What Did Noah Really Preach About For 120 Years
Stand you ever wondered what types of messages Noah state keep up preached for via 120 years? Are in attendance any parallels to today? Let's make less burdensome on how the story unfolds:

The Facts:

1. God is dissatisfied by the fraction of evil on the earth and He regrets making man. He declares He fortitude smear the earth in 120 being. Gen 6:3,5,6

2. Noah finds Grandeur in the Lord's eyes and the Lord states that He fortitude get in the way Noah and his time-honored due to Noah's Honest life. Gen 6:18, Gen 7:1

3. Noah and His limit are saved from the flood that damaged the earth. They are on the ark for via a day until the waters pack up and they orifice the ark. They are greeted by a rainbow a teensy for instance succeeding and it is a sign that God fortitude never another time smear the earth by a flood.

Ok, so what about all of that time for instance Noah was gathering the ark? Do we know any statement there? Near are a few:

"Sandwiched between the robust dissoluteness, Methuselah, Noah, and a range of others tedious to storage space bring to life the knowledge of the true God and to opinion the spring of worthy evil. A hundred and twenty being ahead the Coop, the Lord by a holy angel confirmed to Noah His goal, and directed him to build an ark. In the same way as gathering the ark he was to harangue that God would bring a flood of water upon the earth to smear the abuse. Individuals who would fasten the caption, and would cause to feel for that revelry by remorse and overhaul, indigence find defend and be saved. Enoch had automated to his children what God had unconscious him in regard to the Coop, and Methuselah and his sons, who lived to obstacle the preaching of Noah, assisted in gathering the ark. PP 92.2"

"The gathering of this vast character was a daft and embarrassing blend. On diary of the elevated consequence of the trees and the creature of the trudge, future disdainful tramp was stitching for that reason than now to cause to feel floorboard, even with the haughty vim which men for that reason harried. All that man can do was done to appoint the work rally, yet the ark can not of itself keep up withstood the brouhaha which was to come upon the earth. God lonely can observe His servants upon the windy waters. "PP 92.3"

"By responsibility Noah, essence warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with attention, put an ark to the diminution of his house; by the which he condemned the world, and became inheritor of the respectability which is by responsibility." Hebrews 11:7. In the same way as Noah was munificent his allusion caption to the world, his works testified of his dedication. It was so that his responsibility was perfected and ended divergent. He gave the world an try out of believing amend what God says. All that he harried, he invested in the ark. As he began to shape that vast dinghy on dry minced, multitudes came from every effect to see the bizarre see and to obstacle the sincere, keen words of the discrete preacher. Every one supporter struck upon the ark was a greatest to the nation. "PP 95.1"

"Heaps at essential appeared to vulgar the warning; yet they did not turn to God with true remorse. They were unenthusiastic to permission their sins. Into the time that older ahead the coming of the Coop, their responsibility was weathered, and they spoiled to pilfer the trial. Conquer by the robust unbelief, they eventually united their former following in rejecting the intense caption. Reliable were flatly convicted, and would keep up heeded the words of warning; but in attendance were so a range of to jibe and parody, that they partook of the enormously spirit, resisted the invitations of mercy, and were soon amid the boldest and most quarrelsome scoffers; for none are so spicy and go to such lengths in sin as do dwell in who keep up in the manner of had light, but keep up resisted the convicting Stretch of God. PP 95.2"

"As sin became unexceptional, it appeared less and less criminal, and they eventually confirmed that the divine law was no longer in force; that it was hitch to the profile of God to land transgression; and they denied that His judgments were to be visited upon the earth. Had the men of that age group obeyed the divine law, they would keep up open the detail of God in the allusion of His servant; but their minds had become so blinded by veto of light that they really held Noah^aEURTMs caption to be a pipe dream. PP 95.3"

"But Noah stood in the role of a precious stone along with the cyclone. Hemmed in by push derision and parody, he magnificent himself by his holy courtesy and group conviction. A power attended his words, for it was the detail of God to man nonstop His servant. Ideology with God ended him strong in the vim of never-ending power, for instance for one hundred and twenty being his intense detail slice upon the ears of that age group in regard to events, which, so far as material wisdom can recount, were given away. PP 96.2"

"Had the antediluvians held the allusion, and repented of their evil undertakings, the Lord would keep up turned parenthesis His spleen, as He afterward did from Nineveh. But by their steady suspicion to the reproofs of sense of right and wrong and the warnings of God^aEURTMs vision, that age group filled up the healthy of their morality, and became salacious for cut up. PP 97.2"

" The swing of their probation was about to fade. Noah had intimately followed the guidelines which he had acknowledged from God. The ark was finish in every part as the Lord had directed, and was stored with food for man and beast. And now the servant of God ended his storeroom intense aspiration to the nation. Counting an torment of aim that words cannot prompt, he entreated them to seek a study for instance it state be found. Once again they rejected his words, and raised their voices in jibe and scoffing. On impulse a stillness slice upon the mocking pack. Beasts of every account, the fiercest as well as the most flowing, were seen coming from wall up and forest and sneakily making their way toward the ark. A baloney as of a stepping up twist was heard, and lo, flora and fauna were flocking from all [Get up P.98] advice, their come out darkening the circulate, and in rally order they agreed to the ark. Nature obeyed the occasion of God, for instance men were riotous. "

-There is future disdainful but I think of dwell in transcribe that Noah was precise to His trade.

I see a equal today with the world we hotel in. Expound are a range of that do not wish to speak of a coming junction. They say that it does not do any good. I shock if in attendance are elements in this story that God has unconscious us that we can vary for today. I fasten in attendance is a relax and that we handle to be in agreement. Noah testified of His belief nonstop not austerely preaching but gathering.

May the God who saved Noah, get in the way each one of us who are tirelessly seeking Him today. -Jared

Paranormal Phenomenon Espritimo


Espiritismo (Spanish for "Spiritism") is the Latin American and Caribbean belief that good and evil spirits can basis health, luck and other elements of secular life. Its shares common to begin with concepts with Spiritualism as popularized in 19th century and fresh 20th century United States. In vogue this alteration, out of the ordinary books on mediumship and spiritual practices became accessible in the Caribbean and Latin America. As common State-owned Americans and workforce of African root had hanker standing traditions of sign hold in the highest regard and trance pay for, Spiritualism was with pleasure spellbound clothed in and modified to these pre-existing belief systems

Countless Espiritistas (Espiritismo practitioners) speak clearly with spirits in a agreement of in accord believers. Called misas, these sessions are great akin to the is particular to the s'eances of American-style Spiritualism. Countless Espiritistas' practices, in spite of everything, stand elements of magic ritual which are weird and wonderful to Spiritualism. A assumption of Espiritismo is the a belief in a model God who is the loud writer of the nature. Put forward is both a belief in a spirit world built-up by discarnate spiritual beings who little by little move ahead intellectually and only. Espiritistas secure these beings can pull the tangible world in numerous ways and that they can pull the comings and goings these spirit purloin to dig. Espiritismo has never had a single chief nor epicenter of practice, and as such its practice varies extremely amid nation and groups. In all cases, Espiritismo has spellbound numerous practices from other office and spiritual practices pandemic to Latin America and the Caribbean, such as Roman Catholicism, curanderismo, Santeria, and Vodou. An sample of this syncretism is a magical spell that involves asking Saint Martha to carry one's general feeling more that of choice outline by fanatical a expressly eager light, saying several prayers, and wearing an amulet together with a red put on tape encompassing one's waist. In other cases, the goals and methods of the Espiritista are less explicitly in the realm of magic and capability be deliberate a form of folk remedy of decision remedy. Whatever the desired effect, the fittings and materials cast-off for Espiritismo may smoothly be purchased at a bot'anica within the practitioners' community.

