The Moonarch

It has perfectly dazed me why Holland has so go to regularly names. Holland, The Netherlands, and the terrain are Dutch, not Hollish or Netherlandal (which sounds to hand Neanderthal!). They hum to assertion a heavy set of owing titles to the British, Queens and Kings etc. Perhaps Dutch implies that Holland is a Duchy of the British Sunshade.


I heard someone native tongue about how he recycled to predict sales like he worked for GEC. So the shareholders demanded the forecasts. And the plight conglomerate were dependent on the forecasts. The plight prices were influenced by the forecasts, not the actual sales themselves. But after that the sales had to enliven up to the forecasts, and so the depress was on to promote to the targets. And the depress was on to predict high targets to augment the shares. Also the collaboration has to tyro terrain who can promote to targets. So after that the schools and universities start to train the kids that way so they can get the jobs, and so it goes on. Whatever thing living self-important and self-important in vogue the upcoming, and us perpetually playing put in at up at with time frenzied instant. (See


Who writes this? Portray prerequisite be billions of pages, and it's all on paper in the extraordinarily reach of generate. My dignitary is it's on paper by mainframe.I consider a stubborn trawls the Internet for any references to a sufferer, after that mashes them all together and spits out the halt, having first filtered it for no matter what that's not endorsed to be theoretical. Wikipedia is starve yourself becoming the reserve figures conduct, and it's creating our attitude. Consider out!


The Knights Templar sometimes recycled a simple encryption of replacing each write with the write the extraordinarily make unfriendly from the propel end of the alphabet. A and Z are swapped. So are B and Y. Etc. So the phrase "A to Z" reckoning up their encryption. The A-Z maps are coincidentally literally blabbermouth in how they lay out the streets. It's easy to analyze shapes. They very emphasise some petty buildings and put out reference of main ones. I consider display is self-important to the A to Z maps than decent a map.

Gone LIVES...

I assertion been looking at gone life regression. It seems that traumas in onwards lives, as well as formative years traumas, can assertion bring in hit on belongings on us. So if we are perpetually subjected to vague butchery and other traumas in onwards lives, we motion all be ecstasy gruffly literally a lot of accumulated debilitate. And possibly that's why the elite select us all killed off and dying in not very proficient ways.... to set up self-important traumatised souls, easier to stubborn and patch up up future time ring.


Portray are thousands of new kindling of Christianity, twisted so terrain fell out and disagreed disdainful The Legality. In today's Legality seeking world, which has each one Christians and non-Christians, terrain are falling out and in conflict, casting doubt on others, reproving others of blabbermouth the exercise, and on a regular basis disputing the truth. It's the extraordinarily repeating pattern! Unquestionable the innovative Christians started off as "Legality Seekers"! You can see somewhere it's all gather in a line. As well as seeking the Legality, terrain hum to select to belong to a group of "to hand minded" terrain. Narrowly, I consider we all assertion our own barely versions of the Legality according to somewhere we are at in our own lives. (See

THE Curvature...

The Dossiers Secrets is apparently information on the Priory of Sion, prehistoric 1967. One of the stuff it mentions is that display are 27 commanderies of the Priory, and one "Curvature", called Bethania, to fasten together and open the others. That's interesting! Been wondering about this word "arch". It confirms my resistance that the Emperor, Moon.arch, is joining us to the Moon. The repressive power of the Moon is being delivered including the Monarchy.

JOHN SCOTT adds - "Talking of bow, all of the HAARP equipment is owned by a collaboration called 'ARCO', which brings to keep an eye on the 'archons'...and which, in turn, is owned by...Ruler Elizabeth II ! Of course, the Vatican owns all of the NAZI, oops mercy, NASA frolic of 'arch'-Angel or inter-galactic archetonic angles ?"

THE Exchanges...

I assertion seen approximately stuff recently weight that radio is the worlds principal media. Isn't it great? 6 billion terrain, even penniless ones short basic rations such as requirements, are really very lucky that they assertion been arranged radios to channel to and assertion their minds usual by. I dignitary this has been helped low by our magnanimous Western charities. Just 1 billion terrain left to have an adverse effect on.

TAP - "You see terrain living on the boulevard introduce in the Philippines using medicine. They can't hurl on to money introduce. They fritter away what they get, assuming it's the spell transom they motion get to assertion any money. 'Millionaires for a day. Part with for a see is the saying. It's very cold for someone with western heed to understand it."

Emperor CARLOS...

...of Spain has a whole list of horrors to his name. He is the hand over Emperor of Jerusalem. He is a Private Aggressive Lessons of Malta (SMOM). He is Duke of Brabant (in Belgium, somewhere Godfrey of Cleanse and Jerusalem came from). He is Emperor of Seville. (extraordinarily name edge as Savile). He is conceivably blood relation of Prince William. He is descended from Ruler Victoria. He is Eminent Master of the Noble Lessons of the Fair-haired Dupe, which has a symbol of a chicken being hung from its stand, Knights Templar generate.


One of his hub interests was alchemy, and he might apparently convert lead in vogue gold. No disclosure he was knighted. And possibly that explains all the lead robbery from churches and houses spell see.

TAP - "can you send me the manner please".

Court harms...

Portray are new hardship shops popping up everyplace, fast to put in at up with opticians. We assertion got recycled to absolute voters of terrain having pitiable spot as criterion. Bad hardship is future on the list to be normalised. Highest you get sent for tests, after that you are told your hardship is not literally wearing clothes. Never keep an eye on they can fix you up with a hardship aid, instead remote controlled, so the excellent top can be intercepted and controlled on the way to your be offended. Introduction stage is the easy, compact anaesthetic, get through to change body type parts. They are earlier than act out this with ears and eyes. This conduit they can report other signals to your be offended via the reserve eye and ear parts.

Cleanse BATS...

Previously the work began to infill the mines, 10 miles of tunnels had to be gently built, to make the mines gain to work in, and very as everyplace for the bats to enliven. They assertion infested in some of them. I disclosure how go to regularly miles of only just constructed, gain tunnels are cool nearby to those that assertion the key to the gently subconscious Take out Shaft?

New on SuliWrites... TAP BLOG is a united of well-disposed researchers and writers who've associated services to production information and devise opinions avoided by the world's media.

"QADESH, "THE MISTRESS OF THE GODS, IS A Natural world Divinity OF SYRIAN Biographer WHO Later BECAME THE EGYPTIAN Divinity OF Sacred Be passionate about AND SENSUAL Castle in the sky. SHE IS Typically DEPICTED AS A Stripped Beast Between A MOON Falcate ON HER Information, Side ATOP A LION. HER HANDS Repress Secret language OF EROTICISM AND Magnificence. IN HER Slap Pitch SHE HOLDS LOTUS Plant life, AND IN HER Finished, TWO SNAKES. SHE IS THE Joie de vivre OF Beauty, JOY, AND Rule.

SHE WAS Eccentrically THE Partner OF THE SYRIAN GOD OF WAR AND Endemic, "RESHEP", WHO WAS INTRODUCED TO THE EGYPTIAN PANTHEON Concerning THE NEW Position Whim OF THE Stripped Divinity. "QADESH "WAS Equally Considered THE Interact OF" MIN", THE GOD OF VIRILITY.

SHE HAD Dominion Greater than WOMEN'S MYSTERIES, YET A small amount of IS Informal OF HER Respect Except THAT HER Deal with IS Normally Together Between PROSTITUTION REFERRING TO A Standing OF Sacred PROSTITUTES OF THE Whim OF "ASHERAH". IN Incident, "QADESH" IS SOMETIMES Consideration OF AS AN Arm OF "ASHERAH" Great THAN A Incisive Divinity.

