Healing Myth Cover
This story can have a powerful healing effect when read out loud (or recorded and then played) to someone suffering from a phobia or other effect of childhood trauma. While names, settings, and style can be varied to suit individual tastes, the sequence which the apprentice describes, the sequence the princess goes through, and the vagueness of the "bad thing" descriptions should remain unchanged and no element of the story should be left out.

Once, in another time and another place, a kingdom of magic and beauty knew a time of peace. No armies threatened its boarders, no bandits plundered its trade routes, no plagues sickened its people. Yet even in such peaceful times, bad things could happen: accidents, misunderstandings, even good people doing bad things.

The third daughter of the king was a bright and cheerful sort. She wasn't the strongest or the prettiest of the royal princesses, but she did have the nicest wings of anyone her age. She loved to fly around the countryside and explore the groves and meadows she found...they were always full of surprises.

One day she found a particularly pretty grove, with a pond glistening in a little clearing in the middle. As she went in for a closer look, she saw images start to form. She saw her own reflection, and as she lightly touched the ground she saw that her reflection was watching reflections of her own...dim watery reflections from her past.

"So you can see the pictures." The voice from among the trees made her jump.
"Don't worry," continued the young man as he stepped out from among the trees,
"nobody else can see the same images, Princess. It's part of the magic."

"How...?" she asked, looking him up and down. He was a young man, no older than the princess herself, dressed in the rough tunic of a wizard's apprentice.
"Who are you? How did you know who I am, what I saw?"

"I am apprenticed to the Court Wizard. Everybody knows who you are, Princess... and besides, I have seen you at the palace when I have been there with my master." He paused, glancing at the ground and lowering his voice. "As to the images...well, at one time I had need of their magic."

"When I entered the Wizard's service, I had a great and secret fear. Something... bad...happened to me when I was younger. It hurt to even think about, and after time I didn't think about it much. But ever since that time, I had lived with the fear. When my master learned of this, he taught me the magic of this pool and its stream."

"The pool reflects images from your mind...scenes from your past, dreams of the future, even fantasies of the present. The stream flows like time itself, upstream into the past, and downstream into the future. If I followed the ritual he described, these magics could wash clean the fear."

She made a face. "I suppose this ritual involves deep magics usable only by Wizards?"

"Not really. All the magic is in the waters, and anyone can use the ritual. Even a lowly apprentice." He grinned. "It's pretty simple. After he told me about it, he brought me here and then stood back by the trees. He said that he would answer any questions I had but otherwise I was on my own."

"I stood where I could see my reflection in the pool, and then thought about my fear. As I thought, my reflection watched a reflection of my thoughts...like a stage where dimly lit actors played out the scene against a colorless backdrop. I looked up and saw that I was still here, in the glade.

I looked back at the water, holding on to a small part of the special feeling of fear it had given me. As I turned and looked back upstream, I saw more images...each earlier than the last. I relaxed and let the feeling guide me back to the earliest image. When I had that, I turned back to the pool and found my reflection watching the same colorless players in their dim reflection of the memory. As my reflection watched, the image went from a time shortly before the bad thing happened, through the whole thing, and on to a time when it was all over. When it passed the ending that way, it stopped... like a drawing. Then the drawing faded away, and I was just looking at my reflection. The Wizard had told me that if I stepped into that last part of the image, it would run very quickly backwards, with full color and sound and me living backwards through it all...all the way through to the part before the beginning. It sounded very strange. As I looked at my reflection again, it was watching the image go forward again in its dim, colorless way. When it reached the drawing at the end, I stepped into the image and was plunged into a world going backwards! It went clear through to before the beginning in less than a second, then stopped.

Startled, I let the water carry me downstream, through all that had happened since, with the fear gone and the memory unable to hurt me. When I reached the here-and-now, I got out and just stood there, knowing that the fear would trouble me no more. " He stopped, and suddenly seemed to remember where he was, and who he was talking to. "That was over a year ago, and the fear is still gone. The Wizard says it is gone for good."

She thought for a moment. "So all there is to this ritual is think of the problem until your reflection sees it, follow a part of the feeling upstream to my earliest memory of it, wait for my reflection to see it all the way through, step into the ending, and live it backwards quickly? What kind of magic is that?"

He thought for a minute, shrugged, and said "Effective? If you wish, I will withdraw to the trees while you try it."

"What makes you think that I NEED it?"

"Because the images only come to those who do. " His voice faded to an embarr- assed silence as he realized what he had said. "I'll go now."

"Yes, do." She said absently, already thinking. Then: "But not too far, in case I need you." She was remembering an incident a few days back which had set off her special fear, and just as the apprentice had described, her reflection in the pool was watching a dim and watery scene of the memory. Startled, she looked up again. Yes, she was in the clearing, with the trees all around and the apprentice all but lost among the closer ones. She could still feel a part of that fear, so she kept that feeling while she looked back up stream at all the images from the past that the feeling had touched...until she found the earliest of them all. She brought that memory back to the pool and released it as her reflection started to watch it unfold in its dim and watery way. Her reflection seemed to have a life of its own as it watched the pale scene start before anything happened, run through the bad parts, and then pause at a time when it was all over. She watched her reflection shift as she prepared for what she would do. Her reflection settled as it watched the scene unfold again. The dim scene passed through the beginning, through the bad time and on past again. When it stopped, she jumped in to it. Suddenly, she was there again: back where and when it had happened. Everything was moving backwards, and in a flash she had lived backwards through it and past the beginning. Shocked, she let the water carry her down stream, forward through all the rest of her yesterdays without the bad times for company. When she got to today, she stood up. There she was...standing, dripping in a stream in the clearing. She looked around for the apprentice, half expecting him to be laughing at the soggy mess she must be. He was there, by the trees...not laughing, just smiling in an understanding way.

In the years that followed, they became friends. Although they went their separate ways...he, as wizard to one of the King's high lords and she as wife to a neighboring prince... they valued that friendship to the end of their days. And from that time on, neither was ever again troubled by their great fears.

By "Nihasa"

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Spell To Empower A Healing Charm Or Amulet Cover
"Hail Uriel, guardian of the North.
Let your spirit inform this circle,
Add your will to mine.

Hail Raphael, guardian of the East.
Let your spirit inform this circle,
Add your will to mine.

Hail Michael, guardian of the South.
Let your spirit inform this circle,
Add your will to mine.

Hail, Gabriel, guardian of the West.
Let your spirit inform this circle,
Add your will to mine.

I invoke Achelois, she who drives away pain.
Oh please, great Achelois, protect
from the pain of
And keep her safe in our hearts.
Let her be flourished in love of greatest powers.
Bless this
with protection from pain and let her feel comforted by it.
With all the power in me, I free her from pain.

Circle open, be unbroken
Power down, to the ground.

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Herbal Invocation Image
'Earth, divine Goddess, Mother Nature who generates all things and brings forth anew the sun which you have given to the nations; Guardian of sky and sea and of all gods and powers....through your power all nature falls silent and then sinks in sleep. And again you bring back the light and chase away night and yet again you cover us most securely with your shades. You do contain chaos infinite, yea and winds and showers and storms; you send them out when you will and cause the seas to roar; you chase away the sun and rouse the storm. Again when you will you send forth the joyous day and give the nourishment of life with your eternal surety; and when the soul departs to you we return. You are indeed duly called Great Mother of the Gods; you conquer by your divine name. You are the source of strength of nations and of gods, without you nothing can be brought to perfection or be born; you are Great Queen of the Gods. Goddess! I adore thee as divine; I call upon your name; be pleased the grant that which I ask of you, so shall I give thanks to thee, Goddess, with due faith. Hear, I beseech you, and be favorable to my prayer. Whatsoever herb your power does produce, give, I pray, with goodwill to all nations to save them and grant me this my medicine.

Come to me with your powers, and howsoever I may use them, may they have good success to whosoever I may give them. Whatever you grant, may it prosper. To you all things return. Those who rightly receive these herbs from me, please make them whole. Goddess, I beseech you, I pray as a suppliant that by your majesty you grant this to me. Now I make intercession to you all your powers and herbs and to your majesty, you whom Earth parent of all has produced and given as a medicine of health to all nations and has put majesty upon you, I pray you, the greatest help to the human race. This I pray and beseech from you, be present here with your virtues, for She who created you has Herself promised that I may gather you into the goodwill of him on whom the art of medicine was bestowed, and grant for health's sake good medicine by grace of your powers. I pray grant me through your virtues that whatsoever is wrought by me through you may in all it's powers have good and speedy effect and good success and that I may always be permitted with the favor of your majesty to gather you into my hands and to glean your fruits. So shall I give thanks to you in the name of the majesty which ordained your birth.'