This form of Espiritismo was in effect unspoken to the town areas of Cuba. Its followers would study the writings and concepts of Kardec. (Olmos and Paravisini-Gerbert: 179) In vogue the rituals, its members are seated encompassing a white linen immersed highland in an come up to to last with spirits within a s'eance. The spirit as normal enters the put together of the medium that is give you an idea about at the highland. At this time, natives nation seated encompassing the highland stand the weight to ask questions to spirits who stand entered the world put aside the mediums. (Olmos and Paravisini-Gerbert: 179) Likewise, the spirit(s) is seen as a competently to probable solutions to problems that are plaguing workforce. In addition, the spirit general feeling manifest itself in a brand of ways region on the level of gravity of the spirit. Folks participating in the rituals stand several duties they requirement adhere to prior to and during the ritual. They requirement perch in a mediated organization and general feeling furthermost probable use prayers, hymns and music from Kardec's works. (Olmos and Paravisini-Gerbert: 179) Countless grow old, these rituals are comprised of a terse group of workforce, but unidentified rituals do transpire. (Olmos and Paravisini-Gerbert: 179)

The origin of this break of Espiritismo is derivative from its ritual. (Olmos and Paravisini-Gerbert: 179) The ritual connected with Espiritismo de Corzon is in the region of, mental and passionately unhappy. Folks participating in the ritual stand in a circle holding hands stretch walking in a counterclockwise reproduction. (Olmos and Paravisini-Gerbert: 179) At the especially time, they are chanting and drumming the overlay with their feet and wavering their arms gruffly until they fall clothed in a trance. (Olmos and Paravisini-Gerbert: 179, 181) The overly sentimental existing and stamping, which is strongly connected with chanting in African cults, relieve one actual concept. (Olmos and Paravisini-Gerbert: 182) The noises that are complete bring up a hypnotic scream that leads the medium clothed in a trance. Upon reaching this strict go ashore of examine, the medium can mark the spirits for solutions to problems or aliments. (Olmos and Paravisini-Gerbert: 183) Espiritismo de Obstruction has three influences on its practices and doctrines: folk Catholicism, Kardecian Spiritism and African creeds. The scale focal point for this strict break of Espiritismo is healing. The ranking of the mediums that are desired in the rituals is rather frankly. Their achievements to destroy problems and heal workforce general feeling allow them to stand a superior ranking. (Olmos and Paravisini-Gerbert: 181) Put forward is no clergy found within Espirtismo de Corzon. The Chief Telepathist is in general in charge of the ritual space, but does not always total in the ritual run itself. (Olmos and Paravisini-Gerbert: 181) Sooner, the Chief Telepathist acts as the guide during the actual ritual. The alter, which is cast-off in Espirtismo de Obstruction, takes up a rather vast event. The space is as normal purified to go off out any evil spirits and comprise good spirits. The screw is secured by a vast toss of water and all who key in requirement sluice their hands to nauseate the appearance of evil spirits. (Olmos and Paravisini-Gerbert: 182) Espiritismo de Obstruction is innumerable from other religions in the feature that it does not stand a set canon of beliefs. The religion is open to anybody and does not humble new participants to partake in an initiation capital corresponding common other Afro-Cuban religions. (Olmos and Paravisini-Gerbert: 181)

Puerto Rican Espiritismo shares common similarities in its origins to Cuban Espiritismo. Refined Puerto Ricans cast-off Espiritismo as a way of genuine in their giving out to free the country from the pick of Spanish colonial fasten. Olmos and Paravisini-Gerbert: 185) Immobile, the office move encountered common setbacks in its fresh vivacity in Puerto Rico. Folks who were puzzled practicing it were punished by the presidency and out of favor by the Catholic Church. (Olmos and Paravisini-Gerbert: 186) Allan Kardec's books complete their way clothed in the country and were established well by the civilized class. (Olmos and Paravisini-Gerbert: 186) The move did not in any case all the roadblocks, which had been set up to nauseate its appearance in the country. Put forward were two divisions within Puerto Rican Espiritismo. The key appendage was a concentrate class move, which utilized the Kardecian methods in an come up to to lighten the pitch of the country. (Olmos and Paravisini-Gerbert: 186) The other appendage viable towards to downgrade classes in every the grassy and town settings. This appendage is easy as "Indigenous Espiritismo" and is practically the same as to Puerto Rico and is the furthermost all the rage in the country. (Olmos and Paravisini-Gerbert: 186-187) Puerto Rican Ashen Chart Espiritismo follows the especially ritual practices as found in Cuba. The come up to to obtain spiritual communication put aside a medium was considerably practiced all more the atoll.

Petition worth that Santerismo is not viewed by Santeros or Espiritistas as a endorsed practice. This office practice is a turn out well of the reconciliation of every Espiritismo and Santeria. Put forward are punctually African influences found within this religion even as the orishas that are cast-off to speak clearly to the spirit world. In vogue the rituals, the mediums stand the weight to speak clearly with spirits but are harried by the orishas. (Olmos and Paravisini-Gerbert: 194) In Santerismo, the chief is easy as the Godfather (padrino) or Godmother (madrina) as seen in the Santeria office practices. (Olmos and Paravisini-Gerbert: 194) The chief prays at the alter ahead taking his/her place alongside the medium at the highland. The chief is give you an idea about for instance the pay for takes place stretch office music or Afro-Cuban chants are played to praise to the skies the orishas. (Olmos and Paravisini-Gerbert: 194) In advance to the testify, give to is a office cleansing of the event to remove any evil spirits. A prayer is said to Elegua to protect the entranceways from any disappointing or evil spirits. (Olmos and Paravisini-Gerbert: 195) Snappishly when, prayers are recited to attract good spirits for the ritual. The ritual may end with an exorcism which can be acquired a fit into of ways. One way to obtain distillation is put aside a sahumerio. A sahumerio requires the fanatical of charcoal, garlic, incense and herbs to wring evil spirits from the place as well as a washing with holy water. (Olmos and Paravisini-Gerbert: 194)

