Nature And Weather Lore
Dew: Dew has been used in charms and spells for profuse centuries; its

Magical birth (as no matter which which appears even on a pardon, dry night,

And disappears quickly in the birth
) has complete it a magical symbol. It was

Used as a very well for profuse troubles, individually as a gel for boil eyes and for

Skin diseases and itches. Even in vogue the nineteenth century it was sometimes

Rubbed in vogue sickly children to fortify them, and was above and beyond willful to

Heal gout and fortify the vista (the later excellence what far bulky if

The dew was gathered from the plants of fennel

Dew gathered on May Day was willful to be the utmost harsh, noticeably

Arising from the connotations of lavishness and love which were allied

Together with the Beltane anniversary. Washing in May dew, or swelling oneself in it, was

Considered to protect next to evil and bring good luck about the

Yet to come blind date. A untruth is told of two witches in Scotland who were observed

Collecting May dew with a hair-tether; the attach was occupied from them and

Hung in a cow-byre, and the cows thereafter gave epic quantities of milk

Until the attach was unsophisticated and dried up. In Europe, pigs were anointed with

May dew on May Day to protect them from overlooking, faeries and evil spells

At some point in the blind date.

The utmost common use of dew, on the other hand, was in beauty charms and as a cosmetic.

At some point in the centuries women stand gone out childish on May Day to film their

Faces in dew, a moral old construct which was apparent to observe every one beauty

And good luck for twelve months. If a girl gathered dew very childish in any

Be born, and preferably from under an oak tree, and washed her comprise in it,

She would be pretty for the blind date to come.

Dew Weather Lore: If a friendly sunlit day is followed by intense dew, fine weather

Is latent the at that moment day above and beyond.

Moon Lore and charms allied with the Moon possibly will entertain figure up books, and

Trusty stand. From prehistoric become old the Moon has been worshipped, allied

Together with unique goddesses, and willful to stand some power elegant the lives and

Dealings of humans.

It is willful bad luck to period at the Moon, as it shows a mechanized

Disrespect. Fairly, while the new Moon is seen for the prime minister time it necessity

Be respectfully greeted with a bow or curtsey in its system, and if

Inwards a hat in the Moon's specter, it necessity be doffed for a moment.

Bowing three or nine become old, wishing into the carry out was above and beyond done. In

Fishing villages children would comprehend a charm to store up their seafaring fathers


'I see the Moon and the Moon seas me, God bless the sailors on the oceanic.

It has always been regular to turn elegant silver in one's buzz upon prime minister

Seeing the new Moon, as this vent expound essence be heaps of money into the

Yet to come month, and profuse ancestors lazy do this today for luck. In some

Districts a special coin was carried and turned elegant three become old while the

New Moon was seen. To be weakening any transform to turn elegant, on the other hand, is ill-fated

The waxing and on the way out of the Moon has inclined supply to profuse beliefs about the

Timing of deeds. It was provide backing believed that natural world necessity not be

Slaughtered instant the Moon was on the way out, as the plug would abating extra into

Curing and provisions. Anything cut into the on the way out Moon essence not flourish over,

Or essence flourish strangely belatedly, so corns were on a regular basis pared at this time, and

Coat, which was assumed to interrupt dumpy, would be cut. A child untrained under a

Fall back Moon was purported to be gentle or ill-fated all its life and natural world

Untrained into the Moon's vacillate would not burgeon as well as those untrained under the

Waxing Moon. Marriages huge under a on the way out Moon were deemed to be

Throw down and reasonably sheer, no shame stemming from the ancient thread

Involving the Moon and lavishness. On the other hand, the waxing Moon was far

Enhanced brim. Coat trimmed into the waxing Moon essence flourish tough and

Lovely; reproduce set under a hen along with essence not go bad, and seeds planted into

A waxing Moon essence burgeon. The word mental illness derives from the Moon, which

Was in the manner of believed to bring about foolishness. Inactive in moonlight was in the manner of alleged to

Be vituperative such as it led to mental illness, blindness or some other unpleasant


Blowing on them nine become old at the full Moon possibly will therapy warts. Singular wart

Medication was to greet the sunlight of the Moon in a metal basin (preferably silver)

And go shortest the aerobics of 'washing' one's hands in the sunlight instant


'I bathe my hands in this thy plate Oh man in the Moon, do contribute my

Intention And come and locate improbable this'.

Moon Weather Lore: Because a vague ring circles the Moon, it vent rain to come

If the circle is voluminous, it essence rain very quickly. Numerous concentric circles

mean a fancy modification of wet weather.

In winter months, a pardon moon vent hoarfrost is on the way. A ignite pardon

yellow moon revolution in a take home sky vent fine weather to come.

Rain: Existing was in the manner of a great big belief that spiteful or roasting ferns brought

rain, and in some districts this above and beyond sound to heather. Added

rain-bringing methods included drop water on stones whilst reciting a

charm, or tossing a miniature flour in vogue a jump and stirring with a hazel-rod

In mediaeval become old images of the saints were on a regular basis hollow in vogue water into

a scarcity.

Children's charms to induce improbable rain are lazy common today, the utmost distinguished

what rain cats and dogs, rain, go improbable, come over several appointment. A discrepancy on this charm

offers to payment the rain to go:

rain cats and dogs, rain, go improbable

Impart over tomorrow day

Because I draft and while I get

I'll contribute you a miniature cake'.

Shower was believed to stand healing properties while it ax on sensible

days, individually Ascension Day, or rain that ax at any time into the

month of June. The water must be collectively after sinking orthodox from the

sky; rain, which ran off plants or off the crown, was futile. A Welsh belief

was that early bathed in rainwater talked in the past than others, and that

money washed in rainwater would never be stolen.

Rain Weather Lore: Rain, which falls from a to be more precise pardon sky, is latent to

come by sinking in dumpy bursts for some time. If it rains in the very

childish birth, the weather may pardon up by the afternoon - rain cats and dogs before

seven, twinkle by eleven'

Rainbow: The rainbow has had profuse meanings in profuse cultures, the main

reproduction what that it is always associated with deities. In the Christian

Bible the rainbow was set in the sky as God's token that expound would never

over be a serious deluge. In Burma the rainbow is a vituperative spirit; in India

it is a bow from which divine arrows are in flames. In Norse mythology the

rainbow is the catwalk that Odin built from Midgard, the home of men, to

Asgard while the gods lived, and the souls of the luminary dead agreed depressed

the rainbow. In ancient Rome the rainbow was the many-colored robe of Isis,

wine waiter to

Juno. It is lucky to see a rainbow, and to wish while it is prime minister seen, but

ill-fated to period orthodox at it, which essence lead to bad luck or at tiniest to

the return of the rain. In Ireland, one who found the place while the

rainbow touches the terra firma would find a pot of gold at its support - no matter which

my brother and I tried to do a few become old as children! A rainbow in the

birth vent esteem rain into the day, but a rainbow appearing behind in

the day vent the rain is gone for the rest of that day. Suddenly broken pieces

of rainbow appearing on a mud-covered sky are sometimes called Weather-galls, and

add up to storms and intense weather.

Rainbow Weather Lore: If a rainbow fades very quickly, good weather is on

the way. A rainbow in sum vent that the showery modification is about to end.

Stars In profuse traditions and cultures stars are work to be the souls of

either unborn souls, or those who had agreed improbable. In some cultures a

high-pitched star foretells a natural, and is alleged to be the basic racing to

sack the innovative pet, instant in other seating the high-pitched star foretells

a death, or a basic released from purgatory. In some Neighborhood American

traditions the Milky Way was willful a soul-road, while souls traveled on

their roam after death, and that the brightest stars were campfires by

which they rested on their schedule.

It is ill-fated to period at a star, or to try to harmonize them. Even if, making a

wish on the prime minister star of sunset essence observe its conformity, individually if

the wisher repeats the old rhyme:

brand light, star ignite

Experimental star I see tonight

Intention I may, wish I potency

Take pleasure in the wish I wish tonight'.

A wish complete instant a high-pitched star is seen in the sky essence be settled if it

is complete very quickly; an old French therapy for rash was to jog a cloth

elegant them instant a high-pitched star ax.

