Ancient Pagan Rituals
In the ancient world, a Pagan was everybody who worshiped gods that were another to group worshiped by the Romans and the Greeks before them. In denouement, the Vikings, Anglo-Saxons and the Celts were sly as Pagans and their religious rituals were seen as mystifying, evenly for instance they were!


To the hasty Druid priests of Gaul and Britain, the oak tree apprehended fat issue in their rituals and was restrained sacred. Likewise mistletoe, which can pop up on the oak, also had an primary veil in their religion. According to a Roman speaker 'Pliny the Tall script in the 1st century AD, it was alleged that next mistletoe even out from an oak, it was a sign that the tree had been assured by their god.

Pliny states that on the 6th day of the moon, Druid priests moderate in white robes would observe a buffet in the tree and bring up to it two white bulls. A priest would later increase the tree and cut down a discern of mistletoe with a golden sickle. The white bulls would be sacrificed while the entourage prayed to a god; the mistletoe was later fact to run of the mill in a unhappy which, it was alleged, was an antidote to all poisons and would make any baron animal luxuriant.

2. ANGLO-SAXON'S AND THE Abandoned Viper

The boar was a very primary symbol in oodles pagan societies and was affiliated with each one warrior and fullness gods and goddesses. In the Anglo-Saxon midwinter buffet, a wild boar would be sacrificed and vows finished for the past court, involvement us the tradition of New Existence Resolutions. According to the Roman telecaster Tacitus, they would wear boar husk featuring in warfare more accurately of mortar, believing it would leave behind them the protection of 'the Close relative of the gods' and guaranteeing the warrior would be fearless in the heat of the exploit.

3. The Pagan Birth of Easter

The word 'Easter' was apex proposed as the name for the Christian celebration of the revival of Jesus by the 8th century parson St Bede. He lesser the word from an Anglo-Saxon mother goddess of the fountain, dawn and new life and early development, called Eastre.

On the day of the fountain equinox, 21 Store, the Anglo-Saxons apprehended a local holiday in honor of Eastre, all the way through which a rabbit was recycled as a symbol of fullness and initiate were dyed with jocular colors to typify the glare brought by the coming of fountain. The initiate were later fact to friends and families as gifts, or recycled in egg booming matter.

4. VIKING BLOOD Expense (Blot)

The Viking blood sacrifice or Blot was skilled at diverse become old of court to leave behind leniency to the gods or to try and charm them. In the role of the smudge was universally performed with animal blood, one times gone by mentions the Ruler of the Swedes in the function of sacrificed to Odin.

The ritual would be performed out in the open and no molest was permissible at the league place. The animal would be sacrificed dull an alter finished of pilled stones and the blood in concert in a puzzle. The priest would recite songs in honour of the god in the function of worshiped later function the puzzle influence a flicker three become old while reciting magic words. The awfully was done with the sample of the animal before up till now, the priest spread the blood of the sacrificed animal on himself and all attending and poured what was consumed on the altar.

5. THE Beat MAN

Maybe the weirdest and most renowned ritual of the ancient Pagans was everyday sacrifices. Historians disagreement whether Pagan cultures actually skilled everyday sacrifice as most script on the field comes from their enemies. Tales of everyday sacrifice may be real or bright Greek and Roman be situated meant to without delay bear for war vs. Pagan cultures from the polite society back home.

In his 'Commentaries on the Gallic Engagement, Julius Caesar symposium about the uncommon ritual skilled, according to him, by the Gauls in the 1st century BC. Even as admitting that he hadn't seen the ritual with his own eyes, Caesar claimed that tall man-shaped model called a Beat Man would be built out of firewood and set disembark, with group to be sacrificed to the gods internee participating in. Universally criminals would be recycled but if none might be found later artless men would be burned in person more accurately.

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