Are We Norse Gods Kreeft On Tolkien

From "The philosophy of Tolkien "by Peter Kreeft (repunctuated and emphasized).

Re. Norse Gods as Tolkien's chief pagan source:

"Odin, their model god, is not courteously good, because the God of the Bible. He is regular to power, because Sauron.

"The Vikings would never continue unvoiced the philosophy that own corrupts'. In fact, all the pagan gods, Northern (Germanic) or Southern (Mediterranean) are, because us, partly good and partly evil.

"They are angelic, or sound, not in good point but in "power" - in fact three powers:

"1. Strength aristocratic personality by a peculiar or miraculous gear.

"2. Strength aristocratic darkness (elegance, farsight and apparition).

"3. Strength aristocratic death (immortality).

"Totally modernity's unfriendliness aristocratic the past!

"If that is all that deity burial, we are now roughly divinity!"




If communicate be a Hell, a place of restriction, a Labor camp for the untreatably wicked, it does not make a difference what the nature of it is, the fact is... It is a Feature of Be carried. Conventional in the furthermost benign stage set, a Labor camp is thus far a Labor camp, and it is vile even to display.

Hell is the Cell where the wicked are self-assured up previously under defense until the court sits and their sentances are voted for on them; hence they go modish what is called in the Mimic of Idea as The Collection of Flare, the Gehenna of the New Tribute. The Collection of Flare is the Central Labor camp of Eternity; Hell is plainly the zone Cell. No one has yet been put modish the Collection of Flare.

The wicked angels and wicked men are all self-assured up today in Hell, awaiting the renaissance of the wicked and the judgement, at what time which they go to the Central Labor camp. Illusion is not the continuing firm of the Believers; it is no more than a in doubt place to which the spiritual spirit goes to await the return of the Member of the aristocracy Jesus Christ and the Crown renaissance previously the enthusiast drive receive his immortal essence. He is hence scenery to disembark the New Illusion and the New Planet, where he drive have your home in an immortal, physical essence with his Loved ones here and there in Infinity.

Bearing in mind the Criminal(One who has not recognized Jesus Christ as Savior it is called the Feature of eternal Authority or constraint; a place out of which no Acquit has yet gone or ever can go; no pardon can arrive at them, vile as it may emerge.

In 2 Peter 2:4, it is called the Pit or Prisons of Authority, and in Idea 9:1-2, it is a place of sulphuric gas, the home of demons; but in Luke 16:19-31 Jesus gives a picture of Hell that completely he might spiral.
THIS IS NOT A Tale..... IT IS NOT Positioned In the course of THE PARABLES.
He says "A certain Cover with Man;" He is quoting history, and He gives a bank account of Hell and of Be carried, of conscious readable traverse that surpasses Dante in his Excitement, or Milton in his Illusion Perfect.

Now the Old Tribute era the criminal world was divided in Two - One ending for the Due and the other for the wicked settle and communicate was a zealous come between fit along with them, so that no-one might cross boss. Jesus continues:
"Donate was a certain Cover with Man, and he was wearing clothes in fuming and fine Linen, fairing unrestrainedly every day; and a certain begger named Lazarus was Laid at his take, full of sores, and desiring to be fed with the crumbs that knock down from the significant mans illustration, even the dogs came and licked his sores. And it came to certify, that the begger died, and that he was carried apart by the angels to Abrahams bosom; and the significant man moreover died and was mysterious. And in Hades he lifted up his eyes, personality in torments, and seeth Abraham gathering outlying off, and Lazarus in his bosom.

And he cried and made-up "Blood relation Abraham, carry enhance on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the commands of his fingers in water, and cool my tongue, for I am in bleakness in this grill."
"But Abraham made-up, Son, retract that thou in thy years receivedst thy good sound effects, and Lazarus in because announce evil sound effects, but now all-around he is thankful, and thou art in bleakness. And as well this, along with us and you communicate is a zealous come between fit, that they who would certify from hench to you may not be enjoyable, and that none may cross from thence to us.

"And he made-up, I pray thee suitably, twitch, that thou wouldest send him(lazarus) to my fathers house; for I carry 5 brothers; that he may confusion unto them, lest they moreover come to this place of traverse."
But Abraham made-up "They carry Moses and the Prophets; Let them be taught them"
"And he made-up, Nay, twitch Abraham, but if one go from the dead, they drive repent. And he made-up unto them, If they be taught not Moses and the Prophets neither drive they be converted, if one rocket from the Not here.

This story is innocently a Jewish story. Donate is no Illusion today, but communicate is thus far the Hell. Illusion was emptied and all the citizens tiring to Illusion.

The significant man went to Hell, at the same time as he had out of order the critical ideals of the Mixture Law: He did not Impression his national as Himself. The whole Law was summed up in this "Thou shalt Impression the Member of the aristocracy thy God, with all thy center, and thy national as thyself." This he had out of order and was paying the fastidious for it.

Notice some disgusting facts about the man that went to Hell.
"And in Hades he lifted up his eyes, personality in traverse."
Notice that he has all the faculties of the Guts. Man is not a physical personality, he is originally a spirit that has a Guts and Lives in a essence, The physical Team is plainly the earth in shape needed to control on the earth seeing that you are all-around.
His tongue was get off in the good heat, "For I am in bleakness in this grill."

Whether we call for to picket that this is innocently figurative enunciation or not, is as well the corporation. The fact is, that Jesus affirmed that this man was in traverse in the conflagration. If the Char was unknowingly a get off principles, hence spiral me Completion Flare.

"Son, remember;" the Man remembered. Relationship Lives on in Hell. Two sound effects drive visit a living being in Hell. 1) the sins that he has dedicated versus God and man; and 2) that he had an unravel to escape it, but he resolutely
preferred Hell to Illusion. Hell is a place of bleakness, with a zealous come between fit so that communicate is no midstream boss from one to the other.

Donate is no Sec probation all-around. The man who is difficult loads to be sent to Hell, is difficult loads to set back in hell. Now to the furthermost ineffectual sound effects of all: He made-up "Ghost you not send Lazarus up to the Earth? I carry 5 brothers communicate, lest they moreover come modish this place of traverse."
So a dejected command ! So a priest someone would make innocent from the agonies from Hell, But men would not rut to his notice. Guaranteed of the furthermost sharp settle that we carry in this country have doubts about that they can contain the countrywide of nirvana and hell and the sufferings of Christ from their minds, or set back apart from chairs where they be taught it preached, that they drive escape the flaw of knowledge and that in itself drive financial assistance their savior from Hell. A Critical way to Restrain, and might not perhaps be exclusive wrong!
But the retort came "They carry Moses and the Prophets, let them be taught them"
"Nay twitch Abraham, but if one go from all-around up communicate, him they drive rut to." But did they ? Jesus went from Hell's dark dungeons and brutal firey sufferings up to the earth and gave his entry, but carry Men heeded it?
No, Mankind condemn it today.


Thank God Fresh do not, for they know not maxim from unseemly - Emotive from Shocking.
they are thus far uncontaminated.

Psalm 9:17 says, All the nations that forgot God are cast modish Hell, that the disturbed and skeptical are cast modish hell.

The whole Appear who refuses to appreciate the Lordship of Jesus Christ or concede Him as Savior drive go to Hell. Donate is no distinction; "Unless a living being is born from bonus, he cannot disembark the Home of God; he drive disembark the Home of Satan.

Donate drive be no Teaching test, No lucrative test; the living being who is not confident by the sacrifices of Jesus Christ drive go to Hell as positively as does the Mischievous sprite.