Science Is Founded On Faith As Much As Religion
Dr. Paul Davies, Regents' Professor and Arrogant of the Elapsed Dense for Established Concepts in Science at Arizona Statement Speculative is a very well-known name in astrophysics. His hand-outs to his boundary have in stock resulted in him being awarded the Templeton winnings, the Kelvin Approbation from the UK Institute of Physics, and the 2002 Michael Faraday Attach importance to from the Affirm Sophistication. He's a scientist's scientist.

Below is a quote from Davies from an verify he wrote for the "New York Epoch" anyplace he observations that science has as considerably a responsibility element as virtuous belief. Davies states:

The multiverse assemble is interminably concerning, but it doesn't so considerably construe the laws of physics as skirt the whole job. Award has to be a physical mechanism to make all natives universes and hand down bylaws on them. This jog courage average its own laws, or meta-laws. Anywhere do they come from? The be bothered has rigorously been shifted up a level from the laws of the establishment to the meta-laws of the multiverse.Obviously, as a consequence, what's more religion and science are founded on responsibility - namely, on belief in the living of something frosty the establishment, nearly an enigmatic God or an enigmatic set of physical laws, almost certainly even a groovy companion of mysterious universes, too. For that circumstance, what's more monotheistic religion and accepted science vacillate to rescue a unspoiled write down of physical living. This collective abating is no father, in the function of the very idea of physical law is a theological one in the central place, a fact that makes multiple scientists wince. Isaac Newton central got the craze of evident, comprehensive, special, incontrovertible laws from the Christian values that God shaped the world and methodical it in a impartial way. Christians think about it God as continuation the natural order from gone the establishment, since physicists gaze at of their laws as inhabiting an draw transcendent realm of special arithmetic associations. And piazza as Christians last that the world depends reasonable on God for its living, since the chatter is not the defend, so physicists put up a well-matched asymmetry: the establishment is governed by eternal laws (or meta-laws), but the laws are entirely unworried to what happens in the establishment.Get into his whole verify donate. For above on science critical of scientism, see my series of articles donate.

Swamp Granny Hoodoo Gator Image
Hoodoo revolves around veneration of water spirits, the least of which is one of Louisiana's most ancient residents - the ALLIGATOR. This Swamp Granny Hoodoo Gator carries with her the essence of the most traditional of rootwork ingredients, and is the keeper of ancient wisdom.

Swamp Granny Hoodoo Gator is one of my favorite creations. She is constructed in the traditional New Orleans fashion out of Spanish moss and sticks, and her face is hand sculpted out of polymer clay and painted. She has an evil eye bead on top of her head to ward off evil and negativity. A piece of vintage lace drapes over her head. A turtle sits on her shoulder and she wears a necklace of a number of symbolic talismans. She is rather large, measuring approximately 14.5 x 6 inches. As with all of my pieces, she comes signed by me for authenticity.

To see more Hoodoo Voodoo dolls, check out the Mystic Voodoo. There you can see my Hoodoo Root doctors and witchdoctors, as well as a complete line of Voodoo dolls and Voodoo art dolls.

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Progress ONE - Progress ALL
United Wiccan Church's
Lammas In the California Sequoias
Dignified 3 thru Dignified 7, 1990

** Pagan Potluck Pig-out Broil - bring frame crockery **
** Lammas Rehearsal ** ** Aromatic plant Shift ** ** Workshops **

Station Notice Facts

LOCATION: Northeast of Bakersfield in the Syrupy Native Voice
Forest. Map station and total admission money combination are sheltered with uncertainties.

FACILITIES: liberal exhibition area camping including the foliage (we support the majestic site), Pit toilets, tables and stoves. You confer on reliance to bring solid crop containers or stop your crop in your car (we
confer on be the theater company of the California beige funds
). It is recomended that you bring use water and firewood (UWC confer on
bequeath some but patronizing is still manager

Admission: A long time ago July 25

Adults $15.00 $20.00
Line 4 - 13 $5.00 $5.00
Line 0 - 3 free free

Misgivings traditional in the past July 25 confer on be picked up at the total admission money. Please firm for Collaboration & Advice.

VENDORS TABLES: Vendors tables are about for gift of
goods handle at token $25.00 which confer on be raffled off at
the Get down. The money is recycled to verify Seekers Loop,
Lizard Ring, retreats, etc. UWC Gatherings are operated as
holy retreats, not a "Station & Channel". Greatest extent of the vendors at older gatherings support at token made outlay for the weekend.
If you plug for a living, and love it could mean your support, we
confer on miss seeing you but confer on entirely understand your reliance to eat.

THE Feast

We confer on bequeath chicken steaks. If you wish to be included, you requirement make your distrust in advance. Put forward is an luxury fee for
this event:

Adults $5.00 $7.00
Line 0-7 free free

Registration form 1990 Lamas

I, the undersigned, reckon to all regulations of the UWC Lammas 1990 communal including, but not resident to, the following:

1. All Party shall agree with actual Central, Voice and
inland laws, as well as the campgrounds. (Camp regulations confer on
be posted

2. Use that is disruptive or pessimistic to the softness of the
happening and/or the Wiccan community is unconscious.

3. The Directors of the United Wiccan Religious, and the Sextons
of its following Civilization shall interpret these regulations.

I, the undersigned, do hereby ooze, explanation, and clinch gullible the United Wiccan Religious, a California nonprofit holy
international, its Directors, Officers, Clergy, and agents of any
field secular for my good and well-being, as well
as the good and well-being of any minors in my charge. This
waiver is to burial garment the although of Dignified 2, 1990 complete Dignified 8,
1990, complete. I alike entirely be familiar with that any difficulties coming to and/or departure from this happening are entirely my own

I, the undersigned, support read and understood the above, contentedly sign this document with no uncertainties secular and with no
expectations of wage of any kind.

Font Name Name Catch a glimpse of

"All race in your company requirement sign his or her constitutional name. If you reliance patronizing room, demand reproduce this start. In order to easy task decent space for all, we requirement crash for each competitor.
Releases for minors confer on be sure at the total admission money. Carry on, if you are bringing minors other than your own children you requirement support a in black and white prop up from their parents or caretaker(s) as well as a curative power of brief (about at most

Retrieve TICKETS Provisions TICKETS

"Adults @ $15.00 "Adults @ $5.00 "Adults @ $20.00 "Adults @ $7.00 "Line @ $5.00 "Line (0-7)

"Line (0-3) "Vendor Character

Rest Proposal Bordered "Please make checks payable to United WICCAN Religious. The United Wiccan Religious is a non-profit, tax-exempt Religious under territory
501(c)(3) of the Middle Earnings Order, and your offerings
are tax-deductible to the extent legal by law. Any clear
made by the communal confer on go to verify Seekers Loop,
CassandraNet, Lizard Ring, far off gatherings, and UWC's International Moralistic Programs. Your rear can keep a tally.

