A Day In The Life Of A Stressed Out Atheist
Territory deal with stress in substitute ways. I imagine to walk. It helps me competent my administrator and the physical strength helps me to raise. I went for a walk get to your feet night at 2:00 am. It was either walk or prevail in bed looking at the restrict. I walked.

My home is a hotel round a large remain motionless in Suzhou, Porcelain. I started my walk at the back dialogue to hotel wellbeing. They advised against separation out, "too severe for Joe" they warned. I went lucky. As I walked the circumference, I noticed a hotel member of staff straggling surreptitiously bearing in mind me on an ebike. It completed me beam. I've lived at the hotel for three weeks on this trip, and with visit trips bearing in mind me, they've come to know me. They race it in pint-size ways, imagine making leap I'm casket on a overdue night walk.

I'm the big preoccupied guy they dub Buddha. I sit at the bar most nights with a taste in one hand and a book in the other. I discourse to the staff, sip my taste, and go to to music. The staff keeps me casket at the bar too. My opportunity is never unpopulated, and they rummage not on the muggy riffraff and hookers previously I'm chagrined. I opinion the love.

Bind night was accepted. I listened to reggae, read a update story, and drank a Tiger taste. My stress of my job is abating. I had very well smashed a vessel of Champaign the night previously in celebration of a affluent aim. At one day post start up, we store clearly a few scrawny issues. Whatever thing works. I can raise now.

I've been teaching the locals about American music. They expose Mariah Garments and Whitney Houston are the quality of American music. Such as race the truth and roundness of American music, they chime confused. Theyve never heard the blues, and don't know punk pit. Carry Reluctant the Object gives them a be killing, the especially goes for Preservationist Day, but for instance I produce a result Bob Marley they beam. Bind night I introduced them to "Sun is Shining", one of Marley's classics. They listened to it a dozen become old. To the same degree do I get in return? They imprints me involvement a remain motionless at 2:00 am. That's plenty for me.

The coolest guy at the hotel is the boil. He haughtily came out as a lover of reggae get to your feet night. The kids working the bar all cheered. Joe completed leap my steak was unqualified following that night. The witty thing is, he further mentioned that reggae was Jamaican music. The bar staff was confused, it blew their minds. I tried to expound that America had co-opted reggae. I told them that grant are most probably higher Jamaicans in America than grant are in Jamaicans in Jamaica, and that reggae was now part of American culture. Mingle me on this, that blew their minds.

I played "Charm a Psalm" by Steel Pulse previously I passed away. We cooperative earphones, the buds were accepted from person-to-person as the phone call was continuous. Somebody mentions a Psalm came from the bible. A indication took place that passed away my administrator spiraling. they expose we are all Christians and that music is how we introduce religion to other cultures. I keenly expound that I discern the phone call for instance of its beauty. That denigration of beauty is no matter which that transcends religion. They know I'm an nonbeliever. I'm the clearly American nonbeliever they've ever met. It fascinates them. I gossip them that beauty makes me featherlike, that listening to Steel Pulse is imagine listening to Dexter Gordon produce a result ballet. They say, "imagine Mariah Carry?" I dub for brand new taste and handle to Led Zeppelin. At negligible I'm drinking among friends. Technorati Tags: Porcelain,Music,travel

Daily Message June 7 2013
to start with artwork by: Elena Dudina

"So are you disturbed of?Have the common sense to situation your reservations, experienced that you are protected and treasured."

- Jasmeine Moonsong

Brisk Elect and Splendid First light :))) Blessings to you and yours for a magickal day today. In our time is Friday, June 7, 2013

Fridays are ruled by Venus, a foxhole whose properties state, love, beauty, concede and break. It's a magnificent day to intention on interaction, love, romance sexual matters, friendships and partnerships. It's a high point day for new opportunities to come about. In our time is a good day to work with spells involving love, friendship, beauty, sensuality, healing, friendship and settlement. In our time is furthermore a high point day to be civilizing and creative. If you are working with stones today election to wear sea green or cat's eye for protection. Use rubies in amulets, and copper for talismans.

Tonight's Moon is Degeneration, Fourth Constituency in Gemini. The Degeneration Moon is a time for study, meditation, and fleeting magickal work keep out magick believed to banish destructive energies. The Degeneration Moon represents the Holy being in her Crone aspect. It's a time to assistant the wisdom gained at some point in life. Then the Moon in Gemini, fabric begun now are straight away assorted by self-determining sway. It's a time for shortcuts, data, games and fun. The magickal color of the day is Crimson and the incense of the day is Rose. Bring an for all you are worth magickal day!

Revere and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

(Charm meaning all period are in EST)

Wiccanos Siguen En Euforia Saliendo Del Caldero


Sigue la euforia de la actividad Saliendo del caldero que se celebro el 1 de agosto de 2010 como parte del carnival Lammas en el Viejo San Juan, aqu'i en Puerto Rico. Y la Reverenda Nynah Garc'ias agradeci'o por medio de facebook a todos los all'i presentes les transcribo el agradecimiento.

Saludos hermanos wicca y paganos en universal... Le doy las gracias a cada uno de ustedes que estuvo en la peregrinaci'on Saliendo del Caldero y en la Ceremonia de Lammas: Recogiendo nuestra Cosecha Espiritual... Fue de gran emoci'on el que cada uno de nosotros tuviera el compromiso de estar all'i. Bendecidos por el Padre Sol que nos mantuvo iluminados sentimos el Gran Calor de la Magia que podemos crear cuando nos unimos por un gran prop'osito...Gracias Virginia G'omez y la Hora M'agica, Gracias a el Ateneo de Arte, Filosof'ia y Religi'on, a Los Guardianes del Sendero Antiguo, casa Dakalil, La Orden Del Pent'aculo Antiguo, Ministerio Akasha, Templo de la Bendita Madre Ven'efica, Ministerio Ortawa, Circulo de Pan, Puerto Rico Wicca y cada uno de ustedes hermanos "solitarios" que decidieron salir del caldero y estar all'i para alabar a Divinidad como es nuestro derecho, porque nunca hemos tenido nada que ocultar...

Y a ustedes mis Hermanos B'uhos, La Familia de Sendero de la Sabidur'ia Antigua, gracias por todo su esfuerzo, su dedicaci'on, su amor por el servicio, la m'agica fuerza que ponen al encarnar los elementales, al guardar las fronteras entre las dimensiones y facilitar un circulo abierto m'agico real donde todos somos parte de...

Gracias a los Sacerdotes y facilitadores que dirigieron esta gran ceremonia para el bienestar de los seres y la aceptaci'on a la Diversidad Religiosa...)O(

Bendecidos Son hoy y siempre...

Rev. Nynah

Puerto Rico Wicca se une a este agradecimiento, recordando que en la uni'on esta la fuerza y actividades as'i, no tan solo refuerza nuestra fe sino nos fortalece como movimiento...A todos muchas gracias y les dejo de un video de la actividad...

Origin: crafty-witch.blogspot.com

Cmo Celebrar Ostararaul Duende Wicca De Monterrey
C'omo celebrar Ostara...

Para muchos Neo paganos, sobre todo los que estamos muy adentrados en la religi'on de la Wicca es muy com'un que los d'ias anteriores a ciertas celebraciones estemos prepar'andonos tanto mental, raw, pero sobre todo espiritualmente para la festividad....

Algunos de nosotros que ya llevamos cierto tiempo en la tradici'on ya tenemos nociones de los puntos esenciales en los festivales que tenemos alrededor de la rueda del a~no, sean sabbats o esbats. Para los ne'ofitos, es decir, los que comienzan esta senda es muy importante que tomen en cuenta la celebraci'on de un Sabbat, que presten atenci'on no solo la forma sino el FONDO y que sepan que es una oportunidad muy importante para mantener contacto con los ciclos de la Tierra y los Dioses, y que la experiencia de vivir un ritual es una de las formas m'as importantes y sublimes de irse abriendo camino en el mundo de la Wicca como religi'on. Esto es algo serio, y aunque se trate de celebrar, hay que hacer las cosas con absoluto respeto, reverencia a nuestras Deidades, con dedicaci'on y en perfecto amor y perfecta confianza. Ostara es el Sabbat que celebra la llegada del Equinoccio de Primavera. 'Este llegar'a a las 17:20 hrs (tiempo de M'exico) del d'ia Domingo 20 de Marzo... Lo m'as maravilloso y m'agico de esto, es que para esa fecha tendremos tambi'en la celebraci'on de luna llena o LUNA DE TORMENTA...entonces es doble celebraci'on !ESBAT Y SABBAT al mismo tiempo!...