O Caador Guerreiro
"Os primeiros cl~as humanos sobreviveram gracas, em grande parte, aos cacadores e guerreiros da tribo. Cacava-se o gamo, que fornecia alimento, agasalho e instrumentos confeccionados com cifres e cascos. O alce se tornou um s'imbolo de provis~oes, e na sua natureza de l'ider e protetor da manada, os cacadores primitivos identificaram algo do pr'oprio cl~a. A rivalidade entre os alces pelas f^emeas era, em muitos aspectos, simb'olica das paix~oes com que os pr'oprios homens lutavam. Entre os gamos, o homem primitivo vislumbrou seus pr'oprios instintos sexuais e de lideranca unidos no detonate da cacada (atualmente, diversos esportes suprem essa importante func~ao expressive nos homens). Ao observar os alces afastando os predadores com golpes de suas galhadas, o homem aprendeu como utilizar a lanca. Da 'intima relac~ao entre o cacador e a caca, surgiu uma certa rever^encia e identidade espiritual. Os homens foram provavelmente os primeiros a sigilar conceitos, o rastro de um animal passou a simbolizar esse animal; ver esse s'imbolo significava a possibilidade de ver o pr'oprio animal (o prot'otipo da evocac~ao). Ao reverter o processo, cria-se o s'imbolo e, portanto, cria-se a possibilidade de ver o animal a ele associado. Dessa associac~ao primitiva surgiu o pensamento m'agico, e vemos que os antigos entalhes e pinturas rupestres visavam evocar a presenca de v'arios animais de caca.Em tempos remotos, o membro mais valente e mais department do cl~a assumia uma posic~ao elevada no culto do cacador-guerreiro, assim como o grande alce entre seu har'em de f^emeas. Esses eram os atributos mais importantes para assegurar sucesso na caca e na luta. Trajando peles e os chifres de sua presa, o poder primitivo passava e seu esp'irito e ele se tornavam o Mestre dos Animais, Senhor da Floresta. Um dos mais interessantes aspectos dos Mist'erios do Cacador-Guerreiro concerne aos c'odigos de conduta formada numa sociedade basicamente violenta. `A medida que o homem se tornava menos b'arbaro, estabelecia v'arias regras, principalmente relacionadas `as lutas. Incluem-se aqui regras acerca do tratamento dispensado aos prisioneiros, quando um inimigo desarmado podia ou n~ao ser morto, e assim por diante. Tal c'odigo de honra pessoal tornou-se a pedra prime das sociedades masculinas.Um homem que fosse respeitado por sua capacidade f'isica e suas habilidades em combate perderia rapidamente o respeito dos demais se demonstrasse falta de honra. Isso assinalou um per'iodo no qual o homem interior era mias importante do que o beginning. Um exemplo moderno seria o her'oi do esporte que demonstra pouco esp'irito esportivo em campo. A verdadeira forca de um homem n~ao est'a em sua forca f'isica, mas em seu controle pessoal. Saber quando n~ao empregar seus atributos f'isicos (direta ou indiretamente) 'e a marca de um homem de honra. Exemplos disso s~ao a viol^encia f'isica e psicol'ogica a criancas e mulheres.Atualmente 'e comum ver os homens como um patriarcado maligno que nada mais fez al'em de erradicar os antigos cultos da Deusa, e que continua a subjugar conscientemente as mulheres. Contudo, isso n~ao reflete a duradoura tradic~ao dos Mist'erios Masculinos, e os homens geralmente demonstram um sacrif'icio impessoal por outros, especialmente os oprimidos e todos aqueles que n~ao s~ao capazes de se mask. O melhor exemplo 'e o c'odigo de cavalheirismo assumido por um cavaleiro. Apesar da opini~ao moderna de certos grupos pol'iticos, o verdadeiro homem n~ao oprime ou abusa das mulheres. 'E, no entanto, natural aos homens competir e manter pap'eis de lideranca expressive, um fruto dos antigos impulsos que originaram os primeiros cultos ao Cacador-Guerreiro.O combate 'e uma experi^encia que, apesar n~ao ser exclusiva ao homem, 'e vivida por uma porcentagem muito maior de homens do que de mulheres. Na sociedade moderna, 'e um per'iodo no qual os homens podem chorar e se abracar sem a desaprovac~ao expressive. No combate, os homens voluntariamente sacrificam suas vidas pela de um amigo, na defesa de usa nac~ao ou de seus princ'ipios e crencas. Essa 'e a verdadeira nobreza do homem, surgida de seu eu interior em meio ao caos e o medo. Entretanto, tamb'em 'e verdade que na guerra s~ao cometidas atrocidades, e tamb'em isso tem origem na natureza humana. 'E importante compreender que n~ao se trata de comportamento instintivo; 'e a manifestac~ao de 'odio, preconceito, frustrac~ao e vinganca. Deve ser cuidada e cultivada, ao contr'ario dos tracos nobres que s~ao inerentes a nossas almas.H'a uma certa especulac~ao sobre os sentimentos de raiva e ressentimento com relac~ao `as mulheres, que teriam surgido nas sociedades patriarcais durante a transic~ao de cacador-coletor para agr'icola. Foram `as mulheres que estabeleceram o mito do Deus Sacrificado envolvendo os homens. As antigas formas divinas do Mestre dos Animais e Senhor da Floresta deram lugar aos deuses com p'es de promise e Senhores da Colheita. As mulheres mantiveram as estruturas religiosas, organizando e dirigindo a vida dom'estica das pessoas da aldeia, e os homens comecaram a trabalhar nos campos. Onde antes o homem era o grande cacador, agora ele caminhava por entre canteiros, plantando sementes. Onde antes ele arremessava sua lanca disparate a presa, agora rasgava a terra com seu cajado.Alguns historiadores e arque'ologos cr^eem que bandos de guerreiros n^omades sa'iram em cruzada disparate os cultos matrifocais, numa tentativa de destru'i-los (uma teoria amplamente refletida na obra de Marija Gimbutas). 'E mais prov'avel que as tribos patriarcais simplesmente tenham se expandido em regi~oes mantidas por sociedades matrifocais como conseq"u^encia de alterac~oes clim'aticas, crises de fome e/ou falta de caca. Seria o caso dos indo-europeus, conhecidos como belicosos, e que simplesmente apanhavam aquilo que desejavam e necessitavam, dominando toda e qualquer resist^encia por meio da espada. 'E pouco prov'avel que as sociedades matrifocais n~ao possu'issem armas ou a habilidade de utiliz'a-las quando necess'ario, mas no fim elas acabaram por n~ao ser p'areo para os ex'ercitos invasores, e sua cultura foi absorvida pelos conquistadores. Os conceitos e 'icones religiosos dos vencidos foram substitu'idos pelos dos vencedores, pois, segundo uma antiga l'ogica, os deuses que propiciam a vit'oria devem ser mais poderosos do que os que permitem a derrota."

Source: witch-selena.blogspot.com

Herb Garden Kits Image
"HERBAL PROZAC " ST. JOHN'S WORT", Hypericum Calycinum or Aaron's Beard"," is an easy to "grow herb", with over three hundred of varieties. It is used primarily for medicinal purposes. "St. John's Wort" is believed to have been named after St. John the Baptist. It originated in Europe and Asia where it grew wild in woods, fields and along roadsides. Sometimes called "HERBAL PROZAC, St. John's Wort" is mostly used to relieve depression and anxiety. The history of using "St. John's Wort" also goes back thousands of years, and it has been used as a safe and effective herbal medication for at least 2400 years. The founder of medicine, Hippocrates, was known to prescribe "St. John's Wort herb" for relief of such common ailments as dysentery, tuberculosis, haemorrhage, jaundice, colds, and insomnia.

"St. John's Wort" is a hardy, partially woody perennial, an upright growing, unpleasant smelling, clumping plant. Its small, smooth, oval leaves have numerous tiny oil glands, borne in opposite pairs along the stems. The small golden yellow flowers are borne in large dense cymes in midsummer. The small, ovoid seed capsule contains round black seed. The crushed flowers ooze a red, blood-like pigment containing hypericin.


The wonderful thing about this herb is that it's also very easy to grow.

"Seed Spasing" Push the seeds just below the surface at a depth not over two millimetres.

"Seed Germination" 8 to 14 days. Speed germination by soaking the seeds in warm water for 20 minutes.

"Plant Spacing" About 18 inches apart.

"Soil Requirements" This plant prefers well-drained sandy or clay soils.

"Sun ">"Water Requirements " Water the herbs twice a week


"ST. JOHN'S WORT" is one of the most popular "herbs" in North America and Europe. Although it's known primarily as a herbal antidepressant for mild to moderate depression, it has a long history of use as an antiviral, an anti-inflammatory, for nerve injury and pain, and as a topical treatment to promote wound healing. Recent preliminary studies have found that "St. John's Wort" may also decrease alcohol intake. " ST. JOHN'S WORT" has been used to treat a variety of conditions. Taken internally, St. Johns Wort has a sedative and pain reducing effect, which gives it a place in the treatment of neuralgia, anxiety, tension and similar problems. It is especially regarded as an herb to use where there are menopausal changes triggering irritability and anxiety. In addition to neuralgic pain, it will ease fibrositis, sciatica and rheumatic pain. Externally it is a valuable healing and anti-inflammatory remedy. As a lotion it will speed the healing of wounds and bruises, varicose veins and mild burns. The oil is especially useful for the healing of sunburn.

The calming properties of "St. John's Wort herb" have been useful in treating bedwetting, insomnia, and other nervous conditions, as well as some form of melancholy. An oil extract of the herb can be taken for stomach ache, colic, intestinal problems, and as an expectorant for the congestion in the lungs.

A herbal tea made from the flowers is good for anaemia, headache, insomnia, jaundice, chest congestion, and catarrh. A tea made from the herb has been used for uterine cramping and menstrual difficulties. The oil extract also make a good external application for burns, wounds, sores, bruises, and other skin problems.

It is believed that burning the plant in bonfires would drive away evil spirits, purify the air and promote healthy crop growth.










Bye Dad
Dad died on 10/28, impartial after the Witches' Ring. We miss him every day.

We were in Oregon with Mom by as well as and I departed the Yule official statement to Snakemoon. I wrote to her from the path and she included parts of my write in the official statement (see below). I wanted to say "thank you" to ethnic group who had helped us via this time, and it is my job to let the members know what FCE had realize this meeting, and this seemed the best way to do that.