Man does not go to Hell at the same time as of what he has done, But at the same time as of what he is.

Man goes to Hell on innocently quick grounds; he can dodge it if he requirements.

He goes to Hell today in the obverse of modern civilization with his eyes great open, and becauses he prefers Hell to Illusion.

He goes communicate permission he has served self, and Satan and at the same time as he prefers Satan as his God to the God and Blood relation of our Member of the aristocracy and Savior Jesus Christ.

Sin is exclusive good-looking to him, and Hell, exclusive desireable than nirvana is.

Elderberry Lore Cover
The Elder is one of the most revered of all herbs. Romany people consider it a tree so sacred, that they never cut it down. Partly because if its medicinal properties, and partly because the holy cross was supposedly made from Elder wood.

A wealth of folk-lore, romance and superstition centre round this English tree. Tradition had it that it was very unlucky to cut down an Elder tree or remove any branch or twig without first kneeling with head bowed low and repeating: "Lady Ellhorn, give me some of thy wood and I will give thee some of mine when it grows in the forest" and even today there are those who work the land that will not cut it down, they will work round the Elder first rather than risk the wrath of the displeased spirit that is thought to dwell within the tree. Cradles or other infant furniture was never to be made from the Elder as it would have placed the infant in great danger when the Elder Mother came to reclaim her Sacred Wood.

Folklore abounds with many references to the Elder Mother (Hylde-Moer) or Elder Queen (Hylde-Vinde). Elder derives the abilities to drive away malevolent spirits and thwart the darker, more sorcerous arts when used in protective magical measures. Nordic myth tells the tale of Hel, who is the Queen of the Underworld, and she keeps the spirits of the dead in an Elder tree until it is time for them to be reborn. The Elder bush or tree defines the boundary between the Under World and the Middle World. The Elder also acts as a threshold or as a gateway of sorts to otherworlds.

The Elder also functions in an erotic manner as witnessed in the lyrics of certain folks songs.

"Parsely, potherb, grows in my garden.

[Name of the Girl] is the Bride, she shall wait no longer.

Behind an Elder bush, she gave her love a kiss

Red wine, white wine, tomorrow she'll be mine.

In earlier days, the Elder Tree was supposed to ward off evil influence and give protection from witches, a popular belief held in widely-distant countries.

The Russians believe that Elder-trees drive away evil spirits, and the Bohemians go to it with a spell to take away fever.

The Sicilians think that sticks of its wood will kill serpents and drive away robbers, and the Serbs introduce a stick of Elder into their wedding ceremonies to bring good luck.

In England it was thought that the Elder was never struck by lightning, and a twig of it tied into three or four knots and carried in the pocket was a charm against rheumatism. A cross made of Elder and fastened to cowsheds and stables was supposed to keep all evil from the animals.

Cole's Art of Simpling (1656) tells us:

"In order to prevent witches from entering their houses, the common people used to gather Elder leaves on the last day of April and affix them to their doors and windows, and the tree was formerly much cultivated near English cottages for protection against witches."

Green Elder branches were also buried in a grave to protect the dead from witches and evil spirits, and in some parts it was a custom for the driver of the hearse to carry a whip made of Elder wood. In some of the rural Midlands, it is believed that if a child is chastised with an Elder switch, it will cease to grow, owing, in this instance, to some supposed malign influence of the tree. On the other hand, Lord Bacon commended the rubbing of warts with a green Elder stick and then burying the stick to rot in the mud, and for erysipelas, it was recommended to wear about the neck an amulet made of Elder ' on which the sun had never "'

In Denmark we come across the old belief that he who stood under an Elder tree on Midsummer Eve would see the King of Fairyland ride by with his entourage.

Folkard, in Plant-Lore, Legends and Lyrics, tells us:

"The pith of the branches when cut in round, flat shapes, is dipped in oil, lighted, and then put to float in a glass of water; its light on Christmas Eve is thought to reveal to the owner all the witches and sorcerers in the neighbourhood."

Elder trees are often found in old cottage gardens where they were believed to give protection from witches. Although the Elder has also been revered as a magical tree. There's tons of myth and lore that surrounds this most alluring of the sacred trees that were honoured and worked with by witches of the past and of today as well. Dame Elder or Hylde-Moer, the Elder Tree Mother, has a most intriguing history with Witches. Here's a story about the Rollright Stones on Oxfordshire, that involves the Elder:

The word 'Elder' comes from the Anglo-Saxon word aeld. In Anglo-Saxon days we find the tree called Eldrun, which becomes Hyldor and Hyllantree in the fourteenth century. One of its names in modern German - Hollunder - is clearly derived from the same origin. In Low-Saxon, the name appears as Ellhorn. which meant 'fire,' the hollow stems of the young branches having been used for blowing up a fire: the soft pith pushes out easily and the tubes thus formed were used as pipes - hence it was often called Pipe-Tree, or Bore-tree and Bour-tree, the latter name remaining in Scotland and being traceable to the Anglo-Saxon form, Burtre.

Shakespeare, in Cymbeline, referring to it as a symbol of grief, speaks slightingly of it as 'the stinking Elder,' yet, although many people profess a strong dislike to the scent of its blossom, the shrub is generally beloved by all who see it. In countrysides where the Elder flourishes it is certainly one of the most attractive features of the hedgerow, while its old-world associations have created for it a place in the hearts of English people.

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Criminalizing The Defamation Of Islam By Amil Imani
I POSTED THIS Cling to WEEK,, BUT Needs TO BE PUT OUT Portray Beyond AND Beyond Again,, Another Basic Entr FROM FSM



by AMIL IMANI October 3, 2012

Minute allowance prompts the hundreds of frequently feuding and disorder sects of Islam to come together comparable the slightest slight revealed to the founder of their religion or their dedicated holiness. Furthermore the slightest hint from their vested-interest clergy and politicians, mobs of Muslims light rain into the streets with chaos, sizzling, destroying buildings and loss of life culture they associate, notwithstanding remotely, as complicit in defaming Islam.

Composed, Islamic diplomats excess worldwide forums such as the Associated Nations exhausting the worldwide community abide supposed oath laws that would make confront of their religion a on expenses misdemeanor. Islamic heads of adaptation such as Muhammad Morsi of Egypt, Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan, and Ayatollah Khamenei of the Islamic Republic of Iran are raising a hue and a cry about how Islam has been defamed in the West and claiming astute action is desired to make the tide of anti-Islam lingo. These defenders of Islam, also allocated as the religion of method, yell the lingo that the free world considers part and section of abandon of tongue, oath. And committing oath in plentiful Islamic lands can proposed law culture their lives.

The annual report fall reasonable of the Associated Nations someplace heads of contain or their high school assembly crowd to New York to address the State Upper house on matters of augment see to to the world community, recurrently lives up to the maiden name "reasonable." It is in this forum the Hitler would-be clown, Ahmadinejad, the journey of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was lecturing the worldwide group on the uprightness of his adaptation and the use for the rest of the world to project its model. Among the tackle the world inevitability do is eliminate Israel from the map, send the Jews to somewhere they came from, and if not to someplace his idol Adolf sent millions of them. And, no, his government's in relation to the measure dash to enlarge nuclear weapons role is a misrepresentation of Jews and Americans. The Islamic adaptation is pursuing a tranquil nuclear solidify and has no sense of rural nuclear weapons. Since asked why is it that the Islamic adaptation does not allow the worldwide tiny energy chore to look at their smoothness, he has the disrespect to say that dowry is no use for so behave. Desirable footing our word for it.