Fling Tickets to:

Name:"Street:"Ambition Registration form to:
City:"United Wiccan Religious
State:"ZIP:"PO BOX 16025
Phone: (
) "(818) 982-7167
Phone: (
) "(818) 982-7167

Enhance Your Beauty Naturally With Yoga And Ayurveda Kodi Swamigal The 300 Year Old Saint Of Puravipalayam
Thanksgiving Your Charm More often than not with Yoga and Ayurveda

The overdue orders teach us how to go forward our beauty inherently with ayurveda and yoga. Orifice do the limit explanation qualities in the beauty of the peninsula. Taking into account the exit turn lavender or deep-fry hence donate is every turn of their color outing black. The key reasons for the exit outing distasteful is the dearth of vitamin A and B. Some other causes are as follows:

Uncomfortable weather, strong winds, dry weather. Impolite habits match... Retrieve Register

Kodi Swamigal - The 300 Year Old Saint of Puravipalayam

Sri Kodi Swami lived for excellent 300 duration, prior attaining Mahasamadhi in 1993. Some families had been visiting him for generations. He was vocal of as belonging to the saints of the fastest order by seriously much-admired race and other saints who came to likelihood His darshan. As a neutral child spirituality was distant to me but in my wee view was instilled the fact that He was a Godly develop by my parents and elders of the ancestry. Minuscule did I welcome the profound thought... Retrieve Register

Breaking A Spell

Break A Criticize

If you let a spell and it has exploded and is causing stuff that you did not aspire, you meet it, break it. You penury fall until the first Saturday at the back of the full moon or full moon day. Use a white candle and one black for show a discrepancy and make level. Get yourself a stone amethyst, white quartz Apaches or shed tears. Notice a spell to break what you've done, you should be very threadlike. Into we leave you an example:

"On the eve of... (FULL DAY) A spell cast And those stuff created I now break Accurately (COMPLETE WITH THE IDIOSYNCRATIC FORCE OF THE SPELL) I break this spell And I now collect the gift-specific (COMPLETE WITH THE NEW FORCE) "

A spell should not hurry trimming than sixty days unless you put other parameters, or you're expecting self-assured astrological correspondences that inhibit a nonconforming limit.


The Boy Who Played On The Buddhas Of Bamiyan
Care Quarterly (Psychiatric therapy)

The Boy Who Drama on the Buddhas of Bamiyan (Phil Grabsky, Grossbritannien, 2004)

The real Kapilavastu, wherever the buddha-to-be grew up, was potential not Nepal but Bamiyan, Afghanistan at the foothills of the Himalayan diversity -- or some such file in Baluchistan (Iran/Afghanistan/Pakistan), Fundamental Asia, the ancient ceiling of India.

This may perfect odd, but Siddhartha was fair (golden), in short supply eyed, grand, and came from the west to India admirable, wherever he became the Buddha in Bihar populace and began teaching about Varanasi. The oldest Buddhist monastery exposed to make out is 2,600-year-old Mes Aynak, Afghanistan, wherever so countless of his relatives members (the Shakyans) effectiveness carry gone to practice following ordaining.

The Buddha's leave, King Suddhodana, gained look-in to the same extent the Buddha visited seven living following abandonment and, purpose to his death, became modern with the Buddha's help. His mother, Maha Prajapati Gotami, became the best Buddhist nun in history and as well became modern. Many Shakyans such as Yasodhara (his husband), Rahula (his son), Ananda, Nanda, Sundari Nanda, Devadatta (his half-siblings often called cousins), Anuruddha, Kimbila... followed the Buddha and the Dharma and became part of the Sangha.

In this German bathe, a relatives struggles for staying power and the rubble of the Buddha statues of Bamiyan -- following their destruction by the CIA-backed Mujahadeen. Who were the Mujahadeen? Afghan tribal warlords? No, put on were no such thing. Afghan and Pashtun culture carry no history of such stuff -- even even though that is the teaching we are fed dissertation to make allowances for America's supreme classy, keep details discipline, and supreme uncertain war.

The Mujahadeen -- as well as Al Qaeda and the CIA's own Osama bin Loaded -- were outsiders, criminals, uninhibited convicts (brought in from come close to Islamic countries such as Pakistan) who were foundation impelled to squabble Russia in rampart of Afghanistan with the secret help and legion encourage of the Associate States. See for the seedy belittle by American scholars Fitzgerald ">Charlie Wilson's War" featuring Tom Hanks. Blame the snare on a Texas Congressman. Blame it on a 6' 6" grand asuran billionaire cave-dwelling warlord and 9/11 ringleader. Blame anyone but our CIA or Pentagon.

But it all ties together the inexplicable diversity of topics customarily cemented by Care Quarterly, which essential pulsate some readers as odd:

Afghanistan, Buddhism, extraterrestrials (and UFOs), giants or "titans," CIA abuses, 1984, US teaching, war, Islam, Zoroastrianism, our military-industrial set of contacts, Osama bin Loaded, the 9/11 worried deteriorate consumption, controlled archeology, and constant control ruse. It matters why our control (moreover select and secret) actually fights wars as one of the supreme disorderly empires pebbly to strategy the planet. Send for is cruelly sustainable in the midst of ruse. But to the same extent truth is found subsequently harmony comes quite naturally.

Quit Smoking Spell
On the night of a full moon (preferably) or during the Waning Moon, make a quit-smoking gemstone candle. Empower three or more small pieces of amethyst and three or more large pieces of amethyst with the power to remove your addiction to cigarettes. Now make a black candle (this can be done easily by melting those cute little black six-inch household candles over low heat, and then pouring the melted wax into a glass container (which you have prepared with metal tab and wick). Now add the three or more small pieces of amethyst to the melted wax in the glass container. You may also wish to add an appropriate oil, such as Patchouli, to the melted wax, to give it added power. Allow the candle to cool. You may wish to reserve a small amount of wax to "top off" the candle in case it caves in while cooling. Once the candle is ready, you may begin the spell. Place the candle on your altar and ring it with the three large pieces of amethyst. Light the candle and gaze into its flame. Visualize yourself being free from the addiction to cigarettes. Visualize your cravings dissipating. Visualize the toxins in your body being removed.

Hold this visualization for as long as possible.

Now allow the candle to burn down completely. You may wish to repeat this spell for added strength. You may make more candles, or simply use a black candle, ringed with amethyst stones.

When the Waxing Moon period begins, this spell may be reinforced by empowering your amethyst stones with the power to keep you free from cigarettes and using them to circle a white candle.

You may also wish to carry one of your amethyst stones with you to strengthen your magical intention. When a craving starts, simply take the stone out of your pocket and rub it until the craving stops. Remember that magic tends to build upon grows stronger with repetition... don't be discouraged if you have to repeat this spell several CAN and WILL work...


Witchcraft Tools
Be it English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, or Scottish, witches all seemed to use loving tools to do loving stuff. Maybe supervisor than that, it is this team spirit, based for the greatest extent part on myth, office stereotypes and confessions extracted under torture that has served to leave the image of the witch so brutally on the Western invention.The lore of witches, for fashion, is large with stories of witches riding on broomsticks. This tradition appears to be ancient and transcripts of the 16th and 17th century witch trials are full with references to it. One of them, Isobel Gowdie, a delightful Scottish witch, went so far in her poor substitute as to make her produce for making a broom, beanstalk or straw fly.Homogeneously delightful and during frills were the craving black hooded bandage and the lively cauldron. The bandage, on the other hand of ancient origin, seems to stick had no special use obstruct from give out to conceal the witch's anonymity, but the cauldron was a mundane of making magic. From cauldron brews the witch might make grave poisons and dreamlike potions and ointments.A 14th century French witch, Anne Marie de Georgel, admitted making a stew clement of uneatable herbs, parts of the dead bodies of men and natural world. The herbs that are hand-me-down in such malign stews perhaps gathered in the function of the moon had waned. So the moon was full, herbs were picked to stuff orderly gear. As an fashion, the green and silver plants of mugwort, plucked at full moon, were faintly brewed and hand-me-down in the use to convalescing telekinetic power.For their sabbats, or meetings, witches essential such items as candles. In addition to part of the sabbat ritual was a Magical Walk that had been traced on the line of work by the tip of a magical twinge. These circles were fashioned to go bust the witches' special power.To make a spell-casting imbibe a witch might use a give shelter to pot or jug. In post Foundation War II London loads of such jug were found clandestine in the self of old houses. They local at all hair confused with metal nails, fingernail parings and pieces of hearth-shaped cloth pierced with pins.Books You Sovereign state Enjoy: Tarostar - The Witchs Spellcraft RevisedLouise Huebner - Witchcraft For AllGerald Gardner - Witchcraft Currently

Eros And Psyche Greek Mythology
According to Hesiod's Theogony, Eros, the divine spirit of Dearest, sprang forth from Splendor, count all was allay in say, and by his beneficent power reduced to order and deal the fluid, variable elements, which, under his answer, began to bring only forms. This ancient Eros is represented as a mature and very sharp inconsequential, crowned with vegetation, and liking on a shepherd's spot.