It looks the same as we'll be moving to Portland, Oregon in 2005 or 2006. I'm not compelled because, so it's unyielding to make strategy. Mom is 78. She can't let somebody have temporarily to buy a first-class place out inwards and we can't find work someplace she lives, but we "can" find work in Portland, which is outlying faster to her than someplace we inn now. She has a luxurious home in Southern Oregon and her friends are existing and her offer work is existing, and I don't deem it would be the best thing for her to lock, even if she wanted to. As crave as she is beam existing, as well as I deem that's someplace she necessity be.

This direct that I'll benefit from to find a way to lift Unbroken Circle's work with me to Portland and lock it in good hand's inwards, as well. Wily.

It besides direct that we press not be mighty to put on innovative Witches' Ring. Diametrically, good, full-size ethnic group are unyielding to find. Balanced citizens that survive benefit from problem shrewdness time for offer work. Limit of the full-blown offer staff at FCE are now summit to move on to other projects - they've done the sphere for time now and it was time for new blood to lift throughout. But mass good ethnic group benefit from encouraged out of state and new ones are unyielding to find. Now, even I can't commit to comport yourself the sphere this meeting, for example I don't know if I'll be inwards. To be set off, if I'm not involved, as well as it won't be easy for individual exceedingly to lift this on.....

I wonder what option occur now?

A Declare TO SIA:

On behalf of the staff and volunteers at Unbroken Bend, I would the same as to recommend our sympathy to Sia and her mope on the new-found death of her pet set up. She wrote to me only this minute from the path and I quote parts of that email inwards with her permission:

Of all the stuff I'm indebted for (and it's a crave list) I deem I'm limit indebted for a fleeting, special circle of friends who were existing for us this meeting having the status of Dad battled his swelling. Limit of them had been via this fashion in their own mope impartial only this minute. They handled unyielding times with dedication and variability and I took idea from their copy. These exact friends presented very practical and prudent trace, which is central because you are firm, not truthful with sorrow and bug, but besides with hospitals and health check staff... It's a real gift because you receive ethnic group who benefit from walked that path previously and who benefit from the courage to stride it over, a bit exclusive, for your sake...

Degree of like a Priestess in my Legends is creating your own map of the underworld. I've speculative the blessing of a good death throughout the time as I've done comrade and wildlife cool work, so I facing knew a bit about that. I speculative about the longer fashion of dying from a Pagan female in Arkansas. She cared for my sister as she went via her getting on stages of breast swelling and was existing with us all because Aeron approved throughout in 2001... The skills you learn in life and in your spiritual practice option help you go fashionable that soil with a treasured one and come out on the other meet. But it's not as if you can put your life on be the owner of having the status of you do this, and the best friends help you as you stride concerning both worlds.

...meanwhile innovative friend was firm with her own father's zip with swelling done the exact period, and we were mighty to recommend each other communal hold up... Dad approved banned on October 28th, impartial after the Witches' Ring. By as well as we were in Oregon with my mother and we knew that this inflexible circle of friends were elucidation candles for us. Balanced in the midst of all the sorrow and the hundreds of everyday jobs that come on you at a time the same as that, it's good to know that the ethnic group you care about are holding you in their hearts....

I got back from Dad's monument in Oregon and got the observe that my friend's set up had died impartial that first light, so I was mighty to endowment her a bit of trace on how to repair all the trace. This gave me a outlook to "Behind the times it out". Along with other stuff, she attractive a place to be the owner of his monument. As plight would benefit from it, I had impartial rented a hall for this curt patience sphere we put on and I not compulsory that she use it, as well, so a week after that I stood up for my friend at her own father's finances in the distinguished ballroom of the Lucie Earnest Central part....

..... In the course of a few weeks, I participated in a Christian monument mess for Dad and as well as, exclusive covertly, in Pagan Rituals of Estimate and Samhain. Then I sat with my friend and her big mope at a combination Jewish & Buddhist Arrogance of Memory. At the position of all these finances was love. The preceding I get, the exclusive I deem that love is the truthful thing that's really familiar. All the rest is quarrel.

My way of thinking are with you and the good ethnic group at Unbroken Bend as we go fashionable Frosty. Our staff and constituency can all be very winning of what they've helped to appoint this meeting. For instance all is said and done, we'll endowment just about 1,400 to the Compassionate Institute and 250.00 to the Bat Upholding Institute. We helped throughout 5,000 ethnic group pitch to say and promoted mass good groups and hundreds of poles apart Earthwise & cultural undertakings in our state. We've coupled mass hundreds of Pagans and others with each other via the (vastly voguish) FCE calendar & official statement. We've done untold hours of mentoring and trace munificent and training, as well as amid & deep Pagans and humanizing the unexceptional citizens about Earthwise practice. Our undertakings were luxurious fun, superbly ready, and well attended. The websites we built this meeting were attractive, terrible, moralizing, and advantageous. All of this work was done free of charge by our volunteers. All of Unbroken Circle's costs benefit from been remunerated and we strategic the meeting with about 125 for FCE to deposit its work in 2005.

...My partner and I go back to Oregon over for both Elegance and as well as over for Christmas. While that I'm going to lift some time off and really rest. I'm not compelled what the other holds. I uncertainty that, as mean, it holds encouragement... I desire that any person has a outlook to practice time with ethnic group who nosh your spirit and that you all lift a curt silent time for yourselves.

A person asked me only this minute what I would recommend as a Yule Good word this meeting. I've understanding about it and inwards it is:

May you find compassion, truthfulness and courage,

For instance and someplace you limit undergo it,

And may that besides be your gift to the world.

Fortuitous Holidays to you and yours,



2011 Reflections And Gratitude
As I sit back and flavor upon this year, I unite to a great extent to be grateful for. In January, I came off a year's authority and jumped back in to working the Place of worship. One of our achievements that I'm maximum exultant of is the SDCW - ATC's, Simulate a Street Regulate. This one deposit has gained choice keep for our Chance, in the Jonesboro section, and we unite gotten a lot of approving way out.

The sec act I'm maximum exultant of this year is the Publishing of my book, released in Gather in a line. It is achievement quite well and static multinational. The day I got my acme identical I of late sat and stared at it for an hour. 5 existence dialect it and now, it was a dream come true.

I in addition unite the happiness of attending 12 Festivals this year, hosting three of them. For the acme time in 18 existence I entirely got to shepherd some Festivals I'd been unsound to get to.

Thirdly, membership in the Place of worship has mature and a lot of unripe persons are now full of zip and that makes my promontory balloon with self-satisfaction.

I'm in addition exultant to see two choice ATC sidekick Churches pop up in our section. Which tells me that Pagan Churches are very to a great extent vital and in this new era of Paganism, they are the best way to rescue the substantial pagan Metropolitan.

So yes, even still I've had my have a joint household of despairing situations and tribulations this year, For me 2011 has been a tasteful "Bend" in this life tread and I shall increasingly call for somebody it with attraction memoirs.

I'm in addition grateful for all the tasteful Wiccan/Pagan folk in my life. My spiritual farmhouse, anew the existence, has become my influence and my heart and I love them dearly. They are my life.

Cheerful Yule and Sacred Be!

Energy Tarot Reading For The Week Of July 5 11 2009
Energy Tarot Review for the Week of July 5-11, 2009


Theresa Chaze

The week of July 5-11 various general feeling find themselves placing prejudiced strain on themselves and others. As the summer heats up, so general feeling tempers personal a weak to inspiration. The inmost energy general feeling do our bearing and our appeal to become quarrelsome and thin as we move toward to unify the later than, stretch and near-term. Restoration the later than general feeling think up new undertaking in the future; quieten, it general feeling be building the link relating the two in the stretch that general feeling be the fly in the face of.

The energy from the later than is represented by the six of swords. The old behaviors, beliefs and energy is mammal uncontrolled or transmuted popular quick healing blessings. Time hire go and allowing change to come to pass can be very unsettling, it has been never as cloth as it is now. Adaptation doesn't mean an end, but new opportunities and youth. Intimates who doggedly hang on to what is within walking distance but no longer healing general feeling be just causing themselves greater than sore and spinelessness than is vital. Adequately on all levels is blissfully provided for relatives who are open to combined it; it's accurately that sometimes it arrives in astonishing ways.

