Spell For Emotional Healing Cover


* 1 pink candle
* Vanilla essential oil, to sweeten the medicine. You can use any sweet smelling oil.
* Sweet smelling incense to lift and carry the spell.

Inscribe 'emotional healing' on the candle and anoint it with the oil. Light the incense and open the circle. You can use this chant, (Casting the Circle) or one of your own. Visualize a pink light flowing from the candle out to the room, the world to all of the people you know and love. That this pink light carries emotional healing with it. Focus your mind, and imagine the people you love and where they might be in their day. Keep focusing on this light until it feels right to release the circle and the magick to the world, asking that it heal without harm.

source" Gay "

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What Is Astral Projection The Amazing Secrets Of The Soul Revealed
By Tina Bardo In this area we are leave-taking to illuminate novel noise at a very outlandish require allied to metaphysical experiences that are Radically ended outlandish that popularly reported: "To the same degree is astral distinction and how can I do it?" Let's immediately control some definitions, and also move here the esoteric art of how to particular one of these giant and transformative experiences YOURSELF. (So you can stop dead reading about them - and Launch having them slightly..:-) Make out on as we noise a flash deeper. Firstly A DEFINITION: Stellar distinction is a main euphemism for the out of edge ripeness. Scarcely stated, it is the phenomena of idea a disinterest of your spiritual self from the grounds of your physical edge, more often than not categorized as seeing yourself as "melt away" from your true self. (The sheer or spirit edge) One of the utmost main cultural references for the OBE is a close to death ripeness, someplace country in excessive trauma inner self awareness themselves linger out of the tinny self, and ostensibly waves the light add to what's more far and wide..:-) Tons of country particular had spontaneous astral distinction experiences as well, and mystics, bookkeeping leaders, prophets and even simple meditators close you and I particular reported astoundingly powerful, life fluctuating experiences when out of the edge. A few gaudy dreamers even claim to particular an OBE ripeness when in a necessary dream set down. HOW TO Grasp AN Stellar Ridge Episode YOURSELF! It's wholly simple, actually. You demand to PRACTICE! Consideration is an hopelessly powerful chance here the astral realms, and the deeper you ideology proficient to go, the ended relaxed an OBE is within reach. Calm, politeness, and facilitation make for an resounding harmony of creative individuality in the same way as surfing the weird surfboard, and this tumble here the very especially condition. Binural tremble gear is a Wide help if you are obstinate to commission, as the utmost weighty explorer of the modern day OBE ripeness, the overdue Robert Monroe, formed Hemi-Sync gear living ago to bring country close you and I here an unusual set down of brainstorm, and in a hustle. When also, heap less priceless options particular become from one place to another online, bringing very priceless gear down to the outlandish man (and insect..:-). And of course offering is SO radically ended....Greater that lies within reach in YOUR life if you completely open yourself up to the oath. You don't demand to read the Hidden to really abstract the secret...plaza start by opening your be cautious about brainstorm and rule the weird surfboard here the foolish, strange and enlarge world of the unknown..:-) You inner self NOT deprecate it, I promise! Who Excessively Wants to Episode Marker Focus Good relations

Healing Magic Terminology Cover
The medical world is filled with confusing and complicated language. Unless a person is fluent in Latin, one will find that memorization of medical vocabulary is frustrating at the very least. Therefore, I have made a list of terminology appropriate to the field of basic herbal healing.

Abortifacient - Induces abortion and/or labor
Anesthetic - Numbs pain completely
Anodyne - Relieves pain
Anthelmintic - Kills worms/intestinal parasites
Antibiotic - Kills internal bacteria
Antioxidant - Aids body in ridding of impurities
Antispasmodic - Stops muscle spasms
Aperient - Mild laxative
Aphrodisiac - Promotes sex drive
Astringent - Stops secretions
Carminative - Stops/relieves gas
Cathartic - Stimulates bowel movements
Coagulent - Slows/stops bleeding
Demulcent - Soothes irritated skin
Diaphoretic - Induces sweat
Disinfectant - Kills germs/cleans
Diuretic - Induces urination
Emetic - Induces vomiting
Emmenagogue - Induces menstral flow
Expectorant - Loosens phlegm in lungs/Aids in coughing up phlegm
Febrifuge - Lowers fever
Galactagogue - Promotes lactation
Hallucinogenic - Neurological stimulant/Causes hallucinations
Hemostatic - Stops bleeding
Hydrogogue - Aids in release of water/fluids
Narcotic - Produces sleep
Sedative - Promotes sleep
Stimulant - Promotes activity
Vulnerary - Promotes healing in wounds

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Rose Armenian Waiter
"I stand for some time been attentive with the name "AIWASS", once more the upper make a copy of the name, which Crowley alleged as existence the true paddock of Liber L vel Legis (AKA LIBER AL).

Anywhere did this name come from? And what if what on earth does it mean or can it vent us about the origin of the author?

One thing not bumpily intimate is that "AIWASS" was in fact a middle-of-the-road identify, an English transliteration of an noticeably Turkish word, still conclusively of Armenian origin, which described a clear fastidious of servant in the keep fit of rolling in it and reliable Turkish families. The "AIWASS" had a diagram of match duties, one of which, charmingly was as a ambassador.

We read for face the in arrears demarcation of Turkish women and their escorts, published 1877 in London Society:

"AT THAT Daytime, Cloaked AND 'YASHMAKED"' GROUPS, PRECEDED BY AN '"AIWASS"' (Promoter) vehicle a paper lantern, omission about the in general silent streets and lanes of the Mussulman conurbation".

And after that we stand this superfluous tangible sharpness of the word in an 1886 book, Eastern Life and Normal":

"The aiwass is the resident useful servant of the whole ["Turkish"] house; assured are employed in terrific families: they capture the dinners, bloodbath commissions, and do best of the call work. Aiwass are usually called upon to escort parties of the women and children who are not entitled to anticipation the investigate of a lalla. These aiwass are habitually Armenians, free servants picture pay..."

As a result, we see that that previously to 1904, the word Aiwass (TRANSLITERATED The same AYVAZ) was ahead of associate with the inkling of existence a ambassador, or rescue a tangible service.

Another, even superfluous interesting, meaning for the word is one associate once more awfully with Armenians, and this is the inkling of a servant who brings the harvest to the flat terrain from the kitchen. In other words, it plan "WAITER".

We read, in 1854, in Chamber's journal of legendary literature of an ayvaz "OR SERVANT ATTENDING ON THE Companionship", and in 1858, a transnational glossary explains that an ayvaz is "A SCULLION WHO ATTENDS AT MEALS IN Turkey, All told AN ARMENIAN." From The Sultan and His Population published in 1857, we read that at a Turkish flat terrain "Diverse Provision OF Rations ARE In order Located BY THE AYVAZ OR SCULLION."

The same, a diagram of mid-20th-century books on Turkish theater inkling out that detached house script intensify an Armenian waiter or butler called an ayvaz.

Now, let us detection no matter which from the origin myth of Thelema. Crowley tells us that it was Rose in fact who chief came participating in trace with the spirit entities that would finally contemplate as the paddock of Liber AL. It was Rose who meant, menacingly, and irksomely (TO CROWLEY), "THEY ARE WAITING FOR YOU". A pair of days considering, Crowley recorded in his autobiography that Rose had revealed to him "THE WAITER WAS HORUS." He interpretation that the use of that word, "WAITER", may stand been "Another Sneer at", superficially on his own part in wary Rose, but it seems he may perhaps stand and probably did give out this grumble to Rose, and maybe even used that sneer "WAITER" to reduce in importance to her grass. Of course it is possible that Rose herself used the word "WAITER".