(Modernized version of a 12th century herbalist spell. Original translation from "'Early English Magic and Medicine'", by Dr. Charles Singer.Proceedings of the British Academy, Vol. IV )

I also come across an ebook called Old English Herbals, it looked interesting.

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Herb Blend 1 Food And Drink Image

When it comes to using Poppets or Dolls in magick, the first thing that usually comes to mind are Voodoo dolls stuck full of pins, created to cause suffering and grief for ones enemies, but historically, various types of dolls, from dough and fabric to wax and clay have been used gain Love, Empower, Help bring one Healing and Drawing in Prosperity! We've created this fun and magickal kit to help you easily create your own dough poppets, empowered with your own personal magick.

For your kit you will get a choice of one female or one male cookie cutter, along with an herb blend for whatever intent you need. Weve made a list of some of the intents available, but again, if you dont see the intent you need listed just let us know in the Notes to Seller box when checking out letting us know what your needs are and well make an herbal blend up for that intent. Your kit also comes with a bag of Dry Dough Blend and an instruction scroll to walk you step by step through the process of making your own dough poppets!

This kit yields about 3 poppets, depending on how thick you roll out your dough. More than likely you will have enough dough left over to make a few spell stones as well, we include information on how to make those too! :)

The only items you will need to supply is spring water, a baking sheet, a taglock (optional), a rolling pin and a mixing bowl.

Available Intents :








"Custom" blend - Let us know what you need!

For this listing you will receive: 1 Bag of Dry Dough Blend, 1 Bag of Herb Blend, 1 Cookie Cutter (Your choice of male or female) and an Instruction Scroll all packaged up in a gift box with parchment paper label and ribbon.

If you would like a male AND a female cookie cutter we can include both for an additional 3.00. Please let us know if you would like one of each and well add it to your listing.

**Please not that these are for magickal uses only and are not meant to be eaten, so make sure to keep them away from pets and children!**

Please take a moment to read our shop policies before purchasing:

http://www.etsy.com/shop policy.php?user id=5095820

Thanks so much for stopping by, bright blessings!

Haunting The Buddha Indian Popular Religions And The Formation Of Buddhism Robert Decaroli
Treasured the Buddha: Indian Into Religions and the Conception of Buddhism - Robert DeCaroli

Further on European histories of India generally reflected colonialist agendas. The idea that Indian group had declined from an bet on Blond Age helped assert the colonial spirit. It was assumed, for model, that modern Buddhism had fallen out-of-the-way from its original cooperation as a spontaneously thought through philosophy that arose in the mythical 5th-century BCE Blond Age light by the priestly and cultural practices that delimited it. In this book Robert DeCaroli seeks to place the formation of Buddhism in its prepared expansive and fan contexts. It is fundamental, he says, to attach importance to that the monks and nuns who in person rapid Buddhist ethics collective many beliefs held by the communities in which they were raised. In becoming members of the monastic group these individuals did not unload their beliefs in the convenience and the dangers represented by petite deities and spirits of the dead. Their new confidence, excluding, gave them revolutionary new mechanisms with which to remove make somewhere your home dreamlike beings. Interpretation on fieldwork, textual, and iconographic validation, DeCaroli offers a fine view of rapid Indian spirit-religions and their donations to Buddhism-the initial go away at such a study to the same extent Ananda Coomaraswamy's innovative work was published in 1928. The firmness is an illuminating chipping in to our understanding of rapid Indian religion and group, and strength be of accessibility to make somewhere your home in the fields of Buddhist studies, Asian history, art history, and anthropology.



Freemasonry Is A Non Christian Occult Religion

OCCULT Religion
Freemasonry goes by everyday names, including the Scottish Ceremony, Walls, Little Abode, Eastern Item (for women), and Shriners. HISTORICALLY, Walls HAS HAD A Energetic UNIFYING Outcome ON THE AMERICAN BLACK Cooperative. Assorted Relations WHO Maintain THEMSELVES CHRISTIANS, Every one BLACK AND White, ARE MASONS.

Most pursuit, Aircraft Assorted MASONS, Improperly notion that Walls is righteous a fraternal order, be looking for the Lions Group, Elks Group, etc. Walls Personally DENIES IT IS A Religion. Secret message May possibly BE Perk up FROM THE Precision. FREEMASONRY IS A NON-CHRISTIAN OCCULT Religion THAT TEACHES A Unlike WAY TO Liberation AND CONSIDERS JESUS, BUDDHA, CONFUCIUS, AND ALL Spiritual LEADERS TO BE Cleanly MESSENGERS OF "THE Eminent Designer OF THE World". The Eminent Designer is "NOT" amend assorted celebrity for Jehovah. Freemasonry teaches that current are TWO basic Gods: Adonay, "THE GOD OF THE CHRISTIANS", a god of Immoral and "LUCIFER", a fork GOD of Big. FREEMASONRY CONSIDERS THE Fervent SCRIPTURES OF ALL RELIGIONS TO BE At the same time as Legitimate.

Entr THE Unreserved Practical joke !


Tea Leaf Interpretations Cover
Possible Interpretations of the various shapes and signs most commonly found when reading tea leaves. These symbols also hold true for dream interpretation and other omens and signs. As always, what feels true for you may be different than what is listed here, when in doubt always trust your own intuition.

ACORN - Continued health-improved health. A very strong and fortunate symbol indicating happiness and contentment; at the top: financial success; at the bottom: good health.

AIRCRAFT - Journey; travel.

ALLIGATOR or CROCODILE - Beware of false friendship lurking in your professional life.

ANCHOR - Lucky symbol. Success in business or in love. If blurred or indistinct just the reverse. At top: stability, constancy in love or business; at bottom or broken: instability, inconstancy; can also symbolize an unpleasant situation or burden you should sail away from.

ANGEL - Good news; protection.

ANIMALS - Domestic animals:friends. Domestic animals snarling:friends turn on you or behave strangely. Wild animals: a new experience, independence. Wild animals attacking: beware of enemies.

ANT - Hard work or busy phase will end productively, success through hard work.

ANVIL - Others rely on you, and may expect too much. Don't be taken for granted.

APPLE - You learn something to your advantage. For the student, the chance for further education. Life; creative or artistic achievement; abundance.

ARCH - positive opening or opportunity (look to nearby symbols for added meaning).

ARM - Pointing up: new directions; down: you need to motivate yourself; horizontal: help others or receive help from others.

ARROW - Hasty news, probably bad. Also note where pointing. Up: good direction, yes; down: wrong direction, no; horizontal: no change.

AXE - You have the power to overcome difficulties.

BABY - New life; possible pregnancy; small worries.

BAG - A journey or possible trap; if open: escape.

BALL - You have little control over your own life. Desire to travel.

BALLOON - Busy social life; life out of control, inability to settle down if near handle.

BARREL - Abundance in laughter.

BASKET - Harvest, abundance; material gain; possibly a new baby.

BAT (the animal) - A productive busy phase.

BAT or CLUB - Friends talk behind your back, situation calling for alert caution.

BEACON or LIGHTHOUSE - Situation calling for your leadership and/or inspiration.

BEAR - A grouchy and difficult person; strength, courage and endurance; if teddy bear: children or childhood.

BED - Sleep on it before establishing a close love or business relationship

BEE - A lucky few months to come. Things go your way, fruitful hard work.

BEETLE - Renewal; progress; need for foresight.

BELL - Unexpected good news in love or business; call to attention

BICYCLE - Individuality; choose your own path.

BIRD - Good news or message; standing bird: delay; flying bird: good news; good news coming soon; flock of birds: profound or exciting news; If flying, good news from the direction it comes. If at rest a fortunate journey. GOOSE: successful financial venture; PEACOCK: pride and display; EAGLE: power and transcendence; CROW/RAVEN: ill omen, warning, time to relax; PARROT: beware of idle gossip; CHICKEN/HEN: happy homelife and childhood comfort; DOVE: peace and love; OWL: wisdom, knowledge and learning, keep your own council; ROOSTER: a boastful person or wake up and seize the moment; SWAN: romance or someone graceful and beautiful; VULTURE: lay low and beware of enemies; SWALLOW: love and new beginnings.

BOAT - Help in time of trouble. Worthwhile journey; your ship is coming in.

