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The Akashic Records (Akasha is Sanskrit for "sky", "space" or "ether") are a collection of mystical knowledge stored in the etheric plane (a non-physical plane of existence 'above' the physical that is related to the animating life force energy). The Akashic Records are said to have existed since the beginning of time and act as a library, recording everything in creation. Clairvoyants such as Edgar Cayce and Rudolf Steiner accessed these records-Cayce used them for his readings on individuals, and Steiner more specifically for his esoteric research of human karma and evolution, and mystical teachings of the world religions. Cayce believed that the Akashic Records contain a history of every soul since the dawn of creation, and the stimulus for every symbol, archetype or mythic story that has ever touched the patterns of human behaviour. When asked where the records reside, he replied "in the skein of space and time" and that the "records are everywhere". 1 Steiner described these libraries as holding the living records of each person's incarnation such that the 'reader' is able to experience the life and interact with it.

The 'portion' of the Akashic Records connected to an individual- referred to as their Akashic Field-contains all thought, feeling, action from past lives, present life, and future potentials that they have access to at any point in time. It may be thought of as a configuration of thoughts and beliefs that determines the person's point of consciousness in time. Cayce emphasized that a person's individual Akashic records are continually updated and rewritten by their own free will and choices made in the present. Every choice-either rooted in love or fear-causes both past and futures to be updated with that energy of intention. The past exists as perception within our mind, which may either be repressive or uplifting to us-by making choices in the present that transcend our fixed or negative perceptions of the past, we effectively change the past in our minds. Likewise, the future is also a thought that may act to repress or expand our consciousness. Within each present-moment choice, we either bury or we uncover and utilize hidden potentials, and this is how we choose the future that will be unfolded among all the possibilities held in our Akashic Field. The important point is that these records are living and changing according to our changing consciousness expressed via choice, and so in no way is our life predetermined.

CJ Martes, the developer of Akashic Field Therapy (AFT), explains that Cayce's theories on the Akashic Field are strikingly similar to views that have emerged from Quantum Physics. The recently discovered area of time and space called the Quantum vacuum or Zero-point field is described as a sea of electromagnetic zero-point energy that underlies everything, and that the very stability of matter depends on its presence. It is thought that this vacuum is a "super dense cosmic frictionless medium that carries light and all the universal forces of nature."1 In Science and the Akashic Field, L'aszl'o posits that it is also a sea of information conveying the historical experience of matter. "1 This latter observation may explain the similar view held by such different areas of thought as those of Edgar Cayce and Quantum Physics, namely, that our thoughts do indeed create our reality and that it is our perceptions that drive what is real for each of us, as thought becomes impressed upon this sea of information.

The above understandings form the basis for Akashic Field Therapy. By clearing the traumas, blockages and other dense energy imprints in the Field, we can have an immediate impact on a person's perception in the present, and consequently, on the life unfolding within the Field. AFT is a process of finding and clearing limiting or negative 'life programs' (LPs) within a person's psyche. Each LP comprises a set of about 5 or 6 'patterns' that present hindrance to a person's growth. A pattern is something like an emotional block, a 'mask' a person wears, a routine behavior, an entrenched emotional state or negative belief, an energy drain such as a 'cord' attachment to a loved one, and so forth. These patterns may be considered as dense energy thoughtforms in a person's Field, which hinder 'light' and thus, conscious awareness. When these become 'triggered', the person goes into reaction according to those patterns, which are unconscious in them. The patterns are interconnected--so when one gets triggered, the whole comes into play.

Each LP has a root or exacerbating trauma that is also identified and released. These are very important, as the psyche develops many defensive patterns to prevent access to the root trauma. So when the root trauma is lessened or released, the impact is felt throughout the Field. While the shift may be subtle at first, it gains momentum in time.

The process if very flexible and specific issues may be zeroed in on (overweight, depression, relationship, illness, etc.). It also works very quickly in children because their programs and patterns are not as enmeshed or embedded as they typically are with adults.


My interest in Akashic fields came out of a fascination with the eight extraordinary meridians or vessels (also referred to by Donna Eden as strangeflows). The view from esoteric acupuncture is that, more than pathways of qi, meridians are roadmaps leading us to our destiny, and that the extraordinary vessels, as precursor to the ordinary meridians, move essence rather than qi. Essence moves in cycles of time (lifecycles) and controls our growth and development according to the potential existing within it. According to how our potential is realized or repressed, these vessels will flow freely or become blocked. Esoterically, these vessels hold a record of all we've been and done and all our latent potentials--which is what is held in the Akashic field. These vessels act as reservoirs of karma and synchronicity, feeding our lives as appropriate. They also act as reservoirs for the overflow 'stuff' that we cannot reconcile in our daily lives via the 12 ordinary meridians. The eight extraordinary vessels may thus be considered as the etheric infrastructure that holds the Akashic information. And so clearing the Field would be equivalent to clearing and supporting the eight strangeflows of acupuncture.

And as these vessels are precursors to the quality and flow of the qi in our meridians, which in turn are precursor to our manifested physicality, the effects of this clearing work are far-reaching and life changing.

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With over 20 years of esoteric study and a strong vision and commitment to human freedom, Anita Briggs has been counseling clients and supporting emotional healing with Rapid Eye therapy and energy psychology for over 8 years.

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