This touring company of criminalizing oath, demanded by a raft of Islamic politicians and high clerics, reached its best plan while the bubbles of the Arab League, Nabil Alaraby, formally anticipated it in his tongue at the Associated Nations State Upper house this week. He held that in the self-same expose that the West has criminalized frolics that unpretentiously harm culture, it requirement also criminalize acts that harm culture psychologically and devotedly.

Alluring opinion indeed! Hardship perfectly the West abide laws that would smother their abandon of piece in order to protect Muslim sensibilities? Don't Muslims use to do the same? Alaraby reliable proposes that these laws requirement criminalize pathetic the holiness of religions. It is very considerate of him to make it whole by using the plural term, "religions." But, to him and one and lacking billion Muslims, dowry are, according to the Quran, perfectly three belief systems that passage as religion:

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. To the same degree about the billions who are Hindus, Buddhists, and members of other faiths? To the same degree about agnostics, and atheists who don't call in a deity? Not believing in a deity, in itself, is also a belief practice. These culture are fair game and can be vilified not up to scratch any outlay under the anticipated oath law?

Attractively enough, Muslims connection out in savagery while the holiness of their wish is snubbed in the form of a outline, a video, a book, or an classify sizzling of a Quran. Yet, they likes and dislikes free not perfectly in pathetic other peoples' religions, but wreaking all kinds of enormous acts upon them. Defaming, pathetic, and desecrating others' beliefs is in the significant of Islam itself.

Muslims are saddened by a selected classify sizzling of a Quran at one end of the world and answer back with revolution, misuse and killings somewhere they exist. Let the classify buy all the Qurans he requirements and dry them. In a free world, publishers hurry through their presses and figure higher than enough replacements of the burned Qurans even before the smoke from the indolent books entirely disappears. Political party has finished a video ambush to Muslims? Did the video actually ferment riots? Did it short vacation the limits set by abandon of expression? If so, it is the deference of the courts to decide the conglomerate and mete out the outstanding scolding and not the muscle of the mob to undo its fury on buildings and open culture.

Muslims hang on no issue pathetic even a Quran-sanctioned religion, Christianity, in all places, in the Quran itself: Quran 5:73 "infidels are they who say Allah is one of three," in hint to the Christian world of Trinity. And "Infidels are they who say Allah is the Christ, son of Mary." In Quran 9:30 it says, "the Christians say the Christ is the son of Allah...may Allah's curse be upon them."

I completely use order donate all the intolerable tackle Islam has done and continues to do and say about the Jews indoors the life of Muhammad and to this day.

Muslims do not dictate their attacks on other religions to cartoons, videos, and consider corporeal. Desirable a few instances are tolerable to display their dreadful activities and the be there for morals they practice. Not hope ago, the Taliban blatantly destroyed the distinguished earlier statues of the Buddha in Afghanistan. Saudi Arabia bars churches, synagogues, and places of idolization for any and all non-Muslims. The Islamic Republic of Iran has an officer policy of decimating the country's prime dedicated minority, the Baha'is. In track of this on expenses neutral, Baha'is' holiest testament in Shiraz has been leveled, Baha'i cemeteries are bulldozed and in plentiful cities the Baha'is are not even decriminalized to hush up their dead. Baha'is are unacceptable from adaptation exploitation, their businesses and lives robotically attacked, some are caged, and plentiful executed.

Gullible Baha'is are not admitted to universities unless they recant their wish. Since Baha'is exercise to introduce their culture by donate courses in children homes, the teachers are caged and study provisions and computers are confiscated.

Christians and Jews are not treated as callously as the Baha'is in Iran. Yet, they are with conviction second-class inhabit in their own homeland basically seeing as they are not Muslims.

Atrocities lively imaginatively the Muslim world by Muslims on top of other faiths are footer. Egypt's Coptic Christians are fleeing their family home in droves; ditto for Christians in Iraq. Mali's Ansar Chomp, overrun by jihadist Muslims, is experiencing the destructions of Sufi temples and Christian churches. Bombing Christian churches and loss of life Christians in Nigeria is all in a day's work for culture of the religion of method.

It stands to hearsay that the Muslims who likes and dislikes so saddened by the sniping statement of Islam use to footing a in the neighborhood severe at their own classify as well as socialist mind of non-Muslims. Muslims do not hang on the in shape to entail in mayhem on top of others however exhausting that no one in any form or faultlessly insult their dedicated sensibilities.

Mohammad Morsi, a card-carrying life-long devotee of the Muslim Brotherhood clearly presiding all the way through Egypt, has no responsibility lecturing us on uprightness and pay homage to for other culture and their religion while in his own homeland minority inhabit are at the blessing of Muslim mobs. Ahmadinejad, who time and again publicly proclaimed his aim to cut down Israel, requirement not be even sanctioned to corrupt the dirty of the land of the free and forward Hitlerism in in the neighborhood nearness of the Doll of Privilege that symbolizes America and what America stands for and reveres.

Nabil Alaraby, the Information of the Arab League and his ilk use to learn the elemental lesson of uprightness by granting to others what they blatantly call exclusively for themselves. It is hope slow for these purveyors of repulsion and zeal en route for non-Muslims to fasten their own ways before appearing in worldwide forums and blatantly preaching the use for pay homage to. These Muslim pseudo-populists be radiant between the masses of lush Muslims, but they without a doubt hang on no standing between the culture who snitch them by their activities first than by their public speaking.

My directions to these pretenders of uprightness and devotees of respect: Scratch go home and make out your own minority inhabit a dash of pay homage to and arrangement before pressuring the world group to enact laws that would criminalize the slur of Islam. Islam inevitability, preparatory, end its steady practice of defaming, disciplining, and loss of life dedicated minorities to earn reciprocity from the non-Muslim culture. Causative Editor Amil Imani is an Iranian-American biographer, poet, comic, journalist, critic, intellectual translator, aver voice and following doctor of psychiatry who has been speech and communication out about the worry of oddball Islam what's more in America and internationally. He has become a highly-flavored vocalize in the Associated States on top of the worry of transnational jihad and Islamization of America. He maintains a website at Imani is the writer of the action-packed book Obama Meets Ahmadinejad and the crime novel Show Persian Sharing.

Imani has been refining Americans about the worry of oddball Islam, and has enthused nation for Iran and give out the Iranian culture. His copious articles about oddball Islam hang on been published in plentiful journalists and magazines in relation to the world as well as in thousands of Internet magazines, websites and blogs. Imani's writings can be found on his website He is a persistent go-to-guy on the Iranian issues on BBC Conception Information. He is also 2010 honoree of EMET: "the Storyteller of the Details Hand" at the Capitol Hill.

Entr more: Links Guard Matters reads#ixzz28FVMfYOx

Asleep Fundamental Cafeteria License: Assertion

About Magick
Wed Apr 18 1990

Do not scatter your energy by attempting to do above than one magickal working at a time.

Celebrate that magick is the sway of energy, a awareness is a form of energy and a prediction is an even stronger form of energy. Your
prediction can be a useful hand-me-down to augment ahead and administer your behest.
Your prediction can be the useful by which you check the magickal energy you plague fashioned. You poverty know what you crave. You poverty see it. You poverty environment the high energy rise and fall. You poverty administer it.

One of the utmost large elements in the practice of any form of magick is the for all law of mention and effect. This money that doesn't matter what you do (or don't do) you mention no matter which to scuttle.

The utmost large courteousness is the for all law of vengeance. this money that no issue what you do, it comes back to you in as soon as sympathetic.

