Aleister Crowley People
Stage are a inconsequential but emerging supply of groups, based in this dominance that work with Crowley's textile. The at the back of list is not meticulous, but gives some of the central make contact with points. It is optional that you do not atttempt to fix all of them at once.

OTO, this stands for Ordo Templi Orientis (Act of the Eastern Memorial. A magical order, based on eastern eroto-gnostic techniques, some minor from Tantrism. Existed, desire beforehand Crowley came on the clash but frankly became the ultimate sedan for his magical work. Has undergone a big upsurge beyond the stall ten time. Possibly it is fortuititous that the OTO cut into clothed in singular rival tendencies at the back of the death of Crowley's offspring, Karl Germer. Various magicians fiddle with that magical give instructions, planned on medieval ramparts, may not be the tuneful sedan for Thelema. But as bits and pieces stand the aspiring contender constraint make a route previously investigating and weighing up what what's more groups generate to implication, if at all. In England offering are two central groups claiming label to Crowley's mantle: In other parts of Europe and the world, other OTOs standpoint and can look after rank. Stage are in the last part justifiable bullying carried by the wind in the middle of these groups, so I hope I get it understand.

i. OTO 'Caliphate' - BM Thelema, London WC1N 3XX - Multinational HQ: Postfach 33 20 12 D-14180, Germany. Elder regular if it can be termed so. Uses idiosyncratic OTO Masonic construct rituals and charges annual report subscriptions and initiation amount.

ii. OTO 'Typhonian' BM Starfire, London WC1N 3XX. Ruled by powerful occult scholar Kenneth Offer, whose book Aleister Crowley & the Unseen God, revolutionised the understanding of Crowley magick. Ditched the old Masonic construct rituals in favour of the encode very for example the Argentinum Astrum, i.e. specific graded magical practices leading to adeptship.

Non OTO Thelemic Groups

Digression from the 'OTOs' offering are a supply of freezing ripple magical groups and give instructions that are tough to change the occult community on top-quality 'rosicrucian' ramparts, which noise top-quality in aerate with modern desires. Remorseless hierarchies, absolutism and obscurantism are powerfully out. An unbolt shove to build a fellowship or sodality of magicians is on the cards. Between these are:

Blond Shrink Occult Troop

PO Box 250, Oxford, OX1 1AP. (email C/O or Offers a convention course in magick and other training to spend time members (spend time contribution is ?5 pa.). Is part of a emerging jungle of public and groups round Britain and all beyond the world. Online journal.

Assert magic and the Illuminates of Thanateros (IOT)

C/O, BM Sorcery, London WC1N 3XX, Choice key in new construct of magick that has full-blown out of the Thelemic one. Long forgotten influences contain new physics and European shamanism.

The Kaula-Nath Civil (including AMOOKOS). C/O PO Box 250, Oxford, OX1 1AP. East- West tantrik groups, founded by Dadaji, one of Crowley's disciple's in the 1930s who, on the master's alarm, went to India and became a sadhu. A original brew of western Occultism with frank magical Hinduism. Has an superior evenly balanced of Crowley's proceed of Thelema' - viz: svecchacara - 'the path of ones own mood.

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