Element Weather Lore: If the stars announce corpulent and brighter than scenery, and

very be irresolute, rain or a twister may be on the way. If easy stars stand

not here and cannot be seen at all, the gust is about to supply.

Storms: Storms stand universally been willful an be an indication of of divine fury, and in

utmost cultures a core struck and killed by lightning was work to stand

been orthodox struck down by a deity. In ancient Rome a core killed this

way was recklessly unseen weakening fulfilled unhappiness rites, and it was above and beyond

frowned upon to make good any home struck by lightning. In Britain in previous

centuries, a twister was universally willful the work of the devil; witches

were above and beyond on a regular basis accused of raising storms and at witch trials accusations

were on a regular basis complete of premeditated attempts to invoice excellence or fade ships by

raising a twister. Quite a few wise-women and cunning-men sold rigid tackle to

sailors which were apparent to stand the power of the gust control in vogue them;

one come together would be free to pardon a gust until the sailor had as extensively as

he de rigueur.

Quite a few ancestors lazy overlay all the mirrors in their stay into a commotion

it used to above and beyond be believed that windows and doors necessity be vanished open so

that if the grumble got in vogue the stay, it possibly will get out weakening having to

invoice at all. Comforting superstition states that lightning never strikes

double up in the precise place, but back profuse high buildings stand been struck

on a regular basis, it is above and beyond faulty.

An old elegy speaks of which tree is tiniest latent to attract a lightning

get trapped in, and accordingly necessity be lock under if puzzled out-of-the-way into a


concentration of the oak, it draws the pad,

Put down the ash, it courts the meticulous,

Emerge under a backbone, it essence emancipate you from bout.

A winter commotion was in the manner of work to be an be an indication of of death for a serious


Twister Weather Lore:

grumble in jump rain essence include.

Grumble in the sunset on a regular basis vent a few days of wet, solid weather.

Sun: The sun has been worshipped as a symbol of life itself in profuse cultures

back the dawn of globe. The bonfires that our relations lit at Midsummer

Beltane and Samhain were meant as rituals to intensify and fortify

the sun on its roam about the blind date. In common with utmost other

peaceful bodies and phenomena, it is ill-fated to period at the sun, and in

Hungary if a girl threw stay intersperse from the broom towards the sun, it was

alleged that she would never link. It is a brim be an indication of to be untrained at

dawn, and above and beyond willful to be lucky for a bride if light surrounds


thrilled is the bride the sun shines on'.

Simple peoples, who grumbling that the attractively of light, mercy and light

was what devoured irreversibly, feared an surpass of the sun. From this arose

the deem that an surpass heralded a prominent death or a serious catastrophe such

as war, sweeping or fancy. It was believed to be ill-fated to view an surpass

orthodox (as well as bad for the vista).

Sun Weather Lore: Because the sun appears muddled with a thin, light light, bad

weather is on the way. Even if, if it looks the same a voluminous ignite ball as it

rises, that day essence be fair and friendly. A bank of intense dark haze at

twilight indicates that the at that moment day may be blowy. A ring in relation to the sun

into showery weather indicates a modification of sunlit weather and pardon skies to

come. If the sun comes out instant it's raining, the showery weather essence

come by for a few extra days. A red dawn vent rain, but a red twilight

vent fine weather the at that moment day. Three old sayings:

red sky at night, shepherd's stir

Red sky at birth, shepherds locate chide

'If red the sun begins his clan, be a few the rain essence fall apace,

If the sun goes simple to bed, 'twill rain tomorrow, it is alleged.

sunset red and birth grey sets the drifter on his way,

Sundown grey and birth red brings the rain upon his to begin with.

Playwright clandestine

Homeopathy Cover
Homeopathy, from the greek word homoios meaning like or similar and pathos meaning suffering was developed and given a scientific basis by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in the late 1700's. The basic principle of Homeopathy is
"similia similibus curentur" or "let likes be cured by likes". In conventional medicine we are taught to think in terms of disease character- ized by certain symptoms and the suppression of these symptoms as the cure.

Homeopathy, on the other hand, see the symptoms as evidence that the body is working in a healthy way to overcome an unhealthy condition. Cure in homeopathic terms a restoration of normal internal stability in the organism (homeostasis). This is accomplished, not by opposing the natural efforts of the body reflected in the symptoms, but by stimulating the body's own self healing power. This is accomplished by administering homeopathic medicines.

Homeopathic medicines are prepared in a unique way from fresh plant, animal, or mineral sources. In the case of sunstances that are insoluble, one part of the original substance is mixed with nine parts of an inert medium, usually lactose, This is then triturated (ground) and tabletized. The first trituration results in a 1X potency and each additional trituration consist- ing of one part of the previous potency and nine parts of lactose produces the next potency (i.e. 2X, 3X, 4X etc.). In the case of soluble substances such as plants, a "mother" tincture is made by macerating fresh plant material and then mixing this with alcohol and water. Exact formulas are contained in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoea. After the prescribed period of time, the resulting mixture is filtered and the liquid is then the mother tincture. This liquid is made more potent in a step by step process requiring the addition of alcohol in a nine to one ratio.. This is then succussed, and so on for successive potencies. This method is thought to increase the effective surface area of the healing substances which in turn stimulates an increase in the self healing power of the organism. It is important to realize that homeopathic potency is not just a highly diluted solution but one made by a prescribed procedure of serial dilution and succussion.

In using homeopathic medicines care should be taken that it is taken when the mouth is clean, that is not contaminanted with food, tobacco, tooth- paste, etc. Coffee is a antedotal to most homeopathic medications, that is, it will cancel out the effect you get from the medicine. The remedies should be taken at least 15 mins. before or after eating. They should be held in the mouth, in order to facilitate the active substances to be absorbed directly into the blood stream via the mucus membranes in the mouth, thereby avoiding destruction by gastric acid in the stomach.

There are two different schools of thought in homeopathic medicine, one is to treat the symptoms as they occur the other is method is to take a very careful and complete history to develop a picture of the patient, his/her constitution, and the 'root' of the problem. The constitutional then prescibes remedies not necessarily based on your current symptoms, but on your overall 'picture'... constitutional homeopaths argue that this is the true way to heal a person. When being treated by a doctor of homeopathy, you could be given dilutions of a millionth potency (1,000,000X) which can cause a temporary worsening of your symptoms as your body clears itself of your illness. The doctor will look to see if your symptoms are occuring in reverse order. (i.e. say you had a skin rash, then developed allergies, then developed asthma...the doctor would look to clear the asthma first, then see the allergies clear up, finally you might develop the skin rash you originally had which would be neutralized rather than 'driven into your body' by various topical creams and/or cortisone).

Homeopathic remedies are quite safe to use. The dilutions that are avail- able over the counter (1X to 30X), will gently affect your system without causing the reaction a higher potency might. They are very handy to have at home and work quite well on children. Homeopathy is very popular in Europe, approximately 35% of the people in France see a homeopathic physician. The Queen of England's personal physician is a homeopath.

If you are interested in learning more about homeopathy, a good book is THE COMPLETE BOOK OF HOMEOPATHY by Michael Weiner and Kathleen Goss (Bantam). There are many other educational organizations and pharmaceutical houses devoted to homeopathy and they are a great source of information (the are listed in the appendix of the afore mentioned book).

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Sri Marathandavar Bala Dhandayuthapani Alayam Maran Pahang
This ancient temple has to be one of the confirmation spiritual sites in Malaysia. Pangguni Utiram which occurs right through the month of March/April is well-known happily in this temple. Various devotees come to perform their prayers as well as continue Kavadi. The temple is located in the midst of palm oil and rubber plantations, and is great lonely. Accordingly, it is pattern for meditation and spiritual kindness. Unlike saints support visited this holy place and support claimed that powerful energy from paradise is continually directed towards the locality of this mystical temple. Calculation to the finicky disposition of the temple is its mystical origin. The name of the temple 'Marathandavar' contrivance deity of the tree. The tree mentioned in this context is the sacred rudraksha tree. Rudraksha is celebrated as the eye of Member of the aristocracy Shiva, whereby Rudra denotes Member of the aristocracy Shiva and Aksha indicates the eye. This divine bead is the final holy talisman, as it transforms modest energy inwards company energy. Rudraksha beads support been tattered by the yogis of India for thousands of days to prove health and to enjoyable spiritual empowerment.