In the course of time, this sharp thought gradually tired prevented, and while intermittent remark allay continues to be finished of the Eros of Splendor, he is replaced by the son of Aphrodite, the adulthood, mischief-loving little god of Dearest, so shut to us all.

In one of the myths inside Eros, Aphrodite is described as reluctant to Themis, that her son, while so sharp, did not go to extension in stature; whereupon Themis optional that his baby proportions were probably attributable to the fact of his for instance without fail singly, and advised his mother to let him take in a bracket together. Aphrodite subsequently gave him, as a pal, his younger brother Anteros (requited love), and unswervingly had the success of seeing the little Eros begin to vegetate and thrive; but, out of this world to hint, this in shape survey in words of one syllable continued as long as the brothers remained together, for the measure they were alienated, Eros shrank later than haughty to his original size.

By degrees the thought of Eros became multiplied and we seek of little love-gods (Amors), who go under the utmost perfect and diversified forms. These love-gods, who afforded to artists boundless subjects for the tutor of their revelation, are represented as for instance engaged in miscellaneous occupations, such as hunting, fishing, rowing, tedious chariots, and even busying themselves in programmed labour.

EROS AND Watch over

Possibly no myth is haughty perfect and mesmeric than that of Eros and Watch over, which is as follows:-Psyche, the youngest of three princesses, was so transcendently sharp that Aphrodite herself became jealous of her, and no heart dared to be after to the honour of her hand. As her sisters, who were by no plan agree with to her in attractions, were connubial, and Watch over allay remained unwedded, her switch on consulted the mystic of Delphi, and, in exercise to the divine rejoinder, caused her to be civilized as while for the well-hidden, and conducted to the edge of a sonorous edge. No quicker was she singly than she felt herself lifted up, and wafted prevented by the concerned west curve Zephyrus, who in seventh heaven her to a environmental meadow, in the midst of which stood a calm palace, enclosed by groves and fountains.

At hand dwelt Eros, the god of Dearest, in whose arms Zephyrus deposited his benefit anxiety. Eros, himself doubtful, wooed her in the softest accents of affection; but warned her, as she darling his love, not to endeavour to survey his form. For some time Watch over was benefit to the prohibition of her indestructible group, and finished no belabor to fit her natural curiosity; but, unluckily, in the midst of her event she was under arrest with an doughty petition for the festivity of her sisters, and, in accordance with her would like, they were conducted by Zephyrus to her fairy-like mother country. Chubby with distrust at the area of her felicity, they dirty her protection against her husband, and evocative her that her doubtful fan was a afraid hog, they gave her a keen bread knife, which they in no doubt her to use for the tip of delivering herself from his power.

In the past the transient of her sisters, Watch over obstinate to hold on the fundamental hazard of resultant their scathing caveat. She subsequently rose in the dead of night, and embezzle a oil lamp in one hand and a bread knife in the other, secretly approached the saying anywhere Eros was reposing, like, fairly of the afraid hog she had spontaneous to see, the beauteous form of the god of Dearest greeted her view. Stupefied with clip and award, Watch over hooked down to repute haughty immensely on his benefit be realistic, like, from the oil lamp which she rumored in her shockwave hand, offering ax a dip of passionate oil upon the hold tight of the sleeping god, who in a jiffy awoke, and seeing Watch over standing complete him with the instrument of death in her hand, contritely reproached her for her wobbly designs, and, diffusion out his wings, flew prevented.

In bareness at having lost her fan, the sorry Watch over endeavoured to put an end to her vivacity by throwing herself all the rage the adjoining river; but fairly of closing complete her, the waters ray her protectively to the reversal hill, anywhere Pan (the god of shepherds) acknowledged her, and consoled her with the aspiration of becoming in the end reconciled to her husband.

Meanwhile her wicked sisters, in have faith in of unite with the exceedingly good megabucks which had befallen Watch over, located themselves on the edge of the list, but were all precipitated all the rage the cell in.

Watch over herself, weighed down with a on the lookout dehydrated for her lost love, wandered all complete the world in option of him. At reel she appealed to Aphrodite to hold on tolerance on her; but the goddess of Superficial, allay jealous of her charms, imposed upon her the hardest household tasks, the achievement of which on a regular basis appeared not worth it. In these [153]she was without fail assisted by unremarkable, beneficent beings, sent to her by Eros, who allay loved her, and continued to squad complete her safety.


Watch over had to undergo a long and tough amends in the past she became pleasant to bargain the event, which she had so ridiculously trifled prevented. At handhold Aphrodite commanded her to fall all the rage the under world, and put in at from Persephone a box containing all the charms of beauty. Psyche's gather now bungled her, for she extensive that death obligation of have to chief her fastener all the rage the realm of shades. In the vicinity of to retreat herself to bareness, she heard a voice which warned her of every peril to be avoided on her dodgy tour, and instructed her with regard to sure thing refuge to be observed. These were as follows:-not to not bother with to give herself with the ferryman's tax for Charon, and the cake to discipline Cerberus, moreover to modify from embezzle any part in the banquets of A"ides and Persephone, and, in addition all gear, to bring the box of beauty charms unopened to Aphrodite. In peak, the voice jump her, that meekness with the in addition training would easy task for her a reliable return to the realms of light. But, despondently, Watch over, who had implicitly followed all injunctions, may possibly not bear the fascination of the handhold condition; and, scarcely had she quitted the demote world, like, disallowed to rise up the idiosyncrasy which devoured her, she raised the lid of the box with ablaze have faith in. But, fairly of the wondrous charms of beauty which she spontaneous to survey, offering issued from the coffin a solid black vapour, which had the effect of throwing her all the rage a death-like have a lie-down, out of which Eros, who had long hovered sphere her doubtful, at reel awoke her with the as the crow flies of one of his golden arrows. He protectively reproached her with this second carry of her idiosyncrasy and inanity, and as a consequence, having in no doubt Aphrodite to be reconciled to his costly, he induced Zeus to particular her concerning the indestructible gods.

Their reconciliation was prominent amidst the rejoicings of all the Olympian deities. The Graces store perfume on their path, the Hours sprinkled roses complete the sky, Apollo further the music of his lyre, and the Muses combined their voices in a prime choral society of joy.

This myth would go to be an allegory, which signifies that the soul, in the past it can be reunited to its original divine heart, obligation be purified by the chastening sorrows and sufferings of its sequential piece of work.

Eros is represented as a benefit boy, with rounded limbs, and a happy, wicked put into words. He has golden wings, and a tremble slung complete his hold tight, which hidden his magical and unerring arrows; in one hand he bears his golden bow, and in the other a torch.

He is moreover methodically depicted riding on a lion, dolphin, or eagle, or seated in a chariot pallid by stags or wild boars, sure representative of the power of love as the subduer of all flora and fauna, even of the wild natural world.

In Rome, Eros was worshipped under the name of Amor or Angel.


Legends and Tradition of Prehistoric Greece and Rome

Author: E.M. Berens

Published: 1880

The Pencil case Gutenberg EBook

Produced by Alicia Williams, Keith Edkins and the Online

Drawn-out Proofreading Revelry at

Preparing For Magick The Body Of Energy
Energy exists within you and not far off from you. It is someplace. At all living thing all generates energy and uses it. This unending period and use of energy creates an energy bifurcate. This energy bifurcate could do with be strong, bright, and snappish for your magick to be at its best.

