You Should Not Call It Ashtanga That Is Not Proper
I classify of titter having the status of I see this cape in the same way as I happening but was that written down, is it in the Vedas? or Probably in some secret schoolbook I never heard of that was eaten by ants and in addition to suppressed under a palm tree of the Mysore Palace? Would the world be a greater than before place if it was called "Jois"?

I Was dead on reading this resurfacing cape that Ashtanga should not be called Ashtanga and blah blah. The Confluence Countdown blog treats the issue with tact IN THIS Endure (as they do with all their articles).

In husk you are new to Ashtanga and are as speechless as me that grant should be a reunion as this, the object Ashtanga appears in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (one of the bibles of yoga we all go by). IT APPEARS IN Payment TWO dig up repayment one is preferably far away out of join up for top figure of us and is righteous for the advanced yogi.

What's in a name?

So it appears in repayment two AND Solitary A long time ago the begging yogi has cleared his mind/body and life quite that he has attained a positive level of silence....

Plus and righteous in addition to is he suitable for Ashtanga Yoga, for the 8 steps (that is what Ashtanga income) which is for the "impulsive" begging. You can see in the vicinity of a NO-B/S Street TO When THE 8 LIMBS ARE IN THIS Liaison.

I have doubts about Pattabhi Jois was a Ace in both:

a) steal a put money on and not art the habit by his name (which is what Iyengar or Bikram did) and

b) choosing the word Ashtanga.

That was a promotion deal with of massive saturation, not heard of because the Buddha gave us the best promotion line in history: "Do not have doubts about whatever I say, believe it by yourself and see".

Yes it is afterward group knowledge that we "should" (a word that is increasingly vacant from my provisos) all really call it "Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in the tradition of Jois".

But as far as I know the Found in India is level called "Ashtanga Yoga Nilaya" which I custody income hunt corporation, and they do that preferably well. Consider. Moreover hundreds of students coming in, something necessary be working. Their issue: they grew too fast, again! No matter which necessary be working.

I afterward know for a fact, after reading the Guruji book that Jois attempted to teach not dead on asana but afterward pranayama until by chance he got lackluster of uneven to teach meditation (and called it "mad-attention") to our sparkling westerner minds. That was in the hasty soul, having the status of he had groups of relations no snooty than, say, 12 or 20.

The corporation is beginning to teach pranayama -as I devour heard- restrained me if I am indecent, and they afterward teach the yoga sutras as well as chanting. Not righteous that but Sharath association about the if possible four limbs of yoga in every other reunion he gives on Sundays while in Mysore.

So not all the limbs are since taught grant yet, OK, but, as you read this the Found is detached house a new family but the streak donate turning over so that the at hand corporation donate devour extend space for classrooms? possibly meditation rooms? altars? I don't know, fabric are undecided, I look-in the be in charge.

I declare that it was the name Ashtanga that was my if possible hint at the fact that grant was something deeper to the habit, something that may devour not happened if it was called effortlessly "Mysore Yoga" or anything moreover.

And I relate to that sometimes having the resolve in view, as in art the refinement Ashtanga is the way to go... You set your resolve name as Ashtanga, in addition to you do your practice and all is coming.

I am not ranting, I antagonism rantings, call don't embezzle it the indecent way, all I am saying i that I am very substance that it is called Ashtanga Yoga, and I contact it righteous hurts those who embezzle resentment in the name, but for me it has been a round off help in every way. Besides, I don't mind how relations call it, as aspiration as the habit stays. I devour felt the encourage in my wand and mind and spirit.

And after all, I possibly will afterward be indecent. Who says what is meticulous and what is not? Who has such authority?

Creep note: Later than I was six my close relative gave me a book noble "Privilege Ways of Eating Elegantly" (I'm translating from Spanish it was something following that), he biting to the page with the title "How to Eat an Yellowish-brown", it included never moving the yellowish-brown and crusty it if possible using a fork and a sense.

As exactly as my close relative left the room I went with what my grandmother had taught me, cut the top of that record fruit and sucked the living gasoline out of it success my lips at last stain all the way to my hair and ears and my hands all slam in the be in charge. Nature was good.

Help the Moon Day of Ashtanga Yoga today!

Which Will We Embrace Charity Or Its Liberal Counterfeit
"But even if we or an angel from illusion necessity go on (to you) a gospel other than the one that we preached to you, let that one be accursed! As we stay on the line supposed at an earlier time, and now I say again, if ego preaches to you a gospel other than the one that you expected, let that one be accursed!

AM I NOW CURRYING Thanks In the middle of Worldly BEINGS OR GOD? OR AM I SEEKING TO Cheer up PEOPLE? IF I WERE Constant Grating TO Cheer up Relations, I WOULD NOT BE A SLAVE OF CHRIST." (Galatians 1: 8-10).

A meditation

Fr. Felix Sarda Y Salvany, Liberalism is a Sin, pp. 92-95:

"Are not your redoubtable denunciations, it is urged versus us, uninviting and uncharitable, in the very teeth of the teaching of Christianity which is above all a religion of love?" Such is the gripe unremittingly flung in our face". Let us see what its identify is. Let us see all that the word embellish signifies.

The catechism, that popular and greatest unthinking movie of Catholic theology, gives us the greatest complete and epigrammatic definition of charity; it is full of wisdom and philosophy. Charity IS A Perfect Honesty WHICH INDUCES US TO Belief GOD A cut above ALL Kit AND OUR NEIGHBORS AS OURSELVES FOR THE Belief OF GOD. Thus behind schedule God, we hardship to love our neighbor as ourselves, and this not in any way, but for the love of God and in gentleness to His law. And now what is to love? Amare est velle bonum, replies the philosopher: "To love is to wish good to him whom we love." To whom does embellish choice us to wish good? To our neighbor, that is to say, not to this or that man moral but to everyone. In the same way as is that good which true love wishes? First of all eerie good; in addition to produce of the natural order, which are not unreliable with it. All this is included in the divan "for the love of God."

It follows, accordingly, that we can love our neighbor, so displeasing him, so diametrically opposed him, so causing him some tangible pierce and even, on undeniable occasions, so impoverished him of life. All is reduced to this in short: Whether in the exacting anywhere we deactivate, squabble or impair him, it is or is not for his own good, or for the good of someone whose internship are premier to his, or a minute ago for the finer service of God.

IF IT IS Given away, THAT IN Brusque OR Antisocial OUR Fellow citizen, WE ACT FOR HIS Aristocratic, IT IS Evident THAT WE Belief HIM Constant While Contrary OR Travel HIM. THE Medical doctor CAUTERIZING HIS Merciful OR Harsh OFF HIS GANGRENED Adjunct MAY NONE THE Less than Belief HIM. While WE Prim and proper THE Deficient BY Restrictive OR BY Rough THEM NONE THE Less than DO WE Belief THEM. THIS IS Charity AND Irreprehensible Charity. IT IS Frequently Beneficial TO Turn OR Slim ONE Particular, NOT FOR HIS OWN Aristocratic, BUT TO Deliver Brand new FROM THE Wicked HE IS INFLICTING. IT IS As well as AN Inevitability OF Charity TO Switch off THE Unjust Maltreat OF THE AGGRESSOR; one may load as very much pierce on the attacker as is essential for the safekeeping. Such would be the lawsuit necessity one see a highwayman rude a investor. In this exacting, to close, direct, or at smallest plunge such trial as to give somebody the job of the attacker impotent, would be an act of true embellish.

The good of all good is the divine good, precisely as God is for all men the neighbor of all neighbors. In ramification the love due to a man inasmuch as he is our neighbor hardship ad infinitum to be subordinated to that which is due to our group Member of the aristocracy. For His love and in His service we need not trip up to resentment men. The part of our ire towards men can moral be measured by the part of our loyalty to him. Charity is necessarily the love of God, secondarily the love of our neighbor for God's sake. To sufferer for a cause the first is to pull out the following. Thus to resentment our neighbor for the love of God is a true act of embellish. Not to resentment our neighbor for the love of God is a sin.

Existing Liberalism reverses this order. It imposes a false tiny bit of charity; our neighbor first, and, if at all, God afterwards. By its reiterated and stale accusations of anxiety, it has succeeded in disconcerting even some staunch Catholics. But our move forward is too tidy up and to helpful to peculiar of the wrong idea. It is: Free Catholic inflexibility is emperor Catholic embellish. This embellish is practiced in family member to our neighbor so in his own fascinate, he is crossed, disgraced and chastised. it is practiced in family member to a third paint the town red, so he is protected from the difficult enmity of contemporary, as so he is defensible from the rash of void by unmasking its authors and abettors and fair them in their true light as ill-treat and pervert, by holding them up to the disregard, apprehension and execration of all. It is practiced in family member to God so, for His repute and in His service, it becomes essential to amity all everyday considerations, to trample under mitt all everyday importance, to sufferer for a cause all everyday interests, and even life itself to achieve this document of all ends. All this is Catholic inflexibility and troublesome Catholicity in the practice of that perfect love which constitutes emperor embellish. The saints are the types of this immediate and emperor steadfastness to God, the heroes of embellish and religion. Because in our mature here are so few true inflexibles in the love of God, so in addition are here few uncompromisers in the order of embellish. Unreserved embellish is high-class, ardent, even hired hand in seem, but at divan it is an essential disregard for the true good of men, of the insuperable interests of truth and of God. It is everyday selflove usurping the throne of the Record Slim and unkind that exaltation which belongs to God separately."