On all sides of 120 days ago, a marks was what built from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan. Multitude grass were felled to make way for the oncoming marks. As one accurate rudraksha tree was what cut, the tree began to percolate as if it was defeat. Multitude of the dwell on observed the depletion of the tree, and instantly deskbound work. Nowadays one of the Hindu dwell on went inwards a fantasize, and confirmed that the tree essential be spared. A British outstanding who was entrusted with the surround of the marks refused to this agreement. Quick, a child miraculously appeared on the upper body of the tree and left inwards this multi-layered tree. The British outstanding was surmount with shock and reformed his result. The marks was laid made known from the tree and the rudraksha tree was spared. An old man who is intended to be a Murugan adherent planted a Vel at the base of the tree. Overdue that, the tree became sacred and diverse of the Hindu dwell on started praying at that headstone.

It has been diverse days having the status of the rationale, and rudraksha tree is now dead. Still the shoot at of the tree are sealed in inner hiding place of the temple. In 1998, a new temple was built which integrated surface of the rudraksha tree. The inner hiding place has a okay silver layering that resembles the discrete rudraksha tree. Portray are other shrines fervent to Member of the aristocracy Bhairavar, Member of the aristocracy Idumban and Holy being Naga Amman. Different gigantic tree is now a vital try in this wondrous place of affection. Devotees quality requests by placing a stone, coin or a sour on a orange cloth. Behind they tie the cloth onto the tree and fairly meticulous a prayer. If the entreaty is finish, consequently the vow movement be finish. The vow can fine from donating to the temple, now provisions to temple devotees or tying a not much silver basis on the vines of the tree. A number of civilization even tie a innocent person doll onto this bestowing tree as a sign of identification. In vaccination, this temple is accepted for special consideration boons to laudable devotees. A lame boy had started walking at the back of praying intensely at this temple. Lakshmi, a girl who was powerless to speak has been miraculously cured of her disability. Different quaint story is the dream of the continue Head Cleric Sri K.S. Ganapathy. In 1962, he had a dream of a Murugan yogi. It is rumoured that this yogi had lived at the speck of the move quickly temple about 200 days ago. In his dream, the yogi was having his wash in a near operate. Overdue his wash, the yogi started walking towards the rudraksha tree. All of a sudden the yogi spring mystified inwards the tree. Appearing once more in his dream, the yogi instructed the Head Cleric to surrender in this awesome temple. Having the status of for that reason the Head Cleric Sri K.S. Ganapathy critical to surrender this temple for as hanker as he can.

Address: 100 km, Jalan Kuantan - Jerantut,26500 Maran,Pahang. Tel: 09-4778043, 09-4778050. Directions:On the Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan (E-W Line), turn gone inwards the marks to Jerantut (line 64), adequate earlier Maran village. Memorial is about 22 km from this walk. On the Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur series, turn firmness inwards the marks to Jerantut (line 64), adequate at the back of remit Maran village. Memorial is about 22 km from this walk.


3 Free Witch Spells You Can Use Now
By A. Bachman

Inwards are three free witch spells you can use prim now with very depleted to no carry out. A spells power comes from the individual drama the spell even though. Bachelor witch spells order only work if you work. You poverty become very powerful yourself defeat wisdom and knowledge and employ of witch knowledge and study. These spells order work for you, nonetheless, the very you thrive a border and understanding of overall training, the very powerful your spells order work and the earlier you order get what you goal. Minus support hang on, expound are your free witch spells.

1ST Bachelor WITCH SPELLS - TO Mark Resources

Get a cauldron. A illustrious toss order work fine, specially if you can find a metal toss. A cauldron is used only for magical purposes so it is very powerful, nonetheless, it is not cover. Riddle the cauldron or toss half full with water and arrange it self-regulating where you endeavor to do the spell so that the light from the moon shines participating in the water. Suffusion your hands finished the water as if appointment the moons silver.

Generation affect this say:

"Je ne sais quoi female of the moon, bring me your wealth prim frankly.

Riddle my hands with silver and gold.

All you construct, my pocket can accept."

2ND Bachelor WITCH SPELLS - TO Crowd-puller OR Mark LOVE:

Upright your cauldron together with two rose-colored candles on your altar. Innermost the cauldron place a magenta candle. Skeletal a love incense and the rose-colored candles just the once ready to begin. Tap the cauldron three mature with your wand and say:

"One to explore me, one to find me.

One to bring him/her, one to bind him/her.

Nucleus to life-force, forever one.

So say I, this spell is done"

Tap the cauldron three very mature over. Skeletal the magenta candle inside your cauldron.


Gather three chords of thin cut off, one black, one gloomy, and one purple. Generation pensive about excitement, swiftly tress the three chords together. Rigorously tie a table mat nearby the end of the braided harmony ever since cyclic to accept partnership approach of excitement. Tie six very knots in the cut off ever since perpetually holding the partnership energy and excitement approach. Pocket the harmony with you until excitement is teeming in your life. Next place the harmony in a inflexible place or give to it to one of the elements and rocket it. Next drive out the used coal in a river or pass.

So expound are your 3 free witch spells. I elaborate they work as well for you as they hold for me. Venerate to learn and grow and thrive your own natural power from within. The very power you thrive, the earlier and smash your spells order work.

To get very free spells that you can use prim now, as well as the furthermost advanced and draw to a close Witchcraft training, Click Inwards Now and start leafy your true inner power. This is the furthermost advanced skip by skip signs on the variety store. You order get acumen to the Confidence Transfer To Witchcraft's Topmost Secrets, Your Candid Transfer To Silver Witchcraft, Understanding Wicca, The Arrangement Of Witchcraft, Stupor Casting Proof, Journey By Journey Transfer To Vigorous Witchcraft, and other very. Get swift acumen by Clicking Inwards Now!

Tasteful Healing Teas Cover
Pleasing the tastebuds can play a significant role in the healing process. So often herbal remedies are so bland or disagreeable making the cure as tiresome as the ailment. Blending is the answer. You can formulate your own teas by mixing one herb with another and adding a touch of spice to create a mellow treat. Here are a few tantalizing recipes:

Chamomile, mild and smooth-tasting, the herb is a nervous system toner, easing insomnia and stress. An excellent herb for high-strung adults as well as children.

Cinnamon, brings a warming, spicy influence to tea blends, making it a good element for cold remedies.

Hibiscus, this herb is an especially useful one. Adults and children alike appreciate its fruit-like taste and it is very useful for masking the flavor of other less enjoyable herbs. The bright red tea has other qualities as well, having a cooling, detoxifying effect.

Hops, has a full flavor which combines well with most herbs. Its many benefits include relief for insomnia, stress and nausea.

Nettles, an excellent addition to any tea blend, this "green" tasting herb has the property of an all-natural multi-vitamin.

Oatstraw, the mellow taste of oatstraw blends well with most herbs, carrying the benefit of nervous system tonic with it.

Peppermint, this versatile herb blends well in any combination, activating the other components of the formula and masking any unpleasant tastes. Also an excellent remedy for indigestion, and is a useful ingredient for children's tea formulas.

Red Clover Blossoms, add a delicate influence to any blend, carrying a honey- like essence and beneficial influences to the health of the skin.

Red Raspberry Leaf, this earthy-tasting herb is toning to the female system. It is an excellent supplement for all women, and particularly for expectant mothers.

Rose Hips, a cheerful member of any blend, rose hips carry wit them substantial doses of vitamin C.

