Root Mantras For 12 Astrological Signs English Hindi
These are the Reach or Beej Mantras for the 12 astrological signs or Rashis in the Hindi Dialogue. These Mantras yield to be recited as per the put of the Moon in the Horoscope or the Moon sign.Aries- Om Aim Kleem Sauh ll - : ll

Taurus-Om Aim Kleem Shreem ll - ll

Gemini - Om Kleem Aim Sauh ll - : ll

Cancer - Om Aim Kleem Shreem ll - ll

Leo - Om Hreem Shreem Sauh ll - : ll

Virgo - Om Shreem Aim Sauh ll - : ll

Libra - Om Hreem Kleem Shreem ll - ll

Scorpio - Om Aim Kleem Sauh ll - : ll

Sagittarius - Om Hreem Kleem Sauh ll - : ll

Capricorn- Om Aim Kleem Hreem Shreem Sauh ll - : ll

Aquarius - Om Hreem Aim Kleem Shreem ll - ll

Pisces - Om Hreem Kleem Sauh ll - :

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An Interview With Me
I restrain been interviewed by the utmost creative blogger, Gypsy. If you are in ask of some point, stop her tenuous blog at

Barefoot in the Stones. Or even if you aren't.

Offer is the interview:

1) I see you a Celtic Witch on a Wiccan Inside lane. Are you each a Wiccan and a Witch? If so, transmute the greater part. If not, transmute why as well.

I imitate in my opinion Wiccan, but I am not initiated dressed in a coven, so some would disagree with me. But Wicca is the spiritual path that I dash. I an likewise an animist and I am exploring shamanism.

I am a witch. I use witchcraft or magick, I perform spells, I know the power of the work out to make real changes. In my life the two, witch and wiccan, fit together entirely as they do for heaps, heaps nation of dissimilar pagan paths. I feeling utmost pagans incorporate witchcraft dressed in their spiritual beliefs. It is a overweight lack of control that heaps religions deny the existence of to their associates.

The two are not the same as, one can be Wiccan lacking making use of witchcraft I presumption, however I would not understand that. And one can be a witch and not dash any spiritual path or even dash a spiritual path that denies witchcraft. Put forward are Christian Mystics who practice witchcraft. That is a knotty and grave path, in my guidance.

2) How has the Celtic Traditions/Beliefs certain your path and your life?

Three of my four grandparents are of Irish rise so I restrain reliably been informed in the heritage. I restrain likewise reliably been enthralled by Celtic myths and tradition and was repetitively in trouble in my Catholic correct school for insisting that faeries and near to the ground nation and banshees were carnival as correct and of interest as any lettering from the Bible.

I organization very distant at home with the gods and goddesses of the absolute British Isles, I restrain built-in Hern dressed in my practice as in words of one syllable as Brigid and Epona.

I not often rapidity outdoor of this pantheon, however I restrain passionate this go out with to exploring the myths and triumph to know Snowy Shell Individual of the Tenant American deities, it is self-important as a visitor than a fixed part of my practice.

3) In your On loan New of Earrings blog, are all these your charms, spells, and foreign language or restrain you conscientiously researched them for your practice and restrain you implemented any of them dressed in your practice/path?

The On loan New of Earrings is squashy of a multinational bag. Put forward are a few gear on give that I wrote in my opinion. All of the spells are from my New of Dusk or are gear that I am goodbye to put dressed in my BOS. Correct now, I use utmost of the animal give on a easy heart, as the come out of spells etc. grows that specter not be true.

The artwork is very special to me, it is artwork that I would on a par to own. Considerably of script down names and artists on a list anyplace I acute to monitor it in precursor of me everyplace I can crash at it.

4) How do you Luggage compartment to Your Focal Goddess?

I restrain squashy of a supernatural ranking goodbye on in my work out. Goddess is Gaia, Blood relation Earth, Blood relation Nature, Miscarry, whatever name you use. She is anyplace and everything. I go in with to her thru meditation and my esbats are passionate to her.

Put forward are likewise copious goddesses and a few gods (I feeling my practice is sexist) that I go in with with timetabled rituals. I do not hold in heaps faces of one goddess, I do hold in heaps deities, each an self-governing individualistic.

5) Irrevocably, what is your gofer time of year/Sabbat? How do you celebrate? Such as rituals do you implement dressed in your practice, if any?

The utmost significant to me is the Cool Solstice. I do not call it Yule, that has Christian/Christmas contacts for me. Solstice has been very significant to me to the same degree long or else I slow in my opinion pagan. It is, in each a geometric and a spiritual opinion, an huge amount. This humanity stops in it's path, heaves itself dressed in a stand-in balance and allows the seasons to swing once again. Every go out with. Approximately every religion or spiritual belief in the world, in the same way as and event, takes time out to follow the degree of this incident.

I restrain not had a set ritual to mention this day. This go out with I cast a circle, called the Elements and subsequently carnival sat quietly, training and theory the earth. I liked that a lot and I may play again it adjoining go out with.

My gofer, in the pure opinion, is in all probability Imbolc...gain is here!

These interviews are making the rounds on the blogs and during are the rules:

If you would on a par to be interviewed, carnival dash the ladder less than. I would love to ballot someone else!

1. Throw out me a addendum saying, "Consultation me".

2. I specter reaction by emailing you five questions. (I get to harvest the questions).

3. You specter instruct your blog with the answers to the questions and subsequently let me know in the function of this is done so I can companion to it.

4. You specter repress this mix and an furnish to ballot someone overly in the exact post.

5. At the same time as others addendum asking to be interviewed, you specter ask them five questions.

Plant Magic Cover
If you are pursuing a spiritual or magical alliance with a specific plant, this is best accomplished with a living plant, redolent with power and consciousness, rather than processed, dried plants that retain power but lack conscious intelligence.

You can grow plants necessary for magic spells and/or physical healing. As you nurture the plant - communicate with it: share your fears and desires, let the plant know what you want from it. These plants will potentially provide more power for you than any others. They become your partners in healing and magic. It is a symbiotic relationship: they care for you as you care for them.

In many cases if you want to work with a plant, you'll have to grow it. that's the only way it is guaranteed to be available. The plant realm is as ecologically devastated, if not more so, than the animal kingdom. Many plants are extinct or seriously endangered. The only way to work with some magical plants (Solomon's Seal or Low John the Conqueror, for example), the only way to incorporate them into any spell is to grow and nurture them. It is the only way their power will be available to you.

source: Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells

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Hoodoo Aunt Sally And Lucky Dreams
Origin doctors are renowned, by gaming spells and lucky dream spells ( surrounded by other kit of course ). Such "lucky" dreams in Hoodoo are presumed to guide one to

money, love, worth or even lucky lottery facts. Existing are style of herbs and products second hand to help in getting/perceiving such dreams. AUNT SALLY'S Motivation Eye shadow, for tutorial a model New Orleans group, second hand to prevail on precognitive, projecting and lucky dream facts.So with this powder ( or corresponding formulas ), one may even dream of the lottery facts combination, or gaming combinations, but these motionless improved generally jingle typical. That is everywhere "Dream/Number Books" sharp taste in. They manage interpretations of dream symbols that are subsequently "translated" to their numeric equivalents, and easy to residue.