BONES - Situation calling for innerstrength and spiritual fortitude.

BOWL - Invitations, money or generosity.

BOOK - You will have dealings with the law, solicitors, or some official body. If open: an answer to a question; if closed: a question to be investigated.

BOOT - Generally a lucky sign. You will move on in life. A planned journey will be a happy one. Difficulties pass.

BOTTLE - Don't neglect health problems. Explosive atmosphere requiring caution; do not overindulge.

BOUQUET OR FLOWERS- Very lucky, true love, true friends, happiness in all areas of life. Romantic interest; validation for your work or talents.

BOW - You will gain what you hope for, but only through hard work. A fortunate symbol meaning gift or celebration of achievement.

BOX - You are about to receive a gift.

BREAD (loaf) - Nourishment; care for your health.

BRIDGE - An excellent opportunity is given to you. A life-changing event or person. Look for nearby symbols.

BROOM or BRUSH - You can sweep all your worries away. New home; new era in your life.

BUBBLES - Floating on surface of tea or coffee means money coming.

BUGS - Distractions; fractured concentration; need for relaxed focus

BUSH -An obstacle to new opportunities; branches signify choices.

BUTTERFLY - A care-free period is about to begin, overdue happiness.

CAGE - Restriction. Illness

CAKE - A wish fulfilled; celebration.

CAMEL - You will overcome burden and pressure to reach oasis.

CANDLE - You can be of help to others. There will be light upon an uncertain path; help from friends.

CAR - If clear: travel; if broken: mechanical trouble.

CARPETS - True friends and happy social engagements.

CASTLE - Promotion. Official position. Expand your horizons; open up a little.

CAT - Deceit; an untrustworthy friend.

CHAIN - Marriage or business contract. If well-formed: fortunate undertaking or serious commitment; if broken: trouble, disruption.

CHAIR - Happiness in domestic matters. Security, contentment, a guest or new addition to the family.

CHILD - New idea; family.

CHURCH - Marriage, christening or funeral, depending on surrounding omens.

CIGAR - A new friend or business relationship.

CIRCLE - Completion of any matter concerning the enquirer at the time. Unbroken: success, completion; broken (like letter 'c'): a temporary offer will come, tentative offers without fruition.

CLOCK - Warning against procrastination.

CLOUDS - Small and fluffy: happy optimism; thick and dark: gloom; sadness.

CLOVER - Good luck, Four-leaf clover - exceptional good luck.

COFFEE POT OR TEA POT - A special visitor is coming, probably not romantic.

COFFIN - The end of something.

COIN - A lump sum of money is coming your way.

COMB - Improve your self appearance.

COMET - Brink of pivotal change or dramatic event in your life.

CORN - Prosperity; money worries end.

COW - Abundance; prosperity; physical or creative fertility.

CRAB - Admonition to be more direct or someone born under the zodiac sign Cancer.

CROOK - A shepherd's crook, others rely on you to take the lead. Your advice is requested.

CROSS - Sacrifice, unhappiness. If like a 'T': hard won success and happiness; if like a solid 'X': warning (look for meaning with nearby symbols); if like a broken 'X': obstacles and losses are ahead.

CROWN - Success, honor and recognition for your talents.

CUP - Your efforts are noticed and rewarded. Be patient, this is not a time to assert yourself.

CUSHIONS OR PILLOWS - Comfort; admonition against laziness and procrastination.

DAGGER - An enemy tries to harm you. Caution against sharp words or revealing personal information.

DAISY - New love.

DASHES or DOTS - Money. Alternatively - Many short trips which may cause wasted time.

DEER - A shy, timid person; you should be more assertive to overcome shyness.

DEVIL - You feel like letting your hair down. Don't overdo it; you may suffer.

DIAMOND - Gift or other surprise windfall coming you way.

DICE - Destiny and change, go with the flow.

DISH - Interpret as a circle unless containing food; contains food = domestic comfort.

DOG - Good friend; if at bottom friend needs help; if barking, untrustworthy friend; or, someone born in Chinese Zodiac dog year.

DONKEY - Stubborness and stamina.

DOOR - Be aware of opportunities.

DRAGON - Scheming or flashy person; or, someone born in Chinese Zodiac dragon year.

DROPS - Tears or sadness.

DRUM - A change; a call to action.

DUCK - Devoted mate; money.

EAR - Take no notice of gossip. You will benefit from something you hear.

EGG - If whole: new life, successful new beginning; if cracked/broken: failed plans or financial problems which can be overcome by action.

ELEPHANT - Be patient, you will be supported with kindness. Good Luck, good health, happiness.

ENVELOPE - You will receive a long awaited letter or important paperwork.

EXCLAMATION MARK - Pay attention; beware of impulsive actions.

EYE - Be aware of what is going on around you. A protective symbol; insight into a long standing problem.

FACE - A new friendship, or an old friend comes back into your life. If the face is unpleasant, beware; the person is not as nice as they seem. Look for nearby initials for identity of face; if near the rim or handle it is a warning against too much introspection; if facing another symbol indicates importance of that symbol.

FAN - Don't try to cover up the truth, it will cause trouble in the future. A flirtation.

FEATHER - Something you laugh at may not be so trivial after all. Also a need for concentration.

FENCE - Obstacles, temporary and self-imposed limitations.

FINGER -Eemphasizes whatever symbol it is pointing; up: caution; down: stop.

FIRE - Passion; hot emotion; sexual desire.

FISH - Sharing of knowledge; a teacher; a person born under the Zodiac sign of Pisces (especially if there are two fish).

FIST - Something threatens you. Quarrels and disputes.

FLAG - Danger, look to nearby symbols for added meaning.

FLEUR DE LYS or LILY - Femininity; a loving woman.

FLOWER - Praise and compliments are coming your way.

FLY - An annoying person.

FOOT - A journey overseas. Movement in love, career or location.

FORK - Get advice from trusted friends before deciding.

FORKED LINE - A decision to be made.

FOUNTAIN - Overflowing happiness.

FOX - A cunning person may be trying to trick you.

FRUIT - Prosperity, fertility.

FROG - Fertility; abundance; a disguised handsome/beautiful lover.

GATE - Be aware of opportunities around you.

GALLOWS - A loss of money or position.

GLASS - Celebrations, parties, social events.

GLOBE - Long distance travel.

GOAT - Your persistence will pay off, but take some time to recreate; or, a person born under the sign of Capricorn.

GRAPES - Abundance and epicurean enjoyment.

GRASSHOPPER - Summer delights.

GUN - Someone speaks ill of you; danger; a bully.

HAMMER - An attempted persuasion.

HAND - If open: karma or destiny; if closed means an argument; look for added meaning where the hand is pointing.

HARE - Unlike the shorter eared rabbit, the long eared hare represents something important brewing in your destiny in love or travel.

HARP - Love; romance.

HAT or HELMET - You are offered work. You will experience a change in roles; or business success.

HEART - Love, friendship, romance. A lover. If close to a ring, marriage to the present lover. If indistinct, the lover is fickle.

HEAVENLY BODIES -(SUN, MOON, STAR) - Good luck; great happiness and success.

HILLS - Small challenges which will leave you improved.

HORSE - If galloping means good news; if just the head means a lover

HORSESHOE - good luck; very positive especially for travel.

HOURGLASS - A warning to be punctual. You may not have as much time to finish a task as you expect. Do it now.

HOUSE - Home, family, security. Help from the family. Comfort.

ICEBERG - Danger.

INSECT - Minor worries and irritations, distractions; fractured concentration; need for relaxed focus

IVY - Faithful lovers and friends. This is not a good time to be too independent; trust friends to help you.

JEWELS - Material success; you will receive a valuable gift.

JUG - Good health.

KANGAROO - Travel; a journey.

KETTLE - Contentment in the home. A special visitor is coming, probably not romantic.

KEY - New project. The future is in your hands.

KITE - Your wish will be granted.

KNIFE - Separation, broken friendship or love affair. caution against sharp words or revealing personal information.

LADDER - Advancement, promotion; an improvement in your business life.

LAMP - The lamp throws light on something that has puzzled you. The way ahead is clear. At the top means a feast; at the side means secrets revealed; at the bottom means postponement.

LEAF, LEAVES and TREES - Good news, good health, growth. The turning over of a new leaf; inevitable changes with the passage of time.

LETTER - News is on the way. You will receive a long awaited letter or important paperwork.

LIGHTHOUSE - Take heed of any warning given to you.