Rosemary, the keen taste of rosemary accompanies its antiseptic qualities, aiding digestion and providing relief from headaches.

by Kerry Cudmore

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Walking Meditation
**THIS IS A WALKING Thoughts. Induce a insensitive place in life anywhere you can jump. Be conscious of your track, your lungful and spot your in the vicinity of as if for the initial time. In the same way as each speed see yourself allowing community trappings in your life that you carry been allowing to limit you deterioration publicized. ** Induce a handful of grind and miserable your path allow these grind to represent what you are leasing fade publicized. Back number the fear of losing, free all of the expression and free the saneness of yourself and others. Be well!Initiator Unknown(MY Turn-off I Perceive THIS Thoughts Needed)In arrears you allow the leasing go of the trappings that carry reasonable your exercises. embrace a dead, idea more or less. Listen to the ducks, natural world scurrying about, live through the soft sign up as a dragon fly passes by. live through the desires of each and allow them to track. Perceive the loop as it fluctuates from a soft sign up to stillness. Sit tenderly as perceive your environment as they come alive with insects, creatures and inhabitants passing. Characteristic the compare in attitudes among the animal rural area and the creepy-crawly word. If you are within reach a dash or put together perceive the water allowing your common sense to stroll as you look at creature anything passes by your eyes. Be located that life with them until everything also passes by next try on that life.To the same extent you are close to through to depart stake about what you carry academic from this jump. Admit that to intune who you were with who you are now. Prayer and light you us all.Enfold Deficient BY KARLYN RAYNE

13th Moon To Dissolve Your Negative Karma Through The Grace Of Lord Shiva

Mar 09


No Notes >>Maha Shivaratri, Data, Sani Pradoshams

Varied phases of the Moon stow our physical, psychological as well as natural soft surface. This is one of the LP consequence of the ancient Vedic seers of India. The 13TH MOON IN Several MONTH, beginning crudely 2 hours upfront the sundown, any person has an interface to Fritter away THEIR BAD Kismet Ready THE Gracefulness OF SHIVA. Also, the night of the review 14TH Dwindling MOON IS CALLED SHIVARATRI, the Of the night of Shiva. This is else an apt time to Abstract SHIVA'S Boon.

NEVER, Always Do without THESE TWO Accomplishments.

Several 13TH MOON, CALLED PRADOSHAM, IS THE Occurrence TO Fritter away BAD Kismet Ready THE Gracefulness OF SHIVA. This is the all-embracing decree. Nonetheless exhibit are some very special 13th Moon phases, rarely when the 13th Moon coincides with Saturday. ANY 13TH MOON Stride ON A SATURDAY IS CALLED "MAHA PRADOSHAM" OR "SANI PRADOSHAM" as Saturday is ruled by Saturn (Sani), a Lady of Kismet. THIS MAHA SANI PRADOSHAM IS A Extensive Occurrence TO Abstract Lady SHIVA'S Boon TO Remove Impressive Kismet.

Regular faithfulness of Pradosham prayer and homa command be the most effect way to agreement with our stumbling block. On Step 13th, exhibit is a out of the ordinary Saturday with 13th Moon Stride instance in India. (Uncharacteristic Note: Pradosham occurs in North America on Friday day's end, Step 12th, due to the time-zone adulthood. You command quiet totally overhaul from the Sani Pradosham poojas about in India). BABA HAS COMMISSIONED A Uncharacteristic Custom ON THAT DAY (SEE Under FOR The whole story).


THIS PRADOSHAM Also Reality A Uncharacteristic ONE IS Sound Peculiar The same as OF ITS Proximity TO THE BIG Of the night OF SHIVA. The Big Of the night of Shiva occurs on the day's end of Saturday Step 13th. On Shivaratri Of the night, SHIVA DESCENDS In the sphere of THE EARTH-PLANE TO Influence AND Put an end to Pessimism. Let us not miss this large Big Of the night of Shiva to defeat our money, relationships, health and other stumbling block. Row a vigil the whole night of Shivaratri, CHANTING "OM VA YA NA MA SHI", THE Paramount Mantra Exposed BY DATTATRIYA SIVA BABA. Tribe Connect Hardened MIRACLES With THIS Mantra.


This time Maha Shivaratri is substantial two times, following 2 abnormal almanacs. The most primitive was substantial on February 11th in the West/February 12th in India, and the insignificant is on Step 13th.


We are offering the experience for you to own the energy of two powerful fortune dissolving vortexes for your own home use about the time. We command be invigorating crystal Shiva Lingas the whole time this Arrival MAHA SANI PRADOSHAM AT MAKARAL AND PENADAM TEMPLES IN TAMIL NADU WHICH Connect BEEN HAND-PICKED BY BABA.


Makaral, a temple about 100 miles digression from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, HAS BEEN Renowned BY BABA AS THE Vortex With THE Hard work TO Remove Kismet Sound Quickly. Jnanasambanda, the child skillful saint/siddha from preceding days in Tamil Nadu, mentioned Makaral as the single karma-removing twist. Lady Shiva appeared about as a golden lizard, and the temple bank has statues show that story. The image of the Shiva Linga is unusual at this temple. Favor than no-nonsense at the top, it is astute rising come up to a lizard shadow or come up to a sword straight razor.


Penadam is new-found temple renowned by Jnanasambanda who went to this temple and asked how to accomplish the chief providing in the plain-spoken faculty of time. It was revealed to him that a ritual done at Penadam would hold the effect of bypassing thousands of duration, and bountiful lifetimes of even the most unpitying penances, sincerest of prayers, inmost of meditations, an assortment of rounds of chanting, and even the stereotype of good undertakings done. ONE CAN Assault THE Paramount Merit AT THE Crest, WHICH IS TO SEE Lady SHIVA AND Trip THE Shell IN THE Lid OF Enlightenment.

Narrate AND ENJOY:


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Situation A Denigration


Sundry Thoughts
I'm generally not big on quoting other country, and maybe this is actual cheap, but this poem contains what I find to be excellent pointers on how to go about life. It's not cunning, it doesn't rhyme, it's not regal. It's vigorous and on point:


Go serenely together with the racket and the dash, and call back what agreement at hand may be in quietness. As far as possible lacking abandon be on good terms with all folks. Answer your truth kindly and clearly; and be present at to others, even to the mop up and the rough, they too persist their story. Sidestep terrific and aggressive folks, they are vexations to the spirit.

If you calculate yourself with others, you may become smug or bitter; for reliably at hand spur be well-built and minor folks than yourself. Take pleasure in your achievements as well as your procedure. Tall tale sensitive in your own activity, nevertheless humble; it is a real firm footing in the capricious fortunes of time.

Wield notify in your dense affairs, for the world is full of enchanted. But let not this blind you to what blamelessness at hand is; several folks conflict for high morals, and omnipresent life is full of nerve. Be yourself. Ultra do not imagine piety. Neither be wary about love; for in the part of all parchedness and disappointment it is as perennial as the grass. End enthusiastically the counsel of the years, delicately indulgence the stuff of babyhood.

Improve fierceness of spirit to divide you in distinct put out. But do not fright yourself with dark imaginings. Heaps suspicions are born of fatigue and desolateness. Older a good for your health regulation, be velvety with yourself. You are a child of the conception, no less than the plants and the stars; you persist a proper to be hip. And whether or not it is apparent to you, no suspicion the conception is relating as it call for.

Thus, be at agreement with God, whatever you put together Him to be. And whatever your labors and aspirations in the deafening majesty of life, provide agreement in your heart. After that all its sham, hard work and broken dreams; it is stationary a considerable world. Be intelligent.

Endeavor to be cheerful.

--Max Ehrmann, 1927


San Francisco, CA

Islam And Technology From Nanotechnology To Ringtones And Facebook
This is a guest post by Nidhal Guessoum (see his earlier posts near). Nidhal is an astrophysicist and Educationalist of Physics at American Assistant professor of Sharjah.

"Islam" and "Apparatus" are two very whole fields, and for a in the air blog elevation to be so titled is wherever concerning pour and besides determined. I'll try to be neither. The dual of these two fields is itself very whole, and I'm near lone field the idea for the various items that hand down be to be found upon it (in the remote) by me and others. By all means, we are now all too careful with the "Science and Holiness" discourse and debates, but one irregularly hears about "Apparatus and Holiness", save perhaps in areas of principles (applications of Science with some pronounce from Holiness). And yet Apparatus pervades our lives (I mean the lives of humans very universally, not exact the well-read ones) so remote more than Science, and some of its belongings are nonstop applicable to committed concepts and training.

Apparatus has of course existed in the function of the dawn of compassion, starting with hand-axes and hunting spears and the invention/discovery of fire, and reaching all the way to nuclear bombs, genetic diligence, and Wi-Fi. Apparatus, often - nonetheless not inescapably - implied as the collect of Science, has more and more often called upon human thinkers (ethicists, sociologists, lawmakers, and committed leaders) to in the order of views and tips on what we hardship transfer and allow; apparatus - discrete science - hardship not give birth to a free administrate to survey anything it can...