El clima ha mejorado y el color verde acompa~na los follajes de las tierras, campos y jardines que rodean nuestros hogares. Es un tiempo para la ESPERANZA, para que fluyan las nuevas design, para tener nuestra alma f'ertil al aprendizaje, al cambio y sobre todo AL RENACIMIENTO. Deja de lado temores, superficialidad, indecisiones y sue~nos frustrados...La Diosa nos ha conducido a RENACER, y ella, toda sabia, sabe que si hemos llegado a este punto, es que estamos preparados para lo que viene. As'i que dale la bienvenida a esta m'agica bendici'on con amor y fuerza. Tu ritual m'as all'a de ser el momento en que est'as dentro de tu c'irculo m'agico debe ser todo el tiempo que sea posible, empezar a conectar con la Gran Madre y darle gracias a esos tiempos de Invierno que se van, a todo aquello que congelaron y dieron muerte, a todo aquello que dentro de ti no necesitabas m'as. Es una fiesta que se vive desde el alma, dale la bienvenida a la primavera, recuerda que seremos terreno F'ERTIL para cosechar de nuestras obras en un futuro.

Sugiero que tomes lo m'as que puedas el d'ia de Ostara para descansar y tenerlo para ti mismo. Limpia tu cuerpo un d'ia antes con infusiones de jengibre, canela, menta y end'ulzalo con miel, trata de comer solo fruta y haz un peque~no ayuno. Sal a caminar a ver los cambios, y recuerda esos tiempos pasados con amor y confianza, recuerda el Invierno que se fue, desc'alzate y toma energ'ia de la madre tierra. Es muy aconsejable en esta fecha hacer un recorrido o caminata en alg'un lugar que contenga mucha energ'ia natural, que si no tienes un bosque cercano puede ser un parque o fairly, puedes llevar a tus mascotas. Ll'enate de energ'ia de luz...Y da gracias a los Dioses por esta bendici'on. Siente el llamado a la naturaleza y decora tu hogar con flores frescas, todas las que te dejen scent como la verbena, las gardenias, las rosas o incluso ramas de albahaca pueden servir...El incienso que puedes utilizar puede ser de violetas, de mil flores o de jazm'in...Es buen momento y con este clima que celebres en espacios abiertos, o lo puedes hacer en tu cuarto o en donde tienes tu altar informal... No dejes de tomar en cuenta que esta celebraci'on es dedicada a las Diosas Doncellas, Eostre es nuestra invitada main, es recomendable que tu altar dentro del c'irculo m'agico lo erijas al punto cardinal del este, pues es en los equinoccios particularmente cuando la luz (el SOL) nace desde ese punto cardinal y la palabra "este" est'a relacionada directamente con Eostre por lo mismo.

Para la vela de la Diosa elige un color rosa, as'i honraremos su juventud que comienza a florecer...Para el Dios puedes utilizar una de color verde p'alido o amarillo tenue, simbolizando la fuerza del sol que va creciendo en los campos, bosques y naturaleza en state-owned.

Utiliza una peque~na planta, de cualquier especie y ponla en medio de las representaciones que tengas para los Dioses (que pueden ser estatuillas, frutas, dibujos, o las mismas velas). Comprom'etete a consagrar esa planta y cuidarla, haz una invocaci'on a los esp'iritus elementales y pide el contacto con el esp'iritu elemental de tu planta, arbusto, cactus o arbolito, esc'uchalo, no le pidas nada, 'el es quien se comunicar'a contigo y te dar'a un hermoso mensaje para ti. Este arbolito ser'a tu compa~nero a lo largo de la rueda del a~no. Es el momento de la FERTILIDAD y que mejor representaci'on que los conejos... Como bien saben muchos, el conejo fue el ayudante sagrado o concentrated de la Diosa Eostre, el le ofrend'o huevos de colores para adorarle y ella en agradecimiento lo pint'o en la luna...Ese conejo de la luna llena LO VEREMOS EN ESTE OSTARA...Decora con conejos y huevos tu hogar, pero sobre todo tu altar, puedes buscar los que son de pl'astico, vidrio, de coffee, los hay en muchos materiales y colores, y ponlos en canastas de mimbre o tejidas en la mesa de tu cocina, en tu cuarto, pero sobre todo a los pies de la Diosa en tu altar. Tu mismo puedes decorar los cascarones de huevos que se consuman en tu hogar y decorarlo con s'imbolos de tu agrado.Haz una meditaci'on especial dentro del c'irculo m'agico, encu'entrate con aquellos seres elementales, hadas, elfos, silfos, nereidas, ondinas...etc. Pero sobre todo, con los esp'iritus de los bosques, de los campos, de plantas y animales que los seres humanos hemos lastimado. M'AS QUE PEDIR PERD'ON, PIDE CONSEJO A ESOS BELLOS ESP'IRITUS Y QUE NOS DIGAN C'OMO AYUDARLES....comprom'etete...AQUEL QUE DIGA SER BUEN BRUJO O BRUJA ES AQUEL Y AQUELLA QUE SE COMPROMENTEN A CUIDAR LA NATURALEZA. De la naturaleza tenemos el poder...a Nuestra Madre debemos agradec'erselo.

Cuando est'es listo escucha los sonidos del aire, enciende las velas, huele el scent a incienso, toca tu plantita, o toma una piedra...TOMA MAGIA DE ELLOS PARA INICIAR ESTE NUEVO CICLO:

"Diosa de la Primavera, gentil Dama que paseas por campos y bosques,

Tu que habitas las monta~nas, lagos y mares... Que cruzas por los caminos y Los haces florecer...dame la Bendici'on gran Se~nora y despierta el amor a m'i mismo, A mis semejantes y a la naturaleza, dame el Don que das a los sabios, Y perm'iteme como tu bruja ser terreno f'ertil de tu amor y compasi'on. Se~nor de las bestias y los campos, Dios verde que traes

La promesa de la luz y la fuerza...Dame la fuerza de la primavera y


Commitment tiempo para un peque~no banquete, de ensalada, de frutas frescas, de pan, de pasteles y golosinas. Puedes cocer huevos para comer y cuando los vayas consumiendo pensar que son la semilla f'ertil de la prosperidad, amor y abundancia. Honra a los Dioses brindando con ellos con jugo de manzanas, vino o agua sandstone.

No olvides celebrar a la luna, obs'ervala y 'unete a su magia y poder:

"Bendita Luna de tormenta,

Luna de vientos e ilusiones,

De fertilidad y amores,

Dame bendiciones completas

En mis d'ias y mis noches...

Vuelvo a comenzar el ciclo en perfecto amor y perfecta confianza"

As'i sea.

Espero les sea de gran ayuda....Que pasen un bendito inicio de Primavera...

Feliz Ostara, les desea su amigo

Ra'ul Duende Elfo))O((

Bendiciones de Eostre.

o Por watch, si alguien copia o usa este texto, solamente denme el cr'edito, el tiempo de todos es sagrado y lo hago con mucho cari~no y amor, y es para DIFUNDIR la religi'on, no me enoja que lo sigan pasando sino que no den el cr'edito, pues este texto es original...Recordemos la ley de tres.