It is the manipulate of stuff that as you send no matter which out it gains rush, so that, by the time it comes back to you, it is three period stronger. If you do no matter which safe for someone, someone behest do no matter which nicer for you.

"As you join and
Concoct your spell,
Three in two return
the deceit behest reveal."

COPYRIGHT (C) 1981 BY "THE WITCHING Superbly Education & Research Focus"
Recycled BY Weight.

Compared To Celestine Prophecy In Search Of Simplicity Author Interview
My guest to day is John Haines, novelist of In Query of Undersupply. Compared to the Celestine Forethought, In Query of severity is Haines pursue for spiritual Revolution

Until You Step the Track, You Don't Direct Where it Goes

Theresa Chaze

Look at / Time: 4/12/2009 5:00 PM eastern

Category: Holiness

Call-in Number: (347) 324-3745

John drive be answering questions from the chat room as well as live in from callers. To anyhow participate in the chat room, itch sign up for a free Blog Talk put down. Disentangle phones are made known defeat Skype defeat the arrive on the scene page.

Absorb hand out the duo with others

In Query of Undersupply is the extra special story of an widespread man, told with a fiction of nature, keen insight and imagine. The book is no tarn travel times past. It is an imagine hip the very principal of life that plants every reader improved. Hand over is a lecture of olive oneness and of the unity that exists at the most important of all religions and beliefs. Hand over is a lecture of commit and immediate healing and feeling one's immediate task in life. And the story is all the bigger real for example it is true and is tempered with sometimes witty incidents and flashbacks to nearer times in the author's life.

John Haines was untutored in Niagara Flow, Ontario. He now lives with his market in New Zealand 's delicately populated and good-looking subtropical Far North. He's lived in The Netherlands (twice as many), Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Mexico and Arizona, together with his first 25 existence in Ontario, Canada. He met his desirable Dutch next of kin Lucia in India all the rage an 11 month schedule in the Himalayas.

John Haines is living the simple life he hunted, as he describes in his impartial limitless book, In Query of Simplicity: A Actual Aspect that Changes Lives. He is at the moment words a sequel to the former book, another book on natural health and he's creating an anthology of encouraging declaration belabor. John Haines' featuring in periodical radio prospectus, Voices from the North, in somebody's company carried on radio and method TV, involves one hour interviews with evolution from all walks of life. John's use on the prospectus is to inform, focus, entertain and raise your spirits the common.

He teaches fuel at a community college and helps autonomy a Complementary Therapies prospectus at the exceedingly college. He offers workshops (he calls them Playshops) in yoga, talk about, declaration and contort for the Far North community and exterior. He writes on demand for dense correspondents, relieves when looked-for in the common library, and grows entirely and extra-large relaxed fruits and vegetables for his market. John is a singer/songwriter who has recorded three lull songs after living in the Netherlands.

Early in life he lived a self travelable permaculture-based lifestyle in New Mexico, working with astronomical power and simple hand-made astronomical tackle. He strong a seven hectare subtropical fruit wood to organics at the top of New Zealand 's South Island and he and his next of kin advanced and ran a Open Remedial Stronghold Centre in New Zealand 's Far North.

He holds a Bachelor of Subject Climb over from McMaster Scholarly in Hamilton, Ontario and an MBA from York Scholarly in Toronto, Ontario, and is a accredited teaTheresa Chaze has been described as the mortal who show business with dragons, for the most part the dragons of the consciousness. She leads her readers to magical realms and others worlds. Her work is based on her philosophy that all peoples can on stage together in lull as desire as we come from admiration, not completely for ourselves but live in who acquire personage paths or beliefs. Her work has been compared to Marion Zimmer Bradley and Anne McCaffrey with an high recruit of Harass Potter diverse in.

Candied Catnip Leaves Cover

White of one egg

Juice of 1 Lemon

1/2 cup sugar

Combine egg and lemon and stir. Pour sugar onto a plate. Dip fresh Catnip leaves in the egg/lemon mixture, then brush in the sugar on the plate on both sides. On a clean plate, let the leaves dry for about one hour. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

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Rosemary Hair Care Cover
This all natural shampoo combines Rosemary, Peppermint, and Oat Extracts to add shine and softness to your hair, while stimulating and conditioning the scalp. Walnut Oil adds an extra does of moisturizing power to this already gentle shampoo. This easy recipe is great for those who want to add shine and moisture to their hair, or need to help improve the condition of their scalp.

Vinegar Rinses help to balance the ph of your hair and scalp, while removing the build up that is left by shampoos and conditioners. These rinses are especially important if you are using an all natural shampoo, such as a solid shampoo bar, or a Castile based shampoo. This recipe includes a Rosemary and Walnut Infusion that can help add shine and softness to the hair.

Rosemary Walnut Shampoo


14 ounces Aloe Castile Shower Gel Base
2 1/2 ounces Walnut Oil
3/4 teaspoon Rosemary Essential Oil
3/4 teaspoon Peppermint Select CO2 Extract
1 teaspoon Oat Oil CO2 Extract


Pour the Organic Liquid Castile Shower Gel Base into a medium sized mixing bowl. Add the Walnut Oil to the bowl, followed by the Rosemary Essential Oil, Peppermint CO2 Extract, and Oat CO2 Extract. Stir the mixture slowly, making to sure the combine all of the ingredients without creating too many bubbles. Carefully pour the mixture into a Disc or Turret Capped Bottle.

Usage & Packaging:

For easy use, this shampoo should be packed in a Disc or Turret Capped Bottle. Our PET Boston Rounds or Cosmos are great choices. Download a free, printable label for your Rosemary Walnut Shampoo here:

Download RoseMary Walnut Shampoo and Rinse Labels

When you are ready to use your shampoo, shake well the redistribute the ingredients, then apply a small amount of shampoo to wet hair. Work the shampoo into a lther and then rinse it with water. If possible, follow with a Vinegar Rinse. Our Rosemary Walnut Rinse would be ideal.

Rosemary Walnut Rinse


12 ounces Water
8 ounces Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
1/8 cup Rosemary Leaf
1/8 cup Walnut Powder, Medium


In a small saucepan, combine 12 ounces of water with 1/8 cup of Rosemary Leaf, and 1/8 cup of Walnut Powder. Bring the mixture to a boil, then reduce it to a very low simmer. Allow the liquid to simmer for 15 – 30 minutes, adding more water if necessary. After simmering, allow the liquid to cool completely. Once it has cooled, strain the solids from the liquid using a cheese cloth or fine mesh strainer. Measure 8 ounces of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and pour it into a 16 ounce bottle. Measure 8 ounces of the infused water, and pour it into the bottle along with the Vinegar. Cap the bottle and shake well to combine the ingredients.
To use your rinse, simply douse your wet hair and work the rinse through it with your fingers. Afterward, rinse your wet hair with a little water to reduce the Vinegar smell while your hair is drying.

Tip: If you find this shampoo to be too heavy, try cutting it with 8 – 16 ounces of Distilled Water.

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Detoxification And Regeneration Through Diet Cover
The greatest misunderstanding and confusion in the field of nutrition is the failure to properly understand and interpret the symptoms and the changes which follow the implementation of a natural diet.

The highest quality of food are the natural, whole and raw foods. All the enzymes are found intact. The amino acids are in their finest form. The minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, trace elements and "life-force" are present. The "life force", in turn is of higher quality than the tissues which the body is made of, the body begins to discard the lower grade materials and tissues to make room for the superior materials which it uses to make new and healthier tissue.

