Cleanse A Home From Negative Energy Cover
These are especially good measures to take when moving into a new place, beginning ritual activities in a new space, or to release bad feelings and negativity when an inhabitant has been sick or has died.


* On top of a newspaper, set a blue candle.
* Surround with a circle of salt.
* Burn a little sage in the room.
* Light the candle, making sure it won't tip over.
* Close the door and let the candle burn down.
* When finished, take newspaper, salt, and candle

* Leave the room and bury far from your home.


* Select four corners.
* Set four candles: north - black, east - white, south - purple or dark red, west - blue.
* Sprinkle a little salt at each doorway and window.
* Burn sage in each room, paying special attention to windows and doors.
* Strew fragrant herbs (rosemary, basil, lavender, others you especially like)
* Sweep them up with the salt.
* Cast the swept herbs out your front door
* Sweep them off your porch so they won't get tracked back in.

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Chamomile Matriarca Chamomilla Cover
Chamomile Matriarca chamomilla, Chamaemelum nobile, Anthemis nobile Chamomile is a favorite herb in teas for its calming effect. Other uses are eczema relief, eye irritation relief, hemorrhoid relief, curing insomnia, controlling menstrual disorders, migraine relief, curing blisters, aid with stomach disorders, helping throat discomfort, and cleansing the skin. Side effects Allergic reaction, skin irritation or rash, and vomiting. These side effects should be reported to a doctor. Drug interactions Blood thinners should not be used in conjunction with chamomile use. Report chamomile use to your doctor if taking any prescription drugs, as studies have shown that chamomile may make many drugs less effective. General warnings You should always consult a doctor before using herbal medicines when pregnant or nursing. This herb has been shown in studies to be linked to fetal damage and miscarriage and pregnant women should not use this herb. Those with asthma should not use this herb.

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Magickal Properties Of Common Herbs Cover
ACACIA: divination

ADDER"S TONGUE: divination

ANGELICA: excorcism, healing, and protection against evil influences.

AVENS: soul purification.

BASIL: exorcism, love spells and protection against evil influences.

BAY: clairvoyance, healing, good luck and protection against evil influences.

BERGAMOT: prosperity.

CAMPHOR: divination.

CATNIP: love spells.

CARNATION: psychic healing.

CEDAR: healing, prosperity and sanctification.

CHAMOMILE: sleep potions.

CINNAMON: clairvoyance, healing and love spells.

CINQUEFOIL: prosperity.

CLOVES: diviation, exorcism, love and spiritual purification.

CLOVER: anti-sorcery, counterspells and protection against evil influences.

CORIANDER: love spells.

DILL: anti-sorcery and protection against evil influences.

DRAGON'S BLOOD: exorcism and love spells.

ELDER: aphrodisiac, love spells and prosperity.

FENNEL: healing and purification.

FERN: exorcism and spells to attract rain.

FRANKINCENSE: consecration, divination, exorcism, healing, love spells and spiritual purification.

GARDENIA: healing and love spells.

GARLIC: exorcism, protection against evil influences and purification.

GINGER: aphrodisiacs and love spells.

HAWTHORNE FLOWERS: clairvoyance and divination.

HAZEL: aphrodisiacs and love spells.

HONEYSUCKLE: divinaton.

HOPS: healing and sleep potions.

JASMINE: aphrodisiacs and love spells.

JUNIPER: aphrodisiacs, exorcism, healing, love spells and protection against evil influences.

LAVENDER: aphrodisiacs and love spells.

LEMON BALM: healing and love spells.

LEMON GRASS: divination.

LILAC: exorcism.

LOVAGE: aphrodisiacs and love spells.

MACE: divination.

MALLOW: exorcism.

MANDRAKE ROOT: aphrodisiac, cursing enemies, love spells, protection

against evil influences and spells to ncrease psychic powers.

MARJORAM: prophetic dreams and protection against evil influences.

MINT: exorcism and healing.

MUGWORT: astral projecton, clairvoyance, divination, prophetic dreams, and Spells to increase psychic powers.

MYRRH:consecration, exorcism, healing and meditation.

MYRTLE: sleep potions.

NUTMEG: divination and healing.

ORRIS ROOT: clairvoyance and divination.

PASSION FLOWER: sleep potions.

PATCHOULY: invocation of elemental powers.

PEONY ROOT: anti-sorcery and protection against evil influences.

PINE: prosperity.

ROSE: divination, healing and love spells.

ROSEMARY: counterspells, healing, love spells and purification.

RUE: exorcism and hexing of enemies.

SAFFRON: love spells.

SANDALWOOD: consecration, healing and protecting against evil influences.

SASSAFRASS: prosperity.

SERPENTARIA ROOT: aphrodisiacs and love spells.

SOLOMON'S SEAL: exorcism.

THISTLE: exorcism.

THYME: divination and healing.

TONKA: love spells and prosperity.

VERVAIN: anti-sorcery, astral projection and sleep potions.

VIOLET: Healing and love spells.