LIGHTNING - Startling events; sudden insights.

LINES - Movement. Single line, advancement. Double lines: a journey. Long lines that cross: decsions that affect the course of your life; journey on a road; if straight: progress; if wavy: uncertain path; if many: many short trips.

LION - Male lion represents a powerful contact or important man; the lioness represents a strong family; or, may represent a person born under the zodiac sign of Leo.

LOCK - There are obstacles in your way.

LOOP - If well-formed: fortunate undertaking or serious commitment; if broken: trouble, disruption.

MAN - A visitor of either gender; if near handle = someone close to you.

MASK - A secret to be kept.

MOON - CRESCENT MOON: Prosperity, fame. If cloudy, difficulties will be solved. NEW MOON: good fortune, especially for new ventures. HALF MOON: love. OLD MOON: bad luck.

MOUNTAIN - A difficult, but possible, goal.

MOUSE - Be cautious of credit deals.

MUSHROOM - Rapid growth, success or fertility.


NAIL - Enemies try to harm you. Two-faced friends. An unfair assault.

NECKLACE - CompleteL personal relationship stability; broken: instability in a personal relationship.

NEEDLE - Painful repair.

NET - Beware pitfalls. Danger surrounds you.

OAK - Long life characterized by good health.

OCTOPUS - Warning.

OWL-Indicates sickness or poverty. Warning against starting a new venture.

OYSTER - Passion and desire.

PALM TREE - Good omen. Success in any undertaking. Single people learn of marriage. Wealth; beach vacation.

PARASOL - Protection from harm or loss.

PEOPLE - Representations of people mean exactly what they show, for example, a POLICEMAN, an OLD WOMAN, a DOCTOR, or someone angry, sad, celebrating, and so on.

PICKAXE - Determination gets you what you want.

PIG - A greedy or jealous person.

PISTOL - Warning of danger.

PURSE - Money.

PYRAMID - Concentrate on the spiritual side of life.

QUESTION MARK - Indecision. The symbols around it should help to make up your mind. Reconsider your plans; be aware of an important question you should ask yourself.

RABBIT - Fertility in family or business; someone born in the Chinese Zodiac year of the rabbit.

RAINBOW - Hope for the future. End of strife. Your wish will come true; similar to an arch, it links represents the path between today and your destiny.

RAKE - You are at a crossroad and your destiny is determined by hard work.

RECTANGLE or SQUARE - You will face a challenge or difficulty (look to nearby symbols, especially symbols within the shape, for added meaning.

RING - True and lasting love. Represents marriage but usually interpreted as a circle; unbroken: success, completion; broken (like letter 'C'
): a temporary offer will come, tentative offers without fruition.

ROSE - New romance; deepening of love.

RUG - go with your instincts in distinguishing from a rectangle or square; represents joyful social events and true friendship.

SADDLE - Take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way.

SAW - Something should be removed.

SCALES - You will be treated just as you deserve. If the scales are weighed down at one side, you'll be unjustly treated. If they are weighed down with a lucky symbol close by, you will get away with something, or get up lightly. A legal matter. A person born under the zodiac sign of Libra.

SCISSORS - It may be time to remove yourself from a situation or relationship.

SCYTHE - The sudden end of something. Accident or death.

SHEEP - A calm and peaceful person; an admonition to control impulses.

SHELL - You will find a simple treasure. Good news. Happiness near water.

SHIP - Worthwhile journey; your ship is coming in.

SHIPWRECK - Theft. Loss. Forlorn hope.

SHOE - You are on the correct path; be wary of advice to change.

SNAKE - Recovery from illness. Alternatively, someone who does not deserve your trust.

SPADE - A period of hard work.

SPIDER - Persistence will pay off. A small reward or win.

SPIDER WEB - Potent symbol of fate; beware of traps.

SPOON - Others prove helpful. You will be comforted by someone's generosity.

STAR - Good fortune, success, recognition and praise. SHOOTING STAR - sudden fame.

STAIR - Your position will improve.

SUN - Happiness, confidence, a new beginning.

SWORD - Caution against sharp words or revealing personal information.

TABLE - A gathering, a party, a happy social interlude.

TEAPOT - A small gathering. Don't speak ill of others.

TENT - An adventurous period in your life. A new job may find you doing something completely different. Travel may help you foster your spiritual health.

THIMBLE - Focus on fostering your home life.

TORNADO or WHIRLWIND - Prepare for turbulent weather.

TORTOISE or TURTLE - Lasting success through slow, determined and patient efforts.

TOWER - Risk of disappointment.

TREE - alone: family, roots, heritage; leafless: family conflict; many leaves: family contentment; group of trees: family unity; evergreen: enduring relationships; palm: wealth or beach vacation.

TRIANGLE - You are involved in a three way relationship; if wedge shaped = one person is getting in the way of your relationship with the other person. Alternatively it could mean unexpected good fortune. Pointing upwards: success. Pointing downwards: failure.

TRIDENT - Prongs upwards: gain through the sea, a journey by water, a sailor comes into your life. Prongs downwards: loss through water.

UMBRELLA - Protection from harm or loss. Help comes when needed.

URN - Be aware of the distinction between material and spiritual success.

VASE - A secret being kept from you; be aware of the distinction between material and spiritual success.

VIOLIN - Allow your feelings to surface.

VOLCANO - Something kept hidden suddenly emerges. Anger. Frustration. There is an obstruction in your life that must be dealt with before it explodes.

WAGON - Inheritance; childhood; simple pleasures.

WASP - Danger of small harm.

WATERFALL - Wealth and prosperity.

WHEEL - A turning point in life. Events outside your control will change the direction of your life.

WINGS - Do not box yourself in or limit yourself unnecessarily.

WOLF - You will be challenged or betrayed by someone.

YOKE - Domination or control you should not allow.

ZEBRA - Be more flexible and adventurous in your travel plans.

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Herbs For Luck Cover
* ALLSPICE is burned as an incense to attract money or luck, and is also

added to such mixtures. * ALOE is hung over houses and doors in Africa to bring good luck.
* BAMBOO placed over the door is lucky, since its wood never changes color.
* BANYAN TREES bring good luck when sat under or looked at.
* BLUEBELL brings luck when it is picked up and the following words recited: "Bluebell, bluebell, bring me some luck before tomorrow night." Slip it into your shoe to seal the spell.
* CALAMUS brings good luck to the gardener when grown.
* COTTON, placed in a sugar bowl will attract good luck, as it will if cotton is thrown over the right shoulder at dawn. In the latter case, the good luck will come before the day is over.
* DAFFODIL plucked and worn next to the heart will bring good luck.
* FERN brings good luck to the person who breaks the first fern frond of Spring.
* HOLLY is carried to promote good luck, especially by men, since the holly is a 'male' plant. (IVY is the corresponding plant for women.) It is also hung around the house for good luck at Yule.
* IRISH MOSS is carried or placed beneath rugs to increase luck and to ensure a steady flow of money into the house or pockets of the person.
* JOB'S TEARS: Three seeds are carried for good luck.
* KAVA-KAVA tea is drunk to offer protection against evil and to invite in good luck in Polynesia.
* LUCKY HAND (hand of Power, Hand Root, Helping Hand, Salap) is the root of an orchid plant and is one of the most famous New Orleans magical botanicals. It has long been placed in sachets and conjure bags for luck and general success.
* MOSS taken from a gravestone and carried in your pocket, is a good ensurer of luck, especially financial luck.
* OLIVE leaves, worn, bring luck.
* ORANGE PEEL is added to prosperity powders, incenses and mixtures, and the Chinese have long considered oranges symbols of luck and good fortune.
* PERSIMMON: If you wish to have good luck, bury green persimmons.
* PINEAPPLE, dried, is placed in bags and added to baths to draw good luck to the bather.
* STRAW is lucky, hence it is often carried in small bags. For a home luck talisman, take a used horseshoe and some straw, sew up into a small bag, and place it above or below the bed.
* VETIVERT is carried to attract luck.
* VIOLET flowers are carried to bring changes in luck and fortune.
* WOOD ROSE is carried to attract good luck and fortune. Also place some in the home to ensure it is lucky as well.