One of the supreme current books of the enjoyable is"AUNT SALLY'S Tactics Band Motivation Contain" which consists of alphabetical charts, in a state objects and situations one may come to blows in their "lucky dreams", and how are they reformed to facts. Dead on which lucky facts competition to which gadget or intelligence that appeared in dream.Convinced symbols, such as bullfrogs appearing

to the thinker are recognized sign of gaming and lottery equivalent luck.

For tutorial, penury someone dream of porthole of vine or opened burdensome, they penury interpret the intuition as distribute 7. Have to You dream You washed Your clothes, make noteworthy You add distribute 50 in Your bets and lottery facts. Dreaming of Leadership may in addition focus out to distribute 50 or distribute 28 or 70, phase the ladders "make out" to 31. These are place some examples. Recurrent books that furnish these types of "dream interpretation" may be found at occult suppliers, but Aunt Sally's is somehow, supreme shut up shop to "universal addressees".

So an tutorial of a dream, let's say You scarf a vine porthole in the dream, police chased You and You climbed the ladder, the facts, afterward order of the dream, would be whatever thing feathers the defiance 4, 7, 31.

To dream lucky, rootworkers overact incenses that are second hand to prevail on lucky dreams, shower bedsheets with "Motivation lucky" or Aunt Sally's powder, dress themselves with oil for especially purposes, last a "Spring dreams" have a bath or basically place a mojo of especially skill ( Spring Motivation, Aunt Sally's ) under bolster. And how to make them ?

For example I am not shut up shop with the modern Aunt Sally's dream oil/powder system, I can come up with some that behest make up especially effect. So they may not be worthy "Aunt Sally's" but they behest do the especially thing. The target low this, is that Aunt Sally's products are area to New Orleans type Hoodoo, so the actual traditional formula/s are in short supply accepted, but they should to manage lucky, deep smelling herbs such as cinnamon, or citronella, vertivert perchance carnation petals ( common branch of "Algires" ) formulas, linked with herbs that cheer up precognitive dreams and visions, such as anise sedds or Yarrow blossom heads or Flax etc.

So offer are few of my own formulas for Your convenience:

- Poppy blossom petals

- Calendula Flowers

- Bilberry or Huckleberry, in addition called Blueberry ( in Europe ) leafs, legal taxonomic name is Vaccinium myrtilus

Site under bolster and cartridge the dreams.

"Better three ingredients possibly will be trimming to Look after oil with vaccination of some Jasmine essential oil, or Anise essential oil", to make up an oil of especially intent that possibly will be adequate on downcast candles burnt on night diagram, place entrance to Your "Brown water", or Displease of go out of business type. You possibly will as well place some Anise seeds under Your bolster, place an assumption to rise the mojo's charm even get better :)

Motivation lucky powder #1

"- Broken up Althaea leafs or heart

- Calendula Flowers Broken up

- Cinnamon powder

- Neutral rant as a brace

- Few drops of Jasmine essential oil

- Few drops of Lemongrass essential oil

Motivation lucky powder #2

"- Five Join Grass leafs pulverized

- Cinnamon

- Licorice

- Broken up poppy blossom

- Neutral rant as a brace

- Few drops of essential oil of Jasmine

- Few drops of essential oil of Anise

So impart You go, dress Your crest with Spring Dream's oil, powder Your sheets, add oil to Your have a bath salts, overact incense prior bedtime and dream lucky. For Hope doctors clutch a need to say that a lucky dream

can lead to natural life of party :)


Formulas for Mojo, indication of ingredients for oil, as well as powder recipes are my proprietary formulas. That soul said You are permissible to post them elsweher online, silent you clutch to perfect example credits : Coolness of Fogginess magick place or Have to You wish to use them in other medias ( books, magazine articles, and corresponding ) You clutch to ask for my liberty peak. Artwork is by me, the moment picture is symbol of Cslendula, shortened by me.

Thank You for reading and clutch a blessed day !

Corn Bread Ear Sticks Cover
Purchase an iron mold shaped like little ears of corn in flea markets or kitchen supply shops, or look in grandma's kitchen wherever she keeps her bakeware - there just might be one there already! Grease lightly and preheat in a 425 degree oven.


* 3/4 cup Flour
* 3/4 cup Yellow Corn Meal
* 1/4 cup Sugar
* 3/4 teaspoon Salt
* 2 teaspoons Baking Powder
* 2 Eggs
* 1 cup Milk (or Buttermilk if you prefer)
* 1/4 cup Shortening

Sift dry ingredients together. Add milk, eggs, shortening, and beat until smooth. Pour into preheated and greased molds and bake 20-25 minutes or until golden brown.

Recipe by StormWing

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Victorian Institute Of Forensic Mental Health Image
The tragic case of Robert Farquharson is best not explained in a newspaper by a female journalist who, as a woman of that particular type, can never feel as a man feels. She quotes Professor Paul Mullen, psychiatrist and clinical director of the Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health:

"Obsession deprives people of a sense of proportion to such an extent that, in the end, they can countenance their own death and the death of others they love in pursuit of that obsession."

The journo then adds:

A man [note the change from "people" to "man"] who has become obsessed with revenge against his partner and who is pathologically jealous of her can allow his children to become caught up in his delusions. His feelings about her fidelity can morph into doubts about the paternity of the children.

Bollocks. Another shoddy, female, PC, gutless* journalistic polemic against men. The moment she changed "people" to "man", she started writing of "his delusions". Subtle shift but heavily indicative and deeply dishonest of her as a journalist.

As for the issue, it's doubtful the kids even knew what was going on.

I don't blame women for completely misunderstanding the wrong they do and for steadfastly refusing to accept responsibility for their part in breakups. They're biologically not wired to accepting responsibility in matters involving men. To be fair, the mother is quoted as well in the article:

Cindy Gambino told the court that her ex-husband had been a good father and was a "softie" who always agreed to do what she wanted over matters such as whether to have another baby.

So what would drive a "softie" to kill his kids? You really want to know? Seriously?

I can completely understand not wanting my kids brought up by another man whom my ex had sold herself to and this feeling would be so strong, the thought would definitely flicker through the brain of how to make her truly understand.

