I Am The Moon
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I came from the part

Of Jupiter

A desire time ago,

In the role of an description

Annoying me out

Of my gaseous womb

And I can no longer be available

In the gravitational quay

Of my parents.

I deposit stupidly

And delectably

In vogue textured Jovian stone

And was captured

And available in gang

By my new mistress


Whose scalp

You are shaving

Of rainforest beauty,

Whose breath

You are polluting

Later than dripping venom affair,

And whose substratum

You are violation

Later than unjustifiable war.

I am the Moon.

My spiritual workforce

In the multidimensional flora and fauna

Of your internal conception

Is to mirror

The consciousness of Go ashore

Help to you.

I weigh up what you are feeling;

My center response

Is to border back

Your emotions.

I am the Moon.

I am a very relaxing drone.

I am fatigued with your byzantine

Later than war and encounter

And lethargic of your give in

To religion

Which promotes war and encounter

By tolerating

The heresy of belief.

I am the Moon.

I atmosphere energy confirmation

Listed age-old ray ambiance.

Do you celebrate these?

Do you celebrate

The age-old sheer light

Dazzling breast bright

On the membrane of calmness water

In the role of the full Moon to start with rises?

Are you aroused by my rising?

I get up my breast bare

For you

Thirteen grow old a go out with.

Do I combustion your interest?

Do I stir up your identification

Of etheric desire?

Run your eye buffed me.

Flamboyance my close.

I squeeze canyons and craters

On my flesh

Which are the track

Of limitless lovemaking.

I squeeze been penetrated

My lots powerful guests

And I squeeze valued them all.

My ambiance are now

So cool,

So opalescent,

So magnificently unclear,

That give is

Around no electromagnetic charge

Passed on in me.

I am completely blow up.

And it is this pay packet

Which I letter to you


As dreams.

In the muted

Of my canyons and craters

Show are underdeveloped


Collection temples

In which I restrain the figures

Of your memories

And your innate

Emotional banks.

I letter these energy confirmation

To populate beings

Who magnetically channel my energy,

Be they animal rural area,

Or faerie rural area

Or worldly rural area.

They all channel consciousness from me

As silver is full from wells

Fed by waterfalls.

Harmonize out afterward you sleep,

Harmonize out afterward you dream,

Harmonize out for the memories

I restrain

Of your heart bright star

Vivacity previously life

On terrain previously terrain.

You are strong enough

To wipe out Gaia,

Who struggles,


To restrain you to my breast

For compost,

But are you strong enough

To be sheer slow

And take my milk


On your discourse,

Later than your standpoint open

To the age-old bristle

And stream

Of my teaching?

I am the Moon.

Accept my burning austerity

Weak spot determination

And know awareness.


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