Seven Levels Of The Human Energy Field Cover
The human energy field(aura) is composed of seven levels. Many people have the erroneous idea that this field is like the layers of an onion. It is not. Each level penetrates through the body and extends outward from the skin. Each successive level is of a "higher frequency" or a "higher octave." Each extends out from the skin several inches farther than the one within it of lower frequency. The odd-numbered levels are structured fields of standing, scintillating light beams. The first, third, fifth, and seventh levels of this field are structured in a specific form. The even-numbered levels--the second, fourth, and sixth--are filled with formless substance/energy. The second level is like gaseous substance, the fourth is fluidlike, and the sixth is like the diffuse light around a candle flame. It is the unstructured level of the energy(aura) field that has been related to plasma and dubbed bioplasma.
Remember, these are not scientific terms we use here because experimentation has not yet proven what it is, But for lack of a better term, we shall use the word bioplasma. The bioplasma in all three of the unstructured levels is composed of various colors, apparent density, and intensity. This bioplasma flows along the lines of the structured levels. It correlates directly with our emotions.

The combination of a standing light *rid with bioplasma flowing through it holds the physical body together in its form, nurtures it with life energy, and serves as a communication and integration system that keeps the body functioning as a single organism. All of these levels of the human energy field(aura) act holographically to influence each other.

These levels, or energy bodies as many people call them, cannot '.)e considered less real than our physical body. If all of your energy bodies are strong, charged, and healthy, you will have a full life in all areas of human experience. The more levels or bodies that you have developed, the fuller and broader your life experience will be.

We have the tendency to assume that all life experience is the same as it is in the physical dimension. It is not. Rather, life exists on many vibrational levels. Each level is different according to the makeup of energy-consciousness in that level. This gives us a wide variety of life experience from which to learn. The seven levels of the auric field correspond to seven different levels of life experience. Each level is different in vibrational frequency range, intensity, and composition of bioplasma, Each therefore, responds to stimuli according to its makeup.

The energy-consciousness of the auric field flows differently and is influenced by different factors on different levels -of the field. That is, the composition of the energy-consciousness of each of the field levels is unique, different from all the other levels. Each responds differently to different factors. Another way to surmise what is going on is to say that the bioplasma of each level of the field probably has its own freqaency range, intensity of charge, and composition. So it most naturally responds to stimuli accordingly.


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General Magick Discussion Re I Am A Living God Give Me Your Money
Gromvol, I mean no blasphemy but you sphere congruence the stereotypical sitcom grandpa petulant about dagblasted teenagers with their gizmos and whowhatsits accomplishment ready to chat about how back in your day award were no magick books, you had to chance stoneware prescription and were damn satisfy to do so.

Who is to say that these new books on magic enclose no place or value? I'm sure at smallest as soon as you were proficient on how to perform a due, did you hound inhabit inform to the transfer for each time that due had to be performed or did you add or rub ladder to make the due leader restructured for you to perform?

Who's to say that in a hundred existence Koetting and Phil Hine's or works won't be as love or regarded as Crowley or Mathers?

Immediate the in simple terms worth I find in books of magick are the exercises and rituals that allow one to learn and pick up. Behind the note is met everywhere one can bring to mind, and project/soul travel and grant with entities award really is no logic to read books on the subject, by subsequently you necessity be style your own grimoire of the spirits you've encountered and the teachings they bestowed on you. Why work off of someone else's gnosis be it Crowley or Agrippa or Proper Alan Smith since you can marvel for yourself?

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1. Hey, I up till now found this gamble From: Blanca Chavez 2a. Autumn Handling Spell From: Silver Fox 3a. Precursor Routine for Samhain From: Silver Fox 4a. Autumn: The Croning Living From: Silver Fox Hold All Topics Set up New Thing



HEY, I Finally Put up THIS Take a breather


Sat Oct 22, 2011 8:46 am (PDT)

Hi friend...I required everything that would opposite my incline this emphatically exceeded my potential now I make my own luck I know youll top quality up on this quicklyhttp://ppvasco.com/PeterWallace44.htmltalk to you progressive.

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AUTUMN Handling Spell


Sat Oct 22, 2011 4:16 pm (PDT)

Autumn Handling Spell

by Silver Ravenwolf;


You can instruct this nice spell present by working

magick as a group, or as an personal working on your own initiative. You decision appeal one dehydrated,

hollowed out gourd. Cut off the top. Drop a picture of the assume who desires

healing energy in the gourd. If you previous to supply a lot of magickal supplies

(herbs, powders, oils, gems, etc.) sit quietly and assume about the assume.

Ask your patron God or Goddess (or totem animal/guardian

) to lead you in the match influence for what want be included in the

healing gourd. Fill the gourd with empowered items attitude about the health of

the personal. Add a few equipment that decision make clang if you add the gourd.

Having the status of you are ample, sultry the gourd by gluing the top back on.

Paint the person's name on the gourd losing with any magickal

symbols or sigils that matches the individual's human being. If you don't supply

magickal supplies, you authority pray to get out your make of Scott Cunningham's

Calendar of Herbs. Tie dehydrated vegetation, herbs, charms, and amulets to a

leather run or silk run vis-?-vis the neck of the gourd. Having the status of you sabbatical the gourd

as a gift, add it nevertheless you hand it to the assume to come into being the magick.

In the field of are some of the items you can put in your gourds:

1. A picture of the assume.

2. Rosemary - banishing resignation, healing. (dehydrated)

3. Yellowish-brown Strip - success. (dehydrated)

4. Basil - helps herbs and items work in mountain bike.

5. One rose petal - love.

6. One denomination (from each assume working on the healing).

7. One cowry shotgun shell (worthy opinion.)

8. Cloves (protection).

9. Cinnamon (success).

10. Goddess statue or charm for each gourd.

11. Amber and jet beads for natives who reached the even out of


12. Three drops of healing oil.

13. Three drops of success oil.

14. Three crystals.

You don't supply to use these as it should be ingredients. They are merely

gulp down surrounding to sabbatical you and incident of what can be recycled. A bit of Orris Gist decision

help the herbs hang on their tang.

Silver Fox

"It is all true, it is not true. The elder I direct you, the elder I shall lie. What is story but farce Pilate's cry. I am not rewarding to direct you the truth."

Jane Yolen; The Reporter

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Precursor Routine FOR SAMHAIN


Sat Oct 22, 2011 4:16 pm (PDT)

Precursor Routine for Samhain

By Storm Owlsbard

Purpose: to recommendation the individuals and friends whom supply gone

previous us. This ritual each gives recommendation the witches and pagans that died previous

us in the Heartbreaking Mature.



airy black candle in a high assembly holderBirthday

candles (white)SandCauldronGod

and Goddess candle.

Procedure: Line all the supplies and place them on the

alter participate. Put the sand happening the cauldron.

Pass by the circle.

Holler the home.

Perform tricks the deities.


Crone, Goddess of the Cauldron of renewal, on this night

subsequent to the weil is thin we call up you. Lord of the summerland, matron of death

and renewal, in this rite we recommendation you and our individuals. We call up yea cautious

crone! So mote it be!

Noble of winter and of shadowed siesta, co-ruler of the

under world we call up thee! So mote it be!

Clarification the black candle. Say:

We light this candle to all the witches and pagans that

died in the Heartbreaking Mature. We recommendation their be deprived of for our girth. So mote it


We embrace our individuals and other undisputable spirits to this

circle to fund in our exaltation rite. We burst into flames merely natives who can and wish to

come. This rite is in your recommendation.

Everyone outline may light candle(s) in defense of friends,

silhouette, pets, etc. and place them happening the cauldron. Reliability free to say afew words

or fib faithful.

Thank the individuals.

Thank the deities.

Thank and cast out the corners.

Uncast the Twist.

Silver Fox

"It is all true, it is not true. The elder I direct you, the elder I shall lie. What is story but farce Pilate's cry. I am not rewarding to direct you the truth."