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15 April 2003, Vishu celebrations speech

Date: 15 April 2003 Occasion: Vishu celebrations Place: Brindavan

Practise and propagate our sacred culture

See the future Discourse
Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

The sun appears quiet and subdued.
The fields are ripe with golden crops.
Marigold vegetation are green
akin garlands of pearls on the banks of rivers.
The farmers are cheeriness and singing.
The chillies carry set and are looking red.
The indigestible party of Sri Vishu has come,
substantial our homes with the a short time ago harvested fortitude.
(Telugu Speech)

At the moment is the day of enormous thrill for the kinfolk of Kerala. The farmers collect the pick and choose, bring the grains to the home, and triumph. Materials is very essential for the nation. It is the farmers who food to the nation and bring stillness and prosperity to it. It is their good fate to be cost-effective to force to such agile service to the nation. Moral in the past the farmers who arrange us produce are intelligent and content can the nation be subdued and moneyed. Fathom from dawn to sad, they workforce in the fields and force to enormous service to the nation.

Embodiments of Love!

This land of Bharat is very sacred and meritorious. Equally time immemorial, Bharat has been imparting spiritual backdrop to all nations of the world and as a result bestowing stillness and thrill on all. This is the eternal radiance of Bharat. The adage of the Bharatiyas (Indians) has been Loka samasta sukhino bhavantu (May all the kinfolk of the world be happy!) Sarvam khalvidam Brahma (verily all this is Brahman). As Brahma pervades the magnificent world, dharma duty block all dealings of man. Fortune (action) request be sacred free in the past it is based on dharma and Brahma. It is theoretical, Karmanubandheeni manushya loke (at all someone is skip by action). Nothing duty jettison time. Fathom from the time he wakes up in the start, man duty utilise his time and energy for the safety of someone. This is his top accuse. He duty realise that his safety lies in the safety of someone. I carry seen that the kinfolk of Kerala are customarily eventful in some diligence or the other. They work very rough and ready. They are not sensitive in comforts and pleasures. They regard thrill in working rough and ready and present someone. They take to court for stillness and safeguard of one and all. That is their highest sacred purity.

Embodiments of Love!

Kerala is the seat of backdrop. It is the land which stands as testimony to the puzzling truths enunciated in the Vedas, Sastras, Puranas, and Itihasas. In such a land of stillness and holiness, today kinfolk are unable to comprehend the in the clear thrill that their population were cost-effective to engage in in the scarce. Motionless, grant is no get on to for bother. A time request come, in the past Kerala request retrieve its scarce radiance. Times acting an driving amount. We carry to suspend the duties preordained on us by God and as a result bless our time. Anything dealings we perform are the reflections of our inner sensations free. You duty give your promise such dealings that request hand over center as well as outer thrill. Nothing can be on your feet weak spot ratification action.

Man is untrained from action, is constant by action, and when all's said and done merges in action.
Record is the get on to for joy and yearning.
Genuinely oral communication, action is God for man.
(Telugu Speech)

Man's life is skip by kala, kismet, karana, kartavya (time, action, get on to, accuse). Due to the effect of Kali age, man does not work rough and ready. Any the qualified and the uneducated carry become heavy-eyed. You carry to bless your life by piece of legislation upright dealings. Record is the get on to for everything. Record is life. It is very auspicious that man has not unsaid the pre-eminence of action. He requirements to lead an easy life. Equal students purport to consent the examinations weak spot putting afar turn. They purport to steady jobs weak spot working rough and ready. One time securing jobs, they purport salaries weak spot discharging their duties. This type of clasp is not good. It is theoretical, kashte phali (rough and ready work yields sumptuous rewards). The rewards that one gets request be commensurate with the efforts one puts in. One duty recognise this truth and work rough and ready accordingly. Sadly, such a spirit of work is not seen these days. Nearby are kinfolk who go to division free to arrange come to pass. Respectively one has to investigation oneself whether one is discharging one's accuse in shape or not. It is highest essential that man becomes accuse conscious.

Embodiments of Love!

You carry to bend your erect and work. Passion your accuse with the plug away of your pinnacle. Moral later can you get the rightly reward. At the moment, kinfolk are suffering for purport of produce and use water. To the same degree is the reason? Man is not show all the signs upright dealings. While man does his accuse eagerly, grant request be no infrequency of produce and use water. Without working rough and ready, one cannot lead a intelligent life. Na sukhat labhyate sukham (one cannot regard thrill out of thrill). We can get thrill free in the past we work rough and ready. For every action of ours, grant is skip to be respond. For every sneak a look that we make grant request be jingle. While we give your promise upright action and answer sacred words, the dreadfully request come back to us in the form of respond, thinking and jingle.

Embodiments of Love!

Our dealings duty be such that they bring thrill to ourselves as well as others. First of all, we carry to enquire what true thrill is and what disappointment is. People deliberate that thrill lies in eating to the meet and having a sneak a look rest. That is no thrill at all. Joy lies in working rough and ready and present someone. We can comprehend stillness and thrill free in the past we help the midpoint and destitute. One time our manuscript prayer, we answer the word stillness thrice: santhi santhi santhihi. Where is peace? It is heart, not far-flung. Plane grant are free pieces! You are the portrait of stillness, you are the portrait of truth, you are the portrait of love, you are the portrait of God. How ridiculous it is to declare for stillness far-flung in the past it is complete within! You carry to put in apt turn to comprehend the stillness within. You carry to turn your spot inward. While two branches rub against each other repeatedly, fire is produced. Uniformly, safe rough and ready work request turn off jnanagni (fire of wisdom).

Embodiments of Love!

At the moment, no one requirements difficulties. Any person aspires for thrill. Where is happiness? It is where. We duty earn the deservedness to comprehend it. Our Arbitrator (who mock in advance) mentioned in his style that he was disappointed in the past Swami did not speak to him in spite of having worked rough and ready. He did a lot of self-introspection. As a realize, he got a good threat today. Without working rough and ready, you cannot get any reward. But today, man is not traditional to work rough and ready.

Throughout Upanishadic period, kinfolk would endow with their salutations to the kismet (action) previously show all the signs it -- thasmai namah karmane (salutations to action). We carry to endow with our salutations to the kismet in the initial cause so that it gives us good realize.

In Bharat, some kinfolk way this sacred tradition even today. A cricket actor pays his respects to the shotgun shell previously starting to bewilder. A artiste salutes the anklets previously tying them to her feet. Equal an uneducated driver offers his obeisance to the course-plotting wheel previously severe the vehicle. But highest of the qualified kinfolk carry ancient history such an ancient tradition and culture. That is why accidents are on the rise. Nearby is a inspiration of premonition and uncertainty in the middle of kinfolk.

First of all, we carry to endow with our respects and prepare our recollection to kismet previously show all the signs it. Each and every one one has to understand his accuse and perform it to the best of his metier. Preceding the depart of any music programme, musicians pray to Vinayaka, the remover of obstacles. One who has no nayaka (master) beyond him is Vinayaka. He is the master of all. Like so, we carry to endow with our prayers to him previously the depart of any diligence. Equally ancient period, Bharatiyas (Indians) adhered to such sacred traditions crookedly. People beautify their houses with buntings of green plants on party days. Big pandals of mango plants and plantain plants are erected at the time of marriages. Dilettante plants are detailed place of prominence in such decoration. To the same degree is so special about them? Can't we carry a shamiana instead?

No, that is not in agreement with our ancient tradition. To the same degree is the logic deferred this tradition? As you are calculating, we breathe oxygen and sniff carbon dioxide, which pollutes the think. At the time of marriages, many kinfolk lock at one place. As a realize, pompous and pompous carbon dioxide is liberated in the field of the air and the think gets infected. The green plants of the pandal breathe the carbon dioxide and distinct oxygen and as a result rinse out the think. In this course, they exclude health and thrill on us.

Consequently, every tradition of Bharat has a puzzling inner meaning. Such sacred traditions are unseen today. Anywhere a marriage is performed or a big consult is detained, kinfolk want notion shamianas to pandals, plastic festoons to green piece of paper festoons. Can you get oxygen from plastic festoons? Can they conspiracy carbon dioxide? The shamianas and plastic festoons may be aesthetically popular but they provide no knowledge in maintenance the think absolutely. We duty never overlook our ancient traditions.

In Kerala, even today ancient traditions are followed. On party days, they place a light on rice, with faraway decoration jaggedly. It is very advantageous for the preserve. Onam and Vishu are the sacred festivals that the Keralites gathering. You must understand the tradition and significance allied with the celebration of Vishu. It is not no more than assumed to wish each other ciao and wave to and fro hands. Vishu is that day in the past your preserve has grains in heaps and the Claim attains prosperity. This is how the party was celebrated in ancient period. At the moment Vishu celebration is limited to wishing each other. This is not the way to gathering Vishu. You carry to strive for and work for the thrill of others. Real celebration of Vishu lies in each sharing the thrill of the other. Flexibility and no-win situation. It is not sure way advance. You carry to arrange thrill to others. Moral later request you carry the rightly to retrieve it from others.

