Doll Distance Healing Spell Cover
Because once upon a time Chinese women wouldn't undress before a doctor (even today a visit to a traditional Chinese physician rarely involves undressing), beautiful, anatomically correct naked dolls were carved from ivory. These dolls served as a communications device between doctor and patient; pain, illness, affliction, and methods of healing could be demonstrated on the doll with minimum embarrassment. These dolls are still sometimes found in antique shops; reproductions are also available.

Use this type of doll or find a less realistic one to perform magical distance healing. Poppets can also be created and used for this purpose.

Here's how:

* Hold the doll in your hands to charge it with your intentions and healing energy.
* Murmur healing incantations, affirmations, and blessings over the doll.
* Massage the doll with blended castor and olive oils, scented with essential oil of lavender.
* Place the doll within a ring of burning healing candles.

* Repeat as needed until the healing is complete.

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Magical Hoodoo Roots And Herbs Cover
Herbal preparations are nature's gift to all of us and embody, in concentrated form, the wonders of the Spirit world in which we live. Hersb, roots, and living plants are employed in a number of ways by hoodoo rootworkers and their use is a fundamental part of conjure practice.

Plant species often gain their reputation for magically influencing situations through the Doctrine of Signatures, which holds that the appearance of an natural curio points the way toward its use in magic. A great example of this is the use of violet leaves in love work. Why do we use them? Well, it certainly is partly because they are heart shaped and when we do love work we want to influence someone's heart!

Famous hoodoo formulas like Love Me, Crown of Success, and Van Van are based in specific leaves, roots, and flowers and the magical properties attributed to them through experience and tradition. Herbs that are grown or wildcrafted by spiritual workers may be harvested at specific times and prayed over both prior to and after harvesting has taken place.

The leaves, roots, stems, seeds, and flowers of magical plants are usually dried after harvesting, and in that form they may be used in the crafting of spiritual baths and floor washes, mojo bags and jack balls, condition oils, for compounding incense, they may be placed in a bowl to attract or dispel spirits, to dress candles, or to treat certain conditions both internally and externally. Often whole roots and nuts will be prepared for use as talismanic curios by being anointed with oil and blessed.

Herbal infusions, decoctions, teas, and poultices may also be used for spiritual and medicinal purposes, as well as in conditions which have both physical and spiritual components. Herbs are also used by some root doctors and candle ministers in the preparation of candle spells.

Many people who perform cleansings with an egg like to offer the egg to a large or powerful tree at the conclusion of the rite; likewise, petitions and prayers are often hidden in the crotches of old trees.

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Healing By Material Means Cover
Yesterday at table we spoke of curative treatment and spiritual healing, which consists in treating maladies through the spiritual powers.

Now let us speak of material healing. The science of medicine is still in a condition of infancy; it has not reached maturity. But when it has reached this point, cures will be performed by things which are not repulsive to the smell and taste of man--that is to say, by aliments, fruits and vegetables which are agreeable to the taste and have an agreeable smell. For the provoking cause of disease-- that is to say, the cause of the entrance of disease into the human body--is either a physical one or is the effect of excitement of the nerves.

But the principal causes of disease are physical, for the human body is composed of numerous elements, but in the measure of an especial equilibrium. As long as this equilibrium is maintained, man is preserved from disease; but if this essential balance, which is the pivot of the constitution, is disturbed, the constitution is disordered, and disease will supervene.

For instance, there is a decrease in one of the constituent ingredients of the body of man, and in another there is an increase; so the proportion of the equilibrium is disturbed, and disease occurs. For example, one ingredient must be one thousand grams in weight, and another five grams, in order that the equilibrium be maintained. The part which is one thousand grams diminishes to seven hundred grams, and that which is five grams augments until the measure of the equilibrium is disturbed; then disease occurs. When by remedies and treatments the equilibrium is reestablished, the disease is banished. So if the sugar constituent increases, the health is impaired; and when the doctor forbids sweet and starchy foods, the sugar constituent diminishes, the equilibrium is reestablished, and the disease is driven off. Now the readjustment of these constituents of the human body is obtained by two means--either by medicines or by aliments; and when the constitution has recovered its equilibrium, disease is banished. All the elements that are combined in man exist also in vegetables; therefore, if one of the constituents which compose the body of man diminishes, and he partakes of foods in which there is much of that diminished constituent, then the equilibrium will be established, and a cure will be obtained. So long as the aim is the readjustment of the constituents of the body, it can be effected either by medicine or by food.

The majority of the diseases which overtake man also overtake the animal, but the animal is not cured by drugs. In the mountains, as in the wilderness, the animal's physician is the power of taste and smell. The sick animal smells the plants that grow in the wilderness; he eats those that are sweet and fragrant to his smell and taste, and is cured. The cause of his healing is this. When the sugar ingredient has become diminished in his constitution, he begins to long for sweet things; therefore, he eats an herb with a sweet taste, for nature urges and guides him; its smell and taste please him, and he eats it. The sugar ingredient in his nature will be increased, and health will be restored.

It is, therefore, evident that it is possible to cure by foods, aliments and fruits; but as today the science of medicine is imperfect, this fact is not yet fully grasped. When the science of medicine reaches perfection, treatment will be given by foods, aliments, fragrant fruits and vegetables, and by various waters, hot and cold in temperature.