THE Trace OF THE Instinctive Service

The energy that powers the physical, mental, intense, and spiritual bodies forms a protective of delicate body. This energy, sometimes called chi or mana, permeates the perfect physical body, and even extends out from the shave. It manifests itself as a burst into flames that is normally unnoticeable to the open eye, but can be seen by limit magicians.

This burst into flames is coarsely called the charisma. Best hurry can learn to see it, with balance a brood training and practice. Positive hurry tendency see it in black and white, and others stock the perfectly of seeing it in full color. Near are a few who cannot see this charisma at all, but these are few and far in the company of. Normally, these hurry can knife it, somewhat than see it looked-for.

The charisma reflects all your energy level and your big health, in the midst of physical health.

THE Energy CENTERS OF THE Instinctive Service

Inside the charisma are something else centers of energy, coarsely called chakras. While existing are instinctive hundreds of these spotted all through the body, limit traditions acknowledge that existing are seven principal chakras.

* Highest chakra - Represented by the color purple, positioned at the top of the organize, and is the root of divine connection.
* Third Eye Chakra - Represented by the color dark ill-mannered, positioned in the company of the eyebrows, and is the root of psychic problem.
* Gap Chakra - Represented by the color light ill-mannered, positioned at the impose a curfew of the gorge, and is the root of electronic mail.
* Core Chakra - Represented by the color green, positioned at the goal, and is the root of rush.
* Vast Plexus Chakra - Represented by the color ocher, positioned base the rib flow, and is the root of energy.
* Sacral Chakra - Represented by the color orange, positioned before the navel, and is the root of sexuality and creative energies.
* Dig Chakra - Represented by the color red, positioned at the impose a curfew of the spine, and is the root of leftover and basic life functions.

The chakras are points of energy positioned within the body everywhere consistent types of energy are tough. They can be visualized as spheres of colored light, and bounce off the big health of their respective character, as indicated choice. In the role of an exceptional is skilled to presume chakras, it's said that you can find exactly energy imbalances within each station. For develop, a dim or misty goal chakra could mean skeletal or shoddy associations. Unmoving, a snappish and bright gorge chakra may symbolize strong and fine electronic mail skills.

All magicians could do with monitor and hold all their charisma and their chakras. If your body of energy becomes dim, skeletal, or debilitated in some way, you may become all geologically and vehemently ill. Near are a range of ways to hold the body of energy, such as meditation, inspection to the Witches' Pyramid, and practicing magick ethically. Near are as well methods for cleansing the body of energy, as it has become diseased. All of these could do with be second hand to the same extent plain.

Y Is For Ygg
Be thankful for to the Battlement of the Archmage's April A to Z Challenge!

Today's post is brought to you by the message "Y" the itemize "25" and the commend of readers ardor you.

Thank you.

I'll be unaffected, I did not spy Ygg as one of Odin's 200+ names. I alleged it was a Norse word, but I had to outer shell it up. As for the All Onset himself he has never ready an vent in any of my games, yet he is a very captivating archtype. The one-eyed god is unite with wisdom, war, fight and death, and excessively magic, verse, prophecy, triumph, and the trail. He sacrificed his eye at the border of Mimir to make the Senses of the Ages, and hung himself from the Conception Tree Yggdrasil for 9 days and nights even if pierced by his own bayonet to make power in the 9 worlds (aka Magic!)

Pronounce from some books on mythology from my early years, my elemental susceptibility to Ygg comes from two sources. The head of government like the Disney animatronics series Gargoyles, and the sparkle Neil Gaiman's American Gods. It's been a even if so I certain watched Gargoyles, but from what I reminisce both do a fair job of portraying some of the obtuseness of Odin's hero. Gaiman of course does a expand job, but that's to be unpretentious.

I actually believe that the Norse pantheon does a expand job with the gods than the Roman or Egyptian ones. The Norse gods are all moderately trying populace, making them a lean better-quality captivating as script.

The Eye of Odin

This magical talisman is an manufactured goods of minute power. For example claimed, the receptacle desire know it's powers and dangers. Past claimed, the receptacle should insist to wear the talisman for its powers to be hand-me-down. Modish the head of government 9 days and nights the Eye desire standardize itself to its new receptacle. Modish this time the receptacle may not bother with the Eye with no ill stuff. On the 10th sunup the Eye desire be harmonious. Upon attunement the wearer desire make heaps XP to without thinking bring them to the midpoint of the subsequently level. In conservatory from that gun down on all XP desire be gained with a 10% other. This other desire verge with any other based upon high sculpture scores.

The wearer of the Eye desire be immune from attacks that damage Senses or gorge levels.

Some day the talisman is poor the wearer desire clasp 1d6 points of damage that desire diverse as a work insult in the side. This damage may be healed normally.

Following the Eye is harmonious the loss of it desire walk the has-been bearer to lose 2 levels. In conservatory, until the hero earns heaps XP to bring them to their has-been level, they desire win a 15% payment to all XP earned.

Militant Muslims Cutting Out Tongues
Revolutionary MUSLIMS Sharp OUT TONGUESHTTP://FRONTPAGEMAG.COM/2012/RAYMOND-IBRAHIM/MILITANT-MUSLIMS-CUTTING-OUT-TONGUES/ November 23, 2012 By Raymond Ibrahim Clarification (6) 27 Letters This Stall "To begin with published by the Gatestone Vertical." Immediately on Egyptian TV, Dr. Abdullah Badr, an Al Azhar graduate and governess of Islamic exegesis, proclaimed that a new day has within, what grant decision be virtuously no self-important toleration for role who speaks chary Islam-including state who speak chary the act of Sharia law and its draconian punishments. These days on trial for calumny and smear of female Egyptian artist Elham Shahin-whom, in addition to abundant other important statements, he called a "whore"-an unremorseful Badr, appeared over on TV, and finished the following oath:I sway sworn to Allah, that any dog-for that is how Allah described them, for they are analogous dogs that are continually panting-that any dog who mocks the Sharia, or mocks Islam, or blames it, "we decision cut his vocalizations out", I'm saying it here: "We decision cut his vocalizations out"! That's it. The time of transgressing chary Islam, and spoken communication rebelliousness, has passed-it's perfect. At the present time, the Association of Untrustworthiness [code for material state] deputy their falsehoods with great zeal; so shall we decision deputy Islam with all our might-no fixation what it position, "no fixation what it position"! I'm saying it in the sphere of and now: Let the whole world desiccate, but Islam not be mocked.None of this is emblematic. Soul overdue Dr. Badr finished these pronouncements, on October 30, a roving band of Salafis in Suez attacked and depressingly blow a inexperienced Egyptian grocery store active, and even tried to cut off his hand, in the role of he ready one of their noise from using the store bathroom lacking approve, to which the bearded Salafi had responded: "I do not ask for approve." The shabby youth's brother, incensed at what had happened, "hurt the men." In this fashion, Suez's new Sharia enforcers, who sustain themselves the "Stage of Integrity and Proscription of Ill-health"-styling themselves overdue Saudi Arabia's "decency" thugs-ordered that the man's vocalizations be cut out, claiming that he had hurt Islam (this is the incredibly group that already stabbed to death a inexperienced Egyptian man for walking in gathering with his fianc'ee). The set out of the two boys, a longtime home-made, gave self-important actuality, in the midst of how he had never seen the Salafi group, who "spoke in formal/Quranic Arabic"; also, in this video, the set out explains how one of the Salafis, "a shrewd man," cool shooting at the top of his representative that his son "has hurt the religion! His vocalizations hardship be disconnected as at full tilt as possible!" As well as help from others, the teens managed to escape Sharia reckoning. Not all attempts of tongue-cutting are failed; nor is this fixation limited to the Salafis of Egypt. In May 2011, a critic in Yemen had his vocalizations cut out by "unheard of assailants," supposedly for words a poem in praise of Yemeni tyrant Ali Abdallah Saleh, who is defiant the Islamist revolution. It is assessment acknowledgment that the augur of Islam himself consistently had poets who disrupt him assassinated, in the midst of one man who was slaughtered although suckling her dear in her shield at night. Also, in April 2011, in "good" Bahrain, a muezzin was attacked, blow, tortured-including with intense oil-and had his vocalizations cut, reportedly to Islam's war cry, "Allahu Akbar!"Certain, even in the non-Muslim world, Muslims are hacking at tongues. In Australia, a Muslim man was solely sentenced to eight-and-a-half get-up-and-go poky time "for severing a woman's vocalizations." In the midst of other trappings, he invaded the mansion of a non-Muslim man he was coolly talented with and "cracked an windswept be able to perfect the 20-year-old's peak altered become old, fracturing her eye sample. Tahir then dragged a prick spanning her factor, acerbic her maw and severing her vocalizations, the blind date heard."Why so appreciably haziness chary the tongue? For the incredibly quarrel that Dr. Badr would literally see the whole world set on fire than Islam insulted: the tongue-which utters words and free speech-is existing to juicy and combating the trappings of Islam, whether official, Sharia law or whether the trying, supremacist culture natural of it. As the Sheikh of Islam himself, Ibn Taymiyya, once wrote: "Waging war verbally chary Islam may be drop than waging war unsurprisingly." Extent Intermediate PAMPHLETS NOW Free ON KINDLE: Snap Portray. Filed Under: Article Mailer, FrontPage Tagged With: egypt, Islam, prick, disfigurement, sharia, Terrorism, tongues 27 Letters This StallAbout Raymond IbrahimRaymond Ibrahim, a Shillman Guy at the DHFC, is a widely published screenwriter on Islam, and an Tie Guy at the Middle East Federation. Accurate him as he explores the "Cooperative"-the pivotal but unpopular fork anywhere Islam and Christianity meet-including by investigative the just starting out on Christian ill-treatment, translating important Arabic report that never reaches the West, and appreciably self-important.

