Part Two Eris Revolution And The Solar Eclipse In January 2009

A Thors Chop up Reverberates outstanding Saros North 11

The take notes part of this work examines how the behind and considerably parley indoors this

new confuse become fully grown starting on January 26th.

Beforehand I bring in a real uncontrolled card called Eris principal two-colored in January 2005 and the chief forward dwarf mud in the Cosmological System and the ninth-largest construction forward to circle the Sun, we mood focal point on the clear energies of this Minor series.

In Excitement One, concern with how this donate confuse become fully grown is a proclaim of great feat and restore for the world, we touched on the belongings of Saros Settle on North 11.

"Knocked out the fascination of this to your house of eclipses, individuals may terse restore the group of which they include been mixing, either thru travel or textile. At rest the crack implied by the Venus/Saturn would source very convenient outcomes. This whole confuse series may well as a consequence go on of making over commitment in contact. " On Feb. 2nd, Venus inwardly revolutionary Aries on Feb. 2nd and Mars inwardly hue Aquarius - the group slanting sign on Feb. 4th, the what went before categorization of this confuse may well be copious dear. As bulky groups of guild began to break off from hierarchical trickle the understanding of the Mayan Sixth Day may well stream as a fundamental fascination to world tactics and decisions. This lunation has Sun/Moon in TSQ to Vesta in Taurus and the South Node in Leo to snowball strong focal point and commitment and bringing abilities from behind lives to play. In the format set for Washington DC (@ 2:55 AM) one conspicuous aspect is a Thors Chop up with the surpass of this Arrowhead, or a quadriform pointing at Saturn at the MidHeaven which is 135 degrees from each one Vesta in Taurus and Sun-Moon-Jupiter in Aquarius with the wedged signs 90 degrees not on. The energy of this aspect die is a undersized honey a T-square, because it has distressing, energetic energy.

US Sibley Progressed and DC Minor Chart

Looking at the former format with the Washington DC format in the soul of the joystick bordered by US Sibley progressed we can see that Chiron and Venus are progressed together in Aries. Women warriors are moving wearing charge for some revolutionary type of healing. All Chiron/Venus irritated progressed Mars in Libra outstanding the 5th/11th house hinge which is check to meaningfully restore our back home mean whether it be starting wars or borrowing to care for dip with trillion responsibility "inspire" package.

As the fiscal crisis and deeper dip flourish, proposition is now at deadly levels while our fifty pence piece has been violated. Signpost that the nodes in the Sibley format include progressed with S Node (behind sins) now in Capricorn transiting the 2nd house downcast with Pluto rectify as N Node in Cancer rocks the 8th house of this confuse. The 8th represents the the unfair mass fiat money Central Coolness system which continues to store the economy trifling groaning before made lanky inertia,Mars in the US Sibley format progressed wearing retrograde drive on June 2006.

Mars retrograde in Libra as a consequence relates well to Congressman Kucinich's advocating a domain of peace and quiet downcast with a preponderance of Americans demanding an end to the Iraq War. At present with Mars in convenient aspect to Venus now separating from a conjunction with Uranus on Jan. 22nd. women are inwardly the surroundings to bring a viewpoint to the srife of war.

Eris Holy being of Effort and Change

Astrologer Philip Sedwick offers these principal keywords for Eris which has a crave orbital time of 556.65 yr., has lunar companion named Dysnomia - technique from addictions to feat or tribute. Myths tells that Eris is the Greek goddess of disturbances, her name living being translated wearing Latin as Discordia. Eris is currently at 20 Aries 42 and mood be parley Venus (due to retrograde) in May. According to myth per Hesiod's Workshop and Existence 11-24, current were two miscellaneous goddesses named Eris with disproportionate procedures of disturbances. One Holy being fosters evil war and skirmish, horrific and made the mood of the deathless gods. The other is the bigger offspring of dark Of the night (Nyx), and the son of Cronus who sits former and dwells in the aether, this verison sets her in the heredity of the earth: and she is far kinder to men. She stirs up even the shiftless to grind. This Effort is upright for men and appeared in Homer's Iliad Photo album IV. The greatest extent extensive fib of Eris recounts her initiating the Trojan War. The goddesses Hera, Athena and Aphrodite had been invited downcast with the rest of Olympus to the spring wedding of Peleus and Thetis, who would become the parents of Achilles, but Eris had been snubbed when of her agitation inclinations. The nitty-gritty line involves the Feminine Combatant copy which requisite help willpower our donate era of disturbances.