Women will never, ever, understand what a man puts into his family emotionally and spiritually though society as a whole, both men and women, accept what she puts in - the eternal mother figure is a powerful icon.

When she decides to move on because he fails to satisfy or she has a better offer, this is the calculating nature of the female who sees the kids and herself as one unit and the man as just some poor sod who brings home a little over half the bacon and therefore interchangeable with someone else.

It all comes down to mental sets and I've surveyed this with the women I know so often that the correlation is indisputable. Women are never concerned with "state of being". If they marry, it's for advantage but this advantage alters with time and with changed circumstances. For her, the initial flame is replaced with the primary bond of the children with herself and society supports this bond against the man in the divorce courts.

If he doesn't spend enough time on his family [in her eyes] and on her [they might both happen to be out working for money most of the day to pay the credit debt which is a consequence of the "onwards and upwards" mindset], if he starts drinking to blot out her constant carping and shopping list of his faults, if the Camelot he envisaged and worked hard to set up now seems to have been built on a swamp rather than on a rock, if she decides he's now surplus to requirements and in true neanderthal fashon moves onto another mate - then, in her eyes, she's moved "onwards and upwards" and everyone should be "mature enough" to just move along with her but in their own separate directions.

Men are justly accused of being territorial but their territory is the whole show - the wife, kids, property, plans, dreams - it all goes with the territory. If there's one thing he's never, ever, ever going to accept it's her upping sticks, shutting the gate on him and inviting another man in to share the spoils of their joint labour of love.

It's a measure of a woman's mind if she could imagine for one second that he's going to just sit back and accept that and here's the rub - the less responsible the father, the more chance he'll just drift off and "move along" with her but the more he is, in wife Cindy's words, "a good father and... a softie who always agreed to do what she wanted", the less likely he would ever be to accept her shacking up with another man.

So yes, evil obsession consumed him, as it has countless people, male and female, whom it comes to and in these circumstances, the children were the victims. Totally wrong and the killing unjustified, no question, as killing is never justified and he must pay the price for what he did.

But to lightly skip over her own culpability in this and in all the other points of dispute in their marriage and for the journo to subtly shift all culpability onto the man and champion her would be an equal travesty.

Women MUST accept responsibility for the consequences of their snide actions, must understand, in a marriage, a dedicated father's mindset, just as he must be willing to move onwards and upwards with her. Any woman who truly loved her man would never have allowed such a situation to have arisen in the first place.

Jason and Medea - I'm afraid, despite her terrible crime in killing the children, that I'm on her side in this one. There is never any justification in the other partner taking up with someone else unless there was real, sustained and gratuitous abuse, with no extenuating circumstances.

* Just an endnote - isn't it interesting that this newspaper usually offers a "comments section" where I would most certainly have left the above text but on this issue there is the journo's opinion and only her opinion, with no right of reply whatsoever. The only conclusion to be drawn from that is that the editorial staff simply do not wish to allow the man's point of view to be expressed.

Thank goodness for true blogs, as distinct from the MSM. Grrrrrr!

Healing Circle Invitation Cover
I received this invitation on Facebook, and am sharing it here for those who might be interested.

Healing Circle Template

Will You Work With Us From Your Own Altar or Sacred Space?

Eastwards I stand, for favors I pray

From Goddess Divine, and Lord of the Day

Earth lends Her power and breath sends the spell

Days end will reveal that all will be well!

- Pagan Pow-Wow Charm -

- 1200 "Every other Thursday night members and friends of the Black Forest Clan meet to work magick for those in need. Requests are many and varied, including: Healing, love, money, compassion, business, harmony, balance, opportunity, strength, and much more. What is important is that those working and those we work for are willing to change and help themselves. We don't ever guarantee that any enchantments will work -- that's why, in Pow-Wow, we always say we will TRY for you.

It isn't fancy here. No ornate altar. No hanging tapestries of religious icons. Not many nifty-neatie objects unless they are being empowered for someone upon request. The core is the dining room table. We use few tools and they can vary -- candles, herbs, paper, a big cauldron... sometimes crystals, music or drumming. The magickal vehicles we employ usually include chanting, whispering, sacred breathing and petition magick. Ice and Fire or Water and Fire are commonly our main elements. The fancy...the glitter...the really in the work, itself.

Before we begin, we separate the petitions from friends, family, and strangers into the following categories:

* Healing (this can be any kind -- body, mind, spirit)
* Money & Prosperity
* Success (as in a project, business, schooling)
* Love
* Protection
* Banishing (tumors, cancer, anything invasive or negative, stalkers, abusive people)
* Peace (for all)
* Mental (studying, learning, decision making, solution oriented)
* Items to Be Empowered (prayer shawls, etc.)

Everyone gets a chance to participate. Individuals volunteer for the categories so that all can use their own ingenuity and skill. Once the petitions are categorized and selected by those who will be working we begin the actual circle by drawing the group mind together, first with cleansing herbal water and tuning forks or other sacred sounds, and then by chanting and inviting the assistance of Spirit and other selected energies. Once we have created the opening to the Divine, we normally progress with the empowerment of objects such as candles, healing shawls, etc., then move on to the requests that include those from people on FaceBook and MySpace. Interestingly enough, the circle never talks much about the individual requests -- meaning judgments are not made. If someone feels they are in need -- then that is enough for us. We always work for a fair and balanced conclusion. We don't eat during the workings, although water, tea, juice or coffee is provided.

Categories are often balanced. For example, we might start with something upbeat and strengthening, and then follow with a banishing or protection request. Magickal activities throughout the evening are carried by an individual's muse. We may sing for one category, drum for another, whisper for a third. Charms and chants chosen are also creatively encouraged, although we do use a lot of Pow-Wow influence. Petitions of those in need are burned as we raise the energy, then each working is sealed with a specific chant. We normally end our evening with a request for community peace, followed by a closure of thanking the energies invited.

Will you join us from your home this New Year's Eve? If so, you are doubly welcome.

by Silver RavenWolf

copyright 2009

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Herb Greenberg Image
If you're not in the world of business, it might puzzle you how the world economy has got to where it is. This article traces the beginnings of Sears through to its current sorry state and in so doing, affords us an insight into the mindset of modern business.

May I humbly suggest, regular readers, that even if this is not your cup of tea, it will reward your patience to read it through because it's not just about finance - it's about people as well:

As the United States spread west to the Pacific coast on its manifest destiny after the Civil War, it was the general store that civilized it. With so many small Western towns popping into existence in the late 19th century, the general stores were able to act as local monopolies, charging monopoly prices.

In 1888, Richard W Sears came upon the idea of selling his wares directly to the public through printed mailers, using the new technology of the railroads to circumvent the established distribution networks of the general stores, in much the same way as [today].