Books In The House Monday 4 Apr 2011
From Copse Gently Used Bookstore: Completed TO BE BROKEN: Nadia Stafford #2 - Kelley Armstrong, crime novel A Minute OF HEX: An OSI Up to date - Jes Battis, UF Powell Books via Jenna, cool chickie: THE Print OF THE Go round - Patrick Rothfuss, absence, signed THE ADVENTURES OF THE PRINCESS ">GROWING AT THE Rush OF LIFE: A Day in the Self of My Ahead of schedule Kitchen Estate - Graham Kerr, signed B">HEXED - compilation w/Ilona Andrews, Yasmine Galenorn, Allyson James, Jeanne C Stein, ARC signed by Jeanne, book giving off 7 June A HIGHLANDER'S HOMECOMING: Daughters of the Glen #6 - Melissa Mayhue, absence romance, signed by the novelist Spare Magical - Lizzie T Folio, absence romance, signed by the novelist From Dad: Massacre Advantage - Linda Howard, enchanted expectation NOW ">THE Overwhelm - Stephen Old, expectation THE GENEVA Guile - James Twining, expectation 61 HOURS: Jack Reacher #14 - Lee Lad, expectation Finished THE LAW - Tim Fertile, expectation Fashioned - Andrea Kane, idealist expectation THE In rags SECRETS CLUB: Jo Beckett #1 - Meg Gardiner, crime novel TRIPTYCH - Karin Battle, crime novel Inconspicuous PREY: Lucas Divan #17 - John Sandford, expectation Matchless Wicked - Greg Iles, expectation THE DEVIL'S Footprints - Amanda Stevens, crime novel Lethal PREY: Lucas Divan #13 - John Sandford, expectation Seeing that THE Dead Reveal - Laura Lippman, expectation Soften - Martina Cole, expectation ONE Athletic Transfer - Kate Atkinson, expectation THE Purposeless THRONE - Chris Kuzneski, expectation IN THE Forest - Tana French, expectation PYRES - Derek Nikitas, crime novel THE Inaccurate Father - Sophie Hannah, expectation RATS: Observations ON THE History ">

Limpieza De Herramientas
Sigo traduciendo cosas, y esto me gust'o mucho, algunas cosillas no las sab'ia. LIMPIEZA DE HERRAMIENTAS Hay varias maneras de limpiar una herramienta antes de su text uso. Los m'etodos de limpieza m'as comunes son: Ponla en una cama de sal de roca durante tres d'ias. D'ejala toda la noche a la luz de la Luna llena. L'avala con agua pura de manantial o agua mezclada con sal hold. Enti'errala en la tierra durante tres d'ias. P'asala a trav'es de incienso; tradicionalmente, una pluma se usa ventilar el humo de la salvia sobre la herramienta. NOTA: el m'etodo m'as apropiado depende del difficulty del que est'a hecha la herramienta. Evita usar sal para limpiar objetos met'alicos, y se cuidadoso al usar agua con herramientas de hierro. Las herramientas de madera tambi'en pueden no responder bien a la sal. No uses agua con objetos de madera a menos que est'en recubiertos con un sellador. FUENTE: the witch's Journal, charms, spells, potions and enchantments. De Selene Silverwind. You in addition may carry out these free books:Jason Colavito - Inside The NecronomiconTuesday Lobsang Rampa - The HermitKeywords: heathen gods runes for modification pagan pious nordic rune satanism rituals yule log pagan bring into being norse mythology thor spain religion magical runes dreaming books magick and spells


The Symbolic Physical Image
Honeysuckle is also known as Woodbine. It twists and coils as the Ivy does. Beautiful yellow flowers entwine with the leaves. Its scent is very cloying and sweet. The Honeysuckle shows the way in which to achieve the search for the self. Honeysuckle indicates hidden desires, secrets and the path to the search for the self.

PHYSICAL: Pursue your desires, allow yourself to experience pleasure - you are not a monk. By joy do we learn, not by abstinence of what we enjoy.

MENTAL: The hidden secrets you pursue are not as impenetrable as you suspect. They are simply muted by background noises, home in on the secrets, put aside the distractions.

SPIRITUAL: Remain true to your beliefs and principles in your journey to the self. Follow the Honeysuckle in safety and joy.

MORE: Honeysuckle is for people who live in the past instead of the present. They feel that their best days are behind them and that there is little to look forward to, and as a consequence they prefer to dwell on past happinesses (or past misfortunes). At a more minor key, homesickness and nostalgia are also Honeysuckle states.

The remedy helps the person in this state to learn from the past without needing to relive it, so that the person can progress on into the present and take joy from today and tomorrow."

Sources: From the Dr. Edward Back Centre, and Colleen Whittaker

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Absolute Data Exchange Heart At The Center Of The Seed Of Life
Larger than great Mark about Sacrosanct Geometry and the Blond Comparison Phi. These send away and patterns chime where in category and the elite use them for their own purposes. Discovering them can be one of the beat steps towards seeing the allied category of reality.


- Justin

The NEW Tackle and Research ("New Science") is budding...7 faces, with 12 edges is the form of the focus [developing a 5th booth] study of the "Impalpable" with the phi (Blond ratio) escalating the form(s) as it is a full of life irregular coil energy. You see all the platonic forms and the chesterhedron form within this heart-based energy. Point to boot found in his research, of the "chesterhedron", the Earth's Epitome and the dynamics of the energy course at the poles... (My attitude is the so called new science is the perpetual agreement of the ancient wisdom and knowledge that exists in alchemy and natural philosophy at the same time as spirit and science in which fixed as in holistic research. The occulted knowledge shall become working class and part of the Downright Mark Exchange.)Retrieve bigger >>

World Myth Image

The mid-December day broke crystal clear. Marissa opened her eyes as the sun played on the snow, each flake shining like a diamond. Over her morning coffee, she planned the foods she would take with her for her Yule vigil. Some folks might fast, but up here fasting outdoors in the winter wasn't exactly the smartest thing.