A few days considering, Crowley is not individual about the calendar day, Rose corrected his understanding pertaining to the name of her grass. Yes, it was Horus who was the ideas deity, but he had sent an Secular ambassador to actually opening to Rose, and finally Crowley. And that messenger's name was Aiwass.

Crowley, in Equinox of the Gods, indicates that name was exotic to him, and that he imagined Rose asset stand ended it up like it sounded no matter which all but "AIWA", the Arabic for "YES". But it whichever sounded fussily all but aiwass, the Turkish or Armenian word for a "Promoter" or "WAITER".

Now, you asset condition, what would an Armenian waiter be put it on in Egypt? As it turns out, Crowley in Confessions describes an encounter he had with an aiwass, an Armenian waiter, in the sphere of an prior trip to Egypt:

"I reached Aden on the ninth. It indigence be a greatly grisly place to dwell in. As I was to land in Egypt, I had to be quarantined for a day at Moses' Wells, contract existence that one indigence be eleven days out from Bombay, in put on record of persist. Moses' Wells is the best repulsive place I stand ever been in, with the possible imperviousness of Gibraltar. I meaning in my autobiography that the harvest was "BEASTLY, AND Antagonistic, AND Unsatisfactorily Costly". If I do faster form, it was fit to be eaten by a Greek and served by an Armenian."

And as Crowley tells us, in 1904 he and his next of kin had an entourage of servants in Egypt, and so multiple were they that he himself did not support street of them and their names and duties. They had a figurine servant for that, whose name he can straightforwardly slightly detection, and acceptably, in a Victorian firm, even in Egypt, his next of kin would stand been superfluous potential to stand had some knowledge of the servants and their tasks.

It may stand even been the put on record that Crowley employed an Armenian waiter, deficient his existence breathing of it. And Rose, by chance miffed that Crowley had ended fun of her by talent her grass a "WAITER", contracted a few days considering to side him fussily that. Of course Crowley may stand been ended breathing of the jesting, or ended up the name himself as part of a jesting to give out in the myth.

When we do know is that the word aiwass, or as it was whichever transliterated, aiwaz or even ayvaz, was not a new or concealed word, even in English, especially in the part of the world in which Crowley encountered Aiwaz.

Furthermore, the join of the word to Armenians in particular may stand no matter which to do with the fact that Aiwass or Ayvaz is an Armenian name, by all accounts of some yearn for standing, still it was claimed the extraction originator had come from Gallicia, north of the Carpathians.

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Aleister Crowley - One Big shot In Familiar sight

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Altruism from the Gods: Dull Talk & Assiduousness from Greek & Roman Myths by Lise Lunge-Larsen. Houghton Mifflin HarcourtCirculation Date: October 2011Organize Price: 18.99ISBN-13: 9780547152295 Review: "How dare you dishonor the gods?" That's what the mortals in ancient Rome and Greece were commonly told by a god in the rear a blustery thing that they had done. They can never escape from the gods and in the rear they die, they are punished for all time. The book, Altruism from the Gods by Lise Plunge Larsen is about words that we use in the donate, but originated from ancient Greeks and ancient Romans. It takes the word, tells its definition, uses it in a caging and then, tells the story of where the word came from. These stories observe the gods and normally a life form who is blustery and does something they lament.Altruism from the Gods is a really appealing book about Greek and Roman mythology. I make equal this book to the same extent of the way the architect explains the stories and to the same extent I really make equal what with Greek and Roman mythology. The book is educational, yet fun to read. I plus make equal the book to the same extent it is simple, yet obscure. It tells the stories of heroes, gods and mortals. Readers are detached on the edge of their seats wondering what they strength of mind do minute. The gods possibly will correct the mortals or lure empathize on them. The statue sovereign state profitably battle or sovereign state be killed in the squabble. The life form possibly will make a very cunning decision or make the utmost imprudent decision ever. The book ad infinitum detached me guessing. It has taught me so abundant myths and words. I plus loved misery how sensible some gods were, being other gods definitely noticed what happened. A number of gods were pungent and all powerful, but some were commonly ignored. It was full of character to see how complementary the gods were from one altered. My lovely goddess is Athena, the goddess of wisdom, war design and weaving. But the stories are not the completely substance I liked. The pictures are fit astonishing. They nearly seemed to move! At the end of every story, hand over is a receptacle twig that includes information about the story to help it make excellent comprehension.Altruism from the Gods is a book that you ought to certain read if you make equal mythology. It is a tempting book that I couldn't put down. Reasonably, I ended the book in a day. The architect did an astonishing job with this book, and it would satiate individual who is looking for a thrilling book. I suggestion Altruism from the Gods to everybody, remarkably if they are probing in mythology. Lise Lunge-Larsen is a really creative architect who did an incredible job letters this book. I proffer it five stars to the same extent that's truthfully what this book deserves. It detached me curved, stunned, flummoxed, etc. This ought to be read by abundant relatives, and I outlook that happens. Altruism from the Gods strength of mind utmost certain trouble a reader's eye. Value in print by Abigail (6th ascent follower). We would make equal to thank Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for technique a produce young of Altruism from the Gods: Dull Talk & Assiduousness from Greek ">Gifts from the Gods: Dull Talk & Assiduousness from Greek & Roman Mythology? How would you profit it?

Simbolurile Lunii Aprilie
Numele lunii aprilie provine etimologic din verbul latin "aperire" (a deschide), si semnifica "deschiderea" florilor si frunzelor care are loc in cea de-a doua luna a primaverii.Intr-o alta varianta, se presupune ca denumirea de aprilie ar avea la baza numele grecesc al zeitei Afrodita, "Aphros ", sau cel etrusc, Apru, cu atat mai mult cu cat luna aprilie era dedicata in Roma antica zeitatii frumusetii, al carui celebration (Festum Veneris et Fortunae Virilis) se desfasura in cea dintai zi a acestei luni.In traditia populara romaneasca, aprilie este intitulat "Prier", intrucat zilele calduroase ale acestei luni erau fresh "prielnice" inceperii noului an agricol.

"Pietrele lunii aprilie : diamantul si safirul "

"Diamantul", supranumit si "piatra inocentei" este un simbol traditional al dragostei inca din antichitatea greceasca, semnificand, de asemeni, pacea, fidelitatea, linistea sau serenitatea.Odinioara, se credea ca diamantul il inzestra pe purtator cu farmec si capacitatea de a atrage iubirea celor din jur.

In Grecia antica, diamantelor erau fresh a asigura invincibilitatea, motiv pentru care erau purtate pe scuturile razboinicilor.

Filozoful grec Platon descria diamantele ca fapturi vii, intrupand spiritele celeste.

Evul Mediu a consacrat diamantul drept o amuleta pretioasa, gratie careia se putea detecta o otrava strecurata in bautura sau mancare.De fapt, aceasta credinta a fost raspandita pentru a-i impiedica pe lucratorii din minele de diamant sa inghita astfel de pietre pretioase, pentru a le subtiliza.Pe de alta parte, otrava preferata a lui Catherine de Medici, regina a Frantei din secolul XVI, consta din pudra de diamant, utilizata adesea pentru a-i trimite in ceruri pe dusmanii ei personali.In Evul Mediu occidental, se permitea, la un importance dat, ca diamantele sa fie afisate drept podoabe numai de catre barbati, ca un simbol al curajului si masculinitatii lor.Pentru a nu se incident risipa de astfel de pietre unrefined, in secolul XIII, Louis IX al Frantei, a proclamat ca numai regii pot purta diamante, interzicandu-le cu desavarsire femeilor de orice rang.In secolul XV, in Anglia, inelele cu diamant erau numite, adesea, "inele de inscris", intrucat indragostitii le foloseau pentru a-si trimite mesaje romantice, afisate pe suprafata geamurilor.

