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It's true that doctors don't know everything about what the body is, how it works and how it heals. Don't get me wrong doctor's have there place, they keep us alive when we are sick and help us survive in an emergency, for that they are great. However when it comes to other healing properties in our body a lot of doctor's can't see past there myriad of medical study to what the body can achieve on it's own demise.


The body truly is an amazing healing vessel, everyday we are bombarded with bacteria, viruses and other nasties however most of the time the bodies protective layer and immune system will throw it off. In times of stress or emotion or bad health this can change to the point where one seems to get sick with everything. This is because emotions, eating badly and stress let bad energy's penetrate our own to the point where our spirit is much weaker thus effecting our own body.

So to with this comes the power of belief and how it effects us. Belief is such a powerful and dangerous thing. On one hand it can heal the body based on the healing powers of expectation and negatively it can make one more sick by believing and expecting to be always unwell. Both are the same two sides of oneself. On the one hand we can make ourselves more well with determined belief and on the other hand we can destroy ourselves literally as well.


This brings me to a couple of true stories to share with you, one was of a German man who by his doctor got diagnosed with a terminal case of cancer beyond measure of healing, upon diagnosis the doctor informed the German patient he had no more than 2 to 3 weeks of life left. The man never really spending time in hospital was of course devastated by the results and unfortunately spiraled health wise to the point of collapse.

Each day was worse for him until finally 2 and a half weeks later he passed away. Upon dying after the autopsy the man was found to be misdiagnosed and no cancer existed in his body. The man basically had believed and willed himself to his own death. You see the spirit and belief are so entwined to the point where it effects us physically, even enough to kill us. The man was not dying, he simply believed he was and so he did.

Another story I wanted to share was the opposite. A young women was the same diagnosed in Australia with skin cancer and the results were not good, she was given months to maybe a year of living before she would pass on. The doctors were optimistic as final reports showed she was very healthy before diagnosis of her terrible condition. Upon finding out she refused to believe in the cancer and her death and went and lived in isolation in a spiritual monastery. She believed that she could at least find her spiritual self before dying and so that is what she sourced.

Over the months of meditating daily she felt more uplifted in herself and in time she felt more at peace with her body and what she had been told. She decided to let go of all exceptions and give in to spiritual healing and living her last days happily. In time as it progressed years passed and she noticed her body felt no illness she decided to go back to a professional and see what they said about her progressing condition. When the doctors checked her blood they were so surprised at the results. Not only did she have no cancer in her body, but she also had high levels of oxygen and her blood showed a younger women. Because of the results the doctor's decided to do a recheck and the same results returned. After the excitement the results were given the the patient and she was so happy she decided to write a book on the subject. I have forgotten the name but the story is still the same.


As like anything everything has a formula, belief is a part of everything, us, occult understanding, fear, death, you name it. Below I have given a basic formula of the art of belief power and how it can be used spiritually:










As I mention above, magickal effect is an element because magick is the effect of a result that effects us either negatively or positively. Magick is also one of those outcomes that many do not fully understand so they put in that category in there mind as one of those things. Oh that person healed from cancer they may think, they are lucky. Are they really lucky or are they just tapping into the healing powers of belief and letting go to the expectation of feeling better. To me the answer is simple, if we program ourselves to die we will die, however if we program ourselves to believe in ourselves and health then we can literally rewire the brain and spirit into a more beneficial and healing state.


This is a perfect example of cause of belief and effect, the brain rewires mentally and spiritually to the point where one believes they can't breath properly, they feel nervous or dizzy, unwell or many more. That is because they do feel this way as well, from the wiring of the brain and how the body has changed. Basically said a panic attack is like a belief of expecting anxiety again and again. To a sufferer it is horrible and the only way to fix is to stop buying into the belief that one is unwell or has anxiety.

One has to literally start ignoring the anxiety energy that they are used in order for the brain to rewire itself. With this form of problem there is a spiritual aspect as well, the spirit will give in to the fear programmed from the mind and become more vulnerable to mental and spirtual harm. Thus that is why these anxiety sufferers ae more sensitive to others than most people. However like I say in time, that belief can be changed by ignoring the anxiety when it comes and embracing doing things to occupy the mind and move away from the problem. I could keep speaking on this one but that is another massive post in itself.


So in conclusion and to wrap up this topic, one needs to look at themselves when it comes to all elements of health, you have to look at your own healing properties, each and every human. Try not to fall into the category of I will never be well again and live life as happily and positively as possible. Choose the positive side so to speak and always argue results no matter how bad as miracles can happen as I wrote about above. This by the way is only two examples, there are countless thousands upon thousands of testimonies on the subject.

Feel free to comment below on the subject of belief and health. Also while you are here please subscribe to be kept up to date or bookmark us for later.