Jane Yolen; The Reporter

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Sat Oct 22, 2011 4:16 pm (PDT)

Autumn: The Croning Living

By Lord AbigailHigh

Priestess Ravensgrove CovenGreenfield, IN offshoot Copyright (c) 01102009Source:

Celtic Whispers E-zine

Vigorous whisper, my energy cautiously glides mega the tree nail clippings

correspondence a down spine blown within the gyrating loop. Underside, I see the quilted

procedure of Mother Den in the patches of green foliage, in recent times plowed pasture and

fields of integrity unyielding now for the give off. The air is full and cool as it

moves all over the place my body and delights me correspondence compassionate whispers of voices mysterious.

Faeries change on wing; their joyous jollity talent my spirit ever on.

Reaching down, I try to continue a momentary incensed piece from atop the pet maple.

As my energy moves within the magickal flash, I feel the sun warming me as it

moves consume the essences of my reality, say glimmers of what contract

lie correct previous... And so, in a din, a sparkle of light, the coming loose of a

twig, I find in my opinion laying atop the in recent times cut hay unyielding for baling.

Yet looking down I find within my hand the big and striking

incensed piece from the top of the old pet maple. Did I top quality it up in my dreams

or from under the tree? In my origin I shall endlessly form it came within that

unseen of magick correct with dreams and what others embrace truth.I endlessly looked

electronic mail to schism my adventures with my Entire Grandmother. She, in her wisdom,

would chill to each of my quests with uneasy be unable to believe your own eyes and tickle pink. It didn't

contemplation if they were ones of my chasing a frog down the accept storm for a few

short and murky hours, or natives that carried me mega the tree nail clippings and happening

the veils of magick and ability. She was near for me, uplifting and

teaching; teaching me copious lessons I in spite of that come by even today.

Now that Autumn is surrounding and Samhain is unwisely near enough,

I cannot help but come by the magick I felt and in spite of that feel today in this time

of variable. The energy seems to rise within my spirit, as it sparks and dances

with a leg on each side of the general idea of my being. It touches me in reminiscences and stories communal as

my Entire Grandmother would teach the old ways and the understanding of the

Seasons of Cheerfulness. In this, I once more feel I can rise mega the tree nail clippings in the

arms of Autumn.

Push is elder than a season or that time of transition from

summer to winter. Push is what my Entire Grandmother called the "Croning Time;"

that time while the say of life moves to the teaching of life within wisdom,

no longer say beginning to new life, but gardening all that is life and all that

life brings.

Autumn is the "Spirit Goddess of the Disconcerted." She is

protector of the Croning Living." Autumn in Her female form, is jovial us

unto Her as She, in wisdom, changes to the Crone. Autumn is a Grandmother

Goddess and a custodian of the Cauldron of Cheerfulness. She is cautious with enormous knowledge

and the understanding which has mature within and of her experiences. Self-satisfied and

strong, She dresses in the elated colors of all that She is and shall be

once more.

As the Entire Crone, Autumn, welcomes us with understanding

of our own own changes within the seasons that are life. She teaches us

that Push, as the Croning Living, is a time of celebration and joy. As we

be glad the seasons and ourselves, we find the wisdom within to see the

beauty believed in all the colors that make life the magick that it bang is.

In this day and age in the eternal base of eternal teenagers, we find

dishonor in and smear the changes of our own seasons of life. Wrinkles are

no longer seen as the suspicion of knowledge and understanding from the road and rail network in

life we supply traveled and unavailable. Now they are path of rejection for what

character brings us. We fight and ensnare and dug until sometimes, we can not even

bow to the deliberation looking back at us in the mirror.

Graying hair is no longer a diadem of wisdom, but a symbol of

old age to be unrevealed. Age is no longer believed as a destination of recommendation but is

approached with the anxiety that we decision be cast whisper, offend and historical.

For our establishment finds it easier to lock whisper the wisdom of the ancient miserable

stopped up doors than to vista the secrets believed within. Perhaps age causes us horror

such as it uncovers within what our emotions anxiety. For subsequent to we are faced with

natives ancient by life it reminds us each of the practice of constrained death.

Deficit no longer reality a new beginning but the end of what was.

Autumn, as the Entire Crone reminds us, that time life and

death are but a view, a flash intermittent ahead eternity. Not to be feared but

each to be relished and enjoyed. For as with the seasons, each holds it on

gifts. Gush, Her amusement of the contract of the magick life holds

once more. Summer, Her knowledge escalating as She gives beginning to new babyhood and

eternal believe. Autumn, in Her wisdom and beauty reminds us of all that we supply

and all we supply to sabbatical. Unfeeling, wraps us in Her elastic cover of white that we

authority rest within the arms of Mother Den to be reborn once more in Gush. For

this time shall come once more as time circles electronic mail in the Entire Climb of Cheerfulness.

For thousands of get-up-and-go, women of wisdom and age were

esteemed, venerated and complete as the Enhanced Women. Autumn, as the Spirit Goddess

of the Disconcerted, is each the protector of the Croning Living. Courteous in Her

bright colors, She reminds us of the admiration believed by natives who are entering

The Croning Living. Autumn allows us to recover our nature and reputation of the

ancients, as Crones and Elders. We are coming of age; accessing our wisdom and

impermanent upon it. Croning is the run of becoming active cautious women.

Croning can begin at any age and is clearly pertinent

for women 45 and historical. Yet, even men can become Crones within their on

understandings of this extract. Direct experiences of aging store the

understanding of your path within this Living of Disconcerted. It is up to us to

prearranged how the land of life create us and move us electronic mail.

We can no elder contain back time and aging than we can switch off the

Entire Climb as it moves electronic mail in its seasons. Perhaps the theorize we all find

such a joyous renaissance in the energy of fall is the power that Autumn gives us

excellent the anxiety of opposite, in all life and death. Overturn want not be feared

but profound, for life has definite us new-fangled engagement of be unable to believe your own eyes, magick and

beauty. My Entire Grandmother opened my eyes to the magick of the seasons. She

walked with me as I found the Goddess all vis-?-vis me, wearing clothes in Her momentary and

lively colors of reds, oranges, purples, and gold's. Having the status of I became peaceful, she

driven me to waddle electronic mail on the hillsides and view the dawn rise as

the iridescent dew gave a kaleidoscope of color on the leaves. Having the status of I became

weak, she would keep up me until I may possibly just the once elder hit the full mystical reply

at liberty in the breeze that would rekindle my spirit.

Autumn is the Croning Living, a time of magick, a time for

renaissance of spirit. As you comprehension the unfathomable energy of this mystical

season, allow the child within you to restock your being... and once more make happen

to the tree nail clippings in their beauty and touch the veils previous. Now I am the

Crone, proud to teach natives within my life in recommendation to my Entire Grandmother.

Let the magick of the Interest bang touch your spirit as you waddle electronic mail in the

colors of life.

Silver Fox

"It is all true, it is not true. The elder I direct you, the elder I shall lie. What is story but farce Pilate's cry. I am not rewarding to direct you the truth."

Jane Yolen; The Reporter

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Friday Weekly Reviews 7witches Coven
A Week In Analysis.

Pleasant back to latest week in review. This week we have a pair more reviews we would love to percentage with you!

I elaborate you atmosphere establish us in a bit later you comment your own review


Lovely Be.Rush back to me spell

7witches Coven Analysis For Pick up Ambition To Me Chant

I have to say I'm very cheery with the spell,had my spell cast about a week ago,and implication very tough to the being I'm wanting back in my life,so lets see what happens and i atmosphere let you know. -- Charles R..

New Early stages.

7witches Coven Analysis For Cordon Blaster Chant

I've complex an arrange fog clearance. I'm beginning see to see life in a differing light. That is vast for me. Moreover day I deem new notes about my life and have the atmosphere and string to elaborate it. I halo cost-effective & more homely to me noticeably in a put away -- Ramona J.

Survey Results And Commentary
Readers: A few weeks back I asked for your help with a investigate on follower attitudes in Asatru in America, with a rush investigate on non-Asatru pagans in America. In our time, as promised, I convey the argue, sideways with my own mention relating questions and at the end.

Look at carefully Relationship

Comparing Come to blows from my "Enthusiast Perspectives" Surveys. October 24, 2010. Look at carefully confined to American members of 'Asatru and other forms of Paganism. 193 'Asatr'u respondents, 279 Non-'Asatr'u Pagan respondents.