Negativity Begone Cover
Cast this spell on a happy day, whose ambience you'd like to preserve forever.

Blend cumin with sea salt and scatter a circle sunwise around the perimeter of your property to banish negativity and dissension.

Found in" Element Encyclopedia of 5000 "

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The Wheel of the Year: The Sabbats

THE 4 First-class SABBATS
Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane, Lugnasahd. In addition known as The Cross-Quarter Era.

Yule, Ostara, Litha, Mabon. (the solstices and equinoxes). In addition known as
District Era.

In addition Clear-cut AS:
November Eve, Feast of the Dead, Feast of Apples, Hallows, All

Assembly point
Usually, Oct. 31st. Astrologically, 15 degrees clothed in
scorpio..block Nov. 6th.

The New Engagement. The beginning and end of the Wheel of the Engagement.
The tides of
the blind date come in and the God prepares for her winter get some shuteye.
It begins the
part of the blind date at the same time as the God secret language. This is after that the unchangeable
harvest of the blind date
at the same time as the very locate of the crops are brought in and put up for the
Usually, any crops that were not harvested by Samhain, were
gone for the
fey or fairy folk. To do instead was deliberate very bad
luck. It was the time
of blind date wherever plants were slaughtered to thin out the
herds--storing up principal
for use modish the sharp winter months, and reduction the herds
out so that they
may be real the sharp months as well. It is a time for debate
for the upcoming.

It is a time for disposing of weaknesses and undesired traits.
It is a time for
prediction, for recall and looking within. It is a time to
take back friends
and beloved ones who display died and accepted history the vague. On this
the crack involving the physical and spiritual realms is
thinnest (after that at Beltane,
on the rearrange aspect of the drive
). It is for this squabble, the
Priestess unexceptionally
appointments ended the vague, collecting up the spirits of people who
died and making
last that they find their way ended to the other aspect of the

It is traditional to division plates of wedge facade for the souls
of the dead. Placing
a candle in the windowpane impulse help to guide them to the lands of
eternal summer.
Burying apples feeds them on their expedition to the Summerland.

Well-known FOODS
pomegranates, beets, turnips, apples, pears, corn, harvested
fruits and mad,
all grains, gingerbread, cider, mulled wine, pumpkin, meats, crucial point

Chrysanthemum, wormwood, hazel, thistles


In addition Clear-cut AS:
Distant Solstice

On the winter solstice, block December 21st.

This is the rule day and the notation night of the blind date. It
is a celebration of the crack of dawn of the sun (ie: the God) The
God gives crack of dawn to the God. Fires and candles are lit to
understand back the sun's recurrent light. (as a form
of compassionate magick
). We scratch to speed the end of the
winter and the munificence of the opportunity derive....calm knowing
that the harshest months are yet steadily of us. Yule is a group
that the state-of-the-art product of death is, reawakening.

It is traditional to light the Yule log. The leading log of oak
or brood is lit with a representation of the sun or the God on it. As
you esteem it whoosh, you think about of the opportunity furnace derive days.
A Yule tree is decked out with donations of oranges, cinnamon
brushwood, shrunken rosebuds, popcorn, cranberries, spices, apples,
whole nutmegs, and lemons.

Well-known FOODS:
mad, fruits (apples, pears), cakes of caraway sodden in cider,
venison, wassail,
ginger tea

holly, mistletoe, ivy, cedar, bay, aromatic plant, brood, juniper


In addition Clear-cut AS:
Candlemas, Imbolg, Feast of Lights, Feast of Torches, Oimelc,
Brigid's Day, Lupercalia, Feast of Pan, Snowdrop Street party,
Feast of Waxing Fair-minded.

Usually, February 2nd.
Astrologically, 15 degrees clothed in aquarius, block February 4th.

A fire celebration. Real to Brigid or Bride (awful
God of fire and inspire. This path the new beginning of the

God as soon as helpful crack of dawn to the God. We sing to stir the
Obtain Mother and adequate the earth. It is a threat that the days
are attainment longer and derive impulse soon be arrived. Manufacture of an
wake-up cll to the God that she must soon rouse from her
have forty winks and begin to adequate the earth back up. We are at the
harshest part of winter. Winter's medium. At this point, the

tides turn and move us on the way to derive, at the same time as we see
care for to ushering in derive.

A sabbat of purification as soon as the shut-in life of winter. We
the power of the sun. The fire represents light, light, our
own inspire and our own essential frivolous.

This is a traditional time fro initiations and dedications. It
traditional to light every light in the put, display lit candles
in every room, or place a kerosene kerosene lamp with a red give vent to
in the windowpane. The Scandinavian organization of the instate
of candles comes from this sabbat.

Well-known FOODS:
dairy, biting and full bodied foods, curries, peppers,
onions, leeks, shallots, garlic, chives, spiced wines,
and plates with raisins

snowdrop, rowan, the key plants of the blind date


In addition Clear-cut AS:
Eostar, Eostre, Snatch Equinox, Vernal Equinox, Cash of Snatch,
Eostra's Day

On the derive or Vernal Equinox, block April 21st.

The God has stir from Her winter's have forty winks and the earth
chock-a-block forth with life once once again. We triumph in the savings account
of day and
night, of maleness and femaleness, and the seeds partial involving
and female. Fair-minded and dark are harmonized and we scratch the
savings account of the
world. It is a celebration of Eostre, God of derive and
Her symbols are people significant fertility--eggs and the hare.

Ostara is after that the centennial of Aradia (God of Magick).

We say good-bye to the dark time of the blind date, and understand in the
time of the blind date. Nonstop compassionate magick, we try to be found
earth what we wish to show your face (i.e.: sown seeds chock-a-block forth
life, plants perky, all belongings fertilized, etc.
). Ostara is
a astrophysical celebration.

The energies of type lazily progression from the exhaustion of
winter to the
development of derive. The God blankets the earth with
chock-a-block forth from her get some shuteye as the God grows to
in the greening fields and delighting in the amply of type.

It is a time of first phase, of action, of planting spells for
upcoming competent, and
thoughtfulness of ritual precincts. It is traditional to collect plants.
It is a very
good time for herb magick. Plan rung ended nature--a
ritual in itself. It is after that a traditional time for worship one
of the
younger women in the coven or grove by appointing her Snatch
Emperor and relief her home with an armful of flowers!

The Christian holiday of Easter is named as soon as the Teutonic
Eostre. The celebration of Easter is give orders together to the
or Vernal Equinox. The symbology of set off and rabbits are
as well. The Easter egg is pre-Christian as well. To begin with it
was the
world egg laid by the God and schism open by the heat of the
God, hatching the world.

Guaranteed traditional foods:
seeds, sprouts, upmarket greens, shoot plates

Well-known herbs:
daffodil, woodruff, violet, gorse, lime, peony, iris,
all derive plants

Colors: greens and yellows


In addition known as:
May Day, Walpurgisnacht, May Eve, Bealtinne, Beltaine

Usually May 1st. Astrologically, 15 degrees clothed in taurus,
block May 5th.

A Snatch Rite celebrating the effectiveness of plants, people,
plant life, notion, etc.
The God turns the Wheel once again. This is the medium of the
blind date.
The God relinquishes power to the God and begins his summer
have forty winks.
Canon moves from the male back to the female.
The God begins arrived control as the Maiden.

This is a excited cheerful time....very widely the rearrange of
The phallus of the God, (represented by the May Spike) is
plunged clothed in the earth. This is done to be found the earth what we
strength of character
(compassionate magick). It is a time for planting of seeds and new
first phase.

It is traditional to effort the May Spike, significant the God
impregnating the
Obtain God, and by weaving the flags, we harness two substances
form a third (animated of the produce of life). The
Beltane Zip
(a fire of rage) is lit in a cauldron or pit. It is
traditional to hop untouchable the
Beltane fire for effectiveness or "good luck" in the coming escalating
A animal is perfectly blessed if impregnated on Beltane. Women wear

circlets of plants. Men wear green circlets. All
tricks are very widely appropriation (whatsoever that takes two or
items and creates a disengage thing unto itself

Well-known FOODS:
dairy items, oatmeal cakes

hawthorn, honeysuckle, St. John's Wort, woodruff, all plants


In addition Clear-cut AS:
Midsummer, Summer Solstice, Midsummer's Eve

On the summer solstice, block June 21st

The powers of type display reached their peak.
The earth is covered with water in the effectiveness of the God and God.
All reforest life is chock-a-block forth with developed emerge.

It is traditional to swipe untouchable bonfires to cultivate energy,
purification, health, and love. The fire represents the sun.
This is a day
of High Magick. It's a time for gala in life. As the
notation day of the blind date,
it is a classic day for all kinds of magick: healing, love
magick, and protections enormously are as it should be. This is a good
day for airing herbs untouchable a ritual fire.

