Message From Nidle Sheldan For 17Th Sept 2013
11 Oc, 13 Zip, 10 Caban

Selamat Jarin! We come at this time in joy! Future is all the rage straddling your humanity that is paving the way to a new world, a world of flexibility, filled with prosperity. We come to declare you press release that these developments are a sign that a new phase for the populace is beginning! The new era of truthfulness impulse start with a series of special track announcements which compute the end of your yearn for tie with the services of depth.

We can utterly inform you that the sect, prepared up of folks who endure limited your world for so yearn for, is to yield its power to new groups which stand for conventional flexibility, free expression, and prosperity. These groups are preparing to flow a series of legitimate announcements which impulse inform you of what the travel over of new secretarial policies are to be.

A merchandise of these beneficent policies is that your time and energies impulse be sagging up, enabling you to make contact with an sour priority: onslaught up your planet's air, water, and stump murkiness. In this way you impulse be graduating to a out-and-out new close association with your living home world, one which impulse see you becoming a fine and loving armament and monitoring the tuneful rise of all that is now to rule all-around your sphere. Trendy, it impulse be a breathtaking delight to encourage you in your many new actions.

As your world moves out of galactic isolation, you can reestablish data lines with your Agarthan cousins. For millennia the dark sect impenetrable your interchange with them by presenting you with geophysical substance that were completely cheating and which 'proved' that a futile Search was painful. This taking away impulse be banned to be a tear and you impulse be free to be reunited with folks who endure detached the galactic connection of Lemuria entirety and deluxe since its superficial on the sleep world.

Together with Lemurian Congress members, your Ascended Masters impulse epitomize how the dark sect used the inaccurate beliefs you were fed to incite the creeps, pointer, finish, and frequent revolution in your lives. As harmony and coolness spreads all-around the land, your question impulse turn by and large to redressing the damage done to Gaia and her ecosystems.

Just the once you shoulder the machinery that obviates the appeal to disturb her land, air, and water, you can blissfully rethink how to re-create your societies on all fronts. You impulse appreciate that every advanced connection honors its undivided colony on its home world, in addition to the wider topic of the stellar net. You impulse rediscover the living Oneness of all life.

Hope ago we reached a set of for all principles which we realistic in every world that we were acceptable by Temper to fix in place. These basic premises for living demonstrated their strength time and once more, and so we wish to soak you to these criteria so that you can use them as you see fit.

The Agarthans further daydream to split their link by viewing you their connection as a living part of the pack of these principles. Intermediate Search is an overhang of the sleep realm that is rather than used to to you, so the Agarthans impulse comprehensibly be the novel ones to put on the air you their prototype of galactic connection later than they subtract you on a lick up of the inner realms.

These glittering inner preserves evoke a essential sense of Caring awe for this penalize blue-green orb. Trendy, the land radiates her Precious and the Agarthans return this veneration many times excellent. Just the once you too link Gaia's luminous image, all that the sect taught you about her and about actuality impulse by a long way melt away. By then, Hot from the oven technologies impulse endure detached any appeal to prevent, lure, or get as far as anything, and your lucky irritating and upgraded living backdrop impulse endure stimulated far external the level of your surrounding practices of beat and murkiness.

As you can begin to see, your understanding of many gear is about to make a utmost comprise adjust of course. Until now, your connection has existed on the edge of muscle disaster: one bad miscue in crop growing or sheep construction, or an destroy in your energy wealth can bring on accepted suffering.

This impulse now adjust. Eking out a living at the rush of your humanity impulse no longer be penury as new technologies impulse end your colony on exploiting Gaia's ecologies, in that way allowing you to link true a load, free expression, and flexibility.

This opens the right of entry broad to out-and-out new approaches and potential that you can perfectly at surrounding investigate. At yearn for hindermost your shrewd growth in consciousness impulse be gifted to spring forwards featuring in streak as you begin to carry the appeal to maintain Gaia, not treat badly her. And this affectionate impulse go beyond to every living device on your humanity. At your stockpile impulse be the Agarthans and your Ascended Masters whose knowledge impulse be geared to furthering your ever-expanding consciousness.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We return this day with choice good news! Trial that are to free you from burden are match to manifest and our blessed cronies are frozen to put a series of processes in motion, the novel of which is the only of the monies which are to bring prosperity to our sphere. A lavish lucrative reset of the world's currencies is match to begin, throw down with the worldwide distribution of our various prosperity wherewithal.

Engaged together, these two activities impulse general the authentic wastage to suddenly bring down the once-mighty grasp of your illegal governments which endure so yearn for browbeaten your world. This success impulse merchandise in the assumption of international business proposed law adjunct which underpinned your fiat-currency financial net. The new brusque change, prosperity-based net impulse make certain your flexibility and guarantee you your inmost free expression. Now the bumpy street to full consciousness becomes a delightful and open highway! We say, Hallelujah!

This novel waver of blessed buzz sets the feature for our permit to international business adjust, in addition to the frozen awareness of our Galactic Assert acquaintances and the sacred inner tackle of Agartha. Justly, Intermediate Search has been our blessed haven for millennia. Now you are to learn about and see these victorious lands for yourselves. You impulse further learn about the full-conscious homeland of these lands who, you were told, were instruments of the dark or also did not plunk at all. These untruths impulse be launch throw down with so many other fictions about your actuality.

We impulse be gift you a series of very special lessons about the atmosphere of your utmost sacredly held beliefs and we ask fair that you go to with open ears and see with open eyes. The facts and truths that we shall place beforehand you may be unsuitable for some of you, but if you let them, they impulse speak for themselves. We ask fair that you appreciate who we are, and calculated on why it is that we are commentary you these gear at this time.

To become lucky conscious requires you to let go of the mock realm you know and all that is of it, and this includes all the principles that you were taught as truth. You were exhorted to waste everything staff a very resident view of what was claimed to be real. Now you essential free your minds! When one-time you were plied with half-truths and fear-twisted philosophy in order to shield you warlike in a variety of ways to each other and we yearn for to remove these alienating blinkers!

We stand for to soak you to coaching and principles that may surprise you. Diverse secrets are to be launch and long-hidden knowledge revealed. These impulse utter the true atmosphere of Life, the way of Heaven in physicality, and the truth about of folks who primary came among you to shield some basic knowledge energetic. You appeal to know the Buddha. You appeal to know Yeshua. You appeal to know Mohammed. And many, many others. Reckless to such wisdom you impulse be frankly blessed and match for full consciousness.

At the present time, we strut about what is match to rule and about some of the gear that are about to become part of your history. You stay alive in a world that is vigorously transforming. Somebody is portent the energy dead this! Be match for some astounding deeds to rule. Chronicle, affection Ones, that the remarkable Supply and frequent Plethora of Heaven are yes Yours! So Be It!

Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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