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The break up of a relationship is one of the most soul destroying of experiences anyone can go through. The sudden changes in your life, the unbearable pain and heartbreak and the loss of self esteem affect you so deeply that it can take anything from months to years to become strong again. It is quite likely that you will never quite be the same again.

It is for this reason that I am wary of love spells that promise to reunite lovers. The desire to cast this kind of spell potentially comes from their (understandable) weakness and a desire to sooth the pain. BUT, it is in danger of not being in the caster's interests in the long run. Some relationships are meant to end and the longer you hang on to them, the more pain you will endure.

That said, relationships can sometimes go through rough patches due to outside factors causing stress or because smaller issues have grown out of control. The break up can give you both the shock and the motivation needed to work on rectifying the problems and bringing you close together again. And in these situations, a spell can help you with the necessary extra energy required!

This one is for when your partner is putting up initial resistance to trying to work it out together. It is NOT about trying to bend his or her will, which if you've read any of my other posts you'll know I'm vehemently against. It is about opening up the energies and trying to mend the negativity around you both. One of you has to make the first move with this, it may as well be you.

I recommend burning sandalwood whilst performing this spell as it is perfect for releasing feelings of weariness so will pep you up while you work. You will need:

Something to represent each of you such photos, personal objects

Rose quartz healing wand or amethyst healing wand

(Healing wands can be quite an expensive tool and so I'm not suggesting you get one if you are not planning to use it regularly and keep it as an item for your altar. In place of the wand in this instance, use a row of tumblestones instead.)

The Love Spell

Place the 2 personal objects on your altar (or workspace) and then connect them using the healing wand. The rounded end should be next to the item representing you. Say:

Where you are, my heart is with you

I bid you, let it stay

The strength of my love is as if anew

Do not send it away

(Place each hand on the outside of your joined photos as if cupping them together.)

Let our feelings shine

Let hurt fade away

Let love not pine

But unite one day

This spell can be repeated as often as you like in order to continue to build healing energies around your relationship. Do not try to rush getting back together however, or ignore the work that needs doing.


Fran xx

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