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Treating Burns Cover
Try making an ointment (preferably based on a neutral moisturizer or other vanishing cream that will carry the ingredients right into the skin) with calendula (marigold) petals and comfrey leaf/root. Paste the comfrey leaf and calendula petals, and boil the comfrey root vigorously in a little water to make a very strong decoction. If you have tincture or extract handy, use that instead. Mix as much of these ingredients into the ointment base as you can, bit by bit, stopping only when the ointment starts not holding together.

The comfrey will accellerate the repair-process of the skin cells, aiding healing generally, and as the cells will be encouraged to replicate normally, the scarring will be lessened. It is also rich in B12, which will have been depleted in your body by the shock of the incident, and the strain of trying to heal.

The calendula will supply a rich source of vitamin A to the skin to help normalise it, and also will prevent secondary infections setting in. The two herbs work in a synergistic way together, doing a better job than if they were applied separately.

Also, you might think of supplementing calcium for your nervous system in the form of chamomile tea, which will help relax you.

Remember to keep out of the sun! Sunburn, even a very, very slight one, will stir up the injury and make things worse. Remember, the skin as a whole is a single organ, and anything that happens to one part of it will affect the health of the whole of it. So be wary of the sun until you feal the burn is satisfactorily healed.

Perfect love and perfect trust.

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Ves Heill Be Healthy Cover
The wassail-a centuries old tradition from Great Britain-is a joy-filled party celebrating the Winter Solstice, Christmastime and happy tidings. Indeed, many of the traditions of this likeable event are the originators of well-known seasonal classics (like caroling, for one).

The word wassail itself comes from the old Norse " ves " which literally means "be healthy." It is a toast of goodwill and is at the heart of what wassailing is all about.

"Welcome everything! Welcome all alike what has been, and what never was, and what we hope may be, to your shelter underneath the holly, to your places around the Christmas fire, where what is sits."

~Charles Dickens

These days a wassail is a party, but, in centuries past wassailing mainly involved people singing carols from door-to-door, such as "Here We Come a Wassailing" or "We Wish You a Merry Christmas." Sound familiar? The carolers would carry a bowl of wassail, which was a hot mulled wine or some kind of warm, apple-based beverage. Often people floated a piece of toasted bread on top of the steaming wassail, which was the origin of our modern-day expression "I would like to propose a toast."

When carolers entered a home they would sing, share the wassail and receive eats and drinks themselves (such as plum pudding or shepherd's pie), at which time toasts for a merry Christmas and happy tidings for a new year would be exchanged by all.

Today, wassails are still held in homes or as public celebrations in many countries throughout the world, such as Great Britain, Canada and the U.S. The celebrations can be as simple as gathering some friends for hot cider to more elaborate celebrations involving the production of short plays (called mummer plays) or caroling through apple orchards.

To host your own wassail:

* Invite friends and family to share the occasion.
* Dress up the house for a festive holiday occasion.
* Serve a warm beverage, such as spiced apple cider, mulled wine or the like, from a bowl. This is a must! Otherwise, it's not really a wassail.
* Serve food that's warm and hearty, like beef pot pie or warm potato wedges with bacon, cheese and sour cream toppings. Christmas pudding or any kind of spice cake or pound cake should do nicely for dessert.
* Play festive Christmas music in the background. (Or, better yet, sing along with carols if so inclined.)
* Partake in games that involve teams of players, like charades, Cranium, Pictionary or Taboo.

The object is simply to have a good time and share the joy of the season"

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Comfrey Image
Mucilage and allantoin are the primary constituents in comfrey herbs which are responsible for the herbs soothing and anti-inflammatory effects.

Comfrey herb has a wide range of medicinal uses for both internal and external ailments. Its actions are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory. Comfrey is an anodyne (alleviates pain), astringent (constricts blood vessels), expectorant (expels mucous), emollient (used to soften body tissues including skin), haemostatic (helps blood clotting), proliferant (increases cells growth), refrigerant, mild sedative, and vulnerary (ability to heal injuries).

Dried comfrey leaves are especially popular when used in connection with internal disorders, such as lung ailments, and when used as an expectorant. Comfrey herb acts as a natural laxative and the mucilage as a gum-based substance relieves diarrhea and also helps with the digestion of food, a great benefit to people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. Reports indicate that comfrey is useful for individuals suffering from ulcers and diabetes. Mucilage created by comfrey magical herb delays the emptying of the stomach and reduces after-meal peaks of glucose and insulin

When used topically as an ointment or paste, comfrey magical herb can help with bruises, sprains, open wounds, dislocations, and sore muscles.

If you used for your rituals and spells, comfrey is best suited for protection and safe travel based spells and rituals.

Comfrey Herb Specifications:

2 oz Package


USDA Certified Organic Grown

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