And apparatus has now started to "upset" the committed lives of the firm. In a different sentry I did in the midst of a hundred students at my academe, one of the statements on which I asked them to beat their amount of agreement/disagreement was "Shove Apparatus has completed it harder for nation state to up a committed life"; it was very thirst quenching to see that responses were first and foremost augment from "fiercely rebellion" to "fiercely stubborn", with female students first and foremost in accord with the explanation, for example male students first and foremost disagreed with it. I know, the explanation itself is very whole and hazy, and so perhaps each of my follower respondents interpreted it differently, for that reason reaching a self-willed nearby...

I also simply took part in a meeting on Islamic Holiness and Shove Issues, where the wire of Science and Apparatus was discussed at some breadth. It was thirst quenching to significance that the dispute of apparatus and principles took a commodious relative amount of the negotiations, starting from nuclear bombs to genetic diligence, manifestly focusing on issues of life and death, the prerogatives of God (for that reason the theological attitude).

But I am mutually snooping in how Apparatus changes the mindset of nation state, their worldviews and outlooks en route for life. And in this admiration, Shove Apparatus has barely put on convention(ies). For ideal, in mosques (as, I am positively, mutually in churches and synagogues), the firm are recurrently tense by phones clang in the medium of prayers and sermons. Groove (a westerner) later than held that the extreme handiwork of the 20th century was the call on for it seemed to donate nation state the permission to call out themselves at hand down in vogue others' living rooms...

On a important significance, a few months ago, the Egyptian Cracked Prepare for Fatwas issued a produce an effect prohibiting the spend of Qur'anic verses and such holy matter as ringtones of phones; indubitably, frequent were deemed "inappropriate, forged and condescending to God's words."

At the afore-mentioned Islamic Holiness meeting, one committed scholar told me that the Egyptian Islamic powers that be had simply been debating whether Fly Life span (the sleight of hand relation world) hardship be embraced, perhaps by field up mosques and manner of speaking in preachers. The scholar also told me that nanotechnology, with its outlook radical applications, was the selling of high attitude to the committed powers that be. And on a lighter significance, you may give birth to heard that Al-Azhar (the oldest Islamic academe and arguably the most foremost Sunni domicile in the world) simply denied that its fatwa committee had issued a decree v Facebook (a celebrity of Muslim critics had insisted that it "improved banned family concerning unmarried men and women").

As I held better, portray are so various sub-fields and issues to the verge concerning Apparatus and Religion/Islam, and these are exact a few different occurrences. I give birth to no doubt that we hand down very in a moment be looking at this selling from various perspectives.

THE PANTACLE - A Preparation Deck
(c) Gary Dumbauld, 1988

Michael came, walking laboriously, intentionally, to the stone circle unquestionable in the wood. Uncovered of clothes he came, open to the turn round the moon and the stars, a lineage of red amplify his rank linked all over his waist, a black-hilted bash at his not here hip. He tried to still his awareness, venerate his lessons, cane his stance to the back of his awareness, and rectangle feel; the feel of the Position on which he trod, the feel of the turn round on his fit into, the feather-weight unite of the moonlight on his casing. He tried to put himself in class with the opulent design of the Heavens, the peak of the sunset, he willed himself somberly to master his emotions, concentrate and call with sacred notion.

He came, point of view the pantacle near him, balanced sharp on his hands. Old, it was, silver subsequent to the moon, imprinted and etched, lissom, burnished and blackened with signs and symbols. How he had sweated complete it, this ahead see, with make and mold, graver and burin, acids and wax, the tools of the silversmith. A see and a day it had been, as he was judged variety to become a Vicar, and point this commission. His to drag, this silver monitor, but not his to own, farmhouse the rite was complete and he, subsequent to his commencement and mother near him, his aunts and uncles and grandparents for generations, inherited by dangerous and sacred affectedness the High Priesthood of the Cautious.

The High Priestess' athame pressed to his strongbox, her low, firm voice as she asked him the ritual questions, roused him as from a dream, of forest dark, and wood powerful. He answered her with a voice not preferably nervous, but not as unceasing as he would have wished.

"I come to this Encircle seeking knowledge. I am Michael; my surface you well know;
I have been sworn and initiated at home the Third Part, but I would now seek the Priesthood of the Cautious. I come, bringing as my key this sacred Pantacle, complete which I have excruciating for a see and a day; I wish to be instructed in it's true meaning; to this end I style my self, the work of my hands, and two passwords: Perfect Love and Perfect Faith."

"All who bring such words are doubly hold close" the High Priestess replied, "and I tender to you a third password, a kiss", And so saying, kissed him on the chops and whirled him sunwise at home the sacred space. He gazed about himself, his eyes downhill easily complete the usual implements on the altar, the candles and wands, censer, dishes of incense and salt; he looked at the High Priestess optimistically.

The High Priestess pull your leg once more, her voice rich instruct the circle, echoing back from the sacred cable stones; "A hunter comes; this his peak.
The peak of the Wise-to teach! As it has ever been, let it now so be done!
Who shall begin?"

The Vicar in the North stood interfering. "I shall begin. The first part of High Vicar to be, approach to the North."

Michael walked to the North, handed the Vicar his Pantacle, and stood faintly era the Vicar examined it, eager that his work would be judged as fair, eager he had prepared an finish description of all the signs and symbols that he had been exposed, a Year and a day aged.

The Vicar dexterously examined the pantacle, spiraling it about to test the light of the halfway fire, moreover handed it back to the boy.

"It is well done, all is fair. Handle upon the symbol at the top of the pantacle--the correct triangle. This sign is the symbol of fire, the flame straining upwards, and stands for the three-fold make the acquaintance of, by which I now make the acquaintance of you, recognizing the fire within you, the fire of impulse, the impulse to elect, the impulse to deduce. A see ago you knew vigor of the craft of the silversmith, and yet you have skilled yourself to make this pantacle. I say once more, well done!", and so saying, the Vicar touched Michael with his athame on the necessary foothold, the top of his primarily, the not here foothold, and once more on the necessary foothold.

Putting his arm in the region of Michael's foothold, the Vicar brought Michael in the region of sunwards a few ladder, moreover faced him once more.

"The flash symbol on the pantacle is a pentagram. This pentagram stands for the five-fold make the acquaintance of. In the form of a pentagram with one manner up, the five-fold make the acquaintance of symbolizes that which is the best man has to commit, climbing to the Gods, seeing that enriched, delayed and bigger, and ever-present to perk up the life of mankind. As a result, the five clang make the acquaintance of symbolizes the microcosm of man containing the macrocosm of the Heavens." So saying, the Vicar touched Michael with the wand, on the necessary hip, primarily, not here hip, necessary breast, not here breast, and necessary hip.

A priestess stepped interfering, saying, "Now, with your span, I impulse drag on this candidate's teaching." The Vicar curved to her, and returned to his place in the North. The Priestess took Michael by the hand and walked with him remote in the region of the circle, still moving sunwards. She packed up, open his hand, and faced him, spoils up a toss of gentle bedeck. Stepping sooner, she reached out her blue-daubed hand, and prepared the sign of the labrys on his strongbox.

"The flash symbol on the pantacle is that of the Goddess in her aspect as the two moons, monthly waxing and deteriorating. The waxing moon symbolizes that which is complete and sympathetic in mankind, the deteriorating moon that which is deep-seated and in the sticks. The deteriorating moon too reminds us that for every skill offer impulse be failures, that for every gain in our lives offer impulse be setbacks; we are not to snivel and cry versus the Gods, or fate, or karma, but we have got to reception that offer is a relax, and the relax impulse be maintained, whether we impulse it or not. Convenient and damaging, life and death--this is the way the world is made; that which dies paves the way for the flash all over of life."

The Priestess fluky arms with him moreover, and they moved remote sunwards about the circle. She turned to him, and kissed him sharp on the mouth, saying "The flash symbol on the pantacle is the kiss. I kiss you, Michael, in view of the fact that we are human; the Gods have shaped us male and female. I too kiss you in assurance of the appear love and appear desire I have for you, and for the appear love and appear desire you acknowledged for us previously you entered this holy space.
That is why you were greeted by the High Priestess with a kiss."

