May Wine Image
* 1 cup sweet woodruff
* 2 bottles rose' wine
* 4 dozen rose petal ice cubes
* 1 quart strawberries
* 1 quart chopped peaches
* 1 cup sugar
* 1/2 cup white rum
* 2 bottles champagne
* 1 bottle white wine
* 1 liter lemon-lime soda

Two weeks before serving: clean woodruff and pack into one bottle of wine. Cork and let sit.

The day before serving: make four dozen ice cubes by placing rose petals in the compartments before adding water. Freeze until solid.

Hull and wash the strawberries. Slice. Mix peaches and strawberries. Add sugar and rum. Marinate overnight.

An hour before serving: Strain woodruff out of wine and discard leaves. Mix champagne, all remaining wine, lemon-lime soda, and fruit in a large bowl. Stir.

Add ice cubes 15 minutes before serving. Serves 20.

"Dancing with the Sun"

by Jasmine Yalenorn

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