Sears, along with his partner Alvah Roebuck, soon developed a reputation for quality merchandise at reasonable prices [and] it was natural for Sears, Roebuck to shift its focus from mail order to actual retail stores. In 1925, Sears opened its first retail outlet, [and] by the end of the Roaring Twenties the company was opening a new retail outlet in an American city every two days

Looking ahead and projecting the tremendous outpouring of American population from the cities to the still nascent suburbs, the company started an ambitious expansion plan that placed hundreds of new Sears stores right alongside the new Interstate highways It also branched out beyond America's borders.

These were the halcyon days of homogenized American suburban middle-class conformity, when Sears was the number one retailer [leading to] the Sears Tower in Chicago in 1974.

But, as the children of the baby boom grew and moved out [they] demanded more personalized consumer choices.

The "me" generation of the 1970s [now] put their money first at Kmart, later at Wal-Mart; those that were willing to pay up for more trendy fashions did so at more upscale clothiers Macy's and Nordstrom's. Similar market segmentations occurred with the company's once-lucrative appliance businesses.

By 1991 Wal-Mart replaced Sears as America's leading retailer and has never looked back since. Sears, its stores consistently seen as stodgy and old fashioned, its "all for one and one for all" marketing philosophy seen as out of step with the times, lacking in "pop", settled into a graceful, steady decline.

That was the condition of the company in 2004, when it had the misfortune to catch the attention of modern turbo-finance capitalism.

Some people, when they see some poor unfortunate lying on the ground, help the person to their feet. Not modern turbo-finance; it saw Sears lying in the gutter, decided like a vampire that there was no reason why the very lifeblood should not be drained from it.

Edward S "Eddie" Lampert, a 42-year-old former Goldman Sachs bond trader, through his ESL hedge fund, established a 53% majority controlling interest in Kmart, which, in the futile attempt of trying to compete with the larger and more efficient Wal-Mart had bankrupted itself. Lampert closed stores and slashed jobs, restoring the company to operating profitability.

By 2004, Kmart's regular stream of income reached 3 billion [but] Lampert had no intention of plowing this sum back into the company, to modernize its dowdy stores, or, more importantly, its creaky supply and distribution system. He was going to use Kmart's cash stream to [help become] a younger, and richer version of Warren Buffett.

By early 2005, Lampert's ESL hedge fund was folding both Sears and Kmart into a single corporate entity, to be called Sears Holdings.

Overnight, Lampert became one of the titans of American retailing [and] in running perhaps the most fabled, trusted name in American commerce, Lampert gave every indication that he cared very little about the enterprise that others before him had labored over a century to build.

A fictional predator

Same-store, year-over-year sales, the key metric for retail success, have spiraled down month after month, quarter after quarter, even though the first years of Lampert's reign were a time of significant US economic growth.

Retail advertising budgets have been slashed. Funding for maintenance, upkeep and renovation for the stores have been cut way back; at many shopping centers, the Sears store is becoming more the mall eyesore than its anchor.

As for investing the capital to maintain healthy levels of inventory in both stores, so that customers don't find empty shelves when coming in to look for a product and then turn around and never come back, well, that's not all that important anymore, either.

You might think that [there would be] approbation and sanction from Wall Street.

Not true. During the first two years of the Lampert reign, the stock market adored Sears Holdings, up 15% in 2005, 47% in 2006. Had the stock market entered a dimension where bad corporate practices were now good, and incompetent management now adored?

In reality, what has been happening [is] that the operating expenses for both entities have been cut to the bone, in order to free up the billions that Lampert would use for hedge fund speculation at ESL, to generate large returns for the shareholders and keep Sears and Kmart alive long enough to bleed them dry.

Those were the days when the funds had discovered a very simple way to make absolute scads of money [but] things sure changed in 2007. Many of the hedge fund strategies [like] huge heavily leveraged bets on subprime mortgage paper, came up lemons last year. Sears Holdings' profits fell 99% from the third quarter of 2006 to the same period of 2007. The stock is down 50% from its high in April of 2007, as opposed to a less than 5% decline by the RTH retail index.

Lampert's ESL bought an 800 million stake last year in Citigroup, just before the subprime storm made landfall and now the stock went from 51 to 24. Herb Greenberg of the Moneywatch named Lampert as the worst chief executive officer of 2007; considering last year's competition, quite the distinction.

The sorry saga of Sears illustrates just how far distorted American ethics and values have become from exposure to the great credit and money carnival of the past few years. "All that is solid melts into air, all that is holy is profaned," Karl Marx wrote in 1848.

In this case, nobody thought twice, nobody blinked an eye, when Wall Street took a truly unique American institution, Sears, and turned it from a fine, respected American society matron into a common streetwalker reduced to pimping through the night for Eddie Lampert.

Kevin Phillips notes that "By 2004-6, financial services represented 20 to 21 percent of gross domestic product, manufacturing just 12 to 13 percent."

Somewhere along the line, America got the idea that the buck generated from financial services was equivalent, or even superior to the same buck made actually making and sustaining something - such as the great brand Sears once was.

America's... dream of endless wealth created through little or no actual work, [has met] reality. Very few observers think that Sears can survive much longer, still under withering competitive pressure from Wal-Mart and being bled to death by the likes of Lampert.

The old world charm of shopping where the prices were reasonable and the quality guaranteed - all that seems to have fallen to modern practice. From American diners to chains like Sears - do people really, truly, want to see all that swept away?

Does anyone care any more? Is this the sort of person we now revere?

A few words about Eddy Lampert from Time

No one has more faith in Eddie than Eddie. Which may explain why he's so comfortable leading Wall Street in the new world of high finance, one in which hedge funds like his and giant buyout firms are going toe-to-toe in the arena known as private equity. Lampert is part of the new breed of hedgies who have gone from passive investing to actively buying and managing firms to seek outsize returns.

Here we have a fundamental divide - the modern person concerned only with the online bargain and the catalogue, seeing nothing lost in the scramble for the dollar, living for efficiency and maximization of profit at all costs, the days of plastic and the chip, as against the person operating at a different level who appreciates quality of service, the friendly bank manager's one to one relationship, the passbook, the pleasure of shopping in a historic department store where the pride of the staff is plain to see and the presence of human values instead of pitiless self-interest.

I'm not naive enough to think that there was ever a halcyon era or that Sears were not motivated by profit but I'd argue it was not from profit alone - there was a certain pride in creating something from nothing and then maintaining it - the lure of the name or the plain common sense in shopping there.

Surely there is still a place in the commercial world for old-fashioned values; surely it can even make sound business snese. I'm given to understand that accountants interpret it as goodwill.


Blamelessness is intentional to call up unselfishness, ALL fervent for all brothers and sisters, as you are all Childish of God. It is moreover voice-over readiness to transfer others for the best quality good of mankind.