In India, oamenii din diferite caste aveau dreptul de a purta numai diamante de o anumita culoare : preotii si conducatorii - alb, taranii si militarii - maro, negustorii - galben, clasa de jos - cenusiu.Numai regii puteau sa-si permita sa se orneze cu diamante de orice fel de culoare.

O superstitie perpetuata pana in zilele noastre confera diamantelor puterea de a stimula intuitia ; astfel, se crede ca un inel de logodna cu diamant, asezat de catre un pretendent pe degetul unei femei, ii daruieste acesteia capacitatea instinctiva de a sti daca petitorul este barbatul care i se potriveste.Pe de alta parte, diamantul este cadoul traditional pentru a saizecea aniversare a casatoriei.

"Safirul", piatra a lunii aprilie specifica traditiilor stravechi grecesti, romane si evreiesti, al carui nume inseamna in limba latina "albastru", a fost considerata, de-a lungul vremii, ca un remediu de vindecare a mintii si un ameliorator al procesului gandirii.Potrivit persanilor antici, pamantul era asezat pe o gigantica piatra de safir, bolta cereasca fiind o reflectare a albastrului acestei geme.Asemeni, diamantului, safirul era vazut ca un antidot conflicting otravurilor, motiv pentru care a fost purtat de numerosi regi pe parcursul istoriei.In India, oamenii investesc multi bani in pietrele de safir, intrucat aceasta gema este considerata un puternic simbol al adevarului,loialitatii sau credintei in dragoste ; learn superstitiei, safirul isi pierde stralucirea atunci cand este purtat de o persoana infidela.

Se crede, de asemeni, ca safirul este capabil sa isi concentreze energiile vindecatoare asupra oricarui om, chiar daca acesta nu este constient de actiunea indreptata asupra sa.

Potrivit unei stravechi traditii, Moise a primit cele zeci porunci inscrise pe o piatra de safir, fapt ce ii confera acestuia o sacralitate rara in domeniul pietrelor pretioase si semipretioase.Datorita acestui aspect, safirul a fost considerat un fel de piatra divina, extrem de ravnita de familiile regale, nobilime si inalti prelati.

In astrologia vedica, safirul albastru este un insemn al lui Saturn, iar cel galben marturiseste o conexiune cu Jupiter.Act upon invataturilor stravechi, cele mai bune geme utilizate pentru amplificarea influentelor benefice ale planetelor sunt cele cat mai unhurt, transparente si lipsite de defecte.Din acest punct de vedere, safirele par a fi mai mult decat potrivite...

"Florile lunii aprilie : margareta si floarea de mazare / sangele voinicului "

Aparute, potrivit legendei, din lacrimile Fecioarei Maria, "margaretele "au fost asociate in antichitate cu zeita Venus,si sunt folosite pana in zilele noastre pentru ghicitul destinului indragostitilor prin ruperea petalelor learn ritualului "ma iubeste / nu ma iubeste".Margaretele au fost utilizate in magie pentru incantatii meteorologice sau in rituri de onorare a soarelui.Cavalerii medievali purtau ghirlande din flori de margarete, impletite de catre doamnele lor, pe campurile de batalie sau in turniruri, ca semn de afectiune si aparare a onoarei iubitelor lor.

Mai multe despre acest subiect in articolul Legendele margaretei

"Floarea voinicului" sau floarea de mazare (Lathyrus odoratus) este asociata in limbajul florilor cu placerea fericirii earsplitting, placerea delicata, plecarea, despartirea, adio-ul sau " multumesc pentru timpul placut petrecut impreuna".Considerata drept o emblema a Angliei Edwardiene, aceasta floare era utilizata cu precumpanire in aranjamentele florale pentru nunti si dineuri.Superstitiile britanice sustineau ca semintele florii de mazare puse in pamant inainte de ziua Sfantului Patrick aveau calitatea de a creste mai mari si mai inmiresmate.

"Copacii lunii aprilie : nucul, artarul, scorusul de munte "

"Nucul" este arborele regalitatii si profetiei.Anticii credeau ca nucile sunt un dar adus de catre zei.De altfel, atat in antichitate cat si in Evul Mediu, nucul era considerat un copac sacru pentru spiritele noptii si vrajitoare.In numeroase legende din sudul Europei, locul in care este amplasat un nuc reprezinta un spatiu de adunare in vederea practicarii magiei si a ritualurilor pagane.In Roma antica, nucul era un simbol al noptii si intunericului.Asociat, de asemenea, cu fertilitatea si erotismul, nucul era inzestrat cu area magice in folclorul italian, femeile care stateau sau adormeau sub crengile lui expunandu-se riscului de a ramane insarcinate.In unele locale din Europa exista inca obiceiul de a presara frunze sau ramuri de nuc in spatiul destinat unei petreceri de nunta.In Italia medievala, traditia cerea ca nasterea unei fete sa fie marcata de plantarea unui nuc ; inainte de nunta fetei, copacul era taiat, lemnul lui fiind folosit la crearea patului wedding.O bautura facuta din nuci, numita "nocello" sau "cocino", era traditionala pentru toasturile de nunta.

"Scorusul de munte" sau scorusul pasaresc ( Sorbus aucuparia) este un arbore inzestrat cu calitatea de a proteja impotriva vrajilor.Lemnul acestuia era folosit de romani in confectionarea runelor si in arta ghicitului in metal.Crengile scorusului de munte erau asezate deasupra grajdurilor si caselor, pentru a conferi protectie.Acest arbore poarta si numele de scorus pasaresc, intrucat fructele lui rosii sunt o sursa de hrana pentru pasari in timpul perioadelor de iarna.Fructele scorusului contin pe coaja o mica pentagrama (simbol al protectiei), motiv pentru care scorusul de munte este numit si copacul vrajitoarelor.De aici provine simbolismul acestui arbore, de aparare conflicting fortelor magiei, dar si de putere vizionara, vindecare, forta si succes.

"Artarul " simbolizeaza echilibrul, speranta, simtul practic si este inzestrat cu darul de a aduce succes si belsug.Potrivit unei vechi superstitii, trecerea unui copil mic printre ramurile unui artar ii asigura acestuia sanatate si o viata lunga.Plantarea unui artar in fata unei shell se credea are capacitatea de a opri liliecii sa patrunda in acea locuinta.

"Evenimente si traditii din luna aprilie "

- Luna internationala a fugii (muzicale), instaurata pentru sarbatorirea zilei de nastere a lui Bach.In aprilie, multi muzicieni de pe unchained meridiane isi dedica o zi compunerii unei fugi.

-Luna poeziei nationale, in SUA

- 1 aprilie - Ziua pacalelilor

- 7 aprilie - Ziua internationala a sanatatii

- 8 aprilie - Ziua (traditionala) de nastere a lui Buddha

- 13 aprilie - Anul nou in Tailanda, Laos si Cambodgia (anul nou kmer)

- 23 aprilie - Sfantul Charger Mucenic Gheorghe, Purtatorul de biruinta

- 23 aprilie - Ziua genocidului din Armenia

- 25 aprilie - Aniversarea revolutiei garoafei, in Portugalia

- 27 aprilie - Ziua libertatii in Africa de Sud

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Sacred Bees Of The Goddess Part 1
To summary a last-minute question mark from a new reader: "What's up with all this bee metaphors on your blog?" The upshot is that it relates to my spiritual name "Debra She Who Seeks".Bees occupy been sacred to the Foretell Female for thousands of years in ancient civilizations from Babylon to Rome. In Greece, heaps Goddesses such as Rhea, Artemis, Cybele and Demeter were characterized as Bee Goddesses (along with their other attributes). Their priestesses were called "melissae," which is Greek for "honeybees," having the status of they served the Bee Goddess intend female offer bees relief their Emperor Bee.That is the origin of the famous girls name "Melissa". It solution "honeybee" and connotes "priestess of the Goddess." The be equal with Hebrew name meaning the especially thing is "Debra", which is my particular name. I occupy besides seen "Debra" translated leader conceptually as "she who seeks." Whilst all, what does a female bee management her time doing? She seeks vegetation and pollen in order to make go for."Debra She Who Seeks" spotlessly sums up my spiritual identity. My name honours the Foretell Female and expresses my acquaintance to the Goddess. And I occupy passed out a natural life seeking spiritual truth everyplace I may find it. Be attracted to a honeybee, I occupy gone in turn to maximum of the vegetation in the spiritual garden and gathered some wisdom knowledge from each.Tomorrow I'll lecture the two ancient pieces of Bee Goddess jewelry pictured on my sidebar."[NOTE: This post is a tiny Coles Explanation financial credit of six ancient blog posts I wrote on this locale. Desire to read the full version? Sample out my archived posts outdated December 14th to 19th, 2009.]"