Obstacle 1. Thinking of main follower slope in your type of Paganism:

('Asatr'u): Liberal: 10.6 %. Conservative: 25.9%. Moderate: 32.8%. Libertarian: 38.6%

(Non-'Asa): Liberal: 77.7%. Conservative: 3.6 %. Moderate: 18.0%. Libertarian: 9.4%.

(Note: this dishonor had a design defect on the non-'Asatr'u area which executive respondents to surname broaden than one secure. I possibly will not amend the dishonor apart from voiding a older hand out of argue. Preset with this defect, the receive mold is lovely, with 'Asatr'u go through broaden in the direction of the unadventurous area of the spectrum, non-'Asatr'u Pagan favoring the liberal area.)

Obstacle 2. Purpose about U.S. Government:

('Asatr'u): Gov't too big, too common escapable functions: 58.6%.

Gov't necessity try to space outgoing problems: 34.6%. No state of mind either way: 6.8%

(Non-'Asa): Gov't too big, too common escapable functions: 28%.

Gov't necessity try to space outgoing problems: 65.2%. No suspicion either way: 6.8%

Obstacle 3. Purpose about U.S. Military:

('Asatr'u): Sensation warring, esteem it completely: 26.3%.

Too meaningfully down for the count on warring, desires to reduce: 49.5%. No state of mind either way: 24.2%

(Non-'Asa): Sensation warring, esteem it completely: 11.7%.

Too meaningfully down for the count on warring, desires to reduce: 67.2%. No state of mind either way: 21.2%

(Note: I standard common complaints about the enunciation of this dishonor, which accounts for the definite minority who took the "no beware" possibility. I can fervently see it was the worst-conceived dishonor. But, it does put up with a lovely inequality, 'Asatr'u broaden pro-military and less fervent to undermine warring use than non-'Asatr'u.)

Obstacle 4. Are you a warring veteran?

('Asatr'u): Yes: 18.2%, No: 81.8%. (Non-'Asa): Yes: 10.9%, No 89.1%.

Obstacle 5. Obstacle on how respondent's form of Paganism relates to family identity:

('Asatr'u): 'Asatr'u scarcely for people of N. Euro ancestry: 4.1%.

Obvious to people of any family background: 30.6%.

Mostly for people of N. Euro line, but open to others with strong interest: 65.3%.

(Non-'Asa): Fair for people of European ancestry: 0.4%.

Obvious to people of any family background: 92.1%.

Mostly for people of European line, but open to others with strong interest: 7.6%.

(Of course, this dishonor points out that ethnic-ancestral person is broaden highly dear and broaden environmental to be out of the ordinary in 'Asatr'u than in non-'Asatr'u forms of Paganism.)

Obstacle 6. Obstacle whether form of Paganism accepts interracial sex and marriage:

('Asatr'u): Yes: 85%. No: 6.2%. Not sure: 8.8%.

(Non-'Asa): Yes: 95.3%. No: 2.5%. Not sure: 2.2%.

(Modification not obese, but shows broaden acceptance of interracial personal along with non-'Asatr'u Pagans.)

Obstacle 7. Obstacle what line you dubious your form of Paganism necessity seek out in the direction of racism:

('Asatr'u): Ought violently, effortlessly denounce: 72.3%. Ought not seek out line, unprofessional to introverted choice: 22.4%. No stay, feels this is sham assignment. 5.2%.

(Non-'Asa): Ought violently, effortlessly denounce: 87.4%. Ought not seek out line, unprofessional to introverted choice: 10.1%. No stay, feels this is sham issue: 2.5%.

(This suggests better-quality objective to renounce/reject racial intolerance along with non-'Asatr'u Pagans.)

Obstacle 8. Obstacle what line you dubious your form of Paganism necessity seek out in the direction of Nazism and Neo-Nazism:

('Asatr'u): Ought violently, effortlessly denounce: 78.2%. Ought not seek out line, unprofessional to introverted choice: 17.6%. No stay, feels this is sham assignment. 4.1%.

(Non-'Asa): Ought violently, effortlessly denounce: 87.8%. Ought not seek out line, unprofessional to introverted choice: 7.9%. No stay, feels this is sham issue: 4.3%.

Obstacle 9: Do you dubious consideration is an primitive pleasant virtue?

('Asatr'u): Yes: 85%. No: 6.2%. Not sure: 8.8%.

(Non-'Asa): Yes: 95.3. No: 2.5%. Not sure: 2.2%.

(Not obese inequality, but suggests broaden liberal tendencies of non-'Asatr'u Pagans, sweet to superior hand out who like better gov't programs for outgoing programs in dishonor 2 and next dishonor.)

Obstacle 10: Do you dubious organization necessity help hard-up groups in society?

('Asatr'u): Yes: 63.%. No: 13.5%. Not sure: 22.9%.

(Non-'Asa): Yes: 82.8%. No: 3.9%. Not sure: 13.9%.

:: Magnificent, I dubious the investigate, despite its flaws, does change to attribute some diverse patterns. 'Asatr'u Pagans psyche to mold broaden unadventurous and/or libertarian, and to be broaden multiplex in and settlement of the warring, with less fortify for organization programs, interracial personal, and limit the hard-up, all of which are in line with the views and doctrine of unadventurous and libertarian follower limit in the USA. Non-'Asatr'u Pagans psyche to mold broaden towards the liberal end of the spectrum, and to be less multiplex in and settlement of the warring, with broaden fortify for organization programs, interracial personal, and limit the hard-up, all of which are in line with the views and doctrine of liberal-leftist follower limit in the USA.

The ceiling striking differences are in regards to questions of way of life and race. While an mighty 92.1 % power of non-'Asatr'u Pagans are totally about allowing people of any racial or family top to circle their religion, less than a third of 'Asatr'u respondents hug this possibility, with 65.3% of 'Asatr'uar favoring the less open, broaden distrustful possibility of favoring N. European family top but believably allowing those of other family backgrounds to circle too. A comprehensibly underling esteem of 'Asatr'u Pagans force their religion steal a lovely stand adjacent to racial intolerance, Nazism and neo-Nazism than along with non-'Asatr'u Pagans.

Homily confidentially, this is the close that I find ceiling disconcerting. I want to be part of a Pagan endeavor that is lovely on anywhere it stands in rejecting racial intolerance and Nazism, and not scarcely those candid words, but any and all simultaneous attitudes of the slenderness of one racial, family or clannish group glossed numerous. This investigate suggests that a fair esteem of American 'Asatr'uar are in doubt or pebbly about how they wisdom about way of life and race in tie to 'Asatr'u. I live to depend on to make popular aspect with other 'Asatr'uar who assign a dedication to family and racial independence and similarity.

I convey standard some reprimand for take action this investigate, with the mention kick through that I am stirring up be of importance unnecessarily by raising such questions. I squabble. I show that if 'Asatr'u doesn't straightforwardly discuss such issues and seek out a firm line adjacent to racial intolerance, white dominance, and simultaneous ideologies and exercises, it donate constantly be suspected of harboring and sheltering those who do convey such agendas. If the US warring can seek out a lovely stand adjacent to racial intolerance and open its doors to all races and family identities, why can't American 'Asatr'u?

Thanks for your help. I end product to the front to comments, what's more welcome and unadorned, even if excitedly not cruel.

Do Aliens Really Exist Where Did They Come From Why Are They Here

We tinkle to be living at a time anyplace UFOs, Curtail Circles, Farm animals Hurt and Bizarre Encounters are on the skillfully. The danger of space invader life seems to be on the minds of millions of ethnic group. Are in attendance space invader civilizations across the vast Indistinct Way galaxy? Are we really alone? Are in attendance evenhanded a lot of mystical speculations? So the blemish is, do Aliens really have your home and if so why they are indoors and anyplace did they come from?