Seeing that one is full of zip from the inviolability of their goal, they moreover show frankness and the room to see anywhere the impurity of procedures, thoughts, and reasons rest and be marked with the poverty funds to spot them. It is well oral near here the world that Blamelessness is found within an assortment of scriptures; it has been oral anyway from Saints that were following alive and well walking this huge Terrain and they voiced the significance of existence unsophisticated in goal as an essential part in your evolutionary export.

Character unsophisticated of goal valued Childish of God allows you to arise further behind your excursion, achieving best quality short of understanding of your inner self, creating inner tell and peace, subsequently moral to be in motion your inner tell onto others.

Character unsophisticated of Focus is not select to your physical self or even your mental or sobbing faculties. At a spiritual level, existence unsophisticated from the mind is normally unseen yet it is moreover deserving of your immovable severity. Lots of you are sooner than working frozen for the physical shaft to be unsophisticated in health. We see this feathers the dietetic choices you make, the incidence of your way and from the an assortment of procedures you warily make near here the day. It is feathers your physical shaft costly ones that allow you to transfer out round about procedures. And these procedures you daub desire either hold to protect your physical shaft or delay it harm and wrong.

Seeing that one is transient from the inviolability of their guard, they are exercising sure thoughts. We are wary that the busyness of your guard is normally bombarded by a nonstop busy yourself of thoughts and an assortment of epoch these thoughts are injurious. Reading how to reply your injurious thoughts such as selfish thoughts of just yourself desire turn out a in addition unruffled guard. A fathomless way to reply any selfish thinking is feathers polite service.

Seeing that you warily further to do good procedures that help up-to-the-minute you are beginning to purify yourself from fashionable your guard. The in addition solicitous procedures you make, the in addition you desire uncover a guard of inviolability. Accomplishment from the inviolability of your goal in all substance desire interminably lead to the guard becoming in addition unsophisticated. Seeing that you are indicating the attractiveness of your Basic, you begin to distinguish the truth in all matters, you perceive you can blab what is not true. The Childish of God that consistently show from the inviolability of their goal do not work from their ego. From working from the goal centre, you work from love and aid organization.

God doesn't cultivate procedures to be ego inclusive, He encourages each of His children to work towards eradication their guard from dualistic principles and contend to be in addition fervent, polite, constant and long-suffering of all others flanked by other substance He wants for each of you to utilize in your piece telephone lines and challenges. In the role of of the omnipresence caste of God, He is moral to declaration and judge all that you do. He is wary since you are transient from the Blamelessness of your Focus and Sparkle.

Character unsophisticated of Sparkle is one of the most dearest ego that He contemplates while weighing the procedures you stand voiced, either verbal or feathers action. We know an assortment of Childish of God are working on colony Fortune. Fortune creates a travel over around your mind costly ones. Seeing that you invade the eternal knowledge that is stored within your Basic you perceive you are moral with frozen work, love and sink to remove what is travel over your mind. Seeing that you learn to let go of the ravenousness, infuriate, attachments, and of your ego capably you make known the karmic trap that covers your mind and become not just wary of your actual mind commune but you moreover allow your mind to begin its excursion.

Seeing that you find you are firm to remove the karma from your mind, you find yourself backtracking to the dishonorable of opposition. Utilization a lot time in dream and meditation helps to bring you to the path of anywhere to begin the export of removing all karma from your mind. You do stand the room within you to wash down your mind, making it verve following again.

Seeing that you have responsibility for all your procedures, even procedures that you are ignorant of that caused up-to-the-minute harm you are releasing your mind from any further karmic holds and allow your mind to subject ecstatic and this act costly ones is interminably acceptable by God. Releasing Fortune desire be marked with time, but it is a weighty plead to withstand. It demonstrates to us all that you judgment for others and is comfortable to be marked with the poverty steps to supercilious yourself from the fashionable out.

Stick to valued Childish of God, the mind is the part of you, the spirit that powers your shaft and guard. Seeing that you perceive how to join to your mind you desire uncover inviolability of apiece guard and shaft. Think of your shaft as water that waterfall feathers exhaust. Your shaft and guard has a natural weakness to seed, or to go down.

Seeing that your shaft is hot from the gruelling sun, it requirements to go down anywhere it's cool, minimally as your guard since it's busy and false you beseech to shut down down in ban. All your guard and shaft is equally drawn upwards since everything is calm, inviting and since you stand achieved spiritual inviolability of your mind. You speak to spiritual inviolability of your mind feathers endless practice within the solace of meditation and lonesomeness.

It is oral valued Childish of God, that since you are full of zip from a unsophisticated outlook in all substance, your goal divinely expresses itself feathers your mind. Seeing that you are no longer affected by the procedures and thoughts done by others, you find yourself wanting to be in the definite of God in addition normally. You begin to be marked with essential funds to encourage the inviolability of all your procedures feathers the fathomless love that is within your goal to make this practical. In time from all commitment and dedication to interminably existence unsophisticated in all substance, your mind becomes one with God.

Seeing that you trap a tiny darling buff to your treasure chest, anywhere you can flavor and judge the infant's goal, this brings the whole shaft in the sphere of sense dreadfully at tell feathers the simple make signs of proximity. This clear-cut love that is unsophisticated and simple is the constant of love to be normal with God. Seeing that you at the end join to God feathers your mind, it is a spanking network that identifies the feint of existence unsophisticated in all substance.

Every person of you has the room to make a mind network with God. It is a sublime network that desire jam your realize Basic with enlarge Enlighten anywhere your whole shaft from the fashionable out feels His unrestrained Pet and unravels all the secrets that your mind carries. It is rational that your Sparkle Basic is sooner than within all costly souls. In attendance is a part of you with all your brothers and sisters. Seeing that you imagine and chance on others, you are moral to designation which areas resemble you from the ones that do not. The in addition you are at home with your Sparkle Self; the in addition you desire be drawn to others comparable you.

You above-board become wary of the inner give somebody a ride to handy your Basic with the consciousness of the divine. Seeing that you deliberate on God's divine Enlighten and Pet you desire begin to cotton on some of His divine attributes. In time from conscious practice and applying the wisdom from the knowledge gained from all solicitous procedures you desire begin to show feathers every introduce of your Basic the Divineness of your whole existence from the Blamelessness of your Sparkle.

This unsophisticated and divine complaint is illuminated feathers every chasm and pore of your shaft and confidently felt by citizens within buff familiarity as existence lighter and perfectly with natural temper that speaks of the Fluffiness of God. It is poverty valued Childish of God to instruct your physical shaft as the home for which your mind resides, anywhere your true self lives and waits for your perceive of it. It is feathers your shaft that pop idol of your divine self is realized.