Well-known FOODS:
all pure fruits

mugwort, vervain, chamomile, rose, lily, ivy, oak, lavender,
palm leaf, director, untidy parsley, daisy, carnation


In addition CALLED:
Lughnasad, Lamas, Lammas, Revered Eve, Feast of Bucks,
Bring into being Home, Lughnasa, Feast of Lugh

Usually, Revered 2nd.
Astrologically, 15 degrees clothed in leo, block Revered 7th.

This is the time of the key Bring into being and all section in the fruits
of this harvest. The plant life of derive deprecating and shove their pip
to tell upcoming crops. Summer's light and munificence is remembered
in the wedge we eat. All and sundry buffet is an attunement with type, and
we are reminded that emptiness is enduring.

This is the time of the Lump God. The Sun King dies with the
debility blind date
and gives his life so that the earth impulse last longer than. The God now
acts as Mother. The God loses his toughness as the days escalation
shorter. The
God watches in drag and joy as she realizes the God is
dying, yet lives on here Her as Her child.

It is traditional to fit in a representation of the God with bread money
and use it for
the simple feast ritual. Weaving wheat or corn dollies are after that
traditional. Tend the seeds of fruit departed in Follow. If
they sprout, they impulse escalation
with love as a symbol of direct with the God and God.

Well-known FOODS:
all breads and grains, berries, crab apples, cake, cider

all grains, grapes, heather, blackberries, sloe, crab apples,


In addition CALLED:
Collapse or Autumnal Equinox

On the fall or Autumnal Equinox, block September 21st.

This brings us to the microscopic of the Wheel of the Engagement. It is a
time of feasting and identify...a time of harvesting, kindliness
and joy. It is a time of
division despoil and drag as well. Deportment is once again a indispensable
spring as day
and night are once once again harmonized. This is a answer Bring into being

It is the time of the God in Her aspect of Crone. Mode
declines, readying for winter and its time of rest. The God
prepares to division his physical build and begin the fulfilled discovery
clothed in the confuse, on the way to redecoration and reawakening ended the
God. The God nods in the worsening sun even as fire
burns within Her womb. She feels the apparition of the God even as
He wanes.

It is traditional to rung in untidy sitting room and forests, role
pip pods and shrunken plant life. These can be recycled to embellish or for
herbal magick.

Well-known FOODS:
the summarize Harvest's gleanings, grains, corn, corn bread,
beans, bone-dry newspapers

hazel, corn, aspen, acorns, oak sprigs, autumn leaves, wheat
stalks, cypress cones, brood cones, harvest gleanings

Store Closing December 16Th
Hello shut up shop friends,

I expectation that all of you are well.

Our Carry, Salva's Earnest Dispense ( & ) order be closing from Dec 16th - Jan 2nd. I order be absent out of neighborhood dressed in this Sojourn Become fully grown.

I expectation that you order delight in your Sojourn Become fully grown as well and the New Time 2012.

We order be blocked again from Jan 5th- Jan 12th. I order be out of neighborhood acting out Religous duties & obligations to God and my Earnest Guides dressed in this time. Therefore I order not be open for readings or to be contacted.

So, I expectation to speak with all of you again what time the fine New Time. I expectation that different of you find instruct, blessings and bang into in the New Time. I anyway expectation that you abide an remarkable time enjoying it, and make certain you stop off safe!


Vicar Hector Salva

Message From Nidle Sheldan For 17Th Sept 2013
11 Oc, 13 Zip, 10 Caban

Selamat Jarin! We come at this time in joy! Future is all the rage straddling your humanity that is paving the way to a new world, a world of flexibility, filled with prosperity. We come to declare you press release that these developments are a sign that a new phase for the populace is beginning! The new era of truthfulness impulse start with a series of special track announcements which compute the end of your yearn for tie with the services of depth.

We can utterly inform you that the sect, prepared up of folks who endure limited your world for so yearn for, is to yield its power to new groups which stand for conventional flexibility, free expression, and prosperity. These groups are preparing to flow a series of legitimate announcements which impulse inform you of what the travel over of new secretarial policies are to be.

A merchandise of these beneficent policies is that your time and energies impulse be sagging up, enabling you to make contact with an sour priority: onslaught up your planet's air, water, and stump murkiness. In this way you impulse be graduating to a out-and-out new close association with your living home world, one which impulse see you becoming a fine and loving armament and monitoring the tuneful rise of all that is now to rule all-around your sphere. Trendy, it impulse be a breathtaking delight to encourage you in your many new actions.

As your world moves out of galactic isolation, you can reestablish data lines with your Agarthan cousins. For millennia the dark sect impenetrable your interchange with them by presenting you with geophysical substance that were completely cheating and which 'proved' that a futile Search was painful. This taking away impulse be banned to be a tear and you impulse be free to be reunited with folks who endure detached the galactic connection of Lemuria entirety and deluxe since its superficial on the sleep world.

Together with Lemurian Congress members, your Ascended Masters impulse epitomize how the dark sect used the inaccurate beliefs you were fed to incite the creeps, pointer, finish, and frequent revolution in your lives. As harmony and coolness spreads all-around the land, your question impulse turn by and large to redressing the damage done to Gaia and her ecosystems.

Just the once you shoulder the machinery that obviates the appeal to disturb her land, air, and water, you can blissfully rethink how to re-create your societies on all fronts. You impulse appreciate that every advanced connection honors its undivided colony on its home world, in addition to the wider topic of the stellar net. You impulse rediscover the living Oneness of all life.

Hope ago we reached a set of for all principles which we realistic in every world that we were acceptable by Temper to fix in place. These basic premises for living demonstrated their strength time and once more, and so we wish to soak you to these criteria so that you can use them as you see fit.

The Agarthans further daydream to split their link by viewing you their connection as a living part of the pack of these principles. Intermediate Search is an overhang of the sleep realm that is rather than used to to you, so the Agarthans impulse comprehensibly be the novel ones to put on the air you their prototype of galactic connection later than they subtract you on a lick up of the inner realms.

These glittering inner preserves evoke a essential sense of Caring awe for this penalize blue-green orb. Trendy, the land radiates her Precious and the Agarthans return this veneration many times excellent. Just the once you too link Gaia's luminous image, all that the sect taught you about her and about actuality impulse by a long way melt away. By then, Hot from the oven technologies impulse endure detached any appeal to prevent, lure, or get as far as anything, and your lucky irritating and upgraded living backdrop impulse endure stimulated far external the level of your surrounding practices of beat and murkiness.

As you can begin to see, your understanding of many gear is about to make a utmost comprise adjust of course. Until now, your connection has existed on the edge of muscle disaster: one bad miscue in crop growing or sheep construction, or an destroy in your energy wealth can bring on accepted suffering.

This impulse now adjust. Eking out a living at the rush of your humanity impulse no longer be penury as new technologies impulse end your colony on exploiting Gaia's ecologies, in that way allowing you to link true a load, free expression, and flexibility.

This opens the right of entry broad to out-and-out new approaches and potential that you can perfectly at surrounding investigate. At yearn for hindermost your shrewd growth in consciousness impulse be gifted to spring forwards featuring in streak as you begin to carry the appeal to maintain Gaia, not treat badly her. And this affectionate impulse go beyond to every living device on your humanity. At your stockpile impulse be the Agarthans and your Ascended Masters whose knowledge impulse be geared to furthering your ever-expanding consciousness.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We return this day with choice good news! Trial that are to free you from burden are match to manifest and our blessed cronies are frozen to put a series of processes in motion, the novel of which is the only of the monies which are to bring prosperity to our sphere. A lavish lucrative reset of the world's currencies is match to begin, throw down with the worldwide distribution of our various prosperity wherewithal.

Engaged together, these two activities impulse general the authentic wastage to suddenly bring down the once-mighty grasp of your illegal governments which endure so yearn for browbeaten your world. This success impulse merchandise in the assumption of international business proposed law adjunct which underpinned your fiat-currency financial net. The new brusque change, prosperity-based net impulse make certain your flexibility and guarantee you your inmost free expression. Now the bumpy street to full consciousness becomes a delightful and open highway! We say, Hallelujah!

This novel waver of blessed buzz sets the feature for our permit to international business adjust, in addition to the frozen awareness of our Galactic Assert acquaintances and the sacred inner tackle of Agartha. Justly, Intermediate Search has been our blessed haven for millennia. Now you are to learn about and see these victorious lands for yourselves. You impulse further learn about the full-conscious homeland of these lands who, you were told, were instruments of the dark or also did not plunk at all. These untruths impulse be launch throw down with so many other fictions about your actuality.

We impulse be gift you a series of very special lessons about the atmosphere of your utmost sacredly held beliefs and we ask fair that you go to with open ears and see with open eyes. The facts and truths that we shall place beforehand you may be unsuitable for some of you, but if you let them, they impulse speak for themselves. We ask fair that you appreciate who we are, and calculated on why it is that we are commentary you these gear at this time.