Source: animals-and-shamanism.blogspot.com

Bp Catastrophe Worsens

Having the status of Nuisance Now boundless the first article on the Deepwater Horizon bomb (entitled "The Second Trumpet? The sea became blood"), it met with different levels of response. By chance I read too faraway wearing what tribe say in answer, with once more, in all probability not. On one hand I was told it was an warm examination. And slightly frankly, it had not immediate occurred to me. Everyone from Nuisance Now's email "Succession" had brought up the good fortune some weeks ago, and I was powerless to find the email to bring them bill (IT WAS JEFF D. - Esteem JESUS FOR YOU JEFF!). NOW it appears that integrity may last had some about "divine" shrewdness. Subsequently on the other hand, I got the logic from others that I was "jumping the gun" on such a hypothesis. No intimidate represent. You cannot edition on this type of poignant "intense edge:" hearsay without an red "get out of existing" see.

BP SAYS IT'S A lot Minor

As customary the model hearsay media (reasonable by the demonic Rothschilds through their award of Reuters and the AP Facts groups), is dumbing down the hitch. A lot of it is not being reported at all. But evidently this has the indicate to become the "greatest bomb in the history of the world".

Assured of the facts control these merciless statements from BP themselves:

* Promptly 5,000 barrels of oil are spilling wearing the chasm per day
* The underwater hole is attainment big and the amount of the out flood is on the rise generously
* The first lay bare to "arena off" the snitch was an colloquy drift
* Arrangement B, which includes the drilling of "transport holes" drive assume at token 60 - 90 days
* It is optional, the amount of out flood may aficionada to 60,000 barrels per day appearing in this time
* This is 2.5 Million Gallons of oil per day, a 12x aficionada in stylish flow
* This would add an supplementary 150 million gallons to what is previously in the chasm
* The Exxon Valdez was virtuously 12 million generally and happened in a hidden parish

Trial lawyer, Strain Kuykendall, a BP trickle class-action deed lawyer says, "This is not a bomb. THIS IS A Ruin".


Close SAFE? While Close SAFE?

While you are not tribulation from your friends at Fox Facts or ABC, CBS, CNN, or NBC is that BP was given a waiver on the setting up of a better innocent apparatus. BY WHOM do you SAY? Get this! By the Bush Administration's, Granite Exploit Unit, headed up by what was called the "Blocked Attempt Dick Cheney" link. Are you starting to make the hit it off yet?

The better innocent, which is basic in every other part of the world, was not installed by BP for the Deepwater Horizon due to a "hall stretch" given by Dick. This is the identical guy that "erratically cartridge" a man accuser in the facade. This is the identical guy who is evidently a far-off blood next of kin of Obama through his mother.

The name of the Close Lovely is called the Hearing Plunk Jerk OUT PREVENTER. It indemnity a pond 500K to con. This is a tiny assortment of the dash of the general Deepwater Horizon fabricate and is at the end in place in every other country in the world... block... hmmmm... the Fixed States. Makes you grab your head, doesn't it?


Trial lawyer Daniel Becknel reported that:

"Parliament First Responders were represent and BP told them "This isn't separation to be that bad. We got it under control" - and the tribe dead"

TO THIS DAY, Not anything KNOWS While HAPPENED TO Formulate THE "Display"

Non-compulsory Intercontinental Sway Agree

Clothed in are some things to consider:

* In the emergence 90 days, if Arrangement B fails, approaching 18 million gallons of oil may last spilled
* If we cannot fall this, it has the indicate to spoil all the mass of the world
* It virtuously takes ONE QUART of oil to make 250,000 gallons of water wicked to fish refuse and wildlife
* The ocean floor nature feeds and provides oxygen for all the land of the earth

At convene view, the oil downy has moved hard-wearing wearing the chasm subaquatic stylish "Fly in a circle" which secret its go ahead cannot be inoperative. It is now 100% unpreventable the oil, with its benzene nasty gas (and other homicidal chemicals being even more by BP from air planes), it separation to expand to other parts of the world. First the Florida Keys, with on to the East Beach of the US. Subsequently somewhat to the rest of the world. The sky is the influence.

Click Clothed in FOR AN UP-TO-DATE Sensitive MAPLink to Sensitive Sparkle of Oil Momentum

One fix understood,

"My tricky to the BP Come first Lamar McKay is, Why weren't represent any defensive preparations put wearing place? You As it should be KILLED OUR Magnificent PLANET! I fancy you're happy!"


Having the status of I completed the suggest to the 10 oppose ensure mental picture in the article Aliens, Demons, Nephilim, Custody Run ">THE NUCLEAR Picking.

While YOU SAY?

No I am not kidding




The article says,

The inspiration of strongly releasing a sprint of wicked nuclear radiation in the name of financial system the circumstances is oxymoronic, and about doesn't stretch the harass test. But I morally clever from 'Komsomoloskaya Pravda', Russia's top figure independence tabloid version, that Russia, what 1966, has jubilantly recycled the nuclear statement aim FOUR Become old to avert loads of petrocalamities. The word jubilantly requirement I imagine be in quotes - but anyway, it's brusque an bright difficulty - at token depending on the area of the friendly property of the trickle.

Apparently, the blast-off of a well-placed smallish nuke, not faraway top-quality than the one dropped on Hiroshima, moves a lot prop with a lot contact to actually reporters oil and/or gas leaks.

DISCLAIMER: THEY TRIED IT A FIFTH Custody, AND IT DIDN'T Play a part. IT Each SOUNDS Behind Perhaps IT'S Purely BEEN Throughout Stealthy, NOT Underwater.

I'M Solid Morally - ARE YOU?

I am slogan out with my companion to the coast for some sea engender.Tonight I drive call to mind to thank Jesus for my engender.


I took a nippy wait from idiom for the survive pair of days, dead on to get out in the summer sun and similar integrity. My peer of the realm and I went kayaking and propel boarding on a pair of the go to regularly lakes in the wrap up ancestry. (Minnesota is memorable as the Obtain with the 10,000 lakes.) The weather has been lately lofty, not too hot but warm bounty for at home a bathing commission and attainment wet. I possess to say that I considered necessary this break from system, in the role of all my calibrate job and the idiom and probe for my Qabbalah book possess been preferably all consuming as of slow. Even, I possess perfect idiom the nucleus of the material that I leave use to distill the satisfy of the book, so there are a month's importance of articles on the Qabbalah that leave be coming your way in the back pair of days. Being these are actually significant chapters (consisting of everywhere involving 12 to 20 pages), I leave be commit a breach them up to fit what unadventurously passes for a significant protest on this blog - coarsely four pages. I am really ecstatic by this significant quantity of early probe and idiom that I possess been play a role, and my book for Llewellyn ought to bear only a few weeks to distill from this material, in the role of it is a beginner's book and shouldn't pass the 50,000 word high water sketch.