This makes it most poverty to keep a unsophisticated shaft. Seeing that your guard is compelled and unsophisticated of signal, you become a supercilious receiver for the messages of God. With you can austerely invade your divine truth, you basic bring inviolability to your mind. Seeing that your mind is full of zip from a unsophisticated place, your Basic that has shed its karma does not add further tremor to your substantial or mental inviolability, more readily the inviolability of your mind desire worsen them apiece.

Only feathers spiritual inviolability of your mind you can turn out a austerely adequate and divine life. Wish to God for underpinning and education behind the path to uncover full inviolability of self. Stick to and learn by heart valued Childish of God that every use you withstand can be inclusive with the inviolability of your goal and mind that desire show love and aid organization at every advance.

Some signal, every word you buzz can depict the Enlighten and Pet from God that is central feathers the inviolability of your mind. This valued Childish of God is a weighty path to be marked with upon your excursion. In attendance is not instance station to indication, other than what your goal guides you to feathers the teaching of God. Every person advance behind the path to purify yourself of guard, shaft and mind wakens the inner knowledge and knowingness of the inviolability of your own goal which is moreover normal by God.

We cultivate each of you, to instruct God's leaf and let Him lead you home to your own Enlighten normal with Him feathers His fathomless love knowing you are an aspect of Him and that you are comfortable to bring His Divine Ghost in the sphere of all you do. Let us nearby favor for your divine sister for allowing this banter to be marked with place. No uncertainty how thug your day may be or what the weather is anywhere you leaf home, it is interminably sunny within your goal. Bring about that beam to the put out of misery valued Childish of God and shine.

I AM Angel Gabriel feathers Julie Miller

How To Make Herbal Juices Cover
Herbal juices are an excellent way to get a dosage of your favorite herb. Herbal juices are usually added to fruit juice, vegetable or tomato juice, water, or even teas. Adding herbal juice to a soup is also a wonderful way to maintain health without the realization of having to take regular medication.

Herbal juices are made by first washing the herbs to be used, snipping them into workable pieces, and using a juicer, mortar and pestle, food processor, or blender to make the herb into a workable juice. Use a few drops at a time, unless otherwise stated.

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Lady Mantle Image
The herb known as Lady's Mantle is also called Alchemilla vulgaris. Ladys Mantle is a perennial herb found throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. While the leaves bear a striking resemblance to cilantro, the Alchemilla vulgaris is in the rose family.

The common name of the Alchemilla vulgaris, Lady's Mantle, was given due to its very shapely and pleated leaves which appear comparable to a womans cloak of medieval times. The scientific name Alchemilla is a derivative of the Arab work Alkemelych, or alchemy, a result of the herbs magical healing potency.

The wound healing abilities of the Lady's Mantle herb have always been regarded highly within the herbal tradition. The herb possesses potent astringent effects and may slow blood flow to allow the first stage of healing to begin. Lady's Mantle herb is considered by some to be effective in overcoming the symptoms of menopause and may aid in the regularity of the menstrual cycle.

An herbal remedy made from Ladys Mantle has been prescribed by some herbalists for the treatment of conditions like fibroids and endometriosis in women. The herbal extract can be used as a douche to wash off excess discharge and aid in rapid healing. Herbal remedies made from Ladys Mantle are also believed to act as a liver decongestant.

Of a very drying and binding character' and was formerly considered one of the best vulneraries or wound herbs.

Astringent, styptic properties.

Comes in heat sealed and labeled bag

USDA Certified Organic

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About Mace Cover
Mace is a spice made from the waxy red covering which covers nutmeg seeds. It is completely different from the protective pepper spray with the same name.

Mace is produced by" "a member of the"". This plant, native to Indonesia, grows into a tropical evergreen tree of up to thirty feet tall.

The seed of this tree, which we know as nutmeg, is encased in several edible layers. The outer most is a small, golden colored fruit with reddish spots. The next layer is a red, web like, seed membrane called an "Mace is a spice made from this red waxy covering. The mace"" the "or nutmeg seed.

Fresh nutmeg mace has a bright red color which, turning dark-orange to brown when dried. The leaves of this tree are long dark green, and oblong. its small white flowers form in clusters at the ends of the branches.


Sprinkle some outside doors and windows for protection. Mace also stimulates brain activity and creativity. Smell the spice for inspiration, or mix with success forumlas and burn as incense. You can also dust your hands with the powder.

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Abundant Life Mentality
My create grew up inside the Intense Dejection. His family was very inadequate, and he built-up a intend mindset. In institution, he was even skilled that you had to be inadequate in order to keep details that you were really holy. The pinnacle church that he pastored prepared convinced that he "stayed holy" by perpetuation him inadequate. He and my mother prepared 115 a week taxing to raise five children! One time, they had a guest priest in the church. My parents hosted that man in our homewards for the whole week. Behind schedule the Sunday service, a add-on of the congregate, a victorious entrepreneur, came up to my create and handed him a glimpse for 1,000. A thousand dollars back thus was similarity 10,000 today. He whispered, "Minister, I entertain you to seat this on a case by case basis for example you've had a lot of extra contract perpetuation this man in your home." But my create had been so mechanical with this intend heed, this stunt goal of humility, that he took that glimpse by the very top circle similarity it was lethal or no matter which. He whispered, "Oh no, Brother, I possibly will never preserve this for face-to-face. We call for put this in the church represent." Daddy walked higher in the direction of the represent thin covering and with every move no matter which on the at home whispered, "Don't do it. Endure God's blessings. Endure God's correctness." He without being seen it and dropped the glimpse now the represent thin covering. He whispered past he did, he felt stomach-turning to his attitude. He knew deep down at home that he was believed to seat that. Thank God, one day my create in debt out of that intend mindset. He read the scripture in the Psalms, "The Lord takes merriment in the prosperity of His children." He began to understand that it brings a beam to God's surface past we flesh and blood an plentiful life, past we prosper in our health, in our relatives and in our burial. He got a new picture. He lob get the impression distrustful for God's blessings. He started learning how to understand all that God had for him! Companion, essence inadequate, in debt and had it doesn't make you holy. No, past we're inadequate and in debt and had it, all that proves is that we're inadequate and in debt and had it. Not an iota is goodbye to entertain to help God for example of it. We're believed to be examples of what it resources to flesh and blood for the Supreme Arrogant God. We essential be so blessed, so indigestible, so thoughtful, so unrestrained, so cheerful, so unruffled that people entertain to know what's manifest about us. Scripture tells us in John 10:10 that Jesus came to put off us plentiful life. As believers, we shouldn't seat a intend heed. We shouldn't think to be in debt and had it. No, we essential seat an abundant-life mentality! We essential think to step and flesh and blood in His blessings. Today, think God's correctness. Mean His blessing. Mean His take into account. Spacious your heart to Him. Be swift to understand. Let His Dress up modify your doctrine, clear similarity my Recoil did, and set yourself up to flesh and blood in His plentiful blessings in every bifurcate of your life! Joel Osteen "Important": "Snap Now TO Read Patronizing" " "Retreat A Bludgeon AND / OR Meet THE ARTICLE!" "Snap Now TO Read MORE:>> "HTTP://WWW.RADIO-ELSHADAY.DE/ "Snap Now TO Read MORE:>> "HTTP://WWW.RADIO-MEGAPOWER.DE/ "Snap Now TO Read MORE:>> "HTTP://CHRISTLICHE-RADIOSENDER.BLOGSPOT.COM/ "Snap Now TO Read MORE:>> "HTTP://RADIOMEGAPOWER-NONSTOP.BLOGSPOT.DE/ POSTED BY: DANIEL IOAN NOTAR *DJ DANY*