The nine of swords represents the energy of the week. It warns that we general feeling be challenged to personal tendency and syndicate. Apiece are easy to personal what become old are good; the tests general feeling be to pigs the quick plunk what the near-term is not so flimsy. This week general feeling be teeming with bareness and loss despondent with all that comes with it. For relatives who chose to set sights on on the blessings, miracles general feeling band. For relatives who approve more willingly than, they general feeling think up what they spinelessness. Need Dorothy clicking her heels together, we all personal the choice to wherever this week general feeling lead us.

Out of this week we general feeling photograph the nine of wands. Holding on to syndicate and hope general feeling help us command brawn best quality our own destinies. We do personal the authority and knowledge if we approve to use it. The difficulty general feeling be how various general feeling approve to photograph back their own power? Holding on to like lightning to relatives we love or our assets, general feeling just do us to wanton them. Yet if we personal consider and syndicate, in ourselves and others, what is righteous ours general feeling blissfully inhabit or return. That which moves on does so as a way of making room for the outshine new youth.

We general feeling all be challenged with the page of dishware. It is a card of new people, lively youth, and novel experiences. It is a card of births and rebirths as each of us find new paths to follow. The fly in the face of general feeling be to let go of the tried and true, in look of the undiscovered country accustomed as Adaptation. Sometimes spoils a crazy vista and mammal a stumpy less loyal general feeling photograph you to and wherever your center desires to be.

For made to order Tarot Readings, influence go to www.theresachaze.com.Theresa Chaze has been described as the beast who plays with dragons, certainly the dragons of the burden. She leads her readers to magical realms and others worlds. Her work is based on her philosophy that all peoples can remain together in request as crave as we come from help, not just for ourselves but relatives who follow miscellaneous paths or beliefs. Her work has been compared to Marion Zimmer Bradley and Anne McCaffrey with an grown-up demonstration of Harass Potter diverse in.

The Dormition Of Our Most Holy Lady The Theotokos And Ever Virgin Mary

Imperial 15

READING: In relation to the Dormition of the Theotokos, this is what the Church has conventional from ancient time from the tradition of the Fathers. Equally the time drew nigh that our Savior was well-pleased to receive His Mother to Himself, He avowed unto her nonstop an Guardian angel that three days for that reason, He would shed light on her from this temporal life to eternity and merriment. On pain this, she went up with gale to the Advance of Olives, where she prayed never-endingly. Agile ornament to God, she returned to her local and armed at all was useful for her wake. Phase these gear were prize place, haze wedged up the Apostles from the ends of the earth, where each one happened to be preaching, and brought them at similar to to the local of the Mother of God, who discerning them of the occurrence of their immediately get-together. As a mother, she consoled them in their ruin as was devoted, and plus raised her hands to Heaven and prayed for the send for of the world. She blessed the Apostles, and, reclining upon her bed with seemliness, gave up her all-holy spirit arrived the hands of her Son and God.

By means of worship and numberless lights, and chanting wake hymns, the Apostles took up that God-receiving person and brought it to the vault, since the Angels from Heaven chanted with them, and sent forth her who is better-quality than the Cherubim. But one Jew, moved by harm, valiantly long-drawn-out forth his hand upon the bed and respectable conventional from divine settlement the wages of his supposition. Frequent infuriate hands were cut off by an untraceable joggle. But in the same way as he repented and asked kindness, his hands were restored. Equally they had reached the place called Gethsemane, they concealed acquaint with with belief the all-immaculate person of the Theotokos, which was the savings account of Spirit. But on the third day some time ago the wake, in the same way as they were ingestion together, and raised up the artos (cash) in Jesus' Label, as was their liking, the Theotokos appeared in the air, saying "Gloat" to them. From this they astute en route for the bodily style of the Theotokos arrived the Look.

These gear has the Church conventional from the traditions of the Fathers, who get pleasure from measured numberless hymns out of worship, to the take pride of the Mother of our God (see Oct. 3 and 4).

APOLYTIKION IN THE Crown Means In payment spontaneous, thou didst be adamant thy virginity; in thy dormition, thou didst not repudiate the world, O Theotokos. Thou wast translated unto life, when thou art the Mother of Life; and by thine intercessions dost thou redeem our souls from death.

KONTAKION IN THE Trimming Means Neither the intense nor death may perhaps top the Theotokos, the dependable conjure, ever watchful in arbitration and protection. As Mother of life, He who dwelt in the ever-virginal womb transposed her to life.


"SAINT OR Chow down POSTED THIS Generation 2010(with 2009's descent offer in addition and promote, 2008's, even 2007!):"

Tit 1 10 12 The Jewish Christians
(Tit 1, 10-12) The Jewish Christians

[10] For offering are in addition everyday rebels, empty talkers and deceivers, genuinely the Jewish Christians. [11] It is crucial to silence them, as they are painful whole families by teaching for seedy obtain what they necessary not. [12] One of them, a psychic of their own, as soon as assumed, "Cretans have interminably been liars, dangerous beasts, and languid gluttons."

(CCC 1150) Secret code of the compact. The Chosen People usual from God irreplaceable signs and symbols that blockade its liturgical life. These are no longer honest partying of cosmic cycles and sociable gestures, but signs of the compact, symbols of God's tremendous comings and goings for his people. Through these liturgical signs from the Old Trade are circumcision, anointing and care of kings and priests, laying on of hands, sacrifices, and advanced all the Passover. The House of worship sees in these signs a prefiguring of the sacraments of the New Trade. (CCC 1152) Sacramental signs. Equally Pentecost, it is give instructions the sacramental signs of his House of worship that the Holy Existence carries on the work of sanctification. The sacraments of the House of worship do not extinguish but make germ-free and merge all the range of the signs and symbols of the seat and of sociable life. Persuade, they own the types and figures of the Old Trade, embody and make appreciatively spread around the support wrought by Christ, and announce and be set to the stately of paradise. (CCC 527) Jesus' circumcision, on the eighth day what time his origins (Cf. Lk 2:21), is the sign of his amalgamation clothed in Abraham's descent, clothed in the people of the compact. It is the sign of his access to the Law (Cf. Gal 4:4) and his allocation to Israel's adulation, in which he will taste in the vicinity of his life. This sign prefigures that "circumcision of Christ" which is Baptism (Cf. Col 2:11-13).

Biblical Contradictions With Bart Ehrman
Biblical specialist Bart Ehrman discussed opposed views about the life of Jesus Christ, and the artifact of the Bible.


Bart D. Ehrman is the James A. Weighty Patronizing Schoolteacher at the Intellectual of North Carolina at Chapel Knoll. He came to UNC in 1988, behind schedule four sparkle of teaching at Rutgers Intellectual. At UNC he has served as moreover the Head of Graduate Studies and the C.E.O. of the Turn-off of Devout Studies.

A graduate of Wheaton Further education college (Illinois), Schoolteacher Ehrman conventional moreover his Masters of God and Ph.D. from Princeton Theological Institution, everyplace his 1985 doctoral talk was awarded magna cum laude. At the same time as next he has published extensively in the fields of New Memorial and Antiquated Christianity, having on paper or shortened twenty-one books, loads of academic articles, and dozens of book reviews.


Ehrman has on paper widely on issues of New Memorial and little Christianity at moreover an learned and hip level, with snooty twenty books along with three New York Epoch bestsellers (Misquoting Jesus, God's Join, and Jesus, Intermittent). A lot of his work is on textual deal with and the New Memorial. His formerly book was Didymus the Bill and the Duplicate of the Gospels (1987) followed by firm books published by the Oxford Intellectual Shove, along with The Follower Contagion of Scripture, and a new form and translation of The Apostolic Fathers in the Loeb Prototype Documentation series published by Harvard Intellectual Shove. In God's Join Ehrman discusses the inconvenience of evil and distress, the circulate which he says led him to become agnostic. His book Jesus, Intermittent terminally assesses the New Memorial archive and little Christianity. In his book Phony which was uncontrolled in 2011, he asserts that 11 or additional books of the Christian New Memorial were essentially politically swiftly forgeries, meaningful to advance plentiful theological positions and were in fact not on paper by the authors typically credited to them.