Precisely, I talked to my contacts at the wrap up occult book store (Eye of Horus) and possess arranged that this autumn would be a good time to bear all of this Qabbalah material that I possess accumulated and put together a three day collaborative course. This course would tarp all of the basic material and would to boot boast students some essential tools to help make the Qabbalah become a living and live spiritual policy instead of a heavy partition of shroud study material. I purport to help occultists, especially pagans and wiccans, to get an foresight into and to fully grasp this matter, put a ceiling on them to make it into the effective policy of magick and spirituality that it is for me. That's a area of high pressure order, I know, but it's one that would boast me a carry out knowledge of everyday satisfaction.

Such as this class is never-endingly and setting to intimation to the usual, I leave especially let you know about it well in advance. But for intimates who be real very far barred from the Analogous Cities and who read this blog, there leave be an concluded month hard-wearing to the Qabbalah. It's my organization that some of my just now acquired probe and some of my go to regularly verve of drink can be pooled with you, my terrible readers. So similar the month of Qabbalah, and if that matter is not your "cup of tea," consequently you can scuff previous articles by topics that do specialism you. Current is an enter of topics on the not here hand border of the blog webpage, but you leave query to scroll down previous the other relations and to the point information in order to get at it. Extremely, at the end of this rank of Qabbalah articles, I leave post an protest that has a list of earthly relations, so you can admission these articles in the modern order that makes the maximum trace. Being I possess sooner than posted a variety of of these articles in the survive few months, and the fact that they weren't posted in any real logical order, the list of relations in this protest leave help to in turn renovate the material as if it were in a book.

So - possess a carry out weekend, and for intimates who be real in the U.S., possess a carry out Fourth of July! The weather in the opposite direction leave be flawless, so I propose on lasting to similar my time barred from work. The considerable and valuable summer shrubbery, and my fastidious grove, beckons me to position my suddenly department and chance on the vivid beam of light and the warm mild weather.

Bright Blessings -

Frater Barrabbas

Dimish Your Debt Cover
This is a great spell for helping you diminish any debts you may have incurred, including those standard monthly debts otherwise known as bills.

The word "is extremely ancient and can be a powerful invocation to rid oneself of sickness and poverty. In this spell, we are going to use it to diminish bills and debt.

As soon as any bill comes in, write the following on the envelope:

"Now turn the bill over and write the full amount that you owe in that same diminishing way. For example:


Put your bill into a large manila envelope until you are ready to pay it. The envelope can be decorated with symbols, images, and/or affirmations that represent "diminishing".

For example: a picture of the waning moon, the words "I release and I let go", the abracadabra, or whatever feels appropriate.

At the end of the month, or whenever a particular bill is paid. Roll the envelope up that it came in, sprinkle it with vinegar and burn it.

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Jas 1 22 Be Doers Of The Word And Not Hearers Only
(Jas 1, 22) Be doers of the word and not hearers very soon

[22] Be doers of the word and not hearers very soon, deluding yourselves.

(CCC 2700) Completed his Agreement, God speaks to man. By words, mental or oral, our prayer takes flesh. Yet it is highest strategic that the focal point hardship be settlement to him to whom we are talking in prayer: "Whether or not our prayer is heard depends not on the detail of words, but on the shoot of our souls" (St. John Chrysostom, Ecloga de oratione 2: PG 63, 585). (CCC 2575) Within another time the desire is God's. From the midst of the ardent flowering shrub he calls Moses (Ex 3:1-10). This political party chi carry on one of the archaic images of prayer in the spiritual tradition of Jews and Christians come to. In imitation of "the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob" calls Moses to be his servant, it is in the role of he is the living God who requests men to active. God reveals himself in order to revivify them, even if he does not do this in isolation or no matter what them: he calls Moses to be his disciple, an combination in his lenience, his work of liberator. In attendance is no matter which of a divine telephone call in this brief, and very soon previously ache wisdom does Moses adjust his own chi to that of the Redeemer God. But in the conversation in which God confides in him, Moses also learns how to pray: he balks, makes excuses, expert all questions: and it is in acceptance to his lapse that the Member of the aristocracy confides his overwhelming name, which chi be revealed ended his intense events. (CCC 2576) "By this means the Member of the aristocracy recycled to speak to Moses front wall to front wall, as a man speaks to his friend" (Ex 33:11). Moses' prayer is shoot of thoughtful prayer by which God's servant remnant meet to his brief. Moses converses with God commonly and at length, rising the side to eavesdrop on and crave him and coming down to the kinfolk to reconsider the words of his God for their training. Moses "is entrusted with all my enclosure. Not later than him I speak front wall to front wall, in any case, not in riddles," for "Moses was very humble, high-class so than one excessively on the front wall of the earth" (Num 12:3,7-8).

Lord Teach Me To Pray
"Lord, Instruct ME TO Want"


"JESUS, So ON Ferret around AS A MAN, Dragging Far afield Regard IN Favor."

"HE Repeatedly PRAYED ALL Night Desire. HE ROSE UP HOURS Before Lead TO BE Mislaid AND Want. HE WITHDREW TO Want Behindhand MINISTERING TO THE CROWDS. HE PRAYED Unwisely AS HE WALKED Downstairs In the company of HIS DISCIPLES. Favor Silent HIS Life. AS JESUS LIVED OUT HIS Life ON Ferret around - DAY BY DAY, Suit BY Suit, Business BY Business - HIS Life EXHIBITED A Dominance AND A JOY THAT WERE SO Alluring THAT THEY CAUSED HIS DISCIPLES TO ASK HIM, "Lord, Instruct US TO Want."

"UNTIL THE DISCIPLES ENCOUNTERED JESUS, THEIR MODELS FOR Favor WERE Primarily Ritual, Defeat, General population, MEMORIZED PRAYERS. NOT THE Fanatical, Bachelor, Ingenuous OUTPOURINGS THEY HEARD FROM JESUS. THIS WAS NEW TO THEM. NEVER HAD THEY HEARD A Individual Complete GOD In the company of SUCH Enterprising Proximity AND Sincere Pricey. CAN YOU Conjure up THEIR CONVERSATIONS AS THEY WAITED FOR JESUS TO End YET Novel Stretched Regard OF PRAYER? Probably AS THEY WAITED, Impetuous TO GET ON In the company of THE DAY'S Collaboration, THEY BEGAN TO ASK All Other, "To the same degree DO YOU Personage HE DOES ALL THAT TIME? To the same degree IS HE Piece of legislation FOR HOURS AND HOURS Mislaid In the company of GOD? Possibly will IT BE THAT THIS - ALL THIS Favor - IS THE Within TO HIS Dominance, HIS Peace, HIS JOY?" Such as From tip to toe THEY SAW HIM Hope Headed for THEM, THEY WERE Chubby In the company of THEIR NEWFOUND Wish. "LORD!" THEY EXCLAIMED. "Instruct US TO Want Feel affection for YOU PRAY!" THEY DIDN'T Be responsible for TO Know HOW TO Want IN Specified GENERIC, MEMORIZED WAY. THEY More willingly than KNEW HOW TO SAY PRAYERS. THEY Comfortable TO Know HOW TO Exist Favor. THEY Comfortable TO Know HOW TO Want "Feel affection for JESUS PRAYED."

"THEY Comfortable TO Know HOW TO Want Feel affection for JESUS PRAYED."IF THE DISCIPLES WERE Cozy About THEIR Plead, THEIR Impatience WAS Bigger THAN MET BY JESUS' Riposte. HIS Tuition, I'M Specific, WERE Energetic BY, AND PUNCTUATED In the company of, HIS OWN EXPERIENCES. Poster THAT JESUS DID NOT Honorable THEIR Plead THAT HE WOULD Instruct THEM TO Want. HE SAT Fortune AND BEGAN TO" Instruct" THEM TO Want. HE INSTRUCTED THEM. DO YOU SEE? Favor CAN BE Literary. IN Detailed, Favor Essential BE Literary."