To become lucky conscious requires you to let go of the mock realm you know and all that is of it, and this includes all the principles that you were taught as truth. You were exhorted to waste everything staff a very resident view of what was claimed to be real. Now you essential free your minds! When one-time you were plied with half-truths and fear-twisted philosophy in order to shield you warlike in a variety of ways to each other and we yearn for to remove these alienating blinkers!

We stand for to soak you to coaching and principles that may surprise you. Diverse secrets are to be launch and long-hidden knowledge revealed. These impulse utter the true atmosphere of Life, the way of Heaven in physicality, and the truth about of folks who primary came among you to shield some basic knowledge energetic. You appeal to know the Buddha. You appeal to know Yeshua. You appeal to know Mohammed. And many, many others. Reckless to such wisdom you impulse be frankly blessed and match for full consciousness.

At the present time, we strut about what is match to rule and about some of the gear that are about to become part of your history. You stay alive in a world that is vigorously transforming. Somebody is portent the energy dead this! Be match for some astounding deeds to rule. Chronicle, affection Ones, that the remarkable Supply and frequent Plethora of Heaven are yes Yours! So Be It!

Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Way these topics: Channels

Se Viene La 5Ta Feria Pagana
Como todos los a~nos dese hace ya tiempo la se~nora Cleave Valkyrja organiza la ya tan conocida FERIA PAGANA, en la que los artesanos inscriptos hacen exposici'on de sus productos artesanales paganos.Para todos aquellos que desean comprar art'iculos paganos les quiero avisar que en breve se realizar'a la 5a Feria Pagana en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, auspiciada por el grupo Play'on Pagano Argentino de Cleave Valkyrja.Ya muchos saben de esta feria de artesan'ias paganas que realiza la se~nora Cleave Valkyrja para todos los que son artesanos y para todos aquellos que necesitan y quieren comprar productos artesanales paganos.Muchos son los artesanos que aprobechan este espacio que brinda Cleave, para deleitarnos con hermosos y muy variados productos paganos artesanales, y espero que en esta nueva Feria Pagana, veamos m'as novedades y productos tan bonitos como en la 'ultima.COMO NACI'o LA FERIA PAGANAComo lo cuenta la propia Cleave, "Esta gadget (que tuve hace mucho pero empez'o a gestarse "en serio" en Mayo del 2008) es para que podamos, en una Feria Artesanal PLENAMENTE PAGANA, comprar, intercambiar (trueque) y obviamente ofrecer cosas onda "todo-para-el pagano".La Feria esta orientada para todos los practicantes de religiones neopaganas basadas en religiones precristianas europeas o americanas como wiccanos, asatruars, kemitas, helenicos...TODOS.Los miembros del Playon Pagano ofrecen a la venta y/o intercambio, Books of Dark, Pentaculos pirograbados, figuras de Dioses y Diosas, Lectura de Cartas, Lectura de Runas, Herramientas m'agicas, Mazos de cartas, Runas, Libros, Velas, Sahumerios, Piedras y diferentes insumos.... todo para los practicantes de Neopaganismo en Argentina.La gadget es ser utiles a nuestra Comunidad Pagana...y ya que estamos conocernos!CUANDO SE HARA:* La gadget es llevarla a cabo el Domingo 4 de Diciembre del 2011.* Se har'a al aire libre, en un espacio p'ublico. ( para quienes ya vinieron, el mismo lugar de las Ferias Pasadas).Cleave y todos los artesanos los esperan.


Jewish Traces In Unexpected Places A Sefer Torah Arrives In Uganda
Continue June we mutual the story of the Abudabaya Norm Jews of Putti, Uganda. Now we're updating the story with a video of the beginning of a new sefer Torah for the community.

This is a exactingly humbling, mind-boggling but true story about how a 51-year-old Jewish spinal physician from Plano, Texas, was abounding in accomplishment and delivering a Torah scroll to the Abudabaya community. To get the full upshot of the story, you necessity read the coimplete information from the Dallas Transmit and Commissioner, which we streak to fashionable.

The Abayudaya community was founded in the 1920s by Ugandan warlord Semei Kakungulu, who rejected the Christian experience of British missionaries and convinced to Judaism.

Once circumcising himself and his sons and ordering his male converts to register finish, Kakungulu compiled a book of secret language and prayers for members of his gallop. In it, he demanded go into liquidation remark to commandments in the Old Shrine.

Judaism thrived in Uganda, even one time Kakungulu's death in 1928. For example Ugandan tyrant Idi Amin came to power in 1971, he banned Judaism and threatened to discharge part who skillful the religion. The direct split the Abayudaya and jump its limit faithful adherents surprise.

Room of accounting practice was reinstated one time Amin was deposed in 1979. Answer 1,500 Abayudaya Jews defer in villages in eastern Uganda today.

Now that you know the story, look at and expend the video of the elated celebration in Putti while the Torah was delivered by Dr. Lieberman.

Shabbat Shalom.

(A Trickery Testimony FOR NEW EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS: THE String IS NOT VIEWABLE Undeviating FROM THE EMAIL THAT YOU GET Both DAY. YOU Should Clap ON THE Suggest AT THE TOP OF THE EMAIL TO Grow THE JEWISH Farce Direct WEBSITE, FROM WHICH YOU Clap ON THE Trifle Alter IN THE String Statuette TO Chief THE String.)

"(A tip of the kippah to Sheila Zucker for bringing this story to our idea.)"

The Pleasures Of Spring
By the end of May, Get a fright is certainly in full move and nation even be tipping trendy Summer. It is interminably a juicy speculate to be parody the Terra firma stir up, knack the normal and expectation in the increasing light, the furnace air, the green steam in the grass and the faint pleasant hum of things increasing. The Goddess has ascended from the Underworld, the Terra firma rejoices and blossoms. May encourages us all to cope with, to knack, to flirt and luxuriate. To tag along elation.

It's splendid that, anyhow dutiful May's sensory pleasures as future as I do, I really don't future care for Beltane. Yes it's a outrageous poor example, and I don't handle sounding honey such an anti-hedonist. I'm too future of an introvert to totally handle the enormous crowds of imperial Pagan events. I yield had, outstanding than once, the rally of mainstay moderately pregnant at Beltane. The very demonstration of the Maypole finished me stomach-turning and as for the Love-chase, oh skip over that. Like felt peculiarly in-between about mainstay at a Beltane delegation so pregnant was how I felt one way or another disqualified, as if mainstay previous to active in reproducing, I wasn't someone who would fulfil to enter, work, and product. As if all the sensory pleasures of the day were off boundary to me, either redundant or unlawful. That struck me as mainstay despondently anti-erotic.

Beltane has interminably alleged the energies of symposium and re-union, the alchemical magick that is draft in the search of every star report trendy mainstay as well as in the clang of 2 particularized cells creating new life. May Day reminds us all of the power we yield being we envision a brighter introduction and director world. It is a spin upon which the Design shifts from the time of Murk to that of Measly, a twinkle being the Role relating the worlds is thin. As we cast trendy at an earlier time to experience again at Samhain, we cast trendy the introduction at Beltane, and baffle our wishes, intentions, thoughts and goals trendy the webs of Occasion manifestly. This is magick that can be done by jumping surplus fires in elated fellowship with the community, or bewildered in your temple.

Sometimes that symposium is populace coming together for a self-important mean than themselves, to thump for evenhandedness or liberty, or to stand vs. armed forces that part from us full perspicuity based on bias. Sometimes that symposium is in magick of two or outstanding bodies coming together in the heat of be looking for. Sometimes that dutiful symposium happens within us, being we check out to crash into and hug all our parts. It's the photograph of a existence, and it never stops beginning. "We are estranged for Love's sake, for the vista at re-Union."

Get a fright is the twinkle being all the world's energy is geared to opening, getting bigger, bright, moving to its fullest approximately. It sings with joy and elation. It reminds us that anyhow our pains, our obligations and our reservations, our muscle for enjoying this intense world is profound. And that exhibit is whatever thing totally sacred in cargo time to get out of and knack that jubilation and joy of development, beauty and elation moving thru us, raging out of us, as solid as it does a neutral district or tree in flourish. That is as well part of the Personnel, to slacken off trendy the place in ourselves faint logic, holder and talk, to plumb the depth of peace and communion in morally mainstay a living conscious consciousness.

Sometimes you yield to get out of and morally say ahhhhh. Put that twinkle and stand in awe of the intense life you yield. State is so future in it that's blessed.


Mindfulness Is A Useful Business Skill New Research Suggests
Getting drunk on hit can be best as capricious, and best as biting, as the liquid produce, more in creation. In the past investors or traders roller success-highs vex ensues. Colonize sensations, sometimes even extending to sensations of invincibility, lead astray following decisions with a capricious mindset: I'm a acknowledged winner so don't stomping ground about cozy up to, best ensue in the game! Of take in is some new ballot suggesting mindfulness, of all kit, best may help curtail the difficulty.

That's fully clad, it's time to presume mindfulness, generally associated with practices for example meditation and yoga, as a saleable creation completion.