This is the plan of Nature. The body is very selective and always will be unless our interference is too great. Only then do we fail to recover and degenerate further into disease. The self-curing nature of many conditions such as colds, fevers, cuts, swellings, injuries, pain, etc., furnishes endless examples of how the body tends toward health -- always unless we do something to stop the process.

What are the symptoms or signs which become evident when we first begin to omit the lower grade foods and instead introduce superior foods -- those which are more alive, more natural than we are accustomed to? When the use of the toxic stimulant such as coffee, tea, chocolate, or cocoa is suddenly stopped, headaches are common and letdown occurs.

This is due to the discard by the body of the toxins called caffeine and theobromide which are removed from the tissues and transported through the blood stream during its many bodily rounds. Before the noxious agents reach their final destination for elimination, these irritants register in our consciousness as pain -- in other words, headache etc.

The letdown is due to the slower action of the heart -- the resting phase which follows the stimulation of more rapid heart action forced upon the body by certain poisons called stimulants (that can be in the form of drug medications). The more rapid heartbeat (or pulse) produces a feeling of exhileration, and the slower action produces a depressed state of mind. Usually within three days the symptoms vanish and we feel stronger due to the recuperation which follows.

To a lesser extent, the same process occurs when we abandon lower quality foods and replace them with better foods. Lower quality foods have undergone more preparation, spices, salt and other ingredients have been added, which then tend to be more stimulating then less prepared and more natural foods.

Animal foods and products, such as meat, fowl, fish, cheese, milk, eggs, etc., are more stimulating than seeds, nuts, grains, and vegetable protiens. Consequently, the withdrawal of stimulation which follows the abandonment of animal foods produces a slower heart action -- a resting phase -- which registers in the mind as relaxation or a decrease in energy. This initial letdown lasts about ten days or slightly longer and is followed by an increase of strength, a feeling of diminishing stress, and greater well-being.

Now, let us return to the symptoms which occur in the process of regeneration. The person who starts a better diet, stays on it for three days to a week and then quits, will say "Oh, I felt better on the old diet--the new one made me feel weak." He failed because he didn't give his body a chance to adjust and complete its first phase of action--recuperation. If he had waited awhile longer, he would have begun to feel better than before he started.

During this initial phase (lasting about ten days on the average to several weeks in others), the vital energies which are usually in the periphery or external part of the body, such as the muscles and skin, begin to move to the vital internal organs and start reconstruction.

This shunting of much of the power to the internal organs produces a feeling of less energy in the muscles, which the mind interprets as some weakness. Actually, the power is increased, but most of it is being used for rebuilding the more important organs and less of it is available for muscular work. Any weakness which is felt here is not true weakness, but merely a redeploying of forces to the more important internal parts. Here it is important for the person to stop wasting energy, and to rest and sleep more. This is a Crucial phase, and if the person resorts to stimulants of any kind, he will abort and defeat the regenerative intent of the body.

It is important that he have the patience and faith and just wait it out, and after awhile he will get increasing strength which will exceed by far what he felt before he began the new program. Success in recovery or improvement of health hinges upon the correct understanding of this point--realizing that the body is using its main energies in more important internal work and not wasting it in external work involving muscle movements.

Be wise--take it easy here and relax. Just coast in your work and social obligations until you're out of the woods.

As one continues on the improved diet and gradually raises the food quality, interesting symptoms begin to occur. The body begins a process called "retracting". The cellular intelligence reasons something like this:

"Oh! Look at all this fine material coming in. How wonderful--now we have a chance to get rid of this old garbage and build a beautiful new house. Let's get started immediately.

Let's get this excess bile out of the liver and gallbladder and send it to the intestines for elimination. Let's get this sludge moving out of the arteries, veins and capillaries. These smelly, gassy, brain-stupefying masses have been here too long--out with them! These arthritic deposits in the joints need cleaning up. Let's get these irritating food preservatives, sleeping pills, aspirins, and drugs out of the way, along with these other masses of fat which have made life so burdensome for us for so long.

"Let's get going and keep going until the job is done--until we have a beautiful house--and from then on we'll keep it a beautiful, ideal model house." During the first phase (called Catabolism), the accent is on elimination, or breaking down, of tissue. The body begins to clean house--in short, to remove the garbage deposited in all the tissues--everywhere.

During this period, the body "removes the ashes from the furnace preparatory to getting a better fire." Here, the accentuation is on the removal of the gross and immediate body obstructions. Wastes are discarded more rapidly than new tissue is made from the new food. This becomes evident as weight loss. This persists for awhile and is then followed by the second phase--stabilization.

Here the weight remains more or less stable. During this phase the amount of waste material being discarded daily is equal to the amount of tissue which is being formed and replace by the newer, more vital food. This occurs after the excess of obstructing material in the tissues has been removed.

This stage persists for awhile and is then followed by a third phase--a build-up period (called Anabolism), wherein weight starts to go up, even though the diet is lower in calories than it was before. At this point, much or more of the interfering wastes have already been discarded--the tissues which have formed since the diet was raised in quality are more durable and do not break down easily. Also, new tissues are now being formed faster.

This is due to the improved assimilation made possible by the ceasing of wrong food-combining. The body's need for the usual amounts of food decreased, and we are able to maintain our weight and increased energies with less food. Many are able to function very efficiently on two meals a day and eventually even on one meal a day.

As the body progressively increases in efficiency and decreases in tissue breakdown under exercise, so do we gradually need less and less food to maintain life. The higher the percentage of whole and raw foods one lives on, the slower the rate of tissue deterioration which one evolves into. A sick body requires a gradual, carefully worked-out entry into this stage, where one is able to live on a 100 percent unfired raw diet.

Returning to the symptoms which occur on a superior nutritional program, people who have had tendencies in the past to recurring skin rashes or eruptions will frequently tend to eliminate poisons and harmful drugs through the skin with new rashes or eruptions. If they go to a doctor, now, who is unfamiliar with this aspect of nutrition, he will diagnose it as an allergy. They ask "How come? I'm eating better now than I ever did before, and instead I'm getting worse."

They don't understand that the body is "retracting." The skin is getting more alive and active. It's throwing out more poisons more rapidly now that the body is building more power which is saved from those hard-to-digest meals which have been discontinued. These toxins being discarded are saving you from more serious disease, which will result if you keep them in your body too much longer--possibly hepatitis, kidney disorder, blood disease, heart disease, arthritis, nerve degenerations, or even cancer--depending on your heredity or structural weaknesses. Be happy you're paying your bills now in an easy payment plan.

With some, colds which haven't appeared for a long time may occur, or even fevers. This is nature's way of housecleaning. Understand that these actions are constructive, even though unpleasant at the moment. Don't try to stop these symptoms by the use
of certain drugs, or even massive doses of vitamins which will act as drugs in huge concentrations. These symptoms are part of a curing process--and don't try to cure a cure.

These are NOT deficiency conditions or allergic manifestations--not if you're eating properly in quality, quantity, combination and sequence. Here is where experienced advice is of great value. Unfortunately, there are few books present today which give good guidance to the average reader. Try to find guidance through a doctor or teacher who has the requisite experience in this most confusing of all subjects--nutrition in relation to health and disease.

You may be eating perfectly in regard to quantity, quality, and observing all the correct rules, and still symptoms will occur. Those who have lived better lives in the past, who have eaten better foods and who have abused their bodies less with overeating, will have reactions ranging from almost none at all or very mild to symptoms which may be uncomfortable or acute.

Those who have lived worse lives and poisoned themselves more will experience more severe symptoms if their liver, kidneys or other important eliminating organs have been damaged. When they have been renovated to the point of fair working order, they will no longer produce symptoms.