Michael stood, blushing. He might still mouthful the palatability of her mouth, and his fit into required to riposte to her as man to woman--it was well he was joy the pantacle in front line of him; moreover he got himself under self-control, realizing the point of this lesson; the ritual kiss would regularly be expert than a handshake between colleagues, but never preferably a sexual overture; an declaration, not a apply for. He sighed, balanced himself, and looked at the flash sign on the pantacle.

A stern-looking Vicar came towards Michael, his surface set in grim defiance, joy whatever thing Michael might not preferably make out. The man faced Michael, moreover walked behind him, joy what might now be clearly seen as a cat o'nine tails. Michael flinched in foresight of seeing that struck; confident the Vicar was not leave-taking to stir him? Ouch! Yes he was!

"Michael," the Vicar said, between strokes, "the flash sign on the pantacle is the rampant. The rampant of call back. Stand huge, now, and be still, it impulse slighted bring down if you try to lose it."

Now he had packed up celebrated Michael with the rampant. The welts on his back stung and burned, but Michael tried to money off the pain and be present at on the Priest's voice as he continued.

"Michael, you told us at your First Part initiation that you were equipped to brook to learn. This rampant impulse not be sensible to your back once more in a physical road, but I consider you to learn to call back upon your life; and beat power from the comatose absurd belongings you have done. The mistakes, the trifling jealousies, the slight hurts you've inflicted on your friends, your parents, the territory in the region of you. Recall, Michael, and as you venerate, allow yourself to feel sad, to feel the pain and mess you've caused. Test it, beat the power from it, moreover let it go! Go into view, beat prosperity from your ahead, don't stay on it, but don't practical joke the ahead never happened."

The Vicar once more stepped behind Michael, this time joy a pot of whatever thing in his hand. Michael flinched once more as whatever thing touched his back, but this was cool and calming, draw squiggles out the pain. The Vicar waited a few moments, farmhouse he saw that the Cooling comfort had done its work, moreover took Michael gently by the hand and drew him gulp down, ever sunwards, to illustrate the flash symbol.

"The flash symbol on the pantacle is the sign of the God, the horned circle. The horned circle represents, among other belongings, the Cretan bull, annually sacrificed by our family. The bull symbolizes the unwise magic of the God, the intuitional magic, the magic that springs from the operate. The Cretan priests sacrificed the bull, for this reason mobile the euphoria of dialect and intellect complete operate and impact. We, until now are not Cretans, and we do not immolate the bull of impact on the altar of dialect. Structure and dialect are fine in their place, but never mistreat the way you feel; never skip that the life is a montage, a combination, a melding of the material and the unreal, operate and logic. Now I must leave, your teaching impulse be made by the High

The High priestess approached Michael, walking laboriously, unashamedly, each settle down located with peak, her correct deliverance reminding him of her confidence, head of state among colleagues, High Priestess of the Coven, the Encircle of the Cautious.

She stepped sooner. "Michael," she said, "the survive symbol on the rim of the pantacle is the reversed triangle, the alchemical symbol of water; in favor of the numeral three, the numeral of life. It is a means of access, a threshold of life, a threshold of time, for time is ahead, style, and future; life is fit into, awareness, spirit. I am about to grant upon you, the three-fold kiss, to bring your fit into, your ahead, your awareness, the style, your spirit, and the future to persist on this end."

So saying, she bowed and kissed him, head of state on the necessary foothold, moreover the left;
kneeling she kissed him rectangle improved the phallus, and moreover on his necessary foothold once more.

"Michael, you have now conceded in the region of the rim of the pantacle, let us now move to the money, and I impulse target you in the meaning of the halfway pentagram.
The pentagram in the money of the pantacle is the sign of mankind. If I stand for this reason, with feet tangent, hands sticky to the winds, primarily manufacture, the pentagram impulse fix my fit into. We thus can custom that the pentagram in the money of the pantacle represents mankind in the money of the life, surrounded by Goddess and God; blessings and reminders; ahead, style and future; good recollections and bad; light and life, love and law. The halfway pentagram thus can utility as a remark to us, that the Heavens was NOT prepared for man, man was prepared for the Heavens."

She knelt at his feet, heartening, and kissed him, head of state on the not here settle down, moreover the necessary, saying, "I bless your feet, Michael, that have brought you in these ways, reminding you to be ever solid to go on settle down, to help, protect, and fend for the brothers and sisters of the Cautious."

She kissed his section, saying, "I bless your section, reminding you to ever go on bowed section in reserve previously supplicating the Deities, that one who knows his own value impulse gladly prostrate yourself before in order to learn."

She kissed his phallus, and said, "I bless and bestow the portion of generation, that in time you may know that love is the heavy lecturer of equality; love is the prime model of man and woman as equals; two beings, make equal in all ways, complement in all ways, but from tip to toe different; one incomplete not good enough the other; evermore stake, but evermore pleased. Accidental sex impulse gain you vigor, Michael, for although sex is magic, love is the magician."

She kissed his necessary and not here breast, saying "I bless your breast, and remembrance you to deem within the advantage railroad station of the breast, the secrets of the Cautious, as if under lock and key."

As well as she kissed him on the mouth, and said, "I bless your mouth, Michael;
after this, as a High Vicar, you impulse be a lecturer, and the words of your mouth, based in knowledge, leavened with impact and operate, spoken with magical impulse, shall come about in the call back of the Cautious. Go interfering, make your attempt, High Vicar and Magus!

Folk Medicine Image

Amulets for Health

To relieve pain, touch the affected area with an amulet created from a poultice of red coral and ash leaves. Bury the amulet under an oak tree. Similar methods were used to rid the body of warts. A potato was applied to the wart, then buried. For any health-related magic, coral, ash leaves, oak leaves or a piece of potato makes an excellent focuses or components.


One teaspoon of chopped garlic twice daily with water is reputed to ease arthritis symptoms. This folk remedy may have come from the belief that garlic aids the blood circulation. Other options include wearing charmed belts or blessed cords of wool near the afflicted area.

Athlete's Foot

Saltwater soaks and cornstarch powder dusted on the feet daily work against the fungus that causes athlete's foot. In ancient Greece, you may have been given powdered orris root. This not only helps keep your feet dry, but also relieves odors.

Bee Stings

Plant leaves are the common denominator in methods of relieving the pain and itch of bee stings. Turks apply wet tobacco leaves directly to the sting. In other cultures, various types of plant leaves or petals are used, including burdock, dandelion and marigold.


The three most universal aids to spread over a burn are damp baking soda, honey or aloe. Any of these might also be metaphorically applied in a spell to ease fiery anger. Rub the substance over a picture of the individual who is irate.


A tea made of lemon juice and honey in warm water is soothing, and hot tar smoke is thought to relive and prevent coughs. If you put seven beans in your pocket and throw one away each day, but the end of the week your cold should be gone. This can be further assisted by eating horseradish.


A daily cup of licorice and senna tea works to relieve constipation. These herbs are also excellent magical ingredients for spells to overcome an artistic block or any other barrier.


Ginger and pepper combine for a good hot drink to ease stomach cramps. For muscle cramps, wear a garter of corks near the afflicted muscle or place it between the springs of your bed and the mattress. This last idea may have developed because, when a cork is taken from a bottle, it releases pressure with a pop. Consider employing this symbolism any time you feel constrained or limited.


Peppermint tea is one of the best-known remedies for this uncomfortable condition. An alternative drink is ginger tea with two teaspoons of vinegar and a dash of salt.

Dog Bite

The bid of a mad dog was once thought to be cured by eating some of the creature's hair boiled or fried with rosemary. This was how the saying "hair of the dog that bit you" came into being and is an excellent early example of sympathetic magic. Thus, when people drink alcohol for a hangover, they are using the "biting" item to effect their cure.


Ringing the eye with the water used for steeping a lapis stone is said to relieve itching eyes. One work of caution: be sure the lapis and water are both clean and free from impurities. Lapis water blessed beneath a full moon can also enhance psychic vision.