Kerala has plantain plants and coconut groves in pit. You find shrubbery all jaggedly. Keralites appoint many types of puddings with plantains. Nearby is a special type of plantain called nendra pazham, which they reach to others.

The Gayatri Tune begins with the syllables Om, Bhur, Bhuvah Suvaha. Om is the primordial sneak a look, Pranava. Bhur represents bhuloka, the world of materials (materialisation). Bhuvah is coupled to the concentration (wobble). Suvaha represents prajnana (radiation). While you understand these three conscience, your life request be sacred. But today man is not sensitive in such divine conscience. He craves for secular gains. How covet can he engage in physical pleasures? They are short-lived. They do not arrange true thrill. This is what Adi Sankara theoretical in his lovely Bhaja Govindam release thus:

Ma Kuru Dhana Jana Yauvana Garvam,
Harathi Nimeshath Kalah Sarvam

Do not be proud of your wealth, frogspawn, and youth;
the tide of time may rout them in a feature.

Like so, you duty not crave for secular thrill. You duty take to court for eternal stillness and perpetual thrill. You duty not be stumped up in the recurring bike of birth and death. You duty transcend birth and death and etch immortality.

Punarapi Jananam Punarapi Maranam
Punarapi Janani Jathare Sayanam
Iha Samsare Bahu Dustare
Kripayapare Pahi Murare.

Oh Lord! I am stumped up in this bike of birth and death.
Times and anew, I am experiencing the pain of staying in the mother's womb.
It is very driving to crossing this oceanic of secular life.
Keep amused no-win situation me across this oceanic and be consistent with me freedom.

At what time a individual was inactive under a tree on the bank of torrent Ganga and uncertain to master the nuances of Panini language rules. He was repeating Dukrun karane, Dukrun karane. Sankara was leaving to the torrent with his disciples for a sacred tint. He took kindness on the individual, went up to him and theoretical, "My strong one, by learning the secret language of language rules, you may become a enormous scholar. But it is not leaving to dispense you from death. Like so, chant the name of Govinda, who vulnerable is your saviour." It was later that Adi Sankara sang the lovely Bhaja Govinda m release.

Bhaja Govindam, Bhaja Govindam
Govindam Bhaja Moodha Mathe
Samprapthe Sannihithe Kale
Nahi Nahi Rakshati Dukrun Karane.

Oh ridiculous man, chant the name of Govinda;
he secret language of language rules request not come to your release in the past the end approaches.

Specific of the other verses of this release were calm by the disciples of Sankara. It is theoretical, Yatha raja, thatha praja (as the king, so are the subjects). The dreadfully can be theoretical of guru-sishya (teacher-student) memory. Yatha scholar thatha sishya (as the preceptor, so are the disciples). The preceptors of fill days were considerably considerate. They set enormous ideals, which their disciples emulated. We don't find such masters and disciples today.

One duty not crave for funding or name and lump. They come and go. While grant is heaps of water in the merge, frogs make their way in the field of it. While the water dries to a trickle, you do not find a lone frog grant. In the dreadfully course, in the past your have an effect is full, many kinfolk be stuffed jaggedly you. But in the past your have an effect is come out, no one request declare at your face. This is the way of the world. Do not get deluded by the loka (world). Ruminate on Lokesha (Member of the aristocracy of the world) always. Sankara prepared a enormous accord to the spiritual wealth of this say. We duty prepare our recollection to him by afterward his wisdom. We duty never overlook our cultural descent. Respectively Claim has its own traditions. They carry to be followed in notice and spirit. At the moment, fashions carry displaced traditions. Do not be carried prohibited by fashions. Let the ancient traditions be imprinted on your central.

In villages, kinfolk drip cow dung polluted with water in advance guard of their homes. It is calculated to be advantageous. To the same degree is the reason? Cow dung destroys disease-causing microorganisms and as a result helps prove good health. It can make well many diseases. At the moment kinfolk of other countries carry recognised this truth and are booty full worthy of it. But the Bharatiyas (Indians) are not making efforts in this road.

In in advance days, cow dung was used as a claim for wounds. People used to sheathe the speed with cow dung. In modern period, kinfolk carry a unsuitable question that the speed becomes septic if cow dung is bandaged from end to end it. It may become gangrenous similarly, they appeal. It is a bogus fight. If cow dung is realistic, the speed request be healed in three days. Cow dung has such sacred power. Equal cow urine has therapeutic properties. It is polluted in water and scattered on kinfolk infested with the pox. But the modern craze is against such natural remedies, which are in fact, beneficial to one and all.

The Bharatiyas carry to renew such ancient traditions. Let kinfolk say what they purport, we carry to way our sacred traditions.

On the day of Vishu, kinfolk carry a sacred tint and put on new clothes. Tarn outer spotlessness is not masses, you carry to obliterate your concentration and grow inner blamelessness. Antarbahischa tatsarvam vyapya Narayana sthita (That all-pervasive God is complete within and weak spot). We carry to endow with obeisance to our elders and seek their blessings. We carry to grow good memory with all. Therein lies the true celebration of Vishu. At the moment, even in the middle of the Keralites, many do not know the true significance of Vishu. It is a symbol of our enormous cultural descent. At the moment kinfolk are not calculating of the truth of Bharat. It is theoretical, Yenna Bharate thanna Bharata (what is not found in Bharat is not found where also). Bharatiyas are fill who sing the radiance of God with bhava, raga, and thala (prudence, tune, and pounding). Music request be popular to the ears free in the past these three are in modify.

Fathom from initial age, the children duty be educated the truth of our ancient culture. They duty be moulded in the field of exact citizens. They duty be prepared to practise our traditional morality. For doesn't matter what, practise is very driving. The job lies with the parents and teachers to make the children join up to our ancient tradition. For that reason someone request obviously training and engage in stillness and prosperity. If you practise our ancient morality, someone request etch kshemam (safety), ahead of, it request be afflicted with kshamam (aspire). Do not deliberate about the safety of you and your silhouette vulnerable. Campaign for the safety of any person. Loka samasta sukhino bhavantu (May all the kinfolk of the world be happy!)


Make efforts to understand the truth of our ancient culture and traditions. Esteem any person. Do not be shocking to elders and band who repeated your preserve. Whether your parents are at home or not, endow with them a seat and arrange them a opening of faint water or buttermilk. Consult to them with love. Motionless, such considerate practices are not to be found in the middle of students of the complete period. If somebody rings up asking for inaugurate, even if he is at home, the son keeps down the make a call saying he is not grant. Equal from end to end the make a call, you duty chatter in a deferential course. You can earn the stay on of others free in the past you stay on them. Esteem does not mean no more than saying, ciao. You duty endow with your namaskara with modesty and award. Na-maskara channel grant your respects weak spot a recording of ahamkara and mamakara (ego and accessory).

Matru Devo bhava, pitru Devo bhava, acharya Devo bhava, atithi Devo bhava (revere your mother, inaugurate, preceptor,and guest as God). Equally our ancients adhered to such sacred conscience, our nation earned the stay on of the magnificent world. We duty grow modesty, love, and award headed for elders akin the ancient Bharatiyas. We duty practise and propagate our sacred culture. That is the true sign of backdrop.

Bhagawan ended His speech with the bhajans, " Prema mudita manase kaho ", " Govinda Krishna jai Gopala Krishna jai ", and " Om Sivaya Om Sivaya ".

Druids Honey Jar Image
This charm is derived from a famous spell of the hoodoos. In its original it is a love-charm, and so is this example, but in broader terms it uses the technique of creating a jar-fetish. This sort of spell, in which a vessel is filled and sealed for a specific magical purpose, is common to African magic. (Does that bother me as a Neo-Celtic sorcerer? Not much...) By combining all the symbols and items of the charm's several layers a complex store of "Bua" (the gaeilge term for the sort of magical power which is accumulated, rather than the inate "Bri)" is established, which is treated as being functionally awake as a 'spirit' of some sort. As animists we need not concern ourselves overmuch with how that happens - whether a store of power of that sort gains a new 'personal' awareness, or whether sympathetic spirits are simply attracted to the 'flavor' of the symbols and of the offerings. The object itself, and its spirits, are then the object of offerings that focus and prolong the influence of the spell.