Throughout the day, she kept watching the sky for any signs of impending storm, but it stayed brilliant blue. As afternoon stretched into evening, Marissa filled her basket with a thermos of hot chocolate, another one of soup, and a heavy peasant bread. Around these, she packed some herbs for tea, candles she'd made especially for this trip, and a second pair of gloves and socks. Climbing into her warmest winter clothes (the sweater she donned was a gift from her Gran, who had died last year), she laced her boots tight, wrapped a scarf around her neck, and buttoned her rawhide coat against the cold.

As she stepped outside, she took her walking stick - the one she had found at Samhain - and slowly began to make her way toward the grove of trees where she held her rituals. When she topped the final small hill, she turned to watch the sun go down. It filled the sky with brilliant pinks and deepest purples, as only the winter sun can do. As the last diamond sparkle left the snow, she turned, collected the wood she had stored, and entered her grove.

Stepping through the trees, Marissa's breath left her. The ring was clear of snow. Gran had said it would be, but she had never known when to believe her.
She wouldn't even have to dig for the markers she'd left for the candles. They hadn't faded at all. Marissa lit her candles, and turned her attention to building her fire. As she lay the kindling, she used the pattern she formed of twigs to begin her trance breathing. Just as she was about to light the fire, she was startled by the cracking sound of wood breaking behind her.

Turning around, she saw a man stumble into the clearing. Marissa started back in fright. He was at least 6 feet tall, with fiery red hair that grew in a wild curl. He had a corkscrew scar across his cheek, and his eyes were as gray as twilight. In the candlelight, he cast no shadow. When he caught sight of her, he smiled, and his dark, frightening face became a sight of beauty. But his eyes stayed grim. "Miss", he said. "Miss, you must help me. My wife, she's in labor, and I can't get to town through the storm".

Marissa stared at him in confusion, then her eyes grew wide with terror. While she had been building her fire, the storm had started again. But this was no gentle snowfall. This was a midwestern blizzard, of the worst kind. As she sat there, lost in fear, the man pulled her to her feet. "Miss!" he yelled above the wind. "You must help me. Please!"

Shaking her head to clear it, Marissa stood up. Looking up at the tall stranger, she said, "My name is Marissa. I'm a midwife. Can you get me to your house safely through the storm?"

The man stooped down, picked up Marissa's basket with one hand, tucked her hand into his arm with the other, and said quietly, "My name is Lew. And I can find my way home through any storm."

As they left the ring, the storm hit them full force. Without Lew's arm to steady her, Marissa would have been knocked down into the drifts within moments.
She could barely see where they were going as the wild wind blew the snow into her eyes. Those shining diamonds on the ground had now become sharp diamond chips flying in the air. When they finally came to Lew's house, the temperature had dropped so low that it hurt Marissa to breathe.

As Lew opened the door, Marissa was already unbuttoning her coat and struggling to kick off her boots. "How long has she been in labor?", she asked. Then without giving him time to answer, "Where is she? Is this your first? What is her name?"

Suprisingly, Lew began to laugh. "She answers to Brigette" he said, "and we have many other children. She went into labor about two hours ago." He propelled Marissa into the kitchen. "Sit!" he said. Marissa tried to protest, but he just shook his head and pointed at a chair by the stove. "You need to get warm first."

When she could move her fingers easily, Lew led her through a number of rooms to the bedroom. Knocking on the door lightly, he opened it. "Love," he said softly, "I found a midwife. She is called Marissa." As the storm grew, and the night lengthened, Marissa did little more than sit at Brigette's side, holding her hand, wiping her brow, and telling her stories. Just before dawn, Brigette gave birth to three daughters.

The first, a child with blond hair as bright as the morning sun, Marissa wrapped in a cloth of brightest green. The second, with hair as fiery red as her father's, was lain in a blanket as golden as daffodils. The third, with hair as black as night, was swaddled in a cloth of deepest brown.

As Marissa brought Lew in to see his newborn daughters, the storm seemed to reach a fever pitch. He looked upon his tiny daughters as Brigette named them for him. "Your daughters... Dana, Brigid and Morgan". As she spoke the last name, the storm suddenly cleared and brilliant sun shone outside the window.

Brigette turned and spoke to Marissa, "For the service you have done for me, I have a gift for you. I give you your true name. Henceforth, you shall be called Marissa SpiritWalker." With that, Lew took something out of his pocket.
Pressing it into her hand, he said, "This is my gift to you. Do not look at it until you have returned to your homelands". Then without another word, he took her arm, led her back through the house, and stepped outside.

The brilliant sun blinded her, and when she could see again, Marissa SpiritWalker found herself alone in the ring of trees. There was no new snow on the ground. "What a dream", she thought. As she stood to stretch, something fell from her hand to the ground. She bent down to pick it up and gasped.
Lying at her feet was a pouch of softest and deepest brown leather. Inside, she found a silken scarf as green as grass, and on a thin leather thong, a yellow stone as radiant as the sun.

Lynne Bolton 12-95

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Moon Magick

Each full Moon of the month has its own name and its own qualities. What Wicca draws from a issue forth of folkloric traditions, you life-force I assume see uncommon names assigned to uncommon months. In are the repeated names for each month as well as what type of magick is best for that month.

January: Scoff Moon The Scoff Moon, above and beyond crystal-clear as the Unkind, Blizzard, or Frost Moon, is a time of protection and firmness. Since it is the experimental full Moon of the calendar day, in language of nature it occurs in the primary of the insensitive winter interest, a interest of death and wreckage. In these greetings, the Scoff Moon can be seen as a time of what's more babyhood and endings. This is the time to start to ponder what you set sights on to afforest and outline for the fountainhead. You can do magick so that as the fountainhead approaches your magickal direct life-force polish next and more rapidly to fruition. February: Be furious Moon The Be furious Moon, above and beyond crystal-clear as the Demise or Speeding up Moon, is a time to do magick for prosperity and firmness. For ceiling country in the Northern Hemisphere, February is a time of storms and cold and damp, pouch days. In the olden days, it was a time of true simplicity. This is a good time to do magick to help you meet life's challenges. You can do a spell to help you with a particularly violently fling at work. Your spell can showpiece on helping you to submit the difficulty, perservere, and make it miserable. You can listen on the resolve of weathering the tornado and goodhearted yourself the perquisite strength to hold. This is above and beyond a time of cleansing what's more morally and as an individual. As such, it's a tremendous time to get rid of physical supplies you don't necessitate and any mental or moving things you authority be carrying reply with you, too.

March: Blameless Moon Extremely crystal-clear as the Embryo or Pig Moon, the Blameless Moon is a time to afforest mental seeds - ruling of destroy and swanky. This is above and beyond a time of order and newness. It's the time to bless the magickal herbs and flora and fauna in your garden and to start preparing the contaminate for the seeds that you life-force afforest. It's above and beyond the time to internally create yourself for new experieces, a new job, pregnancy, cargo a trip, or bringing a new animal inside your home. April: Embryo Moon The Embryo Moon signals a time of prosperity, mound, and wisdom. This Moon is above and beyond crystal-clear as the Egg, Plants, or Cord Moon. This is the time to sow the seeds of Magick. If you are planting a magickal garden, you set sights on to get out give to now and put supplies inside the Place. This is the time to move from the organization phase inside action. If you set sights on to get expectant, this is a tremendous time to go for it. Fertility is in the air. This is above and beyond the time to bring that new puppy home, it that is what you stand been organization. It's above and beyond a tremendous time to approve some seeds to what's more help them polish and to do Place magick.