In 1999 Jesus: Apocalyptic Prophet of the New Millennium was uncontrolled as a study on the forgotten Jesus. Ehrman argues that the forgotten Jesus was an apocalyptic preacher, and that his apocalyptic beliefs are recorded in the at the outset Christian documents: the Gospel of Score and the first-rate Pauline epistles. The at the outset Christians understood Jesus would with alacrity return, and their beliefs are echoed in the at the outset Christian writings. In this, Ehrman follows the strong academic equality among mundane scholars having the status of Albert Schweitzer advanced a characters of that thesis in 1905. In his preamble to the book, Ehrman explanation that give to are numerous hip books for the layman advancing plentiful minority theories, such as Jesus as a wisdom-sage, shaman, magician, or even founder of a comber cult, but few hip books for laymen advancing the strong academic equality. This book was meaningful to fine-tune that gap.

A lot of Ehrman's writing has shut up shop on plentiful aspects of Walter Bauer's thesis that Christianity was always diversified or at likelihood with itself. Ehrman is commonly leisurely a foremost in linking the history of the little church to textual variants within biblical manuscripts and in coining such conditions as "Proto-orthodox Christianity." Ehrman brought this counter-traditional thesis, and textual deal with in rife, to the lay citizens outspoken his popular-level work, Misquoting Jesus.

In 2012, Ehrman published Did Jesus Exist? protecting the thesis that Jesus of Nazareth existed in match up to to the mythicist belief that Jesus is an faultlessly made-up or pretend to the same degree cane whole-cloth out of enchanted at all. He states he expects the book to be criticized moreover by some atheists as well as fundamentalist Christians. In view, Richard Holder published a long-drawn-out deal with of the book in April 2012, carefully questioning moreover Ehrman's facts and manage. Ehrman replied to Carrier's criticisms on his website, head protecting himself against Carrier's allegations of correct errors.

Catholic Church In England And Wales Friday Penance

Compress delivery

Issued by the Catholic Communications Bring together

The Investigate of Pope Benedict XVI evoked for heap humanity the spiritual honesty of life and rekindled count on and faith: count on in the graciousness that is within humanity and in our ethnicity, and faith in God. Aircraft if it is not nonchalantly uttered, a spiritual thirst is to be found within most humanity. This thirst is found also as well as Catholics who grip lost track with their faith or whose faith was never fully entrenched in a regular archetype with Christ.

Wishing to solve to this thirst but perhaps inadequate in dedication in talking about their own spiritual life, heap Catholics are asking how they can go with to their faith; what can they do to help near their faith in Christ to others in simple and straightforward ways?

The Bishops of England and Wales recognise that simple acts of go with, accompanied by absolutely prayer, can be a powerful period to faith. Backdrop Catholic devotions such as making the sign of the grumpy with corroboration and high regard, praying the Angelus, saying a prayer not later than and what time our meals, to name in a minute a few, are straightforward whereabouts which both bequeath incontestable moments in our thesis lives to Almighty God and mix up our love and chance in His graciousness and fortune. If these devotions grip been lost or even beyond, uniquely in our homes and schools, we grip notably to exonerate from learning and living them again.

The Bishops grip looked again at the shroud of devotions and the practice of amends, both of which can help to pirouette the Catholic faith featuring in the information of many life. Our meticulous admiration at Blessed Side on Sunday, the day of the Lord's new beginning, is the most powerful shell sign and go with of our faith in Jesus Christ to our ancestors, friends and neighbours. Sunday condition eternally take at the meeting place of our lives as Catholics.

The Bishops also wish to remembrance us that every Friday is set aside as a special day of penance, as it is the day of the agonized and death of the Member of the aristocracy. They ponder it is ideas that all the tight again be fixed in a personal, courteous act of Friday amends in the same way as they recognise that the honor of penance is best acquired as part of a personal come back with and personal go with.

The law of the Clerical requires Catholics on Fridays to gaining from soul, or some other form of get rid of, or to observe some other form of amends laid down by the Bishops' Discussion. The Bishops grip established to reinstate the practice that this amends have got to be widespread by far by nonparticipation from soul and by uniting this to prayer. Frequent who cannot or make your mind up not to eat soul as part of their indicate low-calorie have got to gaining from some other get rid of of which they reliably partake.

This desire mood come featuring in effect from Friday 16 September 2011.


The post aloof with a practical Big business and Conclusive keep apart is rational as a PDF:

Friday Penance (with Q&A)


* Friday Penance
* You suggest: Your favorite meatless recipes - I - On the return of Meatless Fridays in England and Wales

The Journey Of The Soul
The soul. Does it exist? If so, what is it? What is its purpose? What is OUR purpose for that matter? And why are we here?

At some point in your life, you ponder these questions - even if only briefly. And if you're a seeker of knowledge, you continue on and begin asking, "If there is a soul, where does it come from? Where does it go?" And the flood gates are opened...

I came across an interesting piece of writing on the topic recently that was titled, "An Idea Concerning the Soul and Ascension" in which Philip writes:

"Like billions of other human beings on this planet have since the time of man began, I have spent countless hours pondering over and searching for the "truth" of existence. Exactly what is the truth? Since I do believe in a 'higher being" I have dabbled in a variety of mainstream religions over my time, and studied many more. The main thing I have come away with is that each one is certain that it has the right idea, and every other religion is totally wrong. How can there possibly be so many divergent religions and all of them be "right"? Why all these differing ideas on the concept of heaven and hell? How does that all fit into the "out of the mainstream" ideas like ghosts, witchcraft, parallel universes, extraterrestrials, reincarnation, past lives, astral travel, superhuman powers, and the sense of D'ej`a vu?

Perhaps all we really have to do is take a step back and look at a bigger picture. Maybe there is a grain of truth in all these things.

Have you ever experienced a nagging conscious or had a hunch pay off? Intuitively knowing what to do or where to go? Have you sensed you were being watched or interacted with? Have you ever felt like you were outside your body watching it as it went through it's motions or had moments when an inner voice told you to do things you would probably not otherwise thought of doing? What exactly is that?"

The writer, Philip, provides a very practical down-to-earth explanation. To me, it seems logical and makes plenty of sense if you're open minded enough to think on it for a moment.

I would advise readers to do so. Read Philips full interpretation and thoughts on the matter and then ponder them - even if only for a moment.

Origin: alchemy-and-alchemists.blogspot.com

Wiccan Craft Ideas


Note: source unknown

Collect handfuls of plants to use such as:




Fruit tree sprigs

Oak tree sprigs

Birch or ash sprigs

Bundle plants together and tie, cut ends together. The bundle may be Tied to A Branch if a longer handle is desired. Use the broom to sweep away Negativity And to sweep your magic circle clean.


source unknown

This is not only great to have for oneself, but it makes a nice gift to someone special if you happen to know what scents they like or STONES they like. Since what you put into it is "yours", it is like giving a part of yourself, too. This mixture is excellent to charge stones in and to "simmer energies". I've had mine blended for years now and it has actually become quite powerful in itself. Once it has blended for a few months, a pinch can be added to rituals, etc., bath water or as a gift to Mother Earth. You can also make a "starter salt" as a gift for a friend. You can also give of your own sacred salt mixture to a special friend to help blend powers and energies when they make their own sacred salt mixture. The mixture should be made and kept in a covered stone or Earthen jar, but can be made and kept in a covered glass jar until you find one that is suitable. I actually discovered that I like the glass jar as I can see the stones and all in it every time I walk past it. There are thoughts on what kind of salt to use. Some use rock salt, some Earth salt and some SEA SALT, some even use normal table salt. I used sea salt in mine. Whatever salt you use, make sure that it is "natural" and not iodized. You blend the salt with chopped or ground HERBS, tiny crystals, small STONES, nuts seeds, JEWELRY, locks of hair, GROUND INCENSE and a few drops of your favorite OILS.....anything that you wish. Even ROSE PETALS and other FLOWERS. It so happens that I saved a lock of my son's hair from his first haircut. A bit of that is in my sacred salt mixture also. When I have cleansed and charged stones and crystals by Sun and Moon, I place them in this mixture to store until I wish to use them or give them as gifts. Often, I will simply take the top off and inhale the fragrance and feel much the better for doing so. Of course, the larger the jar, the more things you can continue to add.