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Glossary The Guide To Aromatherapy Cover
ABORTIFACIENT: Induces childbirth or premature labour.
AEROPHAGY: An excess of air *in the alimentary canal that is relieved through burping or flatulence.
ALTERATIVE: Gradually improves the nutritional state of the body.
ANALGESIC: Relieves or reduces pain.
ANAPHRODISIAC: Reduces sexual desire.
ANESTHETIC: Numbs the nerves and causes a loss of sensation.
ANTHELMINTIC: Expels or kills intestinal worms.
ANTIBACTERIAL: Kills bacteria.
ANTIDEPRESSANT: Reduces or prevents depression.
ANTIDIARRHOEIC: Relieves diarrhea.
ANTIDOTE: Counteracts a poison.
ANTIEMETIC: Counteracts nausea and stops vomiting.
ANTIFUNGAL: Kills ftmgal infections.
ANTIGALACTAGOGUE: Reduces the production of milk secretion of nursing mothers.
ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Reduces inflammation.
ANTILITHIC: Prevents formation of stones or calculus.
ANTINEURALGIC: Stops nerve pain.
ANTIPHLOGISTIC: Counteracts, reduces, or prevents inflammation.
ANTIPRURITIC: Relieves or prevents itching.
ANTIPUTRID: Stops putrefaction.
ANTISCLEROTIC: Removes deposits from circulatory vessels.
ANTISCORBUTIC: Preventative for scurvy.
ANTISEPTIC: Inhibits the growth of and kills bacteria.
ANTISPASMODIC: Relieves or prevents spasms, cramps, and convulsions.
ANTISUDORIFIC: Reduces perspiration.
ANTITOXIC: Counteracts poisons.
ANTITUSSIVE: Relieves coughs.
ANTIVIRAL: Weakens or kills viruses.
APERIENT: A gentle purgative of the bowels.
APERITIF: Appitite stimuland.
APHRODISIAC: Arouses sexual desires.
BALSAMIC: Softens phlegm.
BRONCHODILATOR: Expands the spastic bronchial tube.
CALMATIVE: Mild sedative or tranquilizer.
CARDIAC: Stimulates or affects the heart.
CARDIOTONIC: Tones the heart muscle.
CARMINATIVE: Expels gas from the intestines.
CEPHALIC: Problems relating to the head.
CHOLAGOGUE: Increases the flow of bile.
CHOLERETIC: Stimulates the production of bile.
CICATRIZANT: Helps the formation of scar tissue; heal Mig.
COAGULANT: Clots the blood.
CYTOPHYLACTIC: Protects the cells of the organism.
DECONGESTANT: Relieves congestion.
DEMULCENT: Soothes irritated tissue, particularly mucous membranes.
DEPURATIVE: Cleanses and purifies the blood and internal organs.
DETERSIVE: Detergent. Cleanses wounds and sores, and promotes the formation of scar tissue.
DIAPHORETIC: Causes perspiration.
DISINFECTANT: Kills infections and disease producing microorganisms.
DIURETIC: Increases the secretion and elinu*nation of urine.
EMETIC: Induces vomiting.
EMMENAGOGUE: Promotes and regulates menstruation.
EMOLLIENT: Softens the skin, and soothes inflamed and irritated tissues.
ESTROGENIC: Similar to estrogen.
EUPHORIANT: Brings on an exaggerated sense of physical and emotional well-being.
EXPECTORANT: Promotes the discharge of mucous from the lungs and bronchial tubes.
FEBRIFUGE: Reduces or prevents fevers.
FIXATIVE: Holds the scent of a fragrance.
GALACTAGOGUE: Promotes or increases the secretion of milk in nursing mothers.
GERMICIDE: Kills germs.
HALLUCINOGEN: Induces hallucinations-an imagined or false sense of perception.
HEMOSTATIC: Stops hemorrhaging.
HEPATIC: That which acts on the liver.
HYPERTENSOR: Raises the blood pressure.
HYPNOTIC: Induces sleep.
HYPOTENSOR: Lowers the blood pressure.
INSECTICIDE: Kills insects.
LARVICIDE: Kills the larvae of insects.
LAXATIVE: Promotes the elimination from the bowels; a mild purgative.
NERVINE: Calming and soothing to the nervous system.
PARASITICIDE: Kills parasites.
PECTORAL: Affecting the respiratory system.
PURGATIVE: Promotes vigorous elimination from the bowels.
REGENERATOR: Promotes new growth or repair of structures or tissues.
REJUVENATOR: Assists in promoting a youthful appearance.
RELAXANT: Lessens or reduces tension, and produces relaxation.
RESOLVENT: Reduces swellings.
RESTORATIVE: Restores consciousness and/or normal physiological activity.
RUBEFACIENT: A local irritant that reddens the skin.
SEDATIVE: Calms anxiety and promotes drowsiness.
STIMULANT: Excites or quickens an activity in the body.
STOMACHIC: Strengthens, stimulates, and tones the stomach.
SUDORIFIC: Promotes or increases perspiration.
TONIC: Strengthens and revitalizes the body or specific organs.
TRANQUILIZER: Calms the nerves.
VASOCONSTRICTOR: Constricts the blood vessels.
VASODILATOR: Dilates the blood vessels.
VERMIFUGE: Expels intestinal worms.
VULNERARY. Assists healing of wounds and sores by external application.

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