Headaches may occur at the beginning; fever and/or colds also may appear; the skin may break out; there may be a short interval of bowel sluggishness, occasional diarrhea, feelings of tiredness and weakness, disinclination to exercise, nervousness, irritability, negativity or mental depression, frequent urination, etc. However, the great majority of people find their reactions tolerable and are encouraged to bear with them because of the many improvements which already occurred and are becoming more evident with each day. This acts as an inspirational force to them.

The symptoms will vary according to the materials being discarded, the condition of the organs involved in the elimination, and the amount of energy you have available. The more you rest and sleep when the symptoms are present, the milder they are and the more quickly they are terminated.

Be happy you are having symptoms. Realize deeply that you body is becoming younger and healthier every day because you are throwing off more and more wastes which would eventually have brought pain, disease, and much suffering. Those who have the worst symptom-reactions and follow through to their successful termination are thus avoiding some of the worst diseases which would eventually have developed had thy continued their careless eating habits.

Don't expect to go on an ascending scale of quality--that improving your diet will make you feel better and better each day until you reach perfection. The body is cycllcal in nature (on a circadian rhythm), and health returns in a series of gradually-diminishing cycles. For example, you start a better diet and for awhile you feel much better. After some time, a symptom occurs--you may feel nauseous for a day and have diarrhea with a foul-smelling stool. After a day, you feel even better and all goes fine for awhile. Then you suddenly develop a cold, feel chills, and lose your appetite. After about two or three days (assuming you don't take drugs or do anything else about it), you suddenly recover and feel better than you did for years.

Let us say this well-being continues for two months, when you suddenly develop an itch or rash. You still don't take anything for it. This rash flares up, gets worse and continues for ten days, and suddenly subsides. Immediately after this you find that your hepatitis is gone and your energy has increased more than ever before.

The rash became an outlet for the poisons in the liver which produced the hepatitis. This is how recovery occurs--like the cycles in the Dow-Jones Average at the beginning of a bull market.

You feel better, a reaction occurs and you don't feel as well for a short time. You recover and go higher for awhile. Then another reaction occurs, milder than the last. You recover and go even higher. And so it goes..

Each reaction milder than the first as the body becomes purer, each becoming shorter in duration and being followed by a longer and longer period of feeling better than ever before, until you reach a level plateau of radiant health.

The first laws we must learn to obey are the laws of Nature. We must learn to eat simple, pure and natural foods, properly prepared and combined, and our bodies in return will cast off all the evil we have taken in during our lives. Nowhere is the principle of forgiveness more manifest than here--in our own bodies--when we forsake our evil and destructive ways of eating (the dwelling of the temple of the soul).

God, Nature, Your Higher Power..if you please, gives us a whole new chance for a new glorious life. All repentance must begin here in the body--through the purer diet and natural foods. The, just have faith, sit back, and watch what happens.

Before your eyes, you will daily see signs that will cause you to wonder at this vast intelligence in operation that staggers the comprehension, the mysteries of the body, the operations of Nature, the vital forces working in Nature, are far beyond what our minds are prepared to understand at present.

Dr. Ede Koenig is the founder and president of the Radiant Health Institute and the School of Radiant Health, located in the mountains of Napa Valley, CA, where she conducts a private practice. She is a doctor of Nutritional Medicine, an author and lecturer, and a master herbalist.

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To Ease Lingering Ill Health Cover
Go to a stream with an empty jar and let the current fill it. Take the jar home and add seven cloves of garlic and seven pieces of coal. Leave it to steep for seven days. Meanwhile, find a three forked twig. Boil the contents of the jar and stir it with the twig. When the water has cooled, flick it seven times on the patient.

