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Here is my request: Is there a simple protection or ritual anyone can recommend concerning health and relief of pain? I really would like to help a friend in a "spiritual" way, which is the only way left to help.

Have you tried anything like "laying on of hands?" I have had some success with placing my right hand over or directly upon the part of the body that is hurting. While I hold that hand in place I visualize that roots are extending from my spine deep into the earth and that branches are are extending upward into the heavens. (This is just what works for me, you may find any number of things more effective) I imagine that vast amounts of power pour into my body through these extensions and that the power drawn from the earth and sky combine within me. Then I "send" that power through my right hand in to the patients body, imagine it literally enclosing the pain and then visualize it being sucked back up into my own body. Then I visualize it (the pain) flowing down my left arm and exiting my body through my left hand. I further visualize the pain being gradually absorbed by the earth and harmlessly dissolved. I have used this technique several times with success. However, I have not worked with anyone suffering the intense pain that your friend is enduring.

I would also suggest praying to any/all deities, making offerings as desired & appropriate, & some kinds of music & reading materials tend to be reasonably uplifting to anyone who has to spend periods bedridden with illness (the music/books would depend on the person's taste)... I personally would suggest: Peter, Paul, & Mary's 1990 album, and a good book on astral projection. (Astral projection is a fun thing to try when you're stuck in bed for extended periods of time, and it doesn't tire you out at all...)

As far as specific rituals, my rule of thumb is to write one yourself: whatever occurs to you as being magickal enough to get you into the right mindset and appropriate for the intent of your ritual is probably going to be a lot better than anything someone else could tell you... But general guidelines for inventing a ritual/spell are:

1)What would seem to be to satisfy the bare essentials of a magickal ritual? (Some people would just not feel right unless there were candles lit for the 4 directions, others feel the need to cast a circle or pentacle, etc...)
2)What is the most powerful symbolism I can envision for what I am trying to achieve? (This one requires some divine inspiration, I think... For example, for a money spell, burning a dollar in your central candle might be just the thing for generating the emotional reaction/power to make the ritual/spell really work well...)
3)What else might help? (Generally, the "extras" that will help you get even more in sync with what you're trying to do. Special prayers, etc....)
4)Meditations are always good...

The above guidelines can be used for an elaborate ritual/spell to generate a lot of power at once that would dissipate over time, or you could devise something that would be more simple and could be used more frequently... Or you could charge up an appropriate object for the sick person to keep...

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