Astronaut Theology Their Green Sun Is Different
"Crucial Sun" goes back to my youth. It refers to a persistent dream I've had for the reason that I was very immature in which the Sun comes out in the predominant of the night, but solely a wane few know about it.

I actually coined the summon present in the 33rd St Pursue quarters one day in 1996 at the same time as my publisher (Sirius Cool) told me I had to come with a well-known photocopy name for my unexpected, Disc, An Angel's Narrative. A woman was reading a Gabriel Garcia Marquez book that looked when it had an outdo on the encase, and recklessly the span popped trendy my front position. But I've been never useful to find the book encase in distrust previously all these vivacity.

It didn't become apparent to me until very, very a short time ago that give may in fact be a secret sun rout listed all of the Mysteries and Masonry and all the rest of it. Now, I'm not robotically saying such a thing exists, I'm saying the symbols rigorous to be pointing to a belief in such a thing. And it would be a secret at the same time as it's somewhere the gods came from.

This whole bit with Ra and his green sun that we looked at the other day has opened up a exalted can of worms in my already-overcrowded demur. It fills in a lot of gaps in this ongoing mystery story. And on Saturday, I recklessly realized it ties set right trendy Exhibit A of the Masonic fame of our decree class, which even schoolchildren know about today...

To recap, a blogger delved trendy some Egyptian texts and realized that Ra's sun is green, ringed, and activities from west to east every day. The ringed bit caused some readers to seize this may be Saturn, which is a fair conjecture. But this is a sun we're native tongue about, and Saturn has fresh correspondences unadulterated. The Egyptians I imagine in addition knew about about "sundogs," or parhelions, for the reason that they are a unusual but not anonymous occurance, as we see in this Resurgence talent.

The tale of a green sun with a series of rings power be act lies, of course. If in fact they stalemate Saturn, we're up chary a mystery once again, for the reason that history tells us Saturn's rings weren't bare until 1610. We have no goal of telescopes living being hand-me-down by the Egyptians and yet we have a heavenly play a part circumscribed by rings described in Egyptian myth.

I know this is not used and everything, but what the green sun and the rings power stalemate are the atmospheric upbringing on an curious planet, which core the Sun to be about to happen green and ringed.

Horus and Ra are often syncretized, but in fact are two assorted entities in mythology. Horus was alleged to be an earthly king who instituted the ancestors of the Horus Kings as well as living being a Helios-type solar essence. Fashionable we see Horus with his flinch Osiris, whom we'll facade at in a spot. Horus is of course a immature man, ample in the garb of an Egyptian warrior.

Fashionable is Ra: in addition hawk-headed and wearing the Sun Ring, but an of course bygone and haughty elegant intention. Noticed the tartan par of his tunic as well as the black and white design on his chest-piece. Call to mind you of anything?

Now, we know that Ra is not on Earth- he returned to his home in space somewhere he looks better the Netjer. Of all the gods, solely Ra and Osiris are in "The Impression," meaning exterior space. And we know now that Ra symbolizes the green sun...

..and Osiris himself has green case. So why green? We see green today as communicative the Earth; why would it be associated with the two heavenly records in Egyptian mythology? Keep a note the chocolate fix wrongdoer, which Jake has in black and white about, as well as that every second dark-light jam par again).

Ra is in addition symbolized by the Udjat, the "All-Seeing Eye," as is Horus. Why would this important symbol - which symbolizes monarchy - give two fresh characters? Possibly there's been a from the past misinterpretation- give are two fresh udjats communicative two fresh suns. One is our yellow sun, and the other is, of course...

...Garden-fresh. There's your green sun, set right give on the back of the dollar confirm.

Which poses a question: is this the Eye of Horus or the Eye of Ra? The span Novus Ordo Seclorum, which finished the figures again in the same way as Nancy Pelosi was sworn in as Chronicler of the Shield, power be interpreted to wrangle in distinguish of Horus. It comes from The Aeneid, in black and white by the Roman author Virgil:

"The mugging idea has come to the Cumaean Sibyl; a imitation new overall order of the ages is born; for now the Virgin and the age of Saturn have returned; now a new Teenager has been sent from the melody."

But the confirm is a throw out in some ways- we have the chant to Horus, son of the Virgin and Saturn (Osiris), but Annuit Coeptis comes from an chant to Jupiter. But Jupiter was in addition celebrated with Amun, who in addition similar to came to be celebrated with Ra (as Amen Ra). Mysticism was very perplexing back then.

I do suggest this Eye is Ra, for the reason that the title give has the Jupiter bit, and the order of the "coming child" is addressed by the reverse of the confirm...

...this is Horus, the war bird. Keep a note the arrows are in the vanished hand, which reminds us of the "vanished hand path" and Crowley's winning Horus of The Journal of the Law. We see the precise sort of the eagle with Horus (fine hair 17) on the golden dollar.

Now take out yourself again we're native tongue about the Large Property of the Together States, which we are supposed to acknowledgment was founded as a "Christian" nation. It doesn't textile what junk your history coach sold you, these symbols are not unsociable and shapeless civic fine points, they all had very individual meanings and correspondences in the pre-Christian world. This is all sun god stuff we're looking at, there's no distrust about it. And it's in addition all highlighted in green.

So why is the dollar green? No one seems to know. But the Eye of Ra and all of the rest of Masonic symbolism power be pointing to Ra and his green sun. In a modestly mythological cut, of course.

But it begs the question: what is the real lost secret of Freemasonry?

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