WILLOW: healing.

WOOD ALOE: prosperity.

WOODRUFF: prosperity.

WORMWOOD: clairvoyance, divination and good luck.

YARROW: divination, exorcism, love spells, prophetic dreams,and spells to increases psychic powers.

YERBA SANTA: healing.

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Wassail For Kids Image
* 6 cinnamon sticks
* 1 tsp. ground allspice
* 12 oz frozen apple juice
* 2 cups cranberry juice
* 1/4 cup sugar
* 16 whole cloves

Tie spices together in a cheesecloth bag. Combine juices, sugar, and bitters. Simmer together for ten minutes and remove spice bag. Serve hot, but not too hot for the little ones.

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Farls Image
Oats and oat cakes are still used today in Beltane celebrations, especially in Scotland where the tradition originated. Therefore, oats have been widely accepted as a very appropriate Beltane food, good for fertility and luck. This recipe, Farls, was popular in northern Ireland and Scotland, incorporating the ever-popular potatoes as well (with the oats!).


* 3 cups real mashed potatoes
* 2 cups dry oats
* 2 tablespoons butter or margarine
* 1/2 teaspoon cornstarch
* 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
* 1/8 teaspoon salt
* Pinch of pepper
* Pinch of rosemary (optional)


Soak the oats in warm water for 15 to 20 minutes. (Use the amount of water your oats package tells you to use as if for cooking.) Drain the oats if there is extra water at the end of their soaking, then mix the potatoes and other ingredients into the bowl. Knead it together until a dough forms. If it's still too moist, add flour until it can be picked up and shaped. Form into round patties. Fry in hot vegetable oil until lightly browned and serve immediately.

NOTE: They seem to cook best if you put them in the pan and don't smush them down with the spatula on their first side. When you flip them over, that's when you can smush them down a little, because they've got a cooked surface that won't get stuck to your spatula.

YIELD: 8 servings

SOURCE: Sabbats

USE FOR: Beltane

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Mind Body Interventions Health Applications And Clinical Studies Of Meditation Image
Zen meditation is a very effective way to narrow down your field of awareness so that you may develop concentration. People who practice Zazen, a technique in Zen Buddhism, reportedly experience (among other things) vividness of visual experience.

This is true mainly because when you sit for hours concentrating on any given object -- such as the breath or the space between your eyebrows -- verbal thinking and all other forms of mental processes are suppressed. This allows your brain to allocate more computational resources to the part of the nervous system that processes visual detail.

Scientific studies have discovered that as a child matures, the clarity of visual experience is reduced because vision actually becomes modified by the presence of reflective thought. This implies that if you can successfully suppress the movement of your mind even for just a short period of time, you may be able to see things in a totally new way.



Healing Emptiness Cover
I remember years of watching vast New Mexico summer sky emptying into a fierce sunlit blueness and then filling with the blessings of clouds, veils of rain, lightning, rainbows: storms moving around and through the sky bowl by their own breath, pouring out gifts to dusty ground. Watery hands brushed the face of my world. I remember the sharp smell of fire and water in the air, the cleanness of emerging sun shining on the wet ground later, the earth flowing, then flowering.

I remember a recent weekend of oceanside camping, watching the peaceful foggy emptiness of clouds darkening the night sky, then waking two hours before dawn on the last day to find the darkness filled to bursting with stars.

Emptiness does not stay so, either in the physical or spiritual realms. The cycles of nature reflect the greater reality of which the physical world is an inseparable part. The "scientific" truism that "nature abhors a vacuum" also reflects spiritual and inner truth. The miracle and blessing of being human includes our ability to move through our own inner voids and emptiness and to find our creativity, our core. These things are not the same as void and emptiness, which are only a setting for them. We fill the voids as a natural part of the cycle - to freeze into one part is unnatural as neither happens without the other. While many spiritual traditions acknowledge the power of void and chaos, most also move past them, or see them as the birthing place or as a place of death which precedes birth in a repeating (and ritualized) cycle.

At times it is easy to confuse the pain and fear that goes with loss with the emptiness and void which precedes renewal and growth. The confusion can perpetuate that void and prevent healing. That can lead to a halt in the natural cyclic movement and can turn the power of a person's inner emptiness into something destructive and unhealthy. Many times this is unintentional, of course, especially if brought on by physical or emotional crisis, but in the same way that nature prompts things to move into a vacuum and fill it, the empty one draws life and energy to herself - sometimes in a material way (like hoarding or overeating) or sometimes by draining other people's energy. A very few perpetuate this condition within themselves with intent, sensing power there, however unhealthy it may be, and choosing to use it against others, or not knowing there are better alternatives. They choose not to step back into the natural cycle. (This is commonly known, especially when done with intent, as psychic vampirism.) Extend this situation to its analogous presence within the spiritual realm and you can get a glimpse of truths behind the multiplicity of stories in our culture about positive or negative spiritual entities. (Yes, they're there.) I see positive as implying acceptance and movement within the natural and spiritual cycles of death, creation, and rebirth. I see negative as the frozen, locked, vampiric energy which exploits only the power of the void and will not move past it.

