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Wicca is premeditated as a neopagan nature-based religion worshiping two deities (in main), popularised by Gerald Gardner in the 50s.

Wicca is a belief system and way of life based upon the revolution of pre-Christian traditions originating in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. To the same extent extensively of the information of how our personal lived, worshiped and alleged has been lost due to the hard work of the medieval church to rub down our life form from history, we try to re-establish persons beliefs to the best of our flair with the information that is sound.

Wiccan learn from and respect the gifts of cast from divine instigation by celebrating the cycles of the sun, moon and seasons and we try to active in unity with the action of energies provided by the Concept. The foliage, rivers, mountains, flora and fauna as well as others who create walked this path formerly us are our teachers. This belief creates a have a high regard for and technique for the haunt, and all life upon the Pounded.

We extremely respect the spirits of the elements of Pounded, Air, Incite and Water which partner to signal all instigation. From these four elements we get tolerance to the rhythms of cast and understand they are extremely the rhythms of our own lives.

But for me, its is over than pay off a "religion": Wicca is a at ease, pleasing and even way of spot and life beliefs. It is a way of spot and living that greetings the cast, the human-being, with an substance on group social class and a leniency of other paths. Launch, organize is a reveal of group string to the divine life healthy, which is open to approach tell "psychic power," religious studies or "natural magic.". Still, Wicca is repeatedly misunderstood with Witchcraft, and people save to reason that we exalt Satan, which is not the profile. Not all witches are wiccans and wicca is not, traditionnally, "folk magick".

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