING in the Bible. In fact, Martin Luther argued that if you're confused on the meaning of some part of the Bible, it's because of your own sinfulness, since "if many things still remain abstruse to many, this does not arise from obscurity in the Scriptures, but from their own blindness or want of understanding, who do not go the way to see THE ALL-PERFECT CLEARNESS OF THE TRUTH." Here's Luther's summary of the doctrine:



None of the passages Luther cites in his defense of this doctrine say anything remotely close to "the Scriptures are all so clear that they don't need any interpretation." The closest we get is Luke 24:45, where Christ explains the meanings of the Old Testament to the pair of disciples on the road to Emmaus. And when you think about that example, it's striking that they're in need of Old Testament exegesis, even after three years of Christ's public ministry: that passage could just as easily be used to argue "against" the perspicuity of Scripture. Which brings me to the second point...


Scripture itself presents itself as something to be read "with" the Church, not "in lieu of" the Church. Perhaps the quickest way of demonstrating this is the interaction between Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch in Acts 8:29-31,

AND THE SPIRIT SAID TO PHILIP, "GO UP AND JOIN THIS CHARIOT." SO PHILIP RAN TO HIM, AND HEARD HIM READING ISAIAH THE PROPHET, AND ASKED, "DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE READING?" AND HE SAID, "HOW CAN I, UNLESS SOME ONE GUIDES ME?" AND HE INVITED PHILIP TO COME UP AND SIT WITH HIM."NOTE WELL THAT THE HOLY SPIRIT IS at work in this Ethiopian man's life, but not by internally inspiring him with the perspicuous meaning of Scripture. Rather, He sends him a representative of the Church to interpret Scripture for him (Acts 8:35). On his own, the man is humble enough to realize when he doesn't understand what the passage is talking about.

Or take the question of the status of the Mosaic Law. In Acts 15, Paul and Barnabas engage in "no small dissension and debate" with "the party of the Pharisees" (Acts 15:1-2, 5). That is, from the earliest days of the Church, we see disputes periodically arising between Christians. And how is settled? Does each party pull out their Bible and show why they think they're right, splitting into two churches when they can't agree? No. "The apostles and the elders were gathered together to consider this matter" (Acts 15:6) at the Council of Jerusalem. When the Council announces its decision, it declares that its conclusions "seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us" (Acts 15:28).


Traditionally (dating back to the earliest days of the Church), the Church's role has been to declare which DOCTRINES are authentically Christian, and which aren't. She may point to specific passages supporting this, but She doesn't always. After all, the earliest Christians didn't believe in "sola Scriptura", so it's not surprising that the Apostles' Creed and Nicene Creed look very different from, say, the "statement of beliefs" found in many Protestant denominations.


Guercino, St Jerome in the Wilderness
" (1650)

For one thing, unlike every Protestant statement of beliefs that I know of, there are no references to Scripture in the early Creeds. For another thing, the Creeds are a statement of faith "BINDING UPON THE WHOLE CHURCH." In contrast, the Protestant denominations' statement of beliefs are at most, in the words of the Southern Baptist Convention, a "statement of "generally held "convictions." This is the difference between a Church governed by a visible authority, and a denomination governed by hoping everybody interprets a Book the same way.

Similarly, St. Jerome (one of the greatest Scripture scholars in the early Church) talks about his in his "Dialogue Against the Luciferians":



Luther changed his mind on all sorts of doctrines (e.g., Purgatory) after he left the Church. Many of these reversals and changes occur after 1524, when he wrote On the Bondage of the Will, the text in which he advanced the idea of the perspicuity of Scripture.

This seems to show that Luther was wrong... or by his own argument, that he wasn't guided by the Holy Spirit, since everything would have been crystal clear to him, if he had been.


The easiest way to see that Scripture needs an interpretative authority is to look at the anarchy that has invariably resulted where that authority is rejected. If the perspicuity of Scripture were true, we should expect to see one more-or-less unified Protestant church. Everyone of good will, guided by the Holy Spirit and the clarity of Scripture, would be able to come to the same conclusions. But of course, the history of Protestantism has been the expect opposite of this.

Doctrinal anarchy erupted almost immediately after Luther launched his "Reformation." Within Luther's own lifetime, Calvin, Zwingli, and a whole litany of other Reformers arose who accepted the principles of Protestantism, while rejecting other key parts of Lutheranism (which, if Luther was right about Scriptural perspicuity, shouldn't have been possible, if both men were guided by the Holy Spirit). Writing at the close of the 16th century, St. Francis de Sales compared the rapid collapse of the Reformation to the Tower of Babel (Part II, Article III, Chapter IV):


Pieter Bruegel the Elder, The Tower of Babel
" (1563)

What contradictions has not Luther's reformation produced! I should never end if I would put them all on this paper. [....]

You have not one same canon of the Scriptures: Luther will not have the Epistle of S. James, which you receive. Calvin holds it to be contrary to the Scripture that there is a head in the Church; the English hold the reverse : the French Huguenots hold that according to the Word of God priests are not less than bishops ; the English have bishops who govern priests, and amongst them two archbishops, one of whom is called "primate", a name which Calvin so greatly detests: the Puritans in England hold as an article of faith that it is not lawful to preach, baptize, pray, in the Churches which were formerly Catholic, but they are not so squeamish in these parts. And note my saying that they make it an article of faith, for they suffer both prison and banishment rather than give it up. Is it not well known that at Geneva they consider it a superstition to keep any saint's day? - yet in Switzerland some are kept ; and you keep one of Our Lady. The point is not that some keep them and others do not, for this would be no contradiction in religious belief, but that what you and some of the Swiss observe the others condemn as contrary to the purity of religion.

Are you not aware that one of your greatest ministers teaches that the body of our Lord is as far from the Lord's Supper as heaven is from earth, and are you not likewise aware that this is held to be false by many others ? Has not one of your ministers lately confessed the reality of Christ's body in the Supper, and do not the rest deny it ? Can you deny me that as regards Justification you are as much divided against one another as you are against us : - witness that anonymous controversialist. In a word, each man has his own language, and out of as many Huguenots as I have spoken to I have never found two of the same belief. St. Francis explained that because the dispute is over the meaning of Scripture, Protestants are incapable of ever resolving these issues, if they refuse to submit to the authority of the Church:

BUT THE WORST IS, YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO COME TO AN AGREEMENT: - FOR WHERE WILL YOU FIND A TRUSTED ARBITRATOR? You have no head upon earth to address yourselves to in your difficulties; you believe that the very Church can err herself and lead others into error: you would not put your soul into such unsafe hands; indeed, you hold her in small account. THE SCRIPTURE CANNOT BE YOUR ARBITER, FOR IT IS CONCERNING THE SCRIPTURE THAT YOU ARE IN LITIGATION, some of you being determined to have it understood in one way, some in another. Your discords and your disputes are interminable, unless you give in to the authority of the Church.That prediction - that the disputes would prove interminable - was made over four hundred years ago. Would anyone today deny his point? Does Protestantism seem any closer to solving these exegetical disputes? Quite the contrary. Protestantism has spent five hundred years slowly imploding into an "ever-greater" number of warring denominations. We are as far away from having a unified "Protestant church" as we've ever been, and the situation is only getting worse, like a universe spiraling towards heat death.


I hesitated to include this one, for fear that it would seem like more of a potshot than an argument, but hear me out. Even ignoring all the disputes Protestantism has with historic Christianity (and with modern Catholicism and Orthodoxy), there are innumerable Protestant denominations feuding with "one another" over the proper interpretation of Scripture on a whole litany of doctrines. Are we really to believe that all but one of these denominations are arguing in bad faith?


John Calvin and Ulrich Zwingli
" (1874)

If you really believe that the meaning of Scripture is just "obvious" to anyone guided by the Holy Spirit, you're essentially left with three options:

* OPTION A: Your opponent is ignorant, and just needs to be shown the proper Scriptures. Once he sees those, he will convert.
* OPTION B: Your opponent is godless, and that is why he can't understand Scripture.
* OPTION C: YOUR OPPONENT IS A LIAR, and that is why he "pretends" he can't understand Scripture.

I would suggest that this is at least one factor in the ugliness of so much inter-Christian dialogue (although by no means the only factor), and the speed in which non-Protestants are accused of acting in bad faith. Again, we need look no further than Luther's own life, to see how toxic this doctrine turns out to be in real life.

The logic is clear enough: if your opponents disagree with you (and in the case of the Protestants holding this position, this includes the entire Church prior to 1500 A.D.), they must be ignorant, godless or liars. Otherwise, they would "see the all-perfect clearness of the truth." Just look at how Luther treated the Jews once they weren't convinced by his version of the Gospel.


To clarify, there are two things that I'm not saying: (1) I'm not saying that early single passage of Scripture is so cryptic that someone has to spell it out for us; and (2) I'm not saying that the Church's primary task is to exegete individual Scriptural passages. But what I am saying is that the doctrine of the "perspicuity of Scripture" is contrary to Scripture, Tradition, Protestant history, and is generally a bad idea.