And we have only to look once more at the world around us (and inside us) to know that the enormous void is blessed with uncountable stars and worlds, including our own. Everything evolves and changes, but it all lives. And there is always the Light, outside in the void and within our own emptiness.

I offer a meditation. Go into your own emptiness. Walk into it as though you were descending a spiral staircase, solid steps under your feet moving you into a deep cavern. Move into a flat place and quiet yourself. The walls disappear until there is only dark. Pass into that dark place. Maybe you've been afraid to look at it, let alone be in it. Let yourself be enfolded into it.

Become aware. Maybe you will feel a velvety feel to the darkness. Or hear a sound not quite a sound. Or sense a whisper of air. In the emptiness you can hear a faint, then growing, cosmic heartbeat. It becomes louder. It is the heartbeat of the Mother.

Open your inner eyes. You may have thought they were open, but now you find another opening, a lifting of the veil. At first you see nothing. Then, a spark. Then another. Stars are born, springing all around you. You see their light. You can almost hear them singing.

Look into the Center. You may see the Goddess there, using Her hands to weave the stars into this place. She looks at you and invites you to approach. You do so. Then somehow Her hands and your hands are overlapping and become one.
You sit where she sits; you, too, birth the stars through your fingers.

When it is time, let the vision fade. Return to the stairs you used to descend into the dark. Climb them, feel them under you. Retrace your steps. Emerge into a sunlit world again, and feel the world around you. And when you can, watch: even the empty sky is filled with life and light. And so are you.

I would like to acknowledge and thank Kathy Jones of Avalon, whose 1992 Summer Solstice guided meditation brought on this vision.

Bright blessings, - Arvanna

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Healing By Spiritual Means Cover
Question.--Some people heal the sick by spiritual means--that is to say, without medicine. How is this?

Answer.--Know that there are four kinds of curing and healing without medicine. Two are due to material causes, and two to spiritual causes.

Of the two kinds of material healing, one is due to the fact that in man both health and sickness are contagious. The contagion of disease is violent and rapid, while that of health is extremely weak and slow. If two bodies are brought into contact with each other, it is certain that microbic particles will pass from one to the other. In the same way that disease is transferred from one body to another with rapid and strong contagion, it may be that the strong health of a healthy man will alleviate a very slight malady in a sick person.

That is to say, the contagion of disease is violent and has a rapid effect, while that of health is very slow and has a small effect, and it is only in very slight diseases that it has even this small effect. The strong power of a healthy body can overcome a slight weakness of a sick body, and health results. This is one kind of healing.

The other kind of healing without medicine is through the magnetic force which acts from one body on another and becomes the cause of cure. This force also has only a slight effect. Sometimes one can benefit a sick person by placing one's hand upon his head or upon his heart. Why? Because of the effect of the magnetism, and of the mental impression made upon the sick person, which causes the disease to vanish. But this effect is also very slight and weak.

Of the two other kinds of healing which are spiritual--that is to say, where the means of cure is a spiritual power--one results from the entire concentration of the mind of a strong person upon a sick person, when the latter expects with all his concentrated faith that a cure will be effected from the spiritual power of the strong person, to such an extent that there will be a cordial connection between the strong person and the invalid. The strong person makes every effort to cure the sick patient, and the sick patient is then sure of receiving a cure.

From the effect of these mental impressions an excitement of the nerves is produced, and this impression and this excitement of the nerves will become the cause of the recovery of the sick person. So when a sick person has a strong desire and intense hope for something and hears suddenly the tidings of its realization, a nervous excitement is produced which will make the malady entirely disappear. In the same way, if a cause of terror suddenly occurs, perhaps an excitement may be produced in the nerves of a strong person which will immediately cause a malady. The cause of the sickness will be no material thing, for that person has not eaten anything, and nothing harmful has touched him; the excitement of the nerves is then the only cause of the illness. In the same way the sudden realization of a chief desire will give such joy that the nerves will be excited by it, and this excitement may produce health.

To conclude, the complete and perfect connection between the spiritual doctor and the sick person--that is, a connection of such a kind that the spiritual doctor entirely concentrates himself, and all the attention of the sick person is given to the spiritual doctor from whom he expects to realize health--causes an excitement of the nerves, and health is produced. But all this has effect only to a certain extent, and that not always. For if someone is afflicted with a very violent disease, or is wounded, these means will not remove the disease nor close and heal the wound--that is to say, these means have no power in severe maladies, unless the constitution helps, because a strong constitution often overcomes disease. This is the third kind of healing.

But the fourth kind of healing is produced through the power of the Holy Spirit. This does not depend on contact, nor on sight, nor upon presence; it is not dependent upon any condition. Whether the disease be light or severe, whether there be a contact of bodies or not, whether a personal connection be established between the sick person and the healer or not, this healing takes place through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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