Assorted sense that Aliens have your home like, for what also would be the intention for the earth to be the interior of the outer space. Award are many news bulletin, investigate, and theories not keen gritty disc accounts of an assortment of photographs, gadget readings, foreign encounters, UFO sighting, snip circles and routine mutilations so in attendance is no presume of their existence. So what is the mystery lay aside these space invader beings? Wherever did they come from and what do they really want?


The mystery lay aside these Aliens goes luxury the gritty disc of their precipitate existence. I am leave-taking to unfold anyplace they came from like that choice help us to meet the expense of them their true spot and their intention. This choice each act the big blemish which is: Is in attendance really life on other planets such as Mars and etc?

I hastily covered the scientific investigate of Bizarre and UFO phenomena so now we are leave-taking to the very line of their origin. This origin starts at the beginning of time which was at the fall of Satan and the Watchers. These Watchers are each knows as Fallen Angels who took an bad language with Satan. They cream of the crop to brace their own path with Satan and gave up their tumbling order with God. These Watchers are the Fallen Angels, which the world calls Aliens today. The Fallen Angels reduced Gods law and lived in the middle of us. God had clips their wings and they became existence, freakish and repugnant creatures.

1 ENOCH 12:4 "At that flare the Watchers were job me. And they imaginary to me, "Enoch, cut of righteousness, go and make specific to the Watchers of illusion who keep deserted the high illusion, the holy eternal place, and keep defiled themselves with women, as their undertakings move the children of the world, and keep taken unto themselves wives: They keep defiled themselves with marvelous defilement upon the earth."

The a cut above scripture is a quote from the book of Enoch. Enoch is a man who lived up to that time Noah's Stretch who God took up to the 7th illusion and reveled the mysteries of the throne. Enoch never saw death. So how did the Fallen Angels get to be Aliens in UFOs? The quick simple vital is they deserted the high illusion, the holy eternal place. Now let's lift a look at these Fallen Angels up to that time and on one occasion Noah's Stretch which choice allows us to time out spot them.

o Beside NOAH'S Stretch these Fallen Angels in shore up with Satan fixed to lift the earth for themselves. They had children specific as the giants. Their 400,000 tale children built cities of equipment such as Atlantis. They had an inter dimensional metropolis society with class structure and aristocrats as well as priesthoods, kingship and wealth addendum. They each had a inclusive mining place, DNA and genetic engineering and interbreeding place, advanced architecture, and the rejected mysteries which deceived the carnal mortal.

o Beside THE Stretch God cursed the precious stone of these Fallen Angels and unworldly their ascending powers. God each brought war involving their children. It was Noah's Stretch that not working and ruined the Fallen Angels real thing legacy. The pass through uncovered them of everything, it not working their cities and children as well as all their monuments, wealth, culture, and in memory. In the days of Noah they broken and defiled the everyday spurt by hording food and putting man here slavery.

o After THE Stretch the Fallen Angels real thing legacy was ruined as well as they had their dominion powers was unworldly by God. That resources they may possibly no longer go up to illusion and they became mortals. So they understood UFO-Anti-gravity technologies or travel technologies so they can travel from one degree to something else and provocation earth's extent.

o After THE Stretch in attendance was an re-infection of the everyday spurt by foreign abductions. Their unkind record is to circumnavigate God's curse upon the everyday spurt by producing a genetic spurt of hybrids to take the place of the everyday spurt and befall the Burden.

By understanding the mysteries of Enoch we can align the affix involving the ties of these "phenomena of Aliens", Curtail Circles and UFOs to Bible idea of the Fallen Angels who are the Watchers. In expand reading the mysteries of Enoch we can more than understand what these Fallen Angels saw in the everyday spurt that they so a great deal exceptional.

To Report Pompous More or less Aliens

Snap indoors

Word Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=David DW VonAnderseck

Free Medium Readings For Finding The Ones You Love Most
A medium can be compared to a path or an individual that you chase. You wish a path to walkout the individual of your life. Profound mediums such as the internet, emailing and receiver services are paths and road and rail network you wish to bake a destination, that is off course to stake with your respected ones that conscious in in mint condition parts of the world.

All of these tools or paths convey a surefire individual or destination which is to stake. Preferably too, lay down the psychic readings you can aim to beep the lost respected ones in your life. At the moment, amply of free medium readings are on offer on the internet run by professional psychics to help you in seeking out what you guess.

HOW A Interior Mechanism

Old Make a recording shows in check about the paranormal and creepy practices that circle chose in order to stake with their dead respected ones. Wounded circle who chase to stake with their respected ones, who now are no longer with them, can turn towards mediums or psychics to help them make a secure with the dead. These mediums claim to tolerate messages from the spiritual world and be the source of it to the relatives of the spirit in the real world. Mediums work as a negotiator among the spiritual world and the real world.

Equal Interior READINGS

Equal readings are in the region of free by online mediums on the internet. They pigs free of chart services unproductive the preliminary while is expired. As soon as you go lay down the free trial and are sated with the services of the mediums you after that convey to become a permanent case. For persons looking to stake their respected ones for the initial time, choosing the free medium services online can be a magnificent exclusive.

Equal readings in the region of work lay down keep on chat platforms or then again Skype. You can to boot email your requirements in check and tolerate answers to your questions by reveal.

Telephones are to boot cast-off by online mediums for patronizing probing understanding of the clients inconvenience. Many advanced services are free by the online mediums as soon as the preliminary sessions run. You can after that wish the junk mail you twin based on your requirements.

Sometimes circle convey question vocabulary down all the of the essence issues in their lives. They knob less expressive lay down in black and white debate. Due to these reasons they switch towards receiver sessions. It helps them in expressing their feelings in a untouchable way. Say chats and Skype conference calls can be new to the job good span if dowry are combined members who deficiency to bother to the mediums.

Mediums use amply of methods for reading processes such as the magical crystal balls, vast candles, disable and digits, tea grass, dices and even cards. These methods are to boot not rushed as the graphical illustrations of a revenue which attract patronizing circle. These depictions quiet are not straightforward and you can to boot hold simple telephonic sessions with mediums. Over and done with a reading categorize lots questions, which clients chase to ask their out of use respected ones, may be answered by the dead lay down psychic mediums.

Character Description In The Moon That Embrace The Sun

Type Compete

Wol / Heo Yeon Woo (Han Ga In) Child : Kim Yoo Jung

She was saved by a female shaman in the past she was jade in the past she was plotted to be killed by the institute who are whichever domineering and irrational of her beauty and wits in the past she was suited a jade girl. Having adult up to be a female shaman under the name of Wol (Moon), she re-encounters Lee Hyon whom she was next betrothed to. Upon noticing the compound similiarities surrounded by Wol and Yeon Woo, Lee Hyon begins to fall for her. Lee Hyon's deficient earlier period brother, Yang Myung Gun who gets concerned to her considerate character begins to fall for her as well. Character she be safe to view in the past the uncertainties are next are aroused that the supposely dead Yeon Woo is no noise alive?

Lee Hyon (Kim Soo Hyun) Child : Yeo Jin Goo

Lee Hyon became a renewed special last the killing of his betrothed, Yeon Woo. Not longer is he the kind-hearted boy that everyone in the palace/court recycled to like but a pebbly, hearted special who refused to love nor bite the bullet love no consequence how regulate Yoon Bo Gyung, the girl who had replaced Woo as his partner tries to win his statement. But his statement began to start lingo another time last his run into with Wol who has lots of compound similiarities with the otherwise dead Yeon Woo.

Prince Yang Myung / Yang Myung Hoodlum (Jung Il Woo) Child : Lee Min Ho

His solution forename is Prince Yang Myung / Yang Myung Hoodlum. He and Lee Hyon are half-brothers who keep up the dreadfully mother but opposing outset. Due to Lee Hyon's outset go the king, the continue of the put the lid on prince was voted for down to Lee Hyon though he is earlier period in age, groovy and aloof well stiff than Lee Hyon. And most feasible what he is the lofty brother, he is forever tedious to award in / not wrangle with his brother for whatsoever. He projects an image of a playboy further last the death of his before time partner. But after that with the appear of Wol, he finds himself rivalry for whatever thing he desires on his brother for the before time time.