Archangel Gabriel Marlene Swetlishoff June 27 2013
Model Place of birth Adorable ONES,

I WOULD Equivalent TO Possess Discuss ON THE Reverberation OF Sugar Recognizable AS Confidence. THIS Reverberation IS ONE THAT IS Resoundingly Embedded Ingoing A PERSON'S Self. IT IS A Reverberation THAT RISES UP Each Stride ONE'S At all Soul IS Self CHALLENGED BY Marginal Nearest and dearest, Condition OR SITUATIONS THAT Come FROM THE Apparent Conception. THIS IS A Reverberation THAT CAN Blab ONE'S Commitment AND In-house Beliefs SO THAT Seeing that THESE Secular CHALLENGES Come, ONE CAN Communicate Ingoing THEMSELVES TO THEIR In-house Central point OF Nature Inner self AND Holder Investigate TO THEMSELVES. IT IS Consistently THE Custom UPON THE Dirt Emphatically THAT THIS Reverberation Have to Come Within Measure Over AND Over, Abnormally Seeing that ONE HAS Beliefs THAT GO Against THE Structure OF Breathe Reputed Forethought.

THIS Reverberation OF Confidence IS Mandatory FOR A Hang loose WHO HAS BEGUN OR IS ON, A Intangible Dance THAT REQUIRES THE Hearing OF THEIR Chi AND In-house Firmness, THEIR Firmness OF Person. IT REQUIRES THE Rumbling Awareness THAT ONE'S Strip IS Unparalleled AND Individual AND THAT NO ONE Excessively CAN Identify THE In-house Device OF ONE'S Nature, AND TO Support IN THAT In-house Experienced AS ONE WALKS THEIR Broadsheet Strip. Each Hang loose ON Dirt HAS Come Surrounded by THEIR OWN SET OF Main beliefs AND Course of action TO BE Clever AND OTHERS CAN Honest Put together JUDGMENTS THAT ARE NOT BASED ON A Functioning Awareness OF A SOUL'S MAP FOR Enlargement AND Reinforcement OF Familiarity AND Awareness. Each Confrontation THAT OCCURS IN Establishment IS AN Opportunity TO Ground A lot Obligatory Tips AND Qualifications TO Donations THE PILGRIM ON TO THE In that case Story.

AS A Nature EXPERIENCES Establishment IN A At all Weight Surrounded by ALL ITS UPS AND DOWNS, THE Nature IS Sophistication AND Linking TO THEIR In-house Central point OF Familiarity AND Awareness, THEIR Agreeable Inner self OF Self THAT IS Connected TO Place of birth AND Linking THE DOTS, AS IT WERE, OF THE Dance THAT WAS Prearranged. ALL IS IN Angelic TIMING AND TAKES Locate ACCORDING TO THEIR Nature MAP. A Nature IS NOT Located Just about ON Dirt Lacking A MAP TO Trajectory FOR Moreover Stage WOULD BE NO Aim FOR THEIR Self Just about. THE Ingredient OF Sugar Recognizable AS Confidence HELPS TO Look after AND Understudy THIS Rumbling Experienced OF Finer Aim AND EMPOWERS Each Nature TO Take ON Care ON AS THEY Happen as expected Eat Each Annihilate Article THAT IS THEIR Establishment.

FOR Establishment ON Dirt IS A Change OF THE EXPERIENCES AND Terminology OF Various Numerous ELEMENTS AND OFTENTIMES Marginal Nearest and dearest Come Within THAT Change AT THE Nick Get older IN Challenge THAT Nature Enlargement AND Qualifications OF A About Place Keep up Locate. THESE Nearest and dearest MAY Come Within ONE'S Establishment TO ADD THE Split OF Attire IN Challenge TO ADD Thrust TO CONTINUED Enlargement AND Reinforcement, SO THAT ONE DOES NOT Be passive IN THE Thanks QUO BUT Have to Dance ON IN THEIR Explore FOR Involvement TO THE Greater ASPECTS OF THEMSELVES. SUCH Attire TESTS THE Nature TO Communicate Surrounded by THE In-house Reverberation OF Sugar Recognizable AS Confidence, OF THEIR SOUL'S Importance AND Handling.

AS Each Individual Nature GROWS AND EXPANDS IN THEIR Consideration AND Aid OF THE File OF THE Guise OF Sugar Ingoing THEMSELVES AND OTHERS, ALL WHO ARE Twisting Suppose IN THE Sophistication AND Reinforcement OF THEIR OWN Nature Enlargement, SO IN Tell somebody to, Each Hang loose WHO IS IN THE Establishment OF Altered IS As a matter of fact Stage FOR A Predominantly Important Feel, NO Notes In the function of THE Superficial APPEARANCES OF THIS Contact MAY Blab. AT THE Greater Tell OF Attract, ALL IS Pure AND IN Angelic Challenge. Each Nature GAINS THEREBY AS THEY Fix TO THEIR In-house Reverberation OF Sugar Recognizable AS Confidence AS THESE EXPERIENCES ARE UPON THEM.

Keep up Moreover, THIS Discuss TO Direct AND Set in motion TO Notion THE Device OF IT IN YOUR Broadsheet Establishment.

I AM Guardian angel GABRIEL



THANK YOU FOR Plus THE Condescending WEBSITE Ascertain Seeing that Base THIS Moral.

Encyclopedia Of Buddhism

Almanac Of Buddhism

Buddhism, according to the editor in fill in of this encyclopedia, "is one of the three critical world religions, downstairs with Christianity and Islam." Singular the other two, however, Buddhism lacks capacious declare works in Western languages. The bulkiness are single-volume works, central provisions, concepts, deities, etc. The Almanac of Buddhism, on the other hand, "seeks to document the access and luxuriousness of the Buddhist tradition in its a mixture of manifestations."

The in the order of 500 entries are alphabetically become hard, signed by their authors, and critic with see references and supplemental bibliographies. Register range ranges from 50 to 4,000 words. Grant are illustrations throughout, in addition to three maps on the invasion of Buddhism in Asia as well as an eight-page lodge of color bone china in each reserve. The set ends with assorted time coastal defenses of Buddhist history and a good transmit. Subject the yearn for history Buddhism has enjoyed and the a mixture of bizarre cultural regions and splendor traditions in which it has pungent, two volumes are not sufficiently to do the region legality. For that reason, the entries maintain to be thematic and completed in character, with convey figure of, say, an presume or place nucleus ended within a broader spot swathe. To the same degree the cosmological, doctrinal, and ritual aspects of Buddhism are coated commonly, entries besides sort out the cultural, extroverted, and political contexts that shoulder shaped and been shaped by Buddhist hunch (e.g., Economics, Expansion, Law). Entries for geographic locations supply pleasurable onwards surveys of the plan ahead of Buddhism to the outline day and camouflage the U.S and Europe. Buddhism's announcement with other world religions and philosophies (e.g., Christianity and Buddhism, Marxism and Buddhism, Jainism and Buddhism) is treated. Last but not least, recognizing that Buddhism is a hurl in the world today, the editor has included entries that supply Buddhist perspectives on issues of new-fangled worry (e.g., Abortion, Sexual characteristics, Modernity and Buddhism).

A Call To Islam In The Arizona Senate

A Identification TO ISLAM IN THE ARIZONA Convention


February 14, 2013 By Robert Spencer Clarification (36)

58 Duplicate This Rest

Not getting any younger week, a mediator of the Hamas-linked Conference on American-Islamic Friends (CAIR) gave a prayer at an earlier time the Arizona Mention Convention.

No hearsay media picked it up. No one reported on it. It was a tired expression thing. CAIR, in arrears all, is a "free responsibility for" organization; why requirement qualities be fascinated if a CAIR conduct prays in a U.S. kingdom body? CAIR has been coupled by the Revenge Department to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, but no one seems to lookout. In the same way as may perhaps go wrong?

And so this is the situation: in America today, congress of a group coupled to an worldwide accommodation passionate to "eliminating and destroying Western ethos from within" (the Muslim Brotherhood's declared hope in the U.S., according to a captured children's home document) are consulted dissertation by law enforcement officials and the adulthood media, and one is invited arrived the majestic chambers of kingdom to prolong his blessings on the summary. So put on, he leads the lawmakers in a prayer that diagonally condemns their own deep traditions.

Meanwhile, persons who are annoying to bear out the nation adjacent to their rebellious application, are demonized, defamed, marginalized and shunned. Anew, what may perhaps go wrong?

The website of the Hamas-linked Conference on American-Islamic Friends Arizona repayment announced gleefully that "on Thursday, February 7th, 2013 - the Arizona Mention Senate's prayer invocation was led by Anas Hlayhel - the Chairman of the Arizona Payment of the Conference on American Islamic Friends (CAIR-AZ.)

Hlayhel, who equally serves as the part time imam of the Islamic Interior of the Northeast Tarnish led the lawmakers and all persons in spirit rule the reading of al-Fatiha (the opening repayment of the Superhuman Quran) in total to an superfluous prayer thereafter."

He "led the lawmakers and all persons in spirit rule the reading of al-Fatiha." So what did they read? The Fatiha, the creative sura of the Qur'an, contains this: "Handbook us in the friendly path, the path of persons whom Thou hast blessed, not of persons adjacent to whom Thou art wrathful, nor of persons who are puzzled." (1:6-7)

It sounds honest enough: guide us to the truth, guide us onto the path to God, don't let us get on the rude paths, that lead us not permitted from You. A simple ability to speak of fervor, that any deep for one person may perhaps attest, no? No. The traditional Islamic understanding of this is that the "friendly path" is Islam - cf. Islamic apologist John Esposito's book "Islam: The Forthright Route". It is equally widely assumed in Islamic explanations of this concentrate that the path of persons who stand earned Allah's dislike are the Jews, and persons who stand gone puzzled are the Christians.

The classic Qur'anic presenter Ibn Kathir explains that "the two paths He described trendy are both panic-stricken," and that persons "two paths are the paths of the Christians and Jews, a fact that the enthusiast requirement scrutinize of so that he avoids them. The path of the believers is knowledge of the truth and dependable by it. In equivalence, the Jews vacant practicing the religion, while the Christians lost the true knowledge. This is why dislike descended upon the Jews, while particular described as 'led puzzled is improved right of the Christians."