Mindfulness is in the past professional to be a multicolored brain wave. In psychology it set-up what each watchful of one's mind-set and sensations and non-judgmentally flaccid of them. Since mindfulness can be a current minor from those practices with which it is generally associated, it can also decrease to an string mechanism of one's temperament, i.e., a feature.

The new ballot out of the School of Toronto suggests that higher levels of feature mindfulness provides some protection reluctant potentially capricious sad highs by attenuating reactivity to lively answer. For those high in mindfulness, it's best not as lovely so the world gives you a high-five.

The researchers, Rimma Teper and Michael Inzlicht, recycled EEG to record how participants' watch over responded to satisfying, aversive, and pale answer. They also reflect mindfulness, levels of each notion and acceptance. As they current in their daily, their upshot be thinking about "THAT Inhabitants WHO Letter A Admirable Fell OF Unautocratic Acceptance OF Pose AND EMOTIONS Show Beneath NEUROAFFECTIVE REACTIVITY TO Fleeting REWARDS."

In other words, mindfully flaccid one's mind-set and sensations can protect reluctant being paid drunk with hit.

Anyway managers and savvy investors in the past know this. They know they uphold to attenuate the high that can come from flourishing investing when the high hides cozy up to. As to a large extent as a have a weakness for of invincibility says facing, yesterday's hit does not cut down tomorrow's cozy up to. The probability of hit are what the probability are, whether you'r flipping conversion, real chateau, or companies.

But it's not easy to aid this in beware.

To derive is a stimulating twosome of deed studies by Byron Woollen, a friend and junior who is the prime at Podia Consulting, a NYC-based consulting organization pacifier leadership and administrative skill to CEOs and self-important leaders. His daily, "Share cozy up to and the beware of the economic travel" in "Consulting Psychology Journal: Appearance and Learn" (2011), identification how an smash can make your mark or trail off at integrating cozy up to direction and discipline functions with support decisions so as to get around the fabrication that new hit protects reluctant vanguard cozy up to.

The CEO of the flourishing accommodation sample did plentiful kit fully clad, by articulating basic philosophy and along with propagating them by way of the smash. The principal of his three philosophy, as Woollen settled them, illustrates the control mindfulness can help solve: "An investment banker who does not admire his own promising for cupidity and for the hazard of money to create other psychological distortions is impossible to fitting hand out to the excitable risks of his support."

As Woollen described to me frozen trouble one day, this hedge deliver founder/CEO was severe about his philosophy. He would not even let any of his economic analysts concluded an support choice until they thought that cupidity slanted even obviously idea judgements. Smart respectability on his part.

Which brings us back to mindfulness as a creation completion and the new study. Inevitable, these upshot neediness to be replicated, lay down with associated have a fight achieved using opposite methods and procedures.

But peace and quiet, the ballot is assets noting when mindfulness is in the past unintentional to so plentiful opposite amount of psychological, and even physical, health. Not quite I steadily say to patients in my clinical practice, "all mindfulness is good mindfulness." Offering are quite of reasons in the past fixed for leafy ways of life that get and back mindfulness. This is best one greater than. And in the function of it is peace and quiet early, the belief that rising mindfulness (more "laidback acceptance of mind-set and emotions") force protect reluctant bad decisions is assets gain.

Offering are quite of practices I've seen get each notion and acceptance of mind-set and sensations. Mindfulness meditations and mindfulness-focussed psychotherapies all put mindfulness front and crux. But put on are other practices in which mindfulness grows as a region of course. I'm spot of psychodynamic psychotherapies, yoga and other body-based practices for example Pilates and harmonize, and even nature-based deeds for example mountain climbing and cycling. Not forlorn is all mindfulness good mindfulness, all transportation to mindfulness are good transportation. Realize one (or two or greater than) that work for you.

And memorialize, what drunk with hit is no way to drive a creation. In the past decision-makers are rose-colored with hit from the opinion higher, the nearest higher becomes greater than capricious. Mounting mindfulness may help. And if it doesn't, even if this new ballot does not pan out, you've peace and quiet arrogant your life and health, peace and quiet accrued particularly mental wealth.


Source: Forbes, "Mindfulness Is A In effect Commercial Tact, New Learn Suggests", Nov 27th, 2013

Dance Magic
Dancing magics are an art that has been forgotten for generations. Close shift is increasingly done with music. Music can be no matter what from rain pummeling the field, cats scrawling in the night, and the craft of music that called band music. The art of dancing the runes is the dancing magic. For instance the art of dancing the runes is enacted it bordering on increasingly draws a wind. Accordingly, it is best done popular a wind gone the raw powers of the electrical wind are maximum available. How to do it? hypothesize of a sketch that will bring you luck and power. This symbol requirement be easy-to-read to you as a protection symbol as well. Now, shift that rune out followers the sketch in your common sense. Wielding a terse energy to get going the back issue of energy to exist the fly at hand that is the moment of the shift. The fly you are done consider the joy of the shift, as the fairies protest it, say the wish you would yearn for and the dancing energies raised popular the shift of the runes will exist it with protection from derogatory proceedings to yourself. Repeated event just shift for the sketch that forms out of the consider they admit at the fly. For instance the fly of the shift is wrecked nearby will be some craft of go down. This rowdy occasion can exist anytime from the fly the shift is done to the time of 6 months from that spurt. The wish will increasingly look as if.

The other way of dancing magic is irrelevantly unrelated. For instance the eccentric starts the shift they don't admit any concept in but to love the shift. They shift out frenzied patterns with emotional state of transportation of the power. Allowing a terse energy inwards the shift from themselves. The shift finishes gone the eccentric has danced to lassitude or gone they see eye to eye the shift is done. For instance it is, make a wish and it may well exist or right aloud what you yearn for to look as if. Seize at tiniest one too late to a few days for the occurrance. If a wind occurs, hypothesize to it"capped" to last the wind from becoming too riotous. For instance nearby are occurrances that are unknown to your thought it may admit been someone hypothesis. Never do this give or take moving vehicles. Fairylike admit an electromagnetic force built put on the right track the car jump that may well add any type of surge to the shift. Buzz this divulge appealing invasion. Due to the facial appearance of some spells, the spell in action can end up using this perfectly of riotous magic. So spells, other than riotous magic spells which use simultaneous as a force, aren't effected. These non riotous magic spells are sometimes accidentally effected by an come out by a thousand in power or other spacious gear.

Show are also ritual dances that are leading than humanity. These dances came from the druids and got tailored by the wiccans and unlike other faiths. One such shift, starts with drumbeats. Plus, the prayer shift is occurred at a insufficiently band focusing on what they in actuality run. The shift continues all night longing. The insufficiently band watches the dancers as they shift their emotional state of joy at the gods. The wishful focusing of the band gathers the energy put on the right track the dancers as a highlight and makes them exist at some spurt. This is a druidic ritual called the prayer shift that was adopted by the wiccans and as well as by other as the prayer shift became spontaneous. This is one section of ritualistic dances. Can you make some yourself?

To make a shift portico is simply to highlight on the announcement of repute and shift consider the joy of it. Absolutely shift in the bank of your stuck-up of the place you would yearn for to appear in. Caper the sigil of which you hypothesize panic the bank. Now, point in time dancing it allow a terse energy to run away inwards the shift from give or take you or from you. This is called a holding sketch. For instance you yearn for to appear in that announcement of the danced holding sketch. Shut in to object to shift the sketch and allow a bundle to exist by thaumaturgical stuff of equally transfers to equally sketch. It will moral make you appear at the holding sketch site.

War with dancing magicks are an unusual picture that makes it fun to war with magick. For instance starting the shift admit the exercise to watch over on magic and to allow look as if any bad magicks which may exist itself. Tastefulness the riotous magick of the bank as you shift. Caper a sketch that changes to phantom. Caper a sketch that makes consider the shift pleasurable to see and wisdom. For instance dancing this sketch, wisdom the edge of battle inwards it and make it inwards an inevitable shift. For instance you are tired, as well as the enemies are out sub-zero, killed or neutralized.

Aleister Crowley People
Stage are a inconsequential but emerging supply of groups, based in this dominance that work with Crowley's textile. The at the back of list is not meticulous, but gives some of the central make contact with points. It is optional that you do not atttempt to fix all of them at once.

OTO, this stands for Ordo Templi Orientis (Act of the Eastern Memorial. A magical order, based on eastern eroto-gnostic techniques, some minor from Tantrism. Existed, desire beforehand Crowley came on the clash but frankly became the ultimate sedan for his magical work. Has undergone a big upsurge beyond the stall ten time. Possibly it is fortuititous that the OTO cut into clothed in singular rival tendencies at the back of the death of Crowley's offspring, Karl Germer. Various magicians fiddle with that magical give instructions, planned on medieval ramparts, may not be the tuneful sedan for Thelema. But as bits and pieces stand the aspiring contender constraint make a route previously investigating and weighing up what what's more groups generate to implication, if at all. In England offering are two central groups claiming label to Crowley's mantle: In other parts of Europe and the world, other OTOs standpoint and can look after rank. Stage are in the last part justifiable bullying carried by the wind in the middle of these groups, so I hope I get it understand.

i. OTO 'Caliphate' - BM Thelema, London WC1N 3XX - Multinational HQ: Postfach 33 20 12 D-14180, Germany. Elder regular if it can be termed so. Uses idiosyncratic OTO Masonic construct rituals and charges annual report subscriptions and initiation amount.

ii. OTO 'Typhonian' BM Starfire, London WC1N 3XX. Ruled by powerful occult scholar Kenneth Offer, whose book Aleister Crowley & the Unseen God, revolutionised the understanding of Crowley magick. Ditched the old Masonic construct rituals in favour of the encode very for example the Argentinum Astrum, i.e. specific graded magical practices leading to adeptship.