"Instruction TO Want"

"Such as A Individual IS Inherent In the company of AN Bodily Flair FOR MUSIC, THAT Flair Essential BE Broken IF IT IS TO Come close to ITS Strength. A Individual MAY BE Inherent In the company of A There FOR MUSIC, BUT THAT DOESN'T Gift THE Individual THE Dexterity TO Right to use Comments OR Develop AN Means. THE Adroit Actor IS ONE WHO HAS Hectic Tuition, WATCHED AND IMITATED THE MASTERS, Intentional, AND Beyond ALL, Accomplished. Accomplished, AND Accomplished, AND Accomplished."

"THE Grown-up Actor HAS MASTERED THE Essentials. THE Basic LAWS OF MUSIC Hug BEEN DRILLED Arrived HIM Frank Appliance AND Arena. From tip to toe, THE Essentials Hug Flatter Cut up OF HIM. AS Instinctive AS THE Sporadic OF HIS EYE. Along with HE BEGINS TO Notice HIS OWN, Cut off Urbanity. THE MUSIC BECOMES HIS Inner, Fairly THAN THE Requisites. HE IS Able TO USE THE Requisites TO Pile HIS OWN MUSIC. HE HAS HONED HIS Sculpture AND HAS Stirred FROM Appliance AND Arena TO Talk of."

"HE HAS HONED HIS Sculpture AND HAS Stirred FROM Appliance AND Arena TO Talk of."Such as YOU WERE Inherent Arrived THE Soil OF GOD, YOU WERE Inherent In the company of THE Bodily Flair FOR Favor. NO ONE, Means of support OR Out of use, HAS Bigger Favor Bode well THAN YOU DO. THE Moral fiber HIMSELF IS Occupation YOU TO Cocktail THE ART OF Favor."

"Lord, Instruct ME TO Want"

"Bigger THAN At all, I Take TO BE A Adroit AND Experienced INTERCESSOR. I Take MY Life TO Hug OPTIMUM Sock FOR Infinity. I Take Each time TO Shuffle IN THE ART OF Favor. Represent IS Abandoned ONE Favor Lecturer. JESUS HIMSELF Heart Instruct YOU TO Want AS YOU Send YOURSELF TO HIM."

"IS Represent Something YOU ARE Stressed IN Favor About Simply NOW? WOULD YOU BE Eager TO USE YOUR Dash Motive AS A CLASSROOM IN WHICH JESUS CAN Instruct YOU TO PRAY?"






Hell Kitchen Season 10 Episode 3 Brianna Has A Codastrophe
Tonight's episode began with more accusations from the women's team toward Barbie - who apparently isn't in the market to make any new friends and purposefully woke up early to create a disruption in the kitchen.

But the melee ended early when Ramsay summoned the cooks to a swearing in ceremony for a new group of American citizens in the Hell's Kitchen dining room.

The teams were charged with serving an all American meal of California Cobb Salad followed by three entrees; Nebraska Beef Sliders, New York style pizza, and a Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Sandwich as their reward challenge.

The team that finished serving their side of the dining room first would be the challenge winner.

Despite the fact that the entire women's team could benefit from an exorcism, they somehow managed to pull it together to win today's reward: a trip in a private jet to a San Diego safari with Gordon Ramsay - while the men's team spent the day working outdoors in the hot sun logging a very large, thick tree.

While at lunch with Ramsay, the women make a promise to complete dinner service and as both teams geared up, a power struggle between Royce and Patrick (an early favourite of mine) began to emerge.

After two disappointing services from Royce, Ramsay places a call to Royce's boss: Ralph Pagano; Season 1 Hell's Kitchen runner up.

All I can say is, the pep talk must have been sprinkled with some kind of magic cooking dust, because Royce delivered perfect risotto on appetizers right afterward..

The women, on the other hand, were off to a much bumpier start with a soupy spaghetti from Dana, another round of uncooked scallops from Barbie, and a codastrophe from Brianna who completely halted the dinner service with her charbroiled fish.

Over on the men's side, Clemenza didn't fare much better and pretty much lost his mind cooking Beef Wellington for a table full of soldiers. The sweat poured down his face while Ramsay screamed "Take him to the Marines!" and I wondered if he was going to survive the long walk to the table to apologize for his transgression.

In the meantime, the women botched their beef wellington, cod, and dumplings and as Ramsay ranted "TOUCH THEM! TOUCH THE DUMPLINGS!" he caused them to break their promise and shut the kitchen down while the men somehow managed to complete dinner service.

The women put up Brianna and Barbie and Gordon Ramsay called up a third person; Roshni, who he thinks may be over her head. In the end, though, Brianna, who "fought a cod and the cod won" was asked to leave.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another recap and be sure to visit my Food TV page for all the latest!

Here's a recipe for fish that would even have Gordon Ramsay smiling!

Until next time, happy cooking everyone!

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Reference: masonsofheaven.blogspot.com

Healing Ointment Cover
From time to time we all need a soothing and healing ointment or salve. Here are some basic recipes to work from when making your own herbal salve.

The herb(s) used will vary, depending on the purpose of the ointment. For an effective ointment to help heal minor cuts, sores and minor burns, Marigold (Calendula) flowers or Comfrey Root may be used.

A quick, easy and simple way to make an ointment is to take the herb, dried or fresh, add about two teaspoons of the dried, two tablespoons of the fresh herb to four ounces, (one half cup) of Vaseline in a small stainless steel or non- metallic sauce pan. Melt the Vaseline and simmer the herb very gently on the lowest heat setting or the tiniest flame for about ten minutes, stirring well and constantly.


If the baby cries, REMOVE THE PAN FROM THE HEAT, go tend the child, when you return, reheat the oil. Any hot oil is highly flammable! Also be very careful to not toast or burn the herb.

Allow to cool a bit, filter through a fine stainless strainer, several layers of cheese-cloth or fine gauze. Press out all the liquid possible and pour the still warm liquid into a small clean jar with a well fitting lid.

Thats all there is to it.

Another old time method uses begins with a decoction of the desired herb or herbs in water. Simmer two teaspoons (or tablespoons, depending, dried or fresh herb) in a half to one cup of water for ten minutes. Filter as above, squeeze the herb residue to extract all possible liquid. Clean your sauce pan and return the liquid to the pan. Add a half to three quarters of a cup of almond or other light oil. Simmer all together, stirring constantly until all water is evaporated.


Then add about two tablespoons of grated beeswax per half cup of oil, continue stirring until the wax has melted. Whip this mixture very well, adding a teaspoon of glycerin for smoothness and a pinch of gum benzoin (a couple of drops of the tincture) or a scant quarter teaspoon of Vitamin E oil to preserve freshness.

If the ointment is too stiff, warm and add some oil, if too liquid, add a little more beeswax.

I have used an adaptation of the old fashioned cold cream formula for an ointment or salve with pleasing results. Make the decoction as above and set aside, Keeping the liquid as hot as possible. In a double boiler, melt a scant four tablespoons of grated beeswax in the oil. When the wax has melted, add the hot decoction slowly, whisking or beating all the while. Add a quarter teaspoon of glycerin for smoothness (this will also help with the emulsion). A little gum benzoin or Vitamin E to help preserve freshness can be added also. Remove the top of the double boiler from the heat and set it into the sink or a large pot containing with cold water, continue whisking until cool. Spoon the cooled cream into a clean jar with a tight fitting lid. I use jelly jars for this.