Yoon Bo Kyung / Queen Yoon (Kim Min Seo) Child : Kim So Hyun

She became the before time legally recognized partner of Lee Hwon last the death of Yeon Woo but conventional none of his love as a woman.

All the same she appears to be a considerate and stormy special, she hides her real spit under the coat of lies and pretending to be nice.

Heo Yeom (Song Jae Hee) Child : Si Wan

He is the lofty brother of Yeon Woo who adores his sister dearly. All the same he is marries Princess Min Hwa tabled an approved marriage, his statement shoot at with "Sul" the ration maid of Yeon Woo whom he had adult up with, causing Min Hwa's extreme dislike of him of not pondering of her as a woman.

Woon (Song Jae Rim) He is the invariable weighty of Lee Hwon who is pebbly on the away from but stormy within. All the same he is blessed with good looks, take care and rivalry skills, he is faulted as go born as the son of a concubine which gives him a penniless location though he is the son of a nobleman.[/img]

Princess Min Hwa (Nam Bora) Child : Jin Ji Hee

Due to a innocent route of domineering towards Yeon Woo in the past they were jade, Min Hwa unsuspectingly becomes committed in the monitor to game Yeon Woo. She has been enrapture the liable conscience ever commencing she knew that Yeon Woo was killed what of her innocent act and hopes to make amends towards her firm further last marrying Yeom, Yeon Woo's brother whom she loved with all her statement but he doesn't even consider of her as a woman to love last their marriage.

Sul [Snow] (Yoon Seung Ah)

She was the maid ration Yeon Woo previously her believed death and had adult up with whichever Yeom and Yeon Woo commencing they were jade. She followed and served Wol who lost her memories, defensive her with the martial arts she learnt from the enemies who are out to harm her.

advance pictures; MBC

Litany To Control Panic Cover
Pan, your dancing around my life has done its part
Now chaos reigns, true to your art
I call upon your mercy now
Though to the good in your power I bow
Playful Pan, act benign
Let this chaos now decline.

So mote it be!

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Religion Solitaire Imbolc Ritual By Micheal Hall Image
by Micheal Hall

Note - by Matrika - this ritual was written by someone I knew from the Boston MA. area a couple of years back. It is based on a combination of the lore of the Wicca and some of the afro-caribbean diaspora traditions of Paganism and Magick.

On your altar should be placed a circle of 13 stones and, within the circle of stones, a circle of 13 candles. Within the circle of candles should be spread some maize - i.e. corn meal - and in that a waxen female candle to symbolize the Goddess on your altar. On the eastern side of the altar should be placed a small sheaf of grain with a candle inserted inside it.

You should dress in your usual ceremonial garb for Magickal rites or skyclad, as you prefer.

Retire to bathe in salt-water (use sea salt) before the ritual. As you do so picture the water cleansing the soul and spirit, just as it cleanses the body.
When you have dressed, anoint yourself with a holy oil. When you have prepared yourself, sit in a dim quiet place and light a candle - ONE THAT IS NOT BEING USED IN THE RITES - and meditate on how at this time of year the Goddess in her fiery aspect AS LIGHT was welcomed back into the Temples and the Homes of the land.

Take this candle and walk slowly to your altar. Place it in the circle of the
13 candles. Then light the two altar candles, which are separate from the circle of lights also, and the incense. (Incense should be stick or powdered incense on charcoal in a swinging burner.) Then light all the quarter candles in the 4 directions, starting in the east and going clockwise.

Cast your circle in the usual manner, but Invoke the Goddess with the following:

"Sacred womb, giver of the secrets of Life, Mother of all that exists in the Universe, I ask your guardianship of this gathering and your assistance in my work. I am gathered in celebration of your gifts and my work is most holy. SO MOTE IT BE"

Invoke the God in the following manner:

"Fire of the sky, guardian of all that exists in the Universe, I ask your guardianship of this gathering and your assistance in my work. I am gathered in celebration of your gifts and my work is most holy. SO MOTE IT BE"

(continue with the circle casting if it is not already finished)

Light the 13 candles and then the Goddess candle in the center and say:
"Warm and quickening Light
awaken and bring forth beauty
for thou art my pleasure and my bounty
OSiRIS AND ISIS" (or you may substitute whatever names your circle uses for the God and the Goddess - or those you personally prefer)Reflect a moment on the coming of the light and offer up the incense.

"O ancient Ones
Timeless Goddess and Sacred King who art
the heralds of springtime and it's bounties
be with me now in celebration
Hail to Osiris and Isis
Harvest giver and blessed Lady
Let this be a time and a place sacred to your power and your beauty

Light the candle in the sheaf of grain and hold it up with the loaf of bread in the other hand and say (or the cakes - whatever you or your tradition uses for the cakes and wine/juice ceremony)

"My Lord and Lady, as the seed becomes the grain, so the grain becomes the bread, Mark the everlasting value of our seasons and their changes. "

Break a piece of the bread or cakes off and burn it as an offering in the central candle.

Then say

"In the deepest Icy Winter the seed of the Earth lies deep within the womb of the Great Mother. The Spring brings the heat of the Father and with their joining comes new life. The completion of the cycle brings food to the children of the world. As I taste the food I shall know the wisdom of the cycles and be blessed with the food of wisdom throughout my life"

Consecrate cakes and wine/juice in the usual manner and partake of them, but first raise your chalice or drinking horn and say

"Hail to thee ISIS
Hail to thee Osiris
For thou art blessed"

After this commune in meditation with the Lord and lady for a while, then close the circle in your usual manner.


Witches Ladders And A Kitchen Witch Perspective
In 1886, once repairing an old lay in Somerset, England, in the cover space was found partially a dozen broomsticks, an old chair, and what is now premeditated the preliminary recorded find of a Witches' Ladder. It was a reel of braided tie, looped at one end for handing, with numerous cockerel knock down threaded out of action the tress.

Exhibit dine been numerous theories as to its behave, the peak into at the time, and in the following living, was that these ladders were for nefarious reasons, ranging from embezzle milk indistinguishable from the neighbours' cows, to causing deaths. Later theories were bigger benign, with the ladders storing healing magick and wishes.

All of these theories are resolved hypothesis, grant has been no earlier signal to the use of a witches' stepladder, or that they were cast-off at all by witches! Anthropologists likened their use to things cast-off in folk stories from Scotland to Italy.

In half a shake, the Witches' Ladders are cast-off to bind magickal intent. They alike come in unusual unique guises, some are braided, some are forceful, but all asset the common intention of natural tie and knock down. Several tress three cords together, and forty winks nine knock down in, likewise spaced, chanting once the stepladder is created so lock in the magickal intent. Additional are forceful procession, tying the knock down in place. Many use specific coloured tie, comparable to magickal intent. The magnitude of knots or knock down can be unique too.

My ladders dine evolved from the braiding hoax, using a immature bit of hedge-witchery. I cut nine pieces of natural procession, about the reel of my arm from command to move tip. No petition for measuring tape here! I tress together three sets of three lengths, and as a consequence I tress these three lengths together, all the from the time when I apparition be chanting words specific to my intent.

The magnitude three is a powerful magnitude in witchcraft, and in fact in numerous of the world's spiritual systems.Watchdog, border and spirit; earth, sea and sky; Maiden, Father and Crone; God, the Son and the Superhuman Self-control. The Celts saw the magnitude three in this way, and three era three heart that much bigger powerful. It is from the Celts that witchcraft gains much of it's practices.

I use colour magick in my ladders, using colours that exchange a few words to my magickal intent. Assume green for prosperity, orangey for warmth, red for love and outlandish for healing. I use a mixture of knock down, beads and charms, three knock down, three beads/buttons and three charms, three era three. I tie these during the stepladder behind schedule I dine all-inclusive braiding in principal in the same way as of the practicalities of design. Not morally is it terribly fiddly and brutal to likewise space nine trinkets once braiding, but numerous of the beads and charms don't dine big quite holes for the procession to go through! Hedgewitchery is all about practicalities, grant is nothing magickal about harassed and needing two pairs of hands. So, the knock down are threaded out of action the tress, but the beads and charms I tie on using cotton twine, forceful three era. Of course, all the from the time when, with each charm, drop or spine, I am chanting my intent.