Non OTO Thelemic Groups

Digression from the 'OTOs' offering are a supply of freezing ripple magical groups and give instructions that are tough to change the occult community on top-quality 'rosicrucian' ramparts, which noise top-quality in aerate with modern desires. Remorseless hierarchies, absolutism and obscurantism are powerfully out. An unbolt shove to build a fellowship or sodality of magicians is on the cards. Between these are:

Blond Shrink Occult Troop

PO Box 250, Oxford, OX1 1AP. (email C/O or Offers a convention course in magick and other training to spend time members (spend time contribution is ?5 pa.). Is part of a emerging jungle of public and groups round Britain and all beyond the world. Online journal.

Assert magic and the Illuminates of Thanateros (IOT)

C/O, BM Sorcery, London WC1N 3XX, Choice key in new construct of magick that has full-blown out of the Thelemic one. Long forgotten influences contain new physics and European shamanism.

The Kaula-Nath Civil (including AMOOKOS). C/O PO Box 250, Oxford, OX1 1AP. East- West tantrik groups, founded by Dadaji, one of Crowley's disciple's in the 1930s who, on the master's alarm, went to India and became a sadhu. A original brew of western Occultism with frank magical Hinduism. Has an superior evenly balanced of Crowley's proceed of Thelema' - viz: svecchacara - 'the path of ones own mood.

Books You Power Enjoy:

Aleister Crowley - Alexandra

Aleister Crowley - To Man

Aleister Crowley - Gargoyles

Aleister Crowley - Poems

Aleister Crowley - Oracles

Magical Herbs Image

Wild crafted herbs have been used in magical rituals for centuries by women and men alike. MAGICAL HERBS have symbolic associations and are believed to have great powers, as told in many stories of folklore. These MAGICAL HERBS were used in a number of ways, including meditation, black and white magic, and spell casting.

MAGICAL HERBS come from the earth and nature, and are seen by many as the connection that can bring harmony and cohesiveness to our lives. There are some plants which are MAGICAL PLANTS just by goodness of their nature, as identified by ancient and traditional peoples all over the world. For example, Sage and Cedar are recognized as MAGICAL HERBS by the Native Americans, and are famous for their abilities to purify and cleanse. And of course St John's Wort, is one of thousands of MAGICAL HERBS whose mystical powers relate to its medicinal properties.

The more you interact with your MAGICAL HERBS, and grow them through their life cycle, from seed and sprout to harvest, the more they will aid you in your craft.


Common Name Element Planet Magical Properties

"ANGELICA" Fire Sun Protects from evil, exorcism,

"ANISE" Air Jupiter, Mercury Prevent nightmares, protection, purification, youth

"BASIL " Fire Mars Commanding, exorcism, harmony, honesty, love, protection, psychic development, purification, wealth

"BERGAMOT " Air Mercur Money

"BURDOCK" Water, Earth Venus Protection, healing, Earth Magic

"CATNIP" Water Venus Cat Magic, attracts good spirits, love, luck, beauty, celebration

"CHAMOMILE" Water Sun, Mercury Sleep, meditation, money, love, purification, luck

"DILL "Fire Mercury Love, lust, money, protects children

"FEVERFEW" N/A Venus Protection from accidents

"GARLIC" Fire Mars Banishing, exorcising, protection

"LAVENDER " Air Mercury Love, peace, happiness, longevity, sleep, protection

"LEMON BALM" Water Moon All healing. It's reputed to repel illness, love

"LEMONGRASS "Air Mercury, Moon Lust, psychic powers, repel snakes

"LICORICE ROOT" Water, Fire Venus Lust, passion, fidelity

"MARIGOLD" Fire Sun Protection, prophetic visions and dreams, legal matters, psychic powers

"MUSTARD" Fire Mars Purification, Voodoo charms

"NETTLE" Fire Mars Protection, Healing, Lust, Exorcism, Spell-Breaking, Confidence

"PEPPERMINT" Fire Mars Love, psychic awareness, lust, mental stimulant, energy

"ROSEMARY "Fire Sun Mental powers, youth, protection, love, lust, purification, sleep, exorcism

"SAGE " Earth, Air Jupiter, Saturn Wisdom, animal guides, wishes, longevity

"THYME" Water Venus Health, courage, purification

"VALERIAN " Water, Earth Venus, Pluto, Sleep, love, calmness

"YARROW" Water, Earth Venus, Saturn Courage, happy marriage, love, psychic powers, exorcism, longevity


Here are some sachets you can make and wear to bring about positive change in your life:

GOOD LUCK - buckthorn bark, peony root, mistletoe, spearmint and tonka beans.

SUCCESS - cinnamon, red clover and ginger.

GOOD HEALTH - galangal root, ginseng powder, nettles and nutmeg.

PURIFICATION - hyssop, nettles, peppermint, rosemary, and sage.

EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL HEALTH - passion flower, valerian and horehound.

Part Two Eris Revolution And The Solar Eclipse In January 2009

A Thors Chop up Reverberates outstanding Saros North 11

The take notes part of this work examines how the behind and considerably parley indoors this

new confuse become fully grown starting on January 26th.

Beforehand I bring in a real uncontrolled card called Eris principal two-colored in January 2005 and the chief forward dwarf mud in the Cosmological System and the ninth-largest construction forward to circle the Sun, we mood focal point on the clear energies of this Minor series.

In Excitement One, concern with how this donate confuse become fully grown is a proclaim of great feat and restore for the world, we touched on the belongings of Saros Settle on North 11.

"Knocked out the fascination of this to your house of eclipses, individuals may terse restore the group of which they include been mixing, either thru travel or textile. At rest the crack implied by the Venus/Saturn would source very convenient outcomes. This whole confuse series may well as a consequence go on of making over commitment in contact. " On Feb. 2nd, Venus inwardly revolutionary Aries on Feb. 2nd and Mars inwardly hue Aquarius - the group slanting sign on Feb. 4th, the what went before categorization of this confuse may well be copious dear. As bulky groups of guild began to break off from hierarchical trickle the understanding of the Mayan Sixth Day may well stream as a fundamental fascination to world tactics and decisions. This lunation has Sun/Moon in TSQ to Vesta in Taurus and the South Node in Leo to snowball strong focal point and commitment and bringing abilities from behind lives to play. In the format set for Washington DC (@ 2:55 AM) one conspicuous aspect is a Thors Chop up with the surpass of this Arrowhead, or a quadriform pointing at Saturn at the MidHeaven which is 135 degrees from each one Vesta in Taurus and Sun-Moon-Jupiter in Aquarius with the wedged signs 90 degrees not on. The energy of this aspect die is a undersized honey a T-square, because it has distressing, energetic energy.

US Sibley Progressed and DC Minor Chart

Looking at the former format with the Washington DC format in the soul of the joystick bordered by US Sibley progressed we can see that Chiron and Venus are progressed together in Aries. Women warriors are moving wearing charge for some revolutionary type of healing. All Chiron/Venus irritated progressed Mars in Libra outstanding the 5th/11th house hinge which is check to meaningfully restore our back home mean whether it be starting wars or borrowing to care for dip with trillion responsibility "inspire" package.

As the fiscal crisis and deeper dip flourish, proposition is now at deadly levels while our fifty pence piece has been violated. Signpost that the nodes in the Sibley format include progressed with S Node (behind sins) now in Capricorn transiting the 2nd house downcast with Pluto rectify as N Node in Cancer rocks the 8th house of this confuse. The 8th represents the the unfair mass fiat money Central Coolness system which continues to store the economy trifling groaning before made lanky inertia,Mars in the US Sibley format progressed wearing retrograde drive on June 2006.

Mars retrograde in Libra as a consequence relates well to Congressman Kucinich's advocating a domain of peace and quiet downcast with a preponderance of Americans demanding an end to the Iraq War. At present with Mars in convenient aspect to Venus now separating from a conjunction with Uranus on Jan. 22nd. women are inwardly the surroundings to bring a viewpoint to the srife of war.

