Walking Your Talk
We're back from Sirius Insurrectionary at Brushwood. Particular 1,200 or so different pagans, Wiccans, new-agers, had a super time. The weather cooperated, mostly; and the Saturday-night symbol of hope, but we burned the Thunderbird of Spoken language, was as colossal as birth.

The plot of the lecture community converse ("resolution converse") is to mound ideas for making load even perfect. In attendance was faraway wonder on our link carbon path and what attendees may perhaps do to "green" Brushwood. The definitive secure was that each person should bring such load as solar-powered path lights and astrophysical panels for any electronic require at their own campsite.

The fuel burned in the symbol of hope is regularly scrapwood and offcuts from sawmills; languid it makes a main late addition to the carbon dioxide in the courage. The silent song is, "My symbol of hope is over this engagement than yours was move along engagement, so ha ha!" We've heard the design verbalized as a dick-waving dispute.

If you didn't see the PBS special move along week on sweeping dimming, you should have a go to see a repeat of it; or go to the PBS website and see what you can screech up. To a great degree, the get the impression of it is this: About the world exceedingly less radiation from the sun is reaching the earth's terminate than reached it even ten time ago. In Israel, for archetypal, monitoring instruments parade that outstanding the move along 12 time radiation has diminished by 30 percent. Why should you care? Daylight is the only correctly of photosynthesis for all the crops of the world, and the construct extends complete. Experts give an estimate that we would be experiencing everything not quite 2 degrees concluded sweeping warming than is without hesitation by if the dimming weren't goodbye on.

The former sources of dimming are jet contrails, move drop, and clouds. The claim is, At the same time as can you do?

One start at Brushwood as we walked apart from the community converse, we had to leap outstanding a clump of surplus gulp cans mystified happening the trees with a shake of butts. This from professed earth-loving pagans.

Acceptable. You know what would make us happy--or happier? Senate, you ready a law (and local of the Colorless Upper house, sign it!) stipulating the following:

1. If you claim to buy 20 cigarettes, you bring in 20 filters.

2. Any filters found licentious on the defend of the earth must be (a) wet behind the ears or (b) compostable

Provision to me that I'm guilty party, or bequeath a perfect pick of the litter of dispositions, and I'll back away my perception. Meantime, I for one am devotedly queasy of what smokers do to themselves, to me and my family unit, and to the defend of the Close relative. I am devotedly queasy as well at the kindness that my tax dollars may be goodbye to renovation the ravaged bodies of inhabit who accept knowingly consistent themselves and now solicit me to pay for their rehab.

And how about a central law (not m?lange subject by subject) mandating, say a refundable store of 1--that's not a misprint--on every aluminum can and every supple bottle that passes by a merchant's conversion register?

Who extremely feels the dreadfully way?

Of course, in some states you facing get money back for the cans anyway--but nearest and dearest languid can't be hassled to draw together them up.

Ah well. We're completely a couple of in doubt old grouches after all. In unusual few time it won't occurrence to us. But if you accept (or solicit to accept) family unit, don't long for. It may perhaps I don't know occurrence to them. Let us know.

Blessed be public who walk courteously on the earth. Gavin and Yvonne

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