Eucalyptus Eucalypus Globulus Labill Cover
Eucalyptus Eucalypus globulus labill This herb is one of the best herbs for colds that involve nasal congestion. Its scent is well known for clearing blocked nasal passages, but the herb eucalyptus is also used as a disinfectant. Side effects One should consult a doctor when taking eucalyptus if one experiences a burning sensation in the stomach, muscle weakness, dizziness, vomiting, nausea, a blue or gray tinge to the skin, or small pupils, as these are all signs linked to adverse reactions to eucalyptus. Drug interactions There are no known drug interactions to eucalyptus. General warnings You should always consult a doctor before using herbal medicines when pregnant or nursing. Keep eucalyptus away from children and pets. If ingesting eucalyptus or applying eucalyptus oil to the skin, the herb should first be diluted due to the harshness of it. Though there is no positive research on the matter, it is advised not to use eucalyptus if taking drugs or treatments for lowering blood sugar, as there could be an adverse effect.

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