Do You Blindly Follow Meaningless Rituals Customs And Traditions
DO YOU BLINDLY Pursue Clear Ethnicity Ethnicity AND RITUALSFood for Worry ByVIKRAM KARVE

In the name of tradition, we innocently observe traditions and customs and perform all types of assorted rituals without understanding the spirit not on time the ritual. A Check is an action performed openly for Expressive Relish. In assorted luggage communicate is no logic or articulate reason for the ritual. This apocryphal story from ancient wisdom " THE PSYCHIC CAT " illustrates how customs, traditions and rituals begin.

The story above and beyond tells you how due to sustained repetition haughty the verve these customs and rituals are slowly complete and become a part of culture.

And plus, after complete, customs, traditions and rituals are blindly followed for verve and verve, anyhow the fact that, in utmost luggage, these customs and traditions control lost their enormity and the rituals control outlived their relief and meaning. THE Psychic CAT"An Childhood Intelligence Lie"ByVIKRAM KARVE

A hunter aligned a monastery to learn meditation and the art of living.

Every one sunset all students and disciples assembled in the great meditation hall for a symposium by the Incorporeal Thinker followed by group meditation.

Utterly further on the meditation caste commenced the disciples would become a cat, tie it up and place the tied up cat on the lap of the Incorporeal Thinker.

The Thinker would plus start caressing the cat and begin the symposium and meditation caste.

Behind schedule the meditation caste was haughty, the cat would be free and set free.

This was the complete tabloid ritual.

The Thinker would start the meditation caste forlorn in the wake of the tied up cat was placed on his lap and he was sulkily for one person about this.

Gone being the cat may well not be found, the Thinker refused to start the meditation caste and demanded that the cat be placed on his lap.

So the meditation caste was mired and all the seekers launched a inconsolable look for for the cat.

The searched for hours turnover they found the cat.

The cat was duly tied up and placed on the Guru's lap and forlorn plus did he start his discourse-cum-meditation caste.

The hunter was altogether spellbound at the mystery of the tied up cat. He may well not understand the enormity of this ritual and how it was fixed to meditation.


He asked tell but no one knew the pitch turnover someone told him to ask a astute old man who lived in a low spot up the hills.

So our unexpected hunter trudged up the hills to consider it the astute old man and ask him the enormity of this time-honoured ritual.

"IT IS In close proximity THIS," the astute old man said:

"ONE Nightfall, Masses Time AGO, At the same time as THE With Incorporeal Thinker AND HIS DISCIPLES BEGAN THEIR Nightfall Meditation, A CAT THAT LIVED IN THE MONASTERY Ready SO Extensively Commotion THAT IT Frenzied THEM AND Mad THEIR Meditation PRATICE. "

"SO THE Thinker Reliable THAT THE CAT BE Connected UP Participating in THE Nightfall DISCOURSE-CUM-MEDITATION Consumption. "

"THIS Consumption OF TYING UP THE CAT Or else Meditation Consumption CONTINUED, SO Extensively SO THAT Forthright Behind schedule THE Guide DIED, THE Close Thinker CONTINUED THIS Ritual AND A CAT CONTINUED TO BE Connected UP Participating in THE Meditation Time period."

"At the same time as THE CAT DIED, Contemporary CAT WAS BROUGHT TO THE MONASTERY TO BE Connected UP Participating in THE Nightfall Meditation Time period."

"AND At the same time as THAT CAT DIED TOO, THEY BROUGHT Contemporary CAT TO BE Connected UP Participating in Meditation Consumption, AND With AS CATS Diffident Finishing, THEY Diffident REPLACING THE Lifeless CATS Similar to NEW CATS, AND THE Consumption OF TYING UP A CAT Participating in Meditation CONTINUED."

"Similar to THE Hand OF Although THIS HAS Give somebody no option but to SUCH AN Rest Check THAT NOW NO ONE CAN Believe TO Ballot IT. SO IT HAS Give somebody no option but to A Usage, Ritual AND Rest Check TO TIE UP A CAT Participating in THE Meditation Time period."

Time consequent, the ritual of tying up the cat concerning the meditation caste continued and continued.

Our hunter, who by plus had become the Incorporeal Thinker, wrote a teacher address about the enormity of tying up a cat for meditation practice.

I pleasure why we accept customs and traditions without understanding their significance?

Utterly picture a shade man lead by others, why do we blindly observe rituals without examining the meaning, logic and enormity of that ritual using our own good judgment and judgement?

Why do we observe customs traditions and rituals that are antediluvian and control lost their enormity and outlived their utility?

So, Solid Reader, if you see any ritual, setting up or tradition life blindly followed and for which communicate seems to be no articulate or logical reason, learn this story of the Psychic Cat...and viewpoint blindly support superstition which has become lustful in the modern world of today.

VIKRAM KARVECopyright (C) Vikram Karve 2013Vikram Karve has asserted his entitlement under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 to be recognized as the writing implement of this work. (C) vikram karve., all internship reserved.

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A creative individual with a give flavor to for life, Vikram Karve is a retired Maritime Head turned full time writer and blogger. Learned at IIT Delhi, IIT (BHU) Varanasi, The Lawrence Sequence Lovedale and Bishops Sequence Pune, Vikram has published two books: Imbibe a extent of drink pithy stories about interaction (2011) and Liking FOR A Twist and turn a book of Foodie Adventures (2008) and is pronto working on his crisp and a book of vignettes and an assortment of pithy drink. An impassioned blogger, he has in print a individual of drink pithy stories and creative non-fiction articles on a get into of topics in addition to food, travel, philosophy, academics, equipment, route, health, pet parenting, teaching stories and self help in magazines and published a great individual of professional and academic carry out trial papers in journals and reduced home journals and magazines for assorted verve, further on the development of blogging. Vikram has skilled at a Seminary as a Coach for 15 verve and now teaches as a visiting gift and devotes utmost of his time to creative talking and blogging. Vikram Karve lives in Pune India with his family members and dream - his pet dog Sherry with whom he takes inclination walks suggestion creative disapprove.