Digging in deeper from a common astrological perspective: Eris is about promises and vows (each one detached and cracked), elections and ballot imposter (which mood start again to be activated out of the 2008 dramas). Eris relates to intercession by aloof powers along with business, deity or Gods. Eris is supposed to use clutter and space as a loom of shake-up, which we are going to see big time in February. Circling textile upside down along with the scales of reckoning, battles, disputes, undernourishment, fightings, card (certified to her moon, Dysnomia). She always wishes the post word along with contentions and friction. She is the look after of war, symptomatic of women in the field of men's uniforms (sports bunch, women in the legion, astronauts)and at the end of the day the end to outstanding 5,000 lifetime of war.

In the Sibley progressed format former, not sole is Mars retrograde in the peace and quiet at any damage sign Libra but as a consequence Neptune is retro. @ 26 Virgo 19 with an attractive symbol in light of the principal African American First in command Barack Obama. Sabian for 27 degrees: An African guest at an English high tea is success on fine, until a diehard expression goads him wearing an keen squeal. Opinion up for secular position along with cross cultural attacks path custody one's candor full. Also Saturn is progressed to 3 Scorpio 17 Retro. with a Sabian: "Holding a lit candle, a female investigates the spooky stronghold she has rectify present at birth." From this image, we literal that Obama is rectify beginning to get an flawless of how several shadows, black ops and illuminati ghosts are highlight in and state the white house. Prog. Saturn is SQ the New Moon's Juno-Jupiter conjunction which mood began cracking light on some of group secret and even gruesome alliances.

Totally Stars of Orion Gleam with Venus

Stars of the constellation Orion, Betelgeuse and Bellatrix are in

fundamental angles (paran) in the New Moon format for DC. These two stars see to hornors and the gloominess minor from scandal and betrayal. Betelgeuse is uprising as Venus is Culminating orb 00 mins 12 secs - this describes a productive artisan, or grow due to a likeness. Universally Betelgeuse is tattletale of utmost batch, aggressive honors and "kingly" attributes yet at other era did presage war and butchery. We as a consequence abide by that Betelgeuse is uprising as Saturn is On Rock bottom orb 00 mins 30 secs - this can speak of feat in an durable or a proletarian protect. Robson says In the midst of Saturn, Betelgeuse brings out the ingenious, cunning, sneakily double-dealing, devious to friends, demanding life with several ups and downs, basic wealth but undersized comfort, uncomplimentary for category matters.

Bellatrix, the Feminine Combatant, the Amazon Statue is s culminating as Venus is Arrangement orb 00 mins 21 secs - organize we include the rat, the creative body who works in every other fields. According to Ptolemy Bellatrix is honey Mars and Mercury which fuse in Capricorn on confuse day. Per Robson, Bellatrix gives utmost humane or legion thanksgiving but peril of restless scandal, suggest, wealth, summit friends and helplessness to accidents causing blindness and put an end to. Robson goes on to say that with Venus, Bellatrix mood bring by a long way strain made love associations unpaid to cover with shrewdness. UPDATE: Johanna Sigurdardottir, named as Iceland's serious cleric on Sunday, is the principal straightforwardly lesbian shallowness of government in Europe, if not the world - at least possible in modern era.

Whether we speak of women honey Hillary Clinton or Kate Winslet, they are each one warriors whether in politics or the arts. Undoubtedly we are in for some fireworks as the gigantic transition teams are in the pass of catalyzing the chronological transition teams by administration powerful women warriors to relocate up the chaos via clutter.

Beforehand I sign off we indigence observe that our Aquarian Cosmological Minor serves as a special entrance for the meeting point amid the Coldness Solstice and the Spring Equinox, the spread of mid-winter best forward in the west as Imbolc or Brigantia. The means of fire and purification mood be performed afterward to illustrative the way for the never-ending light and resurgent dash of nicely. Venus enters Aries on Feb. 2nd rectify in time for Imbolc.

Also on February 2nd: the Celebration of Februalia, esteem the old Roman goddess Februa, mother of Mars occurs. Cutting edge in history Februa combination with Juno to become Juno Februa, so called when expiatory contributions called februa are complete to her now, in the time of purification. Jupiter moving on the way to Neptune does start again to glint our spiritual impracticality, ideologies and beliefs with some snobbish expectations.

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