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When taking a test, why do people always tell us they rely on our first response? Why remember the name of someone who was evasive on the tip of your tongue before in the shower or before falling asleep? Why have some of our greatest creative ideas in the shower? When were doing a crossword and you get stuck on a word for an eternity, why people suggest that left him for a while? And why Why is it that when you lift the puzzle a little later the letters practically jump on the boxes? The answer to all these questions is "because thats when we are not thinking "or" stop thinking so much. "

The full title of this piece should be "Stop thinking and just know" or, better yet - "Do not think your brain, knowing your soul." When you know that God is part of you - in your soul (which the Hindus call Atma), we also know that knowledge Gods infinite - or if you prefer, the infinite knowledge of the universe - also in his soul. Those times when you are in the shower or drifting to sleep or even driving car are times when you are learning with your soul. You are not consciously trying to think and to do so, your brain is left out of the process. The great master of Yoga Swami Sivananda put it very simple but profound when he referred to this as "knowing without thinking."

So why is thinking and taste so different?

First, think with your brain is not a bad thing. In our daily life, we use our brain all the time to do analytical thinking, to store and recall names and dates, remember the size of our paycheck, to do basic troubleshooting, and do our taxes - ugggh. The soul, by contrast, offers answers to things that can not be stored in our brains - no matter how many of the analytical processes that are based on trying to connect the dots. The soul provides us with solutions that do not even have considered with our brains. The soul gives us creative ideas and what we call "thinking outside the box." It is a door always open to Gods infinite knowledge, which is really in our soul. The soul remembers who already had the answer, but our brains trampled right over him too much analysis. When only one strand of lights off the Christmas tree, the brain tells us to run to the hardware store and buy some more, but the soul says how to fix the problem. If we simply ask for the dissolution (true story).

Second, you have to realize that knowledge with your soul is instantaneous and thinking with the brain needs time. Think of your brain like a computer that asks a question and it does some processing - some analysis - and it gives an answer. No matter how powerful the computer, there is still a certain amount of time between the question and the answer. That little bit of time, no matter how brief, is the problem. Even a millisecond allow destructive ego to get in and muddy the waters with various forms of doubt, guess, and pride. Some people like to distill this phenomenon corny clich'es as "analysis paralysis" but these statements do nothing to explain why this happens.

Our souls always, or have access to the infinite knowledge of God, the universe. When we got back in the physical world as children, our souls have such knowledge and our brains are virtually empty except for our basic survival instincts. This explains the sometimes extraordinary spiritual capacities of children, even the youth. There are plenty of knowing and thinking too little. Our brains are like sponges start empty and as we grow, our brain is filled with all kinds of knowledge, experiences, social values and dogmas. As our brain is full of such things, the ego grows. Gradually, our ego takes us to a side thought, often destructive thinking, and we are drawn away to know / listen to our souls.

Ive been a computer programmer and system designer more 20 years and know very well that the best designs, or a correction to a persistent error come to me in the shower or throwing a ball for 15 minutes at work.

Over time, many great artists have known the powerful role of knowledge in the creative process. It has been described in many ways, the inner voice, listening to God and divine inspiration, the name of a few. And finally, all distilled to the idea of knowledge / Music for the soul.

"When Im traveling in a car or walking after a good meal, or at night when I can not sleep, is on these occasions that ideas flow best and most abundantly. "- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The jazz guitarist Pat Martino on the theme of improvisation, once said: "Try to learn everything you can, then forget it." that is, stop thinking with your brain. Great improvisation is instant - from the soul. Sometimes it can only be noodling around an instrument. I see an unknown act later not even remember what the better player, and his friend is just looking. One of those who finally says what the other is thinking, "When the (Blank) that come from? "That, my friends, is a beautiful moment!

When things in your day they click or currents, when they are really smooth and just solutions are know your soul. This is sometimes referred to as "just being" or "I AM." God has already provided the answers for you. There is "access" them. They are already there - just have to know. When you are aware of this, you can easily apply to any aspect of your life. Increasingly ends happen, and you will notice it. You will see that happen. You will become afraid because you know that the answers are within you.

In his spiritual efforts, be willing to try things youve never done before. You grow by taking risks and not worry about making mistakes, the result, or what others think. And In the case of astral projection, healing, talking to Gautama or God or Archangel (True Stories), just know that there are right or wrong. All real truth or skill can be distilled to the exquisitely simple.

The trick is then to take the concept of knowledge from the conceptual to the experience. To listen whats inside of you or to believe that you have everything within you is daunting for most people. Our egos, think, to doubt, guess, etc... within us. Easier for us to look outside for answers.

Here is a little exercise to use to push in the right direction. This will help to get comfortable knowing that you have access to infinite knowledge of God / the universe. Over time you begin to realize that everything is within you. When you have a question or problem, view the question is being written on a piece of parchment rather square. They say the question in your mind. See the four corners of folded parchment to meet in the center and then sealed with red wax and a seal. Now visualize the question sealed ship floating in the universe. Then forget it. Let go of your mind to not think about it. At some point, often very rapidly, a response will come to you in some way. Only his head could explode or be triggered by a song, a TV add, or someone says something. Not looking to come, but when it does, you say, "Ohhh." Do not second guess or doubt. Go with him and thank God / the universe of gratitude that is, the express blessing. Practice this often and transition over time you are just asking the question in your head without the need visualization. Youll know the answer is within you.

The reality is that they need me or anyone else for help or tell how to do this. Be your own guru. I only know that they are already doing. So start to think less and start meeting more often.

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