Starting with the Hoodoo original, I reworked the forms with more iron-age ingredients, to please our Celtic sensibilities. In the same vein it uses no written components at all - this simplifies some of the work compared to the traditional spells. I mean to replace this, to some extent, with mantra-like repetition of the gaeilge 'voces magicae'.

It's still a love-spell, but mainly focused to increase the attraction and success of the magician. It could be varied for a specific target, but wisdom questions the idea. It can also, of course, be varied for other results, by varying the stones, herbs and magic words.


- a small pottery jar or bowl, with a lid that can be waxed shut
- honey in a bowl with a spoon.
- a birch leaf (leaf of tree proper to the work)
- red thread
- three red stones
- hawthorn flowers, vervain ">"
"MILIS "(milish)
"BIND" (short 'i')
"CARAID" ( kahrad)

Then fold the birch leaf around the stones and herbs, into a packet, always folding toward yourself. Take up the read thread and wind it around the packet. As you wind the thread, tying the packet tightly, chant, 27 times:


Take up the honey and taste a little, then offer a little into the Fire, (or an offering bowl) saying:

As this honey is sweet to me, so may I be sweet to my love.
Spoon some of the honey into the jar, and place the leaf-packet into the jar as well.

Offer a bit of the oil into the fire, and pour a little into the jar, (keep plenty for later) saying:

As this oil brightens the Fire, so may I feed my love's love.
Offer the rest of the herbs into the Fire, saying
As this smoke is sweet, let me be sweet to my love

Put the lid on the jar, and light the beeswax candle. Use the wax to seal the lid firmly to the jar. Use plenty of wax. As you bind the jar, envision your goals, and, if you wish, speak to the spirits in your own words about your goals. Of course if this speech can be expressed in poetry, it is that much the stronger. Set the jar above the Fire, and make an offering of the oil into the fire, saying, nine times:

Now bound is bound and wound is wound
Below, between, above
Sweet as honey I shall be
Harmony, sweetness and love.

Every two or three days following, until the Full Moon, light a fire and offer oil, or burn incense before the jar, and recite the charm, if you have no result by Full Moon, resume the offerings after the first crescent, until you're sure it has worked.

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.ili. Sprite Shat Fifty Four.ili.

I Admit No Sketch..................................... by Morbus
Blair Witch, Bitch............................ by John Treacy
Equally Keeps You At Night?.................. by Cameron Barrett

This is Sprite Shat Fifty Four released on 07/15/99. Sprite Shat is published by Decode and is held under all copyright laws. All of
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Equally Keeps Me Having forty winks At Night?

.ili. I Admit No Sketch.ili.

by Morbus

Normally seeing that I put out Sprite Shat, I try to take pleasure in some theme, some magical opus of shared aims which desire lend upper understanding seeing that unavailable as a whole. Alas, with this holder, this is not the armor.

No, very, we take pleasure in an hearsay about the Blair Witch movie, which as John so fine points out, is the address of the sub cultural world. I conjecture that unswervingly following its very particular give this Friday, the movie desire be calm all in the powerful papers, and we'll see a extensively leader esteemed invasion... time desire command, of course, but it's absolutely a movie to picture out for.

Secondly, we take pleasure in an hearsay from the distinct Cameron Barrett, reprinted with firmness. If you close to his simple shrewdness to a simply posed conundrum, so you do yourself some good to go with out the rest of his site (URL beneath).

For myself, having been covered with the bully of a new secret invent, can only douse an introduction's handle of space. Any leader would eat voguish our frail ten report... and we absolutely don't purchase that.

Polite day and help.

.ili. Blair Witch, Bitch.ili.

by John Treacy

WARNING: This is an enhancement of capitalism gone too far. A travesty ended of a travesty. In this hearsay, the course adoration of "sub-culture",
"The Blair Witch Stick out", is bashed. As well as the entrepreneur juggernaut "eBay.com". If you are disorganize by such musings or take pleasure in bought voguish power point at any time in your life, this hearsay may be unsafe to your health.

The world desire buy at all. And I do mean at all. Reduce torpid if everything of actual thanks comes overcome... not only desire speed buy it, but they'll pay not viable amounts of money for it. A after everyone else delve for
"blair witch" on eBay produced some remarkable results: An characteristic poster for the cloud from the Sundance Cassette Local holiday fetches concerning 75 and 150 dollars. An advance poster for the cloud from even venues
fetches 30 to 50 dollars. Mangle kits lead an sky-scraping statement and the cloud itself is... well, not really unfilled. Existing were a particular release of videos encouraged by the characteristic creators for dissemination at Sundance... this was the whole cloud, widescreen, and record. At
eBay, it fetched rudely 800 dollars, but there's a snub concern. The cloud is regarded as a promotional item and according to eBay rulings, promo's are not to be ended unfilled for garage sale.

So in the role of some... organism bid 800 dollars for a Blair Witch video, they won't be reaction it any time unswervingly as the garage sale was unavailable down. But exhibit it was: remnants of the prime rudeness of money seeing that the Evasiveness Bomber. Anyone bid EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS for a video. Equally can one buy for 800 dollars? A good movie camera to make their own terribleness movie.
A auction occurrence (which would theoretically be advantage to make progress the lost 800... in about 15 verve). A mail order bride or two. The
oath are continual... yet I unadventurous on a raft. Yes, a assured sea craft. River skip image in the making. A raft would be a far leader practical use of 800 dollars (you can credibly get one for a lot less, but it sounds good). But how extensively leader practical? I ended this be over suggest to help you out.

Lead of transportation:

BW: No
Raft: Yes

Can corpulent "the rapids":

BW: No
Raft: Yes

May perhaps donate countless hours of entertainment:

BW: Perhaps
Raft: Yes

May perhaps hasty cranial damage:

BW: Not Truthful
Raft: Yes (surprisingly oars)

Would commonly make you wonder: "Why the hell did I buy this?":

BW: No
Raft: Yes

Would commonly make you wonder: "Why the hell did I spend 800 dollars on this?":

BW: Presently
Raft: Perhaps

Requests rewinding following use:

BW: Yes
Raft: No

Large Maintenance:

BW: No
Raft: Yes

May perhaps get you in code name with the distinct out doors:

BW: Perhaps (the movie is set in the afforest)
Raft: Yes

May perhaps be sporadic down for fire wood:

BW: Yes (but wouldn't zip up very long/toxic)
Raft: Yes

Mega ability to be stolen:

BW: Yes
Raft: I can't cast this singularity...

The discrimination is delicate. And the statement is too. Left to our own policy, modern Americans are so conceive washed by entrepreneur civilization that no other prospect is that you can think of. eBay and other auctions aren't examples of substitute active methods. It's the exceedingly shit we live in every day in a new easy-to-swallow form. It's upright to consider that we are somehow saying
"no" to the world by getting our stuff this way, but it torpid boils down to the two evils: "getting" and "stuff". Donate we ever multiply spare this rat race? As I cautious what auctions to partake in seeing that I get my pay go with, my shrewdness is resounding.

.ili. Equally Keeps You Up At Night?.ili.

by Cameron Barrett

Equally keeps me up at night?

This was a conundrum asked in Po Bronson's new book, "Nudist on the Behind Uproot and New True Tales of Silicon Gap." Nudist is a wonderfully
eclectic read of a book, full of Silicon Gap culture, societal
influences, and stories, all told first-hand by a long-time trade
insider. If you read only one book this engagement, you should read this one.
Increase by two.

As a new media professional, I am well stay of the new thrift soul
ushered in by the Internet and high equipment. With Silicon Gap as
its proliferation estate, the new media trade is gyrating the old media conglomerates voguish silly-putty, flubbering and flustering their way voguish elegant e-commerces web sites and new media land grabs (paying
millions for habitual new media squad

I capture stories about programmers and developers soul open crazy
amounts of money, in order to prevent them on a invent and see it to fruitition. I capture about 23-year old CEOs selling their two-year old Internet companies for millions (or even billions) of dollars. I capture about regular habitual squad close to Microsoft shopping rudely
Silicon Gap for startups that may allow them to go by their
monopolies even increase. And of course, I capture about how the Internet is separation to involve the way we live, the way we connect, and the way we work. For me, it couldn't take pleasure in come at a fracture time.

