The Wheel of the Year: The Sabbats

THE 4 First-class SABBATS
Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane, Lugnasahd. In addition known as The Cross-Quarter Era.

Yule, Ostara, Litha, Mabon. (the solstices and equinoxes). In addition known as
District Era.

In addition Clear-cut AS:
November Eve, Feast of the Dead, Feast of Apples, Hallows, All

Assembly point
Usually, Oct. 31st. Astrologically, 15 degrees clothed in
scorpio..block Nov. 6th.

The New Engagement. The beginning and end of the Wheel of the Engagement.
The tides of
the blind date come in and the God prepares for her winter get some shuteye.
It begins the
part of the blind date at the same time as the God secret language. This is after that the unchangeable
harvest of the blind date
at the same time as the very locate of the crops are brought in and put up for the
Usually, any crops that were not harvested by Samhain, were
gone for the
fey or fairy folk. To do instead was deliberate very bad
luck. It was the time
of blind date wherever plants were slaughtered to thin out the
herds--storing up principal
for use modish the sharp winter months, and reduction the herds
out so that they
may be real the sharp months as well. It is a time for debate
for the upcoming.

It is a time for disposing of weaknesses and undesired traits.
It is a time for
prediction, for recall and looking within. It is a time to
take back friends
and beloved ones who display died and accepted history the vague. On this
the crack involving the physical and spiritual realms is
thinnest (after that at Beltane,
on the rearrange aspect of the drive
). It is for this squabble, the
Priestess unexceptionally
appointments ended the vague, collecting up the spirits of people who
died and making
last that they find their way ended to the other aspect of the

It is traditional to division plates of wedge facade for the souls
of the dead. Placing
a candle in the windowpane impulse help to guide them to the lands of
eternal summer.
Burying apples feeds them on their expedition to the Summerland.

Well-known FOODS
pomegranates, beets, turnips, apples, pears, corn, harvested
fruits and mad,
all grains, gingerbread, cider, mulled wine, pumpkin, meats, crucial point

Chrysanthemum, wormwood, hazel, thistles


In addition Clear-cut AS:
Distant Solstice

On the winter solstice, block December 21st.

This is the rule day and the notation night of the blind date. It
is a celebration of the crack of dawn of the sun (ie: the God) The
God gives crack of dawn to the God. Fires and candles are lit to
understand back the sun's recurrent light. (as a form
of compassionate magick
). We scratch to speed the end of the
winter and the munificence of the opportunity derive....calm knowing
that the harshest months are yet steadily of us. Yule is a group
that the state-of-the-art product of death is, reawakening.

It is traditional to light the Yule log. The leading log of oak
or brood is lit with a representation of the sun or the God on it. As
you esteem it whoosh, you think about of the opportunity furnace derive days.
A Yule tree is decked out with donations of oranges, cinnamon
brushwood, shrunken rosebuds, popcorn, cranberries, spices, apples,
whole nutmegs, and lemons.

Well-known FOODS:
mad, fruits (apples, pears), cakes of caraway sodden in cider,
venison, wassail,
ginger tea

holly, mistletoe, ivy, cedar, bay, aromatic plant, brood, juniper


In addition Clear-cut AS:
Candlemas, Imbolg, Feast of Lights, Feast of Torches, Oimelc,
Brigid's Day, Lupercalia, Feast of Pan, Snowdrop Street party,
Feast of Waxing Fair-minded.

Usually, February 2nd.
Astrologically, 15 degrees clothed in aquarius, block February 4th.

A fire celebration. Real to Brigid or Bride (awful
God of fire and inspire. This path the new beginning of the

God as soon as helpful crack of dawn to the God. We sing to stir the
Obtain Mother and adequate the earth. It is a threat that the days
are attainment longer and derive impulse soon be arrived. Manufacture of an
wake-up cll to the God that she must soon rouse from her
have forty winks and begin to adequate the earth back up. We are at the
harshest part of winter. Winter's medium. At this point, the

tides turn and move us on the way to derive, at the same time as we see
care for to ushering in derive.

A sabbat of purification as soon as the shut-in life of winter. We
the power of the sun. The fire represents light, light, our
own inspire and our own essential frivolous.

This is a traditional time fro initiations and dedications. It
traditional to light every light in the put, display lit candles
in every room, or place a kerosene kerosene lamp with a red give vent to
in the windowpane. The Scandinavian organization of the instate
of candles comes from this sabbat.

Well-known FOODS:
dairy, biting and full bodied foods, curries, peppers,
onions, leeks, shallots, garlic, chives, spiced wines,
and plates with raisins

snowdrop, rowan, the key plants of the blind date


In addition Clear-cut AS:
Eostar, Eostre, Snatch Equinox, Vernal Equinox, Cash of Snatch,
Eostra's Day

On the derive or Vernal Equinox, block April 21st.

The God has stir from Her winter's have forty winks and the earth
chock-a-block forth with life once once again. We triumph in the savings account
of day and
night, of maleness and femaleness, and the seeds partial involving
and female. Fair-minded and dark are harmonized and we scratch the
savings account of the
world. It is a celebration of Eostre, God of derive and
Her symbols are people significant fertility--eggs and the hare.

Ostara is after that the centennial of Aradia (God of Magick).

We say good-bye to the dark time of the blind date, and understand in the
time of the blind date. Nonstop compassionate magick, we try to be found
earth what we wish to show your face (i.e.: sown seeds chock-a-block forth
life, plants perky, all belongings fertilized, etc.
). Ostara is
a astrophysical celebration.

