Thor And Electro Magnetism
Appreciation - Gnome, whose copy is of Thor with a yearn red mustache.

Appreciation - Gnome image selection the red mustache and yearn red whiskers of Thors mustache.

Appreciation of Thor selection semblance amid Thor and a Gnome, the hat is the top cone-shaped tool of the apparition lightning as it bursts in the field of for one person, the rim of the hat is the loop ring-shaped rim of the apparition lightning and his red mustache is a copy of the lightning whiskers below the apparition lightning and his hands feel the coerce telling lightning strikes as they hit the earth.

The image shows in its symbolism the linkage and form of the two types of lightning.

Appreciation - the three weird types of lightning.

I impulsion be new member an series of articles get-together on the work of Elsa-Brita Titchenell in her book The Masks of Odin.

The near the beginning part is the segment from her book going on for ;


Altered ubiquitously settled deity is Thor, who corresponds to Jove or Jupiter of the Romans and in aspect respects to the Greek Zeus. The water supply of all vitality and power, he too has plentiful names suggestive of the weird phenomena to which electromagnetic force applies. Thor is not only the Thunderer robust the weather (paralleled by Jupiter the merry and Jupiter Pluvius), he is similarly the regent of the ground Jupiter. After Thor goes by the name Vior he represents vitality, the life force that animates every for one person.

As Lorride he is the electricity we know on earth and he visits us from the around sky in lightning and roar.

In the prominence of space Thor is Trudgalmer (skilled of Thor), the gratifying energy (Fohat of Oriental philosophy) that organizes design out of express and sets the galactic pinwheels churning. Trud or Thor is the impelling force which keeps atoms in roll and, friendship the Hindu Vishnu, maintains all possessions in action due to their lifetimes.

The coerce of Thor is Mjolnir (miller), the pulverizing force that destroys as well as creates. It is the stimulating knees which consistently takings to the hand that sent it forth. Symbolized by the svastika, either three- or four-armed, it represents revolving roll, the ever moving power which never ceases as soon as doesn't matter what lives in time and space.

Trudgalmer has two sons: Grow (force) and Magne (energy), which middle the two poles of electricity or magical on the limitless level. Whatever thing associated with Thor repeats the duality of bipolar power. His sons, centrifugal and centripetal action, individual as radiation and gravitation in all forms of life. In the worldly picture we know these armed forces as hatred and love, nausea and attraction.

Thor's level belt forms the knees for electrical current; his two weapon co-conspirator enchantment the duality of well-defined and sniping polarity.

His chariot wheels send sparks of lightning nonstop the skies; for this cause, such as immigrant abroad he is incapable to use the rainbow walkway of the gods, Bifrost, (2) as his lightnings would set the walkway on fire; he necessary consequently ford the waters (of space) that ingredient the worlds from one innovative.

This presumably poses no uncertainty to the god, so it is rarefied to find one lay loyal fine to a moderately tame disagreement of braggadocio amid Thor and the ferryman Harbard whom Thor is trying to endorse to write him sideways a spill.

It is plainly a ruse to bear out the craving of a steer to write stimulating power. (The lay is not included going on for.) On the ground earth Thor's action is served by his two adopted children, Tjalfe (haste) and Roskva (work), in step servants of our power-hungry background.

Thor's abundant partner is named Sif. She has yearn golden hair which is the unreality of all the gods. It represents the vitality of increase as well as the garner which results from it and, analogically, the evolutionary power and push to pass that maintains the course of living for all beings.

I would similarly add this to the scientific interpretation of Thor in the myths as put bold by Elsa-Brita Titchenell ;

The goats that copy Thor's chariot epitomize Electrons and Proton's.

The chariot consequently represents an Photon.

In physics, a photon is an elementary come apart, the quantum of the electromagnetic field and the basic "unit" of light and all other forms of electromagnetic radiation.

It is similarly the force holder for the electromagnetic force.

The chariot of Thor thereby symbolises an makeup Photon come apart, what time the wheels of the chariot that consent a column dead it what time demise nonstop space are consequently creating a line or a wave dead the chariot.

The chariot and its column consequently design the dualistic mortal of a Photon, that it is all a wave and a come apart.

The Strike of Thor, Mjollnir, is made of level and consequently represents the conductivity of electricity nonstop level as a lightning steer.

Thor whereabouts in a chariot illustrative by goats Tanngrisnir and Tanngnj'ostr, sometimes with his servant and champion Thj'alfi and Thj'alfi's sister R"oskva. The skaldic poem Haustl"ong relates that the earth was uninteresting and the mountains busted as Thor traveled in his wagon. According to the Literature Edda, such as Thor is greedy he can roast the goats for a feast. After he wants to think his whereabouts, Thor only desires to bless the remnant of the goats with his coerce Mj"ollnir, and they impulsion be length of track restored to full health to last their duties, assuming that the bones worry not been disciplined.

Along these lines the exercise of the goats symbolises the liberate of Electrons and Protons for power such as Thor requires energy from a Photon.

In one of the myths one of the goats is killed and eaten but the marrow pooped from the bones, and animal also has a softhearted - this suggests the arduous od too a lot energy from a Photon drains and compensation it.

The goats epitomize Duet Dispersion somewhere a Photon splits in the field of an electron and proton.

It is from the pair distribution such as a Photon hits the unmanageable middle of water molcules in the natural world that creates the electrical roost of lightning.

The word 'lightning' reveals that the electricity generated in storms that is discharged as lightning is less important from Photons as 'LIGHT-ning'.

This confirms that the chariot is a Photon, a come apart of light and that light, a Photon, and lightning are united.

The mark with streaks of light from lightning is memo of this.

The small that the electrical charge in lightning is earthed, also light, Photons, are emitted.

Thor is described as having a bottomless red mustache and wears a loop brimmed hat - which is an level show up of a Gnome type of lightning in the Mesosphere (check image on top for picture of Gnome lightning).

The Down in the dumps Jet type of lightning represents Thors chariot in the air sideways the sky.

The lightning bolts we see are the bolts from Thors Strike.

Along these lines we can similarly ascertain that this provides us a value from which we can grab the scientific water supply of lightning, which is due to the activities of Photons entering the natural world.

Photons can similarly be mystified by nuclei, atoms or molecules, stimulating transitions amid their energy levels.

According to the old myths present-day are two likely interpretations of the true water supply of lightning, which is in the beginning that the energy transitions of Photons entering Earths natural world and magnetosphere may initiation a quiet charge in the natural world which also builds up in a linkage at the rear of entering hair formations. This build up quiet charge within billows caused by Photons entering the billows also discharges as lightning bolts.

The other likely speculation is that the billows containing water are conductive and thereby allow discharges of quiet advanced generated by Photons entering the Earths magnetosphere to be discharged from the magnetosphere also nonstop the billows and discharging as lightning in the field of the Humanity.

Along these lines the power of Thor, electricity and its water supply is explained with a devotion that is highly based on a scientific understanding of the physical mortal of the design hundreds of time in advance of their time - and in finish even to the consequence of the origin of lightning brief of the spread around science on enlightenment which has only theories about somewhere lightning comes from.

That this is true is right dated in the myths and stories of the Odinic expectation.

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