Question Om Shanti As You Always Says That God Is Not Just For Bks
Thank you for your question!

Worship general feeling, let me go inwards your questions:

1) doesn't that makes the experiences of BKs contrasting from other followers?

Yes. it is contrasting. Entirely religion/follower has a contrasting understanding wit God according to skill. Nevertheless, contrasting does not mean important.

As you know, state is no such match time was we are numberwise. Is having the understanding of an substantial important than the one as a child? NO. Both run challenges. Both run their own beauty.

2) Doesn't the understanding of ours are afar extend earlier and personal?

Nope. Is my understanding with Dadi Janki important and earlier than the one Dadi Janki has with Dadi Gulzar?

Nope. From my gradient, the understanding that I run is all I ever force.

Numberwise. We cannot evaluate.

For me the "immense thing" of this gyan, is that we are worthy to undergo put on the right track our own attempt, general feeling consciousness after anew. and that is the disagreement with other types of knowledge or philosophies. As mentioned by means of, the magnificence of God for me, is that we run this knowledge.

That was God's part.

Our part is to undergo it.

Trace wishes!

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