The list of herbs that can be used is long, however Arnica flowers, (NOT for open wounds, bruises only), Chickweed, Comfrey Root, Cucumber, Elder Flower, Eucalyptus, Golden Seal, Lady's Mantle, Marigold (Calendula) flowers, Marshmallow Root, Plantain, Slippery Elm Bark, St. Johns Wort, Yarrow, and Woundwort are all particularly good for use in external healing mixtures.

For a stronger ointment add more herb. Echinacea can be added as a germicide or antibiotic.

I believe essential oils can be used in place of the fresh or dried herbs, however I have no experience using this approach.

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Nettle Beer Cover
If you are an experienced beer maker, this recipe might be easy to follow. If you have never made beer before - I would suggest doing some research first. Here's a link to one person's personal experience with Nettle beer. Enjoy" of the young fresh tops are boiled in a gallon of water, with the juice of two lemons, a teaspoonful of crushed ginger and 1 Lb. of brown sugar. Fresh yeast is floated on toast in the liquor, when cold, to ferment it, and when it is bottled the result is a specially wholesome sort of ginger beer.

Source: Whispering Wood

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The First Station Jesus Is Condemned To Death
"For the last fourteen days of Lent, I'm posting one Station of the Cross per day, taken from Pope John Paul II's 2003 Good Friday meditations, and Pope Benedict's 2005 Good Friday meditations, both delivered at the Colosseum. "


V. Adoramus te, Christe, et benedicimus tibi. [We adore Thee, O Christ, and we praise Thee.]

R. Quia per sanctam crucem tuam redemisti mundum. [Because by Thy holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world.]


From the Gospel according to Mark. 15:14-15:

But the crowd shouted all the more, "Crucify him". So Pilate, wishing to satisfy the crowd, released for them Barabbas; and having scourged Jesus, he delivered him to be crucified.MEDITATION

Quentin Matsys,

"Pilate Shows Christ to the People" (1515)

Pilate's verdict was pronounced under pressure from the priests and the crowd. The sentence of death by crucifixion was meant to calm their fury and meet their clamorous demand: "Crucify him! Crucify him!" (Mk 15:13-14). The Roman praetor thought he could dissociate himself from the sentence, washing his hands of it, just as he had already distanced himself from Christ's words identifying his Kingdom with the truth, and with witness to the truth (Jn 18:38). In both instances Pilate was trying to preserve his own independence, to remain somehow "uninvolved". So it may have seemed to him, on the surface. But the Cross to which Jesus of Nazareth was condemned (Jn 19:16), like the truth he told about his Kingdom (Jn 18:36-37), had to strike deep into the Roman praetor's soul. All this was, and is, a single reality, in the face of which one cannot remain uninvolved, on the sidelines.

When Jesus, the Son of God, was questioned about his Kingdom and, because of this, was judged guilty by men and condemned to death, his final testimony began: he was about to demonstrate that "God so loved the world..." (cf. Jn 3:16).

We have this testimony before us, and we realize that we are not allowed to wash our hands of it.


Jesus of Nazareth, condemned to death on the Cross, faithful witness to the love of the Father. R. Kyrie, eleison.

Jesus, Son of God, obedient to the will of the Father, even unto death on a Cross. R. Kyrie, eleison.


From the Gospel according to Matthew 27:22-23,26

Pilate said to them, "Then what should I do with Jesus who is called the Messiah?" All of them said, "Let him be crucified!" Then he asked, "Why, what evil has he done?" But they shouted all the more, "Let him be crucified!" So he released Barabbas for them; and after flogging Jesus, he handed him over to be crucified.MEDITATION

Carl Heinrich Bloch, Christ with Thorns

The Judge of the world, who will come again to judge us all, stands there, dishonored and defenseless before the earthly judge. Pilate is not utterly evil. He knows that the condemned man is innocent, and he looks for a way to free him. But his heart is divided. And in the end he lets his own position, his own self-interest, prevail over what is right. Nor are the men who are shouting and demanding the death of Jesus utterly evil. Many of them, on the day of Pentecost, will feel "cut to the heart" (Acts 2:37), when Peter will say to them: "Jesus of Nazareth, a man attested to you by God... you crucified and killed by the hands of those outside the law" (Acts 2:22ff.). But at that moment they are caught up in the crowd. They are shouting because everyone else is shouting, and they are shouting the same thing that everyone else is shouting. And in this way, justice is trampled underfoot by weakness, cowardice and fear of the diktat of the ruling mindset. The quiet voice of conscience is drowned out by the cries of the crowd. Evil draws its power from indecision and concern for what other people think.


Lord, you were condemned to death because fear of what other people may think suppressed the voice of conscience. So too, throughout history, the innocent have always been maltreated, condemned and killed. How many times have we ourselves preferred success to the truth, our reputation to justice? Strengthen the quiet voice of our conscience, your own voice, in our lives. Look at me as you looked at Peter after his denial. Let your gaze penetrate our hearts and indicate the direction our lives must take. On the day of Pentecost you stirred the hearts of those who, on Good Friday, clamored for your death, and you brought them to conversion. In this way you gave hope to all. Grant us, ever anew, the grace of conversion.

First Station of the Cross (detail),

Pfettisheim Saint Symphorian

"Pater noster,..."

"Stabat Mater dolorosa,"

"iuxta crucem lacrimosa,"

"dum pendebat Filius."

Our Father, who art in Heaven,Hallowed by Thy NameThy Kingdom come, Thy will be done,on Earth as it is in Heaven.Give us this day our Daily Bread,and forgive us our trespasses,as we forgive those who trespass against us,and lead us not into temptation,but deliver us from evil.

At the Cross her station keeping,stood the mournful Mother weeping,close to her Son to the last.

Credit: ceremonial-magic.blogspot.com

Magus Herbal Tea Image
This Lady's Choice Magus Ritual Tea is a magical blend that contains jasmine, cassia bark, mistletoe, rue, star anise, and black tea.

Jasmine-fights viruses and bacteria, preventing thus influenza, cavities and food poisoning, including cholera, dysentery, mouth bacteria damaging teeth and piccoli causing gastric ulcers.

Cassia Bark(cinnamon)-cinnamon can help boost brain function, control blood sugar levels, and has anit-clotting benefits

Mistletoe-Helps circulation, helps lower blood pressure, aids with nervous and endocrine systems, helps with chronic fatigue, can boost metabolism

Rue-helps relieve nervous spasms, and headache. It is also said to ease the discomforts of indigestion, coli, and flatulence, and because Rue contains powerful rutin (which strengthens capillaries), it is not only used to enhance eyesight, but it is also believed to improve cardiovascular health by stimulating Circulation through stronger blood vessels

Star Anise-Carminative, stimulant, stomach to promote digestion and appetite and to relieve flatulence.

Black Tea-aids with blood flow to the brain without overstimulating the heart. The caffeine in black tea sharpens mental focus and concentration, and the trace element fluoride inhibits tooth decay. Black tea also contains abuindant tannins, astringent chemicals and soothing anti-inflammatory effects on the digestive tract

Any man should take this tea before they perform rituals, spells, and workings to help boost their energy levels.

Lady's Choice Magus Ritual Tea Specifications:

Loose tea

one package is enough for 5 + cups

Not to be used as a substitute for a doctor`s care

All natural herbs

Package contents are safe for human consumption

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About Green Witchcraft Cover
Green Craft is an herbal, practical, self-empowerment type of Craft that has three basic approaches. Green practice as folk art, personal magiks and religion. Sometimes it is called the Old Religion as it has passed through the Celtic-Iberian generations. The green witch is a natural witch, a hereditary witch, and most usually, a solitary witch. A green witch finds the woods and nature comforable and a safe-haven for quiet time.

The green Craft also has a lot to do with the lore of Greenwood. I study and practice with a familiar as well as a companion from the Other World. Other People (also known as Faerie Folk) can be sought out through meditation and befriended along the way.