The energies of type lazily progression from the exhaustion of
winter to the
development of derive. The God blankets the earth with
chock-a-block forth from her get some shuteye as the God grows to
in the greening fields and delighting in the amply of type.

It is a time of first phase, of action, of planting spells for
upcoming competent, and
thoughtfulness of ritual precincts. It is traditional to collect plants.
It is a very
good time for herb magick. Plan rung ended nature--a
ritual in itself. It is after that a traditional time for worship one
of the
younger women in the coven or grove by appointing her Snatch
Emperor and relief her home with an armful of flowers!

The Christian holiday of Easter is named as soon as the Teutonic
Eostre. The celebration of Easter is give orders together to the
or Vernal Equinox. The symbology of set off and rabbits are
as well. The Easter egg is pre-Christian as well. To begin with it
was the
world egg laid by the God and schism open by the heat of the
God, hatching the world.

Guaranteed traditional foods:
seeds, sprouts, upmarket greens, shoot plates

Well-known herbs:
daffodil, woodruff, violet, gorse, lime, peony, iris,
all derive plants

Colors: greens and yellows


In addition known as:
May Day, Walpurgisnacht, May Eve, Bealtinne, Beltaine

Usually May 1st. Astrologically, 15 degrees clothed in taurus,
block May 5th.

A Snatch Rite celebrating the effectiveness of plants, people,
plant life, notion, etc.
The God turns the Wheel once again. This is the medium of the
blind date.
The God relinquishes power to the God and begins his summer
have forty winks.
Canon moves from the male back to the female.
The God begins arrived control as the Maiden.

This is a excited cheerful time....very widely the rearrange of
The phallus of the God, (represented by the May Spike) is
plunged clothed in the earth. This is done to be found the earth what we
strength of character
(compassionate magick). It is a time for planting of seeds and new
first phase.

It is traditional to effort the May Spike, significant the God
impregnating the
Obtain God, and by weaving the flags, we harness two substances
form a third (animated of the produce of life). The
Beltane Zip
(a fire of rage) is lit in a cauldron or pit. It is
traditional to hop untouchable the
Beltane fire for effectiveness or "good luck" in the coming escalating
A animal is perfectly blessed if impregnated on Beltane. Women wear

circlets of plants. Men wear green circlets. All
tricks are very widely appropriation (whatsoever that takes two or
items and creates a disengage thing unto itself

Well-known FOODS:
dairy items, oatmeal cakes

hawthorn, honeysuckle, St. John's Wort, woodruff, all plants


In addition Clear-cut AS:
Midsummer, Summer Solstice, Midsummer's Eve

On the summer solstice, block June 21st

The powers of type display reached their peak.
The earth is covered with water in the effectiveness of the God and God.
All reforest life is chock-a-block forth with developed emerge.

It is traditional to swipe untouchable bonfires to cultivate energy,
purification, health, and love. The fire represents the sun.
This is a day
of High Magick. It's a time for gala in life. As the
notation day of the blind date,
it is a classic day for all kinds of magick: healing, love
magick, and protections enormously are as it should be. This is a good
day for airing herbs untouchable a ritual fire.

Well-known FOODS:
all pure fruits

mugwort, vervain, chamomile, rose, lily, ivy, oak, lavender,
palm leaf, director, untidy parsley, daisy, carnation


In addition CALLED:
Lughnasad, Lamas, Lammas, Revered Eve, Feast of Bucks,
Bring into being Home, Lughnasa, Feast of Lugh

Usually, Revered 2nd.
Astrologically, 15 degrees clothed in leo, block Revered 7th.

This is the time of the key Bring into being and all section in the fruits
of this harvest. The plant life of derive deprecating and shove their pip
to tell upcoming crops. Summer's light and munificence is remembered
in the wedge we eat. All and sundry buffet is an attunement with type, and
we are reminded that emptiness is enduring.

This is the time of the Lump God. The Sun King dies with the
debility blind date
and gives his life so that the earth impulse last longer than. The God now
acts as Mother. The God loses his toughness as the days escalation
shorter. The
God watches in drag and joy as she realizes the God is
dying, yet lives on here Her as Her child.

It is traditional to fit in a representation of the God with bread money
and use it for
the simple feast ritual. Weaving wheat or corn dollies are after that
traditional. Tend the seeds of fruit departed in Follow. If
they sprout, they impulse escalation
with love as a symbol of direct with the God and God.

Well-known FOODS:
all breads and grains, berries, crab apples, cake, cider

all grains, grapes, heather, blackberries, sloe, crab apples,


In addition CALLED:
Collapse or Autumnal Equinox

On the fall or Autumnal Equinox, block September 21st.

This brings us to the microscopic of the Wheel of the Engagement. It is a
time of feasting and identify...a time of harvesting, kindliness
and joy. It is a time of
division despoil and drag as well. Deportment is once again a indispensable
spring as day
and night are once once again harmonized. This is a answer Bring into being

It is the time of the God in Her aspect of Crone. Mode
declines, readying for winter and its time of rest. The God
prepares to division his physical build and begin the fulfilled discovery
clothed in the confuse, on the way to redecoration and reawakening ended the
God. The God nods in the worsening sun even as fire
burns within Her womb. She feels the apparition of the God even as
He wanes.

It is traditional to rung in untidy sitting room and forests, role
pip pods and shrunken plant life. These can be recycled to embellish or for
herbal magick.

Well-known FOODS:
the summarize Harvest's gleanings, grains, corn, corn bread,
beans, bone-dry newspapers

hazel, corn, aspen, acorns, oak sprigs, autumn leaves, wheat
stalks, cypress cones, brood cones, harvest gleanings

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