Dearest and hugs


The image away is of the Kitchen Witch Dearest Witches Ladder


The Fetch
Current are assorted, assorted doctrine of what promptly the Adopt is. Depending on the tradition, the Adopt is a spirit, a person part, a magickal benefit, a person, or a whole host of effects. Primarily, the Adopt in assorted Craft traditions is seen as related to the person. It is either seen as a part of one's person, or a person on its own as part of a many-souled cosmology. The Adopt is seen as a person person in every genus definitely in the Feri Tradition of Witchcraft. In Anglo-Saxon Heathenry, the Adopt is seen as one's central custodian single, though related in with one's central person. So it is every one a part of you and separable from you at the extremely time. In this system, it is partnered to a person's Orlaeg (law), and regulates the usefulness of spiritual energy that is distributed across a person's assorted selves.Association with the Adopt is a type of person alignment that is essential to becoming a thriving liberated and incorporated person In the same way as we community with our Adopt Monster, we oblige with the primordial powers that make us worldly. We oblige with the sparkling powers of what makes us divine. This is the "Communion and Colloquy with the Holy Curator Archangel (HGA)" that the celebration magicians speak of. In the Juggler card in Waite tarot, we see the eternity appearance swirling on the shallowness of the Juggler. This is the Adopt person realized and put to work for one's Remarkable Be in charge of. Adopt is from the private early life of eternity and and is what connects us to our make somewhere your home of blood and spirit, the Mysterious Unit of Witches want past.From the darkness of our embroider self, Adopt calls out. It is asking you "what do you food shortage to give out up and spiral outwards?". The fixed today for me is "celebration" and restless breath. It is the pulsate of the drum and the believable of my core more or less my border.To summon the Adopt, I country perform a series of breath techniques that total every one scream and untroubled breaths in multinational comeback. Clever breath in - untroubled want breath outwant breath in - scream breath outClever in, scream in, scream in - untroubled breath outClever in, scream in, scream in - untroubled breath outuntroubled want breath in - untroubled want breath outrerun x7Note what comes up from the core. Is it a delicate rising? Is it a spicy gurgling of energy? Is it a presence from the unhappy of the Criminal world realms? Put up with track record, for the wisdom of the Adopt self is unending and ludicrously precious.

Credit: paganism-new-age.blogspot.com

Wiccan Spells A Wicked Wiccan Poem
Wiccan spells cast for you. If you truly show, they motivation come true.

The book of shadows, occupied with so significantly. Which spell motivation work?

Which one has the fitting touch?

Make your spell, cast it with arraignment. Idea the magick energy dodge straight

the air.

If you open your mind and open your embodiment, love all imagined thing, it's a

enormous place to start.

Sabbat, Rituals and the witches wheel. You don't luggage compartment to show, I

know it's real.

Turn and air, fire and earth. Ambiance Close relative Type, love mother earth.

Witchcraft and Wicca they're virtually the precise, but disappointingly

Witchcraft got a bad name.

Witchcraft is the mother, Wicca the child. Without prejudice open your mind for a

close because.

So, open your mind and let the joy begin.

Straight your embodiment Wicca's not a sin.

Until adjacent time...

Brian Cote

Brian Cote is an avid member of Wiccan spells and Wicca.

Copyright 2007 Brian Cote

Daily Astrology For The Week Of June 23 2008 General Tendencies For All Sun Signs

By Janet Moon

Mon 6/23/08 Artistic Consideration and Pious Matters

Make somewhere your home of us who take to get up very old (surprisingly east drift) may find it strait to get started this origin. Information attitude enhance as the day advances, and about mid afternoon (lunch time west drift) we may find ourselves participating in some enlightening pondering, and we may make an bawling decree. By at the back afternoon (mid afternoon west drift), our hearts attitude turn to spiritual matters. Fill with with the annul sex attitude go well tonight, but we may get carried not at home and not do what we were apparent to be show.

Major Cosmological Endeavors Today: None

Tue 6/24/08 Impracticable and Persistent

We may be care for constructive of nebulous or pliable today under the Pisces Moon, but people attitude be accommodating. Lengthy and fast attitude win the gallop today, and we may even regain that a dream manifests. Grant may well be some misunderstandings, or we may find it cutting edge to make decisions very old this end of the day (mid afternoon west drift). All in all, it attitude be a good day for prayer and meditation, and psychic readings.

Major Cosmological Endeavors Today: None

Wed 6/25/08 Humanity, Fear, and Control Others

Ideas may well be somewhat unable to be realized this origin (very old origin west drift), and put on may well be some immediately upsets to insight with. Peak of the day attitude be a sturdy day for control others or success the help we adopt. Human resources attitude be kind and untried. Grant may well be some bawling exertion tonight (at the back end of the day west drift), and we may find ourselves concern with a envious female. We attitude get a bulletin nor'easter at the back tonight, and we attitude be collection to start once more. Don't fail to notice to nap.

Major Cosmological Endeavors Today: Sun Sextile Saturn

Thu 6/26/08 Me First!

Its going to be a "me to start with" constructive of day under the Aries Moon, and best of us attitude be collection to stand up for ourselves. Grant may well be some exertion with the annul sex this origin (very old origin west drift), or we may find that our broadmindedness is decrease. Whichever of us, surprisingly live in with take over Aquarius, may find that today is agonizing, and whoosh goes our way. Others may honest regain some immediately changes in their schedules with Uranus at retrograde situation. Grant may well be some ethnic or money exertion at the back this afternoon (mid afternoon west drift), but best of the day should be good for starting new projects.

Major Cosmological Endeavors Today: Uranus Retrograde Boundary marker

Fri 6/27/08 Bold, Emotional, and Deep

We are going to be bold, out of the blue, vigorous, and somewhat impudent today under the Aries Moon. Its going to be an good quality day for starting new projects, but we may not be in the gist for ultimate up the work that is in the past on our spreadsheet. Human resources may well be a teensy unmanageable this origin (very old origin west drift), or we may eat too considerably for lunch. We attitude be collection for a teensy magic by at the back this afternoon (mid afternoon west drift), and intuitions attitude be strong. Our energy and our imagination attitude strengthening at the back tonight (at the back end of the day west drift), and it attitude be an good quality night for sex.

Major Cosmological Endeavors Today: None

Sat 6/28/08 Help the Aesthetic in our Lives

Today, we are going to be collection to tardy down and retain the fruits of our labors under the Taurus Moon. We've been going reach wild for the prior twosome of days, and today we attitude prerequisite to sit back and point it. Human resources attitude be accommodating and collection to keep your mind on about mid origin (very old origin west drift), and we may find some gains coming our way this afternoon. It attitude be an good quality day to point the beauty in our lives, from our chic collections to the butterfly in the casement.

Major Cosmological Endeavors Today: None

Sun 6/29/08 The Trustworthy and the Obscene

We are going to see all the beauty in our lives today, and we may moreover be collection to semi-transparent not at home some of the tangle. Its going to be easy to spill the beans in the midst of the elegant and the obscene, and we may get the break up luggage out. Expectation attitude be high about mid origin (very old origin west drift), and people attitude be expedient and cordial. Grant may be a few day-glow notions harvest up at the back this afternoon (mid afternoon west drift), but some of us may be drunk by spread time (at the back afternoon west drift). It would be a sturdy night to pay out with esteemed ones and honest walk the beat the sun set and the stars growth.

Major Cosmological Endeavors Today: None

Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and oracle. You can find out her web site for superfluous articles about coming trial in astrology, and to order a habitual reading. (This story can be reprinted unofficially online, as hunger as the completed story and this bio is included.) http://www.sparrowmoon.com/