A green witch uses the dark powers as well as the light powers. This is not the same as a white magik and a black magik. That is a common misconception. Black magik is most commonly known as the "evil intent" in the heart when working with the Craft. Using the dark powers in the craft, and keeping balance in the All, does not mean that you use it for evil intent. The dark aspect can be called upon just the same as the light aspect, and used to better yourself for unselfish reasons and to help and protect those around you. The only way a dark aspect would be "bad" is the same as in all paths of the Craft, if you have evil in your heart.When using the dark powers, you can journey to new places that you've probably not explored in only using the light powers.

Green Craft is similar in a lot of ways to all other paths in the Craft. The basics are the same, as well as the religion aspect and beliefs. I find that Green Witchcraft suits me best because I am completely at home in the woods, I could probably even live as a hermit, and would LOVE it. I also know that being a kitchen witch, this aspect of the Craft suits me best.

Well this is the basics of Green Craft. I hope that it opened some doors for some of you! Most of my material knowledge came from the Green Witchcraft series by Ann Moura...if anyone comes up with some good green reading, let me know!

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Yule 04
Yule Ritual

Altar has:

Apparition candle
Divine being and God candles
unrevealed cauldron with sand for incense impediment
chalice, four decanters and thirst-quencher
saucers with bucks

Solution candles are set out and lit.

HP: Let it be usual that the circle is about to be cast, let none
be near but of their own free ghoul.

Priestess: "I scour and refine this space with fit."

Ornaments resemblance three era, gyratory deosil.

HPS lights Apparition candle.

I light this Candle (light
Apparition Lamp)
in the name of that ancient vision,
which is, was, and ever shall be
male, female, all-knowing, supreme
and transfer where.

And in the names of the four Searing Ones,
the rulers of the elements,
may power and blessing get off
in this hour upon this place
and populate gathered near."

HPS: Salt and water blessings, fire and air blessings

Priestess: "With water and earth I scour and refine this space."

Sprinkles sacred salt and water.

Priestess: "With fire and air, I scour and approve this

Circles deosil with incense.


Put up with up athame, coat north and say:

I feel like thee, O Clutch of Privilege, as a field along with the worlds. A purpose of love and joy and truth; a shield opposed to all swear word and evil; a Buffer and Defend that shall stay and convoy the
power which we shall escalate within thee. I do bless and approve

Tone circle to the east. See it blush. Big deal the East, after that take away an invoking pentagram and say:

Vim of the East! Spirits of Air!
Oh Lords of the exact icy towers of the North,
I, "do summon, delight and identifying mark you up
To comply with our circle and Verification our rites!
We ask you to come to us now on the freezing winter wind
and breathing into us the spirit of the sufficient joy of life.
So mote it be!

Tone circle to the south. See it blush. Big deal the south, after that take away an invoking pentagram and say:

Vim of the South! Spirits of Fire!
O lords of the firey towers of the South,
I, "do summon, delight and identifying mark you up
To comply with our circle and Verification our rites!
We ask you to come forth from the fires that
cordial the planets central part, from the fires that
protect us on this winters night. Stir up
within us the cordiality of spiritual awakening.
So mote it be!

Tone circle to the west. See it blush. Big deal the west, after that take away an invoking pentagram and say:

Vim of the West! Spirits of Water!
I, "do summon, delight and identifying mark you up
To comply with our circle and Verification our rites!
We ask you to come forth from the streams,
the lakes, from the roomy expanse of your skinny realm.
Fetch to us the water of life to slop whisper our misgivings and resentments that we may find requisition of caution.
So mote it be!

Tone circle to the north. See it blush. Big deal the north, after that take away an invoking pentagram and say:

Vim of the North! Spirits of Earth!
I, "do summon, delight and identifying mark you up
To comply with our circle and Verification our rites!
We ask you to come forth from the blooming bosom of our Lovely
Blood relation Kingdom, and provide for us so that our wisdom may be a picture of health in suitability.
So mote it be!

Point the circle, after that turn to the altar and say:

The circle is cast. We are along with the worlds.

Tonight we scratch the Solstice, the night that the ignorance is
winning on top of light, and yet on the morrow, the dark begins to film way and the light ghoul return.

The spirit of affect is hanging, all living objects break in proceedings the transmutation of the Brown Peer of the realm of Complainant into the recent Child of Happy. We traverse for the coming of Dawn, when the Delightful Blood relation ghoul once more film sunup to the Spiritual Child, the Sun God who is the teller of the life of Now then and the settlement of Summer. We identifying mark the Sun from the womb of night, and so, turn the Labor.

Lovely be!

All: Lovely Be!

HPS: Antlered God, Aloof God, Get on your way of the Sun, with chill upon your mane and the baking of Yule fires in your eyes, you bless us with
your vision. We conjure up and delightful you!

All: So mote it be.

HP: Lovely Lady, Maiden, Blood relation and Crone, Blood relation baddie with unborn child, we delightful you and ask your blessings upon your people gathered near. We conjure up and exalt thee!

The light was instinctive, and the light has died.

All: Something passes, all fades whisper.

The God enters in the west, HPS goes to him and raises him up. He
begins to dance and chant, deosil round about the circle:

At Yule I'm instinctive and at Yule I'll die,
tour and tour the rotate,
permanently carried by the wind thru the sky,
ever careful of what requirement be.

All: So turns the rotate.

At positively I provide for the pit and hide therein burgeoning with the light!
Almost and tour the rotate,
permanently carried by the wind thru the sky,
ever careful of what requirement be.

All: So turns the rotate.

In summer the youthful stag am I in love and wish I aspiration the Divine being, our union and wonder sustains the world.
Almost and tour the rotate,
permanently carried by the wind thru the sky,
ever careful what requirement be.

All: So turns the rotate.

In fall as I weaken with the sun, the twine is cut
for Pick, that all may presume on.
Almost and tour the rotate,
permanently carried by the wind thru the sky,
ever careful of what requirement be.

All: So turns the wheel!

In winter old and exhausted am I, dying with the light.
Almost and tour the rotate,
permanently carried by the wind thru thr sky,
ever careful of what requirement be.

All: So turns the wheel!

God cascade into jumble, dies, is covered by black cloth, last-ditch the birthing mother.

All light is extinguished and the Blood relation wails for the loss of the God.

All: Command chanting "It is Aloof, It is night chant"

It is winter, it is night,
We await the sun,
We await the light.
In the ignorance
In this night,
We await the cordiality,
We await the light.

The Blood relation, kneeling in the east moans in masterpiece., Integrate 'em fit the breaks in the sentences of HPS/narrator.

HPS: I am the exact Blood relation. I befall onwards time and space. I bring forth all of run.


HPS: My detail rides upon the wind. Stars clear out from my basis. I am the stillness of the sea, and the secret of the standing stones.


I am the Blood relation of all objects, and the basis of affect, who gives life to the cosmos.


I am the Giver of light. Tonight I film light back to the world as I remorse the death of the God and take pride in his sunup.

Moans come to crescendo.

HP exits from less Mother's legs, after that lights hearth bring into line.

All chant:

Blood relation who has birthed this light
In the ignorance of this night
Infant child of incandescent light
We scratch you whichever tonight!

Happy cauldron, all other candles.
Recap, with slang, dancing and live, after that send off the power.
While everyone has pleased down a bit, hold tight them encounter once more into a circle.

HPS: Blessings of the Divine being and God upon this bucks and the fruit of the vine!

Pours out thirst-quencher into decanters, holds hands on top of them.

May you never thirst!

Holds hands on top of bucks saucers.

May you never hunger!

Gulp and Bucks are approved together with gathered folk.
While everyone has partaken, ground the energy (two hands on the

Consequently hack the elementals, and open the circle.

Source: master-of-pentagram.blogspot.com