Some Healing Spells And Recipes Cover

For Health:

Fold these items in a velvet cloth...

- Leaves of tea
- Flowers of lavender
- Ginger
- Salt
- Clove
- Camphor

Tie it up with a scarlet thread. Keep it beside your bed at night. Breathe it when you wake up every day. Soon you shall be healed and stay that way.

To Banish A Headache:

Rub your forehead with a stone, then cover the stone with soil.

Healing Chant:

Gula, great Goddess of healing
Heal my body, heal my soul
Make me one, make me whole.

For Bad Breath:

Eat at least one raw, fresh apple every night before going to bed or chew parsley, peppermint, fennel or caraway seeds.

Antiacne Face Rinse Herbal Recipe:

1/2 cup infusion of sage
1/4 cup cider vinegar

Apply a light coat to the face or affected area several times per day.

A Chant For Good Health And Well Being:

To the moon
To the sun
To the skies
To the waters
Stars, let your fire burn
Winds let your strength grow
Let us unite
Let me shine bright

Headache Relief:

Soak in a warm bath using 5 drops of these oils:

- Peppermint
- Lanender
- Chamomile

You can also make a compress using 2 drops of each oil.

To Ease Cramps:

Sleep with a bowl of water from a stream or spring under your bed, or thread corks on a red cord, or wrap them in a red silk scarf and place them at the foot of the bed.

Sympathetic Sorcery For Ill Health:

Cut your fingernails and trim your hair. The nail and hair clippings should then be either buried or thrown into a stream, river or running water. The water will wash the illness away.

Spell To Prolong Life:

Brew a tea from the herb known as "life everlasting". Before you drink it, repeat these ancient, magickal words:





To Remove Warts:

Rub the wart with a stone. Then place the stone in a tissue or handkerchief. Give the stone in the handkerchief to a friend to bury at a crossroads. The wart will wither as the handkerchief decays.

Headache Tea Recipe:

Put a pinch of Lavender, Chamomile, Rosemary and Mint into a coffee filter and make it like you would coffee. Or, you can put the herbs in a spice ball and leave them in hot water for 15 to 30 minutes.

To Lower A Fever:

Throw a handful of salt into the flames of a fire. Salt turns the flames blue. Look into these blue flames and visualize the patient well again. As you do this, say the words:



Cure Illness:

On a blue candle, use a pin to inscribe, writing from base to top, the name of a person who is ill. Pierce the candle with the pin and leave it there. Let the candle burn down and extinguish itself. Keep the pin for future spells.

Healing Sick Plants:

Two ways -

1. Cup your hands around the plant. Direct love to it, and harmony and the will to grow strong.
2. Hold index finger of strongest hand about 1" from the plant. Direct your life force into it. Repeat frequently until the plant is well.

Hex Cure:

To cure a human or beast who has been made ill by the powers of a hex, according to traiteurs (hex doctors) of the southeastern region of the United States, brew a tea from the wahoo bark. Rub it gently on the forehead of the afflicted person or animal and say the word "Wahoo" seven times.

How To Make Basic Herbal Remedies:

There are basic formulas that the herbal healer may use to make herbal remedies. Learning how to make basic herbal tinctures, capsules, infusions, decoctions, juices, herbal vapors, poultices, compresses, oils, and ointments is one of the first steps to good herbal healing.

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