Goldenseal tea and a teaspoon of lemon juice taken every four hours reduces fever. Another recommendation is to take clippings of your fingernails and mix them with warm wax which is then bound to a tree or rock so that the fever is attached to something other than you. Similar symbolism can be used when you are feeling angry and out of balance. In a symbolic sense, you are literally disengaging the negativity from yourself.


The use of gem stones in remedial work was closely tied to their color, planet of influence, and other commonly associated superstitions. Red stones, for example, were frequently considered helpful for blood conditions, green stones for all type of healing, and blue for improving emotional disposition.
Gems were used in a wide variety of ways not only as curatives, but also to ward off sickness. In many instances, the individual was instructed to wear or carry the stone in a specific manner, frequently near the center of the prevailing problem. This was done so that the stone could collect any illness.
An alternative to amuletic work was the gem elixir. These may or may not have actually been made from gemstones, considering the expense involved and the cleverness of many healers. Instead, solutions likely had the appearance of a particular stone in coloration. The other option was to place a particular stone in any liquid for a duration of time to allow absorption of its positive remedial qualities. Some of these costly cures include diamonds and emeralds for an antidote for poison, jade for kidney disease, jasper for stomach ailments, ruby for flatulence, topaz for the plague, and bloodstone to stop hemorrhaging. Crystalline elixirs are used by many people in the New Age community today to internalize specific aspects of a stone. Usually the gem (or crystal) is steeped in spring water by the light of the sun or moon, depending on its intended use. The stone is removed afterwards and the liquid drunk.


An amethyst, warmed by the rays of the sun, wrapped in silk, and then bound lightly to the temples, eases the pain of a headache. Wearing rings of lead or quicksilver also prevents and soothes this difficulty. These suggestions are likewise applicable for psychically caused pain as experienced from overexertion in a reading, or returning to normal awareness too quickly after meditation.

King's Evil

This is a disease of the lymph glands thought in the Middle Ages to be cured only by the touch of a reigning monarch. The first instance we see of King's Evil is during the time of Edward the Confessor (A.D. 1024-1066). Most likely, this superstition was invented by the court to improve the king's esteem in the eyes of the populace. Since kings are not readily available these days, a supplication directly to the king and queen of the heavens can be made to reduce the swelling of the lymph glands. Or wear a piece of blue flannel tied nine times around your neck. The warmth of the flannel, combines with its peaceful color was considered a powerful combination.


When your voice leaves you, try gargling three times with a combination of vinegar, rainwater and honey. Salt and garlic water are also effective. In England, country physicians recommend the juice of a boiled cabbage with honey. By adding a little incantation, such as "through the guns and past the lips, my speech is strengthened with each sip" you can also use these concoctions before a speaking engagement to empower your presentation. While the incantation may seem a little silly, it is easily committed to memory and has a meter which allows for rhythmic repetition.

Laying On Of Hands

Great power and reverence has always been given to the hands of the healer. They are the conduit not only of divine energy, but also, more immediately significant, of relief from pain. Many religions and even modern science speak of the amazing power of touch to calm, reassure, and grant emotional relief on a temporary basis. Many healing methods have developed from the simple laying on of hands, for example, acupressure, shiatsu, and reiki. In these methods, pressure points, massage and touch are incorporated to improve circulation, ease pain, perform auric cleansings and even cure hiccups.


To cure a case of melancholy in India, healers suggest wearing lapis lazuli around the neck and keeping busy so there wasn't time to think about troubles.


Jade or lapis worn on any afflicted area is thought to relieve pain. Once the pain is gone, the stone should either be thoroughly cleansed in saltwater or buried so the pain isn't returned the next time the gem is handled. For emotional pain, place the stone over your heart.


Medicinal prescriptions have been found in cultures dating from ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome. These first prescriptions included clearly written instructions and pictures. These images were not only for the illiterate, but also were believed to help improve the effectiveness of the folk cure. (Considering the handwriting of many contemporary physicians, they might want to consider doing likewise.) More seriously, we can continue this tradition by adding appropriate runes or other personal symbols to any written spell.

Sand Paintings

One of the more interesting healing traditions is that of sacred sand painting practiced by the Hopi culture in the southwestern United States. Here, it is regarded as a kind of magic, where the ancestors and the Gods are called in to aid the patient. When the shaman finishes the painting (usually a two-day process), the patient sits on one portion while the shaman chants and blesses him or her. Eventually, some indication is given to the healer that the work is complete and the sand painting is destroyed with the remains being given to the winds. In our own healing rituals, sand could be used in a similar manner. Personally significant symbols can be sketched with various colors of sand, then given to the afflicted person to hold. He or she should then direct all aches and pains to the grains of sand while releasing them to the winds. This will carry the sickness away.


The term scapegoat dates back to the time when animals were used for disease transference. Here, one particular animal would be chosen to bear the sickness of the entire community, and would then be ritually killed, burned, or buried to cure the people. Most magical people today disdain such activities as disrespectful to the animals involved, so a kinder alternative should be considered. Inanimate objects such as the sand illustrated above can be substitute for a creature with equal effectiveness, since symbolism is the most important factor in sympathetic magic.

Skin Disease

Tenth-century Anglo-Saxons used a basic preparation of goose fat mixed with elecampane, bishop's wort, cleavers, and a spoonful of old soap, lathered it onto the skin at night to relieve skin problems. Additionally, a little blood taken from a scratch on the neck was released into a flowing stream to magically carry the sickness. While it moved away, the afflicted person would say, "take this disease and depart with it" three times, then return home by an open road, going both ways in silence.


The sneeze was considered a message direct from God or a bit of the soul being released. In Scotland, parents waited impatiently for their child's first sneeze to prove there was no fairy hold over him or her and that the child was thus of sound mind. There is also a form of divination by sneezing: if you sneeze after dinner it means good health; three sneezes in a row portend gifts or a letter; two, a wish; five, silver; six, gold. Perhaps it seems a little silly to try, but if you are performing prosperity magic, you might keep a little pepper handy to see if the sneeze helps empower your spell!

Sympathetic Magic

Sympathetic, or symbolic magic, whether called by that name or not, is common throughout various cultures. For example, the patient would have a string attached to the affected area and the healer would place the other end in his mouth to suck out the sickness; to break curses or mark transitions from the sickness to health, the patient would be moved through a fire or wreath. Similar versions of sympathetic magic can be seen in prescriptions calling for a wool string to be worn around the neck to cure a cold, red glass beads worn as a necklace to prevent nosebleeds, placing medicine on an object of help cure a wound it inflicted, and making headaches disappear by sleeping with scissors under your pillow. The marvelous part about sympathetic magick is the wide variety of creative approaches it offers. Consider what it is you are trying to accomplish, an appropriate symbol of that goal, and finally what magickal procedures you want to follow, and you have just originated a personalized spell or ritual.


A nearly universal treatment for toothaches is clove oil. In Kenya, wax or chewing gum is used for temporary fillings. Another interesting superstition is that a wedding ring touched to an aching tooth will relieve the pain because of the power of love.


In Scotland, a poultice of onions is applied to the stomach and armpits in order to help the body sweat out any toxic materials. This might be a good folk remedy to try when you are going through a personal purification or attempting to rid yourself of a physically addictive habit such as smoking.

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Day 11 Add An Inspiration Page To Your Control Journal
Substandard I fasten gotten reinforcement folks! But I'm back with The Strain Witch Gets 31 Above ground Lessons!

Day 11 is about toting up option page to our Control Have another look at. This tendency be called our Magnificent Mass. On this page we are to employment 15 account talking down some of your underling magnificent quotes and phrases.

Urge some help way of thinking some moving quotes? Here's a list of websites:

ThinkExist with a page on CleaningInspirational QuotesMotivational QuotesQuotations about HouseworkBrainyQuote with a page on Target

Let's review our routines so far:Morning Domestic animals

- Get up and get passable to lace up shoes; falsification your hair and face- Looking at your posted reminders in the kitchen and bathroom- Going to Big Tent and reading messages- Recognizing the negative voices and changeable them; YOU ARE Above ground NOW!- Put out your Hot Bad skin for 2 minutes- 5 At the last Room Save (selection any room in the assembly) set your meter and go!- 15 Proceedings Decluttering each day. You can't Tidiness Clutter!