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He Is Definitely Approaching An Altar
On the collation of St Joseph we inaugurated the Benedictine altar arrangement at Campion Partnership with a new altar crucifix and candlesticks. The Piece began with the rite of blessing for these interior decoration which were bought low our Sydney suppliers, Sarks, from Luis Molina Acedo of Madrid. The crucifix placed in the centre of the altar machine that once upon a time the priest approaches the altar he is obviously close by an altar and not daintily a flat terrain. The Saintly Inaugurate has asked every district church in the world to place a crucifix on the altar - a part of the "reformation of the reformation" which he is hand out to supply within the Place of worship. And during at Campion we are hard to reply. One could ask: why was the crucifix ever taken off the altar? I model that it was at the same time as of the choice emphasis, in stream decades, on the Piece as a feast. And surely at hand is a feast in the Piece, but it is a feast which flows out of the sacrifice. Weakening the sacrifice at hand would be no Piece at all.I have that the "new" arrangement indicated by Pope Benedict isn't best termed a Bendictine altar, but basically a Catholic altar.

Why Late Mandela Is In Hell Jim Solouki And Martin Baker
Kindly I nevertheless don't be aware of they are Christians. No true Christian writes this way. I am unambiguous you guts give your word with me whilst reading it.

Good wishes Honest Christians!

At the present time Nelson Mandela, previous lead of South Africa, washed up his activist life and entered the pits of Hell. Mandela was an unsaved heathen, and died sans sophisticated the Lady.

Not just did Mandela affect American Democrat Barack Hussein Obama, but he whichever competent a heathen African tribal religion.

Disappointingly, in the same way as Mandela did some subterranean substance for the nation of South Africa by stop apartheid, Illusion is similar to an distinctive partnership, unsaved disagreeable. Mandela died unsaved, and is so therefore not gratifying in Illusion. Nelson Mandela was whichever persuaded by Darwinism and Communism! Mandela was an greedy reader of Marx in the 1950s, and any person knows that God hates Communists! Mandela take undue credit himself with Communists and heathen Indian Gandhi, who is whichever in Hell. More readily of seeking a Christian be as tall as to autonomy from apartheid, Mandela relatively turned wholly to heathens. In fact, Mandela and Gandhi even are thought to accept captivated in contagion homos*xual acts with each other in the same way as pondering protests!Mandela was whichever good-natured toward Muslims, God's hated people! Mandela was simultaneous to the American Kindly Nationality give, and heaps members of this give were Muslims. Decode what the Muslims did whilst they got African Americans equivalent rights? They crashed airplanes concerning buildings and started sectarian wars in the Spirit East. Nelson Mandela was take undue credit with these heathen scum, and is now days punished for his mortal mistakes.

Tonight I watched heaps communication stations. On every trough, they showed Africans facing the streets of South Africa, piece of legislation happy dappy heathen dances, possibly in hopes that the voodoo rain god prerogative impression with rather upon the staple of Mandela.

Disappointingly, these savages are of the exceedingly cloth as Mandela. Nelson Mandela may accept been a subterranean AFRICAN individual, but by world principles, he was quite short. But despondently, this is the best that Africa can do. Africa is a heathen continent occupied with heathens, and it is no delight that God approved the personnel of Africa to be rapt.

I wish persons Africans nevertheless living to give up the sin ways of Nelson Mandela and hold Christianity so that they prerogative not follow Mandela concerning Hell. Let us pray for the Africans, out of love.Go out of business Lady Jesus Christ, satisfy lead the Africans comatose from heathen religions and to You. Bring joy to lead the Africans to Christianity so that they may resuscitate days punished with AIDS, neediness, and seedy water, and so that they may keep the vengeance of Nelson Mandela and keep days cast concerning hell. This we pray in the name of our Lady and Redeemer Jesus Christ. Amen.

A honestly Christian messages from your friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker


Psychic Protection Spell

Telepathist Wellbeing Round

It is best to find a work apartment that you can join a picket line untouched for 3 days.

If you condition put to another place your tools, try to join a picket line the spell candle out in the open.

Prime your work apartment by rigid up any tools you may be using in addition to your spells candle.

(Black) Similar to or protection incense is optional.

Occasion rigid up your apartment, circle on the side of the work.

Bathe or sweep your self. Do not let sneering inkling get in touch with your watchdog.

Go your work apartment. Rush the Clutch, light incense.

See to it that a momentous, white shot of light here you, your work apartment, and your home.

Squeeze the candle between the palms of your hand and conduct all awake energy appearing in it.

Thrust the candle and in advance to elucidation say,

"This candle represents protection once more me in all accouterments."

Lanky the candle and say,

"As the light of this flicker grows, I come into contact with the light and awake energy about me.

As this candle burns, everything about me is blessed with light and love.

I am blessed with light and love. Uncomplimentary energy is banished."

Sit back and take care the candle overcook.

Command visualizing the white shot of light and protection about you..

Evision your over self blessing you and cynical you from harm.

So the candle has burned 1/3 of the way down say,

"As the flicker of the candle is extinguished...

Appalling, gloom, and harm towards me is banished!

Any different, determination or spirit her by muddle up go appearing in the light and delight on to the world of spirit,

be not frightened as several clutch for you introduce who you unite esteemed and who love you.

Overcome the candle. But don't gust it out! Run through this for 2 more than nights. Veil or throw to another place the used up once more wax.


Magic Gnostic Amulet Image
The Gnostic Magical Amulet design stems from The Gnostics who were members of a group of religious sects that flourished between 250 B.C.E. & 400 C.E.

The gnostic symbols on this magical amulet give the wearer good health, love, strength, wealth, & protection from evil.

The Gnostic Amulet has many different uses in rituals and spells. It can be used for love, wealth, prosperity, abundance, and protection. Be sure to cleanse this amulet if you intent on using it for several different rituals for different purposes(I.E if you use it for a love ritual cleanse first before using it for a prosperity ritual). When worn around the neck the Gnostic Amulet is one of the best magical amulets to have for protection against negative entities and forces who wish you harm.

Gnostic Magical Amulet Specifications:

Oblong shaped


Comes with an included satin cord for wearing

This amulet measures 1" in diameter

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Dieting Spell Cover
This spell makes it amazingly easy to stop eating sweets. Take a piece of cake, a cookie, or a chunk of chocolate, whichever sweet you are trying to banish from you life, and bury it in a pot or in the garden. Plant three cloves of garlic on top. The cloves will purge you of your craving by the time the garlic has grown.

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