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Rune Magic Herbs Image

* PAN 508/795-7628 *
* 300-2400 bd *
* 24 hours *

Acicia - Protection, Psychic Powers
Adam & Eve Roots - Love, Happiness.
Adders Tongue - Healing
African Violet - Spirituality, Protection
Agaric - Fertility
Agrimony - Protection, Sleep
Ague Root - Protection
Alfalfa - Prosperity, Anti-hunger, Money
Alkanet - Purification, Prosperity
Allspice - Money, Luck, Healing
Almond - Money, Prosperity, Wisdom
Aloe - Protection, Luck
Aloes, Wood - Love, Spirituality
Althea - Protection, Psychic Powers
Alyssum - Protection, Moderating Anger
Amaranth - Healing, Protection, Invisibility
Anemone - Health, Protection, Healing
Angelica - Exorcism, Protection, Healing, Visions
Apple - Love,Healing, Garden Magic, Immortality
Apricot - Love
Arabic Gum - Purify negativity and evil
Arbutus - Exorcism, Protection
Asafoetida - Exorcism, Purification, Protection
Ash - Protection, Prosperity, Sea Rituals, Health
Aspen - Eloquence, Anti-Theft
Aster - Love
Avens - Exorcism, Purification,Love
Avocado - Love,Lust,Beauty
Bachelor's Buttons - Love
Balm, Lemon - Love,Success, Healing
Balm of Gilead - Love,Manifestations,Protection,Healing
Bamboo - Protection, Luck, Hex-Breaking, Wishes
Banana - Fertility, Potency, Prosperity
Banyan - Luck
Barley - Love, Healing, Protection
Basil - Love, Exorcism, Wealth, Flying, Protection
Bay - Protection, Psychic Powers, Healing, Purification, Strength
Bean - Protection, Exorcism, Wart Charming, Reconciliations, Potency,
Bedstraw/Fragrant - Love
Beech - Wishes
Beet - love
Belladonna - astral projection *DEADLY POISON!
Benzoin - Purification, Prosperity
Bergamot, Orange - Money
Be-Still - Luck
Betony/wood - Protection,Purification,Love
Birch - Protection, Exorcism, Purification
Bistort - Psychic Powers, Fertility
Bittersweet - Protection, Healing
Blackberry - Healing, Money, Protection
Bladderwrack - Protection, Sea Spells, Wind Spells, Money, Psychic
Bleeding Heart - Love
Bloodroot - Love, Protection, Purification
Bluebell - Luck, Truth
Blueberry - Protection
Blue Flag - Money
Bodhi - Fertility, Protection, WIsdom, Meditation
Boneset - Protection, Exorcism
Borage - Courage, Psychic Powers
Bracken - Healing, Rune Magic, Prophetic Dreams
Brazil Nut - Love
Briony - Image Magic, Money, Protection
Bromeliad - Protection, Money
Broom - Purification, Protection, Wind Spells, Divination
Buchu - Psychic Powers, Prophetic Dreams
Buckthorn - Protection, Exorcism, Wishes, Legal Matters
Buckwheat - Money, Protection
Burdock - Protection, Healing
Cabbage - Luck
Cactus - Protection, Chastity
Calamus - Luck, Healing, Money, Protection
Camellia -Riches
Camphor - Chastity, Health, Divination
Caper - Potency, Lust, Luck
Carawy - Protection, Lust, Health, Anti-theft, Mental Powers
Cardamon - Lust, Love
Carnation - Protection, Strength, Healing
Carob - Protection, Health
Carrot - Fertility, Lust
Cascara Sagrada - Legal Matters, Money, Protection,
Cashew - Money
Castor - Protection
Catnip - Cat Magic, Love, Beauty, Happiness
Cattail - Lust
Cedar - Healing, Purification, Money, Protection
Celandine - Protection, Escape, Happiness, Legal Matters
Celery - Mental Powers, Lust, Psychic Powers
Centaury - Snake Removing
Chamomile - Money, Sleep, Love, Purification
Cherry - Love, divination
Chestnut - Love
Chickweed - Fertility, Love
Chicory - Removing Obstacles, Invisibility, favors, Frigidity
Chili pepper - Fidelity, hex Breaking, Love
China Berry - Luck
Chrysanthemum - Protection
Cinchona - Luck, Protection
Cinnamon - Spirituality, Success, Healing, Power, Psychic Powers, Lust
Protection, Love
Cinquefoil - Money, Protection, Prophetic Dreams, Sleep
Citron - Psychic Powers, Healing
Cloth of Gold - Understand animal languages
Clove - Protection, Exorcism, Love, Money
Clover - Protection, Money, Love, fidelity, Exorcism, Success
Club Moss - Protection, Power
Coconut - Purification, Protection, Chastity
Cohosh,Black - love, courage,protection,potency
Coltsfoot - Love,Visions
Columbine - Courage,Love
Comfrey - Safety during travel, Money
Copal - Love, Purification
Coriander - Love,Health, Healing
Corn - protection,luck, divination
Cotton - Luck,Healing,Protection,Rain,Fishing Magic
Cowslip - Healing,Youth,Treasure Finding
Crocus - Love, Visions
Cubeb - Love
Cuckoo-flower - Fertility,Lover
Cucumber - Chastity,Healing,Fertility
Cumin - Protection,Fidelity, Exorcism
Curry - Protection
Cyclamen - fertility,Protection,Happiness, Lust
Cypress - Longevity, Healing, Comfort,Protection
Daffodil - Love,Fertility, Luck
Daisy - Lust,Luck
Damiana - Lust, Love, Visions
Dandelion - Divination,Wishes,Calling Spirits
Datura - Hex Breaking,Sleep,Protection
Deerstongue - Lust, Psychic Powers
Devils Bit - Exorcism, Love, Protection, Lust
Devils Shoestring - Protection, Gambling, Luck, Power, Employment
Dill - Protection, Money, Lust,Luck
Dittany of Crete - Manifestations, Astral Projection
Dock - Healing,Fertility, Money
Dodder - Love,Divination,Knot Magic
Dogbane - Love
Dogwood - Wishes, Protection
Dragons Blood - Love,Protection,Exorcism,Potency
Dulse - Lust, Harmony
Dutchmans Breeches - Love
Ebony - Protection, Power
Echinacea - Strengthening Spells
Edelweiss - Invisibility, Bullet-Proofing
Elder - Exorcism,Protection,Healing,Prosperity,Sleep
Elecampane - Love,Protection,Psychic Powers
Elm - Love
Endive - Lust,Love
Eryngo - Travelers Luck, Peace, Lust, Love
Eucalyptus - Healing,Protection
Euphorbia - Purification, Protection
Eyebright - Mental Powers, Psychic Power
Fennel - Protection, Healing, Purification
Fenugreek - Money
Fern - Rain Making, Protection,Luck,Riches,Eternal Youth, Health,
Feverfew - Protection
Fig - Divination,Fertility, Love
Figwort - Health,Protection
Flax - Money, Protection,Beauty,Psychic Powers, Healing
Fleabane - Exorcism, Protection, Chastity
Foxglove - Protection
Frankincense - Protection, Exorcism, Spirituality
Fumitory - Money, Exorcism
Fuzzy Weed - Love,Hunting
Galangal - Protection, Lust, Health, Money, Psychic Powers, Hex
Gardenia - Love, Peace, Healing, Spirituality
Garlic - Protection, Healing, Exorcism, Lust, Anti-Theft
Gentian - Love, Power
Geranium - Fertility, Health, Love, Protection
Ginger - Love, Money, Success, Power
Ginseng - Love, Wishes, Healing, Beauty, Protection, Lust
Goats Rue - Healing, Health
Goldenrod - Money, Divination
Golden Seal - Healing, Money
Gorse - Protection, Money
Gotu Kola - Meditation
Gourd - Protection
Grain - Protection
Grains of Paradise - Lust, Luck, Love, Money, Wishes
Grape - Fertility, Garden Magic, Mental Powers,Money
Grass - Psychic Powers, Protection
Ground Ivy - Divination
Groundsel - Health, Healing
Hawthorn - Fertility, Chastity, Fishing Magic, Happiness
Hazel - Luck, Fertility, Anti-Lightning, Protection, Wishes
Heather - Protection, Rain Making, Luck
Heliotrope - Exorcism, Prophetic dreams, Healing, Wealth, Invisbility
Hellebore,Black - Protection *POISON*
Hemlock - Destroy sexual drives *POISON*
Hemp - Healing, Love, Vision, Meditation
Henbane - POISON Not used
Henna - Healing
Hibiscus - Lust,Love, Divination
Hickory - Legal Matters
High John the Conquerer - Money, Love, Success, Happiness
Holly - Protection, Anti-Lightning, Luck, Dream Magic
Honesty - Money, Repelling Monsters
Honeysuckle - Money, Psychic Powers, Protection
Hops - Healing, Sleep
Horehound - Protection, Mental Powers, Exorcism, Healing
Horse Chestnut - Money, Healing
Horseradish - Purification, Exorcism
Horsetail - Snake Charming, Fertility
Houndstongue - Tying dogs tongues
Houseleek - Luck,Protection, Love
Huckleberry - Luck, Protection, Dream Magic, Hex Breaking
Hyacinth - Love, Protection, Happiness
Hydrangea - Hex Breaking
Hyssop - Purification, Protection
Indian Paint Brush - Love
Iris - Purification, Wisdom
Irish Moss - Money, Luck, Protection
Ivy - Protection, Healing
Jasmine - Love, Money, Prophetic Dreams
Jobs Tears - Healing, Wishes, Luck
Joe-pye weed - Love, Respect
Juniper - Protection, Anti-theft, Love, Exorcism, Health
kava-Kave - Visions, Protection, luck
knotweed - Binding, Health
Ladys mantle - Love
Ladys slipper - Protection
Larch - Protection, Anti theft
Larkspur - Health, Protection
Lavendar - Love, Protection, Sleep, Chastity, Longevity, Purification,
Happiness, Peace
Leek - Love, Protection, Exorcism
Lemon - Longevity, Purification, Love, Friendship
Lemongrass - Repel snakes, Lust, Psychic powers
Lemon Verbena - Purification, Love
Lettuce - Chastity, Protection, Love, Divination, Sleep
Licorice - Love,Lust, Fidelity
Life Everlasting - longevity, Health, Healing
Lilac - Exorcism, Protection
Lily - Protection, Breaking Love spells
Lily of the Valley - Mental Powers, Happiness

