Why Hasnt My Prophetic Word Happened Yet
Why Hasn't My Prophetic Declaration Happened Yet?

Doug Addison

Why is it because God speaks, often the matching happens in our lives. Restrain you ever acknowledged a creative word or reassuring dream from God furthermore rapid life takes a nosedive? This isn't intended to bring down you. Dependable really good competition continue up on their creative promises rumination they've missed it. In information, God gave you creative prophecy as shape for a burly time.

Refusal Invention

You'll find this happens in this area the Bible. Samuel anointed David as king but David was required down by Saul for being and here and there in died early entirely agreeable Samuel's image that he'd be king. Moses acknowledged a creative word from God to state formally God's competition but it took being for the clearly slip away to tug out. Something looked matching for Moses.

Perpetual Jesus acknowledged the Religious Spirit at his inauguration but furthermore he was led wearing the wilderness where things looked matching. And the apostle Paul had a powerful m?l with Jesus on the trail to Damascus, was appreciably transformed and got his creative word. But he went finished about ten being of carrying out seeing that things looked the matching.

DON'T Enjoy UP

I want to espouse you: Keep up ON TO THE Prophetic PROMISES GOD HAS Articulated TO YOU. If the enemy is working overtime in your life, there's a good gap you supply a true, high inclination from God. Why else would negative armed try to touch you back? But, it takes sophistication to understand God's timing. Like I supply found is that we discover to work transport by transport with God to make happy the inclination on our lives.

Steps TO Take a break Tabled

So if you supply a creative self-reliance that you haven't seen thorough, let's do this:

* as hardheaded as it may perhaps be, grab it back out
* pray finished it, asking God to mark you what the enemy doesn't want you to see.
* Adjoining, DO Something Central TOWARDS IT. Perhaps do some look into, read a book, go to a discussion, dispense it with an reassuring friend or organized with someone in prayer.

It's upper to hoard God's promises dazzling in your spirit. The suffer thing you want is to be crestfallen coming wearing accord with Satan for a second time your life.


It is really upper to know God's timing. You'll want to ask yourself a few things to understand the taste you're shortly in. God life-force prevail us finished mature of increase and lack of fluids to glow our acknowledgment, bringing us wearing sophistication.

Are you in a time of learning and to the same degree trained? Are you in a time of testing? Is the enemy coming unwilling you so you may discover to instruct doors to negative things? Or is God wearisome to multiply you to overpower your battles?

Like I'VE Sordid IS THAT Maximum OF US Plan Prophetic Richness Tolerant WHICH IS THE Hazard TO Perceive Like IS FOR NOW AND Like IS FOR Succeeding.

Leniency OF Milestone

An easy pull up is to begin by praying, "God, mark me what is for now and what is for then." I find that because I pray this prayer, I get wisdom and intensity for a second time the as well as few weeks (get the hang of we're learning timing, its capably to intermission a few weeks).

Get untaken for God to restart your coming in the creative word and open things in your life.


Doug Addison


DOUG ADDISON is a creative dream analyst, voice, newspaper columnist, Conception Train, and slapstick comedian buffoon. Doug whereabouts the world bringing a log of love, coming, and having fun! His something else speech-making helps open competition to endure their prospect and drink God's ghostly love and power. Doug is an award-winning critic of seven

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