Healing A Friend Or Relative Cover
Purple paper
White yarn or string
Fresh violets (whole with stems)
Black pen
Purple Candle
Small vase or holder (for flowers)

This spell is for healing a friend or family members. It is best done when the moon is full, but you can do it whenever you feel it necessary.

Light the candle and fill the small vase with water. Place the freshly cut violets in the little vase and say s chant, focusing on the well being of the person and the healing of their ailment.

Cut a heart our of the purple paper and write the name of the person on one side and a short but heartfelt "Get Well" message on the other side. Poke a small hole in the top right side of the heart and thread the white string through it, tie it, and attach it to the vase.

Give the little vase of violets to the target person and await their recovery.

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