Lime - Healing,Love,Protection
Linden - Protection, Immortality, Luck, Love, Sleep
Liquidamber - Protection
Liverwort - Protection
Liverwort - Love
Looestrife - Peace,Protection
Lotus - Protection, Lock-Opening
Lovage - Love
Love Seed - Love,Friendship
Lucky Hand - Employment, Luck, Protection, Money, Travel
Mace - Psychic Powers, Mental Powers
Maguey - Lust
Magnolia - Fidelity
Mahogany,mountain - Anti-Lightning
Maidenhair - Beauty, Love
Male Fern - Luck, Love
Mallow - Love, Protection, Exorcism
Mandrake - Protection,Love, Money, Fertility, Health
Maple - Love, Longevity, Money
Marigold - Protection, Prophetic Dreams, Legal Matters, Psychic Powers
Marjoram - Protection, love, Happiness, Health, Money
Master Wort - Strength, Courage, Protection
Mastic - Psychic Powers, Manifestations, Lust
May Apple - Money
Meadow Rue - DIvination
Meadowsweet - Love, Divination, Peace, Happiness
Mesquite - Healing
Mimosa - Protection, Love, Prophetic Dreams, Purification
Mint - Money,Love,Lust,Healing, Exorcism,Travel, Protection
Mistletoe - Protection, Love, Hunting, Fertility, Health, Exorcism
Molukka - Protection
Moonwort - Money, Love
Moss - Luck,Money
Mugwort - Strength, Psychic Powers, Protection, Prophetic Dreams,
Healing, Astral Projection
Mulberry - Protection, Strength
Mullein - Courage, Protection, Health, Love,Divination, Exorcism
Mustard - Fertility, Protection, Mental Powers
Myrrh - Protection, Exorcism, Healing, Spirituality
Myrtle - Love, Fertility, Youth, Peace, Money
Nettle - Exorcism, Protection, Healing, Lust
Norfolk Island Pine - Protection, anti hunger
Nuts - Fertility,prosperity, love, luck
Oak - Protection, Health, Money, Healing, Potency, Fertility, Luck
Oats - Money
Olive - Healing, Peace, Fertility, Potency, Protection, Lust
Onion - Protection,Exorcism, Healing, Money, Prophetic Dreams, Lust
Orange - Love, Divination, Luck, Money
Orchid - Love
Oregon Grape - Money, Prosperity
Orris - Love, Protection, Divination
Palm,Date - Fertility, Potency
Pansy - Love,Rain Magic, Love, Divination
Papaya - Love, Protection
Papyrus - protection
Parosela - hunting
Parsley - Love, Protection, Purification
Passion Flower - Peace,Sleep, Friendship
Patchouly - Money, Fertility, Lust
Pea - Money,Love
Peach - Love, Exorcism, Longevity,. Fertility, Wishes
Pear - Lust, Love
Pecan - Money, Employment
Pennyroyal - Strength, Protection, Peace
Peony - Protection, Exorcism
Pepper - Protection,Exorcism
Peppermint - Purification, Sleep, Love, Healing, Psychic Powers
Pepper Tree - Purification, Healing, Protection
Periwinkle - Love, Lust, Mental Powers, Money, Protection
Persimmon - Changing Sex, healing, luck
Plot Weed - Protection
Pimento - Love
Pimpernel - Protection,Health
Pine - Healing, Fertility, Protection, Exorcism, Money
Pineapple - Luck, Money, Chastity
Pipsissewa - Money, Spirit Calling
Pistachio - Breaking Love Spells
Plantain - Healing, Protection, Strength,Snake Repelling
Plum - Healing
Plumeria - Love
Poke - Courage, Hex Breaking
Pomegranate - Divination, Luck, Wishes, Wealth, Fertility
Poplar - Money, Flying
Poppy - Fertility,Love, Sleep, Money,Luck, Invisibility
Potato - Image Magic, Healing
Prickly Ash - Love
Primrose - Protection, Love
Purslane - Sleep, Love, Luck, Protection, Happiness
Quassia - Love
Quince - Protection,Love,Happiness
Radish - Protection, Lust
Ragweed - Courage
Ragwort - Protection
Raspberry - Protection, Love
Rattlesnake Root - Protection,Money
Rhubarb - Protection, Fidelity
Rice - Protection, Rain, Fertility, Money
Roots - Protection, Power, Divination
Rose - Love, Psychic Powers, Healing, Love, Divination, Luck,
Rosemary - Protection, Love, Lust, Mental Powers, Exorcism,
Purification, Healing,Sleep, Youth
Rowan - Psychic Powers,Healing, Protection,Power, Success
Rue - Healing,Health, Mental Powers, Exorcism, Love
Rye - Love, Fidelity
Saffron - Love, Healing,Happiness, Wind Raising, Lust, Strength,
Psychic Powers.
Sage - Immortality, Longevity, Wisdom, Protection, Wishes
Sagebrush - Purification, Exorcism
St.Johns Wort - Health, Power,Protection,Strength, Love, Divination,
Sandalwood - Protection, Healing, Exorcism, Spirituality
Sarsaparilla - Love, Money
Sassafras - Health, Money
Savory/Summer - Mental Powers
Scullcap - Love, Fidelity, Peace
Senna - Love
Sesame - Money. Lust
Shallot - Purification
Skunk Cabbage - Legal Matters
Slippery Elm - Halts Gossip
Sloe - Exorcism, Protection
Snakeroot - Luck Money
Snakeroot/black - Love,Lust,Money
Snapdragon - Protection
Solomons Seal - Protection,Exorcism
Sorrel Wood - Healing,Health
Southern Wood - Love,Lust,Protection
Spanish Moss - Protection
Spearmint - Healing,Love,Mental Powers
SpiderWort - Love
Spikenard - Love
Squill - Money,Protection,Hex Breaking
Star/anise - Psychic Powers, Luck
Stillengia - Psychic Powers
Straw - Luck,Image Magic
Strawberry - Love,Luck
Sugar Cane - Love,Lust
Sumbul - Love,Luck,Health,Psychic Powers
Sunflower - Fertility,Wishes,Health,Wisdom
Sweetgrass - Calling Spirits
Sweetpea - Friendship,Chastity,Courage,Strength
Tamarind - Love
Tamarisk - Exorcism,Protection
Tansy - Health,Longevity
Tea - Riches,Courage,Strength
Thistle - Strength,Protection,Hex Breaking,Healing
Thistle/holy - Purification,Hex Breaking
Thistle/milk - Snake enraging
Thyme - health,Healing,Sleep,Psychic Powers,Love,Purification,Courage
Ti - Protection,Healing
Toadflax - Protection,Hex Breaking
Toadstool - Rain Making
Tobacco - Healing,Purification
Turmeric - Purification
Turnip - Protection,Ending Relationships
Uva Ursa - Psychic Workings
Valerian - Love,Sleep,Purification,Protection
Vanilla - Love,Lust,Mental Powers
Venus Flytrap - Protection,Love
Vervain - Love, Protection, Purification, Peace, Money, Youth,
Chastity, Sleep,Healing
Vetch/Giant - Fidelity
Vetivert - Love, Hex Breaking, Luck, Money, Anti-Theft
Violet - Protection, Luck, Love, Lust, Wishes, Peace, Healing
Wahoo - Hex-breaking, Courage, Success
Walnut - Health, Mental Powers, Infertility, Wishes
Wax Plant - Protection
Wheat - Fertility, Money
Willow - Love, divination, Protection, Healing
Wintergreen - Protection, Healing, Hex Breaking
Winters Bark - Success
WItch Grass - Happiness, Lust,love, Exorcism
Witch Hazel - Protection, Chastity
Wolfs Bane - Protection, Invisibility
Wood Rose - Luck
Woodruff - Victory, Protection, Money
Wormwood - Psychic Powers, Protection, Love, Calling Spirits
Yarrow - Courage, Love, Psychic Powers, Exorcism
Yellow Evening Primrose - Hunting
Yerba Mate - Fidelity, Love, Lust
Yerba Santa - Beauty, Healing, Psychic Powers, Protection
Yew - Raising the Dead
Yohimbe - Love,Lust
Yucca - Transmutation, Protection, Purification

Thus completes the list of the herbs most commonly used in magickal
workings. For further information on Herbs get a copy of Scott
Cunninghams "Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs" Retails for 12.95 but
available from PAN 508-795-7628 for only $10.50 postage paid.