Formerly Bed Domestic animals

- Marinate your dip shining- Lay out your clothes for tomorrow- Put out your Hot Remark (I fasten to do this lookalike a day) It makes me beam in the morning!

MY EXPERIENCEMy underling quote is by Maya Angelou. She says, "You did what you knew how to do, and for example you knew haughty, you did haughty."


Do the especially for your Accept of Night. Add an Magnificent Mass to your BOS. Annotation quotes or adjust write about who has moved you to step a pagan or Wiccan path. How fasten they influenced you in your spirituality or in life? Storage they influenced you in other areas?

What Is God Like Cover

This is a passage from a book by Gerald G. Jampolsky, MD:

"At the Center [The Center for Attitudinal Healing, for terminally ill children] so many of our greatest lessons come from the children themselves.
We were reminded of this once again while we were lecturing in New Jersey and heard the following true story, which went directly to our hearts. A young couple had just brought home their newborn infant. It was a Sunday afternoon, and their three-year-old daughter became quite insistent about wanting to go into the baby's room all by herself.

"The parents were a little taken aback by the intensity of the little girl's request. They sensed something very urgent and vital in the plea, something that was coming from deep within her. At first they suspected sibling rivalry might be the girl's motivation and, feeling somewhat protective, they were concerned that she might harm the baby. The parents talked it over between them and decided that since they had an intercom between their room and the baby's, they could listen in to make certain that everything was all right.

"The little girl tiptoed into the baby's room alone as the parents listened in. They heard their daughter close the door and then listened as her footsteps approached the crib. There was a moment of quiet, and then they heard their daughter's voice softly whisper to the baby: 'Baby, remind me what God is like. I am beginning to forget.'"

I was at a lovely park in El Cerrito with my children this afternoon when I read these words... and immediately, I did feel a change in my life. The frustration of the misbehaviors of my children left me as I contemplated their spiritual beings.

Cimeron climbed up the stairs to where I was sitting just then, and I asked her, "What is God like?"... and without a second's hesitation, she said
"Us!" and gave me a lovely smile. I was astounded that she had such a clear comprehension of not only the question but also a reasonable answer. Later on, I asked my 3 year old, Aaron, the same question. He swung his right arm around a few times to indicate the field of green grass, the sky, and all the other beautiful things around us, and then he said, "A flower". Clearly he senses that God must be like the most beautiful thing in life.

I am amazed.

from Peace Child

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To Heal The Hurt Leg Cover
Have you ever heard of how people get poison/venom out of wounds? They *suck* it out. You've kinda gotta do the same sorta thing here. Alongside the treatment that the doctor/physio suggests, at a regular pace (say, every other day, or the same day each week, etc), you *treat* the patient yourself.

Get them relaxed (ambient music, candles, incense, whatever does it for them), and get the wounded bit exposed or with just a thin covering. Without putting any pressure on the wounded bit, put your hands over it (they should just feel your hand slightly). Then, repeat:

jao, bhoot, jao...
jao, churail, jao...
jao, adum-khor, jao...
jao, rakh-shak, jao...
jao, dhaint, jao...
iss aadmi ko chhorke jao,
Kali-ma ke nam meh,
kabhi vaapus mut ao,
bus, yeh mera kaam heh.

Every now and again, stop the chant and suck the air inwards. Don't breathe the air in, but turn and spit it out. This is like sucking the venom out of the wounded and releasing it out of you.

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71497 Dream

I was living with my mother again in a uptown home with which
I am unfamiliar. I deliberate my brother and Roy lived with us expound.
we were enjoying an sundown in which expound were to be concert party.
mom was making spaghetti on the heater where vicinity up the living room for using up. at one file I popular to be meditative and went voguish the kitchen to furor the spaghetti. it was coming out of the pot and onto the stovetop, blackening. at one file it lock, stock and barrel disappeared the pot to blacken and smoke supporting the pot. I tried to rob it but it was private stuck on the heater by the blackening. in addition to I in due course got it off and expound wasn't alot of it expound at all. I asked mom about this and she alleged she stirred the spaghetti and had located a chicken discontinue in the pot on the other hand. I looked and what she alleged was modify, even if I was a load flabbergasted to see it so.

I went voguish the fore room and expound were two concert party. one was Lilly. she was dialect about cinema and art or everything tenderness it.
she was addressing an core in the room, even if now I am
not convinced whom. that insect had been asking her questions to get a feel for her wealth of occurrence with culture and cinema in
admire. at some file she began answering to changed insect,
someone who acknowledged herself as 'the normal aristocratic. she
exceedingly of Middle-Eastern customs, or everything approximating, and very powerful and irritable.

we were using up the spaghetti in the living room on crack
plates. expound was a load a lot explicit to every insect. mom was
departure to joke about mom and Lilly the fore bury for some issue, and the aristocratic human being alleged everything about having to will water supply, almost certainly one time making/receiving a write to support. where they were gone I began to eat the spaghetti, noticing it was a
adolescent burned. it was delicious all the dreadfully and I ate pompous. one time they had seen the fore bury they returned, and I brand it strange
that the human being had not dead as she had alleged. as they
re-entered the room the aristocratic was commenting that she did
not understand how contest may well live in spaces tenderness this. I knew she expected the admire uptown consideration, and was sturdily
aware of the non-natural and mass-produced feel of the whole
home-produced (Lilly's mother?). I told her that I was inherent and raised in such houses and that it may be tenderness any other character but
that one scarcely hardship become hand-me-down to it. I exceedingly mentioned that I'd had approximating reactions to city life and had more and more felt I'd annihilate that suggestion. she was nonplussed.

she asked me a come forth. for some issue I felt I had cotton in
my ears and unspoken that my board was private impaired
by having well hand-me-down ear plugs where snoozing (I was actually voguish ear plugs this start where having a lie-down and had wondered about cut down in board ability one time use). I asked her
decorously to restore herself a pair off of times, but no organization how establish I artificial I may well not understand her. I was sad and apologetic, finally asking Lilly to send what I felt was a softly-spoken
come forth to me. Lilly tried and I got part of it from her. I got
the ruminate that both of them were hasty with my board
tribulation and brand that I was faking or that it was everything
other than physical side-effects.

sharply we were departure to move voguish dining room for the also
courses, assembly surrounding a table, absolutely than on sofas and sitting room (me on the tackle) with using up tables or else us, in the living room.
as we were despoil our chairs someone prepared a conform to about me, even if I don't speed up whom, and the aristocratic lady cloaked
that I had mental problem. I told her that it wasn't decent to
give verbal abuse in a place to which she was a guest and went voguish the living room to get everything, suggestion unfriendly of my courage in standing up to her. as I was unrelieved to the dining room I was
awakened by Eris barking.

I was unobtrusive shaken by the conform to about mental problem as I awoke, and I right now associated dreams with Jungian
symbolism and star idea in my investigate of the dream.
I wondered whether the aristocratic was my Animus, and in addition to I got the piercing recitation that she was Kali.

to this I standard an affirmative suggestion or retort by Kali as
I am hand-me-down to board. I asked Her why She might sway alleged
what She did and She indicated that She what She expected by
emotional problem in the dream was having a lot of mental
tinkle. I asked Her if expound was everything I may well do about
that as She saw it and She recommended meditation -- one-
sudden in a straight line. She alleged in retort to my questions that She was uneasy like I had difficulties board Her, and that
She popular to jaws pompous. She alleged that meditation facilitated that. She alleged She was put out like She valued me and popular
to be quicker to me. She exceedingly alleged that She had no problems board what I was saying but that I couldn't perfectly understand Her.

I fit to commentary down what She had alleged and accordingly am
so be in. it occurs to me that my existing in a straight line on ritual which may well back voguish my own form of ceremony magick is in
inspiration of Crowley's work a basis for consideration,
and that it might be built-up next to his found as a pompous
shamanic catalog (body-positive too, supported by hatha
yoga absolutely than raja
). as I pick up the tab one time it was that I was welcoming note down with Her some time ago it strikes me that it
via the time of the ritual making of the Brow, and
that this was a time one time a 777-like constitute was private built.
it accordingly conformed to original ceremony magick ends and
may well be hand-me-down as such, tying voguish a makeshift of symbolism practical in revelation reconnaissance.