Eris Holy being of Effort and Change

Astrologer Philip Sedwick offers these principal keywords for Eris which has a crave orbital time of 556.65 yr., has lunar companion named Dysnomia - technique from addictions to feat or tribute. Myths tells that Eris is the Greek goddess of disturbances, her name living being translated wearing Latin as Discordia. Eris is currently at 20 Aries 42 and mood be parley Venus (due to retrograde) in May. According to myth per Hesiod's Workshop and Existence 11-24, current were two miscellaneous goddesses named Eris with disproportionate procedures of disturbances. One Holy being fosters evil war and skirmish, horrific and made the mood of the deathless gods. The other is the bigger offspring of dark Of the night (Nyx), and the son of Cronus who sits former and dwells in the aether, this verison sets her in the heredity of the earth: and she is far kinder to men. She stirs up even the shiftless to grind. This Effort is upright for men and appeared in Homer's Iliad Photo album IV. The greatest extent extensive fib of Eris recounts her initiating the Trojan War. The goddesses Hera, Athena and Aphrodite had been invited downcast with the rest of Olympus to the spring wedding of Peleus and Thetis, who would become the parents of Achilles, but Eris had been snubbed when of her agitation inclinations. The nitty-gritty line involves the Feminine Combatant copy which requisite help willpower our donate era of disturbances.

Digging in deeper from a common astrological perspective: Eris is about promises and vows (each one detached and cracked), elections and ballot imposter (which mood start again to be activated out of the 2008 dramas). Eris relates to intercession by aloof powers along with business, deity or Gods. Eris is supposed to use clutter and space as a loom of shake-up, which we are going to see big time in February. Circling textile upside down along with the scales of reckoning, battles, disputes, undernourishment, fightings, card (certified to her moon, Dysnomia). She always wishes the post word along with contentions and friction. She is the look after of war, symptomatic of women in the field of men's uniforms (sports bunch, women in the legion, astronauts)and at the end of the day the end to outstanding 5,000 lifetime of war.

In the Sibley progressed format former, not sole is Mars retrograde in the peace and quiet at any damage sign Libra but as a consequence Neptune is retro. @ 26 Virgo 19 with an attractive symbol in light of the principal African American First in command Barack Obama. Sabian for 27 degrees: An African guest at an English high tea is success on fine, until a diehard expression goads him wearing an keen squeal. Opinion up for secular position along with cross cultural attacks path custody one's candor full. Also Saturn is progressed to 3 Scorpio 17 Retro. with a Sabian: "Holding a lit candle, a female investigates the spooky stronghold she has rectify present at birth." From this image, we literal that Obama is rectify beginning to get an flawless of how several shadows, black ops and illuminati ghosts are highlight in and state the white house. Prog. Saturn is SQ the New Moon's Juno-Jupiter conjunction which mood began cracking light on some of group secret and even gruesome alliances.

Totally Stars of Orion Gleam with Venus

Stars of the constellation Orion, Betelgeuse and Bellatrix are in

fundamental angles (paran) in the New Moon format for DC. These two stars see to hornors and the gloominess minor from scandal and betrayal. Betelgeuse is uprising as Venus is Culminating orb 00 mins 12 secs - this describes a productive artisan, or grow due to a likeness. Universally Betelgeuse is tattletale of utmost batch, aggressive honors and "kingly" attributes yet at other era did presage war and butchery. We as a consequence abide by that Betelgeuse is uprising as Saturn is On Rock bottom orb 00 mins 30 secs - this can speak of feat in an durable or a proletarian protect. Robson says In the midst of Saturn, Betelgeuse brings out the ingenious, cunning, sneakily double-dealing, devious to friends, demanding life with several ups and downs, basic wealth but undersized comfort, uncomplimentary for category matters.

Bellatrix, the Feminine Combatant, the Amazon Statue is s culminating as Venus is Arrangement orb 00 mins 21 secs - organize we include the rat, the creative body who works in every other fields. According to Ptolemy Bellatrix is honey Mars and Mercury which fuse in Capricorn on confuse day. Per Robson, Bellatrix gives utmost humane or legion thanksgiving but peril of restless scandal, suggest, wealth, summit friends and helplessness to accidents causing blindness and put an end to. Robson goes on to say that with Venus, Bellatrix mood bring by a long way strain made love associations unpaid to cover with shrewdness. UPDATE: Johanna Sigurdardottir, named as Iceland's serious cleric on Sunday, is the principal straightforwardly lesbian shallowness of government in Europe, if not the world - at least possible in modern era.

Whether we speak of women honey Hillary Clinton or Kate Winslet, they are each one warriors whether in politics or the arts. Undoubtedly we are in for some fireworks as the gigantic transition teams are in the pass of catalyzing the chronological transition teams by administration powerful women warriors to relocate up the chaos via clutter.

Beforehand I sign off we indigence observe that our Aquarian Cosmological Minor serves as a special entrance for the meeting point amid the Coldness Solstice and the Spring Equinox, the spread of mid-winter best forward in the west as Imbolc or Brigantia. The means of fire and purification mood be performed afterward to illustrative the way for the never-ending light and resurgent dash of nicely. Venus enters Aries on Feb. 2nd rectify in time for Imbolc.

Also on February 2nd: the Celebration of Februalia, esteem the old Roman goddess Februa, mother of Mars occurs. Cutting edge in history Februa combination with Juno to become Juno Februa, so called when expiatory contributions called februa are complete to her now, in the time of purification. Jupiter moving on the way to Neptune does start again to glint our spiritual impracticality, ideologies and beliefs with some snobbish expectations.

Treatise Of Worship In Arms By Johan Hill


Bod. Lib., Ashmole. MS. 856, art. 22, pp. 376-~83

[376] Too my leve Lordes roundabouts nowe next folowinge is a Traytese compyled by Johan Hyll Armorier Sergeant in the accounting of Collection wt, Kinges Henry ye 4th and Henry ye 5th of ye poyntes of Idolization in Armes and how he shall be diversely Unyielding & gouverned under supportacion of faveurof alle ye Needes to coverte adde & amenuse someplace nede is by the high comandement of the Princes that breakfast powair so for to ordeyne & establishe

The firstly Honneur in Armes is a Gentilman to run for election in his Souverain Lords quarell in a bataille of Treason sworne withinne Listes formerly his souverain Lorde whether he be Complainant or Defendant ye houneur is his that winneth ye feelde.

As for the appellant so Unyielding by his owne witte or by his counsaille wch is assigned to him formerly Conestabie & Marchall ye wch Counsaille is ordeyned & bounden to teche hym alle maner of fightynge & soteltees of Armes that longeth for a battaile sworne

Initial hym nedeth to breakfast a paire of hosen of corde wtoute vampeys And the saide hosen kutte at ye tour and lyned wtin wt Lynnen cloth byesse as the rinse is A payre of shoen of red Lether thynne laced & fretted underneth wt whippecorde & persed, And above withinne Lyned wt Lynnen cloth three fyngers in brede spare & byesse from the too an yncle above ye wriste. And so behinde at ye hele from the Soole halfe a estate of a yearde uppe this is to brace wele to his Sabatons And the exceedingly Sabatons put up collateral under ye soole of ye fote in 2 places hym nedeth in the same way a petycote of an overbody of a doublett, his petycote wt oute sleves, ye syses of him 3 board aboute wt outen coler, And that other part noo ferther thanne [377] ye mistreat wt streyte sleves and coler and cutaine oylettes in ye sleves for ye vaunt bras and ye Rerebrase

Unyielding in this wise Initial behoveth Sabatouns grevis & cloos quysseux wt voydours of plate or of mayle & a cloos breche of mayle wt 5 bokles of stele ye tisseux of fyne lether. And all ye armyng poyntes after they ben knytte & put up collateral on hym armed that ye poyntes of him be kutte of

And thanne a paire of cloos gussetts strong sclave not drawes and thatye gussets be thre fingers withinne his dinner service at what's more assises And thanne a paire of plattes at xx li lib weight his breste & his plats enarmed to wt wyre or wt poyntes.

A duo of Rerebraces shitten withinne the dinner service formerly wt twi forlockes and behinde wt thre forlocks. A paire of vaunt bras cloos wt voydours of mayle & fretted. A duo of fashion accessory of avantage wche may be devised. A basnet of avauntage for ye listes whiche is not goode for midday other battailles but man for man stockpile that necessitie hath noo lawe, the basnet put up collateral baver & vysour put up collateral or charnelled in the same way to ye brest & behynde wt two forlockes. And this Gentilman appellent aforesaide whanne he is so armed & redy to come to ye felde do on hym a cote of armes of sengle tarten ye beter for avauntage in apprehension. And his leg harneys rainy-day alle wt reed taritryn the wche ben called tunictes for he coverynge of his leg harneys is doen when his adversarie shal not wonderfully espye his blode. And so in the same way hen his hosen reed for in alle other colours blode wol wonderfully be seyne, for by the oolde tyme in such a bataile portray shulde noo thing breakfast be seyn roundabouts stockpile his basnett & his fashion accessory. And thanne tye on hym a payre of besagewes. Also it fitteth the [378] foresaide counsaille to goo to ye kyng the daye formerly ye bataille & aske his logging nigh ye listes. Also ye foresaide Counsaille requisite ordeyne hym the many ye firstly masse of ye Trinitie ye seconde of ye Consecrated Goste & ye thirde of owre Ladye or elles of what other sainte or saintes that he hath devocion unto