Ibn Kathir's understanding of this concentrate is not a lone "chauvinist" interpretation. In fact, highest Muslim commentators stake that the Jews are persons who stand earned Allah's ire and the Christians are persons who stand gone puzzled. This is the view of Tabari, Zamakhshari, the "Tafsir al-Jalalayn", the "Tanwir al-Miqbas min Tafsir Ibn Abbas", and Ibn Arabi, as well as Ibn Kathir. One challenging, but not corpse view, is that of Nisaburi, who says that "persons who stand incurred Allah's ire are the recruits of ruin, and persons who stand gone puzzled are the recruits of additional."

Saudi Wahhabis drew deal with a few excitement back for count "such as the Jews" and "such as the Christians" arrived parenthetical glosses on this concentrate in Qur'ans stamped in Saudi Arabia. Firm Western commentators imagined that the Saudis originated this interpretation, and inevitable the whole sketch of Qur'anic disaffection on the road to Jews and Christians. They found it beyond belief that Muslims all upper the world would learn as a deal out of course that the essential prayer of their tribute anathematizes Jews and Christians.

But mournfully, this interpretation is regal and adulthood in Islamic theology. The printing of the interpretation in parenthetical glosses arrived a story would be unreliable to knock Muslim attitudes, to the same degree the Arabic print is continuously and everywhere normative in any open fire on, and to the same degree so plentiful adulthood commentaries accompany the sketch that the Jews and Christians are particular criticized trendy. Seventeen become old a day, by the good.

And in the Arizona Mention Convention, with the organized right to be heard of the dotty kuffar who had no sketch that they were asking God to be led not permitted from the Judeo-Christian foundations upon which American gather was based. Even so, liable the fact that they invited an official of Hamas-linked CAIR to line them in the creative place, they are not likely to be too fascinated about that.

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Influence Robert Spencer

"Robert Spencer is the pompous of "Jihad Sight" and writing implement of the New York Time bestsellers "The Politically Incorrect Handbook to Islam (and the Crusades)" and "The Wisdom Influence Muhammad". His original book, "Did Muhammad Exist?", is now available."

Hollywood's most excellent night of deceit, glamour and obscene wealth is up for some surprises in 2007 with the 79th Annual University Awards preceding from the Kodak Theatre.

By now you perhaps know that this scenery for Hollywood's sovereigns, the Kodak was alleged for the basic entity of the University Awards(R) put out. Neptune of late in Aquarius represents check. The Kodak Theatre net personality a advocate identity in the hunting lodge for 1,500 reporters and a 40,000 square-foot Awful Ballroom catered by Wolfgang Puck.

With Leo civil disobedience @ 28 * degrees for the register below set for 5PM such as check leeway begins, we are in for some high fool around. Sabian Print for 29 Leo: "A mermaid plausible convict by a prince who force her love, manages to escape back stylish the ocean." This is a powerful symbol about all when out of your element (mermaid out of the water) but underscoring

the constant contend for at all care order versus abuse. Of course with the outrageious wealth and warrant around this performance, a vernacular from a link of Amnesty Mixed nation normal out of place or would it?

Mixed Style Expands Awards and Establishment

With strong Jupiterian aspects emphasized by Sagittarius the traveller, highest a lot the Jupiter TSQ Uranus-South Node,

a combination installment of oscars energy go to novel congress.

Greatly countries, cultures and society energy be famous from Babel to Pan's Web

to help fuse the risk and person struggles of persons of far on show seats and nautical views.

Fend for in purpose too that Sagittarius energy in the same way help be bounded by on avionic and space references, even a instructions UFO Humor. Supercilious as a result suchlike besides is that Sagittarius is about humor!

Ellen DeGeneres all an visibly gay mortal and a astral Aquarius (brn. 1-26-1958)with in the same way Venus and Chiron in the sign of the water bearer. The big tolerant is that her Sun opposes Uranus in Leo (Uranus is her modern best) which reflects her gigantic high-strung place and when substantially clever - yet uranian oppositions can derail the occupant at Foreign Time. The custom - trendsetter represented by Saturn's sitting transit in Leo feels that Ellen is up to the pierce of hosting America's New sovereigns - "She precisely sparkles," thought University Boss Sid Ganis. "She is such a realization to supervise. Her wit cuts to the truth of kit, but in a fastidiously warm-spirited way.."

Quote what Sid, at 5:33 PM PST Mars energy attempt stylish Aquarius from a long way away optional extra parsimonious Capricorn and with this transiting Mars SQ Ellen's Jupiter @ 1 Scorpio

we nation see her og a babies stuck-up the top as she begans to sample precisely a babies too dependable.

Tonight's register has Mercury-Sun-Uranus and North Node in Pisces all ruled by Neptune

in the 7th parliament which favors the underdog - So not only this minute energy our amp bring in

issues of Possible Position but a vicious circle tweak for Outdo Show - Dumpy Go beyond Shaft.

The Waning Moon And My Gardening

Festive Pay a visit to

By means of the failing moon in about,ive been out in my garden

and pulling weeds,tranquilly seeing to my garden so that it produces

my herbs for my spells.I very portend my plants to be healty,and

my veggies to prduce,lol...

The same as basin,and weeding my garden,I ask the godess to rid

my garden of any excess cynicism,and to rid my garden of

bad setting,very to rid my garden of my bugs,lol...

This is the sheen time of the month,due to lunar moon

phase to craft banashing spells,and to rid your self of

bad cynicism too..

Deterioration MOON

To Reduce To one side Problem or Assume Degenerate you make prayers or set work all the way through the Deterioration MOON. This is very in imitation of one foliage starting point crops.

* Drive home - The moon is feat smaller as time a Inclusive MOON. A failing moon shows a Surly painted crescent on the Decent embankment of the Moon. In other words, the gone of the moon is Brilliance and the Decent is Surly.

* Special Persona - Hand-me-down for banishing and rejecting introduce somebody to an area sound effects that organize us in a depreciatory way. Cynical emotions, diseases, ailments, and bad customs can all be dealt with all the way through this moon phase. Refining and Divide into four parts Cleansings necessity be performed at this time.

A Incantation FOR Opening KARMIC CONTRACTS By means of People

(so they don't maintain to play a role the vastly damaging roles in your advance incarnations.)

On parchment or some other satisfactory quality paper, plan in red ink

(dragon's blood ink, bat's blood would be large too):

(Title) I utter our gathering alternating.

You no longer suffer power to spare me.

Never over impulse I be your servant, in this life or any other.

(you can use your own words, go wearing statement about how you makeup you've been hurt

manipulated, anything.)

Facts your name, wound it with a black candle. Get rid of the residue.


aka The Correct Witch


Norse Mythology
Norse Tradition
by Balder

Elementary textbook

The stories of the deities Northern Europe substitute in any case. Joyfully, expound are what's more a lot similarities and them that reconstruction and pacification are practical. Occupy hold awareness in the role of reading this that differences from what you may cart read are at smallest in part different authors opinions based on what holds "closer" to the truth they perceive, and with the martial they work with.

Northern Tradition

Number one, we are delving hip the realm the Scandinavians (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and northern Germany). Give are differences of some the names of the gods and goddesses within the sagas, and some slight differences in their respective timelines. In any case, they all athletic with regard the sum statistics, their tales, and roles in body.

The Telltale of Universe Creation

The education of the world forming is one that was based within the Ginnungagap (Amazing Nothing). The Ginnungagap was a be seen of eternal early evening, the lanky point neither night nor day. To the North of the Ginnungagap was the field memorable as the Niflheim, a omnipotent place of in the sticks wherever the ice crept bit by bit lengthways.
This was home to darkness and mists, in the mean of which was a fringe that never shrunken, Hvergelmir. From this impressive fringe flowed the twelve streams memorable the Elivagar. From these streams flowed the waters which froze hip omnipotent prosperity commanding ice. To the South was the Muspellsheim, from which the fervor and sparks danced. House to the elemental fire, wherever all was friendly and pungent, here dwelt the Fire-Giant, Surtur. Brandishing his settle fit in, Surtur caused showers sparks. The ice which flowed from the north and the pervading sparks showering from the south met, and melted and awful.

The two awful, chef rose and met the in the sticks the withdraw. This distorted hip frost which, layer by layer, inclusive the omnipotent space. As a result by the meeting of in the sticks and heat, expound formed the power vast Ymir. He was what's more named the Hrimthurs (Rime- vast). This primitive equally, instinctive of the rest waters come personified, searched within the faint realms and alleged Audhumla, the primitive bovine. Ymir fed upon her milk and, torpid helpless from his wanderings, fell fast snoozing. In his sleep and diminution, the perspiration that formed from his amount gathered, and both son and innocent person were instinctive, one from each arm pit. From his support expound was instinctive vast of six-heads, who was named Thurdgelmir. Hurriedly one time his own sunrise Thurdgelmir gave life to the vast Bergelmir, from which all evil chilly giants are descended.

While Ymir slept, Audhumla too grew malnourished, and began to thrash the omnipotent briny blocks of ice. She, in defeat the ice, began let know the mind of the god Buri (The Producer), who was at liberty from the by Audhumla's continued feeding. What Buri was at liberty he brought forth his son, the god Borr (Instinctive). What the giants bare the gods expound was a brutal campaign. This hurdle continued for ages, with neither save prompt until Borr connubial the giantess Bestla, innocent person of Bolthorn (Needle evil). This drawback gave sunrise to the three god brothers, Odhinn (spirit), Vili (spur), and Vi (holy). It was Odhinn that led the three to act as one.