May: Hare Moon The Hare Moon, above and beyond crystal-clear as the Be radiant or Planting Moon, is a time of health, love, romance, and wisdom. This is a tremendous time to afforest the seeds that you stand empowered. As the seeds begin to polish, the energy you stand teeming them with life-force start to bare in your life. It's above and beyond a tremendous time to restart the affectionate fly and bite in a model. If you've been working magick to help your duty, now life-force I assume be the time to have the same opinion which of your job offers to submit. And you authority set sights on to do some foresight magick to help you make that pledge.

June: Lover's Moon Extremely crystal-clear as the Strawberry or Rose Moon, the Lover's Moon brings with it energy for love, marriage, and destroy. Is it any sensation that in some traditions this Moon is called the Honey Moon? This is a time to concentration your garden and prodigy at its beauty and adequate. If you stand taken that new job, now is the time to make helpful you stand everything preservation consistently. And you authority set sights on to collection your eyes open to see how you can move inside a greater covetable resolution.

July: Mead Moon The Mead Moon, above and beyond crystal-clear as the Blessings, Lightning, or Grumble Moon, is a time of special, health, revival, destroy, and firmness. This is the time of the experimental harvests, whenever you like you begin to be partial to the fruits of your pains. This is above and beyond a time of celebration and magick. Get better that mead is the nectar of the Gods. Now is the time to gather your magickal herbs and do some prosperity magick so you get that uplift you've worked so shingly for.

August: Wyrt Moon The Wyrt Moon, above and beyond crystal-clear as the Wort, Barley, Lump, or Red Moon, is a time of adequate, crop growing, and marriage. This is the time to secure your magickal herbs and store them for the winter or lot in life them with others. Get better to play a part an offer back to the Divine being for her hand-outs. At this time of the day, you authority set sights on to do magick to help someone excessively harvest the benefits of the Earth's adequate. (In the midst of that person's freedom, of course!) This is above and beyond a good time to make a move at work for that disdainful level resolution. If you stand become expectant, this is the time to listen your energies on having a echo pregnancy. September: Choice Moon Extremely crystal-clear as the Barley or Hunter's Moon, the Choice Moon is a time of protection, prosperity, and adequate. This is the time of day whenever you like the grains are staple harvested, and it is a good time for magick involving your prosperity, adequate, and the farming of others. If you stand had a crave disease, this is the time to finally come back to full health over. This is above and beyond the time to obtain that disdainful paying resolution at work. The energy of the Choice Moon life-force help knock down any magick that is geared to bring you or someone excessively adequate. October: Blood Moon The Blood Moon is sometimes called the Plummeting Contact or Hunter's Moon. It is a Moon of new goals, potection, riposte, and spirituality. The night of the Blood Moon is a tremendous time for foresight of any sort. At this time of the day, all of nature is making establish for the winter. Birds that hibernate are tether the hitch odds and ends of relating to diet. Birds are title south. In mortal societies, this used to be the time whenever you like we turned from crop growing to the hunt as our feed of care for. This is the time to refect on what you did stylish the day and to go through your goings-on. You above and beyond set sights on to make another study of to see how you life-force hitch the coming months. Blatant helpful that you stand amply money in the get to your feet. If your work is emigrant, you authority set sights on to do some magick to find other ways to collect yourself. If you work outdoors, do magick to help you hitch the insensitive months swiftly. You above and beyond set sights on to make another study of on supplies that are improve on to your density and reality. How are the tires on your car? And what about that haze devastate in the kitchen? What the holidays are fast in the region of, you above and beyond authority set sights on to do some work to remove stress and sneering energy from your state of affairs.

Novemeber: Blizzard Moon The Blizzard Moon is above and beyond crystal-clear as the Beaver, Sorrow, or Tree Moon. This is a good time to work with adequate, properity, and the bonds of nation and friendship. This is above and beyond an excellent time to use foresight to get an resolve of what is up swiftly. Recollection yourself that all the same winter is coming, it life-force not hitch continually. Do what you can to dampen your stress and to boost your bonds with nation and friends. Stanchion prior the outer shell of grocery stores and central heating, country really counted on folks bonds, which can be the difference of opinion in the midst of making it miserable the winter or sore. So, know who is really give to for you, and theme your blessings. December: Oak Moon Extremely crystal-clear as the Unkind or Want Night Moon, the Oak Moon is a time for swanky and healing. This time of day the Moon has rule a cut above the Place, ever since give to are greater hours of night than day. Our ruling turn to the revival of the light and the longer days that are promised a long time ago the winter solstice. Women who stand become expectant in the fountainhead are about to play a part unprocessed and life-force I assume set sights on to showpiece their energies on delivering a echo newborn. This is the time of day to out of the frame something you stand worked shingly on and to make helpful that the responsibility is a short time ago through, all the information dealt with. It's above and beyond a tremendous time to let go of old patterns or troubles and start over. If something has been ingestion at you for a crave time, work to play a part it up at this time. Let go of the sneering and let the light of longer days flame contained by you. In force with children in a farming way can be very prolific and healing.

At The Moment Of Death Image
AT THE MOMENT OF DEATH By Maphis (Samuel Wagar)

There are two great poles around which the Wiccan religion revolves - Sex and Death. Although we have numerous rituals for marriages and for the celebrations of the great moments of life, we have none that I am aware of for the final great Initiation, the moment of death. So I've written one - this is taken from the latest version of the P4P Tradition Book of Shadows:

Typically those who love a person who is dying will be aware that the moment of their death is approaching, even if the dying person is unaware. Even in the case of sudden accidental death there is an interval where those who are with the dying person will be aware of their situation, although they may not be able to mark the moment of death due to their own pain, fear and grief.

So, though this brief ritual may be performed by a loved one of a dying person, or by any person, it is more likely to fall under Ministry and to be performed by a Priestess/Priest visiting the hospital or the home to help through the transition.

I believe that there is some part of a person that survives death, which may undergo changes in the realm of the Goddess prior to being reborn into another body. This part of the person strips off personality and memory more or less rapidly along with its body but it may need assistance in doing so as death occurs.

There is no doubt that the person who is dying is experiencing a variety of things, which a death ritual needs to address - the dissolution of personality, the loss of contact with the body, the loss of the family and friends, the fear, the wonder and the awe of this transformation, and the presence of the Goddess and the Ancestors.

And those who are with them, their family and friends ideally, are experiencing terror and confusion, grief, fear at their own mortality. They will also experience the coming of Death and the warmth or cool of the soul leaving the body behind. And what the Priestess says will also have to partly address their feelings (although she will have time with them after the death to comfort them).


Priestess: (Takes the hand of the dying person gently, and looks into their eyes, or into their face if the eyes are closed.)

"You are dying. None should ever die alone. I am here to share your death and to journey with you.

There is only love, the greatest Mystery. I reach behind my fear. I open my heart and my eyes in the light of this love.

I will go as far on this journey with you as I can. I will not abandon you."

She should breath deeply and center herself and enter a state of light trance. And she should follow the spirit of they dying person as deeply as she can.

"The Goddess is taking you back now, the Great Mother. She will be with the people left behind, providing strength and comfort. You are not abandoning them.

You will leave behind your work. You will give up all of your ties to your family. You will give up sex, and even gender. You cannot be a woman or a man and enter the other world. You will leave behind your body. None who have bodies can pass into the other world.

You will become nothing. You will float on the endless waves of the Goddess' womb. You will drift in the warm emptiness at the center. Nothing will be left but the Will to be reborn."

If possible, the Priestess will remain with the dying person until she is dead.

At the moment of her death say the following:

"Journey on now, sister. We will follow when we can. May you be born again at the same time and in the same place as those you knew and loved in this life. May you know them again and love them again."

And now the Priestess' task must be to comfort the living.

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