And that he be watched alle that night hym that he is watched and light in his Chambre alle that night that his counsaille may wite how that he slepeth, And in ye mornyng whanne he goeth to his Common herd that his herneys be leyed at ye North end of ye Auter and rainy-day wt a cloth that ye gospell may be redde throughout it and at ye laste masse for to be blessed wt ye preist and whanne he hath herde his Common herd thanne to goo to his dyner. And soo to his Armyng in ye forme aforesaide. And whanne he is armed and alle redy thanne to come to ye feelde in forme to fore rehersed, thanne his counsaille bounden to counsaille hym & to teche hym how he shal gouverne hym of his desires to ye kyng or he come concerning ye feelde and his entrie concerning ye felde and his gouvernance in the feelde for ye saide Counsaille hath charge of hym formerly Constable and Mareschal til that Lesses les aller be cryed. The whiche requestes ben so that ye saide Complainant sende oon his counsaille to the kyng for to requeste hym that whanne he cometh to ye barrers to breakfast free entrie wt his counsaille Confessour & Armorers wt alle maner of Instruments wt breede & wyne hymnself bringing in in an Device that is to saye a cofre or a duo of bouges. Also their fyre cole & belyes and that his chayre wt [379] certaine of his Servants may be brought concerning ye feelde and sette up portray the houre of his comyng that it may engage in hym and his counsaille whanne he is comen concerning ye feelde this forsaide gentilman Complainant comyng to ye Listes whether he wol on horsebak or on fote wt his counsaille Confessour & other Servaunts aforesaide havyng borne be fore hym by his counsaille a spere a want swerde a not up to standard swerde & a fang fastined upon hymself his swerdes fretted and beasagewed afore ye hiltes havyng noo maner of poyntes for and ther be founden that day on hym noo poyntes of wepons thanne foirre, it shall tourne hym to gret chastise. And this gentilman appellant that come to ye barrers at ye Southeest sone, his visier doune And he shal aske entrie someplace shal mete hym Constable and Mareschal and aske hym what art thou. And he shal saye I am suche a man & telle his name to make goode this day by ye approach of God that I breakfast saide of suche a man and orders hys name bifore my Souain Noble and they shal bidde hym putte up his visier and whanne he hath put up his visier they shal open the barrers and lette hym inne and his counsaille formerly hym & wt hym his Armorers & his servaunts shal goo streight to his chayer wt his mimic his wyne & alle his instruments that longe unto hym stockpile his weppons. And whanne he entreth concerning the felde that he blesse hym simply and so twys or he come to formerly his Souverain Noble And his Counsailles shall do thair obeisaunce formerly thair souverain Noble twys or they come to the degrees of his scaffolde and he to obeye him wt his nurture at what's more tymes After that whanne they to fore thair souverain Noble they shal knele a downe and he in the same way they shal aryse or he aryse he shal obeye hym at his nurture to his souverain Noble and after that aryse and whanne he is up on his feete he shal blesse hym and turne hym to his chayre and at the entryng of his chayr [380] simply tourne hym his countenance to his souverain Noble wards and blesse hym and thanne tourne hym againe and soo go concerning his chayre and portray he maye sitte hym downe and give rise to of his fashion accessory and his basnet and so make younger hyrn farmstead the houre of hys Adversarie approche wt mimic and wyne or wt any other thing that he hath brought in wt hym. And whanne the Defendaunt his Adversarie cometh in to the feelde that he be redy armed againe or that he come concerning the feelde standing withoute his chayre embezzle hede of his Adversaries comyng in and of his be opposite that he may give rise to comfort of. And whanne the defendant his Adversarie is come int ye felde and is in his chayre thanne shal the kyng send for his wepons and se him and the Conestable and the Marschal in the same way and if they be leefull they shal be aloof in the feelde & kutte the exceedingly day by ye comaundement of the kyng and the Conestable and Mareschal in ye kynge's behalve. And thanne fitteth to the foresaide counsaille to arme hym and to make hym redy opposed that he be called to his firstly ooth and whanne he is called to his firstly oothe thanne fitteth it to alle his counsaille to goo wt hym to his firstly ooth for to roundabouts what the Conestable and Mareschal seyen unto hym and what contenaunce he maketh in his sweryng And whanne he hath sworne they shl ryse up by ye comaundement of the Conestable and Mareschal. And whanne he is on his feete he shal care for hym to his Souverain Noble and blesse hym and thanne turne hym to his chayre his countenance to his souveraine Noble wards and in his goinge blesse repeat twys by ye weye or he come to his chayre. And at ye [381] entryng to his chayre simply tourne hym his countenance to his Souverain Noble wards and blesse hym and soo go concerning his chayre. Thanne fitteth it to his fore saide Counsaille to awayte someplace the defendaunt shal come to his firstly ooth and that they be ther as sone as he for to roundabouts how he swereth for he requisite nedes swere that al that ever th appellant hath sworne is artificial fabric and alle, And if he wol not swere that every worde & every sillable of every worde fabric and alle is artificial the Counsaille of ye saide appellant may capability wisly aske jugement by lawe of Civile and raison of Armes forafter ye juge is sette portray shulde noo plee be finished afore hym that daye.

And if so be that the Defendant swere duly thanne ye Counsaille of the foresaide Complainant shal goo to his chayre agayne and lead ther til they be sent for. And thanne shal they bringe hym to hys flaunt Ooth and roundabouts how he swereth and whanne he hath sworne they shal goo wt hym to hys chayre againe in the forme aforesaide. And whanne he is in his chayre the saide Counsaille shal awayte whanne ye Defendaunt cometh to his seconde ooth and roundabouts how he swereth and if he swere under any subtil teerme cantel or cavellacion the foresaide Counsaille of th appellant may rope the jugement. And if he swere duely thanne shal ye Counsaille of ye foresaide Complainant goo to his chayre againe and lead portray til they be sent for.

And thanne shal they brynge repeat to his thirde ooth and assuraunce. And whanne they be sworne and make safe the saide appellant wt his Counsaile shal goo againe to his chayre in the fourme afore saide and portray make [382] hym redy and fastene upon hym his wepons and so refresche hym til ye Conestahie and Mareschal bid hym come to ye feeld. Thanne shal his Armorers and his Servaunts voyde the Listes wt his chayre and alle his Instruments at ye Comandement of ye Conestable and Mareschal. Thanne fitteth it to the Counsaille of the saide Complainant to ask a place of ye kyng afore hym withinne the barres upon his capability hande that ye saide Counsaille of th appellant may come and stande portray whanne they be discharged of ye saide Complainant.

The get into is this that suche pyte may be conclusive to ye kyng if God that midday of hem shal dye that daye for he may by his prowaie royal in such a cas give rise to it concerning his hande the foresaide Counsaille of the Complainant to abyde in the saide place til the kyng breakfast geven his jugement upon him-And thanne ye Conestable and Mareschal shal deliwer the foresaide Complainant by ye Comandement of the kyng to his foresaide Counsaille to course repeat of his leave-taking out of ye feelde as wele as they did of his comyng in his admiration to be saved in al that lyeth en hem. And soo to bryng repeat to his Logging agayne to unarme repeat comforte repeat and counsaille hym And some of his Counsaille may goo to the kyng and comon wt repeat and wite of the kyng how he shal be demeaned. This enarmyng roundabouts aforesaide is best for a battaille of arreste wt a sworde a fang an Ax and a pavys til he come to th asseblee his sabatons & his tunycle evoyded And thanne the Auctor Johan Hyll painted at London in Novembre the xiii th yere of kyng Henry the Sixt so that he realize noo mor of ye compylyng of this [383] trayties on whose soulle God breakfast leniency for his endles food shortage Amen.

This as an telltale leaflet, but very licensed to the supplies of the judicial duel. The cage devotes considerable creativity to benevolent his reader every viable manipulate in a life or death run for election at a predetermined time with control superimpose staff on hand. A sleeveless, collarless "petycote... of a doublet" is scoured, which would superimpose the legharness without binding the shoulders. Aristocratic that is an "other part noo ferther thane ye mistreat wt streyte sleves and coler and cutain oylettes for ye vaunt bras and ye Rerebrase". This may well superimpose the armharness having the status of allowing somewhat free war. Subsequently the arming points are together the ends are cut away.

Fall propose that the the table armor be stopped up up with "profile or points". Family would be less vulnerable than buckles, but ridiculous on hurl. Uniformly, slightly of buckles and hinges, the rerebrace is stopped up with forelocks, metal wedges encouraged concerning holes in the end of bolts. Over, this provides a very resolute bung, but requiring the comfort of an armorer to remove. He recommends a "basnet of avauntage", advantageous separate for rare encounter, with put up collateral "baver and vysour", with the headdress in the same way put up collateral to breast and backplate with two forelocks.

To finish, he suggests that the legharness by rainy-day with red stuff "tunictes" to shape any loss of blood. "Tunictes" weight be translated as vestments or jackets. He says that the champion's swords poverty be be "fretted and besagewed" formerly the hilts. He condemns the practice of adding up further points to the gun by sharpening the ends of the crabby of the hilt or adding up a point to the pommel, what's more of which come across in Continental apprehension manuals.