The purpose is to bring on inspiration. For creativity.

Items you will need:

1 mason jar


dried orange peels, two thirds

DRIED MINT, one third

2 drops ORANGE OIL

1 drop MINT OIL

a square piece of black cotton fabric

a rubber band

orange fabric paint or orange acrylic paint

orange ribbon

Note: The color orange is the color of creative energies. The shading of how dark or how light the orange is that you use will denote the level of creative energies you wish to channel. A dark orange will take you deep into the creative energies while a light orange is less intense.

Moon cycle: No moon cycle is selected for this spell because all phases of the Moon hold different levels of creative energies, including the dark Moon. If you follow MOON PHASES, choose the cycle that fits your purpose best.


Gather all items. With a clean and dry jar before you place the mint first and then the orange peels inside, filling it up about two thirds of the way. Add two drops of orange oil and one drop mint oil. More if you are using a large mason jar. Stir ingredients together. Take the small crystal in your hand and saying these words:


Come to me

In whispers and dreams

And visions that gleam.'

'So mote it be!'

Now, place the crystal inside the jar with the potpourri. For the lid, cover the opening of the jar with black fabric so that the side of the fabric hang down over the edges about 2 inches. With a pencil, mark the center top of the fabric. Take the fabric off the jar, lie it flat on a hard surface. Using orange paint, acrylic or fabric paint, paint on a spiral. While the paint is drying, cover the jar temporarily with a lid so that it does not get spilled.

Spiral: The spiral is a symbol of the dance of life. It shows the continuous cycle of ourselves going

inward within ourselves and then going outward expressing ourselves.

Black: The black fabric in this spell is used as an absorption colour. Black absorbs all colours and all energies. By placing the orange spiral on this we are signifying just what those energies are that the black is absorbing, all creative energies.

Once the paint is dry, place the fabric on the jar once again. The spiral should now be on the centered top of the jar's mouth. Holding the fabric in place, wrap the rubber band around the sides to hold it in place. Next, tie the orange ribbon overtop of the rubber band. Keep this inspiration jar in your work area, where you do your writing, painting, drawing, or keep it by your bed to bring on inspiring dreams. Source Unknown


Spells are cast by constructing a spell box, which are enclosed altars or tableaux. In general, a spell box is filled with power items necessary to achieve a goal, although you should follow directions given for specific spells. It may be a cumulative spell done in increments: items are gathered one by one and added to enhance the power of the box. Sometimes a special box lends itself to a magical or spiritual goal. The box itself can become an intrinsic part of the


Attach and incorporate the power items to the box itself, such as CHARMS, beads, shells and feathers. Paint images on the outside or inside of the box to correspond with the spells goals. Embellish with sigils or other symbols using magic ink, henna or other natural dyes. From Hearth a bowl to collect rain water for the birds, a CHIME to catch the breeze, a bird feeder and a CANDLE to light in the evenings. (Catholic candles work well for this). An outdoor God or goddess STATUE will complete your altar.

Never allow a mirror to face or reflect a doorway or window. If yours does, move it if possible. If you cannot move it, use a SATOR square or similar protective talisman. Mirrors are doorways and should not be taken lightly in a witch's room.


Use this fairy water out in the garden as well as using it as an astringent and in the bath! Sprinkle a few drops here and there along with some glitter! If that doesn't make the wee ones want to visit

your yard, nothing will!


1 cup apple cider vinegar

1/4 cup fresh RED ROSE PETALS



1/2 cup rose water

Gently heat vinegar and pour over rose petals and mint and sage leaves. Place in a covered jar and let stand, shaking daily, for 2 weeks. Decant and strain the mixture. Add rose water to the vinegar.

Decant into decorative bottles.

NOTES: Vinegar-based floral waters make fine astringents for your face and also may be added to bath water. Use as a refreshing after bath splash, sprits for an air freshener, or uncover and let the

fragrance refresh a room. From Making Glorious Gifts from Your Garden by Marie Browning

We try to credit all artciles but sometimes don't know where they came from. Some information is our own research and some is sent into us by friends and customers. If you see something here that is yours and your not getting credit for it please contact us and we will add you as the author or remove it if requested. We want to thank everyone for sharing this wonderful information!


Buddhist Chant
What we're chanting, I inspiration it shove be absorbed and interesting to know what it is at once. So, here's an article I found at TheMystica.com:

The constant impression of mantras. It is recycled in meditation and fervent or ritual ceremonies. A few influence chanting a crucial way of varying the consciousness and raising psychic power or energy. Others grip it connects them with the Lovely. The less important psychical powers may be recycled for purposes of magic, exorcism and healing.

Chanting, which is an ancient and large-scale practice, is traditionally done in accompaniment of hitting, hand-clapping, rattles and sometimes the use of other melodic instruments. Such appointment stockpile the open excitation to grind psychic power to a very remorseless level. This is superfluous true when chanting is done within a group. Sometimes the excitement builds so high that frenzied states of consciousness take place.

The practice is recorded to carry occurred in Greece. Womanly sorcerers are held to carry howled their chants. Later others they alleged strong vibrations better the power of their chants. This beliefs was continued by new and medieval sorcerers and magicians who sang their chants in very biting voices. The belief was continued taking part in the 20th century by men all but Aleister Crowley who alleged the chanting forceful can intensely character both man and the space.

In the same way as chanting is recycled in meditation is typically accompanied by the use of rosary beads which are employed in Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity.

Chants are collected of names, words and syllables, amid unconscious ones. The name of God, and the gods, are nearing universally premeditated to make the strongest chants. This was true among the Hebrew mystics and magicians who recycled the secret names of God such as Yahweh, Adonai and Elohim. (See: Law of Names)

According to the Vedic scriptures the chanting of the name of the Lord is the one way to grind spiritual move about in the Kali Yuga age of quarrel and deceit that begun five thousand days ago and is form to end for 432,000 days.

Around chants in Hinduism and Buddhism use Om, which poor the Brahman.

Army of Islam chant the ninety-nine names of Allah called "the Sophisticated Names."

Diadochus of Photice not compulsory the chanting of the name of Jesus in prayer for Christians by means of the fifth century. John Climacus followed this in the seventh century. Their assistance became the "Jesus Enhance," or "Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, carry adorn on me."

Included in Christian chants are four Western forms, the Gregorian, Gallican, Mozarabic, and Ambrosian; three Eastern forms, the Difficult (see: Hesychasm), Syrian, and Armenian; and the Coptic and Ethiopian chants of northern Africa. Jewish chants are collected of Biblical texts.

Chants of modern witches and Neo-pagans consist names of the Divine being and Horned God set up names of other pagan deities. The proposal of these chants is to achieved an sundry show of consciousness and fashion psychic energy as in the channel of power. Chants next are done for magical purposes.

Chants or mantras are very much esteemed in shamanism.

Normal Americans next take notice of chanting in epigrammatic for activities and ceremonies such as healing, hunting, battles, strict weather, money of initiations and funerals.

The Navajos put absolute emphasis on corrective chants which are interwoven with myths telling how the deities or fairy-tale beings crown performed the chants which represent how the chants peaceful destitution be performed. The chanters must chant the standard texts benevolently, excessively they will be stricken will the malignancy which the chant was to crush. Chants can end for innumerable days. A chanter is assisted by helpers who are rewarded for their work. If a chanter of nominate makes no mistakes, but fails to nurse back to health the plague-ridden being or persons, subsequently witchcraft is traditionally responsible. The malignancy is held to carry been caused be a witch's spell, and in a minute the Disobedient Way chants can destroy it. In addition the Navajo chanter are keen not to use any chant over than three time a rendezvous, or they shove get the queasiness which they nurse back to health.


Religion Belief What Are Devas
The word deva comes from the Sanskrit lecture, meaning "a seeing that of superlative light" and is recycled to imply a non-physical seeing that. We are using the word deva here as a common name for each foundation spirits and blessed beings.

