How I Made My Mini Books
I had a attractiveness to spectacle how I prepared my small books for my Supernatural Heal participating in it goes. Bright Thursday Tutorial!

I prepared 4 of them for this problem, upright "Magic", "Hexes", "Potions", and "Spells". For this tutorial, I choice use some odds and ends...

I cut my "pages" at 1"x 1 1/2", and cut plenty for a 1/4" spine, in this occurrence, it pleasing 20 pages. I cut a cardstock newspaper as away from home. I recycled a gold pen, and quick dry connection.

I scored the contour paper as away from home...

I wrote my term on the spine, moreover further resentment to peer like the spine of a real book.

Insert your cardstock, and put on a pure part of the wet connection to the in-house spine.

Bash your pages usefully, and foundation participating in the in-house of the spine on the connection.

Insert the covers over and done with...

Clamp until dry. Whole. You can make these any fame you like, I fit cut the contour so that so folded gift was about 1/8" of cardstock extending over and done with the pages...and make self-possessed you pattern for the spine!

Thanks for asking me to spectacle how I did it, now I foothold pristine book to line participating in this project!

Lug fun, and get up scary!


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