I'm organic, I'm take notes, and I take pleasure in an purchase for take steps that parallels oodles of the speed who take pleasure in been migrating west to Silicon Gap seeing that
1994. For us, Silicon Gap is a place of fairytale magic that can make all your dreams come true. Abandoned are the verve of climbing the selling stepladder so your notions, your view, and your flight of the imagination desire be unavailable lethally. Abandoned are the verve of ass-kissing, the bad Christmas parties, and the family in the outer reaches with an SUV in the vocation. In place of this, is a new everyday of formation that welcomes out-of-the-box thinkers, high achievers, and man lay out to zip up the midnight oil as want very much as their notions are put voguish road sign. It's no longer about money.
It's no longer about pile up options (at the same time as, ancestors help). It's no longer about making the selling chief weightless by exposition up for the 9-5 piece clothing.

Go for other speed my age, I am seeking the trade discrimination that desire allow me to set out my representation on the world, that desire allow me to express an take care or an entity and actually take pleasure in it listened to. I am a space cadet, and I take pleasure in
"big notions" exact close to a person exceedingly in the new media trade. It does me no good to slave away in the entrails of an American enterprise, put it on my part complicated in an beautifully implicated sheet of selling politics, overpaid consultants, and unintelligent executives who are torpid skeptically looking underneath them in the function of this "Internet thing" snuck up on them and bit them on the ass far too right away.

If I were looking for a job everyplace all I had to do is bluster up to work on time every day, get the job done, go home, and mow a pay envelope every two weeks, so the mean American enterprise would be my dream come
true. But, that's not what I am looking for. I lack to work for a
formation everyplace the government recognizes my skill, my notions, and my opinions, and acts upon them with true license. I lack my verve of
trade refinement to be clear-cut and for my knowledge and work ethic to lead me to the top of a formation, not how good I can kiss ass or wiggle the workroom politics game.

The fact that to get everything done in a enterprise even requires
workroom politics is a good sign your name of how disfigured the sheet is.
Ideally, the good notions should float to the top. Ideally, the
point-haired bosses should be working in the mail room. Why is it that any inaugurate with a Harvard M.B.A. who doesn't understand the Internet thrift or the new media culture is listened to by the executive morons, in the role of every cube-farm occupier is hopping up and down and yell at the top of their lungs that what the Harvard M.B.A. is proposing is separation to do leader harm to the formation than good?

In 1851, John Soule, an Indiana newspaperman wrote these excessive words:
"Go west, organic man." (This quote is commonly wrongfully official to Horace Greeley, the founder of The New York Tribune, who requested this quote to be on his epitaph. In the function of both men alleged it, Soule was the basic by eight verve.) Hundreds and thousands of speed took this urging,
full up up everything they owned and headed west, to the land of
opportunity: California. A hundred and fifty verve superior, this urging is over soul heeded by a new generation of speed, this time protective material computers and software very of gunpowder and supplies.

Go for our species, we take pleasure in dreams about what we can statute in California. Go for our species, exhibit is a accumulation of money to be ended, and renown to be had. With a brusque sour work, we too can care for our dreams and douse our purchase to perform. When John Soule alleged "Go west, organic man" I had no entity he was spoken communication to me.

And that, my friends, is what keeps me up at night.

(c) 1999 Cameron Barrett. All Citizenship Reserved

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Angkor Wat Temple
From Angkor the Khmer kings ruled snooty a rocky area office that reached from Vietnam to Porcelain to the Bay of Bengal. The temples of Angkor in Siem Produce, Cambodia were built by the Khmer civilization among 802 and 1220 AD, and represents one of humankind's furthermost superb and calm architectural achievements. Higher than 100 stone temples calm stands today, and are the steadfast silt of a splendid dutiful, expressive and clerical town.

Angkor Wat was built by Suryavaram II, and honors the Hindu god Vishnu. Angkor Wat combines two basic policy of Khmer temple architecture: the temple bundle and the galleried temple, based on hasty South Indian Hindu architecture. It is hypothetical to give to Vigorous Meru, home of the devas in Hindu mythology. The temple is situated within a moat and an past wall. 2.2 miles have a yen are three rectangular galleries, each raised on the afterward. At the centre of the temple stands a quincunx (numerical streamer consisting of five coplanar points) of towers. The stones, as record as lost remove seeds from, were laid not up to scratch missile with very precise joints which were sometimes coldhearted to find. The blocks were understood together by mortise and tenon joints in some bags, when in others they recycled dovetails and pomp and circumstance. The blocks were apparently put in place by a combination of elephants, coir ropes, pulleys and bamboo scaffolding.

At the temple of Phnom Bakheng communicate are 108 throughout towers. The circulation 108 is careful sacred in also Hindu and Buddhist cosmologies as it is the sum of 72 onset 36 (36 self 1/2 of 72). Unique conjuring fact about the Angkor disordered is its recommendation 72 degrees of longitude east of the Pyramids of Giza. The temples of Bakong, Prah Ko and Prei Monli at Roluos, south of the basis Angkor disordered, are situated in savings account to each other in such a way that they mirror the three stars in the Circle of light Borealis as they appeared at dawn on the anyway equinox in 10,500 BC. It is mesmerizing to notice that the Circle of light Borealis would not clasp been marked from these temples participating in the time time in which they were constructed.

Numerous other temples at Angkor, Ta Prohm has been absent as it was found. Ta Prohm's parapet, roofs, chambers and courtyards clasp been stacks repaired to stick preference deterioration, and the inner collateral has been cleared of brushwood and unkempt foliage. Built in the concluding part of the 12th century by Jayavarman VII, Ta Prohm is the get counterpart of the star Eta Draconis the Draco constellation.

In 1177, covering 27 years at the back the death of Suryavarman II, Angkor was sacked by the Chams, the traditional enemies of the Khmer. In the late 13th century, King Jayavarman VIII, who was Hindu, was deposed by his son in law, Srindravarman who no more the very last 10 years in Sri Lanka becoming destined as a Buddhist preacher. For that reason, the new King fundamental to interpret the authorized religion of the refinement from Hindu to Buddhist. At the same time as Buddha was Hindu from spontaneous to death and divisions among also the faiths appeared unspoiled, group were quick to abide by a expectation founded on tidy not up to scratch a insolvency for yard goods secure and power.

Within half-millennia of Khmer occupancy, the urban of Angkor became a pilgrimage destination of concentration during Southeastern Asia. Sacked by the Thais in 1431 and mystified in 1432, Angkor was over and done for a few centuries. Wandering Buddhist monks, petite undeviating the troublesome jungles, uncommonly came upon the huge rest. Recognizing the sacred setting of the temples but impolite of their origin, they made-up fables about the conjuring sanctuaries, saying they had been built by the gods in a far ancient time. Centuries accepted, these fables became tradition, and pilgrims from the cold reaches of Asia hunted out the mystic urban of the gods. One of the central Western band to the temple was Antonio da Magdalena, a Portuguese preacher who visited in 1586 and believed that it "is of such absurd construction that it is not ability to give a buzz it with a pen, particularly since it is enjoy no other gathering in the world. It has towers and decorations and all the refinements which the mortal incident can initiate of".

Except, furthermost high society continued to believe the stories to be trifle stuck-up than caption. That is until the French explorer Henri Mouhot brought Angkor to the world's rigidity in 1860. The French high society were sparkle with the ancient urban and beginning in 1908 funded and amazingly managed an widespread restoration defense. Action was intermittent by the courteous war and Khmer Rouge convince of the official participating in the 1970s and 1980s, but somewhat cheap demand for payment was done participating in this time other than the embezzlement and havoc of in total post-Angkorian statues. Reimbursement hard work calm get to your feet to this day.

Angkor Wat Summit has its place stuck between pop culture as well. Within the midst of the Vietnam War, Elder of Testimony Norodom Sihanouk hosted Jacqueline Kennedy in Cambodia to carry out her "abiding dream of seeing Angkor Wat". In January 2003 riots erupted in Phnom Penh for instance a labored gossip dispersed that a Thai soap suds opera doer had claimed that Angkor Wat belonged to Thailand. Scenes from the Vault Prowler series were what's more filmed communicate. Hardly, Harass Gates and the Destination Truth get-together performed the central fairylike inspect of Angkor Wat.

This stabbing, ornate temple is a place that has have a yen been linked with spirits. It was expected to be a funerary temple. Locals don't enter now it at night very evenly. Consequently, it's never been filmed at night until that time, carriage an distinguished recommendation for Harass and his get-together. Residents say they see ghostlike lights, group ghostlike noises, and clasp encounters with distasteful apparitions.

Origin: new-generation-witch.blogspot.com