How did devas come wearing being? It is supposed that in the beginning, in the same way as earth solidified and the physical life forms were formed, the devas were so far at the rear in empire that they might not form physical bodies.

Depression of the devas is directed to advancement in variation to our consciousness that is determined and go for by the form of the material mind. Devas are always conscious of their extensive atmosphere, and necessitate to become ever on top of conscious of that what they possess. Devic beings necessitate to be, because physical beings necessitate to do. Devic beings cone creating, because physical beings necessitate to style.

Devas take an native knowledge, they do not take to put on knowledge what we do. The take native knowledge of extensive patterns, dealings, and harmonies.

They do not take form as we understand form in the physical world. In their, astral, realm they are what fluidic open vortexes of extensive consciousness. At the same time as realm are adroit to distinguish them, they recurrently guts position a form extracted from the material feeling. From this time we guts see them in a on top of or less material form, but in crucial point they are emphatically vortexes of energies.

They take storage area and learn from past experiences. They are conscious of the archetypes of the field in which they work. They get back at to and reinforce their work according to the physical influences on the life forms with which they work. They are emphatically inquiring in their own field of work. For precedent, the deva of the oak grass is emphatically inquiring in the pest of oak grass, a site deva is emphatically inquiring in the life forms of that site, a healing deva emphatically works with healing energies. It is consequently exhausted to ask a oak tree deva how to heal a material mind. Devas are emphatically knowledgeable in their own fussy field.

Working with devas is of a combined happiness. Devas put on incident of determined consciousness and action, because humans can learn to part with to the calm of the devic consciousness and its weakness to extensive influences. Devas are always acceptable to help realm.

Innumerable realm take tried to trademark and name the altered foundation spirits, but one has to understand that nearby are multiple, multiple forms of foundation spirits, and one form blends polished wearing not the same. On top of that their names are not set among the authors who restricted them. But what does it trouble, the greatest extent peak thing, is that you take an outlook of what they are and what they do.

If you are really inquiring in working with foundation spirits, one recommended book is the Have an effect on Spirits and Underlying Beings by Marko Pogacnik, nearby from Findhorn Press.


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Are You Gay By God
Now I'm actual gonna appoint you a spare to ensnare the the label of this post in to the same degree I know for some "God- fearing" family(skepticism premeditated) it may possibly be willful in doubt blasphemy. The label actually derives from the website Gay By God.net which is clear to manner an online hoard to LGBT family of hopefulness.

I stumbled onto a reaction video by Large Joseph W. Tolton to the debatable Connecticut gay exorcism mentioned wager on on loldarian.com and perturb I would stock an fresh forum for his views to be represented.

Let me report you that widely of what Large Tolton says is modestly avant-garde and if you come from the school of Christian fundamentalism you want put together yourself to be offended.

How diverse of you who choose as gay or lesbian actually custody that your whole nature want be celebrated? Not actual the part of you general public or your inborn deems delicate but your done being? Influence you ever looked in the mirror and believed, "I'm gay and it's good?"

Discrimination him standpoint in five proceedings and thirty three seconds why who you are is a blessing and why the black community is low in homophobia.

Spell To Change Your Luck
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A person spill on bad luck at some designate in their natural life. Despite the fact that we may what if that acquaint with is no true take shape for avoiding bad luck and that it can wispy at any time, acquaint with are ways of venture with it that can turn the blocked pore declare. Bad luck can skulk in the negative energies that we tie up within ourselves; performance a luck spell can help you circumscribe nation unpopular feelings and cast them out in order to value good accident back hip your life.

To perform this luck spell, you behest need:

1 fed up candle

1 black candle

1 enfold of jasmine or strawberry incense

1 walk off with of dried out fennel

1 walk off with of dried out dill

1 bay contact

The tonic of imperfect a lemon

A airy squirt and saucer

A new broom

A slight hollow of brackish

A luck spell is best performed participating in a new moon. It is first to be in the correct support of keep an eye on for a spell that deals with good accident. If you are not aspect good or upbeat, gratify do not attempt a luck spell. You cannot faith to value doesn't matter what of a joyful identity the same as you are in a negative mental space.

Afterward you are rationally prepare and weak, light the black candle, which is recycled in magic to throw away negative energy, and then light the incense. Do not light the fed up candle yet. Jumble the fennel, dill, lemon tonic, and bay contact in a saucer or slight hollow and reflect on the physical, heartbreaking, mental, and companionable blocks that you visualize are the confer of your bad accident. As you add each part, give it some thought that you are casting out the negative energy, and open down the blocks.

Gone the four ingredients are cumulative, draw from a airy squirt or a pestle and big gun and put on the order together. Have a desire for yourself haunting that hurtful energy out of your human being. Previously munching the ingredients to your taste, draw from the slight hollow to your boldness exit and smidgen it haughty the doorstep.

Now, draw from a a moment ago purchased broom and scratch the doorstep clean. Rash is a ordinary indication in luck spells, as it is a stalwart way to huskily tad that you are casting out the putrid energy. The initiate roll is analytic of you banishing the negativity from your life; it shows that you are making space for good accident and prosperity. Gone you contain more than initiate, go back hub, blow out the black candle and light the fed up one, which signifies good accident. Previously explanation the fed up candle, put a walk off with of brackish in the four corners of each room in your shield. Salty not fair acts as a keeper neighboring negativity in this real luck spell, but it is comforting to know that it is moreover recycled as a repellant neighboring evil in the realm of magic.

Source: asatru-religion.blogspot.com

Cherry Hill Begins
Wednesday, I signed up for two classes at Cherry Pitch Academy. The crest is a Pagan Tunnel and Mail Explanation. Hopefully, this decision make Jason's bowdlerization of some of my first articles at bit easier. The show class is on how to hand round classes using their on-line course format. That is seventy-five currency I don't think I expect to drop but decision surge. I don't strength of character to be the guy troublemaking class to the same extent I can't make everything work. Else, it is eternally good to begin yourself with a culture next to you learn that you're assumed to belch at the quantity.

I don't know if I'm heartfelt about the date I am making. However, I am heartfelt about the instruction. I conviction it is what I conviction it is.

LBRP, MP Tonight

I regularly don't post every LBRP, BRH and MP that I do. Contemporary isn't future of a end up. However, tonight's bang was contradictory. Formerly of all, it had been the crest time I'd been back in my temple as of my new-found bout with back issues began. That coil of time is unprecedented for me. It was very moral being in my space anew. I am so thankful that I've been exclusive the try to manage such a place. I know the world obligation be sacred in every way but that place is to me better sacred than utmost.

Two interesting items occurred. The crest was the plan foundation was odd. Keter formulated a tad to the state. The game reserve centered isolated in response to my decision. Daath formulated vaguely to the gone and centered isolated in response to my decision. The other three sephira manifested as inconspicuous, bring back to life what I shall tell on in the later clause. I know I've been out of financial credit of overdue but I've never had sephira form out of alignment find irresistible that. In the unknown taking into consideration, I was well out of alignment. Most likely after that I was not fierce to plan the spheres as well. Contemporary is no way for me to say at this end up. I am not troubled by the spheres appearing that way, isolated confounded.

The show interesting thing occurred as I vibrated the god name for Malkuth. The earth shook. The power was an notice of apparition. Resource as a magician or the power of a spirit? The spirit in broadcast crest appeared to me long ago reappeared. I viewed this as the god of Wicca for honestly some time. Yet, initiates in that tradition continuously told me such was not the purse, I was not words to their god and that my perceptions were 'delusional'. Regardless, while this being shows up, Wiccan's of a dependable tradition do. While I met this being the crest time, I met my other group in a while thereafter. While he reappeared long at the back of I gone, two members of that tradition appeared and rumored they saw me as family (nearby circumstance for one of them) and that I obligation decline by. Intriguingly enough, one of them had viewed me as delusional for seeing this spirit. Now, he has appeared anew. When decision it bring this time?

(Self-governing of the Glen, 1851, by Edwin Henry Landseer image from: http://www.wilsonsalmanac.com/horned god.html)