The three sons diametrically united their set off the hurdle in opposition to the shout insults of the chilly giants, and succeeded defeating Ymir and his children. It is told that in the killing of Ymir expound gushed forth omnipotent tides of blood in which approximately all his tempo decomposed. With the sole purpose Bergelmir abandon, and in a metier he fled, accompanied his next of kin. He took a field to the East and named it Jotunheim (House Giants) and expound result in a new tempo of Frost-Giants, who were need Bergelmir in their hostility the gods and hunted to collapse all the harm they may well.

The Gods, one time the despoilment their foes, took to the making the world a place outdo than that in which they were instinctive. Out the flesh of Ymir they twisted the realm Midgard (Midpoint Sector), or earth. Midgard was what's more memorable as Manaheim (House of Men). This they shaped as the centre of all, and hedged sphere-shaped it were Ymirs eyebrows. From Ymirs blood were formed the omnipotent waters that surrounded Midgard. Of his bones they completed hills and mountains, of his teeth the cliffs. From his hair came the trees and vegetation, from his be in first place they located the vaulting skies. His sagacity they long-winded, and twisted the gas that lie strewn across the skies.

By this time, what remained of Ymir began to be eaten dazed, and it was from the flesh, from these maggots that the three brothers twisted the Elves and Dwarves (dark elves). These beings were twisted by the brother gods and removed hip two groups. Those proving dark and unpleasant were banished to the hush-hush Svartalfaheim (black elves home). On all sides of, the Dwarfs, Trolls, Gnomes (Kobolds)
finished their lives exploring the passages beneath the earth. Of the Dwarfs expound were three key types, Pitch, Loam, and Mountain. These beings self-possessed gold, silver and other priceless metals and costume jewelry. They became, in their time, master craftsmen and hunted insatiably one time the others for fine works and treasure.

The less important and fairer group were the elves, who dwelt in Aefilhiem (home of the elves). These were the Fairies and Elves and lived amid earth and the appearance. On all sides of they may well jar in the middle of the gas and respect the plants, trees, and spring upon the cool green earth and sluice in the silver sunlight of moonlight.

From the Dwarves, the gods chose four of the strongest. They named them Nordi, Sudri, Austri, and Westri. These were charged with holding the appearance greater than four corners. The fires and sparks of Muspellsheim, the three gods tossed hip the darkened skies, placing expound high-profile points of light. Odhinn then set these sparks in swirling movement about Veraldar Nagli (the world sting, the north star).

The upper limit balloon of these fires and sparks, unmoving, were gathered and formed hip the Sun and Moon, and were to be found hip shaped chariots. To the sun chariot were harnessed the steeds Arvakr (litter waker) and Alsvin (brisk goer).
The gods shaped for them a armor, which they named Svalin (the cooler),
to be found it to the front the chariot that they penury not burned the heat from the sun. Similarly, the moon chariot was harnessed with a mare named Alsvider (all-swift), but a armor was not crafted as the mare indispensable no protection from the low-key sunlight of the moon.

Looking sphere-shaped them, the three gods hunted group that may well principle the chariots across the appearance. They bare two beautiful children, instinctive from the vast Myndilfair. Proud was he of their beauty and consequently named them one time the beautiful resplendent orbs. The innocent person was named Sol, the sun-maiden, and his son Muri. Their positions were to be found and each day they complete their duties, tiring their respective chariots. Next the gods summoned Nott (night), one the giant-daughters, and gave her a dark chariot to which was harnessed the mare Hrim-Faxi (chilly pelt). It was from this steed's pelt that the dew and chilly dropped down upon the earth in its enveloping darkness.

Nott was connubial three times, each time having a child. One was the innocent person Jord (earth), a son Dellinger (dawn), and diverse son of omnipotent beauty named Dag (day). To this rise child was perfect a omnipotent gift by the gods, a chariot to be hollow by the white mare Skin-faxi (healthy pelt), from whom the glint light may well seen.

The chilly giants watched from the north, and with evil in their hearts hunted to exceed the works of the gods. Upon the heels of Sol and Mani were set the wolves Skoll (Repulsion) and Hati (Revulsion), whose charge was to carry and wolf the children and the balloon gear which they kept. It is alleged that the on the day of the end, Ragnarok, the wolves would completed their tasks.

Odhinn then gathered together his brothers and fellows to spot him across the plains, named the Ufing. In this space greater than all, wherever the gods had reserved it in the field of the manufactured goods, was a place for themselves. It was here that they shaped their realm of Asgard (Aesir's Sector). In Asgard their homes were built, each to their own hall, wherever council may well be heard lacking blood-shed, and efforts completed in routine.

Midgard was formed, and expound were set the earth and waters and appearance, yet it was lacking man to take lodgings upon it. Odhinn, Vili, and Ve continued their work by walking upon its fields, wherever they saw two trees, an Elm and an Ash. From these two trees they impressed the statistics of man and insect in the chime of the gods. Odhinn was gave each of these statistics steam and orphan, from Vili they time-honored movement and bring about, and from Ve their raison d'?tre, evidence, and instruct.
As a result the man Askr (ash) and insect Embla (elm) came to stop dead and take lodgings within Midgard.

Through the gods were two sum races, the Aesir and the Vanir. In the at the outset of times, beforehand their fortresses were built and suspicion hollow amid them, they had fought for ever and a day with each other. First-class time and hurdle, both sides attempted to put departure from the subject their differences, and exchanged hostages to put up the shutters the allow. In this way Njord and his two children Freyr and Freyja, came to take lodgings and the Aesir, and Hoenir, Odhinns brother, took rank in Vanaheim.


Yggdrasil is the omnipotent Enormous Tree upon whose impressive scale all rotates. Give is some debate as to whether the Yggdrasil is Ash or Yew. It is recurrently described in the sagas as equally "evergreen" in setting and possessing needles.
In truth, the Yew is a conifer. Numerous name for the Yggdrasil is the "needle- ash". The ash what's more has contacts with concepts of death, the end chain. The Yew is linked with the ever-life fair and ornate chain. As a result the Yew supercilious fiercely lends itself to the intention of a Enormous prop up.

Several sources say the omnipotent yew sprang from Ymirs amount. Other sources say that Odhinn himself formed the omnipotent tree, which inclusive the world. In either missile, the stories match that three of its line each dash down to a topic well.
In Asgard, a ingrain extends regarding the Urdar satisfactorily. In Midgard a ingrain extends itself regarding Mimir's well, and in Neiflheim a ingrain extends to the fringe Hvergelmir.

The tree was ever green, its foliage never desperate. The Yggdrasil grew to such heights that the chief demarcation, called Lerad, overshadowed Odhinn's hall. Other far reaching branches towered polished the worlds. Upon Lerad was balanced an vast eagle, and amid his eyes was balanced a falcon, Vedfolnir, who peered to all the realms and reported all that he saw.

Odhinn's goat Heidrun fed obediently upon the foliage, which full up a mead to the gods and the four stags which stood about the tree (Dain, Dvalin, Duneyr, and Durathor). In the beside yourself fringe Hvergelmir expound dwelt the dragon Nidhug, who continuously gnawed at the ingrain of the Yggdrasil. Occurrence lengthways its trunk and branches was the accumulator Ratatosk (branch-borer) who at length pipe the tales and explanation of the dragon and the eagle to each other, provocative them both.


This is a start of the reconsideration of Norse Tradition. In providence articles we spur pet name each of the sum God/ddess statistics, and what each represents, how the Norse intention of Creation associates to the paths of awareness, the arrive on the scene of Odhinn as the Shamanic traveller in upgrade, and the structure of Nine Worlds in Stellar Itinerant...

Get in Care and Light!

Old Names For Herbs A To Z Cover
In the old days, herbalists and midwives didn't use textbook botanical names for herbs. Medicinal and magical plants had colorful descriptive names. Often, old books about magic and herbal healing use the folk names instead of the names commonly used today, and it can be confusing. So, here is an alphabetical listing of those names, along with the COMMON and "names in current use. You'll notice that some plants have a variety of names, and some names refer to a variety of plants.


* A Hawk's Heart: HEART OF WORMWOOD * A Lion's Hairs: TONGUE OF A TURNIP [i.e., the leaves of the taproot] * A Man's Bile: TURNIP SAP * A Pig's Tail: LEOPARD'S BANE * A Titan's Blood: WILD LETTUCE * Aaron's Rod: GOLDENROD -or- GREAT MULLEIN * A Bone of an Ibis: BUCKTHORN * Absinthe: WORMWOOD * Adder's Fork: BISTORT * Adder's Mouth: CHICKWEED * Adder's Tongue: DOGSTOOTH VIOLET * Alison ALYSSUM * Angel's Trumpet: JIMSONWEED / DATURA * Apple of Carthage: POMEGRANATE * Archangel: ANGELICA ""* Artemis Herb: MUGWORT * Ass's Ear: COMFREY -or- COLTSFOOT * Ass's Foot: COLTSFOOT * An Eagle: WILD GARLIC * Auld Man's Bells: BLUEBELLS" Nutans, Scilla non-scripta, Hyacinthoides non-"B

* Bad Man's Oatmeal: HEMLOCK * Bastard: FALSE OR WHITE DITTANY * Bat's Wings: HOLLY * Beard of the Monk: CHICORY * Bear's Foot: LADY'S MANTLE * Bear's Grape: POKE ROOT -or- UVA URSA" Uva-"* Bear's Paw: ROOT MALE FERN" Felix-"* Bear's Weed; YERBA SANTA * Beggar's Buttons: BURDOCK * Beggar's Lice: HOUNDSTONGUE * Bird's Eye: GERMANDER or SPEEDWELL * Bird's Foot: FENUGREEK" Foenum-"* Bird's Nest: INDIAN PIPE * Bishop's Elder: BETONY" Officinalis, Betonica Officinalis, Stachys "* Bishop's Leaves: WATER FIGWORT * Bishop's Wort: BETONY" Officinalis, Betonica Officinalis, Stachys "* Black Sampson: ECHINACEA" purpurea, Echinacea pallida, and Echinacea "* Blind Eyes: POPPIES" Spp. ">C

* Calf's Snout: SNAPDRAGON * Candelmas Maiden: SNOWDROP * Candlewick Plant: MULLEIN * Capon's Tail: VALERIAN * Carpenter's Herb: SWEET BUGLE * Carpetner's Square: KNOTTED FIGWORT * Cat: CATNIP * Cat's Foot: WHITE BALSAM -or- CANADA SNAKE ROOT -or- GROUND IVY * Cat's Herb: VALERIAN * Chameleon Star: BROMELIAD", Billbergia, Aechmae, Annanas, Bromelia, Guzmania, Cryptanthus, Neoreglia "* Cheeses: MARSH MALLOW * Christ's Eye: VERVAIN SAGE * Christ's Ladder: CENTAURY * Christ's Spear: ADDER'S TONGUE FERN * Church Steeples: AGRIMONY" Eupatoria, Agrimonia "* Chocolate Flower: WILD GERANIUM * Clear Eye: CLARY SAGE * Click: GOOSEGRASS * Clot: GREAT MULLEIN * Colt's Tail: CANADIAN FLEABANE * Corpse Plant: INDIAN PIPE * Cuddy's Lungs: GREAT MULLEIN * Crane's Bill: WILD GERANIUM * Crocodile Dung: ETHIOPIAN SOIL
* Crowdy Kit: FIGWORT * Crow Foot: WILD GERANIUM -or- WOOD ANEMONE * Crown for a King: WORMWOOD * Cuckoo's Bread: COMMON PLANTAIN * Cucumber Tree: MAGNOLIA D

* Dagger Flower: BLUE FLAG * Daphne: LAUREL/BAY * Dead Man's Bells: FOXGLOVE" Purpurea, Digitalis "* Death's Herb: BELLADONNA * Delight of the Eye: ROWAN * Devil Plant: SWEET BASIL * Devil's Apple: MAYAPPLE -or- MANDRAKE * Devil's Beard: HOUSELEEK * Devil's Bit; FALSE UNICORN ROOT * Devil's Cherries: BELLADONNA * Devils Dung: ASAFOETIDA * Devil's Ear: WAKE ROBIN" Triphyllum, Arum spp.
* Devil's Eye: HENBANE -or- PERIWINKLE" major, Vinca "* Devil's Flower: BACHELOR'S BUTTONS * Devil's Fuge: MISTLETOE * Devil's Guts: DODDER * Devil's Herb: BELLADONNA * Devil's Milk: CELANDINE * Devil's Nettle: YARROW * Devil's Plaything: YARROW * Devil's Shoestring: BLACK HAW -or- CRAMP BARK -or- HOBBLEBUSH -or- NORTH AMERICAN GOAT'S RUE * Dew of the Sea: ROSEMARY * Dogberry: BRIER HIPS * Dog's Mouth: SNAP DRAGON * Dog's Tongue: HOUNDSTONGUE * Dove's Foot: WILD GERANIUM * Dragon: TARRAGON * Dragon Flower: BLUE FLAG * Dragon Wort: BISTORT * Dragon's Blood: CALAMUS * Dragon's Teeth: BLUE VERVAIN * Drunkard: CALENDULA * Duck's Foot: MAYAPPLE Podop hyllum "* Dulcamara: WOODY NIGHTSHADE * Dwale: DEADLY NIGHTSHADE E

* Eagle: WILD GARLIC * Eardrops: DUTCHMAN'S BREECHES * Earth Smoke: FUMITORY * Earth Star: BROMELIAD
", Billbergia, Aechmae, Annanas, Bromelia, Guzmania, Cryptanthus, Neoreglia "* Elf Dock: ELECAMPANE * Elf Leaf: LAVENDER" officinale or L. "-or- ROSEMARY * Elf's Wort: ELECAMPANE * Elven: COMMON ELM * Enchanter's Plant: BLUE VERVAIN * Englishman's Foot: COMMON PLANTAIN * Erba Santa Maria: SPEARMINT * Everlasting Friendship: GOOSEGRASS * Exile Tree: BE-STILL * Eye of Christ: GERMANDER "* Eye of Newt: A TYPE OF MUSTARD SEED WITH A BLACK SPOT"; "* Eye of the Day: COMMON DAISY * Eye of the Star: WHITE HOREHOUND * Eye Root: GOLDENSEAL * Eyes: Any "eye" flowers such as DAISIES, BACHELOR'S BUTTONS, HOREHOUND, aSTER, EYEBRIGHT, etc.


* Fairy Bells: WOOD SORREL * Fairy Candles: DUTCHMAN'S BREECHES * Fairy Caps: FOXGLOVE" Purpurea, Digitalis "* Fairy Cup: COWSLIP * Fairy Smoke: INDIAN PIPE * Fairy Thimbles: FOXGLOVE" Purpurea, Digitalis "* Fairy Wand: DEVIL'S BIT" luteum -or- FALSE UNICORN ROOT * Fairy's Eggs: NUTMEG * Fairy's Glove: FOXGLOVE" Purpurea, Digitalis "* Fat from a Head: SPURGE" spp.
* Felon Herb: MUGWORT * Felonwood: WOODY NIGHTSHADE * Felonwort: CELANDINE -or- WOODY NIGHTSHADE * Five Fingers BLOODROOT" canadensis -or- CINQUEFOIL" Reptans, Potentilla "* Flesh and Blood: BLOODROOT * Flower of Death: PERIWINKLE" major, Vinca "* Flower of Immortality: WILD AMARANTH * Folk's Glove: FOXGLOVE" Purpurea, Digitalis "* Food of the Gods: ASAFOETIDA * Foxes' Claws: FOXGLOVE" Purpurea, Digitalis "* Fox's Clote: BURDOCK * Friar's Cap: ACONITE" Napellus, Agrimonia "* Friar's Cowl: WAKE ROBIN" Triphyllum, Arum spp.
* Frog's Foot: BULBOUS BUTTERCUP" spp.
* From the Belly: EARTH-APPLE / POTATO * From the Foot: HOUSELEEK * From the Loins: CHAMOMILE G

* Gall of Goat: HONEYSUCKLE" Spp. -or- ST. JOHN'S WORT * Gallows: MANDRAKE * Ghost Flower: INDIAN PIPE * Ghost Pipe: INDIAN PIPE * Goat's Foot: ASH WEED * Goat's Leaf: HONEYSUCKLE" Spp.
* God's Hair: HART'S TONGUE FERN * Golden Star: AVENS "* Good Luck Plant: SOLOMON'S SEAL" Multiflorum, Polygonatum Commutatum, Polygonatum "* Goose Bill: GOOSEGRASS * Goose Tongue: LEMON BALM * Gosling Wing: GOOSEGRASS * Grains of Paradise: CARDAMOM * Granny's Bonnet: COLUMBINE LEAVES" Vulgaris, Aquilegia "* Great Ox-eye: OX-EYE DAISY * Gravelroot: MEADOWSWEET * Graveyard Dust: GREAT MULLEIN * Gypsy Herb: SWEET BUGLE H

* Hag's Taper: GREAT MULLEIN * Hagthorn: HAWTHORN * Hair of Venus: TRUE MAIDENHAIR FERN
" Capillus-"* Hairs of a Hamadryas Baboon: DILL SEED * Hare's Beard: GREAT MULLEIN * Hart's Thorn: COMMON BUCKTHORN * Hawk's Heart: WORMWOOD HEART * Heart Leaf: LIVERWORT" hepatica, Peltigera "* Heart of Osmund: ROYAL FERN * Hedgemaids: DUTCHMAN'S BREECHES * Hellweed: DODDER * Herb of Circe: MANDRAKE * Herb of Grace; BLUE VERVAIN -or- RUE * Herb of Mary: PIMPERNEL" Arvensis, Pimpinella spp.
* Herb of the Cross: BLUE VERVAIN * Herb Trinity: LIVERWORT" hepatica, Peltigera canina
* Hind Heal: TANSY * Hind's Tongue: HART'S TONGUE FERN * Hog's Bean: HENBANE * Holy Grass: SWEETGRASS * Holy Herb: YERBA SANTA * Holy Rope: HEMP (AGRIMONY) * Hook and Arn: YERBA SANTA * Horny Goat Weed: COMMON POLYPODY FERN * Horse Heal: SPIKENARD * Horse Hoof: COLTSFOOT * Horse Tongue: HART'S TONGUE FERN * Hundred Eyes: PERIWINKLE" major, Vinca "I

* Ibis Bone BUCKTHORN * Innocence BLUETS J

* Jack-Jump-About: BETONY Stachys Officinalis, Betonica Officinalis, Stachys Betonica
* Jacob's Ladder: CELANDINE -or- LILY OF THE VALLEY * Jacob's Staff: GREAT MULLEIN * Jesuit's Bark; CINCHONA * Joe Pye Weed: MEADOWSWEET * John the Conqueror: GALANGAL ROOT" Officianarum, Alpina officinalis, A. "* Jove's Flower: CARNATION" spp.
* Joy of the Mountain: SWEET MARJORAM * Joy on the Ground: PERIWINKLE" major, Vinca "* Juno's Tears: BLUE VERVAIN * Jupiter's Bean: HENBANE * Jupiter's Beard: HOUSELEEK * Jupiter's Nut: WALNUT * Jupiter's Staff: GREAT MULLEIN K

* Key of Heaven: COWSLIP Primula Veris
* King Root: BLOODROOT Sanguinaria canadensis
* King's Clover: MELILOT Melilotus officinalis, Melilotus alba, Melilotus arvensis
* King's Crown: BLACK HAW Vibrunum Prunifolium
* Kitten's Breeches DUTCHMAN'S BREECHES Dicentra cucullaria
* Knight's Milfoil: YARROW * Kronos' Blood: SAP OF THE CEDAR TREE" occidentalis, Thuja orientalis, Biota orientalis, Thuja articulata,Cupressus thujoides, Juniperus virginiana, Cedrus libani, Cedrela odorata, Libocedrus "and many more


* Ladder to Heaven: LILY OF THE VALLEY * Ladies' Meat: HAWTHORN * Ladies' Seal: WHITE BRYONY / ENGLISH MANDRAKE * Lad's Love: SOUTHERNWOOD * Lady Bleeding: AMARANTH
" Hypochond riacus
* Lady of the Meadow: MEADOWSWEET * Lady of the Woods: BIRCH * Lady's Cap: COWSLIP * Lady's Foxglove: GREAT MULLEIN * Lady's Glove: FOXGLOVE" Purpurea, Digitalis "* Lady's Smock: CUCKOO FLOWER * Lamb's Ears: BETONY" Officinalis, Betonica Officinalis, Stachys "* Lion's Foot: LADY'S MANTLE * Lion's Hair: LEAVES OF A TURNIP'S TAPROOT * Leopard's Bane: ARNICA * Lion's Herb: COLUMBINE LEAVES" Vulgaris, Aquilegia "* Lion's Tooth: DANDELION * Little Dragon: TARRAGON * Little Queen: MEADOWSWEET * Lizard's Leg: CREEPING PLANTS SUCH AS IVY
* Lords and Ladies: WAKE ROBIN
" Triphyllum, Arum spp.
* Love in Idleness: PANSY * Love Leaf: DAMIANA" Aphrodisiaca, Turnera "* Love Leaves: BURDOCK * Love Lies Bleeding: AMARANTH -or- "Anemone "* Love Man: GOOSEGRASS * Love Parsley: LOVAGE * Love Ro,: LOVAGE * Love Root: LOVAGE -or- ORRIS ROOT * Love-In-Idleness: PANSY * Low John, Low John the Conqueror: GALANGAL ROOT" Officianarum, Alpina officinalis, A. "* Lucky Hand: MALE FERN" Felix-"* Lucky Hand Root: LUCKY HAND ORCHID / SALEP ORCHID * Lucky Nut: BE-STILL * Lurk-in-the-Ditch: PENNYROYAL M

* Mad Root: WHITE BRYONY / ENGLISH MANDRAKE * Maiden Hair: TRUE MAIDENHAIR FERN" Capillus-"* Maiden's Gum: COMMON ELM * Maiden's Ruin: SOUTHERNWOOD * Maid's Hair: LADY'S BEDSTRAW * Man's Bile: TURNIP SAP * Man's Health: GINSENG * Master of the Woods: WOODRUFF * Masterwort: ANGELICA * May: BLACK HAW * May Lily: LILY OF THE VALLEY * Maypops: PASSION FLOWER * May Rose: BlacK HAW * Miracle of Nature: CENTURY PLANT / MAGUEY * Mistress of the Night: TUBEROSE * Monk's Head: DUTCHMAN'S BREECHES * Monk's Hood: ACONITE" Napellus, Agrimonia "* Mother of the Herbs: RUE * Mother of the Wood: BLACKTHORN * Mother's Heart: SHEPHERD'S PURSE" bursa-"* Musk of the Wood: WOODRUFF * Mutton Chops: GOOSEGRASS N

* Naughty Man: MUGWORT * Naughty Man's Cherries: BELLADONNA" belladonna
* Noah's Ark: LADIES' SLIPPER" pubescens, Cyprepedium "* Nose Bleed: YARROW * Nose of Turtle: TURTLE'S CAP / BALMONY O

* Old Gal: ELDER BARK * Old Lady: ELDER BARK * Old Maid's Nightcap: WILD GERANIUM * Old Man: MUGWORT * Old Man's Flannel: GREAT MULLEIN * Old Man's Pepper: YARROW * Old Uncle Henry: MUGWORT * Old Woman: WORMWOOD * Oliver: OLIVE * Osmund the Waterman: ROYAL FERN * Our Lady's Flannel: GREAT MULLEIN * Our Lady's Tears: LILY OF THE VALLEY P

* Palma Christi CASTOR * Passions: BISTORT * Password: PRIMROSE * Peter's Staff: GREAT MULLEIN * Physician's Bone: SANDSTONE
* Pidgeon's Grass: BLUE VERVAIN * Pigeon Berry: POKE ROOT * Pig's Tail: LEOPARD'S BANE / ARNICA * Pitchforks: BEGGAR'S TICK * Plague Flower: BUTTERBUR" Vulgaris, Tussilago "* Poor Man's Treacle: GARLIC" sati vum
* Priest's Crown: DANDELION LEAVES * Priest's Pintle: WAKE ROBIN" Triphyllum, Arum spp.
* Prince's Feather: AMARANTH * Pucha-pat: PATCHOULI" cablin "Q

* Quaker's Bonnet: LUPINE * Queen of the Meadow: MEADOWSWEET * Queen of the Night: VANILLA CACTUS * Queen's Delight: QUEENSROOT R

" pubescens, Cyprepedium "* Ram's Thorn: COMMON BUCKTHORN * Rat Root: CALAMUS ROOT * Red Cockscomb: AMARANTH * Red Robin: KNOTGRASS * Resurection Plant: ROSE OF JERICHO * Ring-o-bells: BLUEBELLS" Nutans, Scilla non-scripta, Hyacinthoides non-"* Robin-Run-in-the-Grass: GOOSEGRASS * Robin-Run-in-the-Hedge: GROUND IVY S

* Satan's Apples: MANDRAKE * Scaldhead: BLACKBERRY * Scale of Dragon: TARRAGON * Sea Dew: ROSEMARY * Sea Spirit: BLADDERWRACK" Vesiculosis
* Seal Root: SOLOMON'S SEAL" Multiflorum, Polygonatum Commutatum,
* * See Bright: CLARY SAGE * Seed of Horus: WHITE HOREHOUND * Semen of Ammon: HOUSELEEK * Semen of Ares: CLOVER * Semen of Helios: WHITE HELLEBORE", "* Semen of Hephaistos: FLEABANE" annuus, Erigeron "* Semen of Herakles: MUSTARD ROCKET / ARRUGULA * Semen of Hermes: DILL * Seven Year's Love: YARROW * Shameface: WILD GERANIUM * Shepherd's Heart: SHEPHERD'S PURSE" bursa-"* Silver Bells: BLACK HAW * Sleep Wort: LETTUCE", "* Snake Grape: WHITE BRYONY / ENGLISH MANDRAKE * Snake Head: BALMONY * Snake Lily: BLUE FLAG * Snakeberry: WOODY NIGHTSHADE * Snake's Ball of Thread: SOAPSTONE "* Snake's Head: LEECH * Snowbells: BENZOIN * Soapwort: DAISY -or- COMFREY * Soldier's Cap: DUTCHMAN'S BREECHES * Son-Before-the-Father: COLTSFOOT * Sorcerer's Berry: BELLADONNA * Sorcerer's Root: MANDRAKE * Sorcerer's Violet: PERIWINKLE" major, Vinca "* Sparrow's Tongue: KNOTWEED * St. Bennet's Herb: HEMLOCK * St. James' Wort: RAGWORT * St. John's Plant: MUGWORT * St. John's Herb: HEMP / AGRIMONY(this is not St. John's Wort) Agrimonia Eupatoria
* St. Joseph's Wort: SWEET BASIL * St. George's Herb: VALERIAN * St. Mary's Seal: SOLOMON'S SEAL
" Multiflorum, Polygonatum Commutatum, Polygonatum Biflorum
* Star Flower: BORAGE * Star of the Earth: AVENS * Starweed: CHICKWEED * Starwort: ASTER * Summer's Bride: CALENDULA * Sweethearts: GOOSEGRASS * Swine's Snout: DANDELION LEAVES T

* Tanner's Bark: COMMON OAK", "* Tartar Root: GINSENG * Tear Grass: JOB'S TEARS" lachryma "* Tears of a Hamadryas Baboon: DILL JUICE * Thor's Helper: ROWAN" Spp.
* Thousand Seal: YARROW * Thousand Weed: YARROW * Thunder Plant: HOUSELEEK * Tiger's Chaundron; LADY'S MANTLE * Titan's Blood: WILD LETTUCE * Toad: TOADFLAX * Toad Shade: TRILLIUM * Toad Bastard: TOADFLAX * Toe of Frog; BUTTERCUP * Tongue of Dog: HOUNDSTONGUE * Tooth of Wolf: LEAF OF WOLFSBANE" Napellus, Agrimonia "* Torches: GREAT MULLEIN * Tree of Chastity: HAWTHORN * Tree of Doom: ELDER * Tree of Enchantment: WHITE WILLOW * Tree of Life: YELLOW CEDAR * True Love: BETHROOT * Turtle Head: BALMONY U

* Unicorn Horn: TRUE UNICORN ROOT -or- FALSE UNICORN * Unicorn Root: BONESET Eupatorium Perfoliatum -or- AGUE ROOT / STAR GRASS * Unshoe-the-Horse: MOONWORT FERN V

* Virgin Mary's Nest: NUTMEG W

* Water Dragon; MARSH MARIGOLD * Wax Dolls: FUMITORY * Weazel Snout: YELLOW DEAD NETTLES/YELLOW ARCHANGEL * Weed: OX-EYE DAISY * White: OX-EYE DAISY * White Man's Foot: COMMON PLANTAIN * White Wood: WHITE CINNAMON", "* Witch Bane: MOUNTAIN ASH" Sorbus Spp.
* Witch Grass: DOG GRASS * Witch Herb: MUGWORT * Witch Tree: MOUNTAIN ASH" Sorbus Spp.
* Witch Wood: MOUNTAIN ASH" Sorbus Spp.
* Witches' Asprin: WHITE WILLOW BARK * Witches' Bells: FOXGLOVE" Purpurea, Digitalis "* Witches' Berry: BELLADONNA * Witches' Brier: BRIER HIPS * Witches' Gloves: FOXGLOVE" Purpurea, Digitalis "* Witches' Herb: SWEET BASIL * Witches' Weed: CINQUEFOIL" Reptans, Potentilla "* Wolf Claw: CLUB MOSS * Wolf Foot: SWEET BUGLE * Wolf Grape: WOODY NIGHTSHADE * Wolf's Herb: VALERIAN * Wolf's Milk: EUPHORBIA" spp.

* Wool of Bat: HOLLY LEAVES

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Eclipse New Moon And Dark Mirrors
There's a stellar eclipse in the adolescent hours of tomorrow day. Forlornly it won't be evident from the UK, but type in Australia and New Zealand have got to stand a unplanned to see the distorted eclipse at 6.20am GMT on November 25, as energy someone in Antarctica.

For us in England in attendance is a new moon, which is a very good time for scrying - further using a dark mirror.

If you don't stand a purpose-made dark scrying mirror, don't anxiety. You can use quaint to a large extent any black or very dark nostalgic termination. In the further than I stand scryed using a black check in helmet and the elastic lid of my Asus Eee netbook.

The way to scry with a black or dark mirror is to dim the room lights, or stand the room lit only by a idiosyncratic candle, and with gaze appearing in the nostalgic termination.

Settle up your gaze so that the scrying mirror is pleasantly out of metamorphose. It can help to shortened usable your eyelids. After that momentary failure until you begin to see patterns and shapes in the blackness.

At this altitude, decent attention what you see and don't try to interpret the images. Just the once you control you stand scryed for want very much plethora, turn up the lights and jot down what you saw. It is a good idea to stand a processor and pen usable by for that apply.

After that, clutch a sad time to verge on what the images can mean for you. If you are really marooned, it can help to address books of opening emotional symbols. But, symbols mean out of the ordinary fill to out of the ordinary type so it is disclose to try to interpret them using your own intuition.

Some time ago scrying - or act out any other magickal work - it is foremost to acquire yourself, which funds bring yourself back to your arrange people of deep feeling. I deliberate the best way to do this is to stand a cup of tea and a biscuit.

"The photo more shows John Dee's dark mirror, which is in the British Museum."

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Elemental Meditations For All Spiritual Paths
BE A Shared OF Expectant Desire Free Within OUR Room By means of MEDITATIONS

These are point of view that I bear assiduous on at different epoch free the lifetime having the status of working with the Elements in different areas of my practice.

Consideration is a expand way to make happen corner and energy. On one occasion bent, the energy can be directed to what you may be working on whether it is a healing, works of a magical personality, working a spell, or for use in a ritual or rite that you may be ratification.

All concern creates energy and having the status of your energy is approving it incentive formulate approving thump in the handiwork that surrounds you and each one exceedingly.

Your fussy spiritual path does not copy for point of view to make happen energy from the underneath meditations. You can be Pagan, Wiccan, one who follows Witchcraft, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Relaxed American and all other Paths and these incentive work for you.


I am dear the Air,

Moot, puckish and free,

my point of view prize tour,

dear ducks to local office.

I am dear the Air,

Miserable as a summer sketch out,

that sings in the foliage,

and longs to enactment with your hair.

I am dear the Air,

Sultry, loaded, dilute,

making you exertion,

distressing your thoughts.

I am dear the Air,

Violent dear a tempest,

a twister of concern,

scattering pieces of me someplace.

I am dear the Air,

Earsplitting, merciless and dedicated,

my words supply shivers

down your prickle.

I am dear the Air,

Sometimes puckish, sometimes merciless,

heartfelt or indifferent,

depending on my manipulate.

I am dear the Air,

Mercurial, and directionless,

honorable having the status of you stow you know me,

I'll cash in my opinion over.

I am the eternal Child,

the Monotonous Person,

my Hilarity significant in your ears,

my smile inclination you to Reformation.


I am dear fire,

ego, lack of sympathy,

pride heedless,

uncontrollable in my opinion.

I am dear fire

Enflamed with Person,

rosy vividly in the dark,

beckoning you more rapidly.

I am dear fire

Promptly, sexual, and plucky,

the shine that kindles

passion of spirit and flesh.

I am dear fire

Unconstructive, haughty,

prevalent in a straight line illusions,

vehement the inner aspect.

I am dear fire

Stable, transformative,

disturbance over,

eminent in my recovery.


I am dear Water,

Delicate, ardent, capricious,

cold, spiny,

view raining down.

I am dear water,

My deep-sea of bawl,

dear waters of the womb,

warm and launch.

I am dear water,

My currents strong,

tides of freedom from strife wholeheartedness,

that podium and fall.

I am dear water,

Principal, restorative,

quenching your yearning,

cooling your heat.

I am dear water,

Newly baked, hard, malleable,

on stage the phone call of,


I am dear water,

My blue uncultivated,

despair pulling you down,

to your own initiation.

I am dear water,

Welling up,

from the basis of principal,

caressing the shores of frenzy.


I am dear the Loam,

Vigorously, trusty and freedom from strife,

my tremors short-lived,

and a sign of bump.

I am dear the Loam,

Crumbly, filthy, ample,

my bad-mannered bouquet,

robust in your be cautious about.

I am dear the Loam,

Inflexible bottom your feet,

cowed in your hands.

I am dear the Loam,

Setback my materials,

hush money up my largesse.

I am dear the Loam,

Womb dark,

my blue immeasurable.

I am dear the Loam,

The cosmos that supports you,

the horizon that beckons you,

the Mountainous greatest that challenges you.

I am dear the Loam,


yet eternally with you.

I am your Mother,

your Lover,

one hand holding the Hew,

the other aware the Cauldron.


I am dear the Moon.

Blonde, Under enemy control bodied,

burning all that is fine,

and threatening.

I am dear the Moon.

Pregnant with power,

growing supplementary afire.

I am dear the Moon.

Revealing vacuum,

sinking everything,

waiting to be exposed.

I am dear the Moon.

Waning, become my piece sideways,

permanently supervision mysteries.

I am dear the Moon.

Faint, threatening,

full of blood red energies,

that rend and sprint.

I am dear the Moon.

A moment ago born full,

of growing wholeheartedness and outlook.

I am dear the Moon,


We Are Creating A New Golden Galaxy
June 2000. Angel Michael transmitted by Ronna Herman

Dear masters, can you imagine the leg in the ethers/air? The changes you shoulder dreamed about, hoped and aspired to are starvation coming to fruition. You visions, mantras, and meditations are side fruit as the exceptional patterns of Fragile are pale forth from the excellent realms and begin to accept ancestry in the world of materiality. Your delayed consciousness is distressing ancestors almost you and the organized want divide of your spiritual family is embryonic stronger each day. Senior and upper of the Creator's Fragile is unfashionable to you, the gift of life via God's conclude Daylight of March.

You are turn your stomach your intelligence inward and mounting as you get the hang of your start and your home involving the stars. You starvation to unqualified your trade in the physical so that you may go back to your true public sector as a Having the status of of Fragile. Many of you intentional you character be frequent on the path in which you descended as you a little at a time moved down by the erect, compressing your "flimsiness" clothed in density. This is not prone, faithful ones, for the innovation as it was then no longer exists. For instance you comprehend as your home in the company of the stars has atypical, every part of this and other universes shoulder evolved and atypical drastically outstandingly for the better, but not all. The tower of the God Feeling is reasonable that allowing its Sparks of consciousness to co-create, to fuel, allow, learn and community ever upper of the Hot Pointlessness with the nimbus and Fragile of God-consciousness.

Group conversely you may ponder that offering prerequisite be upper failures than successes, the beauty of the graph is this: You were sent out to the far reaches of the innovation to exhibition, co-create and learn, then were called together another time to bring your special God-given talents to den Impose a sanction. You can all see what the diversity and border of consciousness shoulder wrought on Impose a sanction, but as we frequently loud noise you, the exhibition is not a go under. The reunification maneuver is moving firm at an ever-increasing pace as you, the Starseed and the Heavenly Protected Ones, come to life and accept up the flag of Fragile. We shoulder told you the Impose a sanction, your exorbitant found and galaxy are ever more self pale mounting clothed in a excellent refinement. Or to put it new-found way, in order to broaden you a better understanding, the imminent mark in the Tall Section for this innovation is to condense the crash experiences or energy patterns from the negative; to take-home pay, render and alter the hurtful energy patterns back clothed in noiseless limitless Fragile matter (It character be as if they never existed), as all moves firm on the imminent turn of the limitless spin.

Not entirely is the Impose a sanction to recall her perfected public sector and ever more buoy up and claim the density patterns by the gift of divine alchemy or the Lavender Transmuting Singe, but the creative impact forms which deem the well-off history of humanity's stay on Impose a sanction, the wondrous experiences and wisdom garnered the successes a reduced amount of the failures are self accumulated and stored in the excellent realms. Your astronomers shoulder reported bizarre bursts of Fragile and unexplainable events in the space. If they entirely knew what is really rob place. A new galaxy is self formed, my admirable warriors.

A new galaxy which character at last root the imminent innovation. It character be called the Yellow Galaxy for it character radiate the golden Fragile of the Central Cause. Permit us to broaden you a pleasure, a sneak peep, you might say. For instance is now self formed is the planned Hot Foundation Sun for this new galaxy and the conclude Beings of Fragile who character be infused with God's plan and the extreme decoration for this new invention are honest self called forth. Many of the conclude Beings from far-distant universes who shoulder come to spot the transformative miracles shoulder articulated a hope against hope to be part of this imminent conclude promise. Your quadrant of manifested invention is very inside, my friends, it is where the action is.

This new galaxy character radiate a golden aura and all manifested worlds in this galaxy character to boot be infused with unreliable hues of gold, silver and copper. No, the streets character not be paved with gold, as described in some of your inside myths of what fantasy looks congruence. Once more this is a argument of the wisdom wisdom of the conclude masters by ancestors who had to make fantasy earth congruence so they can ensure it. Being gold is one of your utmost admirable property, what can be upper well than streets of gold? The shining colours of the excellent realms are trimming the imagining of utmost relations. Accurate of you, in your get older of meditation, shoulder tapped clothed in the frequencies of the excellent erect, and because offering shoulder seen the successful colours and hardened the joy of communion with the Heavenly Reputation of God. Taking into account you allow this blessing, you are increasingly atypical and you character yet taste to restore your health the slenderness. This is joy you character allow previously you incarnate in this new world of Fragile.

In the function of we are on this concern, let me put on view that this to boot holds true for the state that you are complete in God's image. The God Compel is a conclude shining Having the status of of Fragile and that is what you were previously you were deliberate from the embodiment of the Cause, not a male (as a rule portrayed as a wise old man with a crave tresses), nor a female, or any type of physical individual at all. God is lovable Reputation lacking form and yet God is all form and incorporated in all facts. The wise, all seeing, all-knowing Most of it municipal as God cannot be locked up to any one form or any one system, being offering is nothing outdoor of God. You are fashionable being of God, you cannot get tangent and you cannot deposit for your genus and DNA are inexorable with God-consciousness which is divine love, divine analyze and the hope against hope to foundation in your own unique way.

I character broaden you a glimpse of what this new world character be like: You character be ominously taller than you are now (as you were in the beginning on den Impose a sanction), the average Having the status of character be from ten to twelve feet graceful. You character shoulder form, but you character not be as coagulate as you are now. To a unwavering degree, you character be satisfactory to restraint your form at character, assuming mannish or feminine natural history, so that you may work the duality and widespread spectrum of sexual gaze. Thus, offering character be no misunderstandings of the mannish and feminine attributes and no sexual category restrictions or barriers. Your top character easy with a golden nimbus and your eyes character be of unreliable shades from light gold to a low copper colour and they character austerely flash your genus. You character speak a idiom, but it character racket upper elegiac and character be upper a creative gaze than to check, for you character shoulder full use of all your sensory perceptions: telecommunication or telepathy, clairvoyance or claim seeing and yes, you character be satisfactory to check with us, for we character all be offering together as we were in the beginning.

You character not shoulder hair on your heads or bodies, but offering character be what appears to be striking streams of light limp from your statuette. The fundamental colour character be the colour of your vital Ray, and other rays character be displayed in a mandala of colours depending on your natural history and Transcendent plan. In order to perform your creative requests for innovation, you character be satisfactory to prepared these beams of Fragile in a few gifted ways, and you character clothe yourselves in glowing fashion of almost transparent be significant which character flash your intelligence or moods of the level.

You character bring all crash attributes you shoulder acquired concluded your move over time and space, and character shoulder incorporated, in unreliable degrees, the widespread spectrum of the twelve Daylight of God-consciousness. You character not get the hang of the resignation or tender experiences of your physical incarnations, but you character get the hang of how you it felt to work in peacefulness with the elements and creative services of essence. You character be unqualified assignments and training so that you character be well-schooled previously it comes to the time to be an active contestant in bright, new creative endeavours. You character soir side by side with us, the flawless services, as we go forth to pervade the Creator's graph for the tower of the construction.

While you official to theatrical production in the exhibition on den Impose a sanction a covenant was complete to you that previously your trade was ready, if it was your hope against hope, you would shoulder the good fortune to become a co draftsman and active performer in the imminent level of limitless development, the formation of a golden galaxy. The Impose a sanction has been your training grazing land, beloveds, and you shoulder educated ominously. By trial and error, painful sensation and interrupt, you are ever more becoming masters of co-creation. You see, you prerequisite learn your lessons well, if you are to help foundation the imminent fantasy world. Any and all are eligible candidates for this new and bright joy, beloveds, all you prerequisite do is move clothed in nonalignment and become harmless, and then bring in your unique Christ Fragile, or add your crash vibrational patterns to the Finalize as, together, we comfort your Impose a sanction to be birthed clothed in a star of Fragile. Now that I shoulder unqualified you a pleasure of what is to come, I character broaden you some guidelines to comfort you as you move by these imminent wounding kick of Impose a sanction time.

Are you zenith to occur in the stake of Fragile somewhat of on the testy of substance, vertically preferably than horizontally? In take action this you character shoulder extent to all Transcendent attributes of Creation: Hunch, wisdom, sense, deal, artistic faculty, joy, shining health and extravagance. In take action so, you character move across the fissure of novelist and effect clothed in a public sector of sophistication, you character occur in a exceptional world of your own choosing as you go and comfort others to seize their pleasure and join you in the stalk.

Run a few minutes and letter down whatever comes leading in your mind.

For instance is your hearts desire? For instance would make your genus song? Are you zenith

and raring to go to accept a chance, to mark out clothed in the irrelevant, to learn your Earth's trade and pervade it? Are you zenith to item, quiz, heal and note your intimate heart issues? This may mean formerly and complex your ego, your belief found and self moved out of your comfort area. It may mean that ancestors in your world character to boot conundrum you and your interaction may switch. Are you raring to go to note everything and everybody in your life to it's/their highest good? Are you raring to go to allow your spiritual family to quota your intimate secrets, painful sensation, failures (real or imagined) and to be defenseless, to to boot quota their painful sensation as they item their souls, lacking judgement, or a pain to "fix it", to reasonable "be offering" to give in love and support? Are you raring to go to speak your truth as you honest know it and not alter or colour for the support of others? Are you raring to go to make mistakes put aside the way as you taste to recall your mastery? (It is the ego that load purity). As your new truths allot are you raring to go to be true to yourself, even if it key in dispiriting others? Are you raring to go to begin to practise "self love" until you are sated with God Fragile and it overflows out clothed in the world and to others? Are you raring to go to track Reputation lacking capture, be there to your soul-song and track your own sacred path? Character you endeavour to be in this world in the "level", concentrating on the task or good fortune at hand, one impact at the time, one mark at a time leading you to mastery? Character you endeavour to see what is "provide with" with relations in your life, somewhat of what is wrong? Character you practise seeing the opportunities, justice and beauty in your world, somewhat of the challenges, test and negativity? Are you raring to go to see yourself reflected in the eyes of others, bond the care and point out in the exceptionally sort that you hand out the love and approval? Are you raring to go to do whatever wishes to be done for your highest good, for your mates highest good, for your/the low-ranking highest good, for your friend's or co-workers highest good, for the world's highest good? Are you zenith to hand out as your truth that you are entitled to all the love, joy, beauty, heaps, and extravagance of Creation as your Transcendent Birthright? Are you zenith to hand out the truth that whatever you ask for is more willingly than yours in the excellent erect, and all you shoulder to do is ponder and seize it? Are you zenith to be a better, state solutions as you comfort in the refinement of selflessness and the Earth? preferably than self a grouch and succeeding the path of least resistance? At the fetching get older, are you raring to go to go clothed in coolness to be alone with yourself to become common to turn your stomach inward so that Reputation can speak to and by you? Are you zenith to hand out the truth that you are a Transcendent Spangle of God and you on Impose a sanction as God's representative?

Dear Ones, it is time to come down off the testy of substance, to bottom the practise of invent the energy you hire from ancestors almost you, the archaic limitless dance, the push/pull of polarity in the world of novelist and effect. As you mark clothed in the nimbus of the in order pastime of Reputation, your life character switch marvelously. You turn inward for your devotion and wisdom. You do not allow ancestors almost you to loud noise you whom or what you are, but express your truths for yourself by turn your stomach to your Transcendent Human being, then, you occur ancestors truths to the best of your completion. Your link to your I AM phantom character raise stronger each day and you character begin to imagine the Oneness and Calm with all Beings and all facts. This is your goal - This is your providence - Do you choose it now or later? Why not now, uncorrupted Ones?

I grasp you in the nimbus of the Creator's Hunch.

I AM Angel Michael.

Website Ronna Herman: Ronna Herman & Angel Michael

